Big Brother 11 Spoilers – POV Competition, POV Ceremony, Eviction and HOH results all in one

Tonight is a busy night for Big Brother. There will be a POV winner, POV Ceremony, an eviction and a HOH competition. This is a critical point in the game, Jeff has used his “wizard power” to remove Jessie from the game. This caused Jessie’s alliance to implode. Chima angry at production giving Jeff a special power leaves the show. Having lost 2 of it’s members Natalie, Kevin and Lydia have to regroup if they’re going to have a chance to win.

POV Winner is Jordan
POV not Used
Evicted from the Big Brother House Lydia
HOH winner = Jeff
HOH may take awhile they have 1 hour to fill a tube with pop cans.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Seems as if Michelle’s long-standing memory excuse is kind of exposed as BS at this point … all credibility (little as it was) is gone now. Wow.


Who’s ahead in the race for HOH?


simon- yours is the only site that doesnt crash-it is number one and THE BEST. we need to let everyone know it.


Jordan POV Michelle HOH couldn”t have been better


thanks akshon. not airing right now due to football so i appreciate you updates of show thx


Did Michelle win HOH


stop saying michelle is HOH, she’s not, the comp. is still going


NOW lets hope kevin talked them to evict natalie


looks like he didn t says lydias out. stupid

Randy Wolfgang

Kevin tried to talk to the other team but he waited till the last minute – he should have talked to them earler – you watch now how fast Kevin runs and blabs everything to the other side . This should be good!!!!!!

Tess Tickler

How is Michelle HOH

Mr. E

Holy shnikies…Michelle as HoH AGAIN? Russell better watch his back.


the HOH and POV is the same game the winner is POV and the runner up is new HOH, Julie said it


Julie Chen just said it… right B4 the break (and at the beginning of the show)


I mean there’ll be a live HOH competition now (at 8:50 PM EST)


she did say the closest to the number of truffuls was new HOH


she has done that numerous times, she gets tongue twisted, if you watch and follow correctly then you’ll realize that that comp. was the POV, and the HOH is going on right now


Julie screwed up! She meant to say the closet is POV.


she said ot wrong, because then she turned around and then said POV. She did not mean HOH – as they are playing it now.


She’s not yet at least at 8:42 PM EST


yeah where is the michelle HOH comin from? they just did evictions, i hate when people post dumb things.


it’s all that damn glitter she wears, she probably couldn’t see the teleprompter for the streaks of light in front of her reflecting off the studio light, camera lights and play back.

I’m sure that it can’t be good for a baby to have all those metal flakes on your skin


She said it but it was a mistake.


she did say the closest # would be HOH.. but she meant POV def… cause they are right now fighting it out for HOH. + no where did she say runner up would be HOH, i think she just mixed her words up :-X


no, she said POV not HoH.



Guys! Julie just screwed up! She meant closest is POV! They’re having the HOH competition right now! Chill!


Here’s what happened. Jordan was the first all year to be the HOH and win POV.. I think…

No need to get hostile… especially when ur wrong.


How would she know who when’s HOH tonight was live so that was just a mistake cause there’s no way that she could of known.


Have you ever even watched this show before?? First off, it’s live so no time for going to edit her saying HOH if she did say it and if you have any common sense you would know that it would have been a mistake if she did say it, they never ever ever have 2 people win different title’s in one competition and since they hadn’t even done evictions why or how would they be competing for HOH? Just please think before you post something on here and then confuse other people


the live HOH competition is coming up… now


Jordan won POV and left nominees as they were. Lydia was voted out with only Kevin voting to oust Natalie. I think they blew it. Natalie is much more competitive than Lydia ever was and is much more of a threat. We shall see.


I agree. Should have booted Nat first.

gino dee

another dumb move…lydia was a threat to no one….this is all rigged and staged….this is not a reality show..lydia has won nothing and is useless and they vote her off….this is all baloney….

Jeff Lover

Julie made a mistake, just before the tie breaker question was asked she accidently said that whoever answers the tie breaker question will become the new HOH but obviously she meant the POV………NO ONE is HOH YET


SEE i ain’t deaf….. she did say that


JULIE JULIE JULIE…..we ll blame it on the hormones. i want jeff to win

Devil's Advocate

Yay! Handjob’s for Jessie!


They are going to pay dearly for leaving Nastynat in the house.
Good God – what are they thinking?
Now I have to bitch all week about her and NOT WATCH THE SHOW AGAIN or feeds, instead of just kicking back and laughing about Lydia antics. Sigh.


Go Jeff!


why don’t they want to kick Kevin out? Russell is right in saying they should have taken Kevin out. Right now he is doing good with the HOH comp. Who do you think he will put up? RJ or RM or JJ?


OMG natalie should have beern booted, what were they thinking?

Jeff Lover

This has to be the stupidest HOH competitiion EVER…….its just based on pure luck…..Please update as soon as the competitiion is over who the winners is


Team Natalie.


I just played it back… Julie said you have “until the end of the hour” not an hour! So unless she misspoke or I’m misunderstanding her, we’ll know in a minute or two!


NO one us HOH yet have to wait for the spoiler or for sunday. Julie did make a mistake but calm down if you actually watched the show till the end you would have realized that!


this game is so rigged its not even funny..i used to like Jeff and Jordan but i dont not a fan of Natalie either and really cant stand that meerkat so over this season


Julie messed up like crazy. She kep on saying HOH during the veto comp. I hope Russel wins the HOH and takes out Kevin.

Johnny Conservative

Of course it was a mistake, otherwise Jordan would be the HOH….twice in a row.


I thought tonight was double eviction night???!!!


Who won HOH or is it over yet?


The HOH lasts for an hour…Julie just misspoke.

(And Lydia is full of bull, Jesse has piece of ass for the next week. Be real.)

Randy Wolfgang

What do you guys think Keven will do if he wins HOH – do you think he will flip to the Jeff side??? He just told them about the big lie (did you see Jordans face???) and he voted to evict Natalie hoping that he got other side in time – he didn’t. Do you think he will stick with Natalie??????

Lydia's going to ...

give Jessie the two finger “treatment” all week……


Why are the live feeds not coming up?

Gotta Be....

Who is in the lead right now which how many cans? Who catchin up behind the winner so far for HOH?

Jake K.

if someone could update the can count every like 5-10 minutes that would be awesome`


Whenever they play these, I wonder if they can collaborate… for instance in the last egg veto if they could throw and pass an egg to someone…

Here in this one I wonder what the exact rules were… and if perhaps you couldn’t help someone by grabbing their cans and trying to put it in their tube… what I would do is sabotage someone else by putting one of my cans in their tube (so it would be impossible for them to get 24)…. nah, it’s difficult enough getting a can in yourself so interfering with someone else is no-no.

Actually there are probably lots of specific rules like you can only carry two cans at a time (or I’d like stuff my shirt or something)… In the deploma from hell, I thought russel was silly for taking off his shirt and throwing it away when he could have perhaps wrapped his hands and used them as gloves to prevent rope burn or something…. (or why he didn’t piss while it was raining to hide it I don’t know).

A no no moose

Never get drunk on this thing again… cuz I aint sure what you just said.


I agree…they should have gotten rid of Natalie, or better yet, back-doored Kevin!!!! He’s always a strong competitor! They are crazy to think he’s on their team! And J/J are even crazier if they think they would win the money over Kevin or Natalie! They’ve absolutely gone stupid! Now I’m hoping Russell & Michelle win, jsut because J/J are so stupid to believe anything Kevin tells them!


If Russell wins HoH, who will he put up for eviction?


Why do I pay for live feeds when all they show is trivia? This is the time when I want feeds the most and I get nothing!


thats why i’d never buy them ill just get the updates fro here


thats why i’d never buy them ill just get the updates fro here, used to get them from bbcouchpotato b4 they shut down, but this site is much better


I really think Lydia was very happy she was going to be with Jesse even though she said she wasn’t. He didn’t play her …………………she let herself get used. Theres a big difference. She knew he was into Gnat and she chose to ignore it. She will be trying to sex him up and he is going to be repulsed by her and her pink skanky hair. He is even further going to hate her becvause she told Gnat the details. I would love to watch her throw herself at him while he rejects her. I hope they have cameras there and let us see what transpires. Jesse may actually let her pleasure him but as soon as anyone else enters, he willl treat her like the plague.


TOOO MUCH TRAFFIC ..cannot get live feeds


I can’t get into the live feeds either. Any updates on who’s winning?


Looks like Kevin was doing well. I so hope he doesn’t get HOH.


Im hoping Kevin does not get it either, I want Jeff to win

A no no moose

Besides Michelle said she’d toss the HOH to Jeff it looked she was going to win it…and she wouldnt go back on her word would she?? OR WOULD SHE!!!!!! (DUH DUHHN!!!!!!!!!)


simon… dawg… who is in the lead right now??


anyone with any common sense knew julie misspoke.


This was gonna be HOH until Chima got expelled. Anyone that has watch BB in past knows that was at HOH game not a p-veto game. That is why is proable made the mistake.

Evel Russ

Retards evicting Lydia. If they don’t win they will look at this as the moment that they blew it I think.

Good for Jordan winning POV though, that’s kinda two in a row for her (I say kinda since Jeff threw the HOH to her). She’s now won more events in the house than Natalie, Kevin or Jeff.


This is the best possible thing. Vote Lydia out to break the K/L alliance. Nat doesn’t win ANYTHING, just check out how she’s doing with the cans.


update on HOH comp?


Jeff won


Looks like Kevin might win.


anyone know who is ahead in hoh i am west coast still got two hours here how stupid lydia??


Re-Akshon is dumb as dogshit


Who is winning right now ?? ???


ANONYMOUS- IF you dont watch the show i think it makes you the biggest loser ever for coming on here just to say that!



they should have used the veto… taken down natalie and put up kevin. He is a good player… remember the eggs… and now this? I guess JJ will have to use the “Russell was pressuring us to put you up but we didn’t want to… we like you kevin… Russell is your target… send HIM home” otherwise one of the J in JJ is going home this week.


anything yet!! it’s killing to wait


i want Jeff to win, i like Kevin but i would rather see him or nataile go home instead of Jordan and Jeff.