Big Brother 11 – Tie-Dye TShirt Night Jeff: “mines going to be tha bomb dude!”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm Jeff, KEvin and Michelle are getting their t-shirts ready to tie-dye. They have to refer to their instructions many times to figure out how to do it. Jeff makes a mistake.. He?s very excited about this he keeps saying his shirt is going to be awesome “so utterly awesome” Michelle giving some tips about how to make tie dye shirts, Lydia and Michelle seems to know what they?re doing. She instructs Jeff that if he rolls his shirt it will come out as stripes. Lydia and Jeff go into the bathroom to mix her colors. Everyone asking each other what kind of design they are making, but no one has any idea they are just “winging” it. Jeff is by far the most excited. Jeff runs into the washroom to see how Lydia is doing her shirts. Jeff comes back ubber excited “I have a feeling mine is going to be so the bomb!”
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:09pm washroom Russell is on the washroom couch, Lydia is making Shirts for PP, Russell, Jordan and herself. She’s making the shirts and not wearing any gloves. Kevin come in and tells her she’s not following the directions. She tells him to fuck off she’s doing it her way, she goes on about how?s she’s a serious tie-dyer “you guys may be afraid to get your hands dirty but I’m not”. Kevin is adamant about her doing it wrong.. Lydia tells him to go suck a fat one. Natalie comes in and tells her she not suppose to do it inside.. Lydia tells Natalie to go away “fucking kid!” Russell just sitting there laughing he gets called to the diary room. Natalie heads back outside.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
10:30pm – 11:00pm Backyard Natalie is complaining about Lydia being in a bad mood… She says she’s not even going to talk to Lydia anymore. Jordan joins them outside says to Kevin his shirt is looking Goochie… Jeff has just started to add colour to his.. He’s adding a lot of blues and a bit of greens. Jeff stands up with his rubber gloves and says “Its body cavity searching time. Jeff asks Jordan where her shirt is, Jordan says Lydia just started it is all purple, “actually they are all purple, I wish Kevin did mine”. Russell agrees that Kevin?s Shirt is pretty awesome he offers his table of candy that he won from last nights poker game. Kevin turns it down saying that Lydia is doing his right now he should go and influence how she’s making it. Russell asks Jordan about her HOH reign and if she’ll be sad that it’s over tonight. Jordan doesn?t like being HOH but she does like the room and the letter from her family. Russell tells her to take one last bath.. she says she did. Jeff is now done his shirt he holds it up for them all to see.. Russell “very blue” In the washroom Lydia finishes Natalie’s shirt. Natalie is bitching that the words on the shirt cannot be read. Lydia and Natalie go outside to show the rest of them.. The shirt has “magarian” written on it, Kevin “What the fuck does that mean” Natalie says its her boyfriends name… she than says its the logo from her school.. (either way it looks ass)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:40pm washroom Kevin, Natalie and Lydia. Kevin tells Lydia to keep acting mad its the right thing to do because it show that me and Natalie have betrayed you. They might decide to keep you and take out Russell. (WTF kind of reasoning is this Kevin) He tells them they need to make it look that Lydia is looking to flip to the other side.

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Mr. E

Kevin: “Plan B: Let’s all offer to flip to the other side! Then it can be a Final Six Deal!!!” Wow. Just…wow.

Evel Russ

Hopefully Lydia being/acting all mad at Natalie and Kevin will convince them that she isn’t linked to Kevin and that Natalie and Kevin are paired and that their best move is to take out Natalie, like they should have been doing all week.

Drew Bludd

I’m eager to see if Lyd’s hands will be blue for the show! I’d like to see her & Nat really scrap!


As much as I think that Jordan is a sweet girl and stuff… i think she needs to go before she becomes a liability… Michelle really seems like another Ronnie…. I think the final two should be Jeff and Russell…. then may the best man win! GO JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!


does anyone know why bb after dark is not playing on showtime right now?


thanks simon. hmmm, im really annoyed right now because there is no showtime after dark and i dont have internet at this time. keep the updates coming fast…lol.?


I am so angry with BB right now. At about 4pm today Jeff was talking about “if DR tells me one more time that Russ is on our side”…why is DR telling them that. Is BB getting nervous that the LML was working. No way Nat, Kevin, or Lyd will win POV. BB will make sure of that. With DR telling Jeff, russ is on his side, telling Jordan not to backdoor Russ and calling michelle into dr when she was having a nervous breakdown, it is clear that BB wants a final four of M/J/J/R. I think that part of the game is trying to sway votes and if Nat was doing that then DR sessions should have no part in giving information to J/J. That makes the game unfair.


That’s unbelievable. Allison Grodner must be trying to seduce Jeff. I’m sick of this producer interference. It’s not enough that they virtually hand Jeff a power that turns the game unfairly, now he’s getting constant advice nudging him towards keeping an alliance of J/J/M/R? It’s sickening. Michele is not likable, Russell is not likable, Jordan is dumb, and Jeff is boring. I’m sure Allison Grodner is going to love watching the final four being pretend nice to each other while America fawns over Jeff.


stop whining. that power was not created for jeff. it was created before he was even cast. america wanted him to have it.

just because you want others to win…too bad for you.

everyone gets talked to in the DR and with each one they talk various routes to take in the game.


I think Jeff his friggin’ hilarious. That Mrs. Roper comment towards Lydia had me rolling.


what did he say????


Big brother has always done that, they control what happens, they want whatever keeps the most viewers. If someone with a BAD personality like Nat wins the majority on viewers will be upset or even tune out. These group of people just tend to talk about their DR’s more than others. But the producers control the show and they want certain things to happen.


dyin over here! natalie trying to decide what to wear tomorrow night. comes out with this … well, i don’t know what it is … a blouse? a dress? she wants to wear it as a dress but lydia and kevin decide it’s just way to short. then nat says she can wear it with a blouse underneath. “can i wear it with this?” “NOOOO,” they say. Lydia adds, “You look like you should be serving us pie.”

Evel Russ

If Lydia was smart (big if) she would go to Jeff, Jordan, Russell, and Michelle, tell them that if they promise her safety for this week and next week she will turn on Natalie and Kevin and let them in on what’s been going on. Then spill the beans about the LML.
That’s looking like it could be her only hope. It is colossally stupid to evict her now, they should be getting rid of Kevin and Natalie, and I don’t get how they have been sucked in by that stupid snatch.


Heck…I hope DR does help to persuade the vote…Geeeshhhh…get the trouble out of there…I don’t know how much more I can watch of Lydia and Nat…They truly have taken out the excitement of watching this season with their attitudes and dispositions. Thank God Chima is gone…she was the worst player in BB history! Everyone I have spoken to feels this season has been awful with the exception of J&J.


It does seem that the final 4 are back together again…I can’t believe that Jeff and Jordan would think that Natalie or Kevin are on their side…if this LML works, Natalie deserves to win the game, even though I hope she doesn’t…go Jeff and Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t think they are being “sucked in”. They feel that if they keep to the final four with Russ/Mich and don’t evict Nat, she (Nat) may put up Russel and Mich if she wins HoH. Although it’s a BIG if it serves J/J well. One, she may get rid of one of the remaining threats in Mich/Russ and more importantly they won’t go up. The plan is tenuous, but during a week where Jordan can’t compete it helps cover their butts in the event that none of their alliance wins HoH.


and I quote: “Either way it looks ass!” OMG—so freakin funny!


Lydia can be safe this week,if she just tells J/J/M/R the truth. But, I can’t remember, did Michelle join Kevin, Nat, and Lydia on the lie or did she tell Jeff and Jordan on her own. I agree with Jeff and Russell, make it to the final four and then it every person for themself. I think they would be better off evicting Kevin this week. He’s smart and can play the game good and he can’t be trusted.


Get Natalie out this week!

Michelle is physco

I love the comment you made Simon at 9:00 last night “Michelle is in the doom room wondering what to saw or where she is” I was laughing my ass off! I mean seriously wtf? What kind of “game” is does she think she’s playing? I seriously think Russ got the shaft big time this week.


If BB production is giving selected players inside info on other players loyalties, that would truly be rank in a major way. Just let the players play the game & whatever the outcome is, it is what it is
That being said, it would be kinda funny if Kevin ends up being evicted tonight after that pretzel logic tactic he advised Lydia on BBAD Wednesday night.

Either Kevin or Lydia going is fine by me. Natalie’s at least fun to watch scheming.


You know it’s funny that Gnat said Jesse told her everything about what happened with Lydia. They were all crying when he left and now she says she is not going to talk to him and wants nothing to do with him. It’s funny because if she “knew” all about it them why is she all of a sudden saying she doesn’t want to be his friend. Can’t they all just put 2 and 2 together and realize Gnat is a pathelogical liar?


LOL! no doubt!


No, Nat was heartbroken. She thought Jessie was awesome, only to find out that he was a skeeze.

Randy Wolfgang

Oh BOO-HOO poor Nat (lying skank) was heartbroken!!!!!!! Oh please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh Russell, needing attention again huh?

Russell NEW Cheer leader

Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield and Barbara Eden (Andy Griffith show & I Love Lucy) were fun to watch when they played the na?ve and gullible blonds, but Jordon? is not wearing it well since she is HOH and with Jeff acting as her ?Consigliere? Al Capone must be turning over in his crypt knowing that someone from Chicago can be this dumb and believe that all of a sudden Natalie would be on the J/J team! And there has been so so many clues that she is NOT 18?e.g. high stake poker tournaments in Vegas or Atlantic city, Casino require proper ID.YOU MUST BE OVER 21!!! I think they could spot a FAKE id under those circumstances? and when she drank Jessie?s wine and she, Lydia and Chima went on a crying jag over…JESSIE. and the fact that the producers didn?t stop her from drinking! Think? CAN you spell liability!!! CBS would be facing legal liability if they allowed that!!

I forgot where the line comes from…”cutting off your nose to spite your face”, that is what they are doing with Russell and wanting to backdoor him! J/J should be wearing a sign saying ” LIE TO ME… I will believe ANY you tell me”

Uncle Cool

GREAT logic there. I never thought about the drinking situation. The producers would have been sued immediately and BB shut down if they gave alcohol to an 18 year old and allowed her to drink it on one of their shows.

Good catch!


Simon,whens the next post?

Russell NEW Cheer leader

I am in my Godfather part 1 mode this morning, there is a line in the movie where Vito tells Michael ?the person that comes to you with the deal is a traitor? Jeff, should have thought this about Pigpen and Kevin…within 48hrs wanting to be on his nuts and Jordon?s tits? come on now!


You are right on with your comment. Although I like Jeff (good since of humor), he just is not up to speed on how this BB game is played. What happenstoday in the game will have a long lasting effect. In poker there is also a saying :never show your cards before you have to”. Unfortunately I don’t see Jeff being in the final two.


ok.. Maybe it is just me but i was sooo annoyed with Lydia over the shirts. She was doing it completely wrong just because she wanted to wanted to be right. She reminded me of my 7 year old, throwing fits. ALL of them did it wrong though. Every shirt would have been awesome if they just waited the 24 hours for the dye to bleed. There woould be no large sections of white.