Big Brother 11 Spoilers – JEFF Wins HOH

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:50pm Kitchen all the houseguests chit chatting… Jeff is very happy he one HOH. They start talking about Lydia and about how mad she was at everyone but Kevin when she left. They are all saying things they didn’t like about her. Jeff brings up her never doing dishes. Jordan mentions Lydia calling her a fat hoe, Natalie thinks Lydia was happy to go Home because she wanted to be close to Jessie. Kevin mentions that Lydia is the type of girl who like people that are cruel to her and the worse they are to her they more she likes them. They all agree that Lydia and CHima didn’t care about the money, Natalie brings up Lydia being a nanny for a celebrity (Paul McCarthy?s ex-wife).. He goes on and tells them he had to remind Chima and Lydia many times that this is a game and its over Money.

They start talking about the competition and how Kevin was way ahead in the beginning.. Kevin says he was winning until they were all reminded about the gold cans (not sure what gold cans mean sis in the game). Jeff brings up Russell running from side to side like a mad man and he had t tell him to calm down. Kevin lost HOH by one can.

Michelle is asking them all if they could please have a drama less week she can’t handle another week like last week. They are all talking about the group that?s left hasn’t really had any blow ups with each other.

Natalie asks Jordan if she really knew the answers to the HOH or was she just guessing. Jordan says she guessed on 2 of them. Michelle tells them she was going to write 65 on her blackboard but instead wrote 50.. Jordan quickly says she was going to write 50 but instead wrote 60. Jordan brings up her HOH comp and how everyone but Lydia won a prize. Natalie mentions she almost picked the HOH key during the competition and she glad she didn’t otherwise she would of been wearing that unitard.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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You guys are so awesome. Not only do you have the winner immediately, but then you hit us with a write up too! Great job Simon.

And I’m not just saying this bc i’m so happy that Jeff won HoH… although that does make me v happy.


My sentiments exactly! Great job guys!!!!!!!! GO JEFF!!!!!!!!!


You refer to the POV between Mich and Jord as the HOH comp. just a helpful note.. Thanks again!


Yay! I’m really happy that Jeff won!

Despite J/J making a pretty bad decision (IMO) on taking out Lydia over Natalie, I’m still rooting for them for Final 2!! I can’t get enough of ’em. =)

gino dee

no way both of them make final two….big mistake keeping kevin and natalie and russ in the house….those three are the best players in the house and kevin and natalie already have two votes in the jury house…just a matter of time and the evil empire will win a hoh and goodbtye jeff or jordan…i hope iam wrong but i dont think so…they should have eliminated natalie or kevin tonite…..BIG MISTAKE that will bite her or jeff in the ASS….


gold cans are cans that you can throw at another houseguests can as it is dropping in.

Drew Bludd

Man you guys are good! Great job on the updates dude!
Congrats Jeff-do the right thing!


good that he won….but next week he can’t play except for that will be another nail biter


if the final four group stay together then it wont really be a nailbiter unless whoever is the target next week wins POV. lets say they decide to evict kevin this week (which they should because he is more of a threat to win HOH next week) that leaves natalie. Again if the final four group stick together, then whoever is HOH (Russell, Jordan or Michelle) just puts up natalie with a pawn(if against all odds she wins POV THEN it will be a nailbiter!). He really doesnt need HOH next week and so long as the group sticks together and one of them win then the final four make it! which is even better because then he is eligible to play for HOH when its down to the final four. Im hoping Michelle or Russell wins HOH after Jeff so that one of them has to sit and watch. Then hopefully Jeff and jordan win HOH again and get to choose which one gets evicted

j&j fan

i gotta say, i am impressed at how quickly you update this site…and completely off track…i could just watch jeff and jordan all day long…and jeff is the hottest thing i’ve seen in a long time!!! i just love the guy!!!!!!


I’ve gotta agree, I seriously think he’s the SEXIEST human I’ve ever seen! His personality is just an add on bonus! 🙂

j&j fan

for all the guys we see on tv, i can’t remember the last time i liked someone as much as i like jeff…he should get a show of his own…seriously, i could just watch him all day…jeff doing jeff things in that very jeff way…! Jeff’s family must be so proud!!


so refreshing to see a guy that hot and gorgeous and down to earth and funny who doesn’t seem to know what he’s all that and a piece of cake….i don’t think i’ve seen him once look in the mirror……..he melts me


YAY JEFF….we’re all plurking about it now

Drew Bludd

For a chick who can’t remember shit, Michelle did a convincing job during POV comp. Pffft!

Dawn D

ROFL! That was the best observation I have ever read! So true! ROFL still!


Now I can finally breathe easily . . . I am happy Jeff won HOH . . . otherwise his fate was pretty rocky there. I hope they relax and try to think calmly . . . I am kinda hoping Jordan will give him some . . . because another week locked up in the room with her is going to drive him BANANAS!! Wake up Jeffery. . . you are on a lucky winning streak . . . do not eff it up!!


thats not cool to say that jordan should just give him some. jordan said she doesn want to “just do it” that she wants that type of stuff to be special. would you want your daughter to give a man some that she only knew for a few weeks just to benefit him? get some morals lady!


Agreed i dont think she should give it up just to satisfy Jeffs ‘needs’. Go to the shower and deal with it like every other male on earth.


Lol. Your name fits you well!


Okay . . . I take it back respectfully . . . I completely respect her for sticking to her guns and her promise to Grandpa . . . and honestly I would be disappointed if she did do it – – I truly like the way she is (innocent and naive).
I guess I did a “Jeff” and went crazy for a minute too, I have been biting my nails wondering what the heck was going to happen tonight . . . Thanks for the wake up call.

Dawn D

Lisa, I thought it was funny! Even though, she should only “do it” when she wants to do it, I appreciated the humor 🙂


Jeff will nominate Kevin and Lydia and backdoor Russell?


take out kevin period


oh that hand now NATTY ( making final 4 with Russle) he does not like either of u…

j/j alltheway

so happy jeff finally won hoh……maybe hell get a little lovin


AWESOME!!! I was rooting for Jeff so this is great news. I felt his and jordo’s pain last week with the constant waffleing over scenarios and who to put out…wouldnt want that pressure.


I hope he sticks to the final four. I would love Natalie to be gone, and then Kevin.

Va JJ makes the world go round

I think Michelle before Kevin


Thanks for your write up. You are always the quickest updates. Thanks for all your hard work.

Go Jeff & Jordan!!!!


Thank you jesus..will someone tell me why Michelle and Russell are the Have Nots?


I must say I can’t get enough of Jeff and Jordan too, for some reason they make my heart melt, & as dumb as this sounds I kinda wonder if they’re supposed to be together! 😛
Also I want to say who wastes their time writing on a website that they don’t like about a show they don’t like? That’s beyond me! That anonymous person must be Chia-pet! LOL
Simon you totally rock my socks with this website & all of your updates!


natalie continues to get on my nerves!


You guys are awesome, I check this site all the time and love the real time updates. Great job! GO JEFF!

Randy Wolfgang

I wonder if Natalie will figure out that Kevin voted her out – also will he spill more beans about her to the other side (her age??? the lie that did not work, etc??) He and natalie don’t have long to bend Jeffs ears – nominations are tomorrow!!!!!


she told him how old she really is? i tought she only told jessie and chima


they are already scheming!



Just Fleeps

I think it should be obvious that they need to get rid of Kevin this week! He is no longer trustworthy, and always comes “close” to winning nearly every competition-


I totally agree 100% and they might find out this week as Natalie will be fighting for her own safety..


ya, natalie gets on my nerves and i cant wait for her to leave but kevin is a bigger threat. i have a feeling russ and nat will make a final 2 deal. he is definitely getting nervous now that he cant work michelle.


I agree but if you were michelle or Russell wouldnt now be the time to approach kevin and vote out natalie then they have 3 people fighting for HOH next week. Then nominate jeff and jordan and use this as the perfect opportuntiy to get them out. Ya ya they would be going against their words but it would give them a better chance to win (russell and michelle would have to take kevin out at final 3 then they each have a 50/50 chance at winning the money). All the J/J fans would hate this plan but it would be smart for russell and michelle since they are on the bottom of the totem pole with jeff and jordan.


Why you didn’t post my comment about Jeff winning? You mad bc I got to it before you announced it? Lol!

I love your site thanks so much! I am truly addicted! BB is my drug and you are my dealer! Lol!


You do realize you posted your “Jeff won HOH” announcement under the prior update and not this one, right?


I have given this a lot of thought and these are my thoughts: Producers of Big Brother are aware that Jordan and Jeff have a lot of fans. With the golf competition for HOH, I’m sure producers knew Jeff was great at Golf… so his chances of winning was very high. Now with this week’s HOH the competition was to aim cans into a tube. Did anyone notice why Nat couldn’t get any in? It’s cause she was the shortest in height and had a significant disadvantage compared to Jeff and Kevin (who are almost the same height). Kevin and Jeff were in the lead cause they had a height advantage cause they were able to aim the cans at a shorter distance. So in conclusion, I’m pretty sure Big Brother is working on Jeff/Jordan/Michelle’s favor to keep fans happy. Like don’t get me wrong, I’m all for team J/J/M but I just think it’s funny!


If you noticed in the HOH comp Natalie had step she was standing on, the others did not. So I don’t think there was an advantage height wise since she had the step to make her the same/close to the others height.




That’s exactly what I said before the competion began. The person with the longest arms would win. Duh!!! I feel bad that they’re gonna take Russell out over Gnatalie, Kevin, or Michelle-all of the real liars in the house. I’ll probably watch BB for one more week because if Russell is the next one to leave, it’ll make me sick. He’s the most upfront and honest one in the house if you really think about it. J&J used to make me smile but now they turn my stomach. I don’t remember my stomach being turned when Russell had the HOH power. Also, My name is Kathleen and I’m a BB addict too! Keep up the good work Simon and Dawg.

Peace 🙂


They need 2 get rid of Kevin then Nat. Kevs the brains of the operation. If you kill the brain then the body will die with it. TEAM JEFF!!! Woot Woot!!!


Kevin needs to spill the beans about Nat to Jeff to save himself this week



Va JJ makes the world go round

The Juroy hous eis gonna be rockin tonight.
It will be even funnier should the Big Brother guests ever figure out what a liar and backstabber Knat is.

Randy Wolfgang

Kevin already started to spill the beans about Nat the skank just before the eviction. Thats why he voted to get Nat out hoping that he swayed a few votes. I’m sure he’ll be telling them more

Dawn D

Don’t they have a jury house feed? I know I have watched some jury house video in past season but can’t remember if it was on a TV episode or online. I want to see her walk in that house! Jessie is expecting Gnat.


I hope that Russel wins the money


Russell isnt smart enough.. he thinks he is.. but he isnt


Hey yall go read chima on twitter! I just googled chima Simone on twitter and it came right up! You will lyao!


Thank god Jeff got HOH! and way to go Jordan!! I really hope Natalie goes soon or Kevin 🙂


Haven’t you been watching the show??? Jeff is gonna try to get Russell out next because he thinks he is his biggest threat! I think he’s turning stupid too. Blame it on the Jordan.


he wouldnt have won hoh without russ


I believe Russ is his biggest threat. The LML turned out to NOT be a lie because Russ was scheming against Jeff and Jordon plus in an endurance competition, Russ is Jeff’s biggest competitor. I say Russ next if Jeff knows what is good for him. So far Natalie hasn’t won anything!


well pigpen and kev are scheming already… i thought it was suspected that kev told j/j right before vote about l/k/n conspiracy. i hope thats true and j/j wise up. afterdark should be good tnt


Let’s hope the power doesn’t get to jeff’s head. We all kno he acts stupid with power!
He needs to put up Kevin and nathalie.
Kevin needs to go, he is almost always 2nd or playing really
good. Also he already woN like 10-15k
Jordan is making Jeff looks stupid.


Interesting edit on tonight’s show. Michelle told J/J about the conversation she had with Russ in the splash room. She didn’t lie, but said she didn’t remember him saying he wanted to get Jeff out next week because he never told her that. But of course his diary room session confirmed that he is thinking about it. Just a coincidence that the LML used the splash room as the scene of the crime – Kevin & Gnat got lucky on that one but thank God cooler heads prevailed and J/J stuck to the final four plan. I’m very happy Jeff won HOH, especially because that means Michelle is safe. She is still flying under the radar. Go Michelle! She will do well in the inevitable endurance comp, too. Hopefully Jeff won’t continue his paranoid power trip from last week and will put Kevin and Gnat up, reserving the back door for Russell if he feels the need. I really don’t care, as long as his target isn’t Michelle!


how the hell is jordan making jeff look stupid? someones a hater!!!


like was said earlier…..Michelle’s memory loss happens at convenient times…lmao


I think lawyers will grant Chima Armageddon power for all the biased contests. She will crash the closing ceremonies, take the $500,000 out of the winners hands and declare the game is over. I mean sticking Jordan next to Michelle in the POV? Jordan was just listening to where Michelle stepped to and copied her….she didn’t know half of those answers. Jeff better get rid of Russell this week, or its goodbye Jeff.


She listened to where Michelle was stepping?? Yes, I’ll bet that is what happened. Or wait… Perhaps, as it looked to all of America, she actually came up with her own answers. How lame are you? She actually wins and that is what you come up with to explain it?


Bottom Line is that Jeff has played the game smarter, harder, calmer and better than all of the others combined. He could give Dr. Will a run for his money.

Randy Wolfgang

Not only that, a nice guy (giving jordan the HOH), tries to calm things down, good-looking – I swear I ‘m starting to fall for him myself (!!!)

Dawn D

I don;t think Jeff acts stupid with power in the way that Jessie’s band did. He doesn’t walk around being mean to everyone. However, he did seem to get more paranoid last week, and he acknowledged that.


Unfortunately, I think it may be the nature of the beast when you are HOH.


Finally having some control must have been a big change for J/J. He just needs to focus on who his biggest comp will be. Russell will be the strongest in endurance and has proven he can not be trusted.


i’m so sick of nat and her waddle, mouth smacking cockiness…………..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET HER OUT!

what the hell!!

One by one they’re going to get rid of the interesting people. Sure Jeff, Jordan and Michelle don’t act crazy but what’s the fun in that. No one wants to watch a show with boring people. Is is just me or is Jordan’s nine year old girls vocabulary getting annoying?


I really do like Jordan, but I have to agree with you. I think in the long run, Jordan is really going to hurt Jeff’s game if he does not get her to stop being so chatty so quick with the other side. Last week when she was HOH, she gave Kevin WAY TOO much information, Jeff played it off and slipped his hand under the covers while he was laying on the bed and he touched her. Even Kevin noticed Jeff was trying to get Jordan to stop talking so much. She’s a sweet girl, but she is dangerous, she’s so trusting, and I’m getting tired of her trying to make sure that she does not upset anyone, that’s the game, you cannot be friends with everyone. I think when people go to the Jury house, they have time to cool down, and they will respect the person who really played the game and made bold moves that advanced them in the game. Jordan has been riding Jeff’s coat tail the entire game, I like her, but I worry that she is going to hurt Jeff’s game.


Its just you, dude.

used to be team jeff

Jeff is so easily swayed…and Jordan is a dummy I have no respect for her game. It will be another week of J/J paranoia and I’m sure Russel is going to get out. He needs POV big time.


I love Jeff…i really hope they get Nat or Kevin out…stick to the planned final four..


Now is jeffs and everyone else’s opportunity to get rid of russel, he is a strong competitor and we all know when he wins he wants jeff gone, he said it himself. then nat has to go, jeff really should take michele with him if he makes final 2 because i believe he can win against michele, And we all know when lydia goes to the jury house she’ll go right back to baby talking with jessie and “taking care of him”. i am sooo happy she is gone even though they should of evicted nat! love the fact jeff won HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What show are you watching? Because on the Big Brother that I saw, Russell swore he wanted to go to final 4 with Jeff and Jordan, then started talking about pushing Jeff hard in their work outs so he would be sore for the comps. Russell said he would give HoH to Jeff, then changed his mind. Jeff only started thinking about back dooring Russell after he was told Russell was coming after him. Everyone in this house has gone back on their word at some point. I’m sticking with Jeff.

Bad Dog

Kevin is a lying drama queen I hope the lies come back to bite him in the ass.
Jeff has played a clean game and deserves HOH at this point in the game.
I hope they get the back stabbers off the show and have a good time when they’re gone.

Evel Russ

I feel bad for Russell saying this, but this is the time to backdoor him. It’s getting down to the wire, which means the next HOH could very well be endurance, meaning Russell is the favorite with Jeff unable to compete. Russell thinks that Jeff will try to get him out sooner than final four, so if he wins winning HOH next week he will try to take out Jeff.
If I were Jeff I would put up Nat and Keving hoping Russell doesn’t win POV, then backdoor Russell. That way, if he does win POV, Jeff can still play it like he had no intentions of taking Russell out in case he does win the following HOH.
Here’s hoping that another week in the HOH won’t totally destroy Jeff with the paranoia it brings. I was disappointed with him this week, but I he’s still my favorite person in the house and I still want him to win. He stepped on his dick this week by listening to Nat and Kevin and not taking one of them out.


Yeah, it’s like Jeff himself said, the two of them think much more clearly when they don’t have the power.


I prayed for jeff to win, and he did!


I prayed for jeff to win, and he did! Its so cool that he did im happy.


Man, your prayers must have took forever, going from all the stuff that really matters all the way down to some stranger winning a reality tv game show. At least Jeff could probably use the cash, I guess. It’s not like praying for a football team to win a game. They get paid, win or lose.