Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin “America will vote for the Pretty White Couple, Jeff and Jordan”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:50pm red room Kevin and Natalie. Kevin asks if the house is all sleeping. Natalie confirms the house is sleeping says the boredom is getting to them all. She thinks it’s going to get worse in the coming days but she doesn’t care at least she’s safe this week and when their all done here they will all have to go back to work. Natalie wishes they had Chima in the Jury house she knows they are going to get screwed by America?s vote. Natalie thinks that there is no chance America is going to vote for people like Kevin and Natalie their going to vote for Jeff or Jordan. Kevin agrees he says that America always votes for the pretty white people. He adds that Jeff being gorgeous is getting him the girls vote. Kevin thinks Jordan is being edited like Jessica Simpson and Jeff is being edited as a saint so between the 2 of them they have it in the bag. Natalie and Kevin agree the only
chance they have at winning is if they are up against each other (Kevin is guaranteed the win) Kevin asks Production if they can please have a fair Veto next week one that all players are skilled at. Kevin mentions how funny it is that they say “this coming veto, this coming HOH is the most important.” Because it is. We just keep building each week. They start talking about the POV competition Kevin is still amazed at how well Michelle does.. He’s starting to think Michelle is incredibly bright but is a little off socially so it makes her look like a crazy. Natalie goes on about how close she was to beating Michelle Kevin says Michelle was a minute 50 seconds.. Natalie says ohh I didn’t know she did that well. They start counting up all the POV times they think it might be a question next week. Kevin says they should be studying the Memory wall, Natalie agrees but doesn’t have the energy to… They start to fall asleep.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:41pm Backyard Jeff Playing Cards.. Kevin and Natalie sleeping in the red room.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:20pm Everyone Sleeping

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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271 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin “America will vote for the Pretty White Couple, Jeff and Jordan”

  1. Felt I should move this comment to the new thread line because this is what needs to happen.
    Jeff got this key, everyone had a chance at it. So when he stays and Nat goes, it is completely within the rules of the game. EVERYONE had a shot at the key. BUT, Kevin should backdoor Nat anyway. He has no shot to get the votes against NAT. Noone has a shot against NAT with the crap that is already in the jury house. Jeff and Jordan should go to Kevin, promise heartfelt like they will go final 3 with him and then say, then we fight it out. He won?t believe them if he promises final 2, so show him respect by just saying final 3. He will respect that and see they are being honest THIS TIME. GIves him 33 percent chance to win the money as he would be both of the J/J combo in a possible final 2. Just has to win the final HOH. He has to know Nat wants to be against Jordan or Jeff in final 2, he is not stupid.

    1. Everyone had a shot at it, true. BUT .. how STRANGE that CBS didn’t announce what the key could do beforehand. They left the door wide open to manipulate things based upon WHO got the key. I don’t doubt they had a whole scenario based on: if Kev gets it, this is what the key will do, if Michelle gets it, this is what the key will do, and so on. This is just another way to line their pockets by setting things up to keep whoever is the biggest draw.

  2. Simon – pls delete my prior message

    it should be

    Simon – when you said this

    Natalie and Kevin agree the only
    chance they have at winning is if they are up against each other (Kevin is guaranteed the win

    What do you mean – if K was against PP in the final two he is guaranteed a win????

    1. Hey randy, Ya I think Kevin will beat Pig Pen in final 2. I could be totally wrong though this is a tough bunch to figure out, theres always a chance that Natalie will win.

      1. I don’t know – if JJ still don’t know that PP was the big liar they may give her their votes and Jesse as well. One thing is for sure – PP will never get Americas vote in a million years!!!!!!

      2. I disagree. Kevin has Lydia for sure. Nat has Jessie and Russell for sure. If Jeff and Jordan are in the jury house, I think they would vote PP, because they still haven’t figured out that she was the one that instigated their demise. They blame Kevin. Michelle would vote Kevin, and I bet America would too, so that’s 4 votes for PP and 3 for Kevin. The only sure win for any of them is with Jordan. Kevin can beat anyone but PP, and maybe Michelle, that one would be a tossup. PP can beat any of them because she has friends in the Jury House.

        1. I agree! K-fed seems taken aback by how good Mich is. But, PP is the strongest player remaining with the jury. K-fed and Mich would be an aweseome final 2, as they are both deserving, and it would be a real toss-up from the jury. Could go to the tiebreaker. But, I shouldn’t happen, as I think either K or Mich would take Jordough to the final 2. They need to take out Judas Jeff this week, then Mich needs to take out PP next week. I can’t wait for Mich to spank PP at more competitions next week. But, I must give PP some due for being the best liar in the house. I can’t believe that everyone buys her BS! Go Michelle!!! Bye-bye Judas Jeff, you backstabbing dumbass! One of the worst BB decisions ever (the Russ backdoor).

        2. If J/J gets to Juryhouse and watches tape of what has happened in the BBHouse over the last few weeks then they will realize that Gnat set them up and they will not vote for her, No way GNat wins $500K. If Jeff, what the hell is with that key, goes home, then either Michelle or Kevin goes home next week, then either Gnat or Jordan go home the following week leaving either Kevin or Michelle with a weaker foe, Gnat or Jordan, Gnat may get to the final two, but she will not win, unless she’s up against Michelle, then it could be close. My brain feels like hotdogs wrapped in bacon just thinking about all the scenarios.

  3. Let’s see, Judas Jeff should have kept his alliance strong with frequent and open communication, he should encouraged the alliance to stick by the original plan 2 weeks ago and vote out Nasty instead of Lydia, then he should have thanked Russell for helping him win HoH, then he should have taken out Kevin, then Russ would have stuck to the plan and taken out Lydia, then Russ would be gone because he couldn’t play HoH, and J/J/M would have all been in the money in final 3. Russ has admitted in EVERY exit interview that he was going to stick to the alliance, so all of the J/J lovers can stop wasting their time defending Judas Jeff’s decision-making.

    One of the stupidest moves in BB history. Judas Jeff choked! Come on, Mich! She’s taken more crap than anyone.

      1. you are right, and they say Jordan is stupid, she had the right people to go out picked all for him, Natalie the first week and Kevin the second week, but nooooooo…Jeff, the all knowing wouldn’t listen to her because he thinks she’s a dumb blonde with a good heart. She was the better player despite some of her strange thoughts and quirks.

    1. russell stated in the dr room and to michelle that he was taking jeff out next — which in turn means he would have broke the alliance

      1. You keep posting this, but you have your facts out of order. Russ never intended on breaking the final 4. AFTER Jeff broke the deal, Russell realized what Jeff was doing and decided to go after Jeff if given the chance.

    2. I seriously think Jeff just flat out didn’t want to compete with Russ in the final 4. Jeff was just too quick to buy into what N/K were selling, and that shows he wasn’t thinking rationally. He was afraid of the competition, and he let his insecurities get the best of him.

  4. Kevin is absolutely right. That is EXACTLY how Jeff and Jordan are being edited. I think he figured it out from the questions they keep asking them.

    1. I think Kevin is getting a really good edit. Michelle is not being portrayed correctly – she is much smarter and manipulative than is shown on the show. Hell even people watching the live feeds don’t know what she’s is doing. Only a select *ahem* few, who love her game play.

      1. Michelle is the one that started the Chima Russell battle royale, by lying to chima when they confronted her in Russ’s HOH room,,,,about what she told Russell about Chima wanting him out in week 2. All of that plus the coup de doo drove Chima insane and made Russell look like an idiot as well. Jeff might have had the power of the last month, but Michelle got those people out by making them targets. If her crying has been manipulative rather than emotional, then she is one wacky person nobody in the house is able to or will ever be able to read. Kevin is the closest to figuring her out, but he’s not sure and never will be sure.

      2. Agree that Mich is not getting a fair edit. Maybe that will change with her Veto win this week. I am now rooting for her because she is a good player, but has been the underdog taking more crap than anyone. However, I don’t understand why she seemed to throw Russ under the buss to J/J, then get upset when Russ was evicted. She had a better position in the game with Russ alive. She should have been much more proactive in protecting Russ from the backdoor with J/J, I think. But, she was strong enough to knock out Judas Jeff with that Veto win. Go Michelle!

    2. editing has nothing to do with it………………if you watch the 3 hour showtime THAT IS NOT EDITED that is people being who they are (well, for the most part) j&j are cute and they’ve had a bitter pill to swallow……………THEY ARE NOT HIDING ITEMS IN THE HOUSE, STEALING FROM OTHERS, PICKING THEIR NOSES AND EATING THE CONTENT —– kevin is a doormat if his personality was more like jeff’s he maybe could have been america’s favorite, regardless of SKIN COLOR…………….geez the jealousy just oozes

  5. i think if natalie is smart she’ll take jordan to the final 2, cause she won’t win against kevin, so it will pretty much up for grabs.


      1. The race card was pulled my a gay man….isn’t ironic??? I don’t think that race has anything to do with it! I think that J&J for the most part stayed true. It wasn’t until they thought that they were gonna go up that they did anything. I like Kevin, I want to spank him for putting Jeff up and going back on his word and for pulling the race card, but I think that he might like it……even coming for a girl!!!! Kevin needs to get a hold of himself. I know the stress is getting to him. But, come on man……Kevin is a better person then how he is acting to be!!!!

    1. he found the key cuz he’s white too kevin…….we white people have a honing device that allows us to find keys…………….can you imagine the whining going on once they find out what the key is for……….all the screaming “IT WAS RIGGED” unfortunately that’s the street that continues to get turned onto whenever jeff does well…..ugh i haven’t seen a BB guest that I have been so disgusted over as PP makes me –i have to mute the TV or change the channel…oh yeh wait a minute, chimpa——————PLEASE GET HER OUT

    2. I totally agree, the ones that talk about rasism are the biggest rasict–America is not made of all CAUCASIAN…………………..

  7. What is the deal with this key? Is this for real? I’m reading all over the internet that Jeff has a key and the rumor is that it is another POV. Thoughts?

  8. That’s such crap Kevin saying America will vote for the pretty white couple! How about they will vote for J/J over Nat because she is an annoying little cheat liar! I know that some lying and scheming is required in this game but Nat would climb a tree to lie when the truth would work from the ground! She’ll backstab Kev the first chance she gets.

    1. Kevin is 100% correct.

      If Jordan or Jeff are in the final 2, whoever is there with them will lose.

      Get rid of Jeff and then next week get rid of Jordan.

      1. No, they might get America’s vote, but it is just one vote. The other houseguests are all pissed at JJ, and the only way either of them can win is if they are final 2 together. The jury would have to hold their noses and vote for one of them, whether they want to or not.

      2. Keep in mind, the thing Kevin doesn’t know is how “America’s” opinion has changed about Jeff and Jordan. If this site is any indication, the J’s don’t have nearly the support that they once had and that’s purely based on their behavior. I think Kevin, if the vote goes on good behavior alone, might be pleasantly surprised with America’s Vote. I won’t get into the whole “America” vs. “Big Brother Viewers” subject again, but I hope Kevin realizes that BB viewers don’t necessarily speak for the nation.

  9. Kevin is smart, he will backdoor Natalie. That way, he has Jeffs backing next week with Jordan against Michelle. Then he can fight it out against J/J in final 3. This way, if he can win a competition and get to final 2, he has the vote of one of the J’s, Lydia, Americas vote (they have talked about this, so on their mind), and Jessies vote as Lydia will make him vote her way after conceiving his child this past week. Kevin can’t beat Nat in a final 2, HE is smart and knows this. NAT is going this week.

    1. I hope you are right but I’m not sure Kevin has the nerve to make the move. The amazing thing would be that Jeff uses the key power to replace Michele with Pigpen. Pigpen would have no clue that Kevin was going to pull the trigger on Thursday to break the tie – now that would be a graceful exit!!!!!!!

      1. Randy it has nothing to do with Kevin’s nerve. It is too soon to get rid of Gnat. He needs to get rid of Jeff first, then let someone else (Michelle) take out Gnat next week. That way he still gets her vote in the jury house.

  10. And wrong on the other J vote, jeez, thats what I get for typing before thinking. He will get Russell, Lydia, Jessie, and probably Michelle. J’s would only get the other J and maybe Natalie after Kevin screws her over. Think that is right now.

    1. Kaysar didn’t win, but he was America’s favorite. He was not white, but being incredibly hot and a nice guy might have had more to do with his popularity than race. I agree. Most people don’t vote according to race.

  11. I agree with Kevin. Jeff better be going to the Jury House. The key had nothing to do with money. He has the key to the pot of money. Money has been sitting in the plant on the sofa table and no one has notice yet.

  12. See this is the shyt that pisses me off.. They think america will vote for j/J because there a cute whitle couple?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? No americas gonna vote for j/J cause they keep their class and dignity through out the game.. I’m sick of people playing the black/white card.. Its time to get over it.. And also kevin thinks the game is rigged for jeff SERIOUSLLY!!! Where did big brother find these people this year.. I really think they went to the looney bin to get them EXSPECIALLY michelle

    1. I’m afraid people expressing that view are becoming more common. If they don’t get what they wanted, then the game/election/life is rigged against them. Maybe the producers didn’t have to look very hard to find them… and that’s worrisome not just for Big Brother’s future, but in general.

  13. I don’t know. Kevin has to know that Jeff isn’t trustworthy, and he can’t figure Michelle out I don’t see how keeping 2 strong players in the game and getting rid of your ally is a good move. Either Jeff or Michelle would win HOH, and unless Kevin wins POV, he would be the one going home, not Jeff or Michelle. Sure, PP and Jordan are not likely to win HOH against Michelle, but it’s POV that matters, and Kevin has a better chance beating Michelle and Jordan than Michelle and Jeff. Unless PP steps up her game, she should be gone next week, unless Kevin wins POV and sends Michelle home.

    1. Hey Chloe, stop using logic, posters will start calling you crazy like CooCooMagoo! The people who say that Kevin should backdoor Gnat are blinded by their desire to get rid of Gnat for personal reasons. I can’t stand Gnat either, but you are absolutely correct, Kevin would be stupid to do that. And stupid is J/J’s thing, not Kevin’s.

      1. LOL. Yeah, I already got told to suck an egg. Someone else told me a few days ago when I said Jeff was making one of the worst plays in BB history that I was an angry person that needed meds. When I challenged people to give one example of Russ breaking his word, nobody could, but the insults flew. LOL. When you state a point using logic, and that’s the best rebuttal people can come up with, it just shows they have no evidence and base their comments on pure emotion. I am a longtime BB fan, and I never end up rooting for the person I liked in the beginning. I flip flop depending on game moves, because it’s a game and I respect good game play.

        1. I got lucky this year and started rooting for CooCooMagoo after she pulled herself off the block the first time. And I do mean lucky. If I had a dime for every time I said “if so and so wins I am never watching (insert reality show) again”, I would be rich. Well ok, maybe I would have $10. It’s a running joke in my house – we say it at the end of every finale.

          Anyway, I agree with all of your posts. And as far as being told to suck an egg, etc. That’s better than being completely ignored when you say something so logical, people just skip right over it. It is just like our girl Michelle. Others will ignore, dismiss, call her crazy, make fun of her – and then stand there with their mouths open in disbelief when she saunters past the finish line. Go Team Psycho!

    1. even though people may not agree with kevin’s comment, it is still the way that he feels and he should not be judge by the way that he feels. he may have had some experiences with racism that has led him to feel that way. he has a right to feel the way he wants to whether we agree with it or not.

  14. this is what jeff needs to do: go to kevin and tell him that he will not have his vote or jordan’s vote if it’s kevin v. natalie…and he sure as hell won’t have russell and jesse so natalie will win…jeff needs to convince kevin that getting rid of natalie is a good game move…

    1. Bingo, along my line of thinking as well. Kevin is smart, he can’t play HOH next week. Get Jeffs backing this week and he is in final 3. Jeff has to be sincere, get real personal or something to make Kevin believe him. Kevin wins against everyone left EXCEPT Nat. He sees this as he is a smart player. He is guaranteed final 3 if he saves Jeff and dumps NAT. Then he basically Guaranteed to win against either in top 2 if he wins to get their. Best game play for him is to backdoor NAT, and he will.

      1. i agree. he still has a chance…a slim one, but jeff is laying around feeling sorry for himself and has quit as of now. So i doubt he can actually see through his hurt pride.

    2. True, Kevin needs to get rid of Natalie if he has any hope of winning. However, it is too early in the game to get rid of her now. If he gets rid of his ally Natalie, Kevin will shoot himself in the foot in much the same way that Jeff hung himself by getting rid of his Final Four Alliance too soon. Kevin should get rid of Jeff, and then target Natalie next week. His best hope of winning the grand prize is if he goes into the jury room against Michelle or Jordan. Even if he doesn’t win HOH, he can collude with whoever does. The odd thing now, though, is that Jordan seems to think butter wouldn’t melt in Natalie’s mouth. She keeps running off to tell Natalie what the others are saying.

    1. LOL. I’ll second that vote. I’m for the longshot. That’s two votes, I think that’s nearly enough for America’s Vote (or I may be off by a few million).

  15. Jeff’s behavior right now is that of a passive agressive. And he criticized Russel for holding a lot of anger inside. That’s what he is doing right now.

    He has not followed his own advise to the ones he betrayed and kicked out of the door.
    He said “take it like a man-it’s just a game.”-yeah-now that the show is on the other foot!

    Once he goes, Jordo will be crying like Lydia and Natalie did after Jessie.
    Jeff is in love with himself like Jessie . It’s true what they say when we criticize someone-look in the mirror and see who is staring right back at you.

  16. it doesn’t matter who wins if jeff leaves..this bb is not even worth watching now there are no likeable players left we have kevin laying on different pieces of furniture doing nothing at all,nat the pig picking her nose or eating like a horse,michelle talking to herself making faces, and jordan playing with her hair constantly there are no players wth any sort of personality left in the house might just as well close up shop

  17. Oh boo hoo Kevin about your stupid remark about the white couple. Between this comment and Michelle’s comment about American is stupid, I will not vote for either one of them if either one makes the final 2 which I hope neither do. Nat needs to go this week. Michelle, Kev and Nat need to watch what they are saying and not insult people especially America’s vote.

    1. I know what you mean, but sadly that forces you to only vote for Jordan and Jeff, the “white couple,” which justifies the bias that Kevin stated. I think you’ve rationalized it here as clearly not being based on race, but who knows how it might be perceived by Kevin and Natalie. You should vote for who you want, though. People with biased points of view will always find some reason to not be happy with how things turned out. For example, if Chima hadn’t flipped out because she felt the game was rigged and “America” wanted to see her lose because of her race or gender, she could very well be running the house by now, but because she didn’t stick with it, she didn’t win, and now she feels certain that “America” forced her to quit for those preconceived reasons–instead of thinking maybe “America” didn’t like her for her behavior, her attitude, her alliances, or the way she played the game.

  18. ok here is the deal, like most i liked jeff and he prolly is a cool dude but the power messed him up and i promise u that thise “key” he found if it has power and he “happen” to find it, that the production peeps told him to look for it or where to look because if u listen to the house guests when they talk about the DR they do say stuff to each house guest…and all it takes is some chick producer that loves jeff to give him a heads up about this key so who knows but bottom line is jeff got stupid for breaking the final 4 agreement and listen to nasty pig pen

      1. I really doubt that and I totally disagree with all the hypocrites and/or unrealistic people on this site who try to convince us that America’s color blind. And when I say America, I am not talking about the trifling number of people who post on this website. Kevin stated the obvious: America’s vote is a popularity vote and people watch TV to fill the void their have in their love lifes. So J/J are perfect for that: at least they are not soap opera actors. Yes, he could have left the word “white” out of his statement but truth be told, a lot of people America will vote for the alleged stand-up guy or the sweet southern belle and some will vote based on race.

  19. I think it’s funny that anyone Nat teams up with that person becomes less and less liked by posters.

    I also wanted to note that Kevin and Nat are saying they are going to make a final 3 with Michelle and threaten her with their votes if she backs out, but they are planning to back out of it next week if they win HOH. Sounds just like what everyone is Hating on Jeff for doing.

  20. Jeff’s Key he found fits a box with Diamond Veto … to over-ride…Michele’s veto…. reading and hearing this on other boards.. supposedly leaked by one of the production folks !!! Cannot vouch for its accuracy.

    1. That’s what I talking about! Nothing in BB happens without the GOOD( $$$ ) and BAD (for some:)
      It would be useless to add a HOH responsibility that did nothing to make the game more interesting.

    2. If that is the case, then it would be Jordan and Nat on the block right? That would be good! I think Mich would vote for Jordon and Jeff of course would also. Bye Bye Nat:)

      1. If the Daimond overrules Michelle’s veto, wouldn’t it mean that it would just keep it the same, keeping her from using it on herself? So she could still be on the block. I’m hoping for your scenario, though. It would be much more interesting.

      2. No it would be Michele and Pigpen on the block – the Diamond veto voids Michele’s POV – Jeff would use the POV to take himself off the blockk and put up PP. Now I have heard that jeff would also choose who actually gets evicted so if he evicts Michele. PP stays another week.


      1. Not only does it override Micheles POV it gives the holder the sole choice on who gets evicted from the two nominees- that how it was played out in BB4. I guess Jeff’s doing something nice paid off big time!!!!

        1. Randy is this true? Any word yet? I sure hope so, everyone had the chance to get it, only Jeff was nice enough to find use it! I hope him being nice pays off!! :)

  22. if that key saves jeff i swear im not watching the rest of the season. im tired of j&j one of them needs to go! go kevin and michelle

    1. What a terrible loss that would be for you to stop watching the show. When things don’t go your way you pick up the ball and leave the park???

  23. Kev will not backdoor PP this week. He knows that Judas Jeff is too strong and needs to pay for his stupidity. What does need to happen next week is for Kev and Mich to talk about final 3 and realize that they BOTH lose on jury votes to PP, but they win with Jordough. So, they should work together to get out PP this week. I do like the Kev and Mich seem to be getting closer. I would love to see them in the final 2 as they are both deserving, but they would be smarter to take Jordough. I think Mich is most deserving – 1 HH, 2 Veto saves of herself while on the block, and taking the most crap in the house. Go Michelle!!! Bye-bye Judas Jeff!!! One of the biggest chokes for a player with the inside track to winning in BB history!!! Hypocrite!

  24. If BB is rigging this so boneheaded potty-mouthed Jeffhole to win, how do you know they didn’t rig America’s vote, too? Maybe America didn’t really give Jeffhole the coup d’tat. If they can try to manipulate the hg’s into saying nice things about this butt wipe, why couldn’t they also rig who got the coup d’tat. Their giving him good edits to not show what a foul cretin he really is.

    If this key allows this creep to stay in the game, then CBS needs to pull the plug on this show.

    1. This game is not rigged,please!!!!! its called he went for the key,while nasty nat and fairy boy went with their,all they want is gifts,have you ever watched the seasons before this one..christ!

    2. Im not on team Jeff anymore However at the time of the coup de tat 80% of the boards were. I really hate when people don’t like the outcome so they blame BB. Ut is ridiculous. And I really hate when people say Jeff was handed the Power. Part of this game is not only making the HG like you at the right time but also the viewers. Everyone else had a chance to win it just like any other comp.
      Up to last week Jeff played a great game. But he let the power and paranoia get the best of him. HE was worried about Russel and Michelle F2 when he had his own F2. That’s when I switched to team Kevin. But anyway my point is BB doesn’t play Favs. It just seems that is an easy cop out and kind of misguided anger that something you personally didnt want to happened happened. Im sure if what you wanted happened you wouldnt be saying that would you?

  25. So Pandora’s Box really hasn’t unleashed anything evil – yet. All it did was cause money to fall (greed) but the money hasn’t actually been given to the HGs yet. They don’t even know how much each collected. And the key released the HOH, which showed a good deed overcoming greed, and ultimately hope. Maybe the key gives all the money to the person who used it (Jeff). Which could be good for Jeff, and evil for all the other HGs. This makes sense since Allison said it was a twist but not a game changer. In other words, I still think Jeff is going home, just with fatter pockets.

    1. Yeah, Pandora’s Box is supposed to make things more complicated, not less. If it gives Jeff all sorts of great benefits, what’s the downside? Where are the complications? And where is the Hope? If anyone needed Hope, it was Michelle, not Jeff. If she would have had the Box’s benefits, it would have made things much more complicated for both of the other two teams. I dunno. Maybe Jeff was right, it really is Ted Johnson’s Box instead. LOL.

  26. Again, this shows why Jeff is the best player. He took the time to find the key instead of being greedy like the others. If he stays because of this key, he deserves to win. Brilliant player.

    1. I thought he grabbed the most money…. I remember him saying everyone else was just standing around while he was stuffing his shorts.

    2. Your comment is dripping with sarcasm, right?!? The best player wouldn’t have blown up his alliance to give the opposing alliance an advantage that they will now use to evict Jeff. Stupidest player who almost won in BB history?

      1. Yeah really.. Getting rid of Russell, who would have never put him up this week and who would have honored the Final 4 alliance.. Jeff is brilliant, LOL. He deserves to go home this week for becoming a completely different person the week he was HoH. I understand getting Russell out was a smart play but handling it the way was pretty pathetic.

        1. Strategically, getting Russell out wasn’t a smart move at all. Russell was the only one in the house who could keep the target off Jeff’s back. Jeff should have kept his deal with Russ and let the other HGs worry about Russ. This way, Jeff would never be the target.

  27. The house is so dead, the camera men are filming a beach ball spinning around in the hot tub.
    They may as well get use to filming only “floaters”, that’s all that will be left.

  28. About the key, AG said in her interview that there was a door that had a twist, that it didn’t give advantage to anyone, affected everyone and added responsibility to the HOH. I don’t know where everyone is getting that Jeffie is going to be saved, and if he does get saved, it will be the worst twist in BB history, giving the game to a guy that only made one smart move that was handed to him, he messed that up and ruined an almost for sure win, only to save his ass again? If you think thats what makes a good season of BB, I am sorry for you. I happen to like the game, and I respect good game play. Jeff has done nothing smart except for knocking out Jessie, but he couldn’t have done that himself. You can watch other shows where the hot guy wins. BB isn’t about who is hot and who is not. Jeff doesn’t deserve to win, because he couldn’t even preserve a win handed to him on a silver platter with a cherry on top.

    1. I totally agree……….He’s been handed everything. Mr. Big Shot! Let the game play and let him get out! Whoever thinks it will be boring if he leaves, then don’t watch it anymore. It’s a game. He never would have gotten to where he is if he didn’t get that CDT and evict Jessie. Grow up people!

    2. Jeff made 2 big moves -Jessie and Russell-2 of the hardest people to beat at endurance. He also won HOH once ( could’ve been 2 times but gave one to Jordan) And he won the power of veto. He did actually play this game. Jessie had the first HOH handed to him on a silver platter. He did not compete for it. He walked into the house( for a second time ) with an automatic power.

  29. Does anybody know if this is the first season for soooo much bigotry bias and bringing up the race issue???? Dam get over it … if there was a problem with color race or sexual preference u would not be on the show…..the players are the ones creating the race issues not production…

  30. Here is what AG said about the door:

    “I’m gonna tease. There is a secret door that will weigh into the HOH. It’s something we’ve had planned for a while. I wouldn’t call it a power. It’s just something that’s been added to the HOH’s (responsibility).”

    1. A responsibility might mean the HOH has to divide the money and in doing so make friends and enemies. OR decide who gets what instead of money?

      1. Or choose behind what prize is behind the door and money or decide whether to keep all the money for himself? Essentially, the responsibility for making decisions for others.

    2. Hey Chloe,

      Not sure if you read this one C&P from Wolfgang below. Ya never know but very interesting twist if it happens.

      Jeff?s Key he found fits a box with Diamond Veto ? to over-ride?Michele?s veto?. reading and hearing this on other boards.. supposedly leaked by one of the production folks !!! Cannot vouch for its accuracy.

      Not only does it override Michelle’s POV it gives the holder the sole choice on who gets evicted from the two nominees- that how it was played out in BB4. I guess Jeff?s doing something nice paid off big time!!!!

      1. If that is true, then BB is done. The show has been going downhill in for a while now. They might as well just give Jeff the money if it’s true. Expect the unexpected, but in past seasons, the diamond veto is the one that happens at final 4. But I am under no illusions about how fair BB is. I will be disappointed if this turns out to be true, but the “production leak” could be a stunt to keep us watching and biting our nails until Sunday. I saw Jeff when the feeds came back on, and he didn’t look like someone that had a good secret and knew he was safe. He was alone, and he was miserable. If it is true and there was a production leak, someone will be losing their job.

    3. Added responsibility, huh? They’re going to make the HOH handle all of Chima’s lawsuits! Or maybe they’ll have to keep Lydia in there and HOH will have to feed her and Dae-Yum-Yum.

    1. It’s been kind of boring even with Jeff, as of late. I do think the most interesting scenario is Jeff, Michelle, and Kevin as the final three. Or maybe Jordan instead of Jeff… but I’m not so sure about her ability to be completely on her own–she might just be eaten alive by the other two. I don’t think the girl’s a moron, but it sounds as if she relies on others for a lot, both in the game and out. It would be interesting to see Jeff completely on his own, too.

  31. wow now make me my vote to turn to jordon dum and michelle
    usual another gay who can be racist but they would gay bitchy is someone mention th f word
    what a douchequeen is kevin
    fyi queer kevin america now loves russell caisey and michelle
    yep american doesnt like gays ha

  32. WOO HOO…WELL SAID!!! I use to like Kevin until he stooped to dirty nats level.
    J/J could still make it to final two depending on what the key is for and what the twist is!

  33. i buy the live feeds every single year,and i swear to god,i have never seen a more boring day then today,either the hg r sleeping,or if they r awake they r not speaking to one another…i understand when u get to only a couple of hg it gets pretty quiet…but 5 hg ??? never seen that in the 11 seasons of bb…unbelievable……..

  34. What is this key that Jeff has? I think it is 1) If he uses it, there is something behind the golden door,like a golden veto, which he can use to take himself off the block. OR 2) If he doesn’t use it, he is offered money, like about 10,000 dollars. If I’m right, then the show has no intenion of getting rid of Jeff.

  35. right now kevin is thinking. if he is smart he will realize nat is making him to be the enemy while she gets the benefits.

  36. lol extreamly entertaining comments …. i like all the players in the house except Michelle i want jeff or kevin to win! but i have a sick feeling if michelle is in final 2 she may win….

  37. I teach a class on perception. Maybe it isn’t about black or white, but it is a perception. It could be, for some people, about race, it could be that J/J are good looking Ken/Barbie type and people like good looking people for the win. Or it could be (most likely) that people will vote based on their own belief system and who fits it the best. If they like the characteristics, then that is who they will support. So those of you who are so angry that Kevin thinks it is about race, calm down. Your angry shows more about your own personality than Kevin’s. He at least has no idea what is being said or what is going on. He is going on what he can see. And with America’s first vote he is seeing strong white male getting America’s vote. He hears Jeff talking smack yet sees him getting America’s love and this is why he thinks it. Just keep in mind that most don;t have any idea what the others is saying or how they are being portrayed.

    1. although i admit jeff is quite the strong white mail….i do not believe that is why he won
      his behaviors, his conversations, etc. all made him someone that everyone liked……. female/male, japanese/mexican/african american….none of that mattered…….he just seemed like a nice guy

      geez enough with the analysis

      1. I don’t see that he s a nice guy. I cusses all the time. He bullies like many of the others. When things don’t go his way, he sulks. This is how I see it. And he wouldn’t be someone I would want as a friend. You like him, I don’t. It is about perception and I am not getting mad because someone else thinks otherwise. There is no reason to have people get so angry. And race issues do set people off and I see it in my class all the time. For anyone who believes that race still isn’t an issue out there, you are in a dream world. But no one has to get angry about it. Once you get angry, there can be no discussion.

    1. I know right, people who say Kevin’s another racist, obviously haven’t dealt with it, or don’t see the world through a minorities eyes, try doing it sometimes, maybe you’ll understand. And he wasn’t even being racist, it was a figure of speech, which is in fact how America works. Just because we have a black president, doesn’t change how a lot of people view things!

      1. the way people view things? sometimes its the minority’s view of things that makes them feel they are being prejudiced against because of their skin color/gender/sexual orientation……….blame blame blame…………….maybe …just maybe…..sometimes negative things happen because that person didn’t deserve to get it, wasn’t more qualified, whatever…..when you have the prejudice armor on then every failure can be blamed on all the bigots and you know what ……..that is not the case……….you know what? sometimes I won’t get a job/a guy/a whatever– even when fully qualified….why? cuz i look like the interviewer’s ex-wife, cuz my nose is slanted to the side, cuz the interviewer was looking for a more outgoing personality, whatever it may be…….it is what it is. wah wah wah….where’s my kleenex?

  38. oh he is racists bbecause he said the majority of americans will vote for the pretty white couple. You need to get a dictionary of the word racist. First of all it’s not a synonym pf bigot, or prejudiced. Kevin never claimed his race was superior, so the guy is not a racists. He never claimed he favored 1 type of people over the other because of race so he is not a bigot or prejudiced. Anyway Kevin or The Natural Natalie FTW

  39. Jeff and Jordan have been kinda bitches this week, though, especially Jeff, surprisingly. I think if I was Kevin I’d be worried more about “America’s” stance on his sexuality than his race (meaning that he has a disadvantage that none of the others do, Nat included). THAT would be much more likely as a biased reason to deny him a vote, in my opinion. It certainly did with that guy that posts here whining about “fag marriage.” He’s probably more likely to side with the neanderthals.

  40. I did a little research and found a poll was taken a few weeks into BB 11 and asked if the producers should bring the Diamond Veto back to “shake things up”. 93% of the answers were YES. So this has been prepared for some time – apparently it was the gift given to the person who would forgo the money in order to free Kevin who was handcuffed in the room. The Diamond Veto is extremely powerful.

  41. Those who say the show will be boring with out Jeff please. Jeff is a loser and a douchebag. He talks about people behind their backs and is a major hypocrite. I watch the feeds not the edited Jeff on CBS. He is no saint and in his own words he doesn’t turn water into wine. Jordan wants to leave and is crying cause Jeff is leaving weren’t they complaining about the others doing this 3 weeks ago. Now he is sulking like a little kid. Give me a break. Jeff got got LOL I will be happy when he leave Thurs

  42. Does anyone know why the competitions were all held so early?? It seems like a long time with nothing to do till Thursday?? Is there a twist we don’t know about??

  43. i don’t think it’s a diamond veto…they can’t have both a regular veto and a diamond’s probably something else…

      1. If its a decision for Kevin what would that have to do with Jeff? If that was the case it wouldn’t matter who got the key….

      2. The producer said it “affects the responsibility of the HOH”. Well wouldn’t being able to remove one HG from the block and replace with another do exactly that???? Also there wouldn’t be a regular veto and the Diamond veto – the Diamond veto voids the regular veto.

        1. possibly cause of the Chima deal and there not being an actual double eviction there may be a double Veto instead….just another possibility

  44. no Corleone ~~I’m not on the rag, you wise-ass,…just sick & tired of all the racial BULLSHIT! I hate that people’s skin color always becomes “the issue.”

    dollied said it well…”if there was a problem with color race or sexual preference u would not be on the show?..the players are the ones creating the race issues not production?”

    I cannot remember any other year constantly mentioning race as a big excuse for everything. BB Houseguests should just Play the game & if they lose realize that it has nothing to do with anything but their own inability to play the game.

    This was the WORST season ever…beginning with the Chima histronics…
    and ending with who knows what’s next???

    The show is named; “Big Brother”, not “Race Wars”.

  45. I know why she lied about being 18…because that’s about her maturity level. I can’t imagine how her boyfriend puts up with her mind numbing drone for hours on end…hope Natalie goes very soon….as I notice even a lot of the other dedicated BB bloggers are not updating their sites…guess they too can’t take listening to her anymore

    1. natalie’s been trying to play the “look how little and cut I am card” right from the get go; however her butchiness and bull-like behavior (especially during a game) shows her gnarliness……………..oops, i should clarify “during her poker/chess/badminton” games….cuz at HOH and POV she has either sucked or thrown them….then you don’t hear her other than “I had that one” “I would’ve had that one” “I’m stronger than that person” “I’m smarter than that person” put a damn cork in it already!

      1. Nat cracks me up. I not a big fan but at the same time I think she has got some game. The way she attaches herself to strong players in the house (especially K) and is able to get the guys to do what she wants baffles me.

  46. i hope jeff does get to go home at least with the money from the comp. i feel bad that he has to walk in the jury house with all the people he sent home. coo coo magoo is nuts! she sits alone and talks to herself! right now i hate kevin for sending jeff home but i secretly hopes he wins. i don’t take his comment about the cute white couple as bigotry. maybe just jealousy that they’ve (meaning jordan and jeff) made it this far together.

    1. jeff sealed his own fate by believing the lml without even giving russell the benefit of doubt or just using plain old common sense

  47. Does anyone know why all the competitions were played so early?? It seems like a long time with nothing to do till Thursday?? Is there a twist I don’t know about??

    1. some one earlier said something about evictions being played out on Tuesday, they probably want to speed things up since there are les people playing, more boring time on feeds, bad ratings, whateverm they just wanna be done with this like the rest of us.

  48. Dumb/dumber deserve no more than their 30 pieces of silver. I truly doubt that America will vote for them once we show their true colors. Kevin/Michelle need to team up. Toss up who shud go, Judas or scumbag..however Judas is a stronger player. Wud rather watch a beach ball in the pool, then dumb/dumber in bed. Go Michelle, still rooting for u. May God bless and guide you.

      1. Kinda like the people who leave church with road rage. None of us are all good or all bad, but the anonomous nature of posting allows people extra leeway they don’t have in real life.

        1. That’s true, but I think the anonymity of the internet allows people to show how they really are and how they really think, beneath all of the pretending and etiquette in real life. I personally don’t feel that people are more inclined to think nasty things because of the internet, it just makes it easier for them to express their true feelings (and nastiness). So we, maybe for the first time, have a chance to see how people truly are, unmasked and unfiltered. And it’s a little scary at times.

  49. It is a shame that Kevin and Natalie feel that they are being slighted because of their race. From the outside looking in it doesn’t appear that way to me. As far as I can remember Natalie hasn’t really done that well in this game. I don’t know if this is because she isn’t trying that hard or if it is because she simply can not play the game. Kevin on the other hand is a good player as he has tried hard at the comps and really plans his moves carefully and consider all sides. Michelle is the absent minded professor. She is very intelligent without a lot of common sense or people skills. Jordan is just a sweet southern belle that reminds me or a babe in the woods. Jeff could have gone all the way unfortunately choose to trust Kevin and Natalie and as he said last week, “You got got” Jeff……….

    1. What is so funny about this, Natalie has never told Kevin that her mother is a Black woman. Natalie is half black and half hispanic, but she and her father try to erase the fact that Natalie is Black & Hispanic now that he is no longer with the mother. Natalie also has a sister named Nicole, but her Father and Natalie use the “N” word when they talk about her, I grew up with Natalie and Nicole, the Natalie you see on big Brother, is the same Nasty bitch you get in the real world. We grew up together in Chino California before they moved to Gilbert Arizona. I’m so happy that nasty bitch is out of my life, she lies at the drop of a hat. Kevin had better watch his back !

      1. wow and you know what i totally believe every single word you say because she just projects this ugly self about her the way she talks and everything the cockyness is such a turnoff !! me no like natalie too much either!!

      2. This is VERY INTERESTING. I’d like to hear more!!! She seems like a liar, somebody called her a hood rat and when she uses words like “shank the bitch” I tend to believe she’s a tough little shit who uses people.

      3. she says that she was raised without her mother. is her mother still alive. not trying o be funny, is she a heterosexual

      4. Since you know her, is she really a “Tae Kwon Do Champion” or is that exaggerated? I just can’t believe she is a successful athlete, given her success at physical challenges in BB.

  50. Simon, great site. BUT, you ever think of adding a chat feature? Would be great for times of high volume posters instead of having to wait for the moderation thing, etc.

  51. I believe that the intelligence levels of some of these people are being openly exposed, or lack thereof I should say. We have an African American President people- one who was elected BY THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!!! Get over it and start talking about the actual game again. Some of you are so short minded, you hated Chima and thus team Chima- now you think Kevin is the second coming of Christ, and booger eating Nat is a ‘good’ player because she can lie? Beyond annoying- must be a lot of kids commenting….

    1. President is not elected by the people of America, he or she is elected by the bank owners who screen them and support them with their money, then their selections are paraded in front of the American people and they are told that hthis is the best we have, choose between these 8 dems, these 8 repubes, and these 2 or 3 libertarians and independents. Then whoever the bank owners want to win get the biggest donations, and the most media advertisements, so basically you choose who the bank owners want you to choose. You don’t have democracy in this country, you have Oligarchal families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, who control the money and education and laws of America telling you how to live, because you are slaves who can never pay back their debts, thanks to the interest bearing money the Federal Reserve lends to our government, when instead our government actually has the power to print its own money to take care of the needs of its citizens and the inner structure and projects of government.

  52. If this key some how saves Jeff, everyone else shoud get together and quit and say just hand the money to him. That would be stupid for Cbs to do. I think they alredy help him enogh. For those people that say that he got it fairly, you can’t prove that. The producers can do what ever they want. Maybe they even told him in the DR, !!! Look for the key!!!

  53. If Kevin had half a brain he would back door Nat this week, if he plans on winning he would never get the votes against Nat, they are going on like Americas vote is the only vote that matters, it is just one vote they still have the jury. He should take Jeff or Jordan to final two then it really dont matter about comps bc jury is the deciding factor and Jeff and Jordan would only get one vote and that would be Americas vote!! Jeff needs to do some serious convincing if Nat would get out of Kevins ass long enough!!

    1. You act like it is Kevin’s game and he will walk to the finals and then choose who he wants. Talk about crazy!!!! You are doing just what Jeff did – thinking of final 2 too early. If Kevin takes out Nat this week, he just saves Jeff from having to do it – and Kevin would not make it to final 2, because Jeff would win and take Nat or Michelle – the last person he would choose would be Kevin because Kevin would have the jury votes. Don’t count chickens before they hatch.

  54. now thats typical, kevin saying America will vote for the pretty “white couple”. Racist if u ask me..if Jeff or Jordan said something like that about Kevin, or Natalie, you can bet there would be racist comments abound!!!

    1. Yes, there would have been, I agree. But…did you miss the 20+ posts calling Kevin out for saying such a thing? Go back to the start of the comments, if you missed them.

  55. i hope that this is not a diamond veto. i will feel sorry for michele. she will be cheated out of her pov and possibly be sent home. bad enough she was cheated out of hoh

  56. Some of these people have been watching that movie conspiracy Theory or too many Oliver Stone Movies. Do you really thin CBS invests that much time and effort into ‘molding’ a winner? Cheese and rice people!!its a game!!! Get used to it!

  57. Sorry Debbie I disagree with you, even thou Jessie and Russell Got Got by Jeff , they might think he played a good game and vote for him. We have seen this before. Jeff needs to leave because if he’s in the final 2 he will win.

  58. Natalie says she wants to bring Chima as her guest to the wrap party. That statement went over like a lead balloon with the rest of the house guests.

  59. Whateve rit doesn’t matter this show is rigged if the power saves jeff im never watching this show again so production toatlly decides who they want to win so it not reality tv then!

  60. Just now Natalie telling Kevin that she will win next HOH. Bitch, you would faster pull a golden egg out of your smelly snatch than win anything.

    1. Every week she says she is going to win HOH next week – guess what, just like tomorrow never comes, next week will never come…..

  61. It totally sucks that Jeff was gullible for the LML. It really screwed up his game by doing so. I don’t think it’s fair if he gets to stay with the key. He should lose because he didn’t trust Russ enough and believed Gnat’s lie. I really don’t want Gnat to win as all she ever did was lie. If she does she will probably be the only player to never win HOH nor Pov and win the game. I guess it would make the next BB players not trust anyone ever. The only people I want to win at this point if Jeff doesn’t get saved is Michelle or Kevin. Michelle because she was really the only person that stood by her alliance and probably would have until the final 4. Kevin because he stayed true to his loser alliance and overcame the fact that they didn’t have the numbers. Kevin is quite comical as well, but I hope he dumps Gnat before the final 2 because he may not get the votes. Lydia may be his only vote against Gnat because all the other idiots liked and believed her BS. She somehow has made them all trust her. I guess that must be a skill but I don’t think it is deserving of 500K. She is so unlikeable. I have tried to like her because of her lying skills but I just can’t and I don’t see why all the other houseguests do. Her age lie made them all think she was young and stupid but in the end they are all going to feel like idiots. If she can win then Lydiot would have had a chance if she wasn’t so preoccupied with screwing Jesse. Damn this game is so fun to watch. It is totally a social experiment. If Gnats wins then it shows people eat up bullshit as long as you seem like you are younger and not a threat. I laugh when they were all saying I trust Gnat. Didn’t you watch her turn on Jesse even though she supposedly knew everything?

    1. Dr. Will won in season 2 not winning an HOH or POV. it’s an all around game of comps, and strategy. That’s why I like it, if you’re not strong in the comps then find another way and it is possible

  62. Damn Gnat said Jeff wouldn’t havew been as far as he is if it wasn’t the coup de`tat but what the hell has she done? She has never won anything but just ridden coat tails.

  63. Everyone knows that a good Showmance between 2 good looking anglo saxons would set Middle America’s hearts aflutter! :)

    I also would like to state that Debra@ 8:05pm made a very valid point , thanks

    1. You have a point, but I’d at least like to believe that Big Brother fans care more about the showmance and good-looking aspects than the skin color.

  64. Jordon is cracking me up, it is so funny hearing her saying Michelle is acting smug and cocky, and then she said Michelle is asking like Kevin and Natalie are her new best friends! Just before the POV was played, Jeff and Jordon were all buddy buddy with Natalie and Kevin, they have been treating Michelle like shit for the past 2 – 3 weeks. Now that Jeff did not win the POV, Jordon wants to talk shit about Michelle not talking with her and Jeff? Jordon needs to be quiet, she has done NOTHING this entire game but ride Jeff’s coat tail. Just like that nasty ass Natalie, she will ride who’s ever back she can to get ahead in the game. Kevin had better wake up and Dump Natalie, back door Natalie while you have the chance, she is going to turn on Kevin as soon as she feels she no longer needs him.

  65. Well, based on Jeff’s conversation with Michelle on BBAD (“I can only win against you.” (paraphrased)), I think we conclusively see who he had planned to end up being first. And it wasn’t Jordan. She doesn’t even come in second in his plan.

    1. I guess I should amend that. Maybe he, at one time, planned on taking her to second, but he now doesn’t see that as an option any longer. Still, it doesn’t seem like he was going to push her up to first in a noble act of chivalry or anything, as he often made it sound early in the game. He doesn’t sound too broken up about Jordan going before him, either. She’s the one crying for him and offering up money to allow him to stay, while he’s essentially plotting her demise with Michelle.

  66. Why does Jordon constantly complain about gaining weight, but everytime you see her, she is feeding her face?????? I’m so sick of hearing her say:
    1). I wish I would not have eaten so much.
    2). I feel so fat !
    3). I feel like I’m gaining weight !
    Then stop stuffing your face with cookie dough, Candy, Chips, Cookies, whatever she can get her hands on.

  67. Michelle is so awkeard in front of the camera I can’t stand it. She always giggles or makes weird faces after she says anything.

  68. 11:43 BB Time…. Mich and Jeff are in the backyard on the couches talking about saving jeff. I can’t really tell if Mich seriously wants to keep him or if she is just covering her bases in case he stays? she’s telling him she wants to approach kevin and threaten him to make a Mich/Jeff/Kev final 3 b/c kev can’t play for HoH next week. She’s telling Jeff that she will approach kev and say… when the tiebreaker comes between Nat’s vote to evict Jeff and Mich’s vote to evict Jordan, if Kevin breaks the tie to evict Jeff, Mich will be hardcore gunning for Kev next week. But Mich seems to be honest with Jeff about everything, she’s being apologetic and explaining why she’s been acting so upset.

    …. is this real? I don’t know if that’s Michele’s best option. You would think that Mich would want to have a Nat/Jordan/Mich final 3 because she can easily beat those 2 girls in the finals. I think Michele should evict Jeff this week, win HoH on Thurs and evict Kevin… then win the f3 HoH and evict Nat. Therefore, having a final two of Jordan and Michele. I think this is Michele’s best chance at winning.

    What do you guys think? Is she being genuine with him? or is this another one of Michele’s strange strategic blunders? I’m not quite sure. But whatever she’s doing… it’s working.

    Go Michele!

    1. I think she’s had luck on her side. And I think maybe some of the tears from this last week are from Jeff’s actions toward her. She seems to see the guy as somebody special (maybe as a temporary substitute -not sexually- for her husband?) and as of tonight, still seems loyal to him. I’m not sure that’s her best move nor am I sure it’s something real. Michelle’s a real wildcard. But…LOL… that’s a lot of winning she has to do in the plan of yours and I’m not sure she’ll have any choice in winning the contests or not, other then by choosing to play hard.

    2. Michelle (possibly) can win the comps against them..but she is thinking bout the final 2…Her n; KEVIN SHE COMES IN 2ND…Her ‘n’ JEFF SHE COMES IN 1ST … with Natty possibly Jordon she 2nd again…

  69. Kevin and MIchelle are really the only people devoted to their alliances. I think something should be said about loyalty. I really wish Russ woulnd’t have been voted out. It really pisses me off that Jeff and Jordon turned on their alliance as I thought they would be loyal or I had hoped. Jordon needs the money the most i think but at this point she doesn’t deserve it. The people I liked the most were Jeff and Jordon. I hope Michelle wins first and Kevin comes in second. Only because of their loyalty.

  70. The key cannot be a Diamond Veto. They would not have played another full, complicated set design veto – the face morph – just to have a silly find a key veto to override it. There could be a diamond veto next week in place of a regular veto, but it would be announced as such.

    Judas Jeff Got Got! Now, Get Get to the Jury House. Russell needs a mop. LOL!!! Mich, you’ve got to discuss jury votes with Kevin, so you two can realize that Nasty Pigpen is really the strongest player remaining. Go Michelle! Jordough, put down that cookie dough!

  71. If Jeff can convince Kevin he’d be better off keeping him around and making a final 3 deal between Jeff, Kev & Michelle, that will be his best argument to save himself this week. All Nats buddies are in jury already so Jeff needs to drive the point home that keV won’t benefit keeping himself aligned with her. Now most of is know that Jeff or
    michelle could very likely win against Kev but this is about his last hope at this point. What is this deal and talk of a key? I’m behind on the spoiler updates!

  72. Hey Kessler,
    True you grew up with pigpen in Chimo? Was she the same nasty sneak? Is she smart like she says or lying about that too?

  73. At this point, I can handle anyone winning except Pig Pen! Ok I am
    shocked that Piggy just told Jeff if michelle votes to keep him she will too. Hmmmm

  74. I hope to God that there’s something behind the key that Jeff found. Something that will save him and get ole Piggy on the block beside Jordon. For sure pig pen will go home. Natalie DOES NOT deserve to be in the final four. I can’t believe she’s gotten this far. It’s pathetic. If there’s no power to help Jeff out of this tragedy then I hope that Kevin will go for the final 3 deal with Michelle and Jeff.
    OMG! If Jeff leaves I am so done with this damn show. I couldn’t stand seeing Natalie in the final four.

    1. my group of friends couldnt agree with you more! I’ll be sick if kev or nat win! they did nothing but lie and go from group to group, whenever it benefitted them

      1. Which is EXACTLY what they were supposed to do.

        Good for them. Anyone other than Natalie and Kevin in the finals is a travesty.

      2. I do believe that the point of this game is to lie and backstab your way to the final 2. Have you and your group of friends never whatched this show before. The nice, the fair play, the cute or the pretty do not win this game. I will keep watching this and future games. Go Big Brother

  75. I’m a fan of Kevin (never PP) but I don’t really like the “white” comment. Cause here is the funny thing, I am white, but when I look at Kevin, I dont see color. I see Kevin. I see PP. I see Jeff. I see Michelle. I see Jordan. Racism can be killed. Please, let me forget I am white and you forget you are (insert race here) and view people for their skills or lack of them, but don’t view them for something they can’t control. (jumping off soap box)

    1. Yes I’m tired of them playing the race card already. It always seems when the people in there are losing or popular because of their own actions they play the same old race card. It’s like get over it alreadt the rest of us have

    2. Well kevin is 100% right when he made that statement. Ever since the first day people have been pulling for jeff not because of his game play but because he is the brad pitt of the house. By way where can get a race card cant seem to find one anywhere.

  76. Jeff did not approach Michelle…she approached him…Jeff did not ask Michelle for help she offered it…..Jordon has offered to go on the block as a replacement so that Jeff can stay…Jeff does not want that to happen but he may have no choice…Jordon offered…n’ if it does happen Jeff is not throwing Jordon under the bus.. it’s an agreement with him n’she put herself there…

  77. Wow what a wild night last night was in the house…Jordon got REALLY drunk…Michelle has now vowed to help Jeff stay in the house at all cost and is trying to convince Nat and Kevin to vote out Jordon..Nat offers Michelle a final 3 deal with her and Kevin and Michelle basically laughs in her face and says um no..first interesting night in the house in

  78. Is it just me or does Nat wearing the headband make her look like Allen Iverson? I love it how Kev and Chima are the quickest to point out the “so-called” bigots and racists in the game, yet they are the only ones making those type of statements? Shame on you Kevin..I expected more from you than that!

  79. The only reason I watched this show was basically because of Jeff and Jordan. I don’t know if I could watch Natalie, Michele, and Kevin 3 times a week.

  80. wait….what key did jeff find?”????? cuz I heard sumthing about him finding a key???

    also i heard that production wants him to stay! i hope jeff stays…he was my fav from the beginning and if he leaves i hope he gets the Americas favorite thingy…or Jordan 2 cuz shes PO and i want her to get some money.

  81. kevin thinks he should win because he is gay ,get over it kev you are an ass hole for saying what you said .this is not about white , black gay or dirt bags even its who plays the best ame that is jeff so when he leaves alot of us pretty white girls will stop watching

  82. you hate Jeff for calling people ?faggots? cause that is what they call ?hate terms?..but you overlook that?you see if Jeff were to say ?gay? instead, theres a difference!!
    ?And Kevin didnt call them crackers, he said white people which they are white..hes telling it like it is??the great white hype??try to think outside the box and get off Jeffs dick for a moment!.. it wasnt a racist term like ?beaner? which Braden called Kevin..though hes not even a mexican, so not only Is he a racist,but a ignorant racist!
    and you have Jeff and Jordon lobbying to keep that racist Braden in the house, what does that say about them and their true character???!!!
    Oh and by the way..I dont ?hate? Jeff and Jordan because they are white Idiots?I dislike them because they are just Idiots!

  83. You get all kinds in the BB house—racists, idiots, ignorant people, etc. Either you are willing to possibly deal with it when you sign up for BB, or you should stay away from entering the house. The house represents the real world where there are some of the same type people. This is nothing new for BB. These type people have been included in the cast since BB 1. Blog about the game and strategy, and stop wasting space making personal, judgemental comments about GAMEPLAYERS—FGS

  84. Jordan deserves it the most. I mean if she wins ( which we cant determine will happen ) than i would want Jeff to get it. But Jordan by FAR deserves this. She is an honest loving person, why vote for liars.. i know its a game but look at Natalie practically cheats on her boyfriend in the big brother game and yet gets proposed to? WOW. But anyways back to America’s vote, Jordan should win it because we don’t know that she will make it too final two, and even if she does, how kind she is we all KNOW she will share the wealth with Jeff!! Jordan was willing to give up have a million dollars for the guy, how many people do you know who would do that? She is one person that we need more of in this world!! She is a role model and inspiration. She may not be the brightest girl but i believe her heart is big enough to make up for all of it. I 100% want Jordan to win this game, and America’s favorite person.. don’t even think of the money.. who is the most deserving of the reward “AMERICA’S FAV”

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