Big Brother 11 Breaking News – Jordan ate Cookie Dough for Dinner and Michelle offers Jeff a final 2 deal

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:30pm Kitchen Jordan and Jeff are finally up…. not much talking going on. Jordan tells him that if he leaves she doesn’t’ want to stay either. Jeff tell her not to talk that way she’s far into the game she has a chance. Jordan tries to spark up a conversation with him.. He tells her he mega bummed right now. They both agree that they don’t want to do anything.. Jordan says she now knows why Russell flipped out the way he did. She says she really thought they were going final 2.. She says after what has happened she is done with this game.. Jeff just listening. Natalie walk into the Kitchen…. Jordan tell Jeff she wants something to eat.. maybe Cookie Dough (No shit you want cookie dough.. never thought I would hear you ask for that) Jordan pulls out some cookie dough and starts going to town on it. She grabs her plate and heads outside to be with Kevin.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:30pm Kevin in the backyard.. Jordan and Natalie join him.. Jordan wastes no time and starts bashing Michelle saying that yesterday Michelle was all crying and pouting that she is going home yadda yadda yadda.. Now She acting like she’s just won the game. Jordan’s pissed that Michelle is being cocky. Natalie suggests they should try and mess with Michelle and throw her off her game.. Jordan saying that she wants Michelle’s ass out of this house to badly, Kevin tells her that Michelle knows shes everyone’s target and she knows if she doesn’t win she goes home. Michelle and Jeff join them a lockdown is called. They have beer and wine. They start opening a bottle of red wine.. Jeff’s having a beer. Natalie is talking about her boy friend not being able to make it to the wrap party because he has a cousins weeding to go to. Jeff asks when the wedding is.. Natalie doesn’t know the exact date. Jeff says he isn’t going to the wrap party he wants to have his wrap party on a fishing bout. Jeff working on his beer the look in his eyes is total defeat. Michelle at the hot tub everyone ignoring her. Lockdown is over.. Natalie complains that they haven’t heard about the money yet when are they going to find out about the money…. Kevin and Natalie head inside to go play cards in the Head of Household room. They Start talking about the Finale Show and how excited they are to see their families.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:08pm Backyard Jordon and Jeff drinking wine feeling bad. Jordan says on a positive note we never thought we would make it this far.. she says the reason she’s so mad because she had it in my head taht we would win. Jeff tells her you got to win competiions to win this game.
Jordan “I wish i could take a break right now hang out with my friends”
Jeff “If I could redo this I would be like this the whole game look my shit doesn’t work take me to the finals”
Jordan “Your the only person in this house that deserves that money your the only person that played the game and made good moves”
Jordan “why can’t I just make up a wine and sell it and call it Jordo’s, why do they say red wine is good with chicken and steaks”
Jeff “becuase its bolder i guess I think you can drink whatever the fuck you want to”
Jeff “you can drink red wine with your meal fuck you I can drink whatever I fucking want”
Jeff “I’m so fucking pissed i don’t know what to do what should I do slit my wrist i’m like a zoo animal dude it’s like your fighting this giant for 7 weeks than someone stabs you in the back and your done”

Jordan says that Michelle is such a fucking douche she was talking to Kevin she’s not on our side anymore… Jordan tells Jeff that earlier in the day Michelle brought up that her and Jeff were weird to her.. she asks Jeff “we weren’t weird to her” (This is the most BS i have ever heard I’m sorry readers but If Jordan really believes this she is as dumb as everyone says she is. I was once a huge Jordan supporter but this is just too much BS)
Jordan “this is the first time the cameras aren’t on us”
Jeff “It’s because the story is over.. its over the episode is over”
Michelle joins them..
Jordan “i didn’t eat dinner I ate cookie dough so that’s why i’m, allowed to drink this win”
Jordan called into the Diary room
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Michelle and Jeff talking about what their options are.. Jeff says there isn’t much they can do. Michelle says we need to get him to put Natalie up. Jeff says why the fuck would he put Natalie up. Michelle doesn’t think Kevin like Natalie.. “Kevin is a smart guy why would like Natalie”. Michelle adds that if Kevin take Natalie to the final 2 he’s going to lose.. She suggests they work that angle. Jeff says that will mean Jordan goes home.. Michelle says we have to do what we have to do. She tells Jeff they need to drive a wedge between Kevin and Natalie.. they have to use the jury votes and tell him that he only has a chance against them 2. Michelle explains to him that Kevin doesn’t care about any of the players he just wants to make it to the end.. Michelle tell him that they need to tell Kevin that if he takes Jordan out than they will guarantee that they will not put him up next week. Michelle is using the argument that if her and Jeff play HOH one of them will win it and they will take Natalie out. Jeff doesn’t see Kevin turning on Natalie. Michelle thinks that its worth a try.. Jeff doesn’t see Natalie going on the block, Michelle agrees says that Jordan is going up theres no argument there so we need Jordon gone this week and we need to take Natalie out. She tells Jeff that she wants to go final 2 with him. Jeff doesn’t think they can pull it off. Michelle again says they need to try if they can survive this week they will make it to final 2. Michelle tell him that she will vote against Jordan.
Michelle tells him that they need to fight this week and make Kevin think that they are enemies.. we just need to convince Kevin that to be safe next week he needs to keep us both.. Jeff “don’t you think we’ll clue in?” Michelle says he won’t we won’t talk to each other bash me all you want we just need Kevin to know that his best chance to survive next week is for us to battle next weeks HOH.

Jeff is very receptive to Michelle he doesn’t know it will work but it might be worth a try. She tells him she has his back 100% to the final 2. Jeff says he appreciates that .. He asks her if she’s talked to Kevin is he down with this. Michelle tells him Kevin isn’t stupid he’ll understand the deal we’ll give him is smart for him. Jeff says there is 3 positives for keeping me
1) I’m a strong player and i’m loyal
2) Without jordan i’m open i’m free
3) in the finals i’m not wining
Jeff “50g’s i sbetter than no g’s ”
Jeff “I don’t know whats in his head he tells me shit but I don’t know
Michelle “Kevin isn’t dumb he’s resting his survival next week on Natalie, If he doesn’t accept our deal we can tell him i’m coming after him and We both know I can beat Natalie”

10:02pm They are going over the POV Jeff is very happy I think he now sees a way out of his shitty situation. Michelle tells him she is going to do whatever it takes to keep Jeff safe this week..

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151 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Breaking News – Jordan ate Cookie Dough for Dinner and Michelle offers Jeff a final 2 deal

  1. Michelle is being stupid. Jeff has repeatedly said he would make a final 2 deal with anyone. She needs to wake up and realize that Jeff doesn’t like her and would make a final 3 deal with Natalie and Kevin, just to get her out. Plus Jeff is adamant that Natalie stays- that should be a red flag right there, HE IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE.

    1. jeff is loyal if the other party is loyal to him. him and michelle would make a perfect team. strength and brains.

      i hope this works out.

      Go Jeff!

    2. Jeff cannot be trusted. I can’t believe he lists loyalty as one of his traits. He’s f’d everyone behind closed doors.

  2. Ooh look at Michelle trying to work all her angles to get jury votes and go further in the comp. Something snapped in Michelle once Russell left, and she is seriously playing the game. I have more respect for her because she has no one, and she is still a key player. Dumb/Dumber had each other but still screwed up. Kevin allied with Natalie who doesn’t win.

    Michelle FTW!

    1. I laughed so hard when she said that.. I know we all make fun of her calling her a cookie dough monster and all but she really likes the cookie dough its hilarious.

      1. i cannot stop laughing. this is hilarious to me especially when russell said all you eat is cookie dough and you wonder why you are getting fat!! don’t get me wrong, i am not calling her fat, just repeating what russell said

  3. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done Michelle!!!!! You know after this if Michelle and Jeff make it to final two… I would definitely vote for Michelle… All of a sudden I have this new found respect for her! WTG!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i totally agree…… im very impressed with michelle….. she knows that jeff is the only one she has a chance of winning against in the final two…..

  5. I don’t know if its best for Michelle to team up w/turncoat Jeff. He does not know the meaning of the word LOYAL. Whichever way it goes down, I just want Michelle to win. She and Kevin shud hv an alliance to take out dumbo Jeff once they hv a chance. I wud rather hv Kevin instead of Jeff. Oh well, I wud be happy as long as scumbag Nat goes, DumboJordo gets sh.., give her COOKIE DOUGH, and Michelle wins the big prize. AS THE WORLD TURNS. Don’t screw up Michelle, keep ur head screwed on rite. Don’t trust anyone but yourself. You hv been doing fine, don’t mess up.

    1. Jackie M., I have a feeling that if Jor-dough goes… he will stick with Michelle.. for sure! The guy has learned his lesson! If this happens it will be awesome to watch BB all over again….

      1. I agree with Jackie M he is a turncoat. He turned on Russ for the final 4 and listening to dumb ass Gnat. He is a stupid guy. I wanted him to be smart but he just isn’t. As Jugde Judy would say you are born beautiful but stupid is forever!!!!

        1. jeff is not a turncoat……..he knew he was next if russell won the following week…..he knew that so what did you expect him to do?

          1. He made a final four deal and swore on his family and then almost immediately TURNED on Russell and backdoored a member of his alliance. If that isn’t classic “turncoat” then I don’t know what is. Michele should be careful Jeff is a douche and can’t be trusted. I think it because he isn’t too bright and has no ability to read people and completely mis-judges those around him.

  6. I think if they can get fatty out this week, jeff and michelle have a chance to get final 2, but i doubt that they will convince kevin to evict fatty

  7. At the beginning of BBAD, the line on the bottom of the screen said “michele and jeff mended their friendship and alliance”. BUT this was before M offered Jeff the beer and discussed the potential of him staying. Why did BB write that??? something seems very fishy to me now…..

    re: the diamond veto — can we say that means jeff cant be put up and Nat goes home???? oh that would be awesome. she really annoys me so much.

    1. I don’t think it’s any sort of conspiracy and I even tend to be a paranoid myself. If I understood correctly from what simon’s written earlier, it sounds like they patched up a bit earlier in the day. I know simon mentioned that she and Jordan are “cools” and Michelle would talk to Jeff a little later. The little captions also often ignore naming who has been nominated, vetoed, etc. but that doesn’t mean that the little captions are implying that maybe the producers are going to interfere and change who actually won/was nominated and try to pull one over on the viewers. For what it’s worth, though, I’ll trust simon’s reviews over the little captions’ any day.

    2. it used to bother me when everyone was saying production interferes….but notice how they called jordo into the DR as soon as michelle plopped her brains down on the couch to share her plans with jeff…..hmmmm, suspicious

      1. So you can see now that you are behind on “getting it”. Perhaps you should realize that same trend applies to everything else.

  8. HEY, i think i know what the “key” thing is.. Ive thougth about many scenarios but the only 1 that makes sense and would not be totally unfair is that the “key” gives Jeff the abbility to vote! think about it :) And it would be fantastic TV.. Jeff would send Jordan home.. people would be like “awwww thats a litte sad, but Jeff stays so its okay and Jordan didnt really do much anyway”
    Im not American but that would be so American i think.. hehe. And CBS would be milking the J/J thing for every drop when its obv 1 of them is leaving anyway. what you guys think?

  9. To me it kinda seems as if jeffs throwing jordan under the bus…he’d rather jordan get evicted…what has happend to jeff and jordan?

    1. He is not, Michelle is telling him to try and Jordan is too. He wants to throw in the towel, but they are telling him not to.

    2. when kevin first told jeff that he was putting him up for eviction, jeff got really upset and said to put jordon up instead. i was totally shocked

      1. He said I thought you were going to put Jordan up, Jordan (said I know I’m safe) and Jeff thought that Nat or Michelle would go to the Jury house.

  10. Logged on this am with a frown at the headline, not that I liked Jeff’s game, just that he is the only remaining amusement in that house. Threatened an inability to continue watching ‘can’t stand to watch paint dry’. But check this girl out….go michele! I am truly impressed. They need to include more PHD’s on future BB’s.

    1. I am embarrassed for Jordon also. She really pumped Jeff up when he was so upset about going home. She’ll be crushed if he turns on her and sends her home, it appears as though he was using her. Although “Karma” gets you every time and she has been really vicious towards Michelle.

  11. personally at this point jeff has complained about sticking to who you are, he hates michelle, if he does a final 2 deal he really is a POS if its with michelle…

  12. does no one get that natalie would burn kevin in the jury, then burn kevin as she walked out saying HE LIED TO JEFF…HE STARTED LML…why would kevin listen to that…please….

    they will make it seem like he does on tues…but nope

    1. I think what Mich/Jeff are planning is to tell Kevin that Jordon needs to go this week, they’ll vote her out. Since K cannot play HOH next week, Jeff and Michelle can beat Nat and one of them will put her on the block and evict her.

  13. Oh Gee,… Now Jordan’s drunk crying in the room with Jeff & babbling on about her DR session. Man, she just gets more annoying with each nights episode. Kinda funny, though.Looks like Michelle, (& to a lesser degree Jeff), are attempting to run a verbal con on Kevin, just like he & Ragamuffin did to Jeff to get Russ out.

    Hope Kevin doesn’t go for it, but if he does, Michelle’s really playin’ the game hardcore!

  14. i don’t think that this is a smart move on michelle part only because i feel that jeff will backstab michele and make a deal with kevin . also. michele in my eyes should align herself with kevin only

    1. everyone had the opportunity to win people’s choice, everybody had the opportunity to find the key……geez louise, he’s won HOH, he’s won POV……..sour sour lemons

  15. throwing jordan under the bus is NOT right…it just isnt…they are NOT married, they dont share money…he had a deal with her we all know it…if he screws her over…..I swear….he deserves ZERO jury votes..if they think jordan working the jury over will work….cmon…I HATE COO COO, she is so so so so so nuts.

    1. Jordan is dead weight. He met her two months ago. You’d give up a chance at half a million dollars for someone you met two months ago? I don’t blame him if he kicks her to the curb, but I don’t like him either.

  16. I don’t think Jeff would turn on Michelle at this point, he said he would loose against Kevin or Nat so if he did stay Michelle pointed out that they would have split votes from the jury house. She said she would loose to them and their best option is to take each other.
    What we know is dif, plus if Jeff can save himself this is a bad ass move by Michelle. I love this final 3 = Michelle, Jeff, Kevin! That way it comes down to game and how you answer questions at the final two.

    BTW I watched old BB finals, because they slept all day! I wanted to remember the past and OMG people did allot worse to each other than what these kids have done. Wow I love BB! I know we get all twisted up at this season, but you will laugh later. I just did. :)

  17. Jordan…put the fork down …and back away from the cookie dough girl…..we are running out of excuses to take up for you. Hate you might go home this week if all works out….but you’re not helping much. Go Jeff and Michele ! ! !

  18. Michelle is trying to win a jury vote, she knows Kevin is not on crack and will not fall for keeping Jeff. You approach Kevin with this; he and Nat would be having a field day with Goo Goo McGoo. I guess Goo Goo is not as dumb as I thought, she knows how to get America back on her side. Just play like you want to keep Jeff and the dumb Jeff fans will fall for it.

    Kevin is the second strongest player in the house competition wise, next to Michelle. Kevin can?t play for HoH, so why would Michelle want to go up against Jeff, knowing all she has to do is beat Nat and Jordough for HoH and she is automatically in the final three. Not just that, but she would at least have the opportunity to fight for POV if nothing else. Get Americas player out of the game you dimwit, and stop trying to get Americas vote by pretending to want Jeff to stay.

    1. I am not so sure that Kevin won’t go for it. He was talking to Nat earlier about making a deal with Jeff because he has a better chance of beating Michelle at comps then they do.

      1. You mean like the deal they made with Jeff, not to put him up? There are no deals to be made at this point, trust nobody! Kevin was not saying America?s couple would get all the votes for nothing, he truly believes this. The only one left that would take him to the final two, would be Nat. So if she doesn?t make it, he is screwed regardless. But then again, he will be able to fight for POV.

  19. Jordan: ?this is the first time the cameras aren?t on us.? LOL. And yet I’m seeing you guys, Jordan. Or could she have been speaking in metaphor?

  20. That’s the spirit! Bold and scrappy — I’m beginning to really root for Michelle. She figured out that Jeff’s got quite a bit of blood on his hands, and so he’s the only one she has a chance against. Sigh. But no one’s gonna vote for her even if she makes it to the final two; I don’t think they hate Jeff quite that much….

    1. Michelle would win against Jordan in the finals. The only problem is is that Jordan can not win anything. If she makes a deal with Jeff he has the chance to win comps protecting both of them…..I think ;)

  21. michelle is just hot for jeff, oh i was cryin over you not russell and many other comments about how much she likes him. she would have no probs with cheatin on her husband with jeff, but by the way she talks maybe he (husband) wouldnt mind.

  22. Nat votes Jeff to stay to screw Michelle and get jury vote, Michelle votes Jeff to stay ethier knowing this or for a jury vote, and Jeff stays. After Michelle’s talk tonight he owes her one because he knows her vote was real and Nat;s was to screw Michelle. Kevin exploding on Nat will more than likely happen and confirm this to Jeff.

    1. I totally agree as well. She’s kinda shy and probably a people pleaser in real life. I think she’s having a hard time being put in this mega social situation.. still she clearly the strongest, most sane woman there. She’s the only woman who hasn’t gone all psycho.

  23. Simon: Thanks for saying it like it is, JORDAN is a total Fraud and I was once a supporter of hers, but now she is clearly no better than Jessie. I only hope that Michelle does not make any deals with the Devil and his Cookie Dough Monster

    Ridiculously Bold

  24. that really bugs me. Jeff is trying to make a deal with the enemy! why cant he see that natalie is so against him?????

    1. i want to break my television….i’m sitting here screaming “No, Jeff, no, don’t tell her anything……WTF????? why does he keep trusting her with everything?

      1. OMG!!! Jeff has just proved that he is one stupid man!!! It wasn’t bad enough he believed the LML, now he goes right back to the BITCH that started it all!!! Why would he, a grown man be going to what he thinks is an 18 year old girl to get advise? He is a total air head!!! Michelle gave him good advice, then even followed up on her end by talking to Kevin on Jeff’s behalf! Then donderhead goes to Nat! I don’t care if he does go now! I’ve had it with him!!!

  25. if jeff were getting some loving from jordon, he would not even think about getting rid of her. like jordan said ‘ My mama said that all men think with their penises”. i guess that jeff is thinking with his and and feels like he ain’t got nothing to loose cause he aint getting nothing anyway

    1. Jordan saying ? My mama said that all men think with their penises”, reminds me of Forrest Gump saying “Mama always told me life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.” Except in Jordans case it’s “life is like a box of cookie dough”.

    2. Like Debra said in an earlier post, I think that comment might say more about your own views on men and sex than Jeff’s. I haven’t seen any reason to think he’s thinking with his penis (if he is, his penis is apparently going after Michelle now). If he only wanted to have sex, he would not have stuck with Jordan all this time. And if it was only to see if she would put out, then why wouldn’t he keep waiting? It’s been a long wait already, what’s another week or two? Sure, he’s sexually attracted to her, but just because he’s horny doesn’t mean he’s a pig. Most people would be a little horny after a few months of no sex (or even masturbation). It is clear, however, that he doesn’t feel as strongly about her as she does him, but I don’t think it has anything to do with sex. And he doesn’t represent all men, either, even if he really was “thinking with his penis.”

      1. Well, he wasn’t thinking with his brain, that’s for sure. If he were, he wouldn’t have aligned himself with one of the weakest people in the BB house. I think, to an extent, he was thinking with his penis. You don’t have to be getting some to think with that, you just have to be hoping you’re getting some.

  26. I love Jeff…he’s hottt!! But somehow I think that Jeff will find a way to mess this up…even his small bit of hope.

  27. I honestly think that Michelle knows the only person she can win against is Jeff. If she goes up against Kevin/Nat there is no way in hell she is winning.

    If she goes up against Jordan she could win, but then Jordan is this sweetheart, and everybody seems to love dumber so you can never be sure. But then again she’d have to carry Jordan to the final 2 and playing for 2 people is a lot harder than looking out for numero uno.

    People do hate Jeff, and he has screwed over a lot of people. So going up against him is really her best shot.

  28. Michelle is like a hyena in heat. Her move towards Jeff today was not game strategic it was woman strategic.

    She has been stalking Jeff and now she sees a real window of opportunity to send Jordo and Nat home. She wants Jeff all for herself.-especially final two. A whole week with Jeff alone.

    She doesn’t even care that he despises her. She is the ‘fatal attraction’ bitch!
    .Jeff get security!!!!
    One thing she accomplished is that she got Jeff from his funky mood. Good ‘ol Jeff is back to his usual back stabbing filthy mouth dude.
    Back stabbing fights will intensify from now on. Everyone is lying to everyone else.

    Something is bugging Jordo-I think when she sees Jeff happy she is realizing that if she leaves , others will have Jeff. She won’t go without a fight-She is all talk!
    Yeah-Jeff now made a full recovery—offered to cook for everyone-everyone so friendly, so happy-thanks to Michelle. She won’t let Jeff forget . She told Jordo that she wanted to cheer him uo-something that Jordo was not able to do. So, sparks will begin to fly between these two, soon.
    Oh yes-and Nasty just threw Kevin under the bus.
    Let the games begin!!!!!

    1. Michelle is very flirty and affectionate toward Jeff, I agree, but you do realize that flirting doesn’t always mean “Let’s do it,” right? And that people can find others attractive without wanting to have sex with them? Or at the very least, actually follow through with it (all three of the others are in clearly stated long-term monogamous relationships being a very good deterrent)? And that if Jordan wasn’t around, it wouldn’t turn in to an orgy? Not to be a jerk, but it just sounds like you’re giving romance a little too much of a role in the game. That’s all. It’s not a soap opera.

  29. OMG too funny
    Just now,
    Natalie: (in front of Kevin and Michelle): Let’s make a final three deal, me, you and MIchelle
    Michelle: Nay

    Now kevin is repeating to Natalie everything michelle approached him with
    everyone is telling natalie everything! OMG i’m so irritated!!!!

      1. Of course it’s about the money. She knows Jeff is about the only person she could beat in a final 2. I think Michelle was such an outcast in school, she just has a hard time talking to cute guys like Jeff. Bless her heart! I hope she wins now!!!

        1. Not only is Jeff the only person she might beat, he would still be the strongest physical person in the house and have a great shot at winning final HOH. She is trying to ensure even if she does not win final HOH, she still gets picked for final 2 – she is one smart lady, but Jeff is already screwing her by spilling everything to Nat – how stupid he is when it comes to the people skills.

      1. Come on, she is married and not stupid enough to risk it by having an affair on live feeds and TV. She flirts because that is the best way to get into Jeff’s head. He is used to having women faun over him. Look at Jordan. She has managed to totally turn his brain to mush and she hasn’t even had to do more than kiss him a couple of times and hint that she might let him get to second base if he takes her to Hawaii. I can’t believe how some people are unable to separate the game from real life.

    1. Remember in the DR or her HOH tweets – I can’t remember which – Michelle said before she came in the house, she talked to her husband about playing the flirty housewife as a strategy? I remember that comment clearly because I have such a hard time thinking she could pull that off – she is one of those kinda nerdy women who could become really attractive with a makeover. I think she is trying to be a flirt, but that is just part of her game.

  30. now natalie just lied and said michelle approached jordan with the same final three deal — which she never did — whenever she lies, she quickly says “Well, anyway . . . ” and then hurries and changes the subject

    now natalie is telling evrything jeff said to her to kevin – they are swearing to each other not to keep jeff

    lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, she’s getting stuck on her lies right now….she’s stammering
    I’m going to bed

    1. Thaty because Pigpen is a coward – she always stammers and fumbles when confronted face to face – but has no problemn scheming behind somenes back – yep sounds like a coward to me.

    1. Keymaker! I had thought you were dead! This is such great news. By the way, your movie was the best of the trilogy, so just ignore every other single person in the world when they tell you otherwise.

  31. Jeff is playing like an idiot. Michelle was smart enough to tell Jeff not even to talk to Natalie. But what does jeff do…he immediately talks to Natalie. Jeff is the worst player. It is so frustrating to listen to him because he just doesn’t get it.

  32. The most important move of the game so far is TONIGHT. And what do JJM do? They get drunk and loose lipped. Honestly I am not surprised at JJ, but Michelle? What are you thinking. Meanwhile PP and Kevin are sober and scheming. I can’t believe the stupidity of this year’s houseguests.

    1. I don’t know how drunk Michelle truly was. She seemed pretty lucid up until her tipsy dip in the pool, when she seemed suddenly smashed. Maybe it was a strategic ploy. Hard card to read…

    2. Michelle said it herself, I don’t care who you tell, I have nothing to lose. I have POV and I can win HOH and POV next week. Then she suddenly got drunk when Nat came outside. Game play!

  33. if natalie makes it one more week after this i have no interest in this show at all…i do not care who wins i only watch every week to see natalie leave because i hate her so much. i really really hope everyone realizes that if she makes it to the final 2 she will win.

  34. God, this group of HG are just a bunch of panty wastes!!!!! Kevin, of all people knows what a liar Natalie is. Why would he trust her. Then there is Jeff! Michelle gives him GREAT advice, and what does he do? He goes to Nat with it! He is absolutely a LOSER!!!!

    1. thats real talk right there…after casey and laura’s great boobs left the house i could care less who wins. i would have liked to see jeff win because he’s a funny dude but u can tell the type of person natalie was from day 1. she wants to play this weak character and it drives me insane. that and her man tendencies the girl is just GROSS damn.

    1. It would not have worked back then, because Jeff wouldn’t have listened – he obviously doesn’t think much of Michelle if the first thing he did was run to Nat with his story. Jeff is absolutely the most stupid person at reading people and telling when they lie. Poor Michelle tried to confide something to Russell a few weeks ago, and he ran and opened his mouth about it so Michelle denied saying it, and it really hurt their alliance. Now she confides her plan to Jeff and he runs and opens his mouth, too. I thought women were the ones who talked too much, but it turns out the opposite here, and Michelle is the one getting screwed. Good thing she has POV this week. Although, the bright side is at least they are having some new conversations and not just re-hashing old stuff.

  35. geeze louise a new low for nat and for jeff. i can’t believe (on bbad) nat aproaches jeff with a deal to keep him but eventually vote out kev then sheTURNS around and claims to kev jeff approached her with a deal to kick out kev.that girl (and i use the term loosley)has the moral/ethics of a was interesting how mich wanted to save jeff and jeff was all to willing to sell jordon down the river so he could stay.such amazingly disgusting weasles this year for hg’s.

  36. Jeff and Natalie are talking of a possible alliance… Jeff might not be going home after all…. hmmmm…. Just not sure if Nat is lying again or really means it this time!

  37. If someone does not get that lying two faced nose picking little girl wanna be out of that house soon Im going to flip. Dont people realize its the person who is always saying how honest they are and how they never say anything behind peoples back are usually the BIGGEST liers.

  38. Don’t delete this commnet,
    Jeff is an idiot, go Michelle, Natallie is a dirt bag, and Jordan is a fat dumbass – shut up bitch

  39. I use to be a fan of JJ but they are no better than anyone else. The way they have talked about Michelle is awful. Who do they think they are to belittle someone like that. If Michelle goes–America needs to give her the the money –if they do that again.

    1. She walks like that because of getting her ass kicked all the time. I wonder how everyone would think about her if they found out she is 24yr dumbass and not a 18yr dumbass

  40. Michelle trying to save Jeff by bandaging his wounds, so what does he do? He goes to the person that stabbed him repeatedly, gives her the bandage and says look what Michelle tried to do, she tried to patch me up, to fix me, I don’t trust her, this bandage is probably infected. Natalie just sits there and smiles and after he leaves, she goes to show Kevin how much blood Jeff is losing.and how they should just put him out of his misery, and we should fire Doctor Michelle too. Jeff, I can’t even see the feeds, but chances are, you are doing something right now to piss me off, you don’t deserve any more of America’s votes, it scares me to think that we voted for you to get Coupdetat, and makes me wonder what qualifies Americans to vote for other things, like President or Congressmen or Senators. God, if we can’t get idiots like you right, why do we even bother?

  41. Darn it!!!!When things got stale I thought good- I can can return to the life of the living, again.

    Now-all of a sudden-there are ten deals on the table. It’s hard to tell who intends to keep what with whom. I wish BB could show all that on TV. People don’t know what their are missing.

    Jeff keeps telling Natalie she should screw Kevin and take him off because he is the stronger player than Kev and he will win as if that is a good thing for Nat. How stupid can he be?????
    There is no telling what is going to happen now. And, then–there is still the pandora box.

  42. Jeff will look back at last week and wish he could change what he did to Russell. I CANNOT wait for the finale when Julie tells him about the LML, he will feel like such an idiot. I don’t understand why people forget the actions of others in this game from early on. Jeff knew Natalie could not be trusted, so why did he sell Russell out??? I was a HUGE Jeff and Jordan fan for most of this game, but now i am rooting for Michelle. I will PUKE is nasty Nat wins, she is the worst competitor EVER!!!

  43. Not that I think anyone is out there that hasn’t read this already… but…. After all the crap that I have read and seen over the last week with Jordo, Jeff, Nat Rat, and Kevo.. I have switched up the game of who I am rooting for to.. (drum roll please) Michele! Why? I really thought that Jeff and Jordon were good, honest, loyal people. When they began ignoring Michele, leaving her to the wolves so to speak.. they turn around (Jeff and Jordon) and try to play her after deserting her? Michele warned Jeff as did Russell… that he’d be going home this week if he didn’t keep Russell. I’m sure the jury is going to have a real good laugh at Jeff’s expense when he walks in the door. Maybe even me.. kinda sick of Jeff and his wisdom where he puts down Jordon no matter what she does in his defense or while she’s letting him handle things. He makes excuses for where he’s at, just as Natalie does.. for losing competitions. I’m sick of Jeff and his condescending attitude towards Jordon. If I was her Mama.. I’d be telling her to steer clear of this womanizing bastard.
    Kevin and Natalie.. I just want to wash Natalie off to the gutter where she belongs. Kevin, I actually like. And still, my rational thoughts and hope are for Michele to now win it all. Screw all those people who accused her over and over for switching sides.. floating so to speak.. and I have even felt sorry for her because of her lack of self esteem to fight for herself with the whole.. final two argument with Russell.. vs. Oh Yeah, Jeff who proclaimed for a long time, he was taking Jordon as far as he could. Did he really think no one else should have a back up plan without him? C’mon!!!!!
    It was a tough decision for me to switch sides at the place in the game, but I am so tired of seeing the so-called floaters taking it in the hiney to survive this game. She’s worked hard for all she has accomplished. I’m giving her credit where credit is due.. and sad for her, that she is taking so much flak behind the scenes.. in all of the other HG’s eyes. Russell is the only one who understood where Michele could get him. The other’s just through her “UNDER THE BUS” as is overused in that house all together. One statement, I wished I could never hear again. lol

  44. Did Jeff just says he is loyal and trustworthy isn’t this the man that backdoor only a week after making a Final 4 deal.. WTF I know there are all actor or fake ass model can CBS really believe are so than stupid. He is talking he’ll accept the 2nd prize of 50G WTF wow this is worst then the Soap Operas and WWE. If Jeff stays next week I going out to sell the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty I pretty I can find a BB fan to buy it…LMFAO!!

  45. poor michelle…she has these great plans and then J/J always screw them up for her and she has to scramble around for her safety. I am still in disbelief this morning at how Jeff went to Natalie and tried to make a deal w/Gnat, PP grossness macho girl to get out Kevin after Michelle is trying to save him by talking to Kevin. He didnt even listen to her and she layed out a beautiful plan. When I was listening to michelle talk to him, he just did not understand it at all. He just doesn’t understand how the game works. For MIchelle, at the end of the day she just has to win the POVs and hope that the jury is smart enough to see all the comps she won and how she survived inspite of her alliance with j/j.

    Also, I would LOVE to see someone call Natalie out on her lies. It is just outrageous!!!

  46. I think Jordan is being so admirable right now and though I am rooting for Jeff, he could show a little more appreciation for her offering to take the fall for him! Jeez. Course if I was that drunk (as Jordan) I’d be trying to hump him, not talk to him. haha

  47. This is so BS MIchelle I think I am campaigning on her to win if her makes it. She is good both her natalie alway attachs themselves to a strong player. Unlike Michelle GNAt is a weak player. Russell theory is working for Michelle just didn’t work for him. Kevin & GNat are the only two can’t go against each cause they have more friends then enemies in the JH. Michele just change a lot of people minds in the JH if she makes it.. I mean hell Jesse said he want have to give it to Jeff for taking him.. What would he say about the player her completed ignore in the Game. Either way the ending has be written Kevin,Gnat & Michelle all said that production has a plan for someone in the House.

    So we know CBS is running this not the BB players

    1. Root all you want CBS realize America threw Jeff under the bus. J/J are playing Dumb and Dumber. Production must havegiven these people some type of a quiz to get the dumbest character in the USA.

      1. how did america throw jeff under the bus? a majority of the people watching the show are rooting for jeff or jordan to win. theyre the only people who played fairly and not like some crazy psychoss! theyre keeping it classy!

        1. You better check your information countless post are against not just this site but a ton others. Even on the Big Brother website itself . Where is classy in stabbing someone in the Back after making a deal with them a week prior.

  48. I dont understand why everyone changed up who there are rooting for just as jordan and jeff were talking about michelle behind her back she was doing the same!!! I still dont like her and i really hope she dosnt win i hope there is some way jeff can be saved cuz im still rooting for jordan and jeff. No matter what any one says they have been the most loyal this whole entire game so they deserve it!!! o yea it wouldnt be so bad if kevin ended up winning :)

  49. It’s pathetic how Jordo reacts to Jeff’s advances-like a little child. She constantly talks about her grade school friends and antics, sings nursery rymes to him, plays little kid’s games with him
    She never talks about high school, prom(which I am sure if she attended she would be bragging about it). She only talks about fake boos, vaginas, man with one ball(she asked jeff about it), poop, pee and such. She also giggles and says Jeeeeefff when he makes a move-so annoyingly immature.

    This childish behavior would be a turn off for any real man but not to Jeff he gets even hornier.

    He is also tremendously immature for his age.

    I am sorry but I am trying to watch a reality clean adult show-not a freaking kindergarten daycare shit!

    1. Reality i don’t think so maybe the 1st season since then only actors or wannabee actors. They are select different people to play different parts.. DR equal Director they give them scenarios to play out. To keep the viewers happy just like WWE has anyone actually heard what happen after they receive this 500G of course not . Got to ask yourself can to people that stupid really exist if so could they really be playing a game of strategy. Cause if anyone was really smart they would be lobbying for jury vote for the one leaving this week while focusing on the HOH or POV that is the smart why continue to make enemies especially one head to decide if you should get 500G or 50G..

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