Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordan to Jeff “I told you to keep Russell and get rid Of Kevin”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

3:30pm backyard Jordan and Natalie. Jordan complaining that this is going to be a long week. Natalie agrees she says she can’t wait for a “real” luxury competition. Jordan says that Michelle is really bad at numbers she’s always over calculating them. Jordan doesn’t think that she will win Head of Household next week…. awkward silence Jordan trying to pull all her hair out.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:00pm backyard Natalie and Kevin Kevin tells Natalie that Jeff’s been saying he’s been the underdog all the entire time. Natalie calls that bullshit, “he’s been running this house since week 3”. Natalie says she doesn’t feel bad for Jeff leaving he had a chance to save himself and he blew it. Kevin mentions that they can read Jeff a little bit but Michelle is so nutz he has no idea what?s going on with her. Kevin thinks that Michelle really does have multiple personalities, “some time she a mousy nerdy girl other times she’s a jersey girl”

Kevin says how about this plan if we get rid of Jordan than Jeff will be around next week he’ll win HOH and go after Michelle because she’s the strongest player. Natalie doesn’t think that will happen he’ll most likely go after us She reminds him that Jeff in the final 3 means Jeff goes to the final 2. Kevin “I just met hypothetical” Natalie “It was a stupid hypothetical” Kevin there is
only one plan for next week and that is to win POV. Natalie agrees there isn’t any strategizing. Kevin that is why if we have Jeff here, we’ll have 3 people playing POV who will vote out Michele Natalie asks what about Jordan she wants Michelle out. Kevin “there?s no way Jordan will win POV” Kevin says they need to make up a story so outrageous that Michelle blows up on Jeff and he wants her out more than Kevin. Natalie doesn’t think it will work she thinks Michelle is smarter than that, she adds at the end that she’s smarter than Michelle.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:05pm-5:05pm Splish Splash Room Jordan and Jeff. Jordan saying that Michelle is playing big brother best friend with Kevin and Natalie. Jeff tells Jordan to forget about that bitch they’re on their own now. He continues that the only good thing about going home is that he doesn’t have to hear “Jeff…. Can we talk”(Impersonating Michelle) any more. All i wan tot say to her is “no we can’t talk you go fuck yourself” Jordan tells him to keep it cool for a couple days and than we need to
talk to them. Jeff Michelle and Kevin are a team I think they have a final 2 (dude give up dude) Jordan agrees she thinks that Michelle and Kevin did the agreement yesterday. Jordan now says she told Jeff they needed to get Kevin out and Keep Russell they could of had final 4. (surprising he didn’t go off with this comment) Jordan is sure she’s going home next week unless she wins a comp. Jordan says that Jeff deserves to stay more than she does he’s strong and will win it but she doesn’t have a chance. feeds off and on in the splish splash room talk is mostly little jokes and Jeff farts a bunch of times

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:15pm-4:50pm Michelle, Kevin and Natalie. Backyard. Keivn wants to talk to Jordan but is worried that she might slit his throat. Michelle says Jordan is just mad about everything, she thinks she’s going home next week. Michelle adds that Jordan thinks the only reason why she’s here is because she’s with Jeff. Kevin doesn’t think it is, “Jordan wasn’t anyone’s target and it wasn’t because of Jeff”. Michelle thinks if anythign being with Jeff made her a bigger target. kevin “every time you
do a showmance you see the girl get screwed in the end” Natalie asks them did that girl from another season warn them not to be in a showmance. Kevin remembers.. brings up Jeff always talking bout how stupid those girl were for being in a showmance.
Natalie brings up that Jeff isn’t talking to anyone but Jordan.. Michelle says he’s really pissed off, Jordan is doing most of the talking for him. Michelle says she found some socks and Shirts behind the washing machine. Natalie suggests that she keep it, “Fuck it keep it wash it and fucking keep it”. Natalie brings up Jordan says she wishes that the POV’s were reversed. Michelle says whatever I almost won the last POV if I would of found the Braden Banana one second earlier. Michelle says that Jeff is a sore loser. She reminds them that if she would of lost than she would of been going home. Natalie agrees she says she’s taken all her loses with a smile. They start talking about the food that Jeff made.. Michelle says he’s made very good hotdogs wrapped in bacon. Kevin says he wants to try one. Kevin asks Michelle if he can have her TV that she won, Natalie says she wants it to. Michelle giggles she invites them to her house to watch it with her. Natalie say sure I will she doesn’t think anyone threw that POV! That was a $5k package. Michelle says she glad she won it because her husband watches a lot of movies every night because he studies the the screenwriting. Natalie again bring sup that she hasn’t won anything. Michelle tells her that her time is coming. Michelle gets called into the Diary ROom.

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Randy Wolfgang

Kevin knows that he cannot go into final two with Pigpen – he won’t win. How many more chances will he have to drop her – the numbers are few now and he knows she will gun for him as well – now would be the perfect opportunity to drop kick that cowchip!!!!! Of course he could put up Jordan but then he would have to believe that either PP or Michele would vote Jordan out over Jeff and thats too risky!!!

Randy Wolfgang

And this was the conversation a few minutes ago

Kevin says my duties of HOH are over. Nat says No, you have Monday replacement meeting. Kev says yeah, I forgot about that

Does kevin know that the key does indeed give jeff the power to name who the replacement nominee is when Michele comes down. It would fit into perfectly if kevin wants to drop PP – its jeff who puts her up not kevin and then Kevin can drop the bomb on PP as the deciding vote on Thursday.


Interesting………. Maybe Kevin was dropping a hint, or maybe he just let it slip. Or maybe he was just tired and not thinking. OOOO, as much as I would like to see Jeff out, it would give me the greatest pleasure to see PP leave during Kevin’s HOH.


The DR session that Kevin had a few minutes before meeting with Natty could have been the reason…..Maybe Kevin was told that Natty needs to go….that would be something to look foward too

so random.

well, have they decided who the replacement nominee is, or do they all just assume its jordan?
cause like if they can agree to make kevin turn on natalie then he can put her up. cause he is just carrying her in this game and she will eventually find away to screw him next week so she can win the money…. she doesnt even deserve to be here. i cant stand Natalie. Then up as the nominees can be jeff and natalie… and jordan and michelle vote nat to leave, nat goes to jury…. or if michelle votes jeff and jordan votes michelle to go ; then kevin decides the tie breaker…. and he votes to evict michelle. then jeff and jordan can go to final two (:

because they are all floaters except for jeff…. i guess michelle kinda isnt… but still. i hate coo coo magoo. . BOO TEAM PHSYCO.


Sweet Judy

I agree…………..Jordan is a sweet, sweet person……………she is one of a kind………….so precious…………..I just love her……………she is kind……….”but she can also stick up for those she cares about “………….LOL I loved it when she chest bumped Russell……………LOL

I hope she wins some money …………..she really needs it…………and I would love to see it?


Really…Jordan needs the money? That sounds a bit ridiculous to me considering she went into debt in order to have her new boobies. Whatever amount she did have saved should have been used to help her family if they are so hard pressed financially.


oh please… you ‘love watching jeff and jordough together”??? come on dude…seriously it makes me throw up in my mouth a little!


thats right !! you should have kept russel! cant wait to see natilie leave, I hate her!!

so random.

and i asked if they had the POV ceremony because simon hasnt posted jordan as the other nominee yet and it doesnt say POV Used…. even though we all know it will be….


Natilie is such a know it all B I T C H , I can’t stand her, she’s so full of shit, she is better than everyone, smarter than everyone, a better poker player than everyone, and better at competitions than everyone !!! geeze dose this girl hear herself!


I thought you were referring to Jeff, till I noticed you said Nat. :/


Nice. Jeff at this point is being a little bitch he realizes now why we were all annoyed that he took Russel off given that Nat and Kevin were members of the opposing team. We gave you the coup because you seemed like a cool player but then you went and made a seriously dumb error and jumped the gun.


jeff doesn’t brag like nat at all…………….she’s a little know it all that’s needs a smack


oh my gosh i know! i have been thinking the same exact thing all along. she seriously will probably be embarassed when she watches the tapes of herself. do you remember the time at the beginning when they all had to pick a number and jessie picked # 1? natilie immediately goes “oh that’s the one i would have picked too!”


guys its me or dumb jordon was the one who pushed dumber jeff to evict rusell
jeff dum why dont bring those words u told rusell
“dude relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”


Oh please, Jordan. You didn’t say you wanted Kevin gone. I remember shaking my head at your stupidity when you were telling Jeff,” I want Russel gawn. He is a douchebag, I want him gawn”. She was on this rant when she was in HOH and could have made the bold move, but she chickened out and evicted Lydia of all people, the only player that was weaker than herself. Then the next week, she wanted Jeff to take out Russell. She told Jeff that Nat and Kevin were more trustworthy than Russ and Michelle, she didn’t think Kevin would ever lie about anything. Now she flips it and makes it sound like it was all Jeff’s mistake. I am amazed that Jeff didn’t call her out on it!


i think that jordon was repeating to jeff what michele said about getting rid of kevin and to keep russell. that is why jeff didn’t blow his stack and call her out on it. cause everyone knows (the people that watch the feeds) that everytime jeff contemplated on keeping russell,she kept telling him no and that he is doing the right thing in gettin rid of russell. if she hated russell so much, then why didn’t she put him up when she was hoh?


i love that ‘i want him gawn’ hilarious!!

dee dee

LOL i agree with GAWNN…that is just how she says it…toooooo funny

another fan

Jordan is the one who was so PROUD of herself saying “I was the reason Jeff back doored Russell because I just kept repeating it over and over again so Jeff would do it!” She is so stupid, she even forgets what she said a million times over???????????????


Yay Kevin!

he’s played such a great game. make friends, keep your head down, eyes on the prize, come to power in the end game.

This is the best game you can play on this game & on survivor.


Final 2 is set: MIchelle & Kevin


hope so


What is up with this key everyone is talking about? That Jeff somehow found a key? what does this key mean and where did he find it? Someone please tell me, I am lost…


Just a thought, if Jeff leaves, there will be one player from each click in the Final Four…


hmm thats kind of interesting…oh by the way…i’m pulling for michelle all the way! i am so disgusted at the way everyone is treating her behind her back. if these people are like this in their everyday life, they should be ashamed of themselves, as well as their families would be too i would think. at least i would be!


Here?s my prediction: Jeff goes home to lick his wounds. After a while he gets to thinking: ?Why the hell did I listen to her babbling on about how Russell is a bogeyman, and Kevin and Natalie are trustworthy?? Pfft. End of showmance.

Cry me a river :-(

Jordan did push for Russell to be evicted this week. What she did say to Jeff is that maybe they should have gotten rid of Russell when Jordan had HoH and then Kevin when Jeff was HoH.
They never know if Russell or Michelle had the opportunity if they would have taken out Jeff. At least Jeff got to fight for the POV unlike Jessie.


Jessie had two tries at it. No sadness here that he didn’t have a chance to take himself off the block.


It has ALWAYS been part of the game to backdoor strong players. Jessie was a strong player. He would have walked to the final 2 had they not backdoored him. I don’t know what is wrong with the people in the house this year. Why do they feel everyone has to “respect the Hoh’s wishes” where the hell did that come from in this game? If they are in your alliance then sure, don’t start shit…just respect their wishes. But why the hell does everyone think Jeff is some horrid person for taking power away from his enemies and getting on of them out? It’s annoying and stupid and childish.

This isn’t necessarily at you but you brought up the point of Jessi being backdoored.


There is still hope for Jeff.


Jordan is an idiot. She messed up the whole game for Jeff, who’s been the most dominant player this season until emotions got involved and he listened to that moron. She says she told him to get rid of Kevin she’s such a liar she talked him into getting rid of Russell. I’m hoping Jeff or Michelle win it, and as long as Nat doesn’t win, I’m happy.If Jordan wins, she owes Jeff half the money. Next season, players should get extra points or cash or votes in the final for winning comps. This season the players that are left are the most boring to watch, who rarely win comps against the rest of the crowd. Once Jeff is gone I wont even watch the show…it rewards being boring and quiet,


“She says she told him to get rid of Kevin she?s such a liar she talked him into getting rid of Russell.”

True, she was the one who convinced Jeff to go after Russell. How she trusted Natalie. Jorditz can’t even remember events from a half a week ago. Serves Jeff right for forming an “alliance” with her.


im totally calling you out; if you are into BB enough to write on the message boards, you’ll still watch once that obnoxious arrogant SOB is voted out on his ass where he belongs, into russell’s waiting open arms. HAHA can’t wait for that!


For Jeff fans and Jeff himself this is probably the best case scenario in being put up after the veto seeing as the veto is so early this week. Everybody now has all week, or at least til Monday to decide what to actually do, second guess themselves just like always in the BB house. Why did Russell almost go up three different times in week 2? Because of all the time to think about what to really do with the power. The smart thing to do would be get Jeff out asap while you have the chance and for Kevin have your strongest competition be Michelle. However he’s going to have a long few days up in the penthouse to think about his game and how close he is to the end. This is the time where you pick who YOU want to be sitting next to in the end and it should not be Natalie for Kevin. I’m not saying Nat will go up, I see that as a borderline impossiblity right now but I do see Kevin swinging a vote out of Michelle or maybe even Nat and then breaking the tie sending Jordo to the jury house. Dumb move for him, great move for Jeff and his fans.

One big flaw for Jeff right now is he’s throwing a pity party for himself, you’re in this for a half a million dollars and you cannot give up so easily. Like I said there’s so much more time in the week for him to strike a deal, get in Kevin’s ear, etc. Michelle’s won more comps than Jeff, why isn’t he pleading his case to get somebody else put up or sent home? This is Jeff’s chance to do something just about everybody else has done in Big Brother history, get into somebody else’s head. Ronnie made people second guess their situation as did Russell and Nat/Kev just got done messing with Jeff’s mind last week. This is Jeff’s time to have a one on one with Kevin and explain why he should be the one to stay and help him further his game. Hell make a F2 deal with Kevin by saying Jordan would win if Jeff stays and it’s J/J in the F2 so he’s trying to cover his bases. Kevin is going to be thinking about himself from now on and Jeff needs to make him think he’s got his back. If there’s one thing Jeff has going for him it’s his ability to forgive in this game and he can use that with Kev putting him up this week. As far as Kevin knows Jeff was almost buddy buddy with Ronnie after the week 1 vote even after he screwed Jeff. Jeff can tell Kevin he’s got no hard feelings, he respects what Kevin did and offer him a deal.

If Jeff can convince Kevin he doesn’t want to go to the F2 with Jordo then the option of a Kevin/Jeff ‘alliance’ would make Kev see stars. He knows Jeff is a strong competitor and knows he’s gunning for Michelle. The fact that it looks like Kevin brought up saving Jeff makes this a big possibilty. Jeff needs to head up to HOH alone, just he and Kevin tell him he doesn’t want a F2 with Jordo but not before pleading the case that Natalie will win in the F2 no matter who she’s with (even if I don’t think that’s the case) and finally offer a Jeff/Kevin F2, Jeff says he’ll vote out Michelle next week no matter what, won’t put Kevin up if he wins HOH (doesn’t matter in the slightest)

Even if Jeff still puts Jordo up and Jeff gets voted out, what does that key mean? I’m pretty sure Julie said it’s a power for the HOH so if Jeff gets in Kevin’s head even if Jeff’s evicted with a 2-0 vote is there a way Kevin could save Jeff and evict Jordo? I hope so, it will be an interesting few days if Jeff gets up, dusts himself off and stops moping around like he’s already out the door. It’s not over until you’re chatting with Julie on the couch, COME ON JEFF, fight for the half mil.


kevin doesn’t trust jeff and he has already said that he knows that jeff will stab hlim in the back. he said look at what he did to russell. kevin was talking to nat at that time


honestly this is why i think jeff is acting pathetic and practically packing his bags. he’s too proud, to compaign for votes and ask people. he’s been running the show for so long, and he doesn’t want to tuck his effing tail between his legs and ask people for votes. so long douche!

Cry me a river :-(

What about the money in the plant. Does that have to due with the HoH secret door?


Please BB, if you do at all conrtoll the game, get rid of the Gnat! I can’t even bring myself to watch knowing that undeserving pig is still in the game.



I’m thinking the whole “Pandora’s Box” and key thing is going to be a twist. Maybe Jeff will stay. I just want Natalie gone….so sick of her mouth. I love how great she thinks she is…she comes in last for pretty much everything…DROP HER KEVIN!


Earlier today Nasty Natalie was throwing Kevin under the bus with Jordon, I hope Keven comes to his senses and realizes it is time to dump Natalie. She cannot win SHIT !! Every comp, she says she is going to win and she loses, Kevin should make a final 2 deal with Michelle, then show he is sincere by putting Natalie on the block next to Jeff. Jordon and Michelle can evict Natalie, Kevin will have Michelle on his side, Michelle knows Jeff will have Jordon on his side, we all know Jordon will be useless in an endurance comp. Jeff and Michelle battle it out for HOH, and let the chips fall were they may, I would LOVE to see Nasty Natalie’s face when Michelled uses the POV now to save herself, and then Kevin tells Natalie to have a seat next to Jeff on the Block. I WANT NASTY NATALIE OUT !! THE BITCH IS ANNOYING THE SHIT OUT OF ME.


Yeah, she was throwing him under the bus, but she was just stringing Jordan along. She could barely keep a straight face. You could almost see her thinking, you are the dumbest broad I ever met!


I thought the key was to open the secret door that Kevin was locked in- Kevin said he was glad they found him because he could of been locked in there for days! I don’t know where this whole twist idea is coming from. It was a luxury comp and the house won money from what I read?? A twist would be nice though I wouldn’t even mind a house guest coming back in, but I’m not sure that key has anything to do with anything??


The weird thing is that the HGs have not been told how much money they won or if it is even theirs to keep (usually in a luxury comp. they get the results instantly) Also when I think of “Pandora’s Box” I think of something negative. Just my 2 cents…


Julie said the mystery door had the potential to turn the house upside down


I’ve been checking other sites and most agree it’s a key to a box that will contain a “diamond veto” which will override Michelle’s POV. That will surely turn the house upside down but will totally piss off a bunch of people. Don’ cha just love rumors!


watching Michelle on live feeds ..she is n’ not being mean but she is strange….maybe she does have 2 personality”….very stange


have you never looked at yourself in a mirror?


SCREW U…read the post again….it contained the words… “ss not being mean.”..and it was an exceptionally nice post compared to some of the stuff that people have said and written about her on this site….so if ur her family go pick on somebody that said worse about her…


wow is it really necessary to start out your response “SCREW U”??


Glad i am not the only one who finds her weird. Have you noticed how she eats and then constantly looks around not to mention how she talks to herself when she is alone. This whole bunch is weird.




Jeff has proven over and over again he is not a thinker. How many of you would trust 2 people who claim they have no, yet they have slept in the same room all season and were part of the Jesse gang. PLeeessse. And now instead of contemplating the key, and doing some major Mich ass kissing he is still treating her awful. When Mich uses the veto and if the key allows him at name the replacement (Gnat) he will need Mich vote to stay. If I were Mich, I’d let him leave and take my chances against K/N/J in comp. They have treated her absolutely awful and she’s had their back the whole time.


I’m actually rooting for a Kevin/Michelle final 2… With that said, this season is very weak compared to last season… I was actually already pulling away from the show but with last season, I was hooked back up. Now, I feel like I’m pulling away again…


I agree…


Jeffs too trusting – he believes anything that is told to him. And he thnks everthing he does is a “smart move”. Getting Russel out WAS smart but just not then. He believed the pack of lies that Kevin and Natalie told him without batting an eyelid. Not even thinking about the way Natalie was when she was with Jessie – he ought to have known that she would say anything and everything to ensure her safety. She’s not a strong competitior but she IS a sneaky rat.

He is waaaaay to attached to Jordan.

I don’t think Michelle has a game plan – I think she’s good at competitions and she’s under the radar because she’s shy.

Natalie is always riding with someone – she can’t win shit for herself. First she was riding on Jessie and it seemed she would stay like that till the end, when he left she immediately started latching herself onto other people. Right now, Kevin is carrying her in this game. But she would turn on them any chance she got. People need to start seeing what a rat she is and get her out.

Jordans just an idiot – it’s hard to think about her and not laugh.

Kevins played the smartest game. He layed low but when it was time to make moves he did them without hesitatiing – I especially loved when he wouldn’t take Lydia off the block that time. Just goes to show that he really WAS playing the game, up until that point I hadn’t even noticed him. I hope he wins.


Let’s cross our fingers that there is hope left in Pandora’s box for Jeff.


me too…omg i would love to see russell prance right through the door, as jeff is exiting…..frickin awesome!!




I agree with you Dan. I know BB is a game, but I don’t want to watch the show if Jeff is gone. I don’t care for Nat, and she is terrible player.


skanky skanky gnat needs 2 goooooooooooooooooooooooo

dee dee

Ok I must have missed something what is the deal with the key thing and when did jeff find it. Where does julie say it will turn the whole house upside down.


Funny…gnat walks like a frickin’ duck…


jeff is such an idiot for listening to little mss southern piggy hope bb doesnt put a twist in to keep jeff juryhouse here he comes hope russel pounds him GO MICHELLE!!!!

deborah grimes

if jeff leaves the show will be over because who cares about the other assholes i am sick of pigpen and michele


I Agree If Jeff goes Iam not watching anymore


Don’t lie, you know you will watch it you twat. Jeff got played just like Russell got played , karma’s a bitch aint it??


it is lol

deborah grimes

kevin can go right to hell with that white crap he crys about everyone picking on the gay man and he is NO BETTER i wish i would have saw that white crap early on i would have sent him some great gay jokes america cant let him win the choice vote nowbecause he is just trash


There is no such thing as gay men, they make choices based on their societal influences just like the rest of us. No one at the age of 5 knows or even thinks about whether he is gay or not, and if he was considering it at that age, he probably was being raised ina terrible social atmospher. Who tells a 5 year old what is gay and straight. Until I was 12 years old, I was misled to believe gay was happy, my parents knew I was too young until that age to even consider or worry about such a thing. For what ever reason, Kevin needed attention he wasn’t getting, or he rebelled against what he felt was an unfair situation in his life, he made his choices. Hell I played with my sisters toys at age 5, that didn’t make me gay, I was just curious about the toys. AS far as voice inflections of gay men, that is a learned behavior, I had a feminine voice inflection while I lived in my house eith my mother and sister after dad died, it was because I adapted my speech patterns to fit inside the family unit. Same thing goes on when you travel across country, say from North New England area to Southern US, to visit relatives. You get there, and everyone is talking with a southern twang and saying Howdy, partner, after a while you adapt to their speech patterns because you want to fit in and have fun and join in the social interaction and banter, it is not because you are becoming a southerner.


wow, you’re so dumb and clearly brainwashed and hate filled.


What you said was so ignorant, you clearly may be the stupidest person I’ve come across in a long time. Are you illiterate also, there are probably millions of books available on homosexuality, yet it’s pretty obvious you’ve never opened a book in your life. Why is it that people who have no clue what they are talking about even open their stupid mouths and make complete asses out of themselves.
How does something like you occur or exist is the better question.



This comment clearly shows that he is gay and in denial about it. That is why he points out that he did everything that would “clearly” make him gay but he is not. No the fact is you are gay, but you deny yourself the right to be happy and accepting yourself.

I think.....

Jordan has that disease (can’t remember what it’s called now) that makes people pull out their own hair. I could almost say she has a bald spot in that one place she keeps pulling on her hair. Very very thin.


it is not a disease, it is called alopecia…and it is a auto immune in balance…


No…. “I think” is correct. There is a disorder called trichotillomania. People will pull their hair out or constantly rub a place on their body (such as their forearm) eventually causing bald spots. They will then move to another place. Some doctor’s say it is simple OCD. Others say anxiety/stress can be a trigger.


People are wishful thinking, again. I’m still worried about the BB producers trying to manipulate the game, by making that key that Jeff has do something that it was never originally meant for in order to save their chosen one (Jeff)


you all are so funny. If Nat can;t win anything, why would Kevin want her out? She is perfect to keep. Kevin and Michelle would be faves to win HOH and POV. Kevin wins 1 of them and he is on to final 3. There is no way Kevin would want Jordan or Nat out over someone who is way more physical then he is.

Now, if this “twist” helps Jeff stay, I will be done with BB for good. I don;t care who wins, I just can;t stand that the game is sooo rigged. If Jeff finds a way to talk Kevin and Nat to save him, thats fine.

BB has already tried to hard to give it to Jeff…. remember the following??
1. Hand Jeff a power that gives him a chance.
2. Tell Jeff and Jordan not to backdoor Russell when Jordan was HOH. (the DR people told them not to)
3. The golden cans appear when Kevin was in lead for the hOH in can competition. They keep telling people he is in lead assuring he would be target if anyone used it.
4. If this twist saves Jeff, BB might as well hand Jeff 500K for the key and let everyone else play for $50 and cab fare to the airport.


I feel the same way. As much as I watch CBS’s Big brother 11, the so called ‘twists’ which are not fair may be coming from the producers to give some sort of power to their golden boy, jeff. If that is the case, how bad!!!


this is what they have been doing the last couple seasons a lot more. in the past the winners usually weren’t the fan favourites, in fact a lot of the time they didn’t deserve to win at all. from what i’ve noticed is since big brother 8 they have been trying to make audience influenced decisions to try and help the fan favourites make it a little further in the game. and i don’t blame them, because like any company they are reaching for higher ratings, greater profits, and ultimately trying to please the viewers more than letting them down. it was the same when james got a second chance at playing the game when he came back in the box… in season 9. im sure the production had the idea to use this twist, but decided to use it the week james was inevitably going home.


O.K. works for me. Maybe a $100.00 so they can have lunch first.


Kevin cannot play in the next HOH competition! If Natalie can’t save him who will?


I hope Jeff doesnt go home..he is the only one playing the game!! GO J/J!!!


The coupe de ta was up in the air for America to vote who gets it. America likes the good guy. And Jeff is that guy. Natalie is a hater. She lied coming into the game about her age. Who cares that she is 24. Playing Big Brother brings the worst out in people, but that’s ‘Big Brother’. Either way, Jeff was going to be the target this week regardless who he put up. Natalie should win soap so she can take a shower more often. She has won nothing. Never put herself out on the limb for anything. Kevin is worried that Michele is smart at challenges and that worries him. I can tell he is thinking of keeping Jeff…But who knows for sure.


blah blah blah


Jordan is fat; Michelle is not attractive; Jeff is pretty!

Cry me a river :-(

Michelle is such a b****. Kevin don’t listen to her. Stick to the plan and let Jeff go.


Michelle is by far the best game player in the house. And she’s hot too. Kevin will sway that way if the idiot Jeff will just get his head out of his ass long enough to listen to Michelle. And good god, he needs to get that damn booger out of his nose already. He’s been digging at it for 4 days now.


Awwwww……….truth hurts doesn’t it?


roger what in the ficking world are you making a script of what jeff and jordan say
are you mutherficking retared or what


I HATE NATE< JEFF AND JORDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!


McDougle….. LOL that comment made my night dude. ROFL ROFL ROFL. Kevin is the smartest one in the house and those fags sure know how to stir shit up.


i agree with roger,,,jeff is a nobody,,i dont even think he’s all that cute,,russell is the hot one plus he has a big third leg lol,,,if america didn’t vote for jeff to have the cdt,,he’ll been gone along time ago..production better not try to save this dumb jackhole,,,who the hell turn on their own alliance to listen to a fleabag that cried over jessie,,,norman bates aka jeff need to go home to his cold dark basement in his parents house empty handed..the guy is a bitter arrogant dumb douchebag


every one be quiet you guys know u want jeff to win


you have no clue what you are talking about! if u did u would know that thats a lie. and if u still dont belive me then why would jordan wana give up 500k for him?