Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie “I can beat Michelle in any competitions if I really want to”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:30pm HOH Natalie and Kevin
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Kevin “what?s going on ”
Natalie “nothing is really, nobody is talking”
Natalie says that Jordan is telling her to vote her out so Jeff can
survive. “She so fucking stupid.. she’s known him for 2 months”
Kevin “She needs to shut up.. Cause Michelle is so taking her to the end
its not even funny”
Natalie it pretty much comes down to HOH next week I need to win it. “I
have Jordan pretty much in the bag just for that slight 2% chance
she wins HOH”
Natalie says that Jordan thinks she only got this far because of Jeff.
Kevin say we really need to get Michelle out she is strong “1minute
52seconds that’s incredible”

Natalie “That bitch is strong.. But you know I would of won it but I messed up on Casey’s picture” Natalie says that Michelle is smart she’ll give her that but “that bitch is crazy” Kevin says right now things are good for use because Jeff is gone and
he’s our biggest threat. Kevin thinks this is the best scenario because now he can say “Oh Jeff you fucked up you had the chance to save yourself” Kevin is still worried that the vote will be a tie.
Natalie “The vote will be 2-0”
Kevin “no its not Michelle is going to vote to keep Jeff”
Natalie “no fucking way”
Kevin says lets not think for a second that Michelle doesn’t know that she’s the target after Jeff leaves.. she looking for Jury votes. Natalie says she really trying to dig into Jordan brain that Michelle needs to leave. Natalie tells her Michelle thinks that she allied with Jordan but Jordan isn’t buying what she’s selling. Natalie “next week it comes down to me and Michelle and Jordan is about 1/4 as good as us” Natalie says that she is really going to try hard this time to win.. There going over all the possible HOH competitions. (Natalie’s knowledge of past seasons is impressive) Kevin asking her questions about the past comps. They now start going over the POV comp, Natalie thought that she was going to win she really tired her best.. they go over the faces they had problems with.. apparently Casey’s was hard but Jeff’s was easy.

Natalie “I’m not worried about Mental competitions against Michelle I’m not stupid… I’m not worried a physical competitions I could beat her in anything physical I can beat her in any competition”. Natalie brings up the last HOH competition “Michelle knows I could of done better at that smores comp.. she knows… everyone knows they’re not stupid”

Kevin tells her that if they can get Michelle out because once she gone they will be able to easily beat Jordan in the competitions. .. Kevin brings up how incredibly stupid Jeff was for thinking that he was going to put Natalie up if the POV is used.. Natalie agrees. Kevin gets called into the diary room.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

3:20pm Backyard Jordan and Natalie..
Jordan and Natalie talking about how awkward it is around the house.
Natalie “I would of beat Michelle she only beat me by a minute and i screwed up on Casey .. if it wasn’t for that i would of been 1/2 the time”
Jordan “Ohhh Really”
Jordan “I wish that last weeks POV was today yesterday and yesterdays POV was the week before”
Jordan “this is going to be the longest week”
Natalie “I hope we have a luxury comp next week”
They start talking about next week and how it only matter who wins POV…

(Jordan is pullin gher hair like crazy… she’s very stressed out)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Yes, Jeff you should go ahead and crack your knee caps and head on over the jury house now and let Dr. Russell determine your course of treatment. Jesse will let you wear his pink spandex pants and Nurse Lydia will dye all your body hair (high and low) pink.

To think I used to feel sort of sorry for you early on in the game and then you turned out to be just a self indulgent wimp. I think you should try to pitch a new show to CBS called “Are you more immature that a fifth grader or just an thirty something douche bag” Since CBS loves you, you can be both the host and a contestant.


Dear Eileen,

Please be my friend,





Of course…..


Mine to!!!!

gino dee


Randy Wolfgang

Simon – your caption for PP is hilarious!!!!!!!! Look at her!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!


Haha! I love it too!


Right on the money, lol! Good caption, lol


Wow, that’s pretty rough on Jeff. He’s the only reason I was so hooked on the show this season. He’s extremely entertaining, funny and witty. Where does the hate come from? I’m sick of Kevin, he was a floater until recently, and only just started playing the game. If Jeff gets evicted, I won’t be watching anymore. I could care less who wins between Michelle and Kevin. B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

gino dee



only douche bag is you

AS U Think U R



I surely hope that key is the twist and saves Jeff.


if that happened, we would know for SURE that CBS is fixing Jeff to win this.

AS U Think U R

Everone had the opportunity to find the key. You guys are as paranoid about CBS fixing the show as Russell was about everyone in the house. Ridiculous!!!


That would be awesome!! What a way to turn the house upside down again. Let’s all hope the key let’s Jeff stay. At least it will make it interesting.

The Captain

If Jeff leaves – The rest should be called the FLOATing four, not the final four

Mr. E

Michelle floated, but she also fought. She was playing both sides and it got her to the Final Four but she also had to win three or four POVs along the way.


Jeff is an idiot!! He deserves to go home and we allllll knew! How stupid!! Im on Team Michelle now!




Obviously Jeff is gone this week. Once stupid ass, can’t win anything, think she’s smarter than a neuroscientist, Natalie leaves, it doesn’t matter to me who wins.


We all knew is a lame statement because we as viewers have the luxury of seeing everything that is going on in that house all the different conversations and scheming that happens where as the players in the house don’t have that luxury…. They can only rely on what is being told to them by others and as good or bad as that is it works for some people… Russell and Michelle would have been golden with J/J had it not been for all the lies between the 2 and honestly how many people would believe Michelle after all her “I don’t Remember” statements that was her downfall in the sense of being trusted because she would say that and then an hour later she would back up whatever story she wanted to. How many people would have believed her after that? With Russell he was just very confrontational with everyone instead of just sitting back and listening and if you think about it he was pretty much a floater in this game he didn’t do anything other than get Ronnie out of the house…..


Gnat is a hoot, ain’t she? She COULD win every competition yet she has won NONE. Please oh please get this arrogant creature out of the house.


I can’t believe everyone is listening to Natalie. She is nothing, she hasn’t even won one competition. She is so sneeky. If Kevin would just stop and think about it for a minute he would realize he is being used by her and she would stab him in the back as quick as she could if she thought someone else would get her further. She is a loser.

Randy Wolfgang

I think Kevin knows that


it’s “I COULDN”T care less”.

Did any of you people go to school?


Did you?


By the way, the first word in a sentence is capitalized, “Paul the Scholar.”

Dustin Thawind

Also, it should read couldn’t not couldn”t. I actually feel sorry for people like paul…it must suck to be them.


Natalie is such a nose-pickin’, know-it-all bore!! All that ever comes out of her mouth is that she can beat everyone at POV and HOH! She hasn’t won jack! God! I admit I was on the J/J train and I still love Jeff and I hate to see him go but, such is the game – and it is a game!! Ppl lie, cheat, backstab over and over again. Jeff became paranoid and that was his downfall! Considering he was treated like the red-headed stepchild for weeks I can somewhat understand why he got a little cocky. BBAD is going to be so damn boring now! Nat picking her nose talking about how strong she is, Michelle talking to herself and Jordan twisting her hair. Hopefully, Kevin will provide some comedic relief (if he can get his head out of Nat’s as*)! I am holding out hope that the key is magic and Jeff gets to stay and somehow Nasty Nat goes home. And before ppl start running their mouth that production has “fixed” it somehow EVERYONE had the same opportunity as Jeff to find the key!! And CBS may love Jeff – he’s very witty and he stands out against most of the other BORING ppl that were there!!


a lot of people are saying that jeff was given a free pass from America…..what they hell do you think Jesse was given before he even walked in the front door??? wake up morons. are some of you that much of an idiot that you cannot see this from all sides?


not even close to the same you are deluded.


It is the same crap on the end. Both got free passes…


it’s similar enough. Jesse was given a second chance and so was Jeff..Same shit different pile.


deluded is you hahahhaha

AS U Think U R

I’m diggin on you anonymous!! Love your retorts.


Hey, I agree. Bringing back a past houseguest was a bad move from the start. It gave the athletes the advantage and the first HOH competition was definitely one that the athletes had the advantage to win. But it’s BB, expect the unexpected. Then came the CDE. This is where most of the houseguests made their first miscalculation. They should know that it is important that America likes you to a certain extent, because America always gets to play favorites during the game. If you come off as unlikeable, if that is part of your strategy, good on you, but don’t whine when America doesn’t pick you for favors. Will there be another game altering twist? Who knows. Expect the unexpected. All of the players know this going in, and so do we. If the people on Jessie’s team had won the CDE, I am sure they would have used it to save Ronnie, but since they didn’t get it, they whine and hated that Jeff got it. Was it fair? Probably not, but hey, it’s BB. In the original book, BB wasn’t just watching you, but dicking you around 24/7, so all’s fair, even when it’s not fair. After all, it is CBS’s show, and their main objective isn’t to give someone a 1/2 million grand prize, but to keep us watching and keep advertisers buying ad spots. They do what they have to do, because if nobody watches, BB is canceled. That’s how network TV works. You don’t complain when your favorite soap star gets killed off. Why is this any different.

Dustin Thawind

I actually see a difference. Jesse was the first HOH because someone from the Athlete clique won the competition. He did not earn it. Jeff EARNED the coup d??tat from the American public because they liked him. If the other houseguests were likable, they might have earned it.




I’m thinking Nat and Jordan are the two coocoos, OMG! They sounds like crazy people they way they are talking.

Ted Trevors

Please CBS come up with something to keep Jeff around, otherwise this is so boring. Who cares about the others… seriously do something.


I don’t know, the smack talk coming out of Natalie and Jordan is quite amusing, it will probably only get more ridiculous as time goes on. LOL!


I agree Ted! If Jeff leaves, the show will suck. Yawnnnnn. ZZZzzz.

gino dee



Gino the only reason these two are still in the game is because Jeff carried Jordan and Kevin carried Natalie. Otherwise they would have gone ages ago.


The only reason Natalie is still there is because JJ made the boneheaded decision to send Lydia home instead of Natalie.


It’s “moron” and you are one.
Also, often here I read “could of” as in “Jeff could of tried harder.”
The proper way to say this is “could’ve.”
Either Big Brother fans are unusually poor at grammar OR our nation is doing a crappy job educating the people.
“Morans.” Unbelievable!


I am with Ev, if Jeff goes I am done with this show as we are left with the loser crowd. 2 idiots, 1 coward, and 1 nut case…no thanks, moving on.


Tell me why is Jordan keep going back telling Nasty Nat everything Michell says? She need to mind her own little funky business. Kevin and Nasty Nat got Jeff and that’s that. He had no business listening to the liers.


what i heard is that the twist will affect everyone and the producer said that the power wasn?t an advantage to hoh but an added responsibility


The only competition that the snake Gnat could win is a ” Lying Competition”.
Or a nose picking competition. She is so shit scared of Mitchelle but she will not admit it.

canadian fan

The key could have been found by anyone but CBS/BB could make its power whatever they want depending on who found it,so saying that its fair-who the hell knows.It should have been revealled to the audience,what its power was.


Thanks jt. I’m so sick of this anti Jeff thing. I know that if I was stuck in a house for 3 months, I sure wouldn’t be in the best mood all the time. He’s only human. Give the guy a break.

AS U Think U R


Jackie M.

Ev, I was so hooked on J/J, voted for Jeff for the “power”, unfortunately the power went to this head. I firmly believe that don’t SWEAR on an oath, if u hv no intention of honoring it. They all chose to SWEAR, however Jeff listened to DumboJordo and took out Russell b4 the final 4, say really nasty personal attacks abt Michelle, and really think they had the world by its tail. Guess they thought America wud always save the GOLDEN COUPLE. Hopefully they will read these comments or their family/friends can tell them they are the BRASSY/ASS@@ COUPLE. Looks but no intergerty. Go Michelle, U deserve to win. I hope CBS/BB producers don’t rig this show and save Jeff. It wud really insult the intellegence of America, I for one will be highly insulted, and will no longer support CBS/BB shows.


All Jeff and Jordan did was cuddle and that’s when Anerica all fell in love with him. We all thought he was good until the power went to his head. If he had’nt listen to Jordan and wanted Russell out he would be in the final four. I was tired of him and Jordan. Go Kevin and Michelle!!!!


Jeff has been protecting Jordan all along, as far as I’m concerned, he’s a REAL man to do that for her. I’ve never seen it happen before on BB. All the men players I’ve seen would save their own ass before saving a girl. He betrayed Russel, because he knew Russel was going after Jordan next. Jeff sacrificed himself for Jordan. You can’t put a price on that.

AS U Think U R

Lovin you EV. Keep hope alive!!!!

Its a sign...

That’s really a sad commentary to say that a real man would sacrifice his own future for the sake of someone he hardly knows who has admitted that she will use men to her advantage when necessary. First, to imply that women need men to sacrifice themselves for no reason other than they are a woman. Second to imply that it is a man’s duty to do so. So sad.


So I actually think that Jeff deserves a shot at the money. He is really the only one left who has made any type of strategic moves. I like Jordan but lets face it, Jeff has been carrying her. Michelle would be my second choice but for some reason she only wins comps when her ass is on the line. Kevin seems like he is always someones lap dog and he doesn’t really do much in the house. He has this one HOH and then the one POV which he didn’t even save his “friend” Lydia with. Then Natalie just cracks me up. She is apparently sooooooo strong but CANNOT win a single comp. Her head was up Jessies ass until he got evicted and now she is just trying to boss Kevin around. The whole game has gotten pretty pathetic. It would suck if Jeff got evicted because honestly, he is the only one who would win for his strategy. It will now be merely a popularity contest.


People can bash Jeff all they want too…But He was an amazing player….For almost 2 months he has been playing for “2” people n’ has manage to keep him n’ Jordon both in the game….He could have dropped her anytime but he didn’t…n’ while he teased her about having sex he made no demands n’ continued to carry her…Unless u think about Evel Dick n’ Daniell in the same situation I don’t recall any other HG ever doing that for another player….


That’s right dollied, Jeff is a REAL man. Chivalry is not dead, with Jeff!


Maybe the mystery behind the door is some sort of pet. A responsibility that
they have to take care of.


yeah a hairy Chimapet… was not nice….lmao could not resist


that’s pretty stupid


what i think would?ve been better would be for kevin to have backdoored jeff. give jeff the impression he?s safe then pull the rug from underneath him just like what he did to russell


It`s easy to be witty and cool when you are on top. Jeff started digging his own grave the moment he evicted Lydia instead of Natalie and allowed Jordan to fill up his head with bull like ” Natalie and Kevin are more trustworthy than Russell “.
At least I heard Jeff and Jordan got already carrers after the show.
Jordan will be hosting ” Are you dumber than a fetus” and Jeff got casted as one of ” The Three Stooges ” remake.


nice….it’s comments like that really show your intelligence!


Thanks !!


Actually I think Heather is on to something. I think Hooters should sign Jordon as a national spokesperson. They bill themselves as “delightfully tacky yet unrefined”. Who can forget the night she showed Russell and Lydia her favorite sex position using Jeff in a chair for her demo. It was one of those is she for real moments.


Grrrrrr Simon, Simon, who is pretending to be me and posting using my handle? I want to know so I can hunt them down and give them a wedgie.


thank you Simon. No biggie but I might be asleep and someone might use my nick for good instead of evil. haha


cbs we need a jeff/jordan realilty show. get it done now

Ridiculously Bold

Lynn? Always with the dumb comments, who the hell said Jessie was better than Jeff? They are both equally Selfish, Arrogant, conceited, DONKEYS


NATALIE has no chance of winning thats why she is still in the house. There is always someone bigger and better that is voted out instead of her.


Has anyone noticed how Jordan pulls her hair especially when she is stressed. It seems like all the houseguest this season had something a little special about them from the way they eat to the way they act when they think they are alone and the BB camera is filming them. This is a weird bunch!


Is Natalie for real?!?! She can win any competition if she really want?!?!? Yeah right! lmao…
All the people saying they will stop watching the show when Jeff go are ridiculous!!!!!
This is a game, only one personne is gonna win the half million dollars…Lying, backdooring…its part of the game…
This website is even more enteirtaining that the show itself!!!! Thank you Simon and Dawg!!! Love the captions by the way!


Remember Lydia was in on the lie with Kevin and the Gnat when they set Jeff up.
So when Jeff goes to the jury house he is going to find out because Lydia loves to snitch.
So if Kevin/Mitchelle are the final two , Kevin will not get Jeff or Russell’s vote.

BB Fan

Natalie needs to shut the hell up and keep her mouth closed if she wants to not piss off too many people. Glad Jeff is going home though…he needs to suck it up and quit whining so much.


Floating is a strategy


Yeah, so is taking a dump on the HOH bed, I guess. As far as strategies go, they both suck.


All I can say is that I hope to God that Nat does not win or make it to final two!!!!

Randy Wolfgang

Hmmm watching the feeds and Kevin is considering keeping Jeff as a way to get rid of Michele – PP isn’t going for it. Interesting//////


That’s because he realizes that Michelle is actually a triple threat as opposed to Jeff. Jeff is more physical threat and Michelle has proven that she can win mentally and is very good physically… By the way how big does everybody think is Gnat’s penis….


that last question caught me by surprise. hilarious


It’s bigger than Jessie’s, lol


don’t understand why people are SO incensed that Jeff got the CDT and how it wasn’t fair. Would it have been fair for the other side to get it? We voted for him to get it. We didn’t vote Jesse in.


First You might have voted for him to get the CDT, but the part that wasn’t fair was he got all the power instead of whoever was HOH. It should have only been 1 replacement, regardless of what side got the vote. The HOH is suppose to be special to have power, so why even have an HOH that week then, if whomever, not just JEFF had the CDT. You must really love that jeff huh! Let the game play out. If its Jeffs time to go, let him get out. He’s starting to turn into Russell who he bashed for not taking it like a man that he was getting voted out. What a big baby………If that key or whatever has Jeff staying, it’s fixed. It might be boring with the rest, but thats who CBS picked, so deal with it til next season.


Thank u someone w/ commonsense finally speaks. Churrch Amen

AS U Think U R

Jeff is hardly turning into Russell. Of course it hurts to be in his position right now and of course he is mad but I highly doubt you will EVER see him acting out as Russell did. Everybody who goes up on the block and has the sense they are going home is pissed. You would be too. Get it straight though, he’s not a russell. Once again it’s not over til it’s over and already we hear Kevin thinking of keeping him not to mention that key. There is a whole week to play out so anything can happen. GO JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its a sign...

Jeff could never turn into Russell, he isn’t man enough. Jeff is just a bitter little boy that bitches in backrooms behind everyone’s back.


jordan reminds me of jessica simpson


I was just thinking that last night!!! Funny that you said it! You know, I don’t think Jordan is as dumb as she comes across. I think that she is just naive and maybe a bit ADD.

jesse speaks

Yeah Baby!!! Both are too hot to even kisten to.

jesse speaks

ooppss. Thats Listen to. Got excited.


It really pisses me off when Gnat says things like “WE did it Kev!!!” Kevin did it, I don’t agree with it, but he did it!!! She did nothing. She has not won ANYTHING!!!! Yet she think she could… COME ON~Get OUTTA there! She sucks!!! she has not even came in second!!!!! GOD, I hope that the Key gives Jeff the power and strips the D-Bags in the house. I will laugh my ass off if he get to take down both and both up his own again because of the key!!!


Come to think of it!! Jordan is the youngest in the house and I think that she is the only one that has not gone to college yet!! So no wonder she is so Naive!!! She is not a stupid girl, she is just young!!!


Are you trying to talk yourself in believing that, or just the Nat haters out there?


Jordan?s nice enough and all, but let?s face it: she coasted on Jeff?s efforts all the way to the top. She?s where she is purely because Jeff wants to tap that. If you?ve worked in an office, you know her type. Doesn?t know jack, but because some manager somewhere has an itch in his pants for her, she?ll get ahead of you and other more deserving co-workers. Look, I dislike Natalie, but I?m okay if she wins because she outsmarted everyone else (sadly, it didn?t take much to outsmart J/J). I?m okay if Michelle wins because she?s a scrappy fighter who has made it to the top even though no one else has had her back. I?m okay with Kevin winning; he?s a snake, but at least he?s a charming and loyal snake. Jordan?s nice, but why should she get to win half a million dollars for having blonde hair and big tatays? The principle of it is so wrong?.

jesse speaks

Not saying u r bit this is the ugly girls conspiacy theory. Lpts of lovely girls r smart enough not to show up the boss.


You nailed it!

AS U Think U R

Many of you keep saying how Jordon got where she is on Jeff’s back. BULL!!!!! She has been on the block a couple of times and didn’t get voted out. How did Jeff help her with that? She’s a sweet girl and got there by HER behavior and not Jeff’s actions. There were always bigger fish to fry that had nothing to do with her riding Jeff. She didn’t win alot or go around the house lying constantly but that doesn’t make you an idiot. Why is she at fault for picking a good guy to partner with? It seems to me that if you are a lying S.O.B. then you folks think that makes a GREAT player. There is something to be said for keeping on the down low. Why do you have to be an ass to be considered “playing the game” ??RIDICULOUS!


Kevin came back from the diary room and that’s when he had that conversation with Natalie about maybe keeping Jeff.
They must have worked on him-and on Jeff too because now Jeff is saying he will talk with Kevin-which before he said there was no hope. OMG!


Randy Wolfgang

Why is it stupid???? If Kevin went into the final two with either JJ I think he would win!!!!!!!


There is something about the DR that I do not like. I hope when all this is over, that the HG talks about the DR room, and how they maybe tried to convince them to let Jeff win or stay, and also the like of production not asking anything negative about Jeff. If it smells like a rat, then it?s a rat.

jeff be gone

I was a pretty big Jeff fan, especailly when he got the “Koop di tat”, as Jeff said it.
but Jeff really did turn into the incredible douche, which he accuses everyone of being, It was really sad because I really wanted to root for him, but they way he was trashing everyone, especially michel, was pretty sad… he basically turned into a meaner jessie, who would of thunk,


Jeff turned into a meaner Jess?

Jess was the most laidback person in the house; the dude slept all day and had women fight over him. I ask you, what man doesn?t want that life? Then they said he was rough with Lydia, did you see the way Lydia was hitting on the man when she entered the Jury House?

The people who were in that house who got close to him, all said they would like to be his friend when this is over. I?m sure he takes that more into consideration, than what we here on a chat board (who doesn?t know the man at all) has to say about him.

Go Nat!

Nat and Kevin FTW got dammit!


Jeff and Jordan deserve one an other 1 is dummer then a sack of hammers a the one other thinks his shit don’t stiunk


it’s laughable that natalie thinks she could beat michele in any competition. SHE HASN’T WON ANYTHING THE WHOLE GAME! she is always one of the first two or three people out of a competition. ALWAYS!.she’s a sucky player. and let’s be honest NASTY!



IF Natalie is a tai-kwon do champ than I am the President……She has more excuses than anyone in BB history regarding why she did not win…..Everytime ! Let’s face it at this point it’s laughable. All of a sudden she’s going to win something……if i held my breath waiting, I would die.


Nat. is so full of BULL-SHIT, & it will get her by the end of the game. She is a Daddy,s girl & has never had to lift a hand to help in her life. She could not take care of a dog, let along her self. She is so full of BULL SH—T, & has never grown-up-as-yet. The crap that comes out of her mouth is sad, because she needs a lot of love & a Mother to help her. I do FEEL for her & it is so sad, that she has to pretend she can do & beat anyone in the house. You can see right threw her, & she need,s love & a lot of understanding, & I pray it is not to late in her life. She hold,s her job as if it was a once in a life time job, that no one can get & is proud of it. That along tells you something in it self. She is a child who needs a lot of love & a Mother who is there for her. She never smiles, & she is so along. I pray she dose not fall apart if she dose not get the money. BIT, Michelle has really taken a beaten, big time from everyone in that house & I hope God helps her get to the bottom two, as this girl has really gave it her all. Please give someone a HUG,,,, today,,, they are free,, God Bless Ya,all.


I pray that your spelling and writing skills move from a 2nd to 3rd grade level. As for Nat she is a ASU graduate eat ur heart out hooked on phonics!!


Jordan and Jeff still don’t seem to get that it was NATALIE, not Michelle, or Russell or Kevin that played them. Kevin was only Natalie’s instrument. But Jordan isn’t that bright. Instead of realizing that her best hope is to work it out with Michelle, she is giving away the cow to Natalie, throwing her only hope of going final 2, Michelle under an 18 wheeler, and making a complete fool of herself. If she thinks that Nat will turn against Kevin, she is a bigger airhead than I thought, and she might just dethrone Holly as the reigning number 1 dumb blonde in BB history.


I was enjoying Jeff and Jordan show when they were riding the Athlete’s click. Jeff was a cool cucumber without a care: such a sweetheart. So cute!
Then BAM! Coupe d’Etat: the game starts for Jeff. He got ugly real quick. He was thinking he owned the show. I feel the tide turned from some of his fans, myself included, when instead of “playing the game to win with intelligence and sportsmanship” to “I deserve the money over all these other insignificants, don’t they know they are here to serve my needs”. It’s the ego man! Yuk!
Some of you think that Jeff leaving will leave the show boring. Perhaps we should nail him to a cross right there in the BB backyard.
Ohh yeah, Jordan. What happened to that charming sweet girl… oh such nastiness.
I’d be fine with a Michelle or Kevin win. So story not over for me yet.