Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jordan T-shirts “The Woman, The Myth, The Legend” get yours today

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:16pm Red Room Kevin is telling them that production is waiting until today to tell the TV watchers that Chima is gone. He says they are trying to build a case to make Chima out to be this horrible person. They wanted it to be like you have to do a very bad thing to get removed. Kevin doesn’t think if they show Chima destroying a microphone that costs 4grand but looks like its a 40buck radio shack special than the American Public won’t think it was justified. Kevin is saying that he is worried that he will end up being the first one to the jury house and having to be with Jessie. Natalie tells him he’s not even on any once radar. Kevin says that?s why he’s worried people might start coming after me cause I have no enemies. Kevin goes on about how he’ll walk into the jury house and tell Jessie to talk to his hand.. than he’ll tell Jessie they are even and they can now go hang out. They talk drift to Drew Barrymore and how cool she is, they mentions that she went from a child superstar to a crack head and …. Kevin “is she still a crack head?” Lydia no way she’s clean. Natalie brings up family and her boyfriend and father will be watching the show tonight. general chit chat…. Lydia mentions she goes out to eat and movies by herself sometimes she asks Natalie if she does the same.. Natalie says no. Kevin says he’s never been in a theatre by himself. Natalie bring sup Lydia missing harry potter.. Lydia goes on about how big of a harry potter fan she is…. Natalie goes on to explain how where she works (Blockbuster) handles pre-ordered videos. She says they had a lot of pre-orders for twilight. Lydia asks about Harry potter.. Natalie says she doesn’t know she hasn’t even seen one harry potter film… Lydia freaks out “WHAAAAAAAT!” They go back to talking about family Kevin tells them about his sister and Brother being a virgin still. Lydia brigns up how she’s acted while in the bb house, she states that the ways she is outside is the same way she is inside. She never tried to play anyone you either love me or hate me (well you really didn’t even play the game so I guess you didn’t play anyone you didn’t play SHIT) Kevin tells her he loves her and how real she is. Kevin talks about Ronnie being a douche and always talking down to him.. Kevin says that’s my only trigger you talk to me like I?m a idiot and I?m going to go off on you. They decide to go to the kitchen and prepare food.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
7:21pm Backyard Jordan and Jeff. Jeff asking Jordan what she wants to eat… Jordan say she wants to eat Jeff.. They both smile.


7:40pm Backyard Jeff and Jordan.. Jeff is asking Jordan why she’s been so moody lately. Jordan blames it on her period and the things going on in the house. Jordan really wants to confront Russell and Michelle soon. Jeff agrees he thinks the best time is after dinner. Jordan says she’s worried that Jeff will be put up next week. She thinks Russell and Michelle
will jump to the other side. Jeff tells her to relax they aren’t stupid they won’t pump to the other side.. He reassures her everything will be figured out tonight. Jordan says he have to talk to them about what they will do if Kevin wins POV and saves a girl… Jeff thinks they will understand they just need to know if and/or why they are being shady. Jordan complains that she’s fat.. Jeff tells her she’s looking fine stop bugging about it and be happy.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:10pm Backyard eating dinner, Michelle, Russell, Jordan and Jeff. Russell comments on how he could never afford to eat like this.. .”$20 halibut $50 tuna” Jeff agrees. Russell really playing down how much money he has. Michelle says she had to stop eating meat for 3 months to save money. Jordan bring sup the gunk the other side eats all the time. She says there?s 4 of them and every day they make a unique tasty meal but the other group eats garbage. Talk changes to the POV… they are not sure it will be live it might be earlier in the day but the POV ceremony and eviction will be life. Michelle thinks hoh will be endurance again. They start bashing Jessie eviction t-shirt Russell says when she gets home Jordan should make a shirt with her body on it in the same pose that Jessie had. “I’ll have Jordan the Woman the Myth the Legend” Jordan laughs.. .They start talking about Chima and how she was shedding her last couple days in the house. Jordan is constantly finding her hair everywhere. Russell says he found her hair in his pants.. Jeff laughs. Michelle comments on them having nothing to talk about.. She says she should use her mystery power and make those 3 beers appear. Jeff encourages her to go talk to production they don’t give them wine then they know it’s a competition tonight.



Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:45pm Houseguests get wine. Michelle and Russell outside. The rest are in the kitchen.

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and by the way, Drew Barrymoore is not clean, she smokes pot all the time. She’s not a big drinker. She traded one habit for another. Drunk makes you puke and slur your words, pot makes you mellow yellow.

Payton 34

I think BB should give them some hydro and a huge bong, then we’ll see how they all act!

Evel Russ

The drama would end, but the conversations would be much more entertaining.

SHEma sucks

Pot should be legal and taxed, and then America would be better…

Legalize and regulate… like alcohol. Pot is a dumb DRUG, not a evil drug (maybe bad but not otherwise illegal unless like alcohol to EXCESS) and there are plenty of drugs that aren’t good… you can’t drive or operate a motor vehicle or do 1000 other things. There are 999 legal drugs you can take then go to work… and actually many drugs people stupidly give “overactive” kids are worst than either POT or even alcohol… can you get that? give children alcohol type drugs?! and only because the drug company paid enough senators that it should be legal. REGULATE blah POT but more than that F*** the legal dealers and REGULATE the LEGAL DRUGS.

SHEma sucks

Sorry, I’m *itching… but, I don’t even care if you legalize stupid drugs like POT (not my point) or alcohol (ha-ha already done)… just that you better regulate all the F***’d drugs that “legal”-drug companies are bribing everyone for.


for some people pot makes you mellow yellow, for some it makes you very paranoid, and the mind starts to race. Been 25 years since I tried that stuff and that’s what it did to me.

SHEma sucks

Just watching LIVE TUESDAY show so we can finally see Chima LEAVE… and it was just SO BEAUTIFUL that she was asked to the DR and before she could even sit down she was escorted out….

Drop Dead Diva (and not Sundays on showtime)…

Move over Omarosa… but wait you can’t get any lower so you two can both sit in the throne….

I’d like to see what Omarosa has to say about Chima and what Chima has to say about Omarosa (perhaps she’s already written something in the past even?).


Put them against each other on Celebrity boxing.

SHEma sucks

They’ll are probably guaranteed to have the same manager/agent… there can’t be too many people capable this sensitive type of role. Fire-retardant suits and all, they will have to be firemen/agents — actually they will need water-proof suits too for when someone throws water on them when playing pool. Ok so we covered fire-proof and water-proof… they’ll also need bs-proof… The mangers only need 100-proof stuff for themselves.

Evel Russ

Someone needs to get on that.
Of course, they’d both cheat right from the get go. Off would go the gloves and the hairpulling and scratching would begin.
I’d watch.


I’d watch too and eat popcorn. I like chicks who hair pull. Some of my best moves are yanking on a weave.

Mr. E

Jeff is finally getting smart. He’s already decided that Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin can’t be listened to, Jordan is overreacting because she’s on her period, and Michelle might have just heard Russell say something innocent and off-handed and twisted it around because that’s what she always does. He also pointed out that if he confronts Michelle and she was just overexaggerating she’ll snap and run off so he has to be really careful.


Oh god I hope Jeff and Jordan talk to them soon.


They haven’t played the Veto yet, because Chima will be hosting it tomorrow.


That would be funny.

SHEma sucks

Bringing in Omarosa and complementing her as she hosted would be funnier.

Payton 34

she better have a straight jacket on with an I-V coming out of her neck, and the Ramones song “I wanna be Sedated” playing in the background!

Canadian Point of View

God all I can do is pray for Jordan and Jeff to win this thing! Pleeeeaaaasssseeee!

Uncle Cool

Jeff, yes.

Jordan, no.

Jeff seems to be the only intelligent one in the game and the only one actually playing it AS a game. Everyone else is taking it too personally and literally.

Jeff has earned a win, unless he is ousted before then. If anyone else in the game is smart, they would get rid of Jeff because it is his game to lose.


God has better things to do. Besides, I’ve already pleaded with the devil and he says hello no.


earlier today i read that chima was making a big statement saying that she wasn’t kicked off but she voluntarily left the bb house and i know that they do alot of editing when they show bb on cbs but i don’t see how they could have edited that any other way……she clearly got KICKED off! it was so great!!

Evel Russ

Yeah, she even said that she was going to be raising hell all week, she clearly thought she was going to be able to stay and keep throwing her fit. I’m so glad Alison booted her ass. I only wish they would have like sent in security and dragged her ass out by her nasty ass weave. That would have been priceless.


Didn’t realize until the show tonite that Jeff threw to competition to let Jordon win. Also loved seeing him finally blow up a bit. Jeff, keep getting mad when needed. And Lydia keep playing the asshole card. You do it well.

SHEma sucks

Yeah from the feeds, I actually thought Jordan actually got a hole-in-1 at one point and Jeff just missed it as if he could also do the same, yet it was nice how he didn’t try and faked it… yet it was a whole lot of the opposite… she got a big number and he banged it bad.


Jeff might not have won anyways. He probably would have lost to Jordon anyways


Oh Lydia, just when it seemed Natalie was going to cry herself a river to swtim her way home, you go around blazing gun shots at Michelle, Jordon, Jeff, waisting grocery store sushi and beer. I love sushi and beer Lydia how dare you! That goggle tights costume she wears is such karma. Jeff I’m shocked he’s arguing with Lydia. Anytime he gets angry and goes all Ch-town gangsta in the Big Brother house it’s a waiste of time. But it was good for him to let Kevin and Natalie knowin front of everyone he’s not putting up with Lydia’s name calling outburst anymore. Lydia should go home because this is a competition, not MySpace and friendship clubs.

Mabye with the home call from home Natalie will be a sronger competitor. Kevin is starting to gorw out of that catty gossip group now that Chima is gone and Lydia went on a tyraid, there’s no one for him to cling on to stay in the game but himself.

SHEma sucks

Kevin, they weren’t waiting until today to portray… Ok wait, perhaps the producers WERE waiting, but the populace (and the other houseguests, and even you Kevin and even before she left … RE: “You’re screwing me Chima”) already knew she was a TERRIBLE house guest… anybody who quits is a quitter or Governor of Alaska and not a quiter. (I hate black women and white women — I hate all women!!! die die die except… maybe I love Jordan?… Ok?! that can’t be true… then I hate stupid women… ok… I guess not).

Drat!? Wait… what did I started bitching about? Quitters… STUPID…. who her loves QUITTERS?

I’d like to see all these people on blogs and facebook… (or actually I wouldn’t but it is great for comedic value).

I would like all stupid people to make themselves known!

I would have liked BB to go to Chima’s Grandmother and mother and family in the hours before she was evicted (if it wasn’t 2 in the morning) and ask them about it… perhaps next morning… No Chima probably rioted after getting kicked off and not even allowed to sit down in the DR room…. if only there was some way of contacting her family and loved ones and asking them about quitting and blowing up…. Chima just blew up as she F’ed 3 house guests and all her former fans… Millions of people were behind her and she FARTED.

Payton 34

Chima’s walking down Skidrow with a bottle ranting! Looks like she just got arrested on fake weave charges!


FUC^^^G Psycho!!!


Ok, Cbs is not going to air this, but it appears to have been houseguests taking showers together. Who has taken showers together and what has happen inside the showers?


Has there been any Jordon/Jeff action in the HOH room?

SHEma sucks

The thing I wanted to see the MOST was to have Chima in the game and for Russell to return the favor and throw water back on HER!??!!! … it would be so nice to see her melt.


Maybe there will be action in the HOH with J&J after Jeff asks her what she wants to eat and she replied HIM! I love them!! I think they are adorable together.

Jordan All-time BB Fan

shes on her period HAHAHA


So every girl gets there period
id like to see a male go threw the shit women do. Atleast she not being a tottal blow out like Chima throwing there shit around like she owns it.


Is this ever boring!!!!

SHEma sucks

Re: Lydia and Harry Potter:

Long time, and back in 2007…