Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin figures Thursday out: POV -> POV Ceremony -> Eviction -> HOH

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:00pm HOH Michelle and Jeff. Michelle has been crying and Jeff notices it. Michelle is worried that there’s a break in the group. Michelle asks about last night when she said goodnight to him and he made a reference to a colt 45. Jeff says he said nothing about Colt-45 he said “goodnight see you tomorrow”. Jeff tells her they are totally cool, he has her back. He tells her he’s still committed to the final 4 plan. He feels that there was some shit said and he’s going to bring it up with Russell next week. I don’t know what?s going on but now isn’t the time to do it. The other side wants us out we can’t let them know what?s up. We need to stick together or we lose the numbers and won’t make it to the final 4. Michelle says she’s worried that they think its a good time to get Michelle out.. Jeff tells her no fucking way it?s you me and jordan all the way. Michelle brings up jeff talking to Jordan about no more threesomes and it had her worried. Jeff reassures her that he met in the HOH bed because he had trouble sleeping. again Jeff tells her they are solid. They hug and Jeff heads outside to smoke.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:20pm Backyard Jeff and Russell. Russell wants to know if the POV is used than Kevin will be going up. Jeff asks Russell who he wants to see go home this week. Russell says strategically the strongest one out of those 2 is Kevin. He’s the only one able to play intelligently. Russell continues saying if he had to decide between Lydia and Natalie he would choose Natalie because Lydia isn’t playing the game as is no threat. Jeff tells him there on the same page so he doesn’t ahve to be worried. Jeff says they need to start working out together again. Russell agrees.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:30pm Red Room Natalie, Lydia and Kevin. Kevin thinks they might skip the POV this week because somehow Chima leaving fucked up the schedule. Natalie says if they skip POV this week it would be truly unfair she calls it being backdoored by production. Kevin mentions it might be a live on Thursday to make up for no double eviction. Kevin goes on saying it makes sense they have POV, POV ceremony, eviction and HOH all in one show doesn’t through the house off schedule and still makes for an exciting night. They start talking about getting rid of Russell and how perfect this week would be. Kevin thinks he should go up to Jeff and ask him who he should use the POV on and if Jeff doesn’t put up Russell he would
be screwing me. Natalie leaves. Lydia tells Kevin not to use the POV on her. Kevin says Jeff might want me to take down Natalie or they won’t put Russell up than you could be going home. Kevin says he knows who the target it right now.. Lydia asks who Kevin just shrugs her off tells her it doesn’t matter. Natalie comes back and Lydia tells her she’s the target,
“Kevin just told me”. Natalie says bullshit Kevin tell us the truth… Kevin doesn’t tell them.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:00pm Backyard Michelle running, Russell and Jeff weight training.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:30pm Red Room Lyida, Natalie and Kevin playing cards


6:37pm Control Room

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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139 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin figures Thursday out: POV -> POV Ceremony -> Eviction -> HOH

    1. LOL Randy, that’s my personal favorite too.
      Although I also really liked when Michelle was talking about all the things they do with stem cells. Jeff’s response of Holy cow, how do people do this stuff? I was impressed when I made a lego castle ..with directions!!

  1. Kevin deserves a cookie. Of course that is what is going to happen. The fast forward double eviction was supposed to go down on Thursday, it is still going to happen minus the double eviction.

  2. OMG someone save a spot on the Therapy Couch next to Chima cause Lydia is on her way…I can’t believe these women are losing their freakin minds because Jesse was evicted..I mean give me a freaking break he is a player in this game like everyone else in the house and they are acting like he is some sort of Cult Leader and they have lost the man they bow down to and pray to..flat ridiculous..grow up geez its a game..

    Sorry folks had to vent a little

    1. Keep reading the spoilers cuz she and Natalie appear to be doing an about face….tho ya never know…could be the scheming needed to win the game. It’s a whole other world in that Big Brother household! lol.

    2. yes somebody else besides be figures out that jessie is the BB cult leader, all emotionally unbalanced females follow him everywhere and do what he says

    3. I agree. Natalie has egged them on but also has been the only one of them that hasn’t stopped playing the game or looking at this like a game and did seem to try and explain that to them. I think she feels a bit betrayed by Chima but is trying to project that onto Michelle.
      I felt for Kevin when he was crying because he had failed to talk sense into Chima – from this most recent post it looks like he’s *finally* starting to play his own game now but I fear it’s too late for him…

      1. China did not betray anyone! Chima left the game because she mentally/emotionally could not deal with how rigged things seemed. They all came into this game as individuals and only one person will win.

        You don’t have to like Chima but she didn’t backstab or betray anyone. She just quit!
        Instead of sleeping the game away, Nat could have been relationship building with other house guests outside of her circle as Kevin did.

        1. CHIMA was a bully and a bee–itch. . . . walking around like her skank ass didn’t skank……….she didn’t quit. . . . .she withdrew from playing by the rules, some would call that a sociopath, she was then removed from the game. . .. funny how things don’t go her way, the game is rigged. . . .but that only entered her messed up fat head once things took a turn in the house…..this is the 11th season of BB………….THE ONE THINGS CONTESTANTS AND AUDIENCE KNOWS IS EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED……………..bunch of babies.

        2. Chima did not leave the game because she couldn’t take it anymore….what the hell…chima left the game because Chima was defeated and Chima didn’t want the other side to have the satisfaction of voting her out. It came out her own mouth. She backed herself in a corner being a loud mouth bitch and deserves everything she got…And I hope like hell people think twice before letting her be a spokeswoman for women that have been raped….she wished it on someone else for one but for two, she’s a very WEAK women…she got nominated and knew that her ass was going out the door! Grow up!

    4. I totally agree with you also. One thing I am so sick of is the crying in the house. Geezzz, they are supposed to be adults but are more like little kids. This year there has been very little game played and I hope next year they screen the people much better because just over half the people picked this year should not have been picked. I miss the real game playing like they did in the first BB’s when if first started, from BB1-BB5 and the all star game. Back then the HG had some modesty and watched themselves and at least had some pride in themselves. This year quite a few of them don’t and need to be on lithium. LOL

  3. I do not think Jeff and Jordan will go against Michelle and Russ at this point. I think their focus is getting the other side out then dealing with the others later. I really think Jeff knows that Kevin is putting doubt in their minds and is just playing it out for now.

  4. Best thing that can happen now is anyone but Kevin or Natalie win PoV and Natalie is evicted as planned. Then Russell or Michelle wins HoH and nominates Lydia & Kevin. Kevin is evicted and it’s clear sailing for the “good guys”.

  5. See what I mean, Michelle was having a nervous breakdown, BB calls her in, and soon after Jeff makes up with her. Come on, I have to say that is suspicious. I know BB messes with the house but nothing like this. Unbelievable instead of letting Michelle fall apart, they consult with her and bam everything is in place again. I don’t like how much BB producers are blantantly influencing the game.

    1. I agree. They talked Jordan and Jeff out of putting Russell up ( Why??). I do think they talked Michelle into putting Chima up. Additionally, I think the purpose of the CDT was to help Jeff in the game. They knew how much Jeff was loved by viewers from the blog/polls on the CBS BB website.

        1. I was not referring to the CDT but the producers spoke to Jordan and then to Michele to ensure that the final four will be J/J/R/M. I think they are influencing too much this season.

  6. They never do a POV before the 2nd half of a double eviction…I wonder if we’re not getting one this week. Nat’s meltdown would be priceless.

    1. it would start to look too much like the fix is in if the y do that….i think they will just use the quick HoH comp they had planned and terat it like a PoV comp the way they turned Saturday’s PoV comp into an HoH comp.

  7. Jeff is going to confront Russell and Michele.. Ugh.. Then it’s become a he said, she said thing, Jeff isn’t gonna know what to believe, the alliance is going to be done, they will send one of their own home, and give the other side the numbers again.. Although during the show tonight they said “the battle for next HoH gets started”, so I’m thinking it would kinda be good in the sense that without Russell, Jeff would be the favorite to win an endurance competition..

      1. I agree. Michele is the dangerous player here. Why did we vote Jeff the power of CDT when the real beneficiary of this move was Michele? If Jeff and Jor battle directly against Michele and Russ, they will lose. Face it , Jordan is HOH, backdoor Michele now. They can use the 3 votes to evict who they want. Later, these 3 votes won’t be there!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I don’t think it’s smart at all to do it this week.. Wouldn’t Russell be pissed if Michele got HoH? Then he would have a direct reason to get rid of Jeff.. And in the HoH it would be Jeff/Russell against three of them.. They suddenly don’t have the numbers anymore.. I agree they have to get rid of Michele and Russell if they want to win the game, but I don’t think this is the right week.. Next week they could Michele on board to get rid of Russell, and later on they could deal with Michele.. That’s the smart thing to do in my opinion..

  8. “””SOOOOOOOOOO glad Chima finally got sent home…couldn’t feel any BETTER than I do …she is and always has been a “””WASTE””” tghe show deserves sOOOOOO much more that that piece of “””WORK”””!!!!! Go home u deserve 2!!!!How DARE “U” disrespect Big Brother, they should of “”””NEVER””” picked u !!!GLAD U R GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. She was fired. Get a clue. She was expecting to stay in the house. Right before she got booted she said she was going to raise hell all week.

  9. Totaly agrre with you CrusinCris..
    Gee these women remind me of the Manson family girls. Jesse being there leader..Comon you have a women on the show that threatens to cut herself..

  10. Is there crack in the slop recipe or what? People in this house are slowly losing it and some of them (Lydia, Michelle) don’t have many brain cells left to give….On another note, I have loved J/J from the beginning (aside from a major jonesing for Russell) but I am beginning to get annoyed by Jordan and think she is playing Jeff. He has gone waaaaay too far out protecting her and has not played the game for himself (giving her HoH, etc.)…and she had the nerve to place that nut-job Michelle’s key before Jeff’s?!? Where’s the loyalty. Jeff….drop the gentleman act, win the money, then go get the girl (from her mom’s bed – WTF?!?).

  11. After seeing tonight’s show-this may be more than production can handle, however reading whats been going on in the house(via this site-thanks!) it seems things have calmed a little. Still scheming going on. My bet is once Lyd/Nat leave the house they’ll still cuddle with Jesse”Jiz” in the Jury house. Jesse”two fingers” must have some strange power over looney chick’s!

  12. Wow who knew Jordan was poor white trash. I think she is really disgusting. In tonight’s episode she cried about how poor she is and how she had to share a room with her mother. My question is why do you have a boob job? I would also like to know why she is not in school or living on her own, she is almost 22. I moved out at 18, and if I could not afford to move out at 18 and have my own place I would not have went and bought some tits. She is really a pig, most likely waiting for a man to knock her up and take care of her. That marriage would be short lived because I can tell that Jordan is the type of girl that is just waiting to get fat. I saw her triple fisting snacks the other night on AD. The second she gets knocked up she will gain 50 pounds and because she is to stupid to figure out the connection between eating to much and gaining weight she will be fat forever. I do not want her to win. I hate stupid women, and I hate people who cry poor but spend their money on luxuries like boobs and hand bags. To get my vote she would have to spend some cash on a brain.

          1. Calling your bluff – you just must not have any real contact in the world with real people to recognize a genuine human.

    1. getting a little harsh, aren’t you. …..she’s the only female on the show who has shown any “class” …..if being a blow-jobbing, jackin’ off, malicious, looney, back-stabbing, evil, cruel woman is being classified as “strong” you need some book learnin’ (and you may want to include the bible in your books to read)……you may want to look up chima and you can join group therapy together

      1. Yup – Jordans class speaks through her genuine concern & also by her not saying anything ugly, racial, lying, or giving someone a hand *** to get by. She may not be well educated, but her class is displayed by what she chooses NOT TO DO.

    2. I say dont judge others leave that up to god! im pretty sure you yourself have done or said some questionable things pretty much with all you said reminds me of chima!! with all the evilness! some people from down south north east west yes can be poor and spend their money on stupid shit it doesnt mean you have to make half a$$ed assumptions about their future! . and duh I like jordan! and no i dont judge others because i know im not perfect!

    3. i feel sorry for you. jordan is a sweet soul. she shares a room with her mom because they do not have their own rooms. it is refreshing to hear someone worry about their mother before worrying about themselves. if you had heard the economy has hurt her mom’s job as of lately. times are tough out there. she wants to give that money to her mom and brother, she is not worried about herself. so think before you pass judgement.
      if you want to talk about poor white trash look at Lydia and the way she acts and presents herself. I was sick to my stomach that someone was crazy enough to act like that on live tv! it is nuts!

    4. Wow, you’re a douche! I almost understand your twisted logic but wow! It just takes a super douchy person to see the bad in as sweet as Jordan.

    5. before suggesting that someone use their brain, you might want to learn the difference between “too” and “to”

    6. Grandpa always says its better to triple fist snacks (Jordan) then let yourself be triple fisted (Lydia) by a retard with big ol’ musscals but no musscal between his legs………20 years from now Jordan may be chunky but will be very loved …….chLamYDIA ….oops, I mean Lydia, will be a crazy ramblin’ broad on the street with no teethers and no one to give her her meds.. .. and for some reason I have a feeling that too will be BB’s and CBS’s fault…..not any bad choices she’s made and will continue to make but the “rigged” TV show

    7. You know…my question to you is “how the f*** do you know she bought her boobs, or if SHE even did? ” And I would pray that my daughter would still live and help me if times were hard, because some would just leave their parents struggling and worry about themselves. Oh, my guess, that would be you. Some of us hold our family very close and will do anything to make them comfortable and smile everyday. But personally, its none of our business, especially yours to negatively judge her when she has been the sweetest, most kind, caring, and self-respectful woman in that house. Go Jordan, shake them haters off girl and continue to be YOURSELF!

  13. Okay – so I don’t get it. Chima gets her ‘power’ taken away by the CDT. She throws a BIG BABY fit. Chima gets nominated for eviction and not only throws another fit but throws her mike and talks smack to BB producers. … forward. After Chima the baby gets fired – Michelle loses her HOH power and………………………..DOES NOTHING!! She isn’t a baby about it. She doesn’t blame BB or anyone else int he house. She takes it like an adult and realizes it’s just a game!! In all the seasons I have watched BB – I have never seen three more terrible players. I hope Michelle, Jeff or Jordan win. I suppose the next move for the whiners will be that they won’t vote for anyone that makes it to the final two. UGH!! I need some medication after tonight’s show. Sorry – had to vent!

  14. Um..How Ironic and koo koo for Co Co puffs was it that Lydia aka “Jack-a-Lantern” that grill is not cute called Jordon a fat Ho when she was the one in the HOH room Sucking Jessie off..
    and yes I FELL OUT when casey told “Shrek” to go make Jessie a sandwich~!

    1. it had to be hard for the group not to comment re: the ho remark…..and hooray hooray hooray for jeff and his white horse coming to her defense…..i adore that guy!

  15. “Wear your unitard, BITCH!!!” I’m sorry, but that was hilarious! I would be soooo embarrassed if I were Lydia once I got out and watched myself….

  16. did anyone else think that lydia’s comments to jordan/jeff during the hoh comp and then to jordan after she had won hoh were completely out of line and unacceptable? and when jordan was reading her hoh letter it made me tear up! lol

  17. am i the only one who hates kevin? the past couple weeks hes just gotten on my nerves. and lydia..well i just wanna slap her.

    1. Remember Jessie was the 13th houseguest And there should only be jury members with chimaera fine there will still be 8 members

    2. From what I understand, it is going to be America’s vote as a jury vote which is cool to decide who wins the half a million.

    1. all depends on how the planned conversation between him and jeff goes tonight,hope russell makes jeff realise they need to stick to the plan……

    2. 100% if he falls for Natalie’s tricks. Kevin really stuck his neck out for her. I hope that they BD him like they have done in the past. Natalie and Lydia deserve to go home. They poured out all of Jesse and Russell’s clothes, they poured water in their beds. This is child play not game play.

  18. Who cares if Russ gets backdoored because the producers will make sure that doesn’t happen, clearly by the discussions they have with Jordan and Michelle. I have never seen the producers so involved with the show and if there is no POV before eviction then clearly the BB producers have favorites (but everyone knows that all ready, even if you don’t want to admit it).

    1. dude what r u talking about no pov?? thursday episode will all be live…pov,pov ceremony,eviction,then they will start the hoh comp..most likely it will be a long one so it will start on tv and then we get to finish it on the live feed….

  19. Why are people calling Jordan WHITE TRASH?

    So what she cried over the letter because she maybe had a rough childhood. She slept in the same room or bed with her mother because maybe her family weren’t blessed with an inheritance like a LARGE amount of people in this world get at one point in their life by a family member.

    How does everyone know she had a boob job done? Maybe she’s saying that to get ahead in the BB game. Maybe she’s acting like your stereotype blond “dumb” broad. Personal attacks aren’t cool man.

    And so what if she got a boob job. In life you don’t always need brains to get ahead in life. Good looks matter in a way also

    1. You have fake boobs and you are so poor you don’t even have a trailer to live in. Come on. That is white trash, that isn’t a personal attack, that is the truth. I would be ashamed.

      1. Its true, if you have $5000 and you share a bed with your mom then a reasonable person would ensure your parents have bills paid,etc NOT BUY BOOBS! Clearly she is selfish and I cannot support someone like that.

        1. nope me either. I would feel ashamed to go on tv with a shirt full of sillycone’s and bawl over not having a house. If I ever do, someone, anyone, please kick my frickin’ ass

              1. did you guys ever think that the boobs were a present from an ex bf? its possible that they were bought for her or maybe she bought them when things were going well for her family and then with the recession they started to lose everything.. so what is she supposed to do? give the boobs back? honestly judging someone without having the full story is ridiculous and makes you all sound like morons.

      2. Actually just because she had a boob job and has to share a room with her mom does not mean she’s white trash, if i’m not mistaken she’s worked at hooters (which also does NOT equal white trash) and most of those girls get big incentives for working there, some get to tan for free, some get boob jobs for free or they pay a small amount for them. Do not ever put someone down because of something material they have, when you don’t know they even that materialisic thing.

        1. I agree with you. Plus…I thought that her family was fine financially before her father divorced her mother. Either way, shes not white trash! I love her!

    2. Consider the source. It was Lydia that said it. She also called her a HO. This comes from
      the same one that jerk off little dick (JESSE) with two fingers and little movement! HER WORDS NOT MINE! or limited movement whatever!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Natalie is trying to play sweet now. Hope Jeff is not a dummy and fall for their tricks and go marching to the jury house. I want to see game not Natalie putting up people to do her dirty work. Did you hear her say that she ran the house? I know she was Jesse’s puppy.

    1. Natalie did run the house. Jessie followed her around like a puppy and did exactly what she said to do. Chima and Kevin in turn followed along as well. Nat ruled.

  21. My take is Jeff was not a good game player in the first play (days spend on the sofa smoking and complaining about others having the upper hand in the game with Jordan sitting next to him agreeing). However, he did help Jordan stay in the game by telling her to stay out of other people BS (which she seems to have forgotten that?s how she has gotten this far in the game). If Jeff had not been handed the upper hand in the game with the CDT, I wonder if he would be going home this week.

    Jeff too could be have been doing a better job relationship building then he would have realized that he would not want to make a deal with the devil by working with the two biggest backstabber/liars in the game ( Russell and Michelle). If he is smart he would get one of them out now.

  22. I don’t think America has the capacity to vote a winner for Big Brother. It is obvious what they will actually do so I do not think it is fair they hand it to Jeff. It’s a game you are supposed to play to win. Granted there was a wrench thrown into the game and my personal favorite was voted out, oh well, he is gone. boo hoo.
    Do we want another season like last year when America picked Dan to win everything? He didn’t play the game. America handed him the 500 hundred thousand. Maybe it’s just me but I want to see them play the game, backstab, bitch, make alliances etc. I’m sick of BB picking a favorite, giving them extra screen time and making someone out to be the good guy for their own agenda.

    1. OMG…..Dan played and outplayed every person on BB last year. He was fantastic…..everyone in the jury house hated him….but they voted for him because he deserved it ;)

      1. No, America voted for him for every america’s choice. He was handed the win. If not, just like Jeff he would have been voted out early in the game. The only thing that saved Jeff is that they could not vote him out

    1. no.. welcome to big brother 11.. you have had 10 seasons to get acquainted with the rules.. please try to keep up.

  23. I really wish I had enough money to fly a banner over the house to tell Russ to flip to the dark side. This goody two shoe hick side is driving me insane. Jordon/Joron the Moron has the charisma of a wet noodle. Someone please send her packing. I don’t even care if Jeff wins as long as she is out of the house. Last year it was Jessica, this year Jordon. Come on, mix stuff up. Give us another demographic. Give us something besides these annoying blondes who drag on and on.

  24. “Why did Jordan cry, does she have her period”

    She cried because she got a letter from her mother.

    Why the hell did Chima, Lydia, Natalie cry over some degenerate on roids with a 2incher?

  25. I thought Natalie looked too cute on tonights episode with her hair in two knots. Russell was a big asshole to her and I really wish to be evil she plucked hair from his balls while he slept with a tweezer. Now that would make her a witch and give Russell exactly what he deserved.

    1. What! If that was cute everyone would be doing it, she looked like the idiot she is! And can you really confirm Jordan has fake boobs just cuz she said so? Assume away.

  26. fck you jordan haters! if you were stck in the house for 40 damn dys i bet u eouldn’t cry about the first on might be the only time in the house tht you would hear from your family!

    1. I know lots of candy, she is going to beef up the last couple weeks in the house. She is kinda getting on my nerves lately. She has got a huge mouth and says way too much, and gets herself into trouble and doesn’t even realize it.

    2. I think Jordan’s eating out of boredom….Eating just for the sake of doing something, not necessarily cause she’s hungry! How many people are guilty of that?!

  27. I’m sorry but Russell gets on my last nerve. . . . . repeating over and over and over and freakin’ over how smart michelle is. . . . . obviously he will have to get all the poop removed once he gets her head out of his ass….this is when he really shows his age/his immaturity
    like when following J&J around and saying 3 million times, we’re the final 4, we’re the final 4…..he’s like a little gnat

    PLEASE GET RID OF Chlam-lydia (her and her infectionz)

  28. Are some of you just completely ignorant or just plain stupid? Nat and Lydia have not played this game with any sort of intelligence level whatsoever! Everything is personal to them- do you really want to hand this money over to people who feel they just deserve it instead of actually earning it??? If so- you must have voted for Obama and you deserve the disappointment you get!

    1. Lyida latches on to who ever has the power, Natalie clung to Jessie like a puppy dog and Kevin well grovelled at Chima feet. And is the only of the rat pack that actually makes attempts to play the game.

  29. LOL before the coup d’etat the only people I saw in front of the screen were Jesse and Natalie as they systematically picked off all the other cliques one by one. Now the tables have turned and I think it’s about time other people got some attention. They’re playing the game great and deserve it. Funny how things in this game can change from week to week. But seriously I’ve been blown away by the people that are saying they’ve been loyal and never lied, never stabbed anyone in the back. It’s simply BS. I really can’t wait til they all get out and see the things we’ve seen all season.

    1. On one of the BBAD Natalie and Lydia and Kevin were talking about STARTING this BIG LIE (ABOUT russell) and GNAT said just REMEMBER NEVER NEVER admit that it was a lie and then you can always say “I NEVER ONCE LIED TO YOU IN THIS GAME”, sHE REALLY BELIEVES THIS bull SHIT!

      1. America knows that Nat is an inveterate liar!!!!! we have seen her lie over and over from day one (her age) to last night (Chima’s microphone “dropped” into the pool”) She just lies!!!

  30. I also want Russell to win POV. I cannot believe that J/J believes anything that comes out of Nat’s mouth. It doesn’t take a rocket scientiest for J/J to know that it is better to take their chances with Russ/Michelle to the final 4. Once that happens is there any doubt that Russ/Michelle will team up since J/J made it very clear that they are ONE in this game? And J/J shud realize this. If they are stupid enough to trust a dirty low life like Nat, then they truly deserve to lose. This session is driving not only the HG’s crazy, it’s driving all of us nuts. According to the other fans that I spoke to, they feel the same way I do. Maybe its time for us to take a break from watching so that we can gain back our sanity. We said once J/J leaves, so does our watching BB becuz then we really don’t give a Rat’s behind who wins….

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