Big Brother 11 Spoilage – BULLSHIT!

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm Backyard Michelle and Russell drinking wine. Michelle brings up Jordan and that she’s been acting funny lately.. She thinks it?s her period. Russell says Jeff told him the same thing, he hopes they haven’t pissed them off. Russell says he’s working out with Jeff again he’ll push Jeff hard tomorrow so he’s sore for the endurance Competition. They start talking about the houseguests that have already left. Russell explains why he gave Ronnie such a hard time because he knew Ronnie had a huge Ego and saying that Russell outsmarted him chipped away at it. Russell wonders why Jeff and Jordan are hanging out with the other group. Russell wonder if Jeff is going to say anything to them, he can sense something has been up

with both Jordan and Jeff. Michelle says they reason he’s out there is because he’s hedging his bets. Michelle trust they all still have a final 4 Russell is worried that Jeff and Jordan might want to make a move early. Russell says him and Michelle are the strongest team. He tell her she’s physically the strongest female in the house and mentally to. She tells Russell that he is string mentally to. Michelle comments that if it was just Michelle and Russell in the house they
would never run out of things to say. Russell warns her that they need to really watch how much they talk even though its not about game they don’t want to be labelled schemers. Russell thinks that Jeff wouldn’t turn his back on their final 4 agreement until closer to the end. Michelle says that Jeff is playing it smart you can’t blame him for talking to the other side. Russell doesn’t think we’ll do anything drastic until Jeff does it first. Russell goes on and on about how powerful him and Michelle are “2 smart athletic people that play mind games c’mon we’re the strongest team” Michelle says she doesn?t think Ronnie was expecting her to fuck with his head so much before he was evicted… Russell says Ronnie was a idiot he thought he had the game but he didn’t. Russell tells her until the win HOH they can’t do shit so just relax
until then. They decide to go inside.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:15pm Kitchen Everyone but jeff and Jordan playing Bullshit.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:25pm HOH Jeff and Jordan Jeff is telling her to cool down and not be so crabby everyone can notice and it they are starting to talk. Jordan defend herself saying she’s kept her mouth shut all day. Jeff says he’s talking to Russell tonight and he’s going to find out what?s up and try and save the final 4 deal. Jordan suggest they get Russell drunk first because then he’ll open up. Jeff says after Russell drinks his wine he’s going to talk to him.. he stresses they must keep a level head they’ve kept it cool the entire game so now they need to continue doing that. Jordan is convinced if Russell wins he’ll put Jeff and her up. Jeff say’s it doesn’t matter who wins we’re going up, If Lydia wins we’re going up to and I?m the one going home not you. Jordan?s worried if Kevin wins POV who will they put up and how will the vote go. Jeff tells her not to worry he’ll figure it all out tonight. Jeff reminds her that they need to look at it long term not short term. He warns her about being too nice to the other side saying that Russell and Michelle see this and it has them questioning our alliance. Jordan says she just thought she should be civil to Natalie. Jeff reminds her that the other side is all nice and happy with Jordan because she’s hoh but they really don’t give 2 shits about Jordan. He recommends she use the period exclude to Michelle and Russell and smooth things over with the,. He really thinks they need the final 4 alliance oe they’re screwed. Jeff thinks that when he confronts Russell and Michelle there is going to be a blow up and the other side is going to see it all happen. They will pull one us aside and try to rope us in. Jeff says that Michelle and him talked up here earlier in the day and she was crying.. He’s starting to think that Michelle is more to blame than Russell. He thinks that Michelle is twisting things around.. He told her he’s going to talk to them all and she looked a little worried. She’s been acting like a emotional wreck all day because she knows she’s guilty. Jeff tells her they need Natalie out this week
because they cannot risk Russell and Natalie having a side agreement. Jeff leaves to go downstairs and play bullshit.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:35pm backyard Jeff smoking getting ready to play bullshit

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:55pm Kitchen all Houseguests beside Jordan playing Bullshit. Jordan is in the HOH bed with the lights outs resting. Michelle is drunk and giggling about everything. Russell wins a match and does his little dance. They change to Hold-em Poker, Michelle decides to sit it out because she’s too drunk. They are using candy as money, each player gets 16 now-n-laters and 7 black crows, The black crows are worth twice that of the Now-n-laters

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:44pm Lydia in the shower shaving her elbow

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:55pm Still playing cards no game talk.. they seem to be getting tired of playing cards. Natalie gets called into the Diary room and the game ends.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
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The nerve of Lydia to call Jordan a Hoe, she was the one in the HOH giving handjobs, blow jobs and doing ?whatever she needed to do to stay?. I like Lydia, but that was very uncalled for..I know she was buzzed?but she looked like a idot yet again?.and how cute is Jeff?he is such a doll?.he is the nicest guy in BB history?


I totally agree!! The nerve of her!! Jordan has kissed Jeff. That’s it!! Jeff is the nicest guy in BB history. I loved seeing his face when Jordan was reading her letter.


Jeff talk to them now they’re wondering the same thing you and jordN are he longer you wait the more and more Michelle and russell are going to question and go to the other side


what none of them realize is that the “other side” does not seem to be recruiting so how it can make sense for any of them to backstab sometime in the next two weeks is beyond me….

Payton 34

Shaving her elbows??

Evel Russ

LOL, wtf?

deborah grimes

lidya does cut herself so that is how she is getting away with it by looking like an ass hole ,she has alot of nuts falling from her tree,she has tats to cover the scar s


Danielle shaved her stomach and arms and many other places. It was wild. I didn’t even know it was possible for woman to grow hair in those places and I’m female. or at least I think I am


i hate lydia!!! she sucks! I have faith that the final four will stick to the original plan!!! this is the first season i read the spoilers, but i cant quit they are so addicting, thanks for getting them up so quick all the time!

Evel Russ

It is incredibly fortunate that Jeff threw this HOH to Jordan. He’s guaranteed safety and he has a good shot at the HOH if it’s endurance where Jordan wouldn’t have.


but… Russell has a plan to downgrade Jeff’s abilities by working him hard tomorrow when they workout. Hope it doesn’t happen. It is bad play on Russ’s part if he is sabotaging his alliance that way.


Its actually smart for Russ. if either lyd or kev win hoh (assuming nat is gone) then jeff will be on the block. cause everyone knows jeff will get America’s vote (and Jordan’s as well). the week after, it’s russ, mich, and jordan against only one in the hoh comp.


Michelle and Russell get a clue, you are not the strongest team. Wow, how is he trying to convince himself or paranoid Michelle all the bullshit he is saying is true. Have another drink.


WHY DOES MICHELLE LIE? idont get it.. (lol while im typing this michelle says “i dont want him to win”.. ) maybe thats it.. but still its kinda crazy..

Mr. E

You know, I was about to give Michelle the benefit of the doubt. I really tried. But I’m listening to the live feeds right now and I have an overwhelming urge to throw my shoe at my monitor. She’s incapable of reigning in her BS and that’s going to be a liability.


Not only that but she is so boring and shallow.

BB is a joke!

I agree!!


Is it just me or does Michelle seem like a tweaker? She seems as if she’s an addict or something the way she twitches and her eyes shift constantly.


I am so glad that Chima is gone. It doesn’t matter if she was fired from the show or if she was evicted by the the other houseguests as long as she is gone. I am curious what the producers intend to do now about this situation. Chima will not be a member of the jury and that now will make 6 members on the jury. They always have an odd number so that a tie cannot occur. It will be interesting to see what they plan to do now. Perhaps a previously evicted houseguest may return to the house or perhaps they may move Ronnie to the jury house as he was the last one out before Jessie. Heck, they may even go to a final 3 and have the houseguest choose one of the 3 to vote for which would only leave 5 jury members to vote!

another fan

For about the 50th time on these comments, America gets the 7th vote.


I’m not sure if they could bring Ronnie back to the jury house because he has not been sequestered so he surely has been watching the show which could influence his vote.

We were talking about this last night and BB could decide to do an “America’s Vote” after the two finalists are revealed and America becomes one of the votes to keep the numbers odd so a tie would not be possible. Just a thought though!!


What they will probably do is, have an America’s vote in case of a tie. The really can’t bring back any other house guest because they have been able to see what is going on behind the TV show.


Perhaps they will ask America to vote prior to the finale, so if there is a tie, they will use the results of America to break the tie.


Maybe they will ask America to vote prior to the finale, so that if there is a tie, America’s vote will break the tie.

Randy Wolfgang

America will place their vote the week prior to the final – it will be a seventh vote and will break a tie if necessary. Of course if the jury house votes are breaking 4-2, America’s vote won’t matter. It’s just a seventh vote – it isn’t only used if there is a tie

I am Ronnie!

BB can puck me bring me back to jury!
I can keep a scert and pertend I do not know anything this us fair because
it really doesn’t matter no body will listen to me because I always lie
anyhow! And then if they decide not to use the Americas vote will
I am right here to return to Tre game!
I am still waiting and living in rear lot inside the black datson bluebird!
Just FYI producers!

Mr. E

Oh great, now Jordan is telling Michelle she’s so obvious when she lies, then says she always sounds like she’s lying (duh…maybe that means she’s always lying, Jordan?)


Lydia is a freak who needs to take a good long look in the mirror before she starts calling other people names….natalie needs to realize she is FEMALE and stop talking, dressing, walking, and acting like a guy! Michelle needs to stop laughing every time she says something, is EVERYTHING funny out of her mouth? NOT!!! She is annoying…Russell needs to stop thinking he is gods gift to women. Jeff and Jordan are the cutest twosome in that house….they are honest, they are genuine and not snakes like all the others. I hope one of them wins BB…either one is very deserving!!!!


For me, I just want people who played the cleanest game to be able to fight it out for the final 2 spot. That mean Michelle and Russell has to go! Lying and back stabbing should not be rewarded.


I’m pretty sure that it will be America’s vote that will replace Chima’s in the Jury.


Michelle is driving me insane…. I really can’t tell who she is loyal to, JJ or Russ. She is such a wild card. I think she will end up being loyal to whoever has the power, end of story. Which sucks, because I thought her and Jordan had a good BB friendship. But if Russ wins HOH, I see Michelle voting out either Jeff or Jordan. Unless Russ isn’t in the house after this week 🙂 Thursday will be awesome!

I am Ronnie!

All you so called fans complaining about lying and backstabbing get real.
This game us about who can to win


well all i know is dat natalie has to go! no matter what cuz shes a lying bitch
jordan and jeff needa keep russel for atleast one more week
and to get russel to vote for jordan or jeff michelle needs to win next hoh comp and put russel and lydia
hopefully russel goes home

anyways i hope jordan wins cuz right now shes been all nice and she really needs the money to help her parents out natalie lydia dont deserve that money 1 bit

lydia came to have fun and it looks like she has no intention of winning and natalie is a disguisting and horrible excse for a human being shes also a stupid retard blamingmichelle for chima going home !

get over it u dumbass! u sent home 3 friends of jordan and jeff and they only sent jessie home! geez natalie sucks major cock