Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeffs Drunk, Jordan “we gonna have some fun?” Jeff “I’m going to be a octopus with 8 hands up there tonight”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

This Big Brother Spoiler encompass what is going on in the Big Brother house from 9:52pm to 10:36pm on August 23rd

9:52pm Backyard couch Jordan and Jeff are studying the numbers of things around the house. Jeff is impressed with how much Jordan knows. She said it was hard to count things today because she didn’t want Russell or Michelle to see her. Jordan points out at one point Michelle could see me, but she leaned back and counted them. I didn’t want to seem like I was counting. Jordan says she knows how many pillow there are in the Red room and the Backyard Couch. Jeff wants to know about all the flowers on the wall. Jordan thinks that won’t be asked. Jeff suggests she count them also just to be safe. She goes on and on about all the things in the house. Jeff tells her he’s proud that she’s really buckled down. She tells him that there is 2 plants that are gone in the Living Room. He tells her there are 4 Saki bottles but Russell threw one out the first day so now there is only 4. Jeff says there is 595 silver cans in green room, 103 bottles on top. Jordan says she’ going to keep counting everything in the house tomorrow to keep it fresh (D?j? vu didn’t Natalie from bb9 spend a whole week counting things and the comp ended up being endurance) Natalie pokes her head outside and invites Jeff to the poker game. Jeff leaves…

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm Hammock Jordan. Jordan’s studying the dates when people where evicted. She going over everything that’s gone on in competitions and ceremony’s.. (she’s thinking out loud)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm Poker table Natalie, Michelle and Kevin. Kevin and Michelle are new to the game so Natalie give them pointers. After each hand is dealt Natalie is very willing to give every single person
playing a tip on how they can improve their game next round.. (pretty fing annoying). Conversation are scattered mostly just either poker talk or silly chit chat.. Michelle and Kevin not saying much. Natalie talking a mile a minute to Jeff still not toning it down like Kevin had asked. Natalie says she wishes they would have a poker game as a competition she thinks she would win. Jeff thinks that type of competition would be hard.
Michelle leaves. Jeff sys he’s stating to feel the booze. Natalie “you killed that entire bottle!” Jeff on his last glass than the bottle it done.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
10:36pm Backyard. Michelle and Jordan on the Hammock and Jeff near the couch Smoking. Michelle says Russell is in the green room listening in on the kitchen conversation..
Jordan “Jeff you getting tipsy”
Jeff “yes very”
Jordan “we going to have some fun”
Jeff “I’m going to be a octopus with 8 hands up there tonight.”
Michelle “Damn”
Jordan “One morning I woke up and my hand was on his butt”
Jordan “when are you going to be done?”
Jeff “Thats it i’m done Natalie is good”
Jeff tells Michelle she should come tell jokes with him. Michelle leaves the hammock and goes to the couch to talk to Jeff. She wants to go up to the HOH and talk to him. Jeff wants to talk to her at the couch.. Michelle is worried that Natalie and Kevin can hear them. Jeff tells her she’s being silly theres no way they can hear them in the kitchen. Jeff asks her whats her best scenario. She says her best case is her, Jeff and Jordan in the final 3. Michelle is trying to tell Jeff that he should take out Either Kevin or Natalie. Michelle tells Jeff that her and Russell have to “real” alliance going but Kevin and Natalie do. She thinks that if Kevin or Natalie win HOH they will go up. Jeff thinks that if Russell win HOH he’ll go up. Michelle doesn’t know whats going on in Russell’s head. Russell comes to join them… 10 seconds later Natalie and Kevi walk out.. Natalie won the poker game. Jeff hopes up and goes to play another game. Russell and Michelle look PISSED!

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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I Wish somebody would put 2 & 2 together about Nat & her poker.
She said she played in the World Series of Poker..
You need to be at least 21 years of age.


I pointed out yesterday the entire house is apparently dumb. It says on the application for the show rule number 6 that you have to be 21. Someone said she claims her father signed a waiver for her. If that is true and they believe it then they deserve to be fooled. At 18 you are an adult, no parental signature required for anything unless you are deemed mentally unfit to care for yourself and they are your care proxy. In this case the 21+ is because they drink in the house. No waiver signed by anyone would matter it is a legal issue. Same as no 18 year old could ever have their parents sign a waiver to allow them to go out clubbing. The FCC and ATF would rip CBS for that. These idiots deserve to be fooled and I say cudos to her for pulling it off.


Too bad they cant pick two to go to jury house this week! Nat getting away w/ lies she SHOULDNT be getting away w/ needs to go and Russell because he’s too cocky!


Didn’t the previews hint at a double eviction? Do you think that won’t happen anymore because of the Chima incident? Chima being the first eviction last week and Lydia the 2nd?

Sorry for so many questions……I watched the 1st season religiously and then this season….I missed a lot of changes along the way!

Mr. E

And Jeff’s not cocky? (But, yeah, Russell’s really cocky.) It’s funny how Jeff refuses to look at the obvious right in front of his eyes. Kevin would have won if Russell didn’t stop him. How can Jeff not look at that fact and think that either Russell is a team player or Kevin’s a dangerous player?


Well Jeff would have won earlier if Russel was not jumping jumping

M Horton

Bumping for a double eviction this week — Natalie and whomever. But ABSOLUTELY Natalie!


SERIOUSLY JEFF! I’m really pulling for Jeff and Jordon but they are being SO blind. Of course Russell needs to go but I think they would at least get his respect (and jury vote) if they held up their final 4 and didn’t back door him. Natalie has been lying since day one, starting with her age. Sucks that they aren’t seeing through her and it’s easy for us to be frustrated for them because we know what’s really going on. Jeff and Jordon are going to kick themselves later I think.

Natalies annoying, I don’t even think Kevin cares for her all that much. I just hope she doesn’t win!

gino dee

russell will leave this week,next week jeff,the week after kevin then michele….the final two will be miss piggy and dumb-dumb…winner dumb-dumb because america will save her…..4 votes to 3…..


HLG4? How the HECK is Russell cocky?! WTF?! Really? He’s paranoid and scared and nervous, as any NORMAL person would be when this late in the game their alliance is crumbling. Jeff is TOTALLY letting Jordan play him because she is just worried about him picking Russel for F2 instead of her and she knows the remaining 3 have no chance at being picked by him over her….She is causing him to fail miserably and so is his little brain!

Ps. Can someone PLEASE tell Jordan to stop eating and talking w/ her mouth full, she shovels it in and it’s just SO disgusting, along with her pulling on her hair all the time, it’s so thin already it’s disgusting.


That girl is such an oinker! She eats constantly and hardly ever gets off her fat ass to do anything. At 22 she has no muscle tone and is already packing on the pounds. I would hate to see what she looks like after she has a kid. I hate the way she looks at herself in the mirror all the time. No matter where she is, she looks at her reflection in the camera windows. She’s so self-centered and stuck on herself it makes me sick.


Anon! I couldn’t agree with you more! And now that Jeff has power and we see it going to his head I guess we are kind of seeing that they are MEANT for each other! They both have HUGE heads! Unfortunately they are filled w/ marbles!


Definitely out of all Seasons of BB, Jeff is the nicest guy. But he’s also very.. um.. promiscuous. Not a big fan of a person like that. NATALIE should go home!!! I can’t believe J&J are falling for the “We’re so loyal” card played by Kevin and Natalie!!

Randy Wolfgang

Natalies chances in the final 2 – if she makes it to the final 2, no way she gets Americas vote (they can’t stand her according to every poll I have seen) and no way she gets Lydias (who will NEVER vote for Natalie to win) which means she needs 4 out of the remaining 5 votes. Is it feasible?????


I swear there was an episode earlier on in the series where Nat was getting mad at someone and yelled something about being 24 and had a college degree…not sure, but I thought she was having a fight with Russell at the time. I remember thinking “she’s 24?? No way….” At any rate, I really hate how dumb Jeff is playing right now…and how Jordan forgets how nasty Nat was before…I think Jeff should look at how close Kevin has come to winning a few challenges and see how sneaky he is…and boot his butt out the door.


It was on her ‘closing remarks’ to Casey when he got evicted if I’m remembering correctly..


Jeff said to Jordan that he is getting Russell out this week and if Michelle votes for Russell, then Jeff will get her out next week instead of Russell. Wouldn’t Russell already be evicted with Jordan and Nat or Kevin’s vote this week. Jeff is sounding dumber as each minute passes. All I can say is if Russell gets backdoored this week and gets evicted, then I am not watching the show any more. I will check the spoilers, but not the show. I would to see the final two be Michelle and Russell.


If J/J evicts Russell this weeks, Natalie and Kevin deserve the win……why J/J believe a word that comes out of either of their mouths is beyond me……….it seems that neither j/J realize that if Natalie and Kevin are in the final 2 they are going to get the jury votes!!!!!!!! I have been a J/J fan since the beginning, they need to stick to the final 4 alliance….



Simon – you are sooo right!! Gnatalie’s poker tips were driving me insane last night & I kept telling her to shut up! Finally I just turned it off.

Kevin is so right that she’s being overly friendly. I can only hope that it is annoying Jeff so much that he finally clues into what is going on.


Jeff better start using his head to think with stop thinking with his heart and start realizing that Kevin and Natalie are after him BIG TIME. They have been 2 of the biggest liars and instigators in the house. Russ is cocky but I believe he will keep his word for the final 4. He knows he doesn’t stand a chance on getting votes from the jury house if he goes to the final 2 with Jeff or Jordan or Nat or Kevin. Hopefully BB will put a bug in his ear.

A no no moose

Russells only hope to win the 500k is if he’s final 2 with Michelle, Michelles only hope to win the 500k is whoevers shes with just POOF! disappears. Even if shes with one her rats (decatheter optional) she’ll come in 2nd.


(((((((Shaking Simon & Dawg))))))
Good morning….you guys alright? I’d offer you coffee but I don’t drink it 😉


Come on people, Nasty has so many obvious lies out there right now, why can’t these people put it all together? So many clues about her not being 18- 1) being on BB when you have to be 21 or older, 2) playing cards in a casino, 3) watching 90120, etc. I would love a banner fly over the house ” Nat is NOT 18″

What makes me sick is she is ready to take complete credit for the LML and how well she has been playing the game. Here’s some news for Nasty fans: she hasn’t won ANYTHING, and hasn’t come close, she rode Jesse/Chima and now is riding Kevin, thanks to Kevin coming up with and executing the LML. She has done NOTHING but sit on her fat ass and take credit for doing nada.

BTW Nasty, when you packed for BB, what did you bring besides 3 days worth of clothes? Go pick your nose or pop some zits……..

I don;t care who wins BB as long as it is NOT Nasty Natalie.

Randy Wolfgang

Most of America agrees with you!!!!!


Hey People nothing to do with GNAT but how many of you saw the interview with Ross Matthews and LYDIA and her eviction! Ross asked her about Jesse and how many times they hooked up…ect… THEN he ASKED HER if you had to rate JESSE on a scale from 1-10 how would you rate him! She said “A 4 THAT BOY HAS A LOT TO LEARN”!!!!!!!!!!! cracked me up!


Russel did say something to Jeff about that last week, but Jeff just blow him off. He said I think Nat lying about her age you have to be 21 he also been saying stuff to Mich but everyone has blown him off. They think he is paranoid.

Mighty Penis

I have to know, have Jeff and Jordan banged? If so, did he bust in her (I would)? Does she spit or swallow? Does she do anal? I need to know, guys, help me out.


I think you are watching the wrong show!!! You are a real pervert! Someone should keep an eye on you, you are a man I wouldn’t let me kids around!


why do people take these shows so personal you guys are losers…i love natalie and i actually hope she doesnt win…i dont think excessive money is good for you. i hope jeff or jordan win..there lost causes anyway!


What time is the POV ceremony today? I’m so addicted to this site it’s scary.


I heard that the P.O.V. ceremony will take place around 12:30 pm BB-time. And I’m with you Kelly, this site is the best!!! 🙂


I think the smell of the big money is deluding most of the house guests. At this point people are first off trying to stay in (duh) and secondly deciding who they would like to go to the final 2 with in order to give them the best shot at the dough.

Michelle wants Russel
Russel wants Michelle
Jeff wants Jordan, Michelle or Natalie
Nat wants anyone except Kevin.
Kevin wants Mich or Jordan
Jordan wants some cookie dough,….. oooh look at the shiny ball.


I’m not getting the impression that Jeff is falling for PP/Kev LML. It seems like he walks away from them and doesn’t really listen to their cr@p. He know everyone is lying. Jeff seems to be thinking strategically as to what is best for him. He knows Russell is a strong player and wants him out.

As for not picking up on Gnat’s real age, I don’t understand how that really matters? They don’t seem to be playing the sympathy card because they think she is younger. ???


no, jeff fell for it and you’ll see today. jeff is a complete sucker.


Well for one thing it will expose her not just as a liar, but a huge bald faced liar – she keeps saying at the top of her lungs how she has never lied and she does nothing BUT lie – might get Jeff to realise she is lying about not putting him or Jordan up.
Actually I a kind of in awe about how bold she is about it and no one is catching on. And it must be fun for her looking at these dumbasses believing it hook line and sinker.


What is really really sad and GNAT has said this many many times. NEVER ADMIT TO A LIE AND THEN IT IS LIKE YOU DIDN’T LIE!!! THEY (HOUSE GUESTS) CAN NEVER COME BACK AT YOU AND SAY, NOT TRUE REMEMBER WHEN YOU….BLAH BLAH BLAH…) SAD thing is that she REALLY BELIEVES that if you do not admit it then you didn’t lie!!!! I don’t understand where her head is at!!!! A LIE IS A LIE ANYWAY YOU WANT TO LOOK AT IT!!!!

Dawn D

Hey guys! I was in Vegas all weekend for the Daughtry concert and missed out on most of the updates. I am not understanding what the strife is between M/R and J/J. I thought they decided to drop it and swore to the final 4. Did something new happen?


yeah…j/j became snakes and back stabbed their alliance and are trying to team up w/ a new alliance w/ their old enemies that they trust whole heartedly.


If the past is any indication – and I believe it is – it would be absolute disaster for anyone to take Russell to the final vote.
He would win, mostly for managing to hang on to the bitter end despite what we think of him.

Jeff really should back door Russell and focus his energy on ousting Michelle next. Jeff vs. any of the other three floaters would be a hands-down win for him.

If he doesn’t, I really think it’s Russell’s win in the end.


I’m with you 100%!




Can’t hardly believe it. I’m actually rooting for Russell right now. No longer part of the J/J camp. Hoping to see their recent plans crash & burn. Kablammo!


Maryanne, Jeff is going home next week Michelle, Kevin or Nat win he’s on the block and he deserves it, Nat and Kevin was always the Target, now he believe them over Russ and Mich futhurmore, Jeff would have won aganist Russ, the only person who would vote for Russ would be Jessie, everyone else would have voted for him(jeff) now he just made a bad move he will be on the block on Friday.


When did CBS say that there will be an America Vote? I hope not. Maybe they should let the BB production team vote, since they had to be with them 24/7 and truly knows who played the better game or let Ronnie participate. I just don’t like the popular votes since they tend to be biased (like many comments against Nat and Kevin). Who cares about polls.

If the underdogs (either Kevin or Nat) are still standing at the end. I would personally give it to them. They had the most to overcome being the weaker players left in the game and dealing with the strongest players in a F4 alliance.

Final 3 – Kevin, Jordan and Nat! It would be a message to All, to never under estimate

Mighty Penis

come on guys, i need to know, have Jordan and Jeff done it? Did he bust in her? What position?

trying hard to stay with j/j

Has anyone else noticed that michelle keeps correcting jordan on who the strongest player in the house ACTUALLY is.(JEFF) maybe she’s not all that crazy after all. I really hope jeff realizes that if he does decide to send home his biggest competion he will them be he biggest target. I can’t wait to see how the jury house convo between russ and jeff will go down. Can u say I TOLD U SO?

Dawn D

I okay with Kevin staying, but OMG- get rid of GNAT!!!!!


Since Jeff believes that Nat & Kev are up to something, but he doesn’t I know what is up with them, he will leave the two evictees up so that 1 will go home. Then he would have broken up that alliance, which would give hime a little more leverage, especially since he and the rest of the Fab 4 are working together.Depending on if the only person left from the old adversarial team wins the HOH, if not, the Fab 4 will evict that final person that left over from the other team.

Then it is all about the Fab Fab 4. If the Fab 4 had any smarts about themselves, they need to look out only for themselves. Forget the lies. It’s every man for himself/herself and don’t think otherwise. Once you start trying to make deals for the final two, you will be history.

Fab 4, don’t be a fool! You have come to far to turn back now.


enlighten me…where do you get that he s on to nat and kev. maybe i missed something. i dont see this move as securing fab 4 unless it was all put on. i dont think so. jeff got power hungryand blew it. why would he think he had a chance against jordan as final 2 makes no sense. i m a j/j fan but neither of them are too bright

deborah grimes

KEVIN is going to win

deborah grimes

jeff messed up doing russ dirty ,pigpen should go home ,jeff should have seen kev+nat for who they were.