Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Everyone Hates Russell, Jordan “he can kiss my big white ass”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

These Big Brother Updates continues where we left off with Russell trying very hard to sway Natalie and Kevin onto his side. Michelle, Jeff and Jordan are all firmly against Russell but Natalie and Kevin may flip to help him.

4:15pm Backyard Couch. Natalie and Russell. Natalie is being very friendly to Russell, she’s agreeing with Russell when he says Jeff is the one going off not him. Natalie says even though Russell is going home she’s still going to talk to him and spend time with him. Kevin joins the,
Russell tells them how cut throat Jeff is and he is using Jordon and she does not even know it. He warns them taht Jeff will back out of his promises. Russell tells them that Jeff is going to throw Mihclele under the bus next week cause he wants who he thinks are the strong players gone. Russell tells them all that the reason he wanted Kevin out was because Russ felt that Kevin was the strongest out of the CHima, Natalie, Kevin and Lydia bunch. Russell doesn’t want to take it the wrong way… Russell takes out the strongest players in the house that is why he put up Ronnie. Russell tells Kevin to take it as a compliment.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Natalie reminds Russell that if it wasn’t for his vote to Jessie Russell would not be up right now. Russell defends why he voted for Jessie and Casey.. Russell always had a deal with those 2 to not vote them out, Russell says when he makes a deal he sticks with it always has always will. Russell says that Jeff is the one freaking out.. “I never threw and character attacks against Jeff or Jordan but they are so quick to attack me”. Kevin tells him things were just getting heated he thinks things were said that weren’t meant. Russell asks Kevin why he saw laughing when she called him a terrorist. Russell explains to Kevin he
was never mean to KEvin, Never called him names, only wanted him out because your one of the smarter people in the house. He reminds kevin is was Jeff that Called him a faggot. Russell says he found the comments Chima said were hurtful and Kevin of all people should feel for that. Kevin says he told CHima to stop saying that shit… he’s sorry that he laughed though. Russell tells them about the final 4 packed he had between Jordan, Jeff, himself and coo coo magoo. He tells them they except for Michelle swore on their family to keep the pack… Feeds get cut,…..feed come back with Natalie and KEvin bitching about Michelle making such a big deal about them and the blanket in the splish splash room. Russell is giving them some advice saying they need to be concerned about who is the strongest player at this point, whoever can win competitions is the person you want gone. Natalie doesn’t think Michelle is very smart being with Jordan and Jeff she’s in the bottom of that totem. Russell says Jeff is the best player now he has won 4 out of 5 of the last competitions, his cuteness and personality only go so far.

Russell says Jeff has the win in his pocket right now, you two (Kevin and Natalie) are on the bottom. Russell keeps reiterating if they think they can beat Jeff in a physical comp once Russell is gone.. Kevin says Jeff is very strong physically but we’re due for a mental challenge. Russell says Thursday is going to me endurance and Jeff cannot play… Jordan goes outside.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:45pm HOH Jeff and Michelle. They are bashing Russell, Jeff says the next couple days Russell will be tryign to work Kevin and Michelle for votes once he finds out its hopeless he’s going to start freaking out on me. Michelle says Russell leaving is the last dark cloud to leave this house. Jeff tell Michelle she or Jordan has to win HOH or her and him are going up. Jeff brings up Russell and all his Final 2 deals, He had one with Casey, Ronnie, Jessie, Mihcelle and you just wait he’ll have one with Kevin by Tomorrow. Jeff asks her why the fuck did she trust that Guy? Michelle says she never did trust him she just made him think she did. Jeff says he was going to honour the final 4 but Russell wouldn?t stop talking shit and voting for the other side. (This is a mistake on Jeff’s part they never had a final 4 during the Jessie vote.. The final for happened after Jessie left) Jeff tells Michelle that if she doesn’t feel safe around Russell she can stay up in HOH tonight. Michelle says thanks she wants to get away from Russell and all his bitching She says that last night playing cards with everyone was the most fun she’s had in a long time (In case you were wondering she did say this with a straight face)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

5:00pm Kitchan everyone but Russell and Natalie. standard Russell bashing. They bring up Russell’s letter and how he tried to make it sound like his dad sent him a secret message telling him Jeff is the one to trust. Jordan “Such Bullshit he can kiss my white ass” Natalie joins them. They start talking about Russell saying to the Dairy room that they better have more security during the ceremony. Jordan calls Russell the worst player in BB history. Natalie agrees says Russell is being all sweet to her now. Natalie goes on to say Russell is telling everyone that they need to break up Jeff and JOrdan. Jeff” thats what he’s been saying all along that?s why he’s up” Jeff brings up that Russell is not a fighter that he just like to think he is. Jeff “all he does is drop names of guys in the UFC and says he trains with the”. They all start laughing at Russell for taking such offense about Jeff saying he was kill his family. Jeff tells them he’s so stupid to think I would do that. Kevin says that Russell thinks that production is going to do something about Jeff saying that. Jeff laughs at the idea. Kevin start lightening the mood saying he’s thinking about keeping Russell because he might need the Russell muscle later one. Natalie telsl him to stop saying that “Get me the knife Jordo” Natalie tell them Thursday will be the first blowout vote this year… she turns to Michelle unless you are going to give him a sympathy vote. Michelle “Fuck that I?m not giving him shit he can go fuck himself”


5:40pm Russell and Kevin start playing pool…

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Right now Russell is playing pool with Kevin and trying to get on Kevin`s head about voting to keep him, since he can get Michele`s vote.
I mean, Kevin is gay and it only depends on how bad Russell wants to stay in the BB House… How low can Russell go?????


i don t even understand your comment….what does kev being gay have anything to do with it? did i miss something. plz reply


Just a joke about ” earning ” the vote of Kevin with some seksy times…

Done with J/J

Uh, yeah. Funny? Not Funny! Not all jokes are worth posting. This is one of them.


Russ’s waisting his time. This is a lost cause. Kevin will never vote for him. He said it himself: “Do you think I’m stupid?”. He had Jeff do his dirty job since it would have been hard for him to get rid of Russell by himself.


I am just so glad that this game is now up for grabs, I was so annoyed at the idea of JJ waltzing to the end as it looked to be. Now you have Kev and Nat definately seeing the duo of JJ and Jeff as the top competition. Michelle will not be trusting them with the breaking of the final four deal. Only one playing for hoh that has Jeffs back is Jordan. So to me that is 75% odds of at least Jeff and maybe both JJ up next week. However if Russ stayed, by his DR statements he is not dumb and would have targeted Jeff as well if he had hoh. Yes Lydia, Nat and Kev made up the LML but in the end they only made up the truth.


They didn’t make up the truth, they made up a lie. You can’t say they created a lie but its the truth. A lie and a truth are in opposition to one another. There is no logic in that whatsoever. The lie they created caused circumstances to change. J/J’s behavior toward Russell changed because of a lie that they were stupid enough to fall for. J/J have made friends with the enemy for two weeks and have treated Russell like crap. Russell was smart enough to know they were scheming behind his back and were not acting in a way that proved they were honoring a deal. Due to J/J’s behavior, Russell said he was going after them next week. There is NOTHING in the LML that tracks the real story, so it WAS and IS a lie.



Drew Bludd

the truth hurts when its a lie (LOL)

Randy Wolfgang

What does Kevin being gay have to with it??????? I’m watching the feeds too and Russ is making his case to Kevin alright – he has to speak to Michele who at this point is pissed she may vote keep Russell regardless of whether he speaks to Michelle or not – could be a very interesting eviction!!!!!!!!!!! Funny thing is – even if keven runs to Nat about this convo he may just evict her unwiped ass anyway.


Yeah I didn’t get that gay thing either. I can not stand Jeff. I hope anyone now but Jeff or Jordan will win this thing. I am mad that everyone is bashing Russell. I liked Russell because he kept his word. Of course Russell was going to be mad! Anyone would of. They just keep bashing him. If Russell leaves which I think will happen then I hope Kevin wins it. Whoever said that about the gay thing needs to get a reality check.

Canadian Point of View

I love the way Jeff fights with Russ! Russell is such a NERD!!! UGH I can’t stand that guy. See ya bitch!


I think putting Russel up was a gud idea… Russel wuz going to back stabb JEFF next week.. u all need to thing Jeff has a gud game plan..


wow dunb and dumber are so brainless lol
but talking about new deal what if kevin and michelle keep russell
frist michele would agree if rusell win the endurance she wont be nominated and if kevin agree one more week to stay there
pls bb keep rusell
its me or everyone now hate dumb and dumber lol


I don’t mind the lying but man……I can stand all the trash jordon has been talking lately


True colors.


I completely agree. Jordan’s mouth needs to take a rest!


i think it should be Jeff and Nat in the end! thoses are my final two picks!


those 8

trying hard to stay with j/j

;ordan hit the nail on the head….. She does in fact have a “BIG WHITE ASS” why anyone other than jeffy pooh would want to kiss it I don’t know.- wouldn’t be surprised if she farted chocolate chips.I never want another cookie ever!!!


If Kevin is smart he votes to keep Russell.. It takes the target off his back for sure.. It would be either Jeff, Jordan, or Russell walking out the door next week.. Guaranteed spot in the final 4.. However if Michele or Jordan win it could a different story.. I have liked Jeff and Jordan all game, and this would be their downfall, but keeping Russell is a smart move in Kevin’s and Michele’s part..

dude what?

Mario you said it..that would be the smartest thing to do …but we all know nobody in that house is smart. those dummies are going to follow Jeff this week.


I agree.. This season has sucked so bad when it comes to strategy.. I wish they would play smarter and better.. But of course they don’t..


Jeff is not gonna win either way he can stay till the final 2 but he still wont have the votes. He made a mistake putting up russel and that’s that. He’s the new jessie now that he has the power. I am honostly rooting for kevin to win or jordan because she needs the money. Jeff is dumb and newly power hungry, Michelle is crazy and natalie is just annoying and doesnt deserve anything. Point blank Jeff is the new target unless michelle or jordan win…On second thought you never know with michelle.lolzs..

BB Fan

How is Russell the worst player in BB history? Do these people seriously forget the other players before? Don’t really care either way about Russell but really the worst player in BB history? Jordan is so annoying.


But because i’m a viewer and not a houseguest,, I might be seeing things differently then jeff would in the house.


To put this in terms on Jeffs options since every on has different scenarios on what he should have done. Either way the odds where stacked against Jeff this week. whether Nat or Kevin went home he was going to be the target next week regardless if anyone won besides Jordan. This would of been the best game plan for anyone left in the BB house. Jeff is going of the theory that he can at least trust either Nat of Kevin to hold to their word and not put him up, Better odds then trusting Russ who in all fairness would be dumb not to take down J/J next week if Russ or Michelle were still around. Also with the hatred Nat and Kevin have for Michelle, Jeff may have a chance they will target her over J/J. Its a crap shoot but i lay better odds emotions will get the best of Kevin and Nat to get out Michelle. Russ and Michells only move next week if they both stayed would to put him up. Jeff is going w/ the better odds whether u like it or not. Jeffs only hope to stay another week and have a chance for another HOH is to go down that way or he would of been gone regardless.


It really is a long shot but, how cool would the game be (ie: no longer boring) if Kev and Mich vote out Nat.
It would really get interesting.

Randy Wolfgang

That could actually happen – they would each vote for Nat to go home. If it didn’t work, they would say the other one did it!!!!!


This would be ideal!!! It makes sense because Kevin would get the votes from the jury over Rus, Mich, Jeff and hopefully Jor. As of now at least and in the future if he plays his cards right. But, who knows what will happen in the weeks to come?

Also, Im sick of hearing Jordan talk…her voice is like nails on a chalk board to me.


Jeff got power too early in the game. If he was able to float a little longer before completely taking over, he wouldnt be as big a target. Now it just comes down to winning.


The only ones who don’t deserve to win are Nasty Nataliar and Gordo Jordo. I am fine with everybody else winning, they have all played well in one way or another.



Randy Wolfgang

Yes agreed


The two I think shouldn’t win are Natalie and Lydia, since Lydia is gone, that only leaves Natalie.

Jordan has won a pov at least on her own. Natalie has done nothing at all, same as Lydia.

I love the game and like I said, my favorites hardly ever win, but anyone winning is fine I just enjoy the show. Anyone but Natalie!! 😛

another fan

She did not win a POV on her own. They already said you could feel what the people next to you were doing, and Jordan hesitated and always followed Michelle. Michelle was the smart one, and if Jordan hadn’t cheated, she would not have won. Gordo will not get so lucky again – you can bet production will be more careful about that in the future.


BB put Jordan between Michelle and Jeff, that wasn?t by mistake. I watched the POV comp on tape and J stepped for all of her answers after everyone else. Jordan admitted to hearing Michelle?s steps for the answers on AD but changed the subject quickly, caught herself divulging too much info. There were only two times in that comp. that it appears J may have stepped to her answers simultaneously with Michelle but my curiosity got the best of me and in watching it again you can see that Michelle makes her steps first and is in place before J. It was apparent that when J hesitated on answers she waited to hear Michelle?s steps and then Jordan answered accordingly. After watching the tape it does appear that J cheated in the comp. If J was in the last post where Kevin was and got every answer correct there would be no question to a rightful win (she wouldn?t have been able to feel footsteps or hear them due to the distance between).


I agree with you Henry. Russ would be doing the exact same thing J and J are doing right now…it really only makes sense. its all part of the game, lying, back stabbing, etc….. it happens every season.

and yes, it turns out the lml is really the truth.


So, tell me how a lie is the truth. What kind of ethics / morals support that type of logic & thinking? I guess what you are saying is that if in the end doing something devious causes things to turn out the way you want, then the lie you told to get your way isn’t a lie at all … its the truth. No wonder the world is in the condition it is today.


First — A lie is not the truth. When did you go to school? 1984?
Second — Why do some always think others would do the same low-down thing they would do? True, Russ admitted he would eventually come after Jeff and/or Jordan. Duh! He was just being honest about the obvious. He intended to stay true to the F4 and then after — everyone for themselves or all bets are off. Whatever way you want to say it — again obvious.


Kevin is the only one in the house that knows just how devious Natalie is…now is the time to ditch her and make a final 3 with Russell and Michelle. Jeff can’t play HoH next week and hopefully they can pick him off, then pick off Jordan the week after. Kevin is almost surehas a way better chance to win a jury vote vs. Russell or Michelle than he does vs. Jeff or Natalie. Now is the perfect time to make one last power shift before the end of the game.


Poor Russ, he’s really getting it up the ass today ain’t he.


Yes. Yes, he is. He already knows that he is goner. That’s why he’s trying give Natalie and Kevin advice. Natalie is actually smart to start being nice to Russell. One more vote in her pocket. That’s the 1st and last time I’m giving Natalie a compliment.

R U Kidding me!!!

I was really rooting for Jeff when he was the underdog but since he has tasted the power he has turned in the biggest d*ck! He is forgetting that he can’t play in the next HOH competition. He head is so inflated right now that it’s now even funny. I am so ready to see Jordon go as she is jacking up his game. He needs to think about himself and think what is best for him. Let Jordon worry about Jordon. Jeff should have stuck with Russ until final four. He had a better shot of wininng. He just blew his chance at $500K. Jeff will be eating some crow next week unless he wins the veto. Dumb move.


I really couldn’t agree more. Can’t wait for J/J to go on the block nor can I believe that I was hoping that they would have won. Jeff made one of the best move in the game thanks to America, But I think that he would be remembered for making one of the dumbest moves thanks to himself. I think Nat or Kevin deserve the win, since they are clearly the only ones left who is really “playing” the game.

Mr. E

Kevin hates Russell. Kevin’s smartest move is to let Russell go home then offer Michelle a Final Three deal (there’s no way she can get the votes to win against Natalie or Kevin) with Natalie. Natalie and Kevin are already plotting against Jeff and they can state the obvious, that Jeff doesn’t consider her a part of his Final Four. If Michelle’s down with that, they can have about a 75% chance of getting to the end and Michelle will be able to screw Jeff and Jordan (plus, Kevin will be down with it since it gives him an opportunity to get revenge for Lydia on Jordan).

Mr. E

Also, when Jeff goes on the block Michelle can give a speech about him breaking their Final Four deal and being a backstabbing douchebag so she figures this is about the right time for her to reevaluate their relationship. Even if Jeff wins POV, she can still take out Jordan and guarantee that 2 of the four people in the house will still want Jeff gone before her.


So this might be game on for Michelle — she is valuable to both sides now!

Done with J/J

Goodbye Jeff. Goodbye Jordan. Either way, this travesty is over. What a sincere disappointment. Forgot about the difference between on-line BB and TV BB. Perhaps I got suckered in by the CBS edit?


do people honestly think if jeff kept it as it was and Nat went home with Russell winning hoh he would have honored the final 4. If he had I have a scenario on it. If Russell honored the final 4 and they got out kev next week then you have 3 people 2 of which are on the other side playing for hoh. Thatis a 66.6% chance of not being on the team with hoh. From there even if by chance Mich won it and put up JJ, they still have a 50/50 to win pov and take one of themselves down. that leaves only him to go up. in that situation If one j wins pov they are then the 1 vote to evict and they will not break the JJ themselves. He would be insane not to break the final 4. Why would he ever want a solid pair against him in the final 4 nor why would Jeff want a solid pair of Russ/ Mich.


Jeff is so daft. It’s a shame, too. To be such a cutie and not use his brain. What a waste! Well, it was fun while it lasted. Clearly, Jeff is not thinking of the Jury House. If he’s final 2 with Natalie or Kevin, he lost. Point Blank Period. The only person voting for him in the Jury House would be Jordan, outta sympathy. If he’s kicking out Michele, he pretty much gave his prize away because she’s his only chance of winning this season. No one in the jury house will vote for Michelle. If he’s up against Jordan, Jordan may win. May. All this because he wants to take Russell out early and start bashing him. All of them are just bashing him. That’s why I can’t play this game. There is no way I can bash someone behind their backs so viciously then go start rapping with them the next minute. That’s like the epitome of fake-ness. Jeff & Jordan have showed their true colors (and intelligence..or lack of). It just took having power to reveal it.

Since Russell is leaving on Thurs (weeps), I will now be rooting for Kevin.


Kevin seems like the least messed up person left.

another fan

A big mistake by Jeff is that he is banking on it being he and Jordan as the final 2 – NOT gonna happen!!!!! No way will the others allow that to happen, so he is stupid for thinking it will. Since it won’t be J/J, whoever the other person is will win the $500K – they will have my vote anyway. I can’t stand Nat, but at this point, I would even vote for her over J/J.

exlover of j/j

I can’t believe that Jeff is being such a huge ass. I agree with you the power has gone to his head. I don’t think the room is big enough to hold his huge head. I think Kevin should would win it and put J/J and then when the POV is used put Nat up. That would be his best move


Go Russ! Kevin has no chance if Russ goes. He will be back on the block soon enough unless he wins HOH, since Jeff and Jordan seem to think that they have a better chance beating Natalie (dumbasses!!).

Michelle should see that she is also on the hit list. She might make final 4, but Nat hates her and has Jeff and Jordan so fooled! She would be next out unless she wins HOH or POV that week.

It’s all up to Kevin. If he votes to keep Russell, he is almost assured final 3, and as final 2 he will win against Michelle or Russell hands down because he has no blood on his hands. Jeff will be pissed at him, but he will be more pissed at both Russ and Michelle. He has Lydia’s vote no matter what, and if Nat has to vote Kevin, Michelle or Russ, I think she hates the other two way more than Kevin.

Once it’s final 3, the only chance Russ and Michelle have of winning is to get rid of Kevin. Then its a tossup which one wins. The only way Kevin can win is by taking out Jeff and Jordan and Natalie. The only way Russ or Michelle can win is by ending up final 2 together. The only way Jeff or Jordan can win is by being together as final 2. They burned their bridges this week.

If Kevin and Michelle save him this week, Russ would still have an enormous bulls eye on his back, so Kevin and Michelle would be relatively safe. If Russ or Kevin or Michelle win HOH, which is much more likely than Jordan winning, they put up JJ and get one of them out next week. Come on Kevin, now is the time to make a big and daring move! As soon as Russ is gone, Natalie will throw Kevin under the bus. He should know this much! He knows first hand how conniving and easily she lies.


I don’t understand why people think Jeff doesn’t have a chance with jury votes, if he gets to the final 2 he did it by taking out Jessie and Russell, two big players in the game.


Who will vote for Jeff now that he has made this move? If you think of everyone that will be in the jury house, most of them has alliances with the people he took out, so most of those players won’t want Jeff to win.


You know I used to think that but by the end it almost seems like people in the jury actually come to their senses and vote for those that played the best game not for their “friends” in the game


Everyone needs to really take a look at Henry’s last post because it makes perfect sense and justifies why this is not a completely stupid move on Jeff’s part! Like I’ve said before I don’t think anyone can speak until the dust settles on this one to know whether or not this was a stupid move. Anyone bashing someone for backdooring in this game would definately make a horrible player in the game and there would be NO WAY you would ever win the money…….SORRY PEOPLE but that is the name of the game!!! If you can’t lie, manipulate, and bounce back and forth between alliances then you WILL LOSE!! And if you can’t handle watching it don’t watch the show either. It’s funny how many people on this board forget that all the people left in the house have done one or all of those things, it’s just Jeff was the most recent and most forefront in your minds!


His post made some good points, except for the last two sentences.


why I thought it made sense?

I don’t know right now it is kinda looking like Michelle is going to side with J&J for final 3?!?


I see you were referencing the 7:31 post, sorry … I was referencing the one he posted prior to that. My mistake, ignore my comments.


whoever…agreed! I really hope she does go final 3 with them…hopefully they are smart enough NOT to take natalie or kevin, cause then they have no chance in heck of winning!(in my opinion) Natalie deffinatly has the first 2votes, and if Kevin goes then they will vote for him in place of natalie…they need to think! Plus, I kinda like michelle….shes kinda crazy, but i really like her and shes played a pretty good game!


Tell me when Russ backstabbed anyone. He put Ronnie up against his team because 1) he made a deal with Jeff and kept his word, and 2) because it became evident that Nat and Jessie were tighter with Ronnie than with him, and that they were keeping him out of the loop about things. As I have pointed out elsewhere, every time Russ gave his word, he kept it. His troubles with Michelle and Chima were mostly provoked by Natalie’s lies and schemes. With the exception of Ronnie and Jessie, Natalie was the brains behind all of the other evictions. Even Chima’s meltdown was the direct result of her GR lie, which stirred it up between Russell and Chima and Michelle! If she hadn’t done that, chances are Chima would never have gone off the deep end. Russ has made promises to Jeff, to Jessie and Casey, and he kept those promises, even when it caused him trouble. I would be interested to see one example of Russell backstabbing someone in this game.

another fan

I know people keep slamming Russell for making deals with Casey, Jessie and others as if he is bouncing between alliances – what the heck is he supposed to do when the people he made agreements with get evicted????? Of course he is going to move on. He kept his word to vote to keep those people, and they went anyway – not his fault he had to move to other agreements.

The Playa

JJ would have been final four bound if they just stuck to there initial plan..russell only changed his thoughts based on the last 2 hoh’s..jeff and jordan have been stand offish with him..its amazing how they have turned into jessie in a matter of weeks…and the biggest mistake j/j have made is not thinking about the jury at all (dan thought about the jury with every move)i think kevin and michelle if they hook up about it can make the final two…but michelle wont beat kevin..kevin will beat every left, including jordan in the final 2, michelle only beats jeff,

another fan

Jeff is thinking about the jury, he is just banking on it being J/J in the final 2 – so in that respect, he is not thinking at all! STUPID assumption, because he will lose to anyone else, and the chances of J/J being final 2 are almost nil.


Im so sick of JJ. I was so wanting Jeff to win but now that he has had the power it has really gone to his head. I cant beleave they fell for the big lie. I think he should have kept Russ. I would hate if Jordan won cause she hasnt been doing anything but riding jeffs coat tail and being really annoying.Now i want Kevin to win it all….

another fan

I think I want Michelle to win, because I think she has played the game well by being quietly smart. However, I am liking Kevin’s game, too, because he has managed to manipulate people and convince them he is trustworthy when he isn’t. Of course, it helps that his targets are stupid naive idiots.


neither lydia and kevin have sat and talked with russell all week—seems like them chattng with him at length would alert jeff a bit

Done with J/J

After all the cookie dough, Jordan certainly has a big, white ass.

Done with J/J

That’s coming from a former J/J supporter. What a difference a week makes.

what ever



go jeff! he has the balls to make the toughest moves in the house. russ WAS talking shit about him so jeff did the wisest thing since booting jesse.


Are you saying that based on the show or on the live feeds? I watch the feeds, and honestly, Russ never said anything like that until Jeff and Jordan started ignoring him and being nice to Natalie. I know what it looks like on the tv show, but the feeds let us see what’s really going on. CBS edits for ratings. The live feeds show it all.

j&j fan

you know..a couple of days ago..i love love loved j/j…now…nope..not so much…get ’em outta there..can’t bother with the show anymore..don’t wanna watch them blow it so bad..hate what happened!

Uncle Cool

On the tv show, Russ said he would do whatever it takes to win the game. If he was here next week, Jeff and Jordan would be put on the block. He knows what Jeff did was the right thing to do and now he’s making sure all the others know that they should get rid of Jeff because he is a strong player.


Too bad this big move will lead Jeff to go home if Nat/Kev win HOH next week.


Michelle makes me wanna puke as she thinks by bashing Russel along with the rest of them will somehow take the target off of her for next week. if she was smart she would help Russel stay as best she could otherwise she is done too. Personally I think the remaining players are all losers and none of them deserve anything and I for one have lost interest in this whole show. The thought of either Jorden or Jeff winning the money tests my gag reflex. I used to feel that way about kevin and Nat ( kinda still do) but unbelievably they played this game better despite floating throughout the whole game. Once Jessie was gone they should have been toast but no…J/J proved themselves able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Two real dumbasses!! Can’t wait for the show to be over and knowing jeff is going to be kicked to the curb because he didn’t win and that will be the last he will see of his ” fat ho”. What started as an interesting BB had some very good moments but it is turning out to be the WORST season ever! truly dissappointing… Nothing left to say but ” Go DUMBASSESS! Not to win the money but get the hell off of my TV!


Tee hee hee (laughs)…Looks like Jeff is taking it up the ass from the Kevinstigator. And I think he likes it! 🙂 ….Oh no!!! looks Dumbo (Jordan) is coming!…I HATE HER!!!!!Be back later.


And it is a big white ass that Jordan has! {lol} I use to be a J/J fan, and now they have proven to be too stupid to win this game. Anyone who wants to win should know that they should take Russell to the final 2 since no one in that jury house will vote for him! Hopefully Kevin will now get HOH and put up J/J so they can show them how stupid they were and how successful LML was.


Let’s vote Russell as America’s choice this time to win the extra prize money that they usually have on the finale night to rub salt on J/J! That would be justice after giving Jeff the wizard power and squandering the fallout of its use.


Im so gonna laugh at all you jeff and jordan haters/traders when neither of them goes home next week 😀 then we will all see you flop back to their side or maybe not b/c it seems that yall like to hate on the ones on top


Well take a look at the feeds tonight between 1 and 3 am and then tell me that Jeff is a nice guy. He said a lot of inappropriate things, and he is not thinking clearly. I hated it when Chima took it to that level and I defended Jeff and Jordan, but they are proving to be no better than Chima. Just as I wanted her out when she was calling Russell a terrorist and Jordan white trash, I would love to see Jeff voted out. Watch the feeds and you will see what I mean.

This whole cast is taking things so personally that their judgment is clouded and the game suffers. Definitely not one of the best seasons I have seen. I have the sinking feeling that we will end up with a final two where neither of them deserves to be there, like the season when Maggie and Ivette were final two, or season 5 with Cowboy and Drew. But ratings were good with all the drama, so BB will be back again next year. I hope they do a better job casting next year. At this point the only two that I still have any respect for are Kevin and Russell, and maybe Michelle to a lesser degree.


I totally agree. I’m still a loyal Jeff and Jordan fan. They’ve just started playing the game which involves backstabbing and lying. In their eyes Russell is after them which he would be so they need to get rid of him first. Everyone seems to be quite happy to forget that Russ attempted to get Chima to put Jeff on the block. He was loyal to no one but himself and has had a bad attitude the whole game.


Right is Right & Wrong is Wrong,, & I loved Jeff from day one,,, BUT,TTTTt,TTTt Ol Jeff just cut his own throat, & I feel nothing for him & that so called Country Girl anymore. Jordan is a pee,pee, teaser, & she has been around the block for a time or two,,,she has talked about the BARS & The Crap that comes out of her MOUTH TELLS ME, she is NOT the sweetheart she plays. Cute is cute, YES, but her mouth & brain tells us what kind of girl she really is,,,,PEE,PEE, TEASER.


BB put Jordan between Michelle and Jeff, that wasn?t by mistake. I watched the POV comp on tape and J stepped for all of her answers after everyone else. Jordan admitted to hearing Michelle?s steps for the answers on AD but changed the subject quickly, caught herself divulging too much info. There were only two times in that comp. that it appears J may have stepped to her answers simultaneously with Michelle but my curiosity got the best of me and in watching it again you can see that Michelle makes her steps first and is in place before J. It was apparent that when J hesitated on answers she waited to hear Michelle?s steps and then Jordan answered accordingly. After watching the tape it does appear that J cheated in the comp. If J was in the last post where Kevin was and got every answer correct there would be no question to a rightful win (she wouldn?t have been able to feel footsteps or hear them due to the distance between).
Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!


CBS has a lot of comment s from people saying that Jeff and Jordan are favorites because they have been honest and didn’t betray anyone. They are way ahead on the polls Jeff 70%, Jordo 40% Russel and Nat are at 0%. Obviously these people only watch the show on TV. CBS clearly wants them to win.

What can we do about it to let America know what has happened-and that Jeff and Jordan are scumbag?>
Jeff is a gangster from Chicago and Jordo is a Hooker. I would call them Bonnie and Clyde because the public adored them.
I no longer care for them. I want Russel to stay and fight Jeff .


We all heard on Sunday Russell say that if Jeff was smart he would get rid of him and Russell was shocked he was not up yet


Good for you. I was thinking the same thing. I’m glad someone said it.


What is with the “would of” and “should of” no such thing in English language. It is would have and should have!!!


Thank you.