Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Kevin Teaches Jordan about Nutrition “If its bright fluorescent Orange it?s not good for you”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:50pm Jordan and Michelle walking around the backyard warming up for their run. Jordan starts telling Michelle that she sometimes thinks they should get rid of Russell this week while they still can. She reminds Michelle that even though Russell hasn’t done well in the past few competitions he’s still one of the strongest competitor in the game. Michelle says we are not the strongest competitors.. Jordan says “no Russell is” Michelle corrects her “No Jeff is” …. silence… Jordan tells Michelle they shouldn?t talk like this outside someone might hear them.

Michelle tells Jordan its been tough being around Russell in the have nots room and eating slop, “I’m so tired of Russell complaining all the time”. Jeff come outside and sits on the couch. watching the girls. Jordan wants to know if Russell is saying anything about Jeff and Jordan. Michlele says he hasn’t said anything but he’s paranoid as fuck about being backdoored.

Jordan says Russell use to always tell her they need to get Michelle out.. Michelle knows Russell was always saying mad shit about her, “He makes a Final 2 deal with me when he was hoh then tells everyone. Nothing adds up with him” Jordan brings up Russell apparent final 2 with Casey.. She says Russell acts like he was best friends with Casey but he only talked to Casey the final week he was here.

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Michelle and Jordan talking about their bodies. Jordan tells Michele that she’s really gotten skinny. Michelle says thanks tells Jordan she looks great to. Jordan thanks her but says she’s put on 10lbs, she tells Michele that she’s gotten better at taking compliments.

Jeff heads back in..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:00pm Natalie and Kevin making a tuna sandwich.. Natalie says she’s not going to use too much mayonnaise because it’s fattening.. Kevin doesn’t think it is, he reads out the ingredients, “Soy oil, water, eggs…See its all good there just egg and oil in this”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
8:30pm Natalie and Kevin playing pool. Natalie is listening in on Russell and Jeff’s conversation on the couch. Natalie looks at Kevin and rolls her eyes. Kevin whispers that he’s worried about the bro card being played, Russell is good at being chummy with people. On the couch are Jeff and Russell chumming it up

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:00pm Kitchen Jordan, Michelle and Jeff. Jeff is opening his bottle of wine he’s excited because he’s going to drink the whole bottle… He now asks Jordan, Jordan declines “I might get drunk and take advantage of you”. Jeff goes outside to ask Kevin if he wants any but Kevin declines. Michelle and Jordan are both complaining that they are already sore from the workout. They all head outside. Russell and Jeff start playing pool. Kevin, Natalie, Jordan and Michelle on the couch. They’re talking about fast food and what is healthy and was isn’t. Natalie says she doesn’t eat at burger king she doesn’t like the taste.. but she likes McDonalds (no shit). Michelle called into the DR. Jeff had poured Jordan some wine and Natalie is asking why she’s not having any. Jordan says she never wanted it. Kevin brings up the biggest loser.. Jordan says she loves that show. Kevin goes on about all the things he’s learnt about nutrition on that show and how if the food isn’t a natural colour it isn’t good for you. Jordan.. “So mac and Cheese isn’t good for you?” Kevin “Ummm no” HE also tells them it all depends on portions as long as the portions are controlled you can eat anything. Jordan Called into the DR on her way back inside she gives the glass of wine to Jeff he slams it and give her the empty glass. Kevin and Natalie move closer together and start talking. Kevin tells her she really needs to tone down the friendliness it’s getting noticeable and might backfire on them. Natalie denies overdoing it, Kevin says he’s sitting here watching her talk and it’s way over the top. Kevin points out Rusesll playing pool and how he’s so natural being friendly and buddy buddy with Jeff. Kevin is worried that it might not go down, he thinks Jeff might not use the POV. Natalie says he’s being crazy.. she runs the numbers and says Jeff doesn’t want Russell in the HOH comp because he’s the strongest competitor. She points out that Jeff is counting on Jordan winning HOH which is a long shot. Kevin says if POV isn’t used he guarantees that he’s going home. Natalie and Kevin both are planning on getting Russell to play poker tonight and Natalie is going to beat him and really rub it in so Russell losses his temper. (Apparently Natalie is very good at poker and was beating Russell before which was making Russell mad). They asks Jeff/Russell if they want to play poker, Jeff says yes but Russell turns them down. Natalie and Kevin scurry inside to set up the poker table. While inside they ask Michelle and Jordan to play, Michelle plays.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:40pm Michelle, Kevin, and Natalie getting ready to play poker… Jeff will join them shortly

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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Do you think Michelle is trying to drop hints to Jordon about Jeff being the biggest threat to the game and that maybe they should try to get him out? or is she trying to save Russell?



Mr. E

She knows that without Russell Kevin and Natalie are going to cakewalk to the end over her team’s corpse. But she also knows that Jeff and Jordan are getting suspicious of her Final Two deal. She has to juggle both.
It’s worth noting that she either hallucinated up a Russell plan to backdoor Jeff, or simply lied to guarantee herself an early spot in the Final Three. Jeff and Jordan are right not to trust her, but by lying and scheming she may have thrown out her only back-up plan.
It’s actually quite ironic with Jeff too. In order to keep Jordan happy by making sure he had an easier Final Four, he is violating the whole Final Four agreement which may end up getting him put up two weeks earlier without even having a chance to compete. So basically by removing Russell’s chance to protect himself by lulling him into complacency he’ll ruin his chance to protect himself.


it would be awsome if jeff didnt put up russ!

A no no moose

It would be awesome if someone else won something other than Jeff… its going to smooth for him. He’s had his reign of terror and he’s proved to be no better than Jesse… HOH & POV??? This thing has got to be rigged. Bring back Chicken George!


OMG, some of these blogs are so frustrating……when Jeff won CDT everyone bitched that he didn’t deserve it blah blah blah ITS RIGGED……now he’s been winning on his own and again blah blah blah ITS RIGGED……its like if the person/people they don’t want in power are, then all of a sudden ITS RIGGED ITS RIGGED

I’m sick of reading the same stupidity


Lighten up. Didn’t you detect a note of humor?


Somebody holding a gun to your head to force you to read them?

Evel Russ

I know right, cause no one has ever won HOH and POV in the same week!
What’s your gripe here? Jeff and Jordan have been winning the competitions on their own and are deciding their own fate.
Evel Dick and his daughter won half the HOH and POV competitions during that season. There were only 2 weeks where one of them didn’t have HOH and/or POV.

Mr. E

“Let’s get Russell to play poker so he blows up at us! Hey, Russell, want to play some poker?”
“…No thanks.”


the writer was wrong…nat hadn’t beaten russ at poker earlier…it was actually russ who beat nat! but then as he was getting up from the table after beating her…once again delusional nat who LOST AGAIN (like she does in everything) tells russ he shouldn’t play like he just did if he played w/ real money. that’s when russ blew up…b/c he just freakin beat her and she’s giving HIM advice? or not even advice..but telling him he played bad even though he freaking beat her. all she does is lose in every thing and then act like she’s a good competitor nonetheless. why, b/c you WANT to win? that doesn’t make you a good competitor…winning does.


i am soooo sick of nat’s s***! she is such a sore looser!! just like Chema… they are both crazy and shouldn’t be playing this game. Nat played most of this game under Jesse’s b***s until JEFF kicked his ass out by putting him up b/c he knew everyone would vote him off!!! these people just don’t know squat about the game. Russell just needs to cool off and not be so explosive…. jeff is playing a great game! he’s level headed…. knows what to say without getting in your face and insulting you, friendly and is well mannered! and if he looses, he will walk out with his head held high like jessy… eventhough i wanted him outta there, i did give him props for being an adult about it. unlike chema…. she has had to be the stuppist player in BB history! ha ha ha! i was soooo happy to see she got the boot!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOSER!!!!


Jeff would be crazy to keep russ. He is by far the biggest physical threat left in the game. I am still nervous that he will not use the POV, because of the final 4 plan. I can’t stand jeff or russell…for some reason jordan is growing on me though. I hope she really is not so dumb and just playing the game. Simon this is the best site…I follow all day long. Great job!


ben you are right, but without Russ Jeff becomes the Target for next week, Nat, Kevin or Michelle win HOH Jeff is going home, b/c Nat and Kevin will tell Michelle what Jeff and Jordan said about him either way Jeff will be right behind Russ in the Jury house.


i agree…jeff sealed his fate this week. he got into bed w/ the enemy and destroyed his alliance…and allienated mich and made her week hell. mich will already want to put him up…maybe against nat…and then vote to evict the stronger competitor and snake jeff. she knows now she can’t trust jeff…and w/ good reason b/c j/j laughed about how mich is next. mich must make her move and take him out first. jeff’s only chance to not follow russ into the jury house is for jordan to win hoh…fat chance. he can also win the pov too. i’m sure that bb will make the competition in jeff and jordan’s favor b/c they want them to stay.


Who here thinks that maybe production is going to try to sway Jeff against using the POV so that it makes for a better show the next few weeks…




I really hope so.. it’ll be boring without Russ. And having to listen to Nats annoying mouth


I think production wants Natalie to go this week to make for an interesting jury house. Even though we don’t see much that goes on there, just watching her come thru the door would be priceless.

But I also feel by not getting Natalie out now that jeff & Jordan will be split up next week. No way will Natalie vote to give Jeff the $$ & if anyone but Jordan wins HOH he will be on the block. He really doesn’t stand a chance to win against anyone but Russell.

Uncle Cool

I hope the production people stay out of it completely.

I don’t think it would be brogin without Russ.

I think it is boring now with Jeff and Jordan and can’t wait until at least one of them is gone and then both are gone.

Michelle, Kevin and Natalie in the final 3 sounds great to me.


If Jeff and Russell, and especially Michelle, sat down and thought it through, they would realize that Natalie is older than 18. To play in the World Series of Poker….as she says that she did….or any other casino in Vegas you have to be 21 years of age!!!! That is a fact. If they knew this, then they would realize that she is a liar and then could perhaps realize that she is lying about other things.
Surely Jeff must see that Russell seems to be a man of his word.
If he backdoors Russell and falls for Kevin and Natalie’s lie then he is a goner next week.
I wish that a banner plane would fly by with some words of wisdom for Jeff to see before they were all ordered indoors.
I have a bad feeling that “I never lie” Natalie will succeed in her plan.
We can only hope that Jordon and/or Michelle can win the HOH next week.


I have been saying the same thing about Natalie playing in the world poker series. That someone needs to clue in on her age. Before its to late. I want her gone!




is that like a stash of candy that they have in the house or what is it??? looks quite tasty!!!

No Mammes

Its a good move to get rid of Russell because the next HOH has got to be endurance and with Jeff not playing Russell will most likely win, and Russell will put Jeff up next week because hes his only threat in endurance comps. Jordan and Michelle at least will have a chance in the endurance comp next week with Russell out. Its a good move!

Evel Russ

I can see an argument for and against backdooring Russell. Personally, I would get rid of Russell at this point. It’s shitty to do, especially after making everyone swear on their families, but it is a game, half a million dollars are at stake and sometimes you have to do lousy things like that. If Russell stayed, and did win HOH, I don’t think for sure he would put Jeff up. I actually believe that he would be true to his word and not go after Jeff until F4. But things aren’t the way they were a week ago. J&J have been alienating R&M, if they hadn’t done that the last week I certainly think that keeping Russell would be the better choice, but doing that they have sort of painted themselves into a corner. That said, it is still risky to take Russell out and hope that Jordan or Michelle wins HOH. It’s even dangerous if Michelle wins since during this time J&J have been alienating her, causing her to start targeting Jeff (such as her comments that he’s the strongest person in the house right now and they should be going after the strongest person in the house), which I think is the real poor choice they have made lately.


i agree 100%. they actually have made russ a little dangerous now to trust b/c of allienating him. smart move by j/j………NOT! they pretty much sealed their fate w/ their actions this past week. they destroyed their final 4 while thinking they gained another final 4…yet the other 2 are coming after jeff next week. i think they destroyed their relationship with michelle this week and michelle will go after jeff next week if she wins. mich will be the deciding vote if jeff doesn’t get off from pov. then they’ll have to really kiss butt to the girl they’ve been allienating and making fun of all week. j/j were laughing it up in the hoh that mich is gone next….but i think it’s the other way around.

Nat's GOTTA Go

I like the idea of Kevin approaching Jeff as some posts have mentioned, but then Kevin would be exposing himself as a liar also – he stated he heard the “lie” firsthand.

Good gravy – if I have to listen to Natalie’s voice one more week – I had to mute her DR session tonight. Please get rid of her! Should be good for some jealousy in the sequester house!

Great job on the site by the way!


this is a great site. thank you simon. now i can say what i feel like. let them fight, let them lie, let them moan and groan. I miss some of the drama that was lydia!!! bring it all on becasue the very best part is reading all of you great,ok sometimes goofy, comments. this is what is fun.