Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff and Jordan call a meeting.. Jeff “I’m willing to forgive and forget, we can salvage this”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:00pm HOH Jordan and Jeff. Jordan thinks that Michelle and Russell are working together to take Jeff and Michelle out. Jordan says she believes Natalie and Kevin over Michelle and Russell now. Jordan is pissed she knows they are lying and wants to start calling them out. Jeff can’t understand why they are doing this… they had a given final 4 a 1 in 4 chance to win half a million. Jeff says both Russell and Michelle are full of shit. They start talking about all the possibilities. They think that Michelle will be taken out by the other side. Jordan says they need to take Russell out it’s their best bet. Jordan tells Jeff what if they take out a member from the other side.. then you have to stay in the HOH Competition until you cry. They decide now to call out Michelle and Russell in front of their group of 4. Jeff tells her there is no turning back if they do this all hell will break loose. They head to the backyard to start the yelling. Jeff “here goes the fireworks”. Jordan suggests they start to study the memory wall just in case this weeks head of Household competition has something to do about it. Jeff thinks it’s a good idea but decides they should go about causing strife in the house first.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

6:10pm Backyard Michelle, Kevin, Jeff and Jordan. They are calling Rusell out for saying he wants to take Jeff out next week. Russell is denying it he starts asking Michelle if he really said that she starts saying that it was 5 in the morning she doesn’t remember… She now brings up that Russell has been talking mad shit about Jeff for the past couple days and its not cool. Russell starts defending himself, explaining why he said the things he said and they weren’t meant to be mean. Michelle “they where mean and uncool”. Russell denies he ever said he was going to take Jeff out before final 4. He was meaning after they reach final 4 he does plan on taking Jeff out, “I’m sorry Jeff I want to win the money”. Jeff brings Kevin and Pig Pen outside and they confirm that they heard Russell say he was going to take out Jeff next week. Russell says this is bullshit, how can they say it was 5am He’s never up at 5am. Kevin and Natalie head back inside and run to the red room. Jeff begins to grill Russell. Russell denies everything when Jeff goes and asks Michelle her side of the story she says she doesn’t remember.. Russell is being very calm telling Jeff he wanted to go to the final 2 with Micehelle like Jeff is taking Jordan to the final 2. He still wants to go to the final 4 with them it would be stupid not to. Jeff
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

agrees he says if Russell really said these things than he’s a complete idiot, “we have final 4 in the bag as long as we win the next HOH and we will WIN!”. Russell brings up him taking out Ronnie for Jeff and not putting Jordan or Jeff up when he was HOH, he says his action speak for himself he won’t put Jeff up. Jordan starts in on Michelle they are really grilling her. Michelle sticks to her “I don’t remember story”. They bring up the splish splash room and ask her what time was it. Michelle says she doesn’t remember .. Jeff starts grilling her asking her questions about if what she’s saying is true. She says “I don’t remember everything perfectly I?m sorry” Jeff says that?s the same as lying. Jordan brings up that maybe Russell is telling her things but she is blowing them out of proportions. They’re starting to think Michelle is telling stories, Michelle getting worried and starts talking about what Russell said about him and Michelle playing the evil couple. Jordan asks her if the stories she tells are really Russell joking about Jeff or are they serious. Michelle is flustered and keep telling them she can’t remember. Jordan tells them she’s just trying to figure out who is telling the truth. Russell says why would I go after you before the final 4 that?s stupid I have no relationship with the other side i never talk to them. Why would I go on my own there?s no way I would survive. Russell “To be honest Jeff when we go final 4 I?m going after you” Jeff understand he just wants to go to final 4.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jeff tells them the stories from Michelle changes from Russell going after Jeff than going after Kevin than going after Jeff again. Russell says no way did I say i was going after you next week. Jeff asks Michelle if this is true… Michelle says she doesn’t remember. Jeff” COME ON Michelle you can do better than that” Michelle says she was tired hadn’t slept for days and stressed out she doesn’t remember the conversation… Jeff tells them they need to stick together they can still salvage this alliance they just need clear this all up. Russell says come on guys The only way i can fucking win is with Michelle there is no way I will win against Jordan or Jeff, so “the cats out of the bag i’m going to take you out at final 4” Jeff explains them how stupid it is to break up this final 4 alliance.. Jeff understands if it was the other side saying these but its Michelle, “come on Michelle!”. Russell swear that he wants to go to final 4 with them, Jeff “I’m willing to forgive and forget”. Russell “Let?s just roll the dice 1 in 4 chance at 1/2 a million” Jeff goes on about this is why he doesn’t understand all this because they have a final 4 shot and these 2 are running around lying. Jeff “what you think Jordan all the cards are on the table”. Jordan doesn’t say anything.. Jeff “You gotta have a fucking opinion gorgeous?”. Jordan doesn’t know what to do she believes some of RUssell and Some of Jeff. Jeff instructs them all that from this point onwards they will talk and if someone heres something they quickly clear it up “NO MORE FIGHTING OR LYING until we reach final 4 than all bets are lost”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Jeff “I?m giving you the benefit of the doubt there?s no use to fight amongst us” Russell and Michelle agree..
Jeff to Russell “I trust you dude”.. he turns to Michelle “No more fucking Stories, I trust you” Jeff orders them all to stay put after Michelle get up, “We’re having fun here, we’re all in agreement final 4?” Russell “Final 4 i swear on my pops”, Michelle ” i swear on my dogs” Jeff “I Swear on my family” Jordan ” i swear on my family” ..
Hugs all around.. Michelle and Russell are not friends anymore.
7:00pm Backyard after the blow up
Now that the alliance is back they talk about who is going home this week.
Michelle : Lydia
Russell: Natalie
Jeff: Lydia
Jordan: “I’m undecided”
Jeff explains how Lydia and Kevin are a group and taking Lydia out breaks them. He predicts there may be something down the line that they will benefit from because they are in a group. Jeff brings up puzzle competition and how Lydia might be really good at those because she’s artistic. Jordan says she picks Lydia then she called me a fat hoe and it’ll break up lyida and kevin. Russell says they should back door Kevin he’s by far the smartest. Jeff agrees that Kevin is smart but he doesn’t think now is the time to back door him.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
6:45pm red room Natalie doing a dance saying that LML is working they actually fell for it. They are all excited Kevin tells them they need to start working Jordan as soon as the blow out is over. He also reminds them that the POV must be used so they better in it.

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Randy Wolfgang

I can’t wait till Nat the skank finds out it blew up in her face!!!!!!!!!!


jeff told them to keep their mouth shut,and what does he do,starts telling nathalie everything…


Hope the four of them are back to being united & get Lydia the hell outta there Thursday.


Sometimes i wish i could jump thru the screen and punch Michelle in the face..ANYONE?


Michelle is a pain in the neck. I think she deserves to be final 4 but this non-committal approach she is taking with her conversations is annoying. “I don’t remember” “maybe I’m not sure” “I’m stressed I don’t know the exact words” PAAAHHHHLLLLLEEEEZZZZZ


Wed 7:00 PM BBT Jeff tells Michele and Russ that if they stab him or Jordan in the back he will kill thier families

Wed 5:51 PM BBT Jord says if one of her group puts her and jeff up< she will stab someone and go crazy like chima And, they said Chima was crazy


I watched this on the feeds and it got pretty intense. Jeff said “lets squash it, seriously” when they made up. “No more stories or lying until final 4”. As soon as Michelle and Russell went inside, J/J immediately started talking about getting Russell and Michelle out before final 4.

they ALMOST busted the other team. Jeff got close to the truth, then got away from it. UGH. They had it nearly wrapped up then fell apart.


Hey dumbasses, the LML *didn’t* work. Stop your celebrating. Oh and…

HAHAHA! Suckers!


the paranoia is getting serious in the BB house. I hate seeing them question their own alliances but I suppose thats normal…..although I dont see the 3 weirds questioning each other like this….hmmmm


the three weirds aren’t turning on each other cuz none of them has the power this week……..when you have the power, that seems to be when you get paranoid, suspicious of every wind that blows, door that creaks, etc.


Jeff is playing pool with Gnat and telling her everything that just about with Mich and Russ.

How can he be so stupid???

I was Happy now I am going to go to bed mad. 🙁


Simon OK the second one and not this one – Thanks


Whew…I hope they can keep this straightene out til F4……..ummmm….isn’t this how they rank tornados also ? F1, F4, F5 being the worst ? I just love Jeff…..but have one problem….what the hell is with the wife beater T’s……are these making a come back or something ? I know what they mean about Russ’s scary looks….he can….looks like something I’ve seen down at the postoffice…10 most wanted….serial killer or postal worker
or something like that. But sometimes he will look so sweetly at Jordan……
GO JEFF & JORDAN ! ! ! ! ! ! !


finally they talked, I think they are good for final four (JJMR)…the other side is still holding a grudge, and Lydia, well, she’s wacked, she should be greatful that Jeff took her off the block. Nat has done nothing, but slide on the coat tails of others, and thought she was controling Jessie (little pitball) Kevin…he’s flying under the radar too much, he needs to go too…

Go team Jeff and Jordan…I would like to see either of them win, but they need M & R to get to the final four….

So friggin’ addicted, it’s crazy!!


Jeff is playing pool with Gnat and telling her everything that happened with Mich and Russ.

I can’t believe he is being so stupid, I am sick to my stomach.

I was happy, but I am going to bed MAD now. 🙁

Randy Wolfgang

It doesn’t matter what he tells Nat – as long as they stick to the final four either Moe, Larry or Curly will go home. He told Nat she is safe – thats true she is…..this week.


Ok the fact that Jordan and Jeff are willing to believe Nat and Kevin is just crazy. Ugh this is why this show drives me nuts. You get four people you cook they can make it to the end if they just stick together and well surprise one little nudge from the other side and things are breaking left and right. UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


thank god they cleared this up. natalie is gunning for them too bad she’s not leaving tomorrow.


First time posting.

I wanted Russell to win from the jump. 1st episode. Kid you not. And I am so glad that J/J FINALLY believes him. Like, why would he backdoor Jeff before the Final 4? That’s dumb. Cause if he doesn’t win HOH or POV, he’s the next one to go cause Jordan is gonna rally the troops and kick his ass out. Russell is smart. In fact, he’s the smartest guy in the house at the moment. He figured out it was Natalie telling the lie. He was composed throughout the thrashing. And made Michelle look like a stammering fool. “I don’t remember, guys. I’m sorry.” Bullshit! How many times you gonna say that, sweetie? Seriously, who’s gonna believe that?! You know what they should REALLY do? Backdoor Michelle’s horrible lying ass outta the game. Yes, that would give the N/L/K some ammo but oh wells. Michelle deserves it.


Hey i just thought about something, if Kevin wins POW then either Russel or Michelle are going home anyway!! bc them two will probably vote eachoter out.. I cant really see MIchelle voteing for Russel to stay and i dont think Russel will vote to save Michelle eather.. So LeTs HoPe KeViN dOnT gEt PoW!


iIs POV! These arent fighting for Prisoners Of War dumbass!


I did the same math. Something tells me that Russell would still be the one to go up if Kevin was to win the PoV. But know I think Jeff & Jordan are ok with Russell. They know/think that Russell may have lied/said some things but as far as final 4 they know he’s telling the truth because it would be stupid on his part to kill his alliance before then. He would be an easy target the following week. Glad that Michelle self destructed with the “i don’t remembers” while Russell told the truth and made solid arguments why he would never betray them and wanted them to make the final 4. Hopefully Russell can win HoH tomorrow and prove his loyalty to Jeff & Jordan even more by nominating the last 2 people of the LML club. I think that would solidify his spot in final 3 over Michelle.


I wish someone with the live feeds would put this fight on youtube!!! I want to see Gnat’s face… I’m sure she’s stumbling with her lies. Who cares about Lydiot!! Get out Nastalie!!!


hhahhah natilie and the rest of those geeks think their plan is working, can’t wait to see her face when she realizes the final four are stronger than ever!!!!


Damn….It’s about time Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Russel talk. I was getting sick of yelling at my computer! When the 4 or them were up in the HOH earlier, I kept yelling “Jeff just tell him what’s going on! Tell him what you’ve heard. Not just bits n pieces!” Now that it’s all out in the open hopefully they will stick to the plan and stay final 4. Now can feeds please get off the 3 Alpos and back on to yummy Jeff.


OMG…I’m at least happy they are back to the final 4. But they need to get Nasty Nat out first, then Kevin and then Lydia who is useless.

Randy Wolfgang

There are so many nice scenarios for tomorrow

1. Team Jeff wins POV ? Lydia goes home
2. Nat the skank wins POV ? she comes down, Kevin goes up, Lydia goes home
3. Kevin wins POV ? Kevin takes Lydia down, a pawn goes up. Nat goes home
4. Kevin wins POV ? Kevin takes Nat down, a pawn goes up Lydia goes home.


For your #2 scenario I think Kevin would go home. Russell already said he wants Kevin gone.

Randy Wolfgang

Even better !!!!!


In scenarios 3 and 4, as already stated… Michelle or Russell could still go home if either one of them decided to turn on the other. Michelle would deserve it. She is the worse lier!


Is it that hard to believe that Lydia would win POV?

Dawn D

See.. this is why I like Jeff. He has class. He airs the issues, then drops it. Good going. Question for ya’ll… If Kevin wins POV and takes Lydia off the block, they have no choice but to put up one of their 4 because they can’t put up Kevin, Lydia is off and can;t be put back up and Natalie is already up. They need to agree on which of the 4 of them will go up so it doesn’t start suspicions running wild again. Jordan can;t vote initially because she is HOH but that means that Kevin and Lydia could vote and 2 from the 4 Horseman Alliance and Jordan would be the tie breaker. Do I have it right? So even if they lose POV, it doesn’t matter.

Randy Wolfgang

Yep you are so right!!!!


natalie got to GO, she stinkin up the house in more ways then 1…….. R.I.P LML

Randy Wolfgang

Maybe I am being naive – but I think the fact that they swore on their families and loved ones means SOMETHING to these four – I know it means nothing tothe other side.

Payton 34

Natalie “the karate pig” needs to go for sure!


It looks like Lydia will go home. I think Michelle will stick with the vote because she would know they went against her. I am hoping that Kevin does not win the veto.


OMFG their keeping nasty??? they said ther were honoring thier deal with her FUUUUUCKKKKKKKK i hope something changes with that


They should evict Lydia. Lydia will eventually win a HOH down the road and if she makes it to the final 2, she is going to win


quick quick natalie was just talkin with michelle what was she sayin???????


What is wrong with Michelle??? Unreal!!! Jordan has already told her that she can tell when Michelle is lying because she says ” I don’t remember” so much. Does she really think that people can’t see through that! It’s like Ronny saying ” I know how it looks, and lets just let it look like that” . LOL!


or him sayin ” it’s not what said, actions speak louder than words” LMFAO he was such a bullshitter


natalie just lied AGAIN and said she don;t have bad B.O…..LMFAO

Big D

That’s funny because Lydia said who showered today? And looked at gNat and said did u shower and she said , ugh yah I showered , looks completely away, and changes the subject. Talk about a shitty liar. And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee all the way home.


they are losing their minds…get rid of nat then russel, worry about lydia and kevin later…Jeff win it all, Jordan you lost me, literally!!

Jackie M.

Sure hope J/J/R/M really do stick together. Anyone can figure it out, that they must stay together until they make final 4…then all bets are off…may the best person win. Sure hope that’s how it works out…as long as scum bag Nat does not make the final 4, so goes for crazy Lydia…Kevin is okay.


I almost hope Lydia DOES win the POV and takes herself down because those 4 are just NUTS to keep Natalie’s lying ass in the house.

Luckily, Jeff is level headed enough that he was able to keep this discussion civil and come to an agreement to stay – but Natalie (and Kevin, but mostly Natalie) got in their heads enough that now they want to keep her. I can’t even imagine what lie she’d come up with next, if she stayed. Probably something about Jordan and Michelle talking about how they want to take Jeff out or some shit like that.

Lydia… FIGHT! Win the POV! lol. I never thought I’d be cheering for her win something, but I want Natalie GONE!!


michelle is a loose cannor. after dark……she s looking weird and like shes loosing it. she s been found out


The girl is crazy, she was locked into the final 4 and Russell was taking her to the final 2. SO instead of trying to win $500K she decided to blow up her alliance. For someone with a PHD she is dumb as dirt.


she do look like she could snap at any moment sittin in the have not room….


Jesse told Natalie that Lydia is a stripper, anyone of you guys know anything about? What’s the scoop on that?

Big D

There’s been a lotta little talk here and there about it. I’m prettyy sure she is b/c she is a hoe! No seriously she has hinted at it in diferent convos, like I forget who she was talking to, and she said something like my real job is crazy, and something else hinting towards it. gNat also said something the other nite in the red room when Lydia told her she jerked jesseie off onto her sweatshirt. Which she was wearing during the convo ( gNat). She even said Jesse told her then said the name of the club.


It must be some roadkill strip club then, because homegirl looks beat up, straight up nasty.

Big D

Chick has serious head issues, extreme mood swings never normal always high or low, pretty much def. Of bi-polar. She has probably gotten played by serveral guys in her life, seems like one of those chicks that is always attaching herself to a guy. And sure enough Here comes Jesse , he hit it and then spilt it. Oh well she is used to it, and I know that sounds mean but if she isnts willing to try and break her old patterns than this shit is going happen her whole life. Get a therapist, I did.


Oh and another thing – how do these people not realize that telling and maintaining lies usually involves WAY more details than the actual truth does?


come on keep the fun in the house kevin and nat (lydia if we can) but yuk on the j j m r boring


Why are they keeping Natalie now? Are they keeping her because Jeff and Jordon still believe they can get a side deal on the go with her just in case J or J does not win HOH next? I think they are being very sly. If I were Russell and Michelle I would be wondering why the switch in the target.


Simon thank you LOVE this site


Hey J/J, keep it simple stupid. Why is everyone so paranoid? Stick to the plan. Everyone wants to win the money. Go to final 4 and fight it out. Knock out the other side. Why would you ever trust Pigpen? Keep it simple stupid.


I have been supporting Jeff and Jordan throughout all of this, but now I’m changing my mind. If they are dumb enough to fall for anything Nat has to say, I believe she should send them home and take Kevin to the final two. HOH just seems to bring that inner dumbass out in people.


michel-ochio’s nose seems to grow and grow. . . couldn it be all the lying she’s doing?

I Heart BB

I almost wonder if they drug the HOH and HOH’s partner each week to act like power-drunk idiots. I was a J/J fan, but now I want Russell to win the whole thing. I don’t even care to see Jeff nor Jordan in the final 2. As long as they stick to their plan of picking off the other 3 one by one, why are they kissing Kevin’s ass so much? Why would they entertain the idea of backdooring Russell when Kevin is clearly the best competitor out of the 3 in his alliance? They need to focus on winning HOH each week because if anyone in the NKL alliance gets HOH, someone from JJMR will go home. They’re self-destructing and it’s making me angry.


OMG I go have a life outside of this for 3 days and all hell breaks loose! I gotta give props to PP! She’s working it and is a damn good liar! But I still can’t stand that mean little shit! And my girl Michelle has got to get it together! She knows she can’t trust Russell but she also knows that J/J don’t trust her. She’s still my pick to win – I like her strategy and agree that now it’s a matter of winning competitions to stay in the game. But she is treading water. Ugggh! This is why we love Big Brother!


My feelings exactly. I’m just disappointed in Jeff and Jordan for falling for any of her BS. I would be happy to see Russel or Michelle toss them out now. They let everything go to their heads. Can we reverse the power given to Jeff???

hi there

I think Michelle is the worst of the bunch. She clearly threw Russel under the bus..I can’t believe Russ didn’t call her out but he knows its better to salvage the final 4 alliance. Michelle’s whole”I don’t remember clearly excuse” is pitiful to say the least. I’m rooting for Russel because he’s playing the game the hardest so far. Jordan is a sheep she’ll follow anything that Jeff says. I think Russel’s best bet is to say (once he gets into final 4) that I’m the best #2 guy to bring in b/c everyone hates me ..blah blah blah.


Jessie’s big fat ego? Dae Yum Yum? Our collective feet? HA!

Its ME bitches

I still love jeff and jordan and want them to go all the way they need to get nasty out of the house now!! Kevin and her are a team now cause they both kno lydia is worth nothing I cant wait for the show tom i hope jeff get HOH


I love J/J and the power has caused them to stress out. I think we can all understand that. My husband has never watched the show until this season and he loves the J/J team and hopes the win. They need to get Nat. out and keep lydia she is entertaining.

hi there

oh and Russel is right Kevin is the one to get out he can get into the Jeff/Jordan or alliance with Michelle as soon as Lydia or Nat is out the door.