Big Brother 11 – Russell on Kids “you have a boy you worry about 1 Dick with a girl you worry about 100’s of dicks”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
2:20pm Backyard, Russell, Lydia, Natalie and Kevin. Russell is telling them about a girlfriend he once had that made him wait 4 weeks until sex… He says it was way too long for him and when they finally did it he said it was anger banging cause she made him wait. Lydia calls it “hot hate sex”. Lydia asks Kevin how long he usually waited. he says he’s been “Married” for the last 9 years so he hasn’t had to worry about that for awhile. Lydia asks about before when he was dating other men. Kevin says it was usually after the 2nd date. Russell calls him “Loosey Goosey”. Lydia says she knows how it it when you meet someone you really like you can’t keep your hands off them. Russell
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chimes in saying once you know them too well you can’t keep your hands off their neck. They start sharing stories about their last date before they entered the house. Lydia says she went on a date with a guy and he went to kiss her and she backed away and told him no way. Lydia goes on to tell them he was 2 years younger than her and really cute… but she prefers older men. Kevin asks Russell what his best dates are. Russell says his standard good date is wine tasting or the zoo or maybe a baseball game. Lydia says her best date is Disneyland, Clubbing with friends and the water park. Kevin says his favorite date is a theme park or maybe dinner and a movie something traditional. Kevin now tells them he’s only really dated the man he’s with right now.. When they met he fell in love and they have been together every since. Lydia seems shocked by this. Natalie brings up her boyfriend and how badass he is.. he owns a motorcycle but doesn’t even own a helmet. She goes on to bragg that she doesn’t wear a helmet either. Lydia tells her she’s being stupid helmets actually save peoples lives. (and prevent crippling brain injuries) Russell tells them his last girlfriend looked like Britney spears did when she was younger and less strung out. He explains that he’s good friends with all his ex’s except for one. He’s attracted to strong women and all his ex’s are very strong and mature. Lydia brings up having Kids (OMG) she asks Russell if he’s planning on having any. Russell wants kids once he gets a little more established maybe when he’s 30, He thinks he’ll end up with all girls which is cool but he would really like to have one boy. He explains why he would prefer a boy over a girl. “When you have a boy there is only on dick to worry about when you hae a girl there is hundreds” (LOL). Lydia mentions what will he do if hi Boy is gay than there?s a bunch of dicks running after his jock. They all laugh. Lydia tells them she wants to have kids sooner than later and wants them all to be lesbians.. she thinks that would be cool.


2:45pm Russell goes into the pool.. .(i wonder why his shorts are that way?)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

3:00pm – 3:20pm Backyard Jordan joins them outside, she has her HOH camera and is taking pictures. Lydia and Russell start pretending that Lydia is saving Russell from Drowning. Lydia bends over to pull Russell up out of the pool and Russell pulls her in SPLASH captain Unitard goes in. Kevin is right there to take a picture. everyone laughing and taking pictures.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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i wanna kill michele right now!!!!! watch on the live feed the bs she is feeding jeff !!!


Is she throwing russ under the bus?

Jeffs Girl

I am getting so frustrated with all of them. Why have the 4 of them talked yet? If they don’t and things go how I think they might…I just might have to give up on the show. I can’t handle this stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BB is a joke!

Why do you think J/J/R/M desire the money over N/K/L?

Jeffs Girl

Not desire but deserve

BB Pusher

it’s only a game

Evel Russ

So is football, but you still have a team you want to win.

Big D

Let’s get these houseguests a little aggitatied , inside lockdown, and than BB needs to cut off the A/C, sit back and watch the mayham. Lydia would snap first in the uni-retard, than the guys. OMG . BBAD sucked last night and it’s going to again tonite, yea let’s watch the HG’s play cards, at which they suck, except gNat, she thinks she’s great.


u sooo right !!!! 3 hours of playing cards yesterday !!! thank god i have the live feed,all the good stuff came after after dark ended !!!!!

Jeffs Girl

I can’t believe no one questions Nasty Nat on the fact that they think she is only 18 and she said she plays in poker tournaments!!!!! How dumb are these people…..


Did you notice she said something last night about playing in a casino and then realized what she said, but no on else caught on!! WTF!!!


u r so right about that !!

BB is a joke!

Fake ID is the reason.

Evel Russ

Casino’s can spot fake IDs a mile away. Especially when she’s talking about playing in high stakes games and tournaments and stuff. There’s taxes involved with that stuff and the casinos are very serious about it.


I agree. Stir something up.


jeff “russell is an f-ing idiot ” …huh…sorry dude u r the f-ing idiot!!!!!

Randy Wolfgang

All I can hope at this point is that Jeff wins HOH tomorrow.


and russel wins POV which is likely he will win……..

the ONLY reason n/k/l the LML is working is because jeff and jordan alreay are suspicious of michelle and russel if they were not the the lie would fail. it;s not their fault that the lie is working it;s ruseel and michelle for never having any LOYALTY in this game

Michael Knight

So if Russell pulled Clymidia into the hot tub, I’m assuming she was wearing her regulation microphone (since she’s allowed to slack off and not always wear her unitard). My point being, does she or Russell now have to pay the $4,000 for the ruined microphone that Clymidia was wearing? Or will BB just change the rules again and not make them pay?

BB is a joke!

Excellent point! BB is full of it.


Russel and Lydia wrestled a minute before she went in. He stripped her mic off. No one told Lydia she couldn’t get her unitard wet. She says she has two of them.


thx for clearin that up, i was thinkin the same thing.

Get Over it

Seriously, It obviously wasn’t just about the microphone. It was the last straw in a series of rule violations as they stated in last night’s show. And I’m sure they’re taking the intent(Chima obviously wanted out) into consideration.

Mr. E

Jeff keeps saying, “This doesn’t make sense. This is so stupid. Why would he do that? There’s no logic at all in any of this plan!” And Michelle keeps saying, “He’s just crazy, that’s why.” It never occurred to Jeff to stop and think, maybe this plan doesn’t make sense because it’s a lie and Michelle can’t come up with a clever lie.


Jeff & Jordon,
I can’t believe you are even discussing keeping that rat Nat!! Have you gone blind?? Stick to your plan and get rid of that witch!

Just Fleeps

Can someone explain to me how they have not had a final four meeting? And why someone has not explained to Jeff and Jordan that the “outcasts” will say or do anything to say. And finally….why not hang low outside the red room and eaves drop? It seems like it would be easy enough to listen to them scheming and figure out that it is all a big lie!


agree! i’m surprised they haven’t been able to hear them yet! that would be great if they could over hear it, nasty nat would be GONE

Jeffs Girl

OMG…I agree 100%…why is no one thinking to listen at the red room? I’ve thought that all along. I know I would be!! 🙂 I don’t understand why they haven’t had that meeting either. This whole thing is driving me crazy!!



i am sooo with you on the michele frustration!! what the heck is she doing by throwing russell under the bus, and lying about him?? i’m really beginning to believe she is a pathological lier.


Michelle is not only crazy, she’s not smart. She was in a final 4 alliance with J,J & R. Russell was taking her to the final 4. So she throws him under the bus, thereby weakening her own alliance and weakening her chances of making the final 2. Her husband has got to be going crazy watching his wife throw away $500K.

Jeff & Jordan aren’t playing any smarter by listening to ANYTHING that Gnat & Kev tell them. It hasn’t even been 5 days since the other side freaked out and vowed revenge for getting Jessie & 2 days later having Chima evicted. How can they forget in the matter of 2 days that these are the same people who said they wanted them out of the house?

I hate her, but Nat is playing a great game right now, with the help of crazy Michelle and Kev is playing a smart game as well.

Mr. E

Jeff, Jordan, and Michelle are now trying to figure out who they can turn to their side. Because, you know, when you lose a player you’ll have SOOOO much power in the house. My brain is starting to hurt from the strained logic in their strategy and I feel sorry for Russell that so much of his place in the game relies on these idiots.


I think it’s very smart for Michele to lie about Russell (even though I don’t know what she’s saying right now cause I don’t have the feeds). Michele is in it to win it (who isn’t?) and she feels Jeff and Jordan are growing suspicious of Michele and Russell. So to lie about Russell would separate her from Russell.


If Michele successfully helps break up the final four deal between Jeff, Jordan, Russel and herself, they don’t have anymore number advantages. She’s shooting herself and her alliance in the foot. Jeff and Jordan are already losing the plot. Michele is just making it so much worse.

Mr. E

Except the only reason Jeff and Jordan are even slightly suspicious is because Michelle created that suspicion in the first place. She went to them and lied about Russell’s plans, and as soon as they made a Final Four deal she set about trying to secure a Final Three deal.




What’s the deal with that link or ref in the first paragraph?


I think Michelle is definately thinking ahead. I really don’t know if she would win against Jordan or Jeff, but against Russell she might have a chance. ( although alot of people hate her worst than Russell)


Nat told Casy on his way out that she was 24 and had a degree in front of everyone.


on Michelle’s blog she wrote she was being true to Jeff and Jordan…


btw, J/J will be the idiots if they keep Kevin and Nastalie around… What if by some blunder they get HOH etc. J/J can’t win against them in final 2 votes unless America saves them…


I have a minor request. Can people quit using text lingo in here? I have to go to a lingo site and look up some of these things. Still don?t know what LML is. What happened to the good ole days when the only shorthand was LSD, PCP, and THC?

And one word about Jordan?s boob job. She got totally ripped off. I guess you really do get what you paid for. I?m not a fan of fake boobs but hers are horrible. They look like they are lopsided and she is constantly playing with them?.like she needs to round them out or something. Ok, I guess that was more than one word. Must be the THC.


When you watch the feeds, a theme comes up many times and ends up in an abbreviation in the forums. The LML, or last minute lie, was planned for hours and hours by Natalie and Kevin. The rehearsed it so much that Jeff and Jordan have commented how exactly alike both of their stories are. That should be a big fat red flag but they let it pass. Russell is trying to break through to Jeff and Jordan but their to feeble minded to see the light. They drank Natalie’s Koolaid. They’re doomed.


Roger…LML….is the Last Minute Lie that Lydiot and Nasty gNat and Kevin made up to plant doubt about Michelle and Russ!


Thank you.


LML is “last minute lie” that Kevin, Lydia, and Nastalie made up that turned out to be true: Michelle and Russell talking final two…


By Michele getting rid of Russell, she is definitely throwing the 500k away. Anyone going up against Russ for final 2 will win. And, Michele’s suppose to be smart? Guess she’s been hanging with Lydia too much.

Randy Wolfgang

The meeting has just begun in the HOH room with team Jeff – let’s see what happens – also there is a lockdown so tomorow is an endurance comp.


word? lets hope everything gets cleared up and the LML can finally DIE

j/j alltheway

Lets see how michelle talks her way out of some of her lies when they all four starting talking………..she probably wont remeber a thing she ever said


has anyone seen chiapet and ron the rats twitter yet, people HATE them, this is no surprise of course,

Mr. E

Okay, why do they keep cutting the feeds?


When is the POV?


Does anyone remember on a previous BB when Natalie hid in a pile of clothes and eavesdropped on the others? Just wondering why no one has tried that…..


Get Russel out. On Thursday its probably an endurance comp and Jeff has a VERY good chance to win it. Then evict Natalie. Then Jeff will win BB probably. I’m pretty sure Jessie would give him his vote because he said it himself it was good game play, Lydia and Natalie would listen to him and give Jeff their vote, Russel probably also, and AMERICA!



im glad jeff told jorden he love her last night. he should move to nc, so thay can be togather. now its jordens turn to step up and tell jeff how she feels about him.

Randy Wolfgang

Jeff just brought up the pool room lie that Kevin told and Russell denied it – Jeff says it didn’t make any sense for Russell to say that.


jeff told jordan that he loved her? what time approx did this happen? i want to read it so i can pretend i’m jordan. 🙂

Mr. E

ROFL, Jeff goes, “You know, that’s what I’m saying, nothing’s making sense” and he looks right at Michelle and says, “Something’s not right.” And Michelle won’t make eye contact.


and you’d think he would read into it? he’s so dense… unbelievable!

Randy Wolfgang

Jordan is saying that it makes sense for them to split us up and Jeff says its like they are throwing a dart at a wall to see if it sticks – are they turning around or just BS’ing Russell???


I’m shaking I’m so excited. If Jeff and Jordon fight with Michelle and Russell, M and R will switch sides and get Jeff and Jordon out ASAP. This is so exciting. Fight fight.

Tina laws

Give someone a little power, and they will abuse it. If Russ goes this week Jeff will be right behind, and if Russ goes home, I will not watch BB11 it seems to be fixed for Jordan and Jeff to win they are Weak Players I want Jeff out Next week he’s an idiot, and the other side will take him down!!

tx rocks

Your an idiot!!!! Jeff and Jordan play the game well…Russell is a loose cannon…you don’t have to be an ass hole to do well in this game.

Mary Ann

Jeff and Jordon need to wake and smell the coffee. Natallie is a f—kin liar and J/J need to have a sit down with Michele and Russell and get her out………………NOW, TOMORROW, ASAP…..


The meeting did absolutely nothing.. Now Jeff and Jordan have become so paranoid, that Jordan believes Natalie and Kevin over them.. N/K/L are getting exactly what they wanted.. J/J strategic wise are done, they are trusting people who have been on the other side the whole time.. Now they just have to rely on winning competitions.. Everyone in the house knows what they are up to..


Jeff is really wearing thin on my nerves. He’s confronting Russell while leaving that pathological liar of Michelle off the hook. And this **** Jordan who just sits there saying: “I’m PMS’ing”. I’m about to join the camp of the ppl who think that they really don’t deserve to win.


This $”%&*!?$%”” Jordan saying that she trusts N/K over M/R… Ugh!!! I could smack that girl


I think Jordan is kinda stupid and a little dumb. Why would she just believe Natalie just like that when she never spoke to her before? She knows Nat is always on the other side. I mean Jordan’s too nice to play in this kinda game. And Nat is just a f**king liar. Should she win the game because of her lies, she’d get karma right away. I know people just always said “It’s only a game”, but do you know this game will reward you amount of money that you’ll use it in real life? Though it is a game, you get the money because of your lies. I know it’s not a smart move in this game, but at least you need to do it fair and square. For instance, America hates Jessie because of his game methods, and Ronnie… I dont even need to say it, people will see Lydia as a desperate pyscho path, Chima…. too much hatred and anger on her….
Well, just hope Jordan/Jeff realize it before it’s too late.


would somebody tell me who is lying????



Dustin Thawind

Why hasn’t anyone caught on that Michelle said she doesn’t remember talking to Russell in the Splish Splash room but now that Kevin and Nat said they heard it she remembers the whole thing!


She’s being cornered… She better pray Nat or Kevin doesn’t win POV… She may go home this week. Her lies are catching up with her.


Jo to M: “If you would have never come upstairs and told us all this stuff we wouldn’t be having this conversation and we’d be final 4”

LOL. Girl, why did you have to go and confront them or even listen to Michelle? The girl has proven a lot of times in the past that she lies. Besides,why are Jeff and you confronting your teammates in front of the other team? Why are you airing out your dirty laudry like that? They really don’t deserve to win

Just SICK over J/J

Someone needs to remind Russell that while yes a daughter can get pregnant & a son can’t the daughter can only be having a pregnancy 1 @ time BUT a son could get MULTIPLE girls pregnant during the same time period. 😉