Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Natalie a virgin? “I could of had Jessie’s b*** at anytime I wanted”

7:25pm Backyard Jeff and Jordan They are trying to figure out where to go from here. Jeff sarcastically calls her sherlock for jumping in during the meeting and asking all the questions. Jordan says she

asked questions. Jordan getting mad at Jeff saying that she was asking questions and she pushed both Michelle and Russell, “I hate it when you say that like I don’t want any blood on my hands”. They both agree that Russell needs to go first but not until they take another 2 players from the other side. Jeff thinks once Lydia is gone they can let the other 4 players destroy themselves. Russell joins them.. Jordan apologies for calling them all out but she had to get to the truth.. Russell understand he would of done the same. Russell tells them straight up he’s not coming after them until final 4 and if anyone tells them different its a lie He swears. Russell doesn’t understand what Michelle is doing… Jeff comments that her “I can’t remember argument doesn’t work” Russell “she can’t remember something from 2 fucken days ago and she has a PhD!” Jordan says when Michelle was telling them all these things Jordan told her she was going to go to Russell and ask him in front of her. Russell says he doesn’t care about Michelle he’ll take his chances 3 vs 1 if he has to as long as they reach final 4 because he doesn?t want to see the other side win it. Russell tells the he’s lost hi appetite he’s so annoyed at Michelle… he’s happy he kept his cool though. Jeff is happy to… Jeff reiterates the importance that they stick together right now.. He points out that the other side wants this to happen right now they are excited in there because if one of us goes its 3vs3 again instead of 4 vs 2…
Jordan goes inside. Russell tells Jeff go to play pool

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:30pm Kitchen Jordan, Lydia and Michelle. Michelle is making meatballs and showing Jordan how to roll the meat into balls. Natalie joins them and starts talking about her phone call with her dad. She says at home she never cooks but she actually cooked while staying here and she wanted to tell her dad but she forgot….. just general chit chat

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:45pm Pool table Russell and Jeff. Russell was so close to losing it on Michelle.. he appreciates how Jeff played the whole meeting out compliments Jeff on keeping it all together. Jeff just wanted to get this all cleared up he could never understand why anyone would want to leave their final 4 agreement.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers
Jeff tells Russell that he needs to stick to the plan it?s their best chance to win. Jeff also mentions all the luxury competitions there is and the prize money they could still make 10 thousand buck by just lasting another couple weeks. They move to pool talk.. a summary of Jeff’s conversation “fuck this fuck that that balls a bitch fuck that bitch” Russell and Jeff finish and Natalie come to join Jeff. Jeff tells Natalie that she is safe this week. Natalie is grateful she wants to win HOH next week so she can repay Jeff. Jeff says thanks. She asks if he believes Russell. Jeff tells her they are both lying and they have been talking against us. Jeff goes over the conversation they had with Russell and Michelle. He highlights Russell doing a lot of backpedalling and Michelle sticking to the “I don’t remember excuse”. Jeff tell her he believes everything is coming from Michelle and being twisted around. Natalie ask if she should put up Russell next week. Jeff tells her to do whatever she wants to do
Russell comes out with some food. they are surprised that production isn’t setting up for the comps tomorrow. Natalie thinks that it won’t be an endurance competition tomorrow because they would need to take down the POV set than set the Head of Household competition up and their isn’t enough time in a live show. they finish their game..

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:05pm Red Room Lydia and Natalie. Lydia is taking Natalie’s braids out. Natalie tells lydia they need to talk later tonight she’s got news and she doesn’t think it’s in their favour. Kevin joins them and Lydia starts undoing the braids. Lydia is convince she’s going home. Kevin says they need to just win the POV he doesn’t know if the LML really worked out in the end. Natalie says that Jeff and Jordan are going to evict me because they say i’m the strongest competitor. They briefly talk about tomorrow and how they are doing an entire week in one show. Kevin says he’s starting to think that they might do the POV before the show airs live.
Talk move to hair as they remove Natalie’s braids. Natalie tells them the other side is saying that Russell wants to evict Jeff once they hit Final 4 not next week.. Kevin “ohh Shit” Natalie “they won’t use POV, Russell might but only if he’s pissed at Kevin” You can hear Michelle and Jordan talking in the kitchen.. Natalie says if this was survivor she would stab Michelle in the neck with bamboo. Lydia now telling Kevin he should of stayed out their during the calling out of Russell and Michelle. Kevin agrees he should of stayed and layed it on Russell some more. Lydia brings up Natalie and Jessie wanting to do survivor together. “Who would your boyfriend feel about you going with Jessie” Just as she says that she yanks on a braid and Natalie screams. They finish the removing the braids… They all thinks she looks like a “black Girl” Natalie calls it her ghetto look.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:00pm DOOM room Michelle thinking up something Crazy to saw or trying to remember where she is.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:00pm Backyard They houseguests can almost hear music playing they think that there?s a party going on the other side of the wall. Natalie and Kevin are playing pool. Jeff , Russell and Lydia are on the couch. Natalie is being a bitch to Lydia. Lydia brings up Natalie saying she’s a virgin but she really isn’t. Lydia explains that every virgin likes to throw around their vcard.. Jeff ‘Vcard whats that?” Lydia tells him the vcard is virgins being proud of what they are and they do not deny it. Natalie says she could of had Jessie?s’ ba!!s but she didn’t want them. Lydia: “at least we know i can make someone c** with just may 2 finger”

9:36pm Jeff and Russell playig pool, Kevin and PP palying badminton and Lydia on the couch. Michelel in doom room and Jordan is eating somewhere.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
9:55pm Backyard Houseguests making tie-dyed tshirts.

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natalie said “im not saying im not a virgin, but im not saying i am.”


i love jeff….i love how he approaches everything…even tie dying


I love Jeff too! He’s such a great guy and I really want him and Jordan to get the final 2. Jeff seems very genuine and very grateful for everything! Im all about Team Jeff and have been since the beginning! I hated Jessie last season and nothign changed this season except I hated him and his whole crew.


Natalie is such a gnarly witch


LOL @ Michelle trying to remember where she is! Simon, you’re a riot! But I admit I’m biased – I want Michelle to win. I think that because she has been diagnosed as bipolar she has an advantage – at least she is aware of her mental challenges, unlike the rest of this crew who are wacko and don’t even realize it!


Michele just lost her younger brother a few months ago. I’m sure that has taken a big toll on her. She’s stuck in this place and that can’t help her too much! It is possible that she is telling the truth and is really forgetting things or mixing memories! But then again, she wants to win and she knows that it would be very difficult to win against J/J/R so she might’ve been trying to get them out so she could go up against someone she could actually defeat!


Michelle was playing both sides just in case. She is just mad because they are finally on to her. I wasn;t sure about the conversation between Jordan and Jeff. I thought they had a deal until the final four and now he is saying we need to get Russell out in a couple of weeks. They all put it on their families except Michelle who put it on her dogs.


Just a comment: Michele just lost her younger brother a few months ago! She had better put it on her dogs and not her family!!!


Although I’m glad the final 4 deal is supposedly back on track, I think they are making a huge mistake in keeping Natalie.. J/J for some random reason believe she’s trustworthy.. However if she stays she’s more likely to scheme than Lydia ever would.. Lydia hasn’t made any game moves whatsoever.. Natalie made moves when she came up with the green room lie, and also this last minute lie.. Kevin is also more likely to scheme than Lydia.. But I guess in the end they feel safe with whoever since they all say they are gunning after Russell and Michele.. The concern should be if Russell gets HoH and what shit Natalie tries to pull off..

Karen S

just for perks sake.. Natalie hasn’t won anything yet. keep the good vibes going toward Jeff and Jordon for figuring this crap out.

Peace….. K

Jeff fan:

My first post: Jeff played it laid-back and cool until Jordan got HOH. Then he decided to trust two individuals (Nat and Kevin) that have been against him from the start. Jordan and Jeff have developed diarrhea of the mouth. They are making agreements with Mich & Russ and telling everything to Nat and Kevin. J & J do not appear able to handle power. I would guess that Jeff is afraid of Russel’s athletic abilities, if he is still there at final 4. Very confusing. Nat and Kevin appear to be the better game players, as they have J&J believing in them after only one week. Tough right now to be a Jeff Fan!


Why does everyone hate Natalie? I wouldn’t want to live her, but she has been playing the game form day one. I used to think Kevin was just a floater, but he is playing smarter than anyone else in the house. J\J are definitly the most likable but does that mean they should win?…I’m not so sure it does.


I agree Jeff and Jordan have totally lost the plot since getting in the HoH house and I really find it hard to root for them like I once did. Right now I hope somehow that Russell ends up making final 2 as he has been the most straitforward and committed to his allies of the group since the Coup D’Etat was used, and made a huge effort to make things cool with michelle which she used to throw him under as soon as her HoH was over. Preferably he makes it there with Natalie, who deserves it for floating for so long and then stepping it up once her allies were lost and keeping herself very much in the game.


er…HoH room, that is

Mr. E

Jeff is a decent read and it’s worth acknowledging that he was the one who always went back to how the story about Russell never added up. Unfortunately, Jeff’s biggest weakness is that he’s always looking for more power and more allegiances. He has never been comfortable with just Jordan as his backup.


Why arent they building anything for all of tomorrow’s comp’s?


I would bet quite a bit it is endurance. Having to incorporate a POV, a POV ceremony, an Eviction and a HoH comp. It seems reasonable to assume the HOH comp will start near the end of the show and leave a cliff hanger for those without the live feeds. If i was to speculate on what type of endurance competition it is: i would say some type of weird “sitting” competition. This would explain the Tie-dye shirts. They were popular in the 60’s when “Sit-in demonstrations” were also popular.


Yea. And what about this veto? What in the world is that going to be with no lockdown and no building anything? Maybe there is some kind of new twist or something?


If they pre-recorded the veto………….I think you would know already. Besides they still arent building anything outside which makes me wonder. I was really hoping for a good endurance comp this week. They have only had 2 so far and I’m sick of the question comps.


I am very worried that this program is not as spontanious as i had always thought. I think the producers have way to much influence over which way this is supposed to be!!!!!!! i really feel dissapointed. Oh well so much for my bitching. In a perfect world this program would not look so rigged.


very random question and im sorry for being off topic, but i was always wondering, does anyone know what’s Jeff’s connection with UCLA? i went there so im curious…or does he just like the hat?


I have to agree with you Mrs. K I too have questions on how much the producers are weighing in on the decisions. To Keep Lydia would be entertaining with Nat out you know Lydia is going to go off again. I love Lydia in the Unitard no one could wear that thing like her. I am still hoping the J/J team win. I would also like to know if they get together after the show.


I don’t think there is gong to be a POV because usually when there is a double eviction HOH is played after the first eviction. Because Chima was the first evicted they may not play for POV this one and just have the eviction ceremony then HOH right after.

I Heart BB

Michelle’s HOH was supposed to end tonight. Then they were going to have an HOH comp, then the POV, then the eviction, and then end the show with another HOH comp. They can’t have an eviction without a POV, so of course there will be a POV tonight. It’s just going to be played out like a single eviction instead of the double eviction episode they originally planned.


I find it distrurbing that jeff continues to say production is consitantly trying to sway him to keep Russell. Why would they do that?? Chima was on to them. They are trying to lay out who leaves, very sad. Go Kevin and Natlie!


you’re obviously ronnie, chima, or a relative of pig pen. please provide a link of jeff saying that? i haven’t read it on this site or any others. stop making crap up out of no where and constantly posting the lies non stop to help your pig pen.


Well I am thinking this is the double eviction ANYWAY and that both Natalie and Lydia will go home. Unless they pull some backdooring of Russell somehow last minute. It’s all going to depend on who wins POV and the next HOH!

I’m still rooting for team Jeff and Jordan!~


I am kinda getting pissed off here . . . for one Paranoia is raging. I agree that it is hard to root for Jeff and Jordan these days (although I still am . . ) but they are chasing their tails and seem so bloody confused. I think they should stick with getting Natale out (she is devious as hell ( if I liked her or her game I would be jumping around right now) I think that if she survives then they are crazy and are going to be in for the fight of their lives with Russel and Michelle . . . . Natalie and Kevin . . . teaming up against them . . . Lydia is weak as hell and is just thinking about Jessie’s balls right now . . . Ughhhhh I can’t stand it!!! Wise the hell up Jeff !!! . . . and quickly too.


i totally agree with u I used to love Jeff and Jordan but they do not know the first thing to do with power and Jordan is becoming very bitchie lately…

loves J&J

GO HOME NATALIE !!!!!!!!!!!!! GET HER OUT OF THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think jeff and jordan need to get nat-a-lie out,
then focus on anyone else like russel, kevin or lydia.
keep your deal with michele, you’ll get her vote in the jury.
go jeff and jordan!

Jackie M.

I am still rooting for J/J for final 2. Gotta admit however that Jordan is starting to get on my nerves. She cud be the downfall for Jeff if he does not wise up soon, really soon. Hoping that scumbag NAT goes to jury house TONITE. Then Kevin, keep Lydia for last..don’t believe she can handle the stress of being the only one left from their horrible alliance. Hope BB producers realize they shud not reward ANY HG that act in a horrible dispectable way the way those 2 did.. Please, Please don’t let that heppen. Know that HG has to lie, however I can’t recall any previous HG (not even evil dick), doing such horrible/childlike things like they do.


I would pay big $$ to see all the diary room footage!

Jim J

Definitely rooting for J/J but if they keep Nat the will deserve what they get. I cannot believe they can forget all her manipulating and conniving. Forgive is one thing, forget is totally different. Nat tonight, then can pick off Russ, then one of the other two, then Mich. Should be a cake walk if they keep thier heads.


b/c J/J are idiots…nat and kev have gone from burried to having a great chance to go to the final 2 in a blink of an eye. j/j think that nat and kev will go after russ and mich….but what if they realize that they’d get more votes in a final 2 w/ possibly russ or mich? then they can scheme w/ those 2 and get j/j out of there….who NO ONE believes they would get more votes against j/j.