Big Brother 11 Spoilers A new twist for the Have Nots

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

There is a new Big Brother Twist for the have nots houseguests.

NOON Red Room CHima, Natalie and Lydia. They are trying to figure out the have nots competition. Lydia wonders if the team will be fair or if they are going to get screwed again. Chima tells her not to be worried the producers “got the MEMO”, “I don’t give a fuck what they say they are fucked if we leave and we will leave” Lydia agrees saying “they” big brother production better watch out. Chima says this late in the game the producers cannot bring in new players America has grown to love an date us they can’t get replacements now. Chima starts bashing Russell talking about how stupid he was leaving his rosary here and how he?s not even a catholic he?s a “fucking Muslim Terrorist” Natalie asks CHima if she could talk to Michelle for her, Natalie thinks that Chima has a strong relationship with Michelle and Michelle will listen to her. She remind Chima to bring up Natalie?s offer to not out Michelle up next week if she wins HOH. Natalie also wants CHima to tell Michelle is she’s putting Natalie up she will be going back on her word with Chima. Chima says she will talk to Michelle before nominations, her plan is to tell Michelle the truth about Russell and how evil he is. Chima continues to rant about Russell she starts digging through one of his old drawers and mentions something about him not bringing weapons of mass destruction with him. Lydia chimes in saying she’s always wanted to know how to make a bomb.. CHima laughs, tells them she’ll be the executioner, Natalie says she’ll be in charge of melting things and I assume Lydia will be the Bomb expert. (there little terror cell) Chima now telsl the girls that Jeff is rude to women especially Natalie, Natalie says she know and she’ll get her revenge once she wins HOH next week, “i got my speech ready for it don’t worry” Chima tells them they need to bring Michelle in and keep drilling into her head that Russell is a jerk, and remind Michelle that Russell called her Crazy head. Chima goes on and on about America loving jerks that’s why they gave Jeff the power they knew he would protect Russell and go after the good guy Jessie, “America voted for bush 2 times!”

Michele comes out and announces it’s time for the haves/have not competition!

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:26pm Michelle and Jordan in the HOH shower Russell is in the HOH steaming mad at Chima, Natalie and Lydia…. Michelle gets out of the HOH and her and Russell start venting about the 3 witches.. Saying they don’t deserve to be here, Russell: “You know how many people try to get on this show!!” he compliments on how awesome Michele was during the competition. Russell sasy he’s so disgusted in the witches. Michelle agrees saying they are pathetic to be acting this way. Michelle says they are just pissed because for once in this fucking game they are on the losing side…. Russell says the competition was designed so they all can have some fun and those witches made it miserable. Russel says he wants those 4 to be gone! Michelle says no we want to keep Kevin he’s cool. Russell says he doesn’t know why Kevin doesn’t like him. Russell say he thinks Kevin is the only one that could win the POV so she should put up Kevin and Chima therefore when he uses the POV on himself instead of Chima. Russell tells Michelle her best bet to win is to her and Russell to the final 2. Jeff knocks on the door wants to take a shower but than leaves to talk to production about were he can take it. Michelle asks Russell why he voted for Jessie. Russell says he had a deal with Jessie he gave him his word he wouldn’t vote him out and Russell didn’t want to lose a jury vote. Russell says he will NEVER put Michelle up fi she wants to go final 2 with him… Jeff comes back says production told him to go for it.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

I appears the have nots is a little different this week, Some people are on slop some on cold showers and nobody has to sleep in the Have Nots room.
Kevin Cold showers
Lydia Cold SHowers
From the sounds of things they had to compete for every day for food as a team. They won every day except one plus they won 2 out of 3 luxury prizes one of them being a BBQ.

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240 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers A new twist for the Have Nots

    1. LOL….erm…ok. Just like karma is kicking Chima’s and Gnat’s if and when they go up and go out. Fair enuff. Wake up dude…u bore me.

    2. How High School, amaturish, immature, and ridiculously idiotic. The 3 little witches need to get a life and grow up. Their actions are unbelievable. They all need counseling and quickly.

    3. michelle is going to win. she’s playing the game very smart. yes russ said crap but she’s able to overlook that to get her further in the game. very smart!

  1. If Chima called Russel a Muslim terrorist, then that crosses the line. That is just not cool! As a Christian, I find that completely unacceptable. Don’t get me wrong, I think Russel is a hot-head, but that comment just shows Chima’s true colors. Tisk, Tisk!

  2. I hate the way Chima, Lydia, and Natalie are acting. I wish they could be taken off the show. There behavior is unexcusable. BB should give all 3 of them a penalty nomination.

    1. exactly! production really should not cater to these immature idiots. Let them walk out and bring back braden, laura, and casey!

    1. Yes he can – he is marinating a steak he can eat later tonight. Thats is of course, unless one of the three bitches mess with it.

  3. Do you think BB changed the have not compeition just in case Jeff lost out again and had to sleep in the Have Not room? Favoritism? I’m thinking so

    1. Maybe. But I don’t think so. They usually have these kinds of food competitions where no one has to go on slop, don’t they? Or am I wrong? ….

      1. What favoritism towards Jeff? Are you kidding? If anything I see that they are accomodating the nasty witches! I hope they walk! So, it would be a short season. Those childish little imps need to held accountable for the way they are behaving. I don’t understand where they think they have the power to threaten BB production or anyone else. Let alone all the antics and harrassment to the other HGs! *putting it mildly* And Chima, she’s just in another class of her own. Bottom of the barrell.
        Yes, in previous seasons BB has had whole house participation in food comps.
        Big Brother, you have at the very least, my support to send the lil witches packing! Then sue them for breach of contract and anything else you can think of.

    2. Yeah to to Chima that is….
      She is the one who would throw a hissy fit and they (CBS) do not want to deal with it.
      Favoritism indeed!!!!!

    3. Yeah, that’s what it is. It’s not like they were catering to the three little pigs and their threats. Just like they didn’t do tape the show because they wanted to be able to edit Chima and they weren’t giving the three pigs prizes to keep them from walking out.

    4. Really dbagstar?!! Wow…u should head over to the jury house quick…without Ronnie, Gnat and Lydia…someone needs to give him blowies and handsies. LOL.

    1. I know if i were the producers i would of told them to walk…but i would of told them there not going to jury house…then they would’ve probably stayed…

      1. Good point…..Had they been told they could not go to the jury house they would not have walked and maybe they would simmer down. I wish the producers could bring back some of the evictees but the evictees have watched too much of the show and would be ahead of the rest now in the house. Who could BB find to replace those three despicable people? If they would just get rid of the awful Chima. I don’t even watch what Lydia, Nat or Chima say…..I fast forward. I hate this low class production of BB. Where did they get these people??

  4. russel is the terrorist and lydia want to know how to make a bomb…….. i say let the bitches walk the producers can bring back casey, braden, and laura…….. and the show can be good again

  5. Russell is about to bring out his snake and rat conduct on Jeff and Jordan That’s what Jeff get for believing in a liar!

    Michelle, Jeff and Russell have GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am not sure how much Jeff really trust Russel, but he needed to make a move to help himself in the game. This was a smart move for him to get Jesse out. Jesse has been HOH twice so it was smart. If Jesse had it might have done the same thing. Switch things up. I am glad he used it, even though I do not like Russel at all.

  6. I think BB should remove the 3 girls and just switch to the rules used by other countries where you evict someone every other week. They could modify it to every 10 days or something. Americans don’t deserve the insults coming out of Chima’s mouth, nor do the remaining houseguests deserve to hear her terrorism based threats. This is no longer entertainment friendly material that they are discussing. I hope all 3 of them lose their jobs and have great difficulty getting another job! They are shameless!

    1. Could not have said it better !!
      Its one thing to be “evil’ in the context of the game (IE: Evil Dick) – that ususally means you are a cut throat player hell bent on winning.
      But these three can not really think that their way of being in there is actually a real srategy that will win for them. They are really out of control.
      The producers need to figure this out before someone really says something that gets someone hurt.

    2. Being unemployed at the time I would not wish that on anyone …even chia pet. I look forward to the day this game is over and she begs CBS to help pertect her from the people she has offended. CBS is gonna get a reputation of caving and is going to have a tough time shacking the stench these b**chs have left.

  7. Why would Jeff have to sleep in Have Not Room? Jesse and Natalie never did. They would sleep all day in the green room, so STFU you hater!

    1. exactly, they only spent in the have not room maybe an hour a day during their time on have nots , they CHEATED ,

  8. Where do they find these people, seriously, (Nat, Jesse, Lydia, Chima)? I’m beginning to believe that nacissism clubs exist for reality scouting purposes.

    1. I’m wondering why they have to pick the same dumb blonde each season. Jordon and Jessica are so the same character, it is creepy.

  9. The muslim terrorist thing is going too far. It’s time they muzzle her. When someone made a jew comment in a previous BB there was a huge uproar. How come there’s nothing being said about these slanderous rantings about Muslims??

  10. Millions of people try tp get on this show, it is deplorable how these 3 women are threatening to leave. Did they think thta everything would go their way?

    For almost 4 weeks Chima’s insidious laugh has driven me completely crazy, as her and her cronies ran the house getting the hit list out as planned in week 1.

    She had everthing to laugh about for almost 4 weeks, so one week things go against her and she stomps her feet like the spoiled princess she is and starts back in with racial remarks, and a discusting reference to 911, that is a new low for her, just when you thought she couldn’t sink any lower.

    Then these 3 misfits, organize a threatened walk out.

    This show cost millions of dollars to put on the air, millions of people would kill for the opportunity that these ungrateful excusses fro women had been given.

    Give them prizes??? I would threaten them with a lawsuit, they signed contracts to participate on this GAME SHOW!! Yes it is a game.

    This is suppose to be fun, enjoying each others company and the exciting competitions to win prizes and havean unforgetable experience, and these girls turned it into a horrible mess for anyone in there to even begin to enjoy.

    I say let them leave, sue them, and cancel the double eviction and bring back a mystery house guest from a random drawing of the people evicted before Jury house.

    Screw them, thye don’t deserve the experience, they don’t deserve to win a thing, but they do deserve to get looked at professionally to deal with their mental and emotion problems.

    These girsl are the worse houseguest to ever be on Big Brother and I fear this year could damage the chances of a BB12 thanks to them.

    I truly enoyed this show every year and now it looks like CBS will probably not come back for a 12th because of the assinine 3 stooges.

    1. I strongly agree with you! to me Chyma is a terrorist for trying to hold BB and CBS hostage by threatening to ruin this season.I say evict them and bring back the first 3 evictees.

    2. They CAN NOT just bring back one of the three Houseguests that already had watched the edits, feeds and know all of what is going on in the outside.

  11. What is wrong with CBS, how can they approve of what is coming out of Chima’s mouth. It is totally unacceptable to call someone a terrorist, or any other kind of dispectable remark. There is no reason for that kind of behavior. And to reward them for their behavior with gifts is just no right.

  12. I can not believe CBS or anybody around Chima lets her say such horrible things about a religion or race. I know people were complaining that Chima made one little comment awhile back, let it go. But she’s still at it, I’m not Middle Eastern or Muslim and I find that soooo unacceptable. I can’t believe they let that go across the feeds. That would be the same as Russel walking around calling her the nasty N word (which is completely unacceptable). That should be in their stupid rule book: if you hit somebody you go home, if you use racial slurs you go home, simple enough.

  13. Rockstar, I have to disagree with your comment. I think BB made the Have-Not competition rigged for 3 cry babies, especially towards the ring leader Chima. I’m getting tired of BB of catering these nut-cases. BB in London wouldn’t even put up with what the 3 nut-cases are getting away with.

    1. It’s free speech. You can say whatever you want and unless you actually do something to hurt someone you can pretty much say whatever you want. It has happened before on BB and it will continue to because it makes good tv. People love it.

  14. Im floored that CBS is allowing Chima to make those kind of comments, about the twin towers and muslins… Im sure that when she gets out of BB she will have all sorts of hate towards her. Unbelivable… I dont care who wins BB, I just think that Chima should be removed. I hope she loses her job, she is disgusting. Doesnt she realize shes on tv. Her poor family… CBS needs to take her out of the game NOW…

  15. they keep callin jesie a “good guy” LMFAO what pathetic retards, just like his followers othe onlt thing good about jessie is that he preys b4 he eats thats about it , ain;t nuthi special about him

    i ain’t no fan of jeff, but i ain’t no fan od SNAKES and thats exactly what sheep team jessie is

  16. Let’s call a “spade” a “spade”. Why have you, BB11 Production, caved into the “terroist” blackmailing slandering “troyca”. Showing your “no balls” to enforce your own discipline. But you can turn on Jeff for one mouth full of Gatorade by making him stay another 24 hours. So what’s Jeff shortcomings? Lack of a vagina, or a tan?

  17. chima is still on her high horse! i cant believe the people behind the scenes arent pissed thats she is controlling things-do they really think they need her and her nonsense? yeah stirs up stuff for ratings but she is an idiot if she doesnt think all this is going to make her look like and A** when she gets out of here–then she will sueing CBS and BB for showing her act like this! she sure does have a lot of pent up anger for someone who wants to talk to young girls to teach them to be strong?!? i dont want her around my daughters!!!!!

  18. does anyone know how to contact CBS to complain about Chima’s muslim attacks?? I wonder what the ACLU would have to say about it??

  19. I am so upset with CBS for letting this go on like this. Chima needs to be sent home with not even a pass to the Jury House. She is a horrible human being that doesn’t deserve to have anthing. Russel has a big mouth but nobody deserves to be called these things that she is saying. CBS has some damage control to do, they will regret keeping them in the house.

  20. PLEASE let them walk!!! They need to go, especially Chima. That is just hate spewing from her mouth, and her anger and tantrums make the environment unsafe for the other houseguests. No one wants to watch that on a tv show. It’s supposed to be entertaining, and she is just ruining it for the viewers.

  21. This has spiraled out of control. By catering to the 3 brats they now (although I’m sure Chima has always had this mentality) that they can get anything they want by whinning and giving threats… Chima has got to go…Muslim terrorist chima, really? I thought your fights weren’t below the belt? That’s just insulting. They should have let her walk…those 3 need to go! I’m sick of listening to them…BB, CBS kick them out! At least Chima please I beg you…

  22. I’m sure Chima will go out in a blaze of glory. And by “glory” I mean idiocy. Some people just aren’t built for this competition. She’s too tightly wound and insecure. BTW: raise your hand if you thought Jordan would make it this far… not bad for someone who supposedly doesn’t play the game. Playing the game worked so well for Ronnie and Jesse, didn’t it?

  23. Chima needs to GO! Can you all imagine how she will react if and when Michelle puts her ass up on the block?!?!?!?!? She’s CrAzY!!!!

  24. I think that Chima is a man hater. Don’t get me wrong, if what she said happened to her, I believe that is horrible and I am glad she was able to overcome it. But the terrorist comments have got to stop. I am a 26 yr old white christian woman who loves everyone of every color. People shouldn’t be judged by their sex, religion, orientation, or race AT ALL. CBS needs to tell her to shut her mouth. I’m pretty certain that the viewers at home are getting tired of her racists comments. And the fact that she compared herself and the BB game to the two towers is a disgrace and disgusts me as it should all of you.

  25. All I can say to the whiny girls is hey, Jesse got backdoored, that is fair. Look at how Jesse did Casey and Casey did not have a chance to play for POV. So, whiny girls STFU.

  26. BB should not have changed Have Not rules. They should have let Chima and Lydia lose and walk off the show – then replace them with Casey & “Jessie”. What an ironic twist that would have been!

  27. Chima, Gnat and Hydia all need to calm down. They are acting as if they run the show. The one time it does not go their way, instead of playing the game and working it, they threaten to leave and claim foul. I am tired of their immaturity. They signed up. They have a chance to win $500,000.00 so stop complaining you babies. I agree. They should get their noms for bad behavior and not following the rules and they should be thrown out. Can you imagine trying to work with Chima? She is the biggest pathetic, crying loser. Grow up bitch! Bring Jesse and Casey back in their place or let America vote on who should take their spots and get their sorry, ungrateful, hating asses out of there. Tired of watching them.

  28. If it was up to me, I would take out the following HGs in this order:
    1. Jeff – can’t have players in the game that get things handed to them because they look good, it called favoritism BB!

    2. Michelle – must have some mental health issue. It’s OK for both Jeff and Russell to treat her like shit and she can forgive but are unwilling to forgive the females. I think she is looking to mess around on her husband. Could Ronnie have been right about the back stabbing b$$ch?

    3. Jordan – the lack of brain cells, skater, coat tail rider. What woould she do without Jeff?

    The rest can fight it out!

  29. As large as a production BB is the world let alone America’s spin on this, you’d have thought all this name calling and threats that Lydia, Chima are making as well as slander to the other HG’s.. this hasn’t made national news. When it becomes an issue outside the house, (as it does for all of us watching) it should seriously have been an issue with the networks providing it to us. It’s things like this that could start religious, racial wars. And it’s unfortunate that those of us who are not racist, religiously separated are held hostage by the rantings of these fools. sigh~

  30. Can the three of them be any bigger babies. It is said to me to see how Chima, Nat, and Lydia are acting and how racist Chima really is. She said first that she was calling Russ a terrorist because he terrorized people. You could halfway over look that if she had stopped there. Now she brings a religion into the mix which reveals how racist she really is. It was nice to see that at least her grandparents were not afraid to show how they felt.

  31. Jordan is nice to look at. its not hard to figure out why the pretty girl gets to ride. oddly enough, she can’t even spell the word game. not sure of the exact verbage but its something like its better to keep quiet than to open your mouth and let everyone know your stupid. don’t believe she’s learned that lesson. Kevin is actively playing the game. Jeff was handed a prize he didn’t earn. Lydia is a missing from the short bus. Jordan’s tactic of being carried through probably is reflective of her outside life. i wish she’d prove me wrong. the not so pretty girls have to be clever (hint: Michele). Natalie is a non-issue.

  32. I love how its ok for them to backdoor Casey and Braden, but Jessie can’t? Hello people, ever watch the show? Ever hear “expect the unexpected?”.

    They are just sore losers. I really wanted Natalie on slop this week since she hasn’t had the pleasure. She has coasted through and can’t win anything.


    1. Thanks.. I actually took the time to do it. I’ve just had enough of production allowing things to get so ugly. I know that this is a show designed as a social experiment ? however, I truly feel that it has become disgustingly nasty on too many levels and that it will affect their future ratings and fan-base.

  34. Ok,is BB and CBS that scared of 3 little girls,they change the whole aspect of the have nots?Tell all 3 of those call girls to pack up,Braden,Laura and Casey will be replacing you 3 girls.No sequester house,no money.See how they like that and Chyma read between the lines…….Can’t Understand Normal Thinking!!!

  35. GET RID OF CHIMA. She is one of the angries women I have ever seen. She’s worse than Armorosa (or whatever the fool’s name on the Apprentice was). And she did come onto Russell. It’s on film for all to see and remember. Ho.And who does she think she is telling ‘Production’ we need to talk about this. WFT. Get off your high horse and get the therapy you desperately need.

    Lydia also deserves to go. She said she doesn’t need the $. Why in the world would you subject yourself to this show if you don’t want the money.!? What is the point? She’s an unstable wacko.

  36. just realized….Jessie is in jury house one to make his sandwiches or fix protein drink…will be a week before anyone else arrives…..he may starve…..lmao

    1. he shouldn’t worry lydia, chima, and natalie will be there soon enough to make those sandwiches and give him HJs and BJs and to worship him

  37. I just emailed CBS, which is something that I never have done nor is posting comment is something I have ever done either. I think that everyone should submit a feedback form to CBS regarding the edit that this whole terrorist comment is getting on air. They have truely made it look as if she is not saying this in a racist context, which she is. I am not middle eastern, annd even I felt personally offended. Everyone should take a few minute to let CBS know that this is not ok. And to offer them gifts to stay?! DISGUSTING!

    here is what I wrote to CBS:
    I am an advid Big Bbrother watcher. I read the other websites dedicated to Big Brother everyday and watch on Showtime occasionally. It really disturbs me that your edit of Chima and her remarks of calling Russell a terrorist were to her advantage. She has said some of the most disgusting, racist and horrid comments-and the entire edit made it look as if she was using this term in another context. Furthermore, to read that they possibly are receiving gifts in order to stop her from leaving is incomprehensible to me. If this true, this is shameful. I get that there are going to be things that producers do to make sure that the show goes on and there are certain roles that people are to fufill but to allow this behavior is unprofessional on CBS’s part and devalues the show.

  38. I will give gnat and lydia a break, but Chima is going way to freaking far. She must have signed a contract or something, right? Why is cbs catering to her wants and demands? As far as riding coattails, Jordan may be, but so is Lydia and Gnat, none of them has actually won anything. (well gnat won the first hoh, but Jesse got it)
    Jesse whined that america took him out, but in reality all he actually earned was ONE hoh competition, he wasn’t a huge master mind winning hulk or anything, he just got lucky that the people he sided with won a lot.

    1. And Braden was evicted for what??? calling didia lydia a beaner.but he was a I bet Chyma’s family is so proud of her..she is a 50 cent trick in my book!

  39. As long as BB can edit what Chima says they don’t stop her. Yet they do when house guests start singing or talking about the producers…?

  40. Stop contacting CBS people. Geez what is wrong with you? If you are offended, don’t watch. Let it go and turn off your tv and log off your computer. Go get some fresh air and take care of your family. I love BB. I have since the beginning. I do not want my favorite show to be put at risk because some idiot is sitting on their ass, bitching and complaining about a fish bowl tv show that has no affect on the real world except for the fact it gives some people a little bit of enjoyment. Those complaining probably beat their kids and cheat on their husbands. Leave it alone. Leave CBS alone. Go take on the world and do something with your life and leave my tv show alone.

  41. I too went to the CBS web site to log a complaint on the racist slurs and aggressive talk about making bombs used on this show by these women, especially Chima and her behaviour, this takes away the enjoyment of watching and listening to how this game plays out..
    There are families of military men and women who are fighting in countries against the real threat of terrorist’s, and are losing their son’s and daughters, a person like Chima should not be allowed to continue to play after the remarks she and the others have said……….

  42. CBS and BB loves for America to have a say so in the game right? Well lets give them our opinion and let America vote Chyma’s digusting hate spewing mouth out! No jury house,no money,straight home.reply to this and lets see what can be done!

  43. I agree, it’s sounds like production is altering the have-not comps to appease the girls. Who cares…they signed a contract. They knew the rules. If they leave, they leave.

    Since this week is a double eviction, if I were the producers, I’d tell the girls they can go if they so choose and give them an ultimatum. If they leave, all the show has to do is to not have an eviction this week and to unexpectedly bring in a new HG (expect the unexpected). America’s choice from the evicted HGs. The show would lose nothing and would be back on track next week.

    The jokes on Russell have to stop. As much as Russell can be a hothead, he’s never been that direspectful to them or even Chima. Sure he has egged them on, and gotten the worst of Chima’s wrath by his own prompting. At least with Russell, you can tell, some of his outbursts are because he’s fighting for survival and wants to get far in the game. It’s not so personal and he even has a smirk sometimes as you know he’s doing it all on purpose to get the others going. The girls however, are vindictive. Ugh! As a girl, I’d much rather deal with Russell’s outbursts than Chima’s. I wouldn’t be able to stand in the same room as her.

  44. Michele just told Natalie that she’s going on the block. Natalie is very nervous and asking Michele to put Russell up with ther – she’s going on and on , more and more nervous, but Michele is just staring at her. ,

  45. I’m not racist, but Chima needs to be swingin’ from a tree with them there comments ’bout Russ! just sayin’……

  46. Chima has really begun to play puppet master beautifully. She just points and speaks loud..the others will follow her command. She seems to be untouched by adversity of haters. Strange how those considered last shoot to the top. Chima is the star of BB11.

  47. Go To at the bottom , user feedback and email BB.

    This is my email, do the same, Chima is an emotional wreck and needs to be removed asap!!


    First I want to say that I love Big Brother and have watched it every year. My concern is the welfare of the show with the present houseguest Chima.

    Her racial slurs and derogatory remarks to men in general has seriously threatened her outside life.

    She is a deeply trouble woman that needs phsyciatric help as soon as possible. Her references to 911 are deplorable, and her continued dysfunctional behavior is a danger to all the people in the house as well as America as a whole.

    I heard that the show is catering to her, please do not reward her behavior, let her leave, she threatens to sue, the show should sue her and throw her out, she signed a contract to participate on a reality game show, knowing full well what to expect.

    Truly she is ruining the experience for everyone in the house and all of the loyal Big Brother fans.

    She is the most racist, unstable emotionally disturbed woman that I have ever seen in my entire life.

    Perhaps her family and friends give her what ever she wants and bends to her tirades, but we should not!

    Save the show, throw her out and cancel the double eviction and do a drawing from the guest evicted before jury house and cut your losses, the show will be relatively on schedule.

    Please in the future, if there is a BB12 after this, I truly hope so, scan your hosueguest mental background more carefully, as it is apparent you have let in an emotional, unstable racist woman!

    Thanks BB Fan foever….

  48. For those of you that don’t have the feeds, you are missing out. Natalie’s “gaming” is totally horrible now that Jessie is gone. Michelle told Nat “You are not the one I want to go home”, and Nat said “Well, to prove it to me, you will have to put me up against Russell if I go on the block” (which would lose the majority vote for Michelle…stupid Natalie thinks she is still running shit)

    1. Awesome. Now Natalie is basically threatening Michelle.. “do what you gotta do, but you will have to deal with the repercussions”

  49. Natalie: “You said you would never put me up!”
    Michelle: “Yeah, I’m sorry I said that. I obviously am going to have to go back on it.”
    Natalie: “Well, Chima will talk to you. She’s down there saying Michelle will never put me up.”
    Michelle: “Well, she’s wrong…should have listened to her woman’s intuition.”
    Michelle is my new favorite player.

  50. I am (not) sorry but the more I read of this Chima and her comments the more I realize…she IS mentally ill…good god they better get her out of there before she has a total meltdown and thinks Russel is her rapist and stabs him in his sleep!!

  51. I love BB but i am really becoming upset that CBS is letting Chima say all this stuff about Russ being a Terrorist, i don’t like it our soldiers are getting killed and she thinks its funny

  52. I do not know about all of you but I am so sick and tired of these three idiotic women acting liked spoiled brats and threatening they will leave the show. Please BB for the fans sake let them go and bring back laura, casey and braden! At least it will be entertaining and fun to watch.
    I really think Chima needs to be let go now. Her words about how Russell is a terrorist and she is the Twin Towers is so disrespectful and hurtful to all of us. 9/11 is something I will never forget and it hurts to even think about how can someone be so mean? She is a very sick and needs psychiatric help. Especially when they think that the show is over if those three are gone. For Goodness sake let them go now! We will be so happy!

  53. With the double eviction this Thursday here’s what I would do………

    Throw all 3 of those crazy bitches out of the game completely. Put Casey, Ronnie, and Laura in the Jury House. Bring Jesse back into the house on Thursday.

    It would be something that’s never been done and will likely never be done again on Big Brother. I say bring Jesse back so it will even out who should be there and who shouldn’t. If they get rid of those 3 bitches and bring Jesse back it will be back to where it should be.

    Don’t tell those 3 that’s what you are doing and lets see what happens on live CBS TV. Jesse can blow them a kiss when he comes back into the house as they get escorted out the door and without the benefit of getting to talk to Julie on CBS.

    I think that would be the most fair thing to do. All 3 have went way over the line in their comments – especially Chima. No one should control how the show goes because they have threatened to walk. TELL them to walk Thursday on the live show and bring back Jessie. Let them see Jessie as they get to leave and tell them oh by the way Casey, Ronnie, and Laura are going into the Jury House to take your all’s place since its obvious you don’t want to be here. So, we are sending you 3 bitches home for good. Goodbye and good riddance.

    At least that’s what I would do.

  54. I am writing not only to CBS but will pay close attention during tomorrow’s show to who the sponsors are (e.g. products we see in the house) and write to them about this deplorable exhibition of racism and religious intolerance. I will refuse to buy their products.

    If enough of us take a few minutes to write our outrage and boycott the products of those companies who pay CBS to have their products in the house and have advertised during the BB telecast, perhaps it will make a bigger impact.

    I am sure CBS is loving the BB ratings and will be reluctant to change things. Money talks!


  55. OMG….I am so disgusted with CBS. They are actually letting Chima refer to Russell as a terrorist and calling him all kinds of things that reflect that. Then she is talking about bomb making. Im sorry, but forget about letting her walk out….they need to ask for her to leave as far as I am concerned. This kind of stuff should not be televised…..haven’t we had enough crazies in the world since 9/11?? This is not something to joke about or put on tv for ratings!

  56. CBS/BB Are you kidding us? Again, today you are allowing Chima go on with her sick racist comments. She should have been kicked off when she said it earlier. I am hoping she had been warned. Here she is again with her racist comments. From the sounds of it, it sound like she and Natalie will be going to prison after making their bomb. I hope what she has been hoping for Russel doesn’t come back to bite her in the butt when she goes off to prison.

    Did you change what the Have Nots have to go with out because of her threats too.

    Did I hear her right, did she actually say they wouldn’t get rid of them because America loves them and they couldn’t be replaced. Please, have her leave today.

    It won’t be long with more people talking about this that it gets out to the public who doesn’t watch BB and they hear what ridiculous stuff you allow to go on the show with all these threats.

    Can you tell me if the same thing happens on Survivor. I know their are people we start to like more than others on Survivor is it because the way it is edited. I am not sure is there Live Feeds for survival since you can’t trust what is real because of editing.

    For you to allow this to go on really turns my stomach, and makes me very sad that a big corporation would allow this to go on because they want ratings no matter how low you can go to get them.

    You are no better than Chima for allowing it. Are we to think that CBS is a racist network. What does Julie Chen think about all of this? She is a minority. She is also on The Early Show, do you think if they got word of this happening at another corporation lets say Ford or Google they wouldn’t air it on the news and let America know what was going on.

    This is kid of like a 24 hour soap opera more or less. Do you think Susan Lucci could go to work and call an American who happens to have a Middle Easterner background a terrorist? Don’t you think it would make headlines and she would lose her job even though she is the queen of day time television. Of course she would be let go and she would be sued for slander.
    Well, Chima is a racist drama queen, and she has people who are just as ignorant as her following in her steps.

    If you want to make good rating like John and Kate Plus 8, bring this out to the public. Kick them off the show, take a stand for American and mankind, and watch your ratings soar. People who never watched Big Brother will be tuning in to see what the heck is going on. Just like they did on John and Kate Plus 8.

    Make America proud, CBS take a stand for world peace, and that includes excepting all races. Not allowing people to threaten people and get away with it. I swear if any of these disgraceful, sorry human beings happen to win $500,000 or $50,000, you are the other networks will never hear the end of it. You will lose a lot of viewers.

    Tell them you been thinking about what they want and you have decided…no thank you, as tempting as it is to kiss your a$$ we have decided to release you from your contract and hiope that they don’t get sued for slander.

  57. just wondering whether it would be more effective to contact programs not affiliated with cbs? in order to achieve the desired outcome?i.e., getting Chima dismissed? cbs will do nothing other than sit on your numerous complaints, and let this debacle play out. ET, The Insider, and the like would love to hear of this, especially TMZ, this goes beyond good television, this is not only an insult to our intelligence, but an Assault on our consciences! think about it! we’re paying customers,yet we didn’t sign up for this,or did we? I would like to believe that “WE” are stronger than the Nigerian Stick Princess….

    1. I was wondering the same thing. If they are doing it for rating they have stooped very low to get them. If they want good ranting and watch them soar, like I said earlier have them kicked off the show, it will bring a lot of media attention, and viewers will view in that have never watched Big Brother before to see what all the hyp is and then they may gain new viewers like John and Kate Plus 8. Their rating soared once it got out that he was cheating on her and they were getting a divorce. If America finds out about these 3 witches and their threats and Chima and racial comments they will want to tune if to see who they are and what they did.

      Kick them off: 1, 2, 3……not evict. Remove them from the house and send them home and not to the jury house where they can vote. don’t give that satisfaction nor power. Can you imagine poor Jesse face when he finds out none of his rat pack will be joining him. Who is going to make him a sandwich, or do little secret favors?

      Let America vote again. Keep them, Evict them, or Kick them off?????

    2. She’s not Nigerian… Only her first name is… Please!!! Educated Affrican parents would never let their daughter appear on BB and above all act like this on national TV. They’d die of shame.

  58. i just posted a complaint with cbs. beyond the blatant racism and slander they have her under contract and could sue her for breaching contract if she doesnt follow through with her end

    1. I like to file a complaint to. Can you tell me who you directed it to.

      File a complaint or a threat. They seem to like threats. Maybe we can all join together and threatening them that if they don’t kick Chima off and send her back to her home that we will contact other network stations, and radio stations and tell them what CBS is allowing to happen and how they edit it to sweep the racist comment under the carpet like they didn’t happen and are still happening today. She is still calling him Muslim racist comments today, but it’s getting worse because she is getting her rat pack to join in, so her hatred toward Russel and Muslim is spreading. We don’t need this America. Get them off BB. We are the viewers is this what we want to watch. If it isn’t bad enough they put Ronnie the perverted, unemployed, stalking cyber bully on they continue to allow this to go on. It is totally not acceptable.
      I noticed The Early Show had the story and the bad publicity of John and Kate Plus 8 on their show and that isn’t on their network, just as other networks did, including Regis and Kelly. Kelly likes to watch reality TV maybe I will send them a little letter and tell her to view in on and see what she thinks I am sure she will mention it on their show what is going on with out sugar coating it.

  59. Chima to Michelle: “Imagine me and you in the finall two” the next thing that pops into her head is “Russel would have to vote on a girl” LOL. Chima is so obsessed!..

  60. Go to the CBS website to complain, yes, but look at Chima’s profile. There is a video playing as she tells Gnat that she is going to have sex with Russell – because she is bored. WOW. She has lost it and BB needs to show her who is boss. Go to CBS and tell them to pull the plug on this destructive conduct. It ruins the show.

  61. BB 11 is out of hand, Chima has caused my kids to ask why it’s wrong to say things about someone’s religion, and call them a terrorist. Don’t get me wrong I love the drama, but throwing those three off (Chima, Nat, and Lydia) would be good, showing CBS can’t bullied by terrorist actions!!! LOL
    Seriously though, tell all 3 of those girls to pack up,Braden,Laura and Casey will be replacing you 3 girls.No sequester house,no money, and goodbye.

    1. sorry but your kids are dumb for asking that if they don’t know what’s going on …then keep your 2 cents to yourself.

  62. Chima needs to go home along with the Lydia and natalie. The racism coming from chima is unbelievable. I can’t stand to listen to her talk. I don’t think she realizes there was a reason america voted for Jeff.

  63. cbs can’t bring back old houseguests…they have seen the shows and caught up on the feeds, they know diary room shit, it wouldn’t be fair.

    Speaking of fair, was it fair to split them up into cliques, then have an endurance comp that the athletes are destined to win?

  64. I don’t know this could just be my opinion but I find it kinda strange that those three girls stated they would NOT follow the rules of have nots…. then all the sudden the have nots are all different now. and NO ONE will be sleeping in the steel room. sounds to me like those three are telling big brother how they will play the game. Not the other way around. And if they are able to hold big brother hostage on there little snits then how is the rest of them safe in the house with them.. it sounds to me like a great risk that big brother is putting the rest of them in.

  65. I can’t stand to even look at Chima or Natalie. They both are making this season of BB almost unbearable to watch. I honestly can not believe that cbs continues to let her make the derogatory comments that she does..they are flat out disgusting!

  66. Everyone who has beeen offended By these insults towards Russell as well as America need to file a complaint with CBS. I do feel bad for the family OF cHIMA

  67. Everyone who has beeen offended By these insults towards Russell as well as America need to file a complaint with CBS. I do feel bad for the family OF cHIMA




    1. im with you lynn…why are they putting up w/3witches..let them leave bring back laura,casey,& braden…this isnt entertainment just really bad jeff….yea..

      1. I think that’s a GREAT idea, bring back Braden, Laura and Casey back!!!! Send those ungreatful bitches packing!!! Talk about terrorists tactics. Why is CBS letting those 3 hang them by the balls?????

    2. Last wk, I had said that Chima was a racist. She was not innocent in her comments about Russell. She DID mean “terrorist” as in 9/11. SHE HAS PROVEN that I was correct all along.

      She used the RACE CARD to bash Brandon because it was intended to SLANDER him at all costs in order to STAY in the game. SHE will stoop to ANY level to bash anyone if they have a chance to win over her.

      She has now proven it, again and again and again. I do not think her comments are appropriate. I knew someone who died on 9/11 and I am part Jewish

      She is a RACIST—one of the worst I have seen since 1960.

  69. Last time I checked this was America, and you can say what you want. Just because you don’t agree with it, doesn’t mean someone can’t say it. You can start that lame boycott yourself. What a stupid idea.

    1. So with Lydia, Chima and Natalie gone, what is left? A dumb blonde who flashes the camera with her fake ass boobs to try and get attention, a guy who a part from a few funny comments thinks he rules the show and until now sat in a room trying to catch a glimpse of Jordons ass because in real life he is too much of a loser to get a real woman he has to sign up for BB in hopes of preying on a lonely woman or some chick who is desperate for attention? Wow, now that is exciting tv. Gag me with a spoon

      1. It’s better than watching a guy who poses nude for a gay magazine getting handjobs from one girl while he wants to bang a girl with a 5 day non-showered smelly twat trying to “prove” he’s straight

    2. Yes you can say what you want but you are supposed to use common sense and maturity, no psycho and immaturity. Think before you speak and think how it sounds.

  70. why does she keep thearting the show who does she think she is ,make sure she is a hasnot i would like to see a bocott

  71. yes this is America and freedom of speech an all is there. But there are just certain topics which that does not apply. Ask the two teachers who were suspended and are being sued. Because they said the lords prayer before eating. And terrorists remarks are also not included in that either. Did you forget 9/11 happened.

  72. I won’t go so far as a boycott…but I’d be ok with them all leaving. Pretty ridiculous to act like this the first time they’re on the losing end of things. I say call the bluff and let them leave. As for the terrorist comments from Chi-idiot…it may be a free country, but she’s taken it too far. Russell is the classic villain and they all know it, but it doesn’t mean that his ‘side’ HAS to get rid of him because she says so (as she seems to be trying to make the producers believe). Strategy keeps him there to go up against to win. Chi-sucks and the Nat need to go. Lydia’s just a big baby. They all need to be put in check by CBS, especially with them going thorough other houseguest’s things without permission.

  73. I have complained also, and will cancel the feeds if Chima utters one more racist or sexist comment. I don’t like paying to be offended. Evol Dick was nasty, but I loved him because he played the game, but no matter how personal he got, he never crossed the line. Chima crossed the line during her speech at the first eviction, and since she got away with it, the slurs have escalated to a point where I can’t watch anymore. To accuse Russ of being an extremist muslim terrorist is unacceptable. What if he gets placed on a no fly list over this? If she thinks this is fair play, she is one sick human being. CBS seems to condone her behavior by catering to her outbursts and threats. She needs to go. Nat and Lydia will just mope in the bedroom if she is expelled. As pathetic as those two are, Chima is the one that needs to go. No double eviction, and if the jury house is one person short, let America be the seventh and deciding judge.

  74. Gotta say for being on the brains team Chima is a real idoit. I was surprised that the show was able to find a friend for her profile this week. To be honest I didn’t watch the show this week, because with her being HOH I knew she would be one a bunch. I did watch Jessie get evicted, though,lol

  75. No, you CANNOT Threaten people & throw water on them. That is an assault and IS ILLEGAL. Somebody pls provide the email address &/or name of who we write to… boycott is a GREAT idea. Anyone notice that the bitches said they would not sleep in the metal room no matter what BB said if they were have-nots??? So, what does BB do??? Change the rules…so now no one has to sleep in that room if they r have-nots. BULLSHIT!!!
    Why is CBS kissing those assholes’ Butts????
    Throw the 3 of them out and if you need more house guests–bring in the 3 former houseguests from the beginning who didn’t get in—Cowboy, etc.
    But in any case these 3 have said and done enough to get FIRED!!!!
    Especially the Racist Chima Bitch. —Now shes upped the remarks against Russell…now he’s a “Muslim Terrorist”….Come on–let’s stop the pretense of her/BB claiming that what she said was do to his “bullying” in the house. It is RACIST RACIST RACIST….
    Wonder what would happen if any of the other HGs called her one of the many disgusting racist names for black people? Would That person get Fired??? Betcha they would!

  76. jasonicus, it is America, and you do have the freedom of speech, however you don’t have the right to hurt anybody else. You would think that Chima would understand, how unfair profiling is and to follow the golden rule, but again I don’t think she is that smart. The conflicting personalitities in the house is what keeps the ratings up. However, I don’t think blackmailing the production is going to get them far in game or life.

  77. It’s sad that Chimas’ family raised such a racist. How does someone get that spoiled, bratty and resort to temper tantrums at her age? I don’t think you need to take all 3 away, just take Chima and watch the other 2 weak sheep fall in line. Then we can get back to playing the game.

  78. If they don’t want to follow the rules and play the game that they are priveledged to be a part of, the producers should replace them with Cowboy, Brian and Jessica. I bet they would be happy to come on and America already has a relationship with them too!

    1. i am with you throw them the hell out then the rating would hit the roof everyone would love to see them pay the piper,pigpen wants to go so she can join jess in the s+house

  79. Chima, as with anybody else, will suffer the consequences of her actions….both inside and outside of the house. No I’m not making a threat. But for every action is a reaction. Chima’s career could suffer from this. She’s not thinking clearly. It’ll be a hard learned lesson. Chima will be next to go unless she or her buddies win POV. I’m hoping not. Let Jesse be stuck with Chima in the jury room for a week. lol.

    1. Russell bullied through woman and men he thought were week. He is a terroist look up the word Russell is a TERRORIST. Terror- latin root meaning to frighten. Is Russell not a Terrorist?

      1. Well yea, but Chia Pet calling him a terrorist because of his heritage, so she really can’t be calling some one that and she even said she was the twin tower.

  80. chima is saying america is so dum we voted for bush 2 times i think i will get a lawyer and go after her and big bro for slander

  81. I, too, am sick of Chima. I’m tired of listening to her horrible comments and cuts on everyone but her “team”. I’ve come to the point of muting my feeds if she’s in them and not watching BBAD if she’s consuming the time. It’s so frustrating! I’ve watched BB every season and this is the worst person on the show…EVER! If she’s able to continue with her threats I’m afraid I may be only a FORMER BB fan…. CBS has to quit catering to the 3 crazy women.

  82. Somebody tell me what the hell Jeff did in this game. He was given the damn game. It’s BS and all of u that don’t think so are not competitors. It’s a fair competition and u give someone the poer to change selections lol ok. Because he is the all- american white guy. Im not playin no cards this is damn sure about race. Im mad as hell that someone blk would never win that power, neither an asian or any other minority. DO U PEOPLE GET THAT THAT’S BOT FAIR???????????????????? For the love of God get it through ur head. A blk woman steps to “THE REAL AMERICAN” and u can not believe it. In the end this year BB was all about RACE! So have fun and enjoy an unfair racist competition Nazi’s

    1. Joe, you are so wrong. Chima played the race card first. Jesse and his “team” were bullies and thought it was all fun and games when they sent people home. While people they nominated were picked on and ignored until the day they went home. Chima is very unstable. I thought she was beautiful and strong until she kept throwing around racist comments. She can’t see what a hypocrite she is, I thought she was smarter than that. I also used to like Lydia till she became Jesse’s prostitute. If Kevin had been part of the other team he would have gotten more votes and maybe he would have been America’s player.

    2. Joe, It’s unfortunate that you look up to Chima and turn around and talk about racism. You must not have read about her most recent comments about Russell being a “Muslim Terrorist”. That was a racial remark. Before you uphold a person’s character, you must first do the research on them. Half of the house is actually of some ethnic decent so as far as the mixture of people in the house, there really is a fair chance that a minority could win this. As far as the votes for Jeff, as an Asian American I voted for him. And I’m sure the majority of America would agree with me that he and Jordan are the only people in the house that have been playing this game with some integrity. Everyone else have been lying and scheming and causing drama. When they talk game it’s strictly to strategize. They aren’t running around the house telling lies as everyone else has. Though they do spend a lot of time with each other, they stay out in the open where others can join them in conversation. In closing, Check your facts, watch a little more before you put your foot in your mouth and call out racism while supporting a woman who obviously has racist views herself. Did you not see the show on Thursday? Even Chima’s grandmother is a little embarassed by how little self control she has had in the house. And she calls herself a Lady’s lady.

    3. Jessie was given the first HOH without having to compete for it. I am so tired of this shit. America picked Jeff so he would get Jessie out. Because nobody else had the balls to do it. Didn’t we pick Dan to do our dirty work one season? And Chima’s only bitchin because her side didn’t get it. When they are not on top, they don’t wanna play. Kind of reminds me of my three year old son who doesn’t want his sister to have a turn on the wii. Grow up and get over it. Jeff earned it by not being an asshole.

      1. oh no – it is cuz jeff is so pretty… he is a worthless competitor… but he is pretty! pretty boy! america loves pretty boys! jeff is a sociopath, he just hides it better… kudso, he wins cuz he can hide who he really is… bottom line, i like some, and u like some – and we will both crap on the others… that is what blogging is all about… lotsa crap!

    4. I would have no problem with Kevin winning. He’s been honorable. It matters NOT to me a person’s race or gender but HOW they play the game. Chima has been playing dirty from the beginning. Even SHE admitted her tirade was over the top when Braden was evicted.

    5. WOW~there is some hatred in your voice, Joe. Chill out. I am not offended. You are making it racist by turning it around saying it is because he is white. It is a little embarrassing. You sound ridiculous. Jeff won….fair and square. I appreciate you are being self-righteous, as at least you are trying to be right, but don’t represent yourself falsely. Good luck, Joe, and I hope that you can overcome your frustration in life. You certainly don’t want an ulcer…..have a glass of wine! Chima does…..

    6. I’m Black and I voted for Jeff, he didn’t make the rules, he is abiding by them. The houseguest could have tried to persuade him not to use it. Because he used it, you think he is being given an edge. Chima is a disgrace to Blacks. I don’t think she can communicate with Black people.

    7. Jeff earned it. Wise up. Just because he didn’t yell and fight? Ever hear of the word subtle? Slow and silent. It is an art. Idiot ………… get it now?

  83. Joe, Your one SICK DUDE, Chima played the race card, & she needs to go into a padded room with a straight jacket, & a mussel over her big lips like a dog., with Dr,s watching her every move.

    1. yes it is cuz the USA caters when “N” threaten. I see it all the time 2 sets of rules Rules for the blacks (to cater) an another set for WHITES!!

  84. i like it how everyone on this site is siding with the white’s like J/J and Michelle, and yet anyone else of other ethnic groups get ragged on. Now im not a fan of chima, not at all, but of kevin instead. i think we need a first gay winner of BB! go kevin!

    1. I, as I’m sure many other people are, are fans of everyone in the house except for the 3 bitch- I mean witches. Last I checked, neither Kevin nor Russell are white.

    2. I’m with Arcturus!! Love J & J but wouldn’t mind seeing Kevin win either, he is starting to show how thoughtful he is about this game and is playing well. And I’m not ‘siding with whites’. I am siding with people who seem to have good hearts though they also get caught up in the game. Even so, they ( I include Jeff, Jordan and Kevin in this) stay positive for the most part and try to remain civil to and about all HG.
      Love how Chima’s grandma called her out for her ‘incivility!” She called it like she saw it and was so right.

    3. I dont think it has anything to do with anyone’s race but the way they are acting. I will agree that Kevin is not playing think the girls on his team are, and I like how he kept his distance from them last night. Jeff and Jordan ( as clueless as she is ) have at least been respectful.

  85. Please send your comment to

    Let Big Brother hear America’s voices. Here is my letter attached hopefully you all will follow.

    Hello CBS/BB,

    Let me start off saying how very disappointed I am with you for allowing Chima to make very disturbing racist comments and not stepping in and removing her from the show. She deserves no more air time to run her fowl mouth with such vile and harmful comments. You know the way you chose to edit her racist comments was wrong. You ignored it and swept it under the carpet. You even went further by editing it to look like she was just standing up to Russel because he was bullying her and she called him a terrorist because he was terrorizing the HG. Please don’t insult out intelligence. Many of us saw what truly happened. Shame on you. Then you also show her telling HG about getting raped by a serial rapist, for what sympathy votes, to make excuses of why she says these very hurtful and damaging things. If that wasn’t bad enough you have let it continue, and have given her bribes to keep her from walking. I have watched Big Brother since the beginning. I am very very disappointed. I was first upset to see the insane, perverted, cyber bully, sick Ronnie on the show, but thought maybe you didn’t research his back ground because he is so good at lying and you were impressed with all his BB knowledge that you didn’t notice how disturbed he is (and as we are speaking he is probably being searched having all his hard drives looked at and going to be arrested for cyber bullying which will bring attention to your show for having this sick creep on your show). I can over look that because you may have found out about him after he was already on the show or after he got evicted, but Chima you have heard her repeatedly, numerous times, make very hurtful, degrading, sick, racist comments. She goes on and speaks for America and says we all feel this way. Well, I am an American, and I don’t feel this way. I know our soldiers are fighting for us and risking their lives for world peace for all Americans no matter what your race is. I didn’t think we were excluding Muslims. Do they not have the same rights as we all do. How do you think the Muslim families feel, or Russel’s family and friends feel, who are BB fans and watching this show to hear this vile? and CBS allowing it????? She threatens to walk and you give her gifts to have her stay. She is rude to the house guest, and to production. She now has other house guest that are (apart of what we have been calling them the Rat Pack) saying racial comments. They have joined her band wagon of hatred mostly towards Muslims. Chima made the sick comment about Russel being a terrorist and she is the Twin Towers. Hello CBS, do you really think this sound like a sane person who is calling some one that because he is terrorizing the HG. Who are you fooling, certainly not your viewers, who some have paid extra to watch the Live Feeds or After Dark on Show Time. We don’t want to see this. She needs to be punished. You need to take a stand and get a back bone and kick her the hell out of the house and send her sorry a$$ home and not to the jury house. I actually think all 3 need to leave, but will settle for Chima at this time. Now her hatred is spreading and she is calling Jordan white trash. I am white and am not prejudice, but will you do something if some one says the “N” word. If you are doing it for rating it isn’t helping because we are going to stop watching. By us watching it is like we are condoning this sick behavior. It is unacceptable. Kick her off and your rating will soar. People who have never watched Big Brother will be tuning in to see what the uproar is just like they did with John and Kate Plus 8. If she is not kicked off I am and many others are going to contact other networks, and radio stations and let them know what is going on. I know Kelly Rippa is a big reality TV show watcher. I can contact them and have them talk about it on their show, may be that will help your ratings. Maybe the President would like how we are allowing some one get air time with this hateful vile, and she wants to be a journalist, Journal what prejudice and hatred? I don’t want to threaten you, but it seems you guys at CBS/BB like threats. Please don’t try sending me beauty products to keep me from contacting people, I cannot be bribed like Chima, Lydia, and Natalie. I hope you will listen to your viewers, read the blogs, and the feedback, don’t take just take my word, give America what they want and kick her off the show. Trust me your ranting will soar. Thank you for your time. I am not only a Big Brother Fan but also a Survivor fan, and watch many other shows, including being a loyal fan to The Early Show, who I can’t believe aren’t running with this big story.

    Thank You,

    1. Hey United this is the one I sent to them..

      To: CBS Execs:
      C/O: BB 11

      August 14, 2009

      To the Execs of CBS,
      This comment is based on my viewership of BB 11. I have been a faithful viewer of a variety of CBS shows as well as my family, I am writing because in the age of our heightened awareness of terrorism and attacks on the United States as a whole. The player of BB 11 known as Chima Simone alarms me.

      Chima, Jessie and as of last night Lydia have been calling Russell a terrorist, now its fair game when things are said but there is a line one should not cross, and they’ve done so.

      I am also of the belief that in previous BB seasons bad behavior was not tolerated, why are we allowing it to take place now.

      Now granted this is your right to air such vulgarity because it is your show, however when your rights infringe upon others I am concerned. I am sure you are aware that it is summer and children/youth are watching this unfold as well.

      I am a firm believer of equal rights, and freedom of speech. With Chima yelling terrorist even you have to admit that equates to yelling in a crowded theater “FIRE!”

      Last night as I was watching it further alarmed me that Natalie, Lydia and Chima decided to mess with personal property, (Jeff’s and Russell’s) the most appalling of this behavior is Chima hiding Russell’s rosary, to me that is crossing the line.

      People within that house have the right to feel safe from harm and because these women are behaving as young children, with threatening to touch people, meddling with their property, and the name calling I’ve reached my breaking point.

      My final observation is that it appears nothing is being done to reprimand the behaviors of these women. Please keep in mind the viewers are not only watching the behaviors of the house guests, they are also witnessing the non-behaviors of CBS exec.

      I for one would testify in court on behalf of those being harrassed on this show if was asked to. I repeat no one should be afraid of being in that house when that occurs something NEEDS to be done.

      I truly hope my words are read and heed has been taken, regardless as to whether they are women or not, they should be reprimanded, sending a loud clear message that CBS does not promote nor condone, racial bigotry or intimidation of any kind.

      Faithful, but leery of watching, viewer

    2. Get a life, Lisa!!! You spent way too much time rambling about the same old thing!!! Also, f.y.i. – James from BB 8 did use the “N” word and NOTHING was done or ever mentioned about it for that matter! Also, are you also mad about Jordan and Jeff both using the word faggot numerous times in the begginning of the show???? Again, nothing ever said about this behavior…..just seems like a double standard to me! If you are going to attempt to call out people – let’s be fair and call out EVERYONE!!! Let’s be honest here almost every single HG has said things they should not be proud of and hopefully at least have the decency to regret!!!

  86. Russell seems to handle it better then you guys. Let Chima dig her own grave. She thinks she is so loved (talk about a reality shock she will endure). Also, quit making threats you don’t intend to keep. No one believes you will quit watching. Hell, you can’t tear yourself away from the updates. Don’t be a Chima. Those 3 won’t walk away from a chance at 500,000. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

  87. It’s no differen than when Evil Dick won. He was handed the game via America telling Eric to do things that hurt Eric but benifited Evil Dick. This is no different.

  88. Joe, in case you didn’t notice 83% of AMERICA voted for Jeff to have the power because he is one of the best players in the game. Chima who you claim to be the “real player” is a racist, dispicable, good for nothing bitch. Who is by far the worst competitor to ever enter the Big Brother game. Of course she didn’t get the power because she’s a hateful, raging racist. Why would America give a horrible racist the power? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Not everything comes down to race dumbass. She didn’t fet the power because she’s Satan not because she’s black. Jeff got the power because he’s an honest, respectable player, and an all around decent human being.

  89. I am so tired of hearing how jeff didn’t earn this power and poor jessie. Jessie got 2 chances at the bb house and the first HOH handed to him on a silver platter. What the hell more does he want? Next season we’ll just hand him the money and forget the game.(lol) Chima sucks too and her pissing and moaning all the time, because for the first time her team had to sweat a little bit, is really getting old. BB should just tell those 3 bitches (natalie,chima and lydia) since they are so upset Jessie left ,to go join him. By the way pulling a wild card in a game doesn’t make the game unfair.

  90. Jeff got the power before Chima won HOH. It was not about stoping the black lady. Jeff got the power because he is one of the few who do not go around calling everyone names because they are not with the other group (Nat, Jessie, Chima). Those people were on top and because they are not now oh production is out to get them. There was no way of knowing who would have won that HOH Chima won. Get a a grip people. Chima is crazy and thinks anyone who is not with her is out to get her. If anyone was calling her names on this show they sure would be thrown out as racists so the same should happen to her. Not all Muslims are terrorists and she should be stopped.

  91. My standard line with my kids growing up was “I don’t reward bad behavior”. It encourages more of Chima’s tirades to reward her if she stays (yet DOES NOT change her attitude). It’s setting a horrid example to allow it to continue and even more so to reward her in the process. CBS: You say you don’t condone this? Your actions speak otherwise.

  92. I kinda have to agree with lisa reason being that if a white player was saying the things that Chima said over the past few weeks, they would have been kicked off already. The double standard. Some readers say that everyone is siding with the whites, i bet my last dollar that an overwhelming number of watchers are white. It is a race war because the black players make it that way. Chima can’t express her thoughts without that chip on her shoulder. I say let Chima and the other 2 witches stay and bring back Dirty Dick!!!!!!!!!!! You want drama? That is guaranteed drama with Dick in the house. Dick, Dick, Dick, Dick.

  93. Wooo Hooo! Michelle did it! She nominated Chima and Natalie! I am going to bed thrilled! Buh bye Chima! The Jeff alliance better win the POV. Oh please please let Chima BE EVICTED! = – )

  94. Well guys lets just hope Chima doesn’t win P.O.V because then that means we have to put up with her for another week. and that would be hell…

    Also I know there are strong opinions of chima being racist, I totally agree that its not right for her to say those things..but for the people that want CBS to get ride of chima i dont think that will happen (sadly) because the rates went up for big brother cuz theres alot of DRAMA going on and the one girl thats causing all that drama is of course the one and only… Chima, so if they get ride of her then the ratings will go down. (People like that kind entertainment.) Also theres gonna be a double eviction this week so that means one person will leave then another person cuz of the double eviction…so IF the 3 witches (Chima, Nat, Lydia) walk out the door then that means like….5 people will leave the big brother house…and ratings will go more down and production said they dont want that to happen. They understand that Chima and them did say racists slurs…it’s just that they didn’t do enough damage to get them evited from big brother. BUT if chima hit someone then she would be evicted. So hopefully Chima will get really drunk and start punching out someone (not jeff hes to pretty nor jordan or Michelle….or Russel….thats it…everyone else can be punched out…well I kind of like Kevin he can be funny in ways…anyways…) but I know some of you are mad about this all we can do is hope Chima doesn’t win P.O.V. Cross your fingers :):)

  95. You people who keep referring to Chima as a “Spade”, “N-Word” and other such names are no better than her. In fact you’re worse! You all choosing to be ignorant right along with her makes you WORSE!

    1. i ve been blogging since all this name calling started and i haven t heard those racial slurs used once. chima s the only one thats been going down that road

      1. you are right carol. I’ve been watching the live feeds since the season start. Just Chima rattling off her racial comments

      2. Well, I’ve seen a few of them, but those posts are few and far between and don’t appear to be left by any of the regulars. Probably just one-post trolls. For the record, I think there’s plenty of nastiness to be commented on without bringing the houseguests’ race or religion into it. I just can’t believe that Chima hasn’t considered how some of her comments may affect her career opportunities. Or that no one in the house is directly addressing the attacks on Russell’s ethnicity as they did with Braden’s comments or Ronnie’s Nazi talk.

      3. Are you kidding? I guess you need to reread the replies again unless our web site creator is not neutral. I see that our creator have his or her own opninion and sometime not neutral. I still like your site. I can’t be mad it your site and the right to post what ever you want to get hits as well cash. Look at BB. It ‘s all about the ratings and money.

  96. I think it’s obvious that production changed the rules have or have not rules because of the threats that chima, lydia, and natilie made. I don’t think that’s fair. I doubt that they would even walk out

  97. If anyone is upset w/ Chima’s behavior, you can register a complaint w/ cbs by calling directly at 323-575-2200 or using the feedback section at the bottom of the cbs website. I did it. Its easy.

  98. Even Chima’s grandmother didn’t approve of her actions. She will suffer when she gets out with working.

    I think this comp was to try and make everyone happier with the luxury items, not to make sure Jeff is a have not.

    I figured after the drama, luxury items would be used today to try and calm everyone down.

    Chima, Natalia and Lydia deserve some penalties for messing with Jeff and Russells property and for just being jerks. lol.

    1. have they ever in the past had to placate the HG? so much? do you think they changed up this food comp to make the girls happy? wow if this is true, chima does have a lot of control. :(

  99. Well BB are such wusses. Everyone else had to endure the have not room. I wish BB would grow some testicular fortitude and told them exactly where they can go. THis is the problem with Chima, that she gets people to cave. I would have liked the show better without Chimer. She thinks everyone owes her something. BB shame on you. If you bring Jessie back, that will be it for big brother. I for one will lose interest. I think CHima is sleeping with the producers and staff. Each and everyone of them lol. Hey if she can attack Russell for his beliefs and race falsely accuse him of being a terrorist , I can call her a bed bug.

  100. QTdooWop, How about just calling Chima a racist, sexist, big-mouthed bitch…like that better?

    She also a prostituting her attack from 10 yrs ago to further herself in the game…1st when she was ON THE BLOCK wk 1 (BUT CBS made it look like she only said it AFTER she got HoH…shame on CBS) then again last night…it’s a slap in the face to victims of violent crime.

    She also misused the attacks of 9/11 what a slime ball bitch…like that better?

    That THING Chima has ZERO, ZIP, NADA, NO redeeming personality traits WHATSOEVER. And ANY sympathy that I had about her attack while in college IS COMPLETELY GONE…at this point I couldn’t care less about the fact that that had happened….like that better?

    She is an EMBARRASSMENT to her ethnicity, gender, family & the human race as a whole.

  101. Kida, BECAUSE IT’S CALLED FULFILLING A COMMITMENT. The house-guests made a commitment to play the show out and they need to adhere to that commitment.

    Chima needs to rot in flames in the afterlife for her twin towers “joke”.

  102. Well “bring jessie back” why don’t you go suck Jessie’s balls since you love him so much.
    He should never have been given the opportunity to get back into the house to begin with.

  103. soon..t have a double eviction this week …….thank god they got rid of hima what a disgrace to them if they let her stay. she is the worst player i hVE EVERSEEN thaey had some bad ones too..she makes evil dick look good….don.t interview her because she is a lying troublemaker……she played by herown invented rules enough aabout her go chima and move out of the country…

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