Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima to Michelle “we can’t be these dumb weak girls we have to take Russell out”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:50pm HOH bathroom Jeff, Jordan and Michelle. They are talking about the competition and how the other side was saying that Michelle and Jordan were trying to throw it. Michelle laughs “ya we don’t want to eat and have showers!” They mentions pies filled with meat and Veggies they had to throw and They won a grill for a BBQ later in the week. Jeff weighs him says holy shit I?m losing weight… Look i got a 6 pack. Michele says she has to give a nomination speech today.. she’s been thinking about it a lot and she knows the house will erupt when she does it. She almost wants to go with what Jessie did saying your people are up you know why “peace”. Michelle says there is no hot water… Jordan says it’s because Pig pen is talking a 40 minutes shower. Michelle tells them that when she went down in the bathroom the witches were all be cheery and upbeat,,, she continues that they are so fake its obvious, “why do they
think I?m stupid or something?”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:50pm bathroom Kevin, Natalie, Lydia and Chima. chima says she feels like shit she has a wicked bad hangover. Kevin mentions the liquor she drank last night and how that caused it.. Chima say no she was taking some prescription medication and she thinks that with the alcohol caused it. They all start getting pissed that Jeff was allowed to use the HOH shower even though he still is a have nots. Lydia calls it bullshit saying they only cater to the other side (MY F*** THESE LADIES ARE PRICELSS). They decide to wear Jessie clothes as protest during the nominations ceremony. Lydia is going on and on about the moment Jessie was nominated by Jeff and he got up and ripped his shirt off.. She says she was so said but “got for him for leaving like a gentleman” They can hear Jordan and Jeff in the kitchen laughing about the competition. Natalie “F*** F*** i can’t stand Jeff and Jordan I need some F***power give me some F***power for once. CHima “ya why don’t we get some power its not fair” They all continue to primp themselves Chima starts working her hair says she can’t get the shit out of it.. Natalie tells her to get it out she needs to wash it. Lydia says she’s going to be nominated with Russell. Chima doesn’t think so she thinks its Natalie and her. Chima says Russell’s been working the same lies to Michelle that he tried on me but Michelle is buying it all. Chima says his true colors will come out in the end. Natalie barks that Russell is offering Michelle his famous final 2 deal (your so right sparky). Natalie says if Michelle doesn’t put Russell up she’s going to go off on her telling her she can’t think for herself and everyone including America thinks she’s being played by Russell. Kevin tells them that Russell is not going up its one of the 3 witches. Lydia tells them if she goes up again to Use the pOV on the other witch she’s done with this unfair game. They agree that they need to win POV to be safe.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

3:30pm Kitchen the houseguests are either eating or cleaning up having already eaten. The witches are not talking to the other side but are very pleasant to Michelle if they ask her a questions.. A LOT of tension between the 2 sides . Jeff is telling them how pumped he is that they get a Grill hes really thankful that Big Brother gave them that (rubbing it in because the other side is always complaining when they get something.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
4:00pm Kitchen Michelle telling them she’s got 3 beers and she’s going to drink them.. Jeff “Right on you can’t have a grill without any beers” Jeff goes on about how excited he is about the grill.. he’s preparing some halibut for after midnight tonight (he’s off the have nots tonight and I guess they get the grill today). Jeff talks about everything that is “awesome” on a grill.. Corn with the husk still on, Halibut, Tuuuna.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:05pm Red Room Kevin and Lydia. Kevin is telling her he thinks it’s him and Natalie going up and they are going to tell him he’s not the target…. But “you know Natalie can get taken off the block leaving me the target!” Lydia says she is mentally prepared to be put up every single week. Kevin says they both could get put up but who knows what Michelle will do. He says the only thing he knows for certain is 2 out of their 4 are going up, “Russell is not going up!” Lydia says she’s sick of these Spineless assholes in this house. Lydia wants to know why the F*** would Michelle not put Russel up.. She going to find out tonight. Kevin tells her to stay calm until the POV is used.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:10pm HOH Natalie and Michelle. Natalie nervous as all heck asks Michelle what is the deal am I going up. Michelle basically tells her that her group get to pick who goes home this week because they have the numbers. Michelle tells Natalie that if shes going up she’s not the target. Natalie says she’s going to fight for the POV and she will win it and take herself down. Michelle says good i would expect you to do that. Natalie is very nervous… stumbling with her words and not making really that much sense. Natalie offers Michelle a sweet deal saying that if Michelle doesn’t put her up this week than when Natalie wins HOH next week she won’t put Michelle up. Michelle says you offer me one week I think I can do better with Jeff. Natalie says that Jeff will cut her loose first chance he gets, “how long do you think he’ll keep you” Michelle: ” Thats for me to know and not for you” Natalie says if she goes up could she please put RUssell up because Natalie knows that Russell will go home than.. Michelle just looking at Natalie not saying a word just “MMMMMMHHHMMMMHHMMMMHMMMM” Natalie really doing a piss poor job at talking to Michelle. Michelle reminds Natalie that this is a game and she will do what will further herself in the game. Natalie says that Michelle is forgetting that the people in the jury house will ultimately have the say in who wins the game. Natalie continues saying that Her and Jessie will vote with the person that didn’t back stab them… that Russell and Jeff will not get their votes.

Michelle tells Natalie that she is going up but keeps reiterating that she isn’t going home. Natalie brings up the promise Michelle made to here early in the game.. Michelle says that was very early int he game and she had no idea what would be going on at this stage. She regrets saying that. Natalie starts bashing Russell muscle saying he’s a horrible man and the things he said to CHima are despicable. Natalie is pissed off she says that Russell is lying to Michelle the same way Ronnie lied to here. She brings up Russell calling her crazy. Michelle tells her a lot of nasty things have been said in this house we here to play and win its not personal. Natalie says Russell said things he cannot take back even when the game is over. He attacked people’s character. America sees that and they don’t like Russell. Michelle tells her that she feels the same way about ronnie.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:20pm HOH Michelle and Chima. Chima asks if many people have come to visit her… Michelle says not many, Chima “Jeff and Jordan” Michelel “not really” Chima “Russell” Michelle :”a bit” Chima said Jeff and Jordon and 2 peas in a pod and they do not really socialize with anyone else there a dangerous pair. Michelle tells her straight out that Chima will not lilke Michelle’s nominations.. CHima :” WHAT! WHAT! who else is going up Natalie!” Michelle says she’s not saying anything. Chima well it must be Natalie than. Chima starts bashing Russell saying oh pathetic and cruel he is. Micehlle says she knows Russell is a lier and sinner but Russell will keep her safe next week and Chima can’t. Chima says that Russell will F*** her over she goes on to explain how Russell F*** Ronnie over (LOL Michelle hates Ronnie more than I do why is chima using this as a argument?) Chima now says obliviously you have forgotten what Russell said about you Michelle “NO CHIMA i haven’t forgotten” Chima “He called you coo coo bird and crazy head”.

Chima saying that unless Michelle takes Russell out Russell will convince Jeff to come after you and take you out. Michelle “MMMMMHMMMHMMMHHHHHMMMM”. Chima starts playing the girl power angle saying that Russell just want to get all the girls out and he will unless we can take him out this week. She says Jordan and Jeff have the closest bond in this house they will be difficult to beat. Chima brings up Ronnie and says Russell and ROnnie are the same type of person they are both F*** with Michelle’s head.. “you wanted Ronnie out why don’t you want Russell out?” Michelle says ROnnie and Russell are totally different… Chima is trying hard to convince Michelle to put Russell up.. (Good luck)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
4:37pm Natalie, Kevin and Lydia in the Green room… Natalie tells them she’s going up and giving up in this game. Kevin is trying to tell her its not over yet if they win the next HOH their in power again. Kevin “Yes we are now on the losing side but we still can win we need to win POV and HOH”

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243 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Chima to Michelle “we can’t be these dumb weak girls we have to take Russell out”

  1. Anyone know what trailer park these 3 trashy women hang out in and which trailer they live in? They get trashier and trashier each time they open their mouths! I am hoping that Jeff/Jordan finally tell them what a piece of art Lydia is, Natalie has said she has not lied in the house … she is 24, not 18, and Chimpie, she looks like a streetwalker from the wrong side of the tracks and probably doesn’t have stairs on her trailer! I feel like a need a shower when I watch them. They are scruffy and nasty!!!!!!!

    1. Like we’ve been saying all along, without Jessie she’s lost. Well they can all quit crying over him leaving, they’ll all be with him soon enough.

  2. can those crazy ass! stupid girls think, that acting like spoiled rotten bratz is going to get them anywhere?!! really come on!! someone really needs to slap them out of their dreams and they have to realize it’s a game.

    1. They had it last week!!!!!!!! “Can we have the power for once?” They’ve ALWAYS had it, until Jeff used the CDE. Even Russell was technically on their side still while he was HoH. What a bunch of whiners.

  3. the 3 girls are idots! chima is so out of line, she is no better for the things she is saying about russel. She acusses men of looking down on women. but she is no better she is sexiest!

  4. I can’t believe what is going on with these ladies, maybe their brains have been morphed by Satan (ladies this isn’t reality). (John 10:10) They would have screwed the other side if given the power…and don’t think for a second they wouldn’t LORD it over Jeff/Jordan/Michelle/Russell by taunting them (win or lose). They have to be the biggest hippocrites I have seen…it’s like watching a bunch of mean bullies. Why isn’t CBS addressing the racist comments, stealing (“hiding” things if you go by BB’s rules). WOW! I am glad I voted for Jeff, no matter the winner, WAY TO GO, for rising above the trash!!

  5. How pathetic!!!! The 3 little pigs are going to production right now with the HOH rule book because apparently Michelle “broke” a rule by telling Natalie that she is going up on the block. It is so sad…they are horrible people. I like how tough Natalie is by following Chima and Lydia around like a scared little puppy.

    1. How many times have these sore losers run to production in the last 24 hours? CBS is catering to them so they’ll probably allow it. Let them walk out. Yes you’re generating traffic and buzz with them, but not in a good way. They are such hypocrates.

  6. 2 things…

    1) I still want Jeff/Jordan broken up because I despise ‘romance shows’. How would Jeff feel if Jordan was evicted next week and went to stay with Jessie and Natalie?

    2) If those clowns are so in love with Jessie, why are they so pissed off about being nominated for eviction? They get to be with him!!!

  7. 5:02 PM Lyd saying if they win POV. take Nat off so she can stay in the game. Lyd says they can vote her out ……………………this chick is seriously messed up. I can not believe she is so friggen desperate for wanting to be with Jesse. She gets my vote for the most pathetic person on BB. Even Natalie from the season with Mattie wanted to friggen win the game. What is wrong with this girl? She is going to feel like such a twit when she sees what Jesse really thought about her.

    1. Didn’t we say she would do that? Way to not let us down, Lydia. She’s nothing if not predictable. She’s probably fantasizing a week of wine and candles and walks on the beach and baths for two in the jury house….but didn’t someone say that the jury members don’t ever see each other except when a new HG joins them?

  8. I can’t see how Chima thinks that Russel calling Michelle, crazy and a coo coo is worse than Chima calling Russel a terriost. I’d take Crazy head, coo coo or even bitch before I would take being called a terrorist.

    I think they should have an all Middle Eastern and/or Muslim audience when she gets the boot out the door. Let’s see her talk her way out of her comments.

  9. I really hope she doesn’t jerk Jeff and team around. I really hope she puts Chima up, the stuff that comes out of her mouth is just wrong. It wasn’t ok with CBS when there was stuff said from Bradeon but it is ok with Chima. Why is that? Why is there a double standard for her very loud mouth. Russ never brough up race or religion into the fights.

    Love how Jeff took out Jessie, sure he most likely will not win the game but you know what neither will they!

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think Jeff will win even if he makes it to the final two because these people have no sense to know this is a game. At least when I watch survivor and some one gets evicted and leave hating one of the other players they seem to surprise me every year and give that person their vote because who it all about who out last and out plays. Jeff out played them because he chose to use the power, who could have not used it. They don’t think it was fair that Jesse didn’t play POV well he had a chance to play for HOH and he lost. With their mentality they are not going to give it to Jeff out of nothing other than spite.

      I hope Michelle, tells Jeff and Jordan that Russel wants to go to the final 2 with her. I wonder if he will stay true to his word if Jeff were to go up up with him and he win POV he told Jeff he would give him the POV for what Jeff did for him. I’ll believe this good gesture when I see it.

      It doesn’t matter if Jeff wins, he will have won most of America who is watching heart. They will speak highly about him when interviewing him, he can walk down the street with his head hung high. Something are worth more than $.

      Who knows Jeff may get more offers and make more $ the $500,000. Would it be funny if ESPN, etc., like to have him be a sports entertainer, if nothing else he is loved and easy on the eyes.

      It would be funny to see Jeff and Jordan’s picture on magazines, and on TV, every time the rat pack turns around their is something positive being said about Jeff and Jordan and only negative things said about all of them.

      What goes around comes around.

      1. Yeah, I can totally see the two of them on their own reality show. Jeff’s gonna be fine.
        You know what I love about Jeff? He has NO idea what we want him to do. (Theoretically anyway). But he still does it. He got Jessie out and he’s conducted himself with nothing but class. I mean, he could be thinking to himself, “What if America really wants me to put Chima in her place?” But he’s not, he knows he’s above that, and the right thing just comes naturally to him.

      2. Chima and Nat & Lydia seem to forget that Casey was back doored and had no chance to do something about his nomination. Funny how they keep forgetting all their wrong doings to the other side. This is a game and should be played on a competitive level not on the personal level that those 3 witches have taken it. LOW CLASS!!!!

  10. I love that PigPen keeps telling people “next week when I win HOH I won’t put you up if you don’t put me up this week”. LOLOLOLOL Said the girl who hasn’t won ANYTHING. You’d think after all these weeks of her not winning anything they’d just laugh at her when she says stuff like that. Michelle should have laughed at her.

      1. Natalie keeps “negotiating” with an HOH power that, based on her track record, is somewhat unlikely for her to win. I’m not sure what Jordon winning or not winning has to do with that. Jordan isn’t walking around trying to negotiate with her non-existent HOH power.

    1. Didn’t Nat win the first HOH competition but it didn’t count because Jessie was brought on the show. I feel that is why Russell is trying to get Michelle, Jeff and Jordon to keep Nat to the end. She isn’t good at most things but she is good at endurance. (I know she didn’t do well on the swings but she got sick and started vomiting). On a straight endurance test with no going round and round Natalie will do well. I hope they get rid of Chima this week then Nat.

  11. I just watched a clip of Jesse getting interviewed. He’s such a tool. Twice he calls the CDT , “akuna matata”


    Dumb ass girls and Jesse. A perfect match!

  12. I just watched a clip of Jesse getting interviewed. He’s such a tool. Twice he calls the CDT , “akuna matata”


    Dumb ass girls and Jesse. A perfect match!

  13. Nooooooo, PLEASE, Kev – don’t do it – DON’T go to the dark side! I was really hoping he’d stay more civil & realize how stupid the 3 witches are. Oh, well…..

    1. Once you get to final four, all bets are off. Of course, Jeff and Jordan are loyal to eachother, but if Russell or Michelle have the choice to nominate, they will for sure try to split Jeff/Jordan up.

      It’s really a game of 80 luck and 20 skill at that point who wins the HOH.

    2. I think she’s number s and I think she thinks she’s number 1. Jeff and Jordan are 2 and 3.

      BTW..has anyone noticed if Natalie is still praying over her food since Jessie left?

  14. Chima is such a hypocrite. She is a racist and a sexist, and yet she thinks she is one of the “good guys”. The 3 witches are so pathetic. Natalie and Chima are just disgusting, and I’m starting to despise Lydia too. Chima will probably cry her eyes out when she realizes America likes Russell more than her. Hahahahaha. Russell is pretty bi-polar though, sometimes he is a nice guy and sometimes he is an a-hole, but I still like him far more than Chima. BB shouldn’t give her anything for staying in the house, they should say good riddance, you self righteous idiot.

  15. I am loving Michelle right now, totally. I am so confused by Kevin, I can’t tell who he is siding with though it does appear it is mostly the Shrew Crew (c/n/l)…but seems to want to be in with j/j/m/r. Oh well, j/j/r/m have to keep this momentum going and win the comps. I am most worried about Kevin right now, i have no idea where he stands. If they are able to oust Chima then the game will be a free for all, I doubt Lydiot and Pig Pen would stick together.

  16. I just don’t understand people like the 3 idiots. They lose one time and think the world is against them. What is wrong with BB and CBS for allowing this to happen and for them to be this way. Whyis BB not talking to them. If they have they are not listening and need to be penalized or kicked out. I just don’t get it. It is going to get so ugly in there with the attitudes and then Jeff and team being all happy. These girls are just so disgusting and I’m ashamed to call them women!! they are weak little jesse muppets.

  17. I want the 3 evil stepsisters gone!!! Next week I want Chima and Natalie gone because I want to see Lydia dying to get voted out so she can be with Jesse. Leave her in another week so Gnat has an extra week with him. Lydia will die if she can’t be there too. It will be funny to watch her try to get nominated. I am sure she will do her best for the coming up eviction so that she is one of them.

  18. them bitches more scared then jessie was last week LMFAO good now they know how it feels to be on the loser team HAHA

  19. I have never complained to a show before but I have done it twice today. Chyma is out of control. How can CBS allow this. It amazes me!!! And to keep giving in to their demands. Let them leave, bring back Braden, Laura and Casey!!!!?

  20. Michelle is thinking exactly how I thought she would. She is playing the game the smartest and she’s a physical threat. Go Michelle!

  21. I love this comment I found on another sight.

    OK, so last night on BBAfterDark, Chima calls Russell a terrorist and she is the Twin Towers .. are you f’in kidding me??!!!! I am so offended by that I can not even put it into words. And Lydia cracks up at it. Lydia joins in by adding she would rather have Ronnie the Nazi over Russell the Terrorist. Then she goes on to bash Jordan saying she’s a ho and Jeff is her pimp. Chima says they only want the HOH room so they can F..K. I can only say I somewhat have a new respect for Natalie and Kevin who just sat there during that whole conversation and didn’t say anything.

    They can not leave fast enough for me and I hope their families are ashamed of them.

    1. Karma is a bitch, they will get theirs in life. They have to realize that while it is “just a game” the actions they take inside this house are on display for everbody. Good luck Chima in becoming a bonafide journalist after this stint on BB. You have sealed your fate. What respectable news organization would take on a racist, man-hating, loud mouth like yourself?

      1. No one is going to hire her to be a journalist unless it for some racist cult.

        Same as with Ronnie. He isn’t going to get a teaching job. Who was stupid enough to come on a show and have perverted, sick, crime revealing videos online.

        Don’t they realize people are watching them, writing about them? Today Chima had the nerve to say that America loves them. May be the only part of America that is located in their own shallow minds, or their own homes. I don’t even think in their own homes. Their families have to be disgusted and ashamed. I don’t care how strong Chima’s grandmother thinks Chima is you could tell that she and her grandfather were embarrassed, ashame, and disappointed. She even said it should never gotten personal.

        Can you imagine if they act like this when they know we are watching what they say and do behind closed doors, like make bombs, or be a cyber bully like Ronnie.

        1. HA!!!
          Listen, if the effing Octo-mom can get a reality show, Chima can get a job interviewing celebrities. If nothing else they’ll bring her back as a correspondent like Chelsia.

  22. Big D,
    Trust me, you don’t wish you missed it. At least three times, I threw up in my mouth. It was not the kind of pity party that you laugh at. I was disgusted to hear the feats of St. Jesse proclaimed time and time again.

    1. Exactly, I couldn’t watch it. I had to fast forward over the 3 bitches. It was completely ridiculous. It was worse than watching politicians that you know are lying or being hypocritical. It was making me mad the same way I get mad over politics. Couldn’t take it.

  23. man you missed the funniest episode EVER they were cryin for like an hour and that how long i was laughin and shakin my head in disbelief of how truly dumb those 3 are

  24. I am sick of the reverse discrimination on this show. Chima continues to prove that she is true racist and bigot and continues to racially profile Russell because of his ethnicity. When is CBS going to step in and stop her racial tirades? I am 100% sure that if someone responded when ethnic slur to her they would be kicked out and the NAACP, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be calling on CBS to kick them out and be asking for all sponsors to boycott. I do not condone racism on any level.

    1. You are right on. I don’t get it. It should be the same rules for every one. If some were to say the “N” word every one would be hearing about it and not just BB viewers that watched and heard it or read about it on a blog it would make headlines.

  25. I have been a fan of Michelle for a long time and I really hope that she does what is best for her this week. Personally I think sticking with J/J/R for a while is the way to go but who knows really. I wish Kevin would stop wasting his time with L/C/N and start spending more time with the other house guests. I think Kevin is pretty smart so I’m surprised that he’s talking so much with the three girls right now.

    I am really actually surprised at how the three girls are acting. It’s one thing to be upset and all but they are being downright nasty and immature. How old is Chima again? Lydia is simply stupid. Chima put her on the block. Kevin didn’t use the POV on her. Natalie has wanted Lydia gone for a long time. Jessie put her on the block and Natalie, Chima AND Jessie all voted to evict her just one short week ago. What has Jeff done to Lydia besides take her off the block? That is all just simple game play, not even taking into account how badly Jessie treated her.

    1. I know she is a total idiot. Some people say Jordon is the dumb one but at least she has a guy that respects her and is a good catch. Lydia is all in love with a total idiot that abuses her and her own team has done nothing but abuse her. She is a total hot mess. I can’t wait to see her implode when she doesn’t get evicted LOL. How many times can you say a houseguest WANTS to be evicted? It is absolutely dumbfounding. I have never seen anything like it. Its almost like a car crash that you can’t look away from.

    2. OH mY god…Lydia maybe the DUMBEST palyer EVER!!

      She is crying over Jesse who USED her, NOMInated her and voted to EVICT her and she still thinks the sun shines out of his ass. I would love to see Jeff get her voted out and say…I saved you once and you never even thanked you are going home:)

      1. That’s what she wants.Keep her in and make her crazy not seeing Jesse until he has sealed the deal with Gnat in the jury house. Lydia will go crazy knowing they are in there together.

    3. I agree with you about Kevin. I think the only reason he continues to chat with them is because he thinks he has more in common with them, then he does with J/J/M/R. Unfortunately, if he wants a shot at half a mil he’s going to have to step out of his comfort zone.

      I guarantee if he were to abandon L/C/N, Chima add bashing his homosexuality to her aresenal of hate.

  26. Quick question…does CBS stand for Chima broadcasting system since the producers continue to let her tell them how to run their game?

  27. if their desire was to pick a cast with no self control, they bingo-ed! and then threw jordan and jeff in as two who dont like confrontations (you can’t get a rise out of either of them!) Problem is they forgot to add a referee in black and white (or a cop!)in

  28. I can’t wait for the Ross Mathews interview with Chima when she gets evicted next week. He’s totally team Jeff. Did you see the Jessie interview? Holy crap, Jessie is a loser. Ross handled it with grace though, as usual. ;)

  29. For Chima to be so smart, I cannot believe how dumb she actually is. Her mouth and her diva attitude will cause her to lose this game but more importantly to hang her head in shame when she returns home for how spoiled and obnoxious she has acted when the tables were turned and she did not get her way. My two year old handles himself better. When she returns to the real world and is forced to watch herself turn a reality game show into a personal vendetta against anyone who has ever wronged her, she surely will not be proud of herself. Talk about carrying baggage.

    1. thats because shes not really smart, intellectually and socially just smart enough to graduate thats about it

    1. OK, now you’re giving the rest of us a bad name. You’re the reason I get called a racist for not voting for Obama. Can’t you just like or not like someone without bringing their color or sex into it? I know Chima can’t, do you really have to stoop to her level?

  30. I read on another sight that Chima threatened again that the 3 would quit and walk out and they told her that they would be replaced and she isn’t buying it.

    I don’t want her to quit I want her thrown off the show and replaced.

    They also mentioned the reason why they aren’t making them sleep in the cold room if they were a Have Not becasue the 3 witches said they weren’t going to follow the rules, so CBS again catered to their needs no matter how childish, rude, or unfair.

    1. fucin knew it, i would evict them bitches and not pay them for the week, it’s not fair that they can do whatever they want and is catered to by CBS , i would cut my loses and get the 3 hos out b4 they do somethin CBS can’t hide on the live feeds

    2. They should walk out and lose any money they would have earned to that point and then bring back Bradon, Laura and Casey!!!! Those loser cry baby little girls need to GO!!!

  31. pigpen took a 40min shower ,god she is dirty ,and it rubbed off on jess,he is nowthe dirty street cone named jessie

  32. To voice your views on Chimas comments! If we all dont flood the site with our complaints NOTHING will be done

    this sums up the best truth i have read all day! “””I can’t believe that I heard Chima say what I did last night on the feeds. She was bashing Russell again and AGAIN said of him a “he’s a racist and I’m the Twin Towers”! She blew it off last week when she said it by saying she meant that he terrorizes the house, but you cannot blow off that statement last night. I don’t care what problems you have with someone, but to include the words “terrorist” and “twin towers” when describing someone is beyond words. I can’t even begin to describe how I felt when I heard those words come out of her mouth! What I want to know is how the BB producers handled the statement (or if they did at all). I think that the way she was bashing the producers and threatened to make a scene last night after the eviction and after the racial statements that she has made, Big Brother should kick her off of the show. I am thinking about all of those people who lost their lives or a loved one on 9-11. Chima’s comment is not only racially motivated, but shows no regards to those families or that terrible event. If Big Brother does not do anything about this or keeps her on the show for ratings!! Please BB Producers, do the right thing and address this.”””

    1. I think her response and using the Twin Towers was so tactless and frankly not very American if you ask me. I was pissed off when I heard that. The only reason they are still there is because the network wants the ratings of the drama. I think Lydia has some major self esteem issues and hope she can get her life on track after this show. I do like Kevin and wish he was smarter than to hang around those 3….but who knows, he may surprise us.

    2. They won’t do anything about it,she is a black woman,and their scared she’ll cry racism.for Gods sake she shut down the live eviction and made BB and CBS tape it earlier in the day,because of her threats.

  33. Them three witches have on class and it`s allways the awful ones that think there so good but yet she hid jeffs rosary and had the audacity to even compair russ to osama who killed and destroyed many lives and referred to herself as the twin towers ,this b!tch is crazy

  34. Sasha’s right…Lydia is simply stupid. (LOL on how people thought Jordan was, but she’s not).
    Lydia’s team voted to evict her. What’s wrong with her? My guess is she had a lobotomy or how else could she stand to work for Heather Mills.

  35. The Noms are tonight…I suspect that from what can gather Chima and Gnat are going up. Unless one of them wins the POV(Chia) but remember this is a double elimation week so TWO are really going. Maybe Chia and Gnat. Poor Lydia she’ll be all alone and Gnat will be with Jessica.

  36. go fight with the rule book-then they would have to go up on the block for disobeying producers SOOOOOOOO many times. god know how many rules they have broken. supposedly you can get a nom for singing and not stopping. who raised these people? and how come jeff makes so much sense? his thoughts on positive thinking and gratitude. he doesnt belong in this house and i AM sure he is wondering the same thing.

  37. From the desk of Harvey Levin:

    It has come to our attention that there is an upheaval re: one or more contestents “spewing” racial slurs, and otherwise offensive remarks at, or on the set of the Big Brother production, both After Dark, and CBS. However, without proper petition(s), “we” cannot use this in “our” normal storyline. Feel free to send us your comments,rants,etc., so as to calibrate the problem. Remember this is television, and just about anything goes. Thank you for your consideration in this matter, “We” look forward to your response(s), and will look into this.


    Harvey Levin, Producer
    TMZ, Corp.,

    1. Please allow me to translate the Harvery response for you toothless, racist, red neck, yokels who have no life and nothing better to do then send emails to different media outlets regarding Chima. NOBODY CARES about Chima calling a terroist a terrorist. This is tv and anything goes he said. That means that on a tv reality shocker scale Chima’s rants are a 5 at best and as far as I am concerned in a house where the words f**k and fag**t are said way more then please and thank you I would think you people would have something more to be outraged about. Anybody upset at the world’s dumbest blonde Jordon, laughing last night about how her use of the word fag*ot may have upset Michelle in the past. She then giggled her stupid air head giggle. You people are focusing all of your hatred toward this woman but most of you are fans of the biggest f-bomb offender in the house Jeff. He clearly has something against gays, where is your outrage people? Michelle’s admitted use of drugs to control her bipolar disorder proves that you dont have to PASS a psych test to get on the show you just need to TAKE one. Don’t you idiot’s get it. They put a bunch of crazy and unstable people in a crazy pressure cooker, add twist and turns. suprises and setbacks, sensory deprivation , and 24 hour monitoring by producers, cameramen, and losers like you guys, and then they stand back and watch the expolsions. I will actually be glad when Chima gets evicted, I wonder what you evil jerks will do with your time then. Some of the things said about her on this board are just sick. The author”s of these statements are the sickest type of people because you spew your hatred often blatantly racist and pretend to complain about her being racist, and happily turn a deaf ear when Jeff, or Jordon complain or say sick things. Some of you really really need to get a life.

      1. What about us well-educated black men who vote for Obama, recycle, and ride public transportation even though we own cars? And have all our teeth?

        1. You should be able to translate it for yourself. Congrats on having all of your teeth your grandmother must be proud.

      2. Actually, people do care a lot about Chima calling Russell a terrorist, and likening herself to the Twin Towers. It’s extremely offensive, as is her poor sportsmanship, constant threats and diva behavior. Yes, if Jeff or Jordan made offensive comments, they should be called out as well, but Chima is too much. TMZ may not care, but viewers do. Russell is a bully, not a terrorist and there is a big difference. Chima and Natalie are bullies too, as was Jessie and Ronnie. There’s a huge difference, just ask anyone who lost a loved one on 9/11.

      3. its funny that this bothers you so much that you feel you must write an extra large paragraph about it. that shows us that YOU need to get a life. haha loser.

      4. I guess when chima leaves, we’ll talk about how dumb lydia and Nat are! :)
        Also you must not have anything better to do either cause you took the time to read all the posts too. LOL

      5. all I am saying is chima is the pot calling the kettle black here!!! re week 1 eviction her speech about braden and no one wants a racist bigot in the house and if they do she doesnt want their vote…… well what is good for the goose is good for the gander!!! if she get to throw racial insults at the other hg’s then they can throw them back at her!!! but they wont because of repercussions of attacking her “race” its all a double standard. the truth is they are all one race… AMERICAN and that is how they and we should view them all.

      6. I think that the words used are not the issue it is the malevolence behind them that is offending people. Chima is as harsh as they come. Her views are very askew and she is very vocal about them. She spits venom and then climbs on a moral “high horse”. Hypocrite is the word I’m looking for. As for your statement about people with nothing better to do as well as the other remarks made in your post candysandy may I introduce you to the word HYPOCRITE. Your here with us making pretty much the same contributions.

      7. Your first sentance was filled with hatred. you are obviously a region bigot. I want to know why reverse discrimination is so acceptable only because you change the color of the recipient. You obviously subscibe to the theory of racial profiling.

    2. Shoe on the other foot?? When all of the other housequests were getting sent out the door one by one they didn’t go all blitso in the house. They continuted to just play the game. Like someone OWES them something? Did these people not sign contracts to enter into this game? What makes these people think they can call ALL the shots and refuse to follows rules, be rasist, and bully the producers saying we will walk– BYE!!! Let them go!! Show can spin it in a different direction I’m sure. I kept thinking whats up with these selfish brats– then Jeff hit the nail on the head–they are ungreatful, no matter what they are givin it’s never enough-be greatful for what you get!! Its a game!! And as far as I have seen on feeds they grip and production babies them but the other half of house has to stick to the rules. Come on CBS where did you find these BRATS???

    3. Maybe stating the “proper” directions for filing a petition or a link to the site where a petition could be acquired would be appreciated and actually more helpful than a “simple,” “common,” “dismissal,” of the many rants, complaints and comments here at this site that could be viewed, considered, and investigated, in order for you to calibrate this outrageous problem. TV or not…..racial slurs, threats, retaliations and aggressive behaviors should be dealt with as the networks obligation, not their opportunity to continue exposing America to unacceptable and inhumanitary bold combantive bantering between “civilized” individuals representing us all. By dismissing what you have viewed yourselves and ignoring the public’s demand for attention, you are allowing, acknowledging and approving of this degradation of other cultures and shunning the common “rights” that should exist between all people.

    4. sooooo…in reading this I deduced that u can write n’ complain all u want but due to BB being a reality show nothing is gonna be done to stop the racial slurs . hmmmm not good CBS….look out ur window (from ur office) Mr. Levin there in NY.. cause u can probably see ground zero..oh n’ no offense at all but is Levin a jewish name??? Do u get my point Mr. Levin???

  38. Chima is just a weak self absorbed person. She thinks she’s better than she is and ppl like her always end up bitter, angry and alone. The sooner trout face is off m tv, the better. Troutface and Gnat to go up pls.

  39. I love how Lydia is mentally prepared to be on the block every week from now on. If that’s mentally stable, I’d hate to see a crazy person! I’d love to go into the House for a short moment and tell the witches where they can stick their brooms.

  40. omg what sore losers!!! how many weeks were they on the winning side? now all of a sudden the game is not fair… they never get to win any thing… PLEASE Jeff and Jordan complained some but not like this… taking peoples stuff and hiding it. CRAZY. Anyway, Natalie needs to go this week… just to ensure that Russel will stay with JJ&M. Plus the next HOH is probably physical Chima will lose. If Natalie is still in the house she may win. GO JJ&M!!!

    1. I don’t think the next HOH can be physical since it will be a quick HOH and POV in one hour (remember the Hgs don’t know its a double eviction) and the physicals usually take some time.

    2. Natalie win a physical challenge? She couldn’t even beat Jordan and Michelle in the last one that Russell won. How sad is that? Heck, did you see her play badmitton with Jeff? ROFL. She was so uncoordinated she couldn’t even serve the birdie.

  41. It is increedible the amount of stupidity with these 3 witches OMG hot mess is right and that’s the nice term for them. I think im in love with Michelle now….she was getting on my nerves but really she is like the most normal person in the house!(well and Jeff too) Im all for Michelle or jeff for the win. Both are great people but mich is playin the game and jeff isnt really doing much but GOD BLESS HIM for hittin that alliance over the head by taking Jesse out wooohooooo

  42. Chima will never admit she is wrong. Even when she comes out of the house she will justify her behaviour. She think America likes her and think we empathise with her. She is extremely delusional. She most likely will be the most hated guest ever. All the alumni think she is sickening from their comments. She may even more hated than Ronnie. She better hire some body guards when she gets out because I am sure there will be people gunning for her. I don’t think she has any idea she has offended anyone. She looks at herself as the victim. I don’t think when that gets out she will change.

    1. i am beginnning to think after reading grodners interview that they kinda promised chima she would win and she thought it would play out in her favor. What a bit**!

  43. Hi everyone,
    Chima’s extremely racist comments and her despicable behavior has left my blood boiling. It is UNACCEPTABLE for her to be making continual comments about “muslim terrorists” and “twin towers”, in addition to stealing Russel’s Rosary. I am truly digusted beyond belief. If you feel the same way, please make a complaint to CBS at

  44. I honestly believe that Chima feels that the world owes her because of her “incident ” or whatever you want to call it. That is utter crap! Yes it’s horrible what happened but give me a break, it doesn’t give her the right to spew racial slurs and uncalled for other comments. I love BB but the fact that CBS is not reprimanding her for her behavior is disgusting! One can only hope that the house is smart and throws her ass out the door. I will bet you that she will refuse to talk to Chenbot and will make some kind of dramatic exit. God, she just needs to grow up.. I do agree with those that say she’s ruining any chance she’s had for employment which is Karma smacking her right in the face! Hopefully it’ll be Buh Bye Chima!

  45. Simon—thanks for your updates! I worked 12 hours today so when I got home I got caught up AND now I am catching up on BBAD from last night and your timing is perfect I just forward to the meaty parts! So thanks!

    And to everyone I totally agree this is freaking messed up! CBS needs to do something quick if they do not settle down!!! I laughed hysterically when they started to cry over what a “saint” Jessie was!!! come the fck on!! r u freaking kidding me? he was a whining asshole who America hates, yes that is right C/PP/L—-America hates him and you all so grow the hell up!

    I think Chima’s grandmother was very embarrassed of Chima’s behavior…could you all tell she was cringing at watching her?

  46. I was so glad that Chima’s own grandmother let America know that Chima is not making her proud at all at this point! She’s so nasty and vile, and I could go on forever about how appolling it is to see her through racial slurs at middle easterners, and classify them all as “terrorists”, and then be dumb enough to feel like America would support her sentiments. We should lobbie to force her out of that house immediately!!! This whole business about blackmailing BB staff for extra prizes to make her “stay” in the house, when in fact nothing would be better than seeing her leave, is bunk!!!!

  47. Simon… when is the nomination ceremony going to take place? I can’t wait to see Michelle put up Chima and Natalie!!!

  48. What I wrote to CBS

    Chima’s disgusting bigotry is not acceptable. She should be removed from the show and not rewarded with gifts. I willnever subcribe to the 24/7 feeds again because I have been terribly offended with what that woman is getting away with on your channel. No one should have to listen to her rants and no one should be subjected to that kind of racism. Despite your efforts to edit her in a decent light she is not decent by any means and should have been evicted from the house. Maybe you should set an example of appropriate behaviour for future houseguests by not caving into her demands but excusing her from the show.

    1. while I feel you are right. There have been other house guests that have done and said worse things on the show. Its not going to end. In my opinion BB9 cast did and said some horrible things overall. I’d rather take a racial slur than have a houseguest put is THANG in my cup of water (like James did “or tried to do” with Natalie).

    2. I wrote to cbs as well about the racist remarks and herd nothing back from them. i think this big brother is bad and it is going to ruin it for the years to come the way they give in to them and also let them get away with what they say and do. it is sad to say but i think they are going to lose a lot of viewers.. just my thought

  49. does anyone know if it is breaking the rules to tell the person they are nominating them, before hand? The girls are talking about that and reading the rule book.

    1. Funny how they are looking up rules, when they were talking about breaking them earlier. Hypocrites! Oh never mind we are talking about the 3 witches!

      1. I dont like any of those 3 women but can you please quit calling them witches!!!!! people refer to wiccan’s as wicthes and I find it offensive for those 3 to be put in that category. As witches ARE NOT EVIL, and they are!

    2. people are tweeting the same ? and i don’t think its a bb rule. i bet its a chima rule or something. if you think about all the nomination ceremonies, everyone sweats it out until their key is pulled, right? if they knew who the noms were, they wouldn’t care, right? plus it would be bad tv. be able to tell in a heartbeat who was faking. look at lydiot when kevin said, “and so i choose to use the PoV on… one.” She was *genuinely* ticked. Even though she knew he was gonna do it! So no way noms know ahead of time, at least IMHO.

    3. You can tell someone you’re nominating them. They have whole conversations with the ‘pawns’ before they get put up.

    4. Well, Chima kind of told Russell that he was going to be nominated and it wasn’t such a big deal… These girls are desperate

    5. It’s moot cos Mich didn’t tell Gnat she was going up. Gnat just hears what she wants ALL the time. That exchange with Mich in the HOH…luved it…that Chino loser cldn’t even talk straight much less think it. How she just talks and talks and nothing she says makes sense but only contradicts herself. I really think Gnat is a stupid person. Like really stupid. Jordan might be a ditz but Gnat is just plain stupid. Hilarious.

  50. Simon & Dawg… just curious. Has any of the houseguests… past and present ever give you a shout out while in the house??? over the live feeds? if I’m ever brave or crazy enough to get on the show I would. You guys are the best. Thanks for the updates. Can’t wait to see the pic of the 3 witches with their broomsticks.

    1. No … not yet anyways .. that would be pretty sweet tho… have have had Evel Dick msg on after he was out of the house tho… If you did get into the house …we’d be rooting for ya…

  51. Feeds are back up. Just got cut again, but Michelle put Chima up. Still dont know who the second is…will update as soon as i figure it out.

  52. Tastyjane, that letter is perfect! It couldn’t have been said better. I hope CBS really considers all the complaints that are being made.

  53. Gnat and Troutface have been nominated. And they’re antics after are classic. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Luvin it.

      1. Good but one of J/J/R/M should win POV then to see these nominations not overthrown… If Kevin or Lydia wins POV, Chima won’t be going home unfortunately…

        1. Lydia would save Nat. She does not want her in the jury house alone with Jessie. She wants to be nominated so she can get to Jessie in the jury house.

        2. If Kev or Lydia wins POV, they should look out for themselves and not use it, as the one who doesn’t win POV will be the replacement nominee.

  54. Troutface and Gnat claiming that karma will bite Mich in the ass…LOL. I think karma is already a bitch to them…haha! And it’s hilarious they claim to be “strong” and “better ppl” when the first sign of weakness is going personal in any vendetta against someone cos you’ve been outsmarted. hahaha! Lydiot, Gnat and Troutface are epitomes of this. Poor Kev. I hope he defects…he deserves better than the three little pigs…just that all three of these pigs deserve to get eaten by the wolf.

    1. kevin is a pussy,,,he says the right words but doesn t back them up. anyone that could at this stage of the game use the race card towards us (viewers) or team j j m r . or big brotheproduction would have to have binders on after chima pet offending and sadening so many people with her terrorist , and twin towers remarks. im heated

  55. You didn’t want to see it,but if you like comedy,then you would’ve.I laughed so hard several times,I hhad tears in my eyes.then first thing this morning before work,I watched jessie getting evicted again and made my day so much better.

  56. Dear CBS/producers of ‘Big Brother After Dark’:

    I enjoy this reality show and I understand that part of its allure is watching people make bad choices under stress. One bad choice human beings make is to use other’s identity (race, sex, etc.) against them, and I believe more than one person on the present season has briefly crossed that line.

    But the unceasing comparisons of one opponent of Arab ancestry to a terrorist by the contestant ‘Chima’ is clearly a series of unrepentant ethnic slurs made doubly offensive by comments that explicitly link her opponent to the events surrounding 9/11. Hundreds of thousands of Americans lost family members and friends, and to casually invoke their memory to trash another human being’s character is a ‘hate crime’ that dishonors all Americans. She should be reprimanded and removed from the program entirely.

    1. I agree with you completely. She needs to be removed immediately! There is no need to use racial slurs anytime and especially in a game show that is supposed to be entertaining.

    2. I agree with you completely. My husband and I were talking about this very topic this morning. To make light of such a horrific event is disgusting, not to mention disrespectful to many people. Chima should not be allowed to compare her “problems” in the BB house to the difficulties that countless other people are dealing with even today, eight years after 9/11. People like her perpetuate the negative stereotypes of Arab-Americans and Muslims. It is irresponsible that CBS allows this on TV. This is a reality TV show, but these deeds should not go unpunished. By making these comments, Chima takes “game-playing” to a new low.

  57. Lydia does want to go as per jeff. 7:04 PM Jeff about Lydia “She looked all sad about it!, she got a key and ran!, im telling you they want to go, I know it!” This is what he said. I knew Lydia wanted to be first to see Jesse and she is actually upset she didn’t get nominated.

  58. I want ROnnie back in the house! Chima, Nat, or Lydia go ahead and wak out so ROnnie can return and win this game.

  59. Chima is in big trouble – unless she or Lydia win POV on then she goes home. If she is safe, then natalie goes home and Karma is a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!


  61. I know Jeff is above all this but if i’m in the house and dealing with these bitches I would do the following every moment.

    Walk into a room where Lydia, Chima Natalie are and say “Have u bitches seen Jesse? I can’t find him anywhere. Oh that’s right I got his ass evicted. I keep forgetting”

    I would also have Russell or Jordan play along by saying “u got his ass evicted” instead of me saying it. I would do this non stop knowing it would drive them more insane than anything. ESPECIALLY if Russell played along.

    Everyone outside, Jeff comes outside looks around and says “Hey where’s Jesse? I’ve looked all over the house and can’t find him.” Russell says “Don’t you remember, u got his punk ass evicted” Jeff says “Oh that’s right, I keep forgetting” then Michelle, Jordan, Jeff & Russell laugh histerically while the 3 bitches go insane.


    1. lmao that would be so funny. I would have to chant along rolling all over the floor. Don’t be so sure Jeff is above it he may still surprise us. I think he may have a mean streak yet.

  62. I don’t think it’s ‘illegal’ to tell someone they’re going to be nominated. I’ve seen it done in past seasons. Actually, didn’t Chima go up as a “pawn” this season in the 1st round?? Jessie discussed nominating her and she ‘volunteered’ to go up as a pawn. So, no, I don’t think it’s against the rules.
    I think they’re just grasping at straws.

  63. Come on people use your brains for just a few minutes.
    1). Have you ever watched cable TV? ANYTHING goes on cable. That is why you only see the real story on BBAD. They edit on CBS because they have too.
    2). Do you think for one minute that all of your bitching and writing to CBS is doing anything but showing them what a ratings bonanza they have on their hands?
    3). Yes, they are catering to Chima because they don’t want her to walk. They are eating this shit up big time. Why would they want her out any earlier than necessary?
    4). Yes, she is a racist and it’s pathetic the way she acts. But this is a social experiment and it’s meant to show the true sides of people and what they will do and say for money. Turn on any cable channel at night and you’ll see and hear the same shit it’s just not “reality” so to speak.
    5). When this show is over, every one of the houseguests will return to their normal lives as will all of the people on this site. All will be forgotten and life goes on. The next BB, if there is one, will probably push the envelope even further.

  64. only way to get cbs to do the right thing here is if everyone shut off their tv computer and didnt watch anything of bb for 24 hours or so and may have to boycott the sunday show.

    1. Why would you boycott the show? Because of the “wizard “power being used. Please do not jump on those stupid girls bandwagon. This is what bb is about. There are always twists. Give me a break Jessie wouldn’t have even been on the show if there wasn’t a twist from the beginning! Those girls are acting like children. They have has their way every week and the first time someone from their side gets voted off they act like they are two. This is part of the game. Have you or they never watched BB?


  65. Hey does anyone else think that Lydia, Nat,and Chima’s reaction to Jessie leaving is a lot like Season 6 with Ivette, Maggie, and April (Nerd Herd) up in the HOH. When America got to vote a player back in and we chose Kaysar and they flipped out cuz “Cappy” didn’t get chosen. They called America (I believe) “Terriost Lovers” or something along those lines. And that they hated America, and they would sit up in HOH and CRY and talk to Eric (Cappy) like he was there. This whole Jessie situation reminded me of that. I just wondered if anyone else thought so.

  66. Hey does anyone else think that Lydia, Nat,and Chima’s reaction to Jessie leaving is a lot like Season 6 with Ivette, Maggie, and April (Nerd Herd) up in the HOH. When America got to vote a player back in and we chose Kaysar and they flipped out cuz “Cappy” didn’t get chosen. They called America (I believe) “Terrorist Lovers” or something along those lines. And that they hated America, and they would sit up in HOH and CRY and talk to Eric (Cappy) like he was there. This whole Jessie situation reminded me of that. I just wondered if anyone else thought so.


  68. this will be an awesome 3 or 4 days…nat n’ chima will have to go against each other to try n’ stay in the house…lmao….this I gotta see…lol….whoa..the best is yet to

  69. Please go to the CBS website and protest against the racial comments Chima has made. Comparing anything or anyone in this game to September 11 is very unAmerican and she does not deserve a chance at half a million dollars for that comment. Those comments that she is making could ruin Russells career and life. Russell said some bad things but NOBODY deserves to be called a terrorist. He is a good person. I don’t understand how BB producers or CBS can allow this. By them not doing anything about it, then they are as bad as her because it shows that the network is supporting racism and I think we should let them know that it isn’t ok. I will continue to write CBS until something is done.

    1. I agree with you TJ….my family and I have sent many complaints to CBS. It is totally wrong!!
      If I wasn’t such a decent person, I would go OFF!!!!!!!!!

    2. Write until you’re blue in the face or until you get carpal tunnel. Don’t you get it yet????? They don’t care. This was all set up. They knew exactly what they were getting and it worked like a charm. You haven’t seen one single thing on CBS that was not appropriate. Not one. Cable? That’s another story. But it is a little something called LIFE. It goes on every day, everywhere. Get out of the bubble you’re living in and join the real world.

    3. I wrote CBS about her spewing hate about Russell being a terrorist earlier today. I’m not going to stop watching, but the fact that Chima can compare herself as being the “twin towers” astounds me…it’s despicable. People have the right of free speech, but that borders on racial harassment. And for her to say that Americans hate middle eastern people pisses me off. She is a rascist and this coming from a black woman (me!).

  70. I sent the following complaint to CBS and encourage everyone else to as well:

    I am truly disgusted by the racist and bigoted remarks your newtwork is not only allowing but obviously condoning by allowing Chima to remain on your Big Brother program. She continues to display racial profiling and to undermine the grief and loss of thousands of lives and loves ones on 9/11 by calling Russell a terrorist and herself the Twin towers. I am also going to contact the FCC and Arab HRA to inform both of them the vile attacks and racial slurs that you are promoting by giving Chima a platform to try and take the United States back to a post 9/11 environment when people were singled out as terrorists because of their ethnicity. I also would like to remind you CBS does not stand for Chima broadcasting systems since you cannot seem to contain this woman’s racist antics.

  71. I don”t like Chima or the things she does. I haven’t agreed with much of anything that has come out of her mouth. People get a grip. She is human and she is in a fish bowl. Everyone is seeing her in a very stressful situation and she is reacting badly. She will get what is due her but the petitions to cbs and tmz. PLEASE! Let it play out. Get off the soap boxes, stop preaching, don’t pretend you are the moral police. We all have our ugly sides and I’m sure most of us are glad we don’t have a 24 hour feed in our homes airing our nasty to anyone that wasnts to watch.

  72. “Team Jessie” is a pathetic bunch of players. Obviously Jessie was doing all of the thinking for this group. I really believe that Jessie had them all playing with Jessie winning in mind. I think any of the 3 would sign the prize over to Jessie. They have talked shit this whole game. They have watched Jessie “unfairly” backdoor houseguest after houseguest and they have been on the down side less than 24 hours and they have completely given up. What a bunch of tools! Chima is a sexist bitch! Natalie is to heartbroken to play! Lydia would basically pay 1/2 million dollars to spend the week alone with Jessie at jury house! What is this shit about threatening to quit? It would be funny if they escorted them out and brought the last 3 before Jessie back in the house!


  74. I see Natalie is looking at the Rule Book. When did she learn how to read? Does she not know it’s not a pop up book? Watch her and the other bitches try to color in it like the 3 yr olds they are.

    Why won’t Jeff tear into them. I guarentee Jeff could make them cry more about Jesse. I know I would and would enjoy every second of it.


    2. Jeff does not want to give them any pleasure in any kind of a response. Gosh! Those stupid bitches (natalie, Lydia and Chima) are SOOOO HATEABLE! They look like idiots-they will be so embarassed when they see themselves on tape later.

      Jeff and Russell are outnumbered in the next HOH competition. All of the pressure is on them to win the next HOH because Michelle can not play and Jordan doesnt have a prayer in winning a damn thing (that poor girl). Jeff HAS to win!

  75. I just think that Jeff doesn’t want to stoop to their level – however he should complain to the producers about it – I feel badly for him – can’t wait for Chima or Natalie to go home. next Thursday

  76. Jeff appears to be a stand up guy. Postive and sure of himself. He’s a good example of Russell. Cause if Jeff was not there, Russell would have totally lost it on all of them -again.


  78. Lets see, Jeff did the smart thing and put the two up, awesome. Michelle wins the HOH and puts up Chima and Natalie. I am lovin it. Its funny how Nat and Lydia are now besties. I really hope that Nat finds out about Lydia and Jessie sexual activities. I would love to see how that will turn out.

  79. I was wondering… What would you guys do when you meet one of those three bitches on the street or whatever? 1) Bitch-slap her. 2) Trip her 3) Pull her hair ….

  80. Why doesnt someone tell those idiot love sick bitches that Jeff just put his ass up they are the ones that actually voted him out, so shut the F,,,k up!

  81. For those BB fans who are seriously upset with Chima’s behavior-you can register a complaint with CBS directly by calling 323-575-2200 or by filing a complaint using the feedback section at the bottom of the cbs website. Its really easy. I did and will continue to do so. Chima’s behavior has to stop. She isn’t playing the game any longer.

  82. It is really sad that we have to watch Lydia, Chima and Natalie throw around clothes, and hide someones personal religious items such as the rosary beads and BB is doing nothing about this. Chima has a bad attitude and is saying racial things and we as viewers have to sit back and watch this and noting is being done. AND Jesse thinks America did it to him again. HA Jesse YOU did this to YOU again. America had nothing to do with this. Get out of bed especially with a girl who has a boyfriend. I SO HOPE Natalies boyfriend leaves her. You can tell Natalie likes Jesse and he has admitted he likes her. To lay in bed with another man while our boyfriend has to sit at home and watch SHAME on you Natalie. I am sick of Chima and her mouth, loud MOUTH, and Lydia..oh poor poor Lydia..HA NOT! BB you should have let them all leave when they wanted to with these rules.. One. They pay for their OWN way home…they DONT go to the jury house.. Two. Anything they have won..they don’t keep it. Three. They pay BB for their time in the house There are people who really want to play this game of BB and they chose these BOZO’s who want to leave because their all mighty Jesse lost…GET OVER IT! He is FINE, he made it to the jury house…he will be there when you all get there and you all can lay in bed and try his two fingers out without cameras on you. I am rooting for Jeff to win this or Jordan…those two have been great! Jeff has some patience for sure to not blow up at them all for doing all the nasty things they are doing to him…They never did this to the three amigo’s when their team was going home. IF Jeff/Jordan/Michelle/Russell were pulling the things they are pulling they would be going off and yelling and calling them sore losers, etc. They need to grow up! It’s a game….and their precious Jesse got further this year then last… I love Jeff for MAKING the MOVE that needed to be done!

  83. LOL. I can’t see God watching Big Brother… That’s a decent theory about the 18-yo lie. I’d wondered about that myself. It worked pretty well, forcing the others to watch out for her and keep her from drinking, if that’s the case…until Jessie’s “funeral.”

  84. Seriously how pathetic are those girls going to get. Jessie was using Lydia, he even told he when she said she cut herself, he told her he didn’t care. They are going around saying he said nothing about anything, seriously are you kidding me. They all sat up in that HOH room and bashed everyone that was not on their side, Jessie was part of those conversations. Now they want to leave because they are on the loosing side, wow tells a lot about their character. When things don’t go your way run away, very strong women. Come on grow up and play the game for god sakes. You are willing to roll over and take it because they got your juice monkey out of the house. HELLO $500,000. over Jessie that none of you will even speak to out of the house. Your right give up and be the little b*tch that you are. I just loved seeing Kevin roll his eyes at the girls little pitty party. Man these women are so stupid. “booboo I have no one to give a hand **** too, and then go cut myself over”.

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