Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff in the have nots with 1 blanket “these girls can’t break me”

10:28am HOH Michelle is getting ready for the day. She’s putting on her contacts.. She heads to the shower.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:28am Splish splash room Jeff and Jordan in the same bed whispering that Lydia and Chima got very drunk last night and will be hurting today. Jeff tells her to look out those 3 “women” are goign to be going on a rampage today. Jordan says she had a good talk with Michelle and there?s nothing for us to worry about she on our side and she’s putting Natalie and Chima up. Jordan goes on saying that she sold the idea of Russell, Jeff, Jordan and Michelle final 4 and Michelle seems to like the idea.

10:40am Kitchen Russell and Lydia making food. Russell is preparing Coffee and preheating the oven. Everyone slowly getting ready for the day.. no sign of Chima or PP yet they must be hurting from last nights wine.. especially Chima. You can see Jordan is in a very good mood giving out little smiles to everyone she walks by. Jeff is noticeably tired after sleeping in the have nots with what appears to be no pillow and one blanket. There is silence around the house.. What does Big Brother have planned for the hoseguests today? Have nots competition and Nominations expect the hose to erupt today when Natalie and Chima get put up. The 3 witches have all said they will not follow the have nots rules if they are unfortunate enough to get it. They all stated numerous times that they will “walk OUT” if they are forced to sleep in the have nots room, take cold showers and eat slop… Today will be filled with Drama!!

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
11:07am Kitchen/Splish splash room. Russell deep in thought and Chima finally awakens looking like she just got hit by a giant wizards staff.

2:16pm In case you were wondering what is going on in the BB house they are competing in the Have nots Competition. Been trivia for the last 2 hours. Chima and Lydia probably are have nots and walked out the door, because you know they don’t need the 500K.
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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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400 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff in the have nots with 1 blanket “these girls can’t break me”

      1. I thought maybe he got an extra day when he drank the Gatorade. I mean I thought it was just an extra day of slop, but now I’m assuming it was the full Have-Not treatment.

      2. To see she-male dragged around the house by her weave would be a just punishment. Every time Lydiot the train wreck, the pea-brained fountain of mis-information rolls her eyes, she should get a jab to the face to knock out that snaggletooth. Every time ANAL ZIT NITEMARE (that’s NATALIE MARTINEZ scrambled) opens her mouth, that snot-filled nose should empty right into it and shut it! And lose that prison walk you dumb bitch!

        BTW, I love great women – women who haven’t been diseased by a strong case of the Bitch.

  1. Okay look at Jeff with no pillow and a blanket that doesn’t even cover his body. Those bitches are so mean. But you know what, Jeff is amazing. He has such a good attitude. I don’t know how he does it. I swear I would have kicked them in the teeth if they took my blankets and pillows. I want SOOOO BBAADDD for Nat, Chima and Lydia to be have nots. I seriously think I would pay money to see it! And I would love to see them walk out. Here’s to whatever is going to happen today—– lets jump on the Have Nots and Slop for Chima, Lydia and Nat train!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Chima, Nat, and Lydia are all full of hot air. Remember gasbag Chima “If someone changes my nominations I am going to throw a fit and swear”. Nothing came of that. Kevin has got to be wondering why he was so afraid of her.

    1. I agree, but then I really want Jeff & Crew to have the pleasure of getting them out. It’s too easy if they leave on their own. I thought Jess and Nat were babies when they were Have-Nots. This is ridiculous. Then again, they could refuse to follow the Have-Not rules, and get penalty nominations. That would keep Michelle’s hands clean.

  2. Those 3 women are crazy and nasty Im sure their mothers will be proud of them…Chima and Lydia are Bi-Polar and Natalie is just nasty…I hope Michelle and Jeff, Jordan stick to gether and Russell…

  3. How is it that Big Brother is letting these 3 sore losers go around and messing up their beds, throw their clothes out of the drawers, hide the pillows and blankets THAT HE IS ENTITLED TO and get away with it? And like Jeff said last night, how is it that Big Brother is trying to bribe them with gifts to calm them down and shut them up and keep them from walking out, yet when Jeff’s whole team was taken out they didn’t offer him a bribe? And also Kevin got a warning before he got an extra day of Have Not’s and Jeff automatically got the extra day, no warning. Isn’t this all considered tampering with the game and a violation of the FCC regulations?

    1. Because Jeff understands the rules of the game, and doesn’t run around like an asshole screaming “UNFAIR” every time something doesn’t got his way. I think the more the three little pigs mess with him, the more class he shows, and the more we all love him for it.

  4. they are basically motivating the others to put them on slop if they have the chance because that will take them out of the competition.

  5. Lydia is the biggest moron on earth! I like how she is wearing Jesse’s shorts….SO FUNNY! It’s so sad that in her mind she thinks that they had something….ummm he was using you…you idiot! Chima needs to grow up…its Big Brother not “The Chima show”…she needs to act her age! I pray that the 3 little pigs (Chima, Lydia, and Natalie) are Have-Nots!!!!!!!

  6. I really hope all three of those girls go on slop because they are just plain rude. THey don’t respect anyone and they are threatning to quit which would be just fine with me. They are taking all of Jeff’s stuff even though he hasn’t done anything to them! They are saying how he isn’t really playing the game and Jordan isn’t either but they just aren’t talking to any of the other playerse about it. And what is this with Michele and Jeff, she is always saying to Jordan “Man, I wish there were 2 Jeffs here. I could have one and you can have one.” If I were Jordan I would watch out a liittle , even though Michele does have a husband. Hopefully Nat and Chima will go up and get out. I am excited for the double eviction because if someone from team Jessie gets evicted then they have a very low chance of winning HOH because none of them are really strong players. They all just have big mouths.

  7. I can’t believe what a good sport Jeff is being with these little bitches and thier antics, I would have lost it by now. How much more can he take before blowing. I pray that the 3 little pigs(thanks for the new nickname A.K. it suits them)go on slop and walk off. I would laugh my ass off.

  8. On the showtime show Michelle said that Russell told her that the BB rule book says that you can “hide” other HG’s stuff, but can’t destroy it. I also saw Jeff and Russell both say that they don’t care what those girls do to their stuff and that they weren’t planning any retaliation. Good for them, taking the high road.
    That’s what irks me about team Jessie. When they’re voting out Jeff’s alliance, he just takes it and continues to be friendly.
    When they’re on slop or when he votes out their alliance, they hide stuff, they complain about ‘fairness’, they threaten to leave……….grow up. It’s a game. That’s the name of the game.
    You signed up, you’re taking the pay, deal with it.

  9. I’m wondering when BB is going to throw in a food competition where the whole house plays as a team to get certain foods for the week. BB has done it before.

  10. I think the order is right, but everyone would get at least a few votes, even Jeff, Jordan and Michelle. There are some people out there who don’t seem to like attractive, nice, genuine classy people.

  11. I am soooooo hoping it is Nat and ChIma gong up. I also pray that they get the have nots. With there terrible attitude and rude behavior they deserve it. I am so mad that production is giving them stuff to calm them down. Have they watched this show before? Stuff happens, there are always changes and twist. I can’t believe they are saying those things about Jeff and Jordan. Lydia just said…don’t worry Jordan I don’t hold it against you!!! How nice of you….Jordan didn’t DO ANYTHING! And whats this about saint Jesse all of the sudden. So gross! I hope Keven plays smart…he seems to be with it and sorta gets whats really going on. OHHH and don’t get me started on Jeff getting that extra day on slop…no pillow, one blanket and they hid if rosary??? That is terrible!

  12. Lets pray Jeff dose not get sick from there nasty tricks ! That picture of him brings TEARS to my eyes. I PRAY those THREE GIRLS GET PAID BACK HARD… SHAME ON B.B. FOR NOT STEPPING IN.

    1. you must be talking about the pic of our Jeff sleeping in his hoodie on a slab with no pillow and only one blanket. Burned me up!!! I cant beleive how hateful those 3 idiots are being…enough already. They learned nothing from our Jeff being voted the America’s Choice thingy…its part of the game, you have to make America love you or we wont vote for you, instead, they are treating our jeff like crap….not making me like any of them. no votes for them!!!
      I liked the interview with Chimapet’s grandmother, she did not seem to be too thrilled with how her G-daughter was behaving.

  13. In the past other “have not” were done being “have nots” at 12 am on Thursday morning. Why wasn’t Jeff done being a “have not” at 12 am this morning? Why is production penalizng him more than anyone else? Is that just for them to get on rat pack”s good side?

    1. he accidentally messed up and drank a sip of Gatorade, in violation of being a Have Not. It’s likely lydia or natalie made a big stink about it in the DR so he got an extra day on slop.

  14. will have to give it to Jesse . . he did get a couple of those bitches to suck his cock, make him sandwiches, and brain wash them . .

    but then again do that to those chicks is about as hard as putting your shoes on in the morning

  15. I have to say that I completely agree with all of the comments here. It’s absolutely ridiculous how they are acting. Jeff, & Jordan never did anything like this when each week a member of their team was voted out. They are hypocrites. They think the CDT is unfair yet they didn’t mind backstabbing Casey and backdooring him. UGH! I won’t be sorry to see Natalie, Chima or even Lydia go.

    And I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to see Jessie go last night. But I was actually surprised at how well he took it. He still did his stupid posing crap when he left but atleast he gave Jeff credit for making the best move for him. He handled it much better than the three babies left in the house.

    1. We actually don’t really know if he handled it well since it wasn’t live. I am afraid though if Jeff is left he won’t give Jeff his vote.

    2. I know, Lydiot and crew crying that they didn’t even give Jessie a chance to play to save himself. They seem to forget that they backdoored the first three people out of the house.

  16. i hope nasty and chea pet gets put up, and then chea pet gotes home then double eviction lydia goes home that would be best case scenario

    1. oh I would love to see nat or lydia go to the jury house first. the one left in the house will be worried about what the other is doing with jessie and not able to consentrate and chima gets another week with russell. sound win win to me : )

  17. OMG. I just watched fugly Jesse’s post interview with Julie online. He just sits there like a lump and reinacts his pity routine from last year. He’s so narcissistic that when asked who he wants to win, he says basically it doesn’t matter now, (what about Natalie, you jerk). Also, most of the time, he doesn’t understand Julie’s questions and answers them incorrectly.
    Jesse, have fun making your own sandwiches now…at least until one of your women show up.

  18. Jeff and Jordan are the heroes. Jeff and Jordan won all the games, and these two are so perfect.

    Unbelievable. That?s a game. I like Jessie, but I respect the fact that Jeff use the Coup ?D Etate on Jessie and Nathalie. That was his best move in the game and for his game.

    But as a Jessie fan , it?s bitter.

  19. I’m sooo happy! Today is a good BB Day! If Mich, Jeff, Russ, & Jord make it to final four, maybe the game will regain some integrity and I’ll actually start watching the live feeds. I just cant take the chia pets cackles…..

  20. The show is fixing it so America’s favorite has a shot at winning since he can’t do it on his own. The game is fixed.

      1. Actually “expect the unexpected” implies that the twists are part of the game. I’m sure CBS instituted the wizard power to shake up the game already — bec it was getting boring and annoying. but it’s not like having a twist with America’s input is a new concept introduced this season. It has happened in past seasons and the crybabies should suck it up and continue to play the game.

        I am all for Team Jeff (Technobrains)! But, I have to say that Nat looked really pretty during the eviction ceremony. the hat, the outfit and the straightened hair — good makeover, lydia.

        1. ya, Natalie really cleaned her self up for eviction. Didn’t know it was Lydia who helped her. I wonder when Jeff is going to drop the bomb to Natalie about the handjob, if he does at all.

          1. Lydiot has already screwed Jeff with the Braden lies in the 1st week. She’s just a needy emotional chick. She’s the one you regret banging cos they keep calling you and saying they luv u. And you can treat them like crap but they keep coming back cos they have no self esteem, confidence or intelligence. Once thing is gone now for sure though….that frickin’ annoying baby voice when she spoke to Jessie. Barf!

          2. I am assuming bec a) there is no way Nat straightened her hair herself and b) on BBAD, Lydia was telling Nat that she better not get her hair wet (i.e. to make sure it stays straight) after she worked so hard on it. I’m not sure whose hat she was wearing…maybe Russ?? that would be hilarious.

    1. Atleast he played the game hope jeff ad jorda get put up together soon if they dont no worries its to like their going to get any1 vote in the jury house they jus sat back and looked pretty you actually have to play the game not let america hand it 2 you

  21. Its been enough years now that anyone going into the big brother house should assume that the fans will be involved in the game to a certain degree. People playing the game should know that they have to play the fans watching the show as well as the other people in the house.

    1. I think Ronnie was very cognizant of that fact he just was way off on how America would percieve the things he did. Of all the houseguests, jessie should have been most aware of the role that America’s vote can play in the game, which I think he was as he predicted his own fate last week.

  22. Ok, Wasn’t Nat and Chima that started the lie to Russell to get him mad at Michelle when they evicted Ronnie. They are evil. I wish they would leave already. What a great show that would be leave already. Then when you let it settle in that you pride got the best of you and you let 500k out the door. What fools. It’s like having a winning lotto ticket and losing it. Dumb ass!!!

  23. I love the fact that Jessie had to “move his feet and find another seat” last night but by far My favourite thing about last night was the look on Jordan’s face when Jeff stood up to use the CD’T power!!!

    1. I was so hoping that when Jeff put Jessie on the block last night, that he said “Move your feet you’ve got a new seat” That would have been awesome and Casey would have LOVED it!

    2. Jordans Great isn’t she! her mouth dropping open just goes to prove Jeff did in fact keep the power holder secret and now CHima Has no leg to stand on that Jeff blabbed it out.
      Jeff would tell Jordan before anybody else, love You Jordan!

  24. It’s not as if this power has not been done in previous games..These people need to get a grip…it is a GAME… it is not the Jessie, Nat, Chima show….Everyone seems to forget Jessie and Nat are the ones who started making up and spreading lies behind, Michelle in particular, everyones backs and no one ever called them on it.. but they had the nerve to say they have never lied in the house… they just never got caught.


  25. Hilarious the see Chiman, PP & Lydiot crying at the dinner table. They are so weak. This is a game people, Jessie said it best… It was the best move Jeff could make in this game.

    I personally cannot wait to see PP’s face when the finger bang conversation goes down!

    1. Definitely totally agree. If Jessie Would of won coup de tat than everything would be different so that just shows it’s a game and things change on the drop of a dime

      1. yep if jessie won he would’ve put jeff and jordan up or one of them and maybe took russel off…i like how sheep team jessie is pretending that if they had the power they wouldn’t use it, PLEASE they wouldn done the same thing except they would put up 2 of the other side

        1. If Jessie would have won the coup d’etat I think he would have taken Ronnie and Lydia off last week and put up Jeff and Jordan.

  26. From Simon – “Russell deep in thought and Chima finally awakens looking like she just got hit by a giant wizards staff.”

    Thats probably as close as Chima has ever gotten to a “giant staff!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thats why she did what she did she didn’t get the Giant staff from Russ,lol, man never deny a women the big Staff, man I’ve seen that big stuff and I’m gald he deny her, she is insane.

  27. Ok chima, pp, and lydia keep saying they want to leave, but being begged to stay with gifts. If you don’t want to be here… GET OUT. No one wants you guys here.

  28. Jeff is the sweetest BB player EVER! I love him. I hate those stupid witches! Twiddle Dee, Twiddle DUMB, Twiddle DUMBER!! Effin Idiots! BB shouldn’t allow all the crap that is being done to Jeff. Despite it all, he is being an adult about it. THIS IS WHY AMERICA LOVES HIM!! How embarrassing to come out of the BB house and find out that America, pretty much hates you or thinks you’re a complete IDIOT. Those girls are going to watch all of this and be so embarrassed and regret acting like morons.

  29. I hope that Natalie snaps out of it and seperates herself from those other 2. I see redeemable qualities in her but her current behavior is shameful. With any luck she’ll be the one who returns whatever it is they took & hid from Jeff. Until then Shes just as bad as the other 2., and there is little hope for Chima & Lydia… Unless all this is staged.
    HGs get paid $750.00 per week for staying there?? That aint too shabby and for someone to abuse the money is stupid & selfish.

  30. Chima is such an embarrassment to women. Natalie & Lydia are fake and weak, needed Jessie’s big lummox ass around to ride coat tails. Russel plays the game, Jeff made the best play using Cou D’teat, if Jordan Jeff Russel & Michelle make final 4 it’ll be a good game. Chima needs to go next, annoying & rude. Lydia & Natalie are useless. Kevin’s just a floater…

  31. I don’t particularly like Chima or Nat, but anyone in their right mind has to know that this is all setup. I mean there are psychological profiles done on these people, and I’m sure they know how the people are going to respond to different situations in advance. So if you shape the behavior you can insure some sad sack like Jeff or Jordan is in position to win a public opinion poll. I’m sure boards like this are also monitored and they know when the time is right to kick in their America’s Player gimmick. Now this guy Jeff wins a Coup d’etat and he can’t even pronounce it. Jordan hasn’t done anything other than cling to someone, shave her legs and talk about her implants. At least Chima has won a head of household and put herself out there as a leader. What has Jordan done? And Russell making the assumption that Chima is calling him a terrorist, because he’s Middle Eastern. I think in essence he’s really making the generalization, because terrorists are not necessarily Middle Eastern. Either way it is fun to watch this, because it’s like a train wreck…. you just can’t look away.

    1. yeah but they all know by now that there will be America’s choice on certain things…its a given now….so it adds another deminsion to the game…not only do you need to make friendly with your housemates you also need to make friendly with all the viewers and that is certainly something Jeff has done. i guess you could look at it as one of the challenges…..make viewers love you so they will vote for you.

    2. I watch BBAD last night and Chima made such an off-color comment of Russell being a terrorist and her being the twin towers. So yeah, it is because he is of middle eastern descent. Lydia, Chima, and Natalie are being so whiny. The same could be said for Natalie that you are saying for Jordan. Even Jessie said Jeff made the right move. Jeff didnt choose to have that power. He was given that power by the viewers of the show. Just because he used it to his advantage and Jessie’s team, they want to throw their @$$ and say its unfair. I dont see anything unfair about it. It is a GAME.

    3. Chima called him a terrorist more than once now…I like how she tried to spin it and say it is because he is terrorizing the whole house….WELLLLL she just now called him a Muslim extremist terrorist….how will she explain that one? She needs to be kicked off for these comments. Totally unacceptable.

    4. Your statement is inaccurate. Chima specifically said she was going to call him a terrorist because Americans hate Middle Easterners. You must have missed that part. She’s ridiculous and I can’t wait until she goes home this week.

    5. your a Chima Fan and say as well, But Chima was handed the HOH, Jeff threw it to allow the CDT to be powerfull, CHima cryed about everything, and the Ghetto has to be have its loud mouth racist hoe on here.

    6. Erm…what show are YOU watching?! Chima said he was a terrorist cos Russell was FROM lebanon. She was the one that made that comment. She just has so much hate and anger in her heart. Single at 34…erm…wonder why?!!! LOL. Anyway who cares, she’s gettin booted this week unless she wins the veto. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I can’t stand that trout face…barf! Help….my tv is breaking….hahahahahaha

    7. 1. Who is sitting better rite now Jordan or Chima? I think that Jordan has played briliantly.. everyone likes her.. And thats amazing considering she is so close to Jeff and that she started the whole “vote chima out” week nr1.. Its hysterical that some people just asume that Jordan hasnt done anything, bc thats the standard “blond type” but actually she has talked more game than Jeff and Lydia combined!.. So basicly your saying that the person who everyone likes and has a very good shot at top 2 has not played? thats so stupid man.. she has done exactly what she had to do! adapt to the situation and dont piss people off, thats her ONLY chance of winning!……..
      2. CHIMA JUST SAID 10MIN AGO “RUSSEL IS AN EXTIMIST MUSLIM TERRORIST”.. how on earth can you say she dont mean it like that?.. lol.. its obv she has anger issues and does not care att all about offending people. its so nasty its incredible and you defend that behavior? there is no way you can not take Russels side there…..
      3. there is no way to figure out the dymanics of the people, of course the producers can think “the person will be more popular” but it all depends on what happens in the house.. for all we know they might have thought last season “WOW jessie is a nice giant with a big heart” but we all know what the public thought about him.. so it all depends what happens in the house wich is random depending on evictions etc.. sry if i sound mean, im just so fed up with people thinking like you do

    8. Just to add another thing, Chima has gone on an personal vendetta against Russel. Where is the gameplay in that? I think its just her that cant controll herself and think logical.. Imagine if she hadnt started the Russel fight (it was her starting hating on russel when he didnt flirt back) Then the power strtuctur would have been completely differnt in the house.
      I would take Jordans gameplay over Chimas any day!

    9. Jeff is not a sad sack – he’s hilarious and he’s played the game well; just because he hasn’t screamed, yelled, cried, whined or backstab every damn person in that house doesn’t mean he hasn’t done anything. Chima is a racist (r*** i n a prison, muslim, she’s the twin towers) For God’s Sake she’s a freaking robot! Natalie has picked her nose so much that her brain has disappeared – oh no, wait – Jesse disappeared – seems like she was hanging on him ALOT while Lydia was only “pulling” on him! Fair Game Play – take it like a damn player – if you can dish it out -suck it up or go the hell home and bring back Ronnie (can’t believe I just said that), Casey, Laura and Braden. Then all three of them can go to the Jury House and have a CockFight over Jesse!!

    1. racist remarks shall not be a means to remove a player, it’s all park of the game, this is what this game is all about, if I was in the House Evil Dick and Russell would not hold a candle to me, I would constantly be riding that wannabe until she did beg to go home.

    2. Yes she does need to leave. Unfortunately CBS will probably keep kissing her butt for some crazy reason. You would think that Chima has got to be making them mad and they would love to stick it to her??

  32. All of what the do like Americas Chocie things are decided upon before the season starts. It is against the law for CBS to fix a game and has been since the gameshow 21.

  33. I hate Jessie even more after watching Julie Chen interviewing that idiot on the morning show (and on the insider)…. He’s disgusting idiot…. I’d love to see Jeff and Michelle at the end!

    1. check out Ross Matthews interview with him, he is undoubtly vain. Come on, you are 23, get some class and get a life. Wants to be a sports commentator, that will be a short-lived career.

    2. watch his interview on Russ Mathews show
      what a joke he his and you American did him wrong, wrong he tells us! WRONG!!
      PS Chima is a hoe

    3. saw the inside dish interview…love the way Jesse kept saying nothing happened under the sheets with Lydia…I’m like, “holy sheet..we saw you Jesse, just own up to it!”

    1. I am sure Lydia would rather have seen Kevin leave instead of Jessie. I have to hand it to Jessie. He has some kind of brainwashing power that I don’t understand. And everyone was worried about Ronnie swaying everyone’s opinions? No one volunteered to sacrifice their shot at $500,000 to keep Ronnie in the game like these sad excuses for women have for Jessie.

    2. I know!! Jeff should ask her if she would have rather him left her on the block w/Jessie??
      Because if he had she would have been gone! Her homegirls would have booted
      her right out the door!

    3. Lydiot is just what a her name says. She’s so needy that she thinks giving out blowies and handsies to Jessie will earn her his love. These type of chicks make me sick. They’re get off on getting emotionally abused. I hate self pitying losers.

    4. She got put on the block by Jessie, got TAKEN OFF by Russell. She got put on the block and Chima wanted her to go home, and even voted her out against Ronnie. Chima then put her on the block and was TAKEN OFF by Jeff, even her own BFF didn’t take her off. And she’s acting like that? She’s one of the most ugly, self centered people I’ve ever seen in my life. Janelle went off on her Twitter about Lydia (and the other two girls for that matter) last night and they all think Janelle loves them. They have another thing coming when they leave that house.

    5. lydia does not feel like she owes Jeff anything and I guess she doesnt since they never made any kind of deal on it but still, I would expect her to feel like she does anyway….lydia is not the person I thought she was at the beginning….oh well.

  34. U r bnot kidding…if I hear her “moan” one more time! How come when they lie it’s game ,when anyone else lies they are sadistic! Jeff…u go boy!!

  35. Chima does it again. She just said that Russ isn’t even Catholic, he is an extremist muslim terrorist. I am really getting sick of BB allowing this. If someone called her the N word or a slave there would be consequences, and rightfully so. I wish BB would just pull her racist, sexist, bigoted ass out of there. I am really considering canceling the feeds. She has disrespected Braden, Jeff, Jordan and especially Russ based on their race, religion and/or sex. In the real world this has consequences. Does Chima not realize that the T word is flagged on the internet, and her accusations could complicate Russell’s real life? I hope she gets tossed for it. America is sick of her and BB is going to start losing customers for the feeds if this continues. I can’t remember a season where we got so many time outs caused by HG outbursts and talking about production. I hope someone sues her for her hateful comments.

  36. Chima just told Jeff ” I guess America likes voting for Assholes. Its been proven time and time again.” She is so VILE. I hope Jeff just laughs in her face when she makes comments like that.

  37. I laughed out loud and for several minutes at the three sistee uglies at the dining table in tears as if Jessie died. They were utterly ridiculous. They are going to have a lot to live down when the show is over.

    I am a big Jeff fan and it was exciting when he stood up and revealed himself as “The Wizard” yesterday. The look on Jordan’s face was priceless! I so hope that Jeff goes to the end and wins this whole thing. It could give the phrase “”good guys finish last” a whole new meaning.

    1. LOL I think your comment speaks for itself. Were you trying to call Jordan dumb sweetheart?? Do you want to be the pot or the kettle???

  38. Yup Andy it does seem Jessie’s stay in the house was more important than Lydia staying. Jeff saved her and now he’s her main target…? last night she said the money isn’t an object anymore just send me home( ie PLEASE SEND ME TO THE JURY HOUSE WITH MY ONE TRUE LOVE). I guess she got over that whole mental breakdown about Jessie, with her wanting to cut herself. I don’t get it.

    1. She needs to head back to Mill’sVille with that competely delusional bloodsucking wench Heather.

      How much does she make as a nanny anyway?? taking care of that child should be worth more than 500,000.

    1. Wow, you’re trying to learn how to spell. Good job! Remember, see starts with an S. It can be a little cofusing sometimes. Once you get your phonics down, it will be a breeze.

    1. for real this is out of control chima is very racist and i find it offisive. how is she a writer good luck with her job after.. there was a lot of people who lost there love ones at 911 and for her even to make racist commits about that bb should do something about it. i think i am going to quit watching big brother lost respect for the show it self (and it is sad i looked forward to it ever year.)

  39. I totally agree with Lydia’s ungreatfulness. Jeff saved her ass from the block and all she can do is piss and moan about how Jeff screwed Jessie? What a pathetic idiot.

    1. absolutely. michelle sticks to her word. she’ll have to put up with some bs for a week. it’ll all be worth it by this time next week though.

      1. I don’t care who Michelle puts up (as long as it isnt Kevin) but Michelle is not an innocent person. She has lied and “twists” words around.

    2. that would be awesome!!
      But can’t be much sure about her though. Until and unless Jeff and Jordon is safe, I care the least about other HG’s

  40. oh, ch-ch-chia-pet! she is the epitome of the stereotypical “angry black woman.” just amazing how if the tables were turned, there would be outrage among the masses and consequences.

    these three women (chia-pet, gnatalie and chlamydia) are stark-raving mad pscyhos, making complete fools of themselves. all have shown their “true colors” when things have not gone their way. only jeff, jordan, michelle and kevin (when under pressure) have endured … with grace.

  41. RE: Lydia’s being so ungrateful. Jessie would’ve gotten rid of Lydia before he would’ve gotten rid of Natalie. AND watch and see how Lydia’s mood changes if the Jeff/Jordan/Michelle/Russell alliance wins HOH POV and the next HOH.

  42. People please help me…..
    I can’t decide who I would like to see getting out of the door this week….Cheema or Nat.
    Oh wait, it is DOUBLE EVICTION! Sweet. May be they both would.

  43. What Jeff said last nite on BBAD is completely true. In life, your true colors always show when the chips are down. When everything was going for the 3 little pigs…trout face, Gnat and Lydiot…they were all chipper. The second the table gets turned, they’re bitter losers. Using their crazy deluded logic….they STILL contradict themselves:

    Jessie didn’t get to fight for the POV = Kinda like backdooring someone ie. Braden & Casey
    This game is unfair = Jessie playing again this yr is fair I guess
    Jeff didn’t work for his power = I guess Gnat winning…oh wait…she hasn’t…
    Russell is a terrorist = And Chima is 34 and single…and one wonders why
    Lydia saying they’re all good ppl = Hmmm…which is why America gave the power to Jeff

    Best case for 2day….Trout face and Gnat get nominated and 3 pigs become have nots! LOL!

    1. Jeff won America’s vote, that counts for something. ;-). America outsted Jesse two years in a row. Big ol’ FU from the USA.

    1. And you must be gay

      You probably came in your pants when you saw the back of his shirt last night “take it all in”!!

    2. I think this power is like “back dooring” someone. They didn’t have a chance to play for POV. Stuff happens and he got the boot.

      1. Actually, Jessie is handling it much better than the idiots in the house. I’m no fan of his, but he did tell Jeff that it was his best move so far, and in interviews said he doesn’t old it against him and would have done the same thing. It’s those three idiot bitches that are the sore losers.


      1. true you can kill people with kindness ( but it would be hard for me to get over the terriost 911 remark) then i would of lost it.

        1. Chima is soooo wrong on so many levels. If I were in the house, I would make that bitch CRY!!! How about “I know why that man came in to r*** u…Cause of them big dick sucking lips you’ve got!!” People in glass houses…. She couldn’t mess with a real one!! And for the record, I am a BAP *Black American Princess*!!

    1. because they haven’t lied or schemed like the other losers in there. They never made up lies about other HG’s like Jesse and Natalie did about Michelle. J&J play with intrigty.

    2. yea, you must be if ya have to ask. jeff,unlike chima,nat,lydia and jessie comes across as a level-headed ,mild-mannered intelligent person who also happens to be gorgeous! he is respectful towards his family,his friends and women in general yet doesn’t seem to be a pansey in any way. he keeps his cool but stands up for himself (and others) and unlike the other few, he is NOT a racist, baby,self-sentered low-life who is totally wrapped up only in the superficial and one’s self. jorden…is not one of my favorites…too dumbish and preocupied with anal things but at least jorden is not an evil person like jessie, chima,nat and psycho lydia. at least jorden doesn’t prostitute herself to a man like lydia did towards jessie when said man doesn’t even like her….for that matter prolly doesn’t even like women.oh, and one more thing about jeff….he’s very smart. if you notice he usually has everyone’s number before anyone else does. i hope to god he wins!!!!! you must be jealous.

  44. thank u vickie i absoulty agreee wit finally some one thinking nd i wonder y people love them so much they r both irritaing

    1. Have to be careful, because in this forum if you don’t like J/J then people will say mean things to you. They always justify anything J/J says but in reality they have said mean things as well. I agree they havent lied as much but they also have won….NOTHING! America gave a “power” to Jeff and that is it, nothing else. I am glad that Jeff used the CDT but when Michelle won HOH that was the worst ever! I really don’t like Michelle and she is untrustworthy.

  45. Please BB producers – If the “Three Amigas” follow through with their threats to not follow the rules and that they will ?WALK OUT? if they are forced to sleep in the Have Nots room, take cold showers and eat slop?SEND THEM PACKING!

    Please DO NOT reward their “bad behavior” any longer with extra “gifts”. If the producers do not take action against one or all of these “ingrates”, then don’t be surprised when the entire house refuses to play the game unless they are provided “extra” compensation or “bribes” to play nice.

    These “ingrates” will completely ruin this season and set a precendent for future seasons that all a House Guest needs to do is whine and complain and BB will appease them with more gifts.

    Get a backbone BB producers! It’s not too late to save this season if you act now!

  46. Chima claims she nver said any thing personal about russ, she is the only person in the house who has attacked someone personaly . I can,t wait for someone in the real world to call her out on her racist comments ,she is truly hate filled.

  47. The three witches of eastwick are all hypocrites! Jeff just saved looneyias a$$ when her own friend wouldn`t and instead of grateful she cried about a in the closet guy who not in to her, STUPID B!tch!

  48. I hate Jessie and he deserved his fate but I hate Nat and Chima more. Chima is the biggest bitch on the planet and never stops flapping her lips or cackling her disgusting laugh. I can’t wait till her ass in sent packing.
    Jordan and Jeff may not be the most “entertaining” players but they at least play by the rules with some integrity which is much more than I can say about Chima, Nat and Lydia the nut-bag. America gave Jeff a power which he used and rightfully so.

    1. Russell will be gone b4 they get to final 4, Kevin will team up with Mich, Jeff, Jordan. I think it was a bold move and I bet Jeff got Jessy’s vote as well

    2. How can you say that???Have you not been watching the show???That is the smartest move ever…Don’t hate because America does not like Jessie…I hope Jessie, Jessie lovers, and BB gets the point this time because they sure as hell didn’t get it last year. lmao. The 3 bitches need to go. Let their stank asses walk out. How stupid to want to give up on a game over some big ass loser as Jessie is. Just really shows you who are sore ass losers in this game. At least Jeff and Jordan didn’t act like that. They are the real winners in this game even if they don’t win which I am sure one of them will.

      1. Why do you think they are a racist by that comment. Chima on the other hand is a racist and should be asked or forced to leave the show. Not evicted, kicked off. Tell her not to let the door hit her in the butt. She can’t be gone soon enough. I can’t stand to hear the vile coming from her mouth.

  49. I wish people would stop hating on Jeff. It’s a game and he’s playing it regardless if he was handed the cdt or not.

  50. I agree!!! I am a black female, and I am really disappointed in Chima’s behavior!! She is a disgrace to the black/woman/human race!!

  51. I wish Chima, Nat, and Lid would all walk out and they would bring back Laura, Braden, Casey to replace them. Atleast then I wouldn’t have to listen to all the crying. BOOOOHOOOHOOOO What a joke. It is just like Jeff said last night (It’s sad they are like that really sad

  52. Look I can’t stand Chima either for the racial attacks on Russ but don’t lump all black people in with her. I am a Black woman and Chima is an embarrassment. I am so shocked and appalled at the behavior, it’s disgusting.

    1. I think it`s not about her being black she has more issues with men because of what happened to her or at least that what I see.

      1. I think Chima has a lot of problems and it has more to do then being r*** . I am a white female. I am not prejudice. I don’t care what color she is she in an embarrassment not only to women (of any race) she is also an embarrassment to Americans. We have soilders everyday out fighting for our freedom and world peace and we have this idiot on TV with her filthy racist mouth being rewarded because she is throwing a temper tantrum and wants to leave and they are begging her to stay, all I can ask is why? We won’t her gone. She is 30 years old, and she is so immature. Besides the racist comments (which were discussing and very racist) I don’t care how CBS edited it I seen and heard what she said, and she is indeed racist, I don’t like her. She is very self centered. She is also a bully by thinking she can boss people around and tell them what to do and tell them to play her way or she isn’t playing. If that doesn’t sound like a spoiled brat I don’t know. When parents kids act like that some spank their kids, give them time out, etc, but you don’t reward poor rude discussing behavior, I don’t care if your name is Chima.

    2. thatS true and just like she said all americans hate middle easterners DONT PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH. MY KIDS HALF AND HALF FRENCH. PEOPLE LIKE HER ARE WHAT RUIN THIS WORLD.

      1. Thank you! I dare she Queen Chima think she can speak for all Americans. Maybe all sick, racist Americans like her self. You would think with her being African American she would be less to judge people because of the color of their skin or race. I hope all the Middle Eastern who are watching BB know that she is a sick person adn we all don’t feel that way or blame them for 9-11. The people who attacked our get country on 9-11 were ignorant, selfish, hateful, bitter, people like herself. I am white and I hope I am not judge by sick things some people do in my race like Ronnie.
        He is a very sick individual but I don’t want every one to think I am sick and disturbed because I happen to have the same color of skin that he does. He is also a big embarrassment not only to the white race but the human race just as Chima is. Maybe the two of them deserve each other because they are both so sick and delusional. She was so fond of him in the house and thought he was so wonderful and thinks Jeff is so rotten wait until she gets out of the house and sees that she has no judge in character. Wait until she sees that Jesse even schemed behind her back, and then she cries for him. Just go to show she is not only a racist, and self center, she isn’t to bright.

    3. I agree…I don’t like Chima’s behavior but I think it is just as bad to call her names like that. No need to get down to that level. Too me it seems Chima is spoiled. She is acting out and has always gotten away with being loud and throwing fits.

      1. Chima didn’t apply it as someone being a bully. She has also called him Osama, and made arab comments, too many to count. She made it sound like she was calling him that because he is a bully after being called to the DR and they told her to cut it out. CBS edit it to like he was the bad guy and she was standing up to the bully. That is not the case at all. All of who have the Live Feeds and/or After Dark, know the truth. She made very ugly racial comment and I think he should sue her for slander. Also hopes he goes to prison and gets r****. How sick is that?

        1. no i agree with you she is very racist and i am appalled of what she said she should get the boot out bb and have to go live and apologize to all of us .

          1. I agree. I think she should apologize on national TV for her rude and disgusting racist behavior. Julie asked her already if she was sorry for any thing or how she handled it and she said no. When you are filled with that much hate you can see how evil you are. Hopefully one day she will find peace with in. I think she is battling many issues within.

    1. That isn’t a terrorist that is a bully. Chima is calling a terrorist in a racial attack and not because she thought he was terrorizing the house. That is just how CBS/BB edited. They could show the true hatred and vile coming from Chima big lips. Chima is sick, and so is Ronnie. Chima is filled with a lot of hatred and pure ugliness and Ronnie is a perverted mess. They both are an embarrassment to mankind. I don’t care what race they are. They both need to get some help or off the streets.

    2. Get some Chinese food and wine, then cry about it some more for three hours. Ha Ha, Russel the love muscle is still here, deal with it. Great night of television, Jesse is gay.

    3. Can’t you get it through your thick skull that the word “terrorist” has a different meaning in the post 9/11 world than the simple dictionary definition???? is that too hard to comprehend and is it hard for you to understand how a survivor of that day would view that word being thrown around???

    4. What a crock. What did Jordan ever do to Chima to deserve being called white trash? Chima is on the feeds saying that she would spin the terrorist comment by saying he was terrorizing the house, anyone watching the feeds know that she is referring to his ethnicity. Just today she called Russ an extremist muslim terrorist. For god’s sake. Russ is an American, just like she is and American. How dare she take the insult to such a personal level. And shame on BB /CBS for condoning the misbehavior of Chima! She needs to be put in her place. She signed a contract. If she won’t follow the rules she needs to be made an example of to stop other houseguests from trying to control the show. I mean they taped yesterday’s live show because of her threats. She threatens to walk when things don’t go her way, and they bribe her with gifts to keep her there to make more racist comments. Chima also says that America always votes for the hot guy, never a girl. Not true. America loved Evol Dick, and he wasn’t exactly hot or nice. They also liked Janelle. Chima is a sore loser. Maybe if she had shown herself to be a decent human being, America might have given her the power to save Ronnie. I bet she wouldn’t have thought the CDE was unfair if she got to use it. If she makes one more comment like the muslim terrorist one, I am canceling my subscription and will not be watching the show anymore. CBS needs to take back control of their show and be sensitive to the public’s right to not have to witness such hateful racial slurs. It’s all about ratings, after all. It is the viewers that pay for the show, pay for the contestants, by tuning in and signing up for the live feeds.

  53. Please CBS get rid of Chima! I am about ready to stop watching! There is enough hate in the world without having to listen to her racist rants. The only reason she gets away with it is because she is black! Remember last year with Ollie? And Lydia….what an ungrateful witch!! Even Jesse had enough courage to tell Jeff it was good game play! Jeff could have left her there with anyone else and she would have went home!

    But Chima first, I find myself hating her and I don’t want to hate!

    1. Bravo! There is enough hatred in this world we don’t have to promote it, air it (rather edit it), and reward rude, racist behavior. Kick her off the show. Don’t evict her and send her to the jury house, let her be the first person to be kicked off. She is threatening to leave, let her. She thinks BB needs her. We don’t need her filthy, racist mouth.

  54. Ya! Bring jessy the tard.maybe the idiot would to week six.but only if the rest of the house was full of Lydias(shudder).What a train wreck!

  55. thx jeff, now i can watch live feeds without hearing stressie and scrappy plot, and i get to watch all these whiny bitches cry about a asshole… smooth move… anybody that thinks different is jessies grandma

  56. To Russsux: ” Russ is a terrorist. He terrorised ronnie for 2 weeks. Then chima.”

    How old are you? Terrorism? Picking on Ronnie is not the same as killing people, blowing up buildings, and other forms of real terrorism. And besides, Chima is the one who kept attacking Russell.

    1. He’s just mad because theres no way in hell he could ever get someone as pretty as her. lol he probally hasnt had sex in his whole life.

      1. Someone who calls sex booger, has fake tits and is dumb as a dish rag, wow that is someone to be jealous of. I’d want to bring her home to mom

    2. jordan is kinda thick i hate bone skinny women with no SHAPE

      and theres a such thing as cookie dough pizza????

    1. yeah liek jessie black balling jeff out of the clique wasen’t screwing him? jessie got what he deserved , and FYI jessie and his faithful sheep was comming after jordan and jeff and jeff knew this so he did what he had to do he was a target either way, y’all need to stop with the prtending that team jessie were so innocent

    2. how is jeff a moron he did the right move and now the house is flipped cause he took out there boyfriend and now hes on top. Its not like any of them are going to win a HOH anytime soon shimas the only one who won a comp. out of those 3 cry babbies they need to grow up.

  57. Simon – Have you noticed that they have been cutting the live feeds and/or quick cuts to FISH more this season than ever before?

    If so, do you have any idea why? Thanks.

      1. It has been worse this season, and I think Chima has a lot to do with it. CBS needs to realize who butters their bread and expel Chima before people start canceling the feeds. I have complained and will turn it off if I have to hear one more racist comment from her lips. She also talks a lot about DR and production and that triggers fish.She even threatens to mess up the show if she doesn’t get her way, more fish. I am not paying to watch fish.

        1. I just complained to CBS about Chima’s behavior…she is taking the fun out of the game with all of her racist remarks. She needs to be punished.

    1. Holey! Someone has something against Jordan! orr ur probably jealous. Jordan is really pretty and I think more woman should be her size…shes not even big!


  58. PLEASE PLEASE CBS let them walk out and leave!!! it IS A GAME- what did they think they signed up for? Because their “friend” was evicted and its not going how they thought it would they are going to act like 12 year olds? did you see anyone else pull this when their friends were evicted? No..someone needs to tell them this is a game and give them a dose of reality. Natalie, Chima and Lydia should be ashamed of themselves for how they are acting. Embrassing for their families too..ugh! Chima talks about women a women iam ashamed of someone like her, she needs to grow up and try having someone dignity. No respect for themselves or anyone else. What else did they expect Jeff to do when they were going to put him up. He is in it to win it like everyone else. At least Jessie even commented, that this was the best move jeff could have made. Someone please get these immature airheaded girls off the show!!! LET THEM WALK OUT! Those three have go to be the worse BB players ever!!!

    1. Totally biased, you idiot! Do you think Simon types every single one of these posts and puts them up? America is biased against those ass nuggets. Simon, your site rocks, thank you for keeping me in the loop.

    2. no I just hate whining, hateful, no good, great big DSL bitches.

      with two quarters I could have my pick of those bitches if I wanted to punish my one eyed liar

    3. “biased” are you kidding? we’re reacting to what sheep team jessie has done/doing on the show which was HORRIBLE , they each get/got what they deserved……. anyways theres plenty more cheese to go with the whine

  59. Boring is not the word for it. Jeff is too cocky and now Jordon is too. I hope and pray that either Lydia, Chima or Natalie get the POV. Save one of their group and go for the HOH and take out Jordon. that would be awesome

  60. What show are you watching? I get the biggest laughs listening to Jeff and his humor. He has some very good come backs. He doesn’t have to be filled with hate, provoking people, belittle others to make himself look good, or lying. I don’t think I have hear Jeff or Jordan say one lie.
    If you are enjoying listening to the filthy mouths out of some of the girls in the house, the racist comments out of Chima and the vile, there’s something wrong. Every one is tired of listening to Chima and her very fake laugh. We are tired of them being so rude to the other HG and productions. They act like BB owes them something. They are very undeserving of $500,000. I would hate to see any of those 3 win. I like seeing that you don’t have to be bad, ugly on the inside, racist, filthy filthy mouths, or act that spoiled brats, think it’s all about you, to get ahead in the house or in life. Those 3 girls and I say girls because none of them act their age, are embarrassing. To see 3 grown women get on TV and stomp their feet, cry, and threaten, pout because they didn’t get their way was ridiculous. Like Jeff said you can tell someones true character when they are at the bottom and their true colors definitely show. Unfortunately Chima is just as nasty when she is ahead, she is just down right nasty. I am sure her family is embarrassed and ashamed and if they aren’t they should be.

  61. Can Shitma, Lydiot & Skidmarks get penalized for not sleeping in the Have-Nots room? So far, they have gotten away with so much (racial slurs, taping the show early yesterday because of Shitma’s threats, no red leotards, and getting bribes to stay in the BB house…) . But threatening to leave??? They knew what they were getting into when they signed up for the show. I say show them the door. There’s no room for a racist, a masochist & a dirt ball who sleep/cry all day. Bad tv any way you cut it.

  62. the ONLY POSSIBLE way for the three “wise (wo)men” to win this game is to take russell to the final with them … but they’re just too emotional or just plain stupid to see this. michelle has already figured this out … and even had the gall to tell russell. russ already knows that the best he can do is second place. i would like to think that jeff knows this too. no one will against jordan and perhaps michelle.

  63. Jeff does not cause drama in the big brother house. He was given the power, he played it. Rusell, Lydia, Natalie plays anyone that listens. Kevin goes anyway the wind blows. Chima just speaks her mind, Jordan and Michelle, doesn’t have a clue! Whoever wins, wins! Wonder what Big Brother 12 looks like !!!

  64. @ Dumb & Dumber-Jeff & Jordan. If you look at any of the Big Brother websites then you’ll discover that Jeff and Jordan are the favorites (Duh – that’s why Jeff won the America’s vote competition). They may be dumb but at least they aren’t mean.

  65. We don’t hate Chima, we hate what she stands for. A spoiled immature selfish brat who happens to be a racist. She is self centered and thinks the world revolves around Chima. May be in her house it does but in the real world it doesn’t. Her behavior is an embarrassment. Kick her off, let her go home and pout like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

  66. SIMON, i have to say again this site is grate THANKS i look forward to reading it in the morning so i can get caught up with what happen at night.

  67. I just watched jessie’s interveiw w/ julie chen he is such a cry baby loser not to mention a real d- bag, so long sucker ihope your lap dogs are next. I wish lydiot could hear him say he’s just not that into her, she is going to feel like the fool she truly is for all the tears she shed over him.

  68. funny how the offended viewers responds with racist comments of their own. different season. different people. same threats to not watch if the BB houseguest not liked is not voted off. yet continued watching of a very addictive show. this makes great tv. its never personal. chima, russell and michele makes it worthwhile because they’re unpredictable. jeff has spewed out some disgusting comments of his own. blacks have long been prejudged because of their appearance. so what. get over it. the same could be said about an illiterate trailer park jordan who doesn’t even know how to tell time. wonder what kind of venom would be said about chima if she spoke like Jordan. funny, huh? chima is well educated and a straight shooter. she says openly what others only say behind closed doors without mixed company. its america.not always fair but such is life. michele has a wide nose but no slick comments about that. russell is just as stuck on himself as jesse. jeff is gorgeous but not a real gamer. he was given an upper hand in this game that he wouldn’t got there on his own. kevin is playing the game pretty close. natalie has not done anything substantial but bark loudly. chima is overly emotional but her vices are funny to watch unfold. BB Fan for life.

    1. You were making very good points right up until you had to reduce yourself to the people you were chastising by calling Jordan trailer park trash. Aren’t you doing the exact same thing you are annoyed at others for doing?

    2. I couldn’t disagree with your comments more or be more disappointed in the BB producers or CBS for allowing these aggressive and offensive attacks. First, While Chima may be more educated and express her vile, negative comments well, Jordan, no matter her background, has more class because of her kindness throughout the game. Second, to say Jeff was handed something he didn’t earn, such as the coup isn’t true either. Jeff earned this gift from America because not all people choose to reward people who exhibit mean, condescending, crude, inappropriate and unacceptable behaviors. He earned this by practicing tolerance in an unbearable situation and by taking care of others such as Jordan. Not all people believe “bad behavior and incomprehensible comments” make good TV. Obviously most of America wants more of Jeff and Jordan, thus voting Jeff a deserved “gift”!! There are good people in our different ethnic backgrounds, just as all ethnic backgrounds have “bad” representation, but never should a person’s personal ethnic or religious diversity be attacked. You can attack the person’s choice of behavior or comments, but not all the people they represent. By granting Jeff the coup power, America also made it’s “punishment” toward the “other group” known as well, and we’ve seen they don’t like criticism, nor do they take the hint America was sending. That’s very sad, for them, and as Jeff himself said, I truly feel sorry for them since this is the only way they know to behave, and they think it is appropriate (thus, Chima’s statement—and then her bragging of the statement again to Lydia and Natalie—I didn’t want to take back anything I said to Russell. I stand by what I said!!). So, to end, I just want to thank the majority of America for voting for the person that represented more positive and acceptable examples of what we should all know is right. I’m not saying Jeff is perfect, no one is, but he and Jordan have been better examples than the rest of the HGs and earned and deserved the power they received. AND, good for the majority of voters for recognizing what is still “good” and acknowleding valuable morality!!

      1. We know. Only ignorant people who have to call people names to make them look better start calling people names, especially people they are jealous of because they show the most class.
        I don’t care where she lives. There are people who live in trailer parks that have more class, more dignity, more character than Chima and her rat pack. I would rather live in a trailer or a box on the street and know I am a good person and have self respect then live in a mansion and act or behave like those three rude Jordan wannabe’s. I am sure Jordan can sleep at night knowing she is a good person. Name one good quality that we have seen from Chima, Lydia, or Natalie, in this game.

        Go Jordan and Jeff (sometimes the good have to prevail)

        1. Good qualities:
          Chima: She’s terribly loud. In an annoying way.

          Natalie: She sleeps.

          Lydiot: She’s an idiot.

          These are all good examples of their qualities that I’ve been able to observe via their own actions/words CAUGHT ON VIDEO – not in my imagination.

          The good news is that AMERICA was still able to see GOOD and vote for it. This helps me feel better about the world we live in.

    3. This is what is wrong with America. I don’t know what happens behind your closed door but I can assure you behind mine we do not make racial comments. I don’t try to make my self look better, bigger, smarter, by tearing apart or demeaning others. Chima might be book smart but she isn’t people smart. I would rather be like Jordan and try and find good others and not always belittling people when she doesn’t get her way. Chima has as much class as Jordan as in her little finger and that with Jordan speaking about farting and pooping. Chima is one sick person and desperately needs some help. If most people felt the same way she did in America I wouldn’t want to live here. Chima is a racist and needs to be asked to leave the house and go back to her lonely empty life back home. I would not let her go to the jury house. Read the feeds on all the BB message boards…. America has voted and we don’t like her, has nothing to do with the color of her skin, it’s because her ignorance, hatred toward mankind.

    4. What have you the impression that Jordan is trailer trash or even lives in a trailer why cause she’s from th south? We don’t all live in trailers dumbass!!

  69. Its kind of hard to make a valid point if you preface or end it with a negative, stereotypical, or mostly racist rants of your own.Chima has made very poor decisions by calling a Russell a terrorists but does that make it ok for all the closet racists to attack others. Get over yourselves and get over the Chima/Russell fight. All he does is hate on her and all she does is hate on him.

    Everyone has their favorites or opinions about what you think should happen but the facts remain as follows:
    1. Everyone in the house played the game and were rewarded for winning inside the house up until,
    2. Jeff gets rewarded for being the clean cut White guy who happened to be on the losing side of the house(and we all know its never good or makes for good tv for the nice White man to be on the bottom to women, especially Brown women and gay men)
    3. CBS is playing everyone-including us!

    1. I kinda agree with the “leave Chima/Russ alone” but however i think the root of the problem is how Chima has been portraded in the main show. And therfor people are “extra” mad.. But still you have a point that its pointless hating on someone who is that lost like Chima is..
      You say that its unfair that Jeff got the power, and i can see that you and the Chima camp can think like that, but dont forgett that things like this has allready been added to the bb 11 script long before the show starts.. Soo i dont get what your trying to say really.. someone had to get the power and its just an coincidens that Jeff happens to be very popular.. Peronslally I think that sending Jessie inside bb house again and giving him HOH first week is much more unfair than america votes on who gets to pick noms… To say that BB wanted Jeff to get the power because they want the white man to get power over the black woman is just plain retarded, sry but they just want good tv.. and thats why the have “americas choice” bc it f%&s things up and attract viewers.. kinda ironic you downplay the cruel racial attacks from Chima and make your own racial acusation towards cbs :) (ohh the irony)

      1. everyone wants to hide behind …”oh she was ‘portrayed’ this way” but a video with your own words and actions being shown does not lie or ‘portray’ incorrectly. I agree with pretty much everything you said except that small part.

        If I have a friend that made the comments that Chima has made during one angry night I wouldn’t want to be their friend anymore. Doesn’t matter that this person isn’t like this during other occassions because it is when teh chips are down that the we see who we really are. Chima has shown us her true colors and to know that these are thoughts in her head makes her a horrible person even if it was just ONCE.

        I’ve had plenty of arguments with people and I never take it to the racial level.

        Also, absolutely Jesse earned a free 2nd chance at the game. Not even AMERICA voted for him. It was simply handed to him. It could’ve been handed to any of the other people next to him that had played before. Whoever it was, all the HGs right away started saying ‘he’s been here before, this isnt’ fair.’ but yea now they forget all that.

  70. Those Girls Are Insane, All of the Sudden Lydia & Natalie are BFF…WTF?! oh and Jesse Prays? He is A Saint? Come On! Get off his nuts already all of them.

  71. People form their biased based on their likes and dislikes of the people in the game due to their personalities.

    It’s hard for me to imagine ANYONE liking Lydia, Chima, or Natalie based on the way they have acted the last couple of days and especially last night. They made me sad for humanity with their behavior last night. Truly sickening behavior from truly sick people. Selfish, arrogant, hypocritical, self centered, and mindless.

    The hypocrisy was the worst part. Lydia calling Jordan a ho! Chima with the racist remarks.

    If a white male made the remarks that chima made there would be petitions to get him off the show. Advertisers would stop running their ads. CBS would be under immense scrutiny. However since she is a black female, she is allowed to use the race card against Braden and slander him. She is allowed to call Casey “White Trash”. She is allowed to continually refer to Russell as a “Terrorist” and say that America won’t care because America hates middle easterners. She has also been anti male the entire show. It’s disgusting.

    She should have been removed from her show, and her employer, whoever it may be, should immediately let her know that due to her actions she is no longer employed with them.

    She talks about being a “strong woman” but she is actually extremely weak. She leans on that “I’m a strong woman” nonsense to get herself by and uses Race and Gender to her advantage at every opportunity. Not the mark of a truly strong woman.

    1. I totally agree with u Aaron…kick her out!!!!!!!! She has no respect for anyone, she is devious, she is condeCending, she is vendictive and last but not least…..NO CLASS !!!!!!!

    2. Amen! Very well said.

      Chima’s behavior is disgusting (I don’t care what color she is). She is an embarrassment to women and the human race. She should be told to get her stuff and leave.

      I also thought it was just ridiculous for Lydia to call Jordan a HO. We all have been watching BB we know who has been acting like a HO and it isn’t Jordan. Lydia is so ungrateful she is taken off the block but is upset because Jeff put Jesse up and he didn’t even have a chance to fight for POV (BOO WHO). I think if they would have one the power it would been a whole different story.

      Getting back to Chima, CBS should get her a$$ out of the house now. Not only is she a racist, ignorant (wishing Russel goes to prison and gets raped) really sick, she is immature, throwing a temper tantrum when things don’t go her way. Besides all that and her filthy mouth, for her and Lydia to sit there last night coercing Natalie (I can’t remember who knows she isn’t 18) into drinking after she told them numerous times she didn’t want to and didn’t like it they kept on her to drink. That’s some friend. Do they do that with drugs too? Haven’t they ever heard the word to say NO TO DRUGS? I think this can go for alcohol too. Don’t pressure people to drink if they don’t want to. They are losers, (Hopefully in BB) but losers in life. Chima is missing out on so much in life because she is filled with so much hate. Some of it could stem from being raped, but it was a black man who raped her, not a white man, not a middle easterner, etc., it was a black man. You can’t say things about people just because of what some ignorant people do in that race. I don’t want to be judge as a sick demented pervert like Ronnie is because I happen to be white.
      Again, I totally agree what you said 100%

    3. Karma will take care of those who display their hatred the most to harm others.

      Let the producers make an example out of one of the “troublemakers” and the others should fall into line.

      CBS. Please do not let these few ruin the remainder of the season and perhaps future seasons. Take action quickly and decisively before it’s too late.

  72. question. has anyone ever walked out of the BB house before? and if they DO walk out…what do u think would happen?

        1. It would be better if it was Laura who came back. But what would also be better if either Jessica, that cowboy dude and that other guy get to comeback.

  73. I am not happy at all with CBS for letting this old bitch get away with how she is acting….they probably think it is good drama and good pr……f’em…I rate them right up there with her and Nasty. I’m not watching CBS anymore ( except for BB ) ……placating them with gifts…..and airing her stupid remarks about her impatience and having a talk with production…..WELL BEND OVER CBS……….YOU’RE GETTING IT UP THE REAR FROM A BULL DYKE DIVA……hope you enjoy it.

    1. This al makes for us talking and watching, and you will still watch CBS because your hooked, but BB should not coward down to any player, these and all players are the ones who applied to CBS BB to be in the house, so play the game as contracted.

      1. I will only watch up to the point that Russ, Michelle, Jeff or Jordon are on the show. Once this season is over I will not watch BB again and I have been a fan since BB1. But no more….they have allowed the “bad” people to get away with everything (Jessie and Nat slept in the green room when they were told repeatedly not to ………when they were have nots and they ate but didn’t get punished. BB producers reward Chima Nat and Lydia when they say “I’ll walk” They have gone too far. and by all that is holy the BB producers should have given Jeff a blanket and pillow last night. Yeh….I’m through as soon as the “good” people are gone.

        1. I am with you a 100%. No way will I watch to see one of those other losers win $500,000 and $50,000 to be rude, ungrateful, players.

          CBS has kissed that spoiled brats behind.

          They all played by their own rules. They believe there are one set of rules for them and another set for them.

          I couldn’t believe they didn’t get a blanket and pillow for Jeff either, nor good I believe he got punished with another day. Kevin ate something and got a warning, and then he ate the grape. Jeff didn’t get any warning. He is handling like a man and it truly show is character and how he will not kiss their butts, beg, lie, to get ahead. I would be thrilled to see someone like him get the $ but you know they will never vote for him to get it because they have it in their demented heads that he cheated some way and he gets special treatment and his undeserving.

          I am sure the staff there cannot wait to get Chima out of the house. She is beyond rude.

        1. I don’t think she is a dyke, but i think she hates men. I think she hates mankind. She just is full of hate. She only like someone when they are giving her her way. Very sad, shallow, lonely, little person. Pray for her.

  74. I say bring back Jessie and Ronnie and lets have BB have them fight Kevin and Russel in a cage match! Ronnie thought he could push Kevin around at the end and Kevin backed Ronnie up and down. Same with Russel, like to see Russ in the ring with wussie Jessie.
    There you go BB, cage match on Pay per view!! Simon think of the money you could make promoting this!

    1. Russell would never go up against Jessie. There are big differences with how the body works. If Jessie was just a body builder, he would have big muscles and that is it. Russell could have killed him with one swoop fo the hand. Jessie wants to be a wrestler so he has been training himself not only to have the look but the strength behind it. Russell knows that.

    2. i don;t know bout ronnie and kevin but i think kevin would mess up , but russel would drop jessie with one punch because all jessie is is a big body nuthin else that was obvious when russel was in his face and jessie’s face was turnin red you can tell he was scared

    3. It doesn’t take much evidently to beat up Ronnie. He got beat up by a fowl mouth, horny, abusive, sick monkey (and it wasn’t even real).

  75. Who in the world picked the houseguests this year? Most of them are just horrible. Take Chima, Lydia and Natalie out if they want out so bad and bring back Casey, Laura and Braden.

  76. Why do everyone think Jeff is sooo GREAT??!!! He has a horrible disposition about him. He needs to be on the block with Russell …but scary Michelle wont do that.. She needs to realize that she wont beat either of them in a physical contest. Barely a mental one. They all make out like Chima is the worst thing … Yes she has a big mouth.(so does Jefff) Yes she doesnt back down from confrontation from Russell( when practically everyone else in the house cowars away)I respect her for standing up to ALL the things Russell has done to her and said about her. Who else in the house has done thats ( besides Jeff 1 time) If you were in there and Russell did those things to you…..what would you have done….. Everyone keeps saying its just a game its just a game…..WHY ALL THE PERSONAL ATTACKS……Chima has been through a lot and it seems like she has no fear …which is great …ALL I know is that CHIMA SIMONE has earned my respect…..

    For those so called MEN in that house and in these blogs to keep calling those females in there b**tches…u have a mother /sister or some female in your life… Be A MAN……..walk away…. from them…make yourself look better……BY the way … I AM A MAN……

    1. I think you should watch the show thoroughly first before yapping. Just because she had a bad experience in her life doesnt mean she can use it for a reason to attack somebody. She made horrible comments about religion and race! I am not either from that religion or that race, but I feel that those comments only come from uneducated low class human being.

    2. And YOU are a fool to believe that Chima isn’t the one that instigated the personal attacks! (cauliflower ears? The comments about his “private area”? –But I bet you don’t remember those do you?? HOW CONVENIENT!) And JEFF has a big mouth?? OMG! That is grasping at straws to protect your little bigot! You apparently have no self respect if you can honestly say that Chima has earned your respect! That witch has no respect for herself, let alone for anyone else in the world! Geez…You definitely need help as well as she does!

    3. Dont let me use the “C” word on Chima cus i will. Regardless, Chima is a BITCH. She called out Braden for being racist LIVE and i am sure she forgot about that. I like her in the beginning but screw it, at least Libra is classier that this Ho’.

    4. Must be a family member or friend of Chima! Face Chima is BITCH with NO CLASS . She should be very ashamed of herself. I have no respect for her at all. At least Jeff and Jordan will be able leave there with some dignity and respect!

    5. I guess it’s alright for a woman to call a man whatever she wants but if a man calls a woman a bitch then that is just so terrible. I wonder why people think women are the weaker sex.

    6. Bemefine, can I ask you what show you are watching????? Jeff has a horrible disposition. Are you kidding. He is the calmest person in the house. He doesn’t kiss butt to get ahead, he isn’t backstabbing, I don’t think I have heard him tell a lie. I am sure he will have to do some of this is the future to win but as of yet he hasn’t done any of this. The 3 immature females in the house, after not getting their way, they went and invaded Jeff’s and Russel’s belongings. They hid stuff, dumped stuff out, and pour water on stuff, what did Jeff do…..nothing. He didn’t retaliate. He was the bigger person. He didn’t stoop to their childish level. Others may have a big mouth but no one on the show except others from the rat pack have made racial comments. Calling Russel a terrorist (then days later when calling him that again after numerous times tried to play it off that she called him that because he was terrorizing the house), hello….I was born at night but not last night, or as Judge Judy would say, don’t pee on my leg and say it is raining. Chima is a very disturbed person, and if you can’t see she is a racist then you are blind, never watched the Live Feeds and/or After Dark or your just as ignorant as Chima isI can honestly say if I was in that house and Russel was yelling at me, one I would not back down, and two I would not call him racist names, or tell him he has cauliflower ears. That is what an ignorant person or immature person would do. I haven’t heard any one make fun of her large lips or make racial comments to her. This person has earned your respect because she was raped and can stand up to a man. She also hopes and prayers he goes to prison and he is raped, I ask you is that normal or sane, especially coming from someone who had this sick act done to them. I certainly would not have her talk to other rape victims for inspiration. I have two sons who will grow up to be a man some day and I would be very ashamed if they ever backed or condone such sick behavior from any female or male.

  77. I have a lot to say!! I think it’s funny how Chima Natalie and Lydia are all crying over Jessie like he is sooo superior! it’s a GAME and they need to get over it. People go out of the house!
    Chima is a bully. They’re right about her and her hatrid towards everyone.
    Jeff received the power and used it, now everyones bitching because he did?! If it was Chima or Natalie or Lydia
    who received it they wouldn’t be bitching!! Just because Jeff did what was best for him in the game.
    and we all know Jeff made the right decision when Jessie walked out like he’s better than everyone else. And Lydia is being hypocritical. Just a week ago she said she wasn’t gonna be involved with Jessie anymore because he ‘beat her’ and all that shit? She needs to GO HOME!!!
    I hope Michele puts up Lydia and Chima and Jeff/Jordan wins POV and keeps her nominations the same..
    Then on Thursday I hope Chima goes home, Jordan wins HOH and nominates Natalie and Lydia.

  78. You can call her a bitch as well as Natalie and Lydia but Chima has to keep her mouth shut? WTF. Have you lost your damn mind? Fine you like Jeff and Jordon, who cares but you can’t whine over Chima when you just did the same thing yourself.

  79. watching the live feeds seems like the have or have nots was one of those where the whole house is competing for food win situation no one loses..its just a competition to see what food they can get-russel is pissed bc he said it was suppose to be a fun time and lydia, chima, and natalie ruined it. uhg

  80. I have been following this web site and want to inform everyone what is happening at the BB house. Yes, Chima has dictated a lot of things to CBS the past 6 days. She has demanded to see an attorney in the diary room and we are speaking with her family now on setting that up. We are in discussions on whether or not to allow the season to continue. The decision will be made by Monday morning on whether the show will go on. We regret our decision of choosing Chima as a houseguest but that is water under the bridge. We can’t unring a bell so to speak. Russell’s family has also contacted us and they are demanding an on air apology from CBS and from Chima. I will keep you all posted as things progress.

    1. CBS Employee I hope what your saying is true, I have never been so disgusted over a player the way i am about Chima. She needs to go, I have also complained to CBS.

    2. I wish they would have america vote to put someone back in the house if chima leaves …like casey idon’t think any one would put ronnie back in.

  81. To all you people whining that Jeff got lucky getting the CDT, you and the HGs need to realize that the competition isn?t just between the HGs, it also includes how the public views their actions and how they?re playing the game. It?s not just the 3 hours/week that CBS broadcasts, but 24/7 with the live feeds and BBAD. Jeff earned the CDT because of his play….he wasn?t given anything and it had nothing to do with luck. IMO if Jeff didn?t get it, it would have gone to Jordan, Michele, or Kevin who for the most part are playing a good game and Jessie would still have been voted out.

  82. CBS should throw Chima off and bring back Casey. That would be great! I just do not want to see Ronnie or Jessie back! Then for sure I would not watch ever again!

  83. So according to CBS Employee the show might not continue?!?!?!? That would suck. I HATE CHIMA. GET HER THE HELL OUT OF THAT HOUSE! Its not fair to all the other houseguest, if the show stops. Grrrr…………………., I know it might not even happen, but if it does it will be all of that dumb B**ch’s fault. UGH, I dont like her! SOmebody slap her next time she opens her huge mouth……………………..

  84. i hope cbs doesnt cancell this because of chima. i think they should continue playing the game out and take care of the situation when the game is over.i am sure i speak for many bb is so much fun to watch and because of one spoiled little brat the others in the house have to pay for it. this truelly is unfair and i hope cbs keeps the game going.

  85. right on jokrs i have never gone on line but this stuff on BB makes me ashamed to be a 63 yo grandmother with 4 grandsons and one granddaughter and have the 3 witches (B) act like they represent all of us. BB you did the right thing and when they all see who said what they will see how dumb they are. Good luck to all;;;;; WHO HAVE A GOOD HEART.

  86. To cancel the show BECAUSE OF CHIMA is like allowing a terrorist to dictate the show. Just WHO is in control? Boot her ass to the curb and let the show continue. How hard is that?

  87. Damn, so many comments. I remember back when we’d get like 10 comments per update. The Jeff Clique is back on the attack, y’all.

      1. Hehehehe, you doing a good job Simon, perhaps you should hire a secretary to help you.

        I hear Chima will be looking for a job soon lol

        Keep up the good work Simon .. Thanks !!!!!

  88. CBS dropped the ball on this season. They allowed this BS to go on too long. I wouldnt doubt for a minute the Coup D?tat was instituted in order to possibly get rid of Chima. She’s a shit disturber and CBS should have nipped it in the bud with her long ago. Now they will regret it. I have no idea about the business operations at CBS, but i would think the sponsors of the show would not appreciate the show being cancelled. If CBS let’s one spoiled, hypocritical asshole ruin the season, their sponsorship and potentially many viewers, they aren’t as well oiled as I gave them credit for.

    As an aside: What possible reason would SHE need to contact a lawyer?

  89. Can the moderators tell us if the “CBS employee” comments are legit or could it be somebody giving us a line of bull? I don’t know how seriously to take the comment as this is the first full season I’ve watched.

  90. They should have just let the 3 witches walk when they threatened. They are going to have a double eviction next week anyway. The rest of the house could just sit back and relax for a while and I wouldn’t be turning off “After Dark” and tuning out the constant whining of these incredibly moronic Jessie groupies.

  91. Let the 3 “………….”(fill in at your leisure) walk out like they have threatened. Just develop a point system over the next three weeks ( 1 week per whine ass) regarding HoH and Veto’s. The player with the most points after the 3 weeks wins the HOH. 3 points for a win for veto or HoH, 2 points for 2nd place yadda yadda. Adds some viewing interest and gets rid of 3 absolute bone heads.

  92. Just had a chance to finish watching AfterDark….OMG!!! Kick those 3 to the curb!!! I can’t believe they have ever watched BB over the years they are so dramatic about Jessie…he knew he was possibly going home, and he went with more class than these 3 have….I have seen less tears at funerals then from these….they are giving us Real Women a bad name…please men out there do not think most women are like these…they have not progressed mentally or maturely since Junior High!! But the more I hear from Jeff the more I hope he wins. And Lydia…really….you are calling Jordan a HO…for supporting Jeff…Wow….that’s some nerve after all of her Jessie stuff!!! Jordan may seem immature but if you listen to her comments about the others 3 reactions…she is much more mature and handled all of their team loses with maturity!! I’m so proud of Jeff, Jordan and Michelle!!!

  93. Chima actually thought she could be America’s Next Top Model!!!!! Hahahahaha. She has the attitude down, but she needs serious work in the looks department…SERIOUS WORK! Those 3 girls will be soooo embarrassed when they get out of the house. I just wish I could be there to see them cover their face at how rediculous they acted. Chima is just plain dellusional. They worship this guy who such a loser. Jessie is the most self-absorbed person I’ve ever seen. Also who prays for 15 minutes before they eat, he is such a poser.

  94. Get a life! This is the most horrible BB ever. They are all bad, CBS only shows scenes they want to see for ratings. (example, Jordan naked on scene, she was well aware of it)
    Casey and Ronnie, I would never want them to teach my children and they should not be allowed back into the classroom. Jeff has everything given to him, he doesn’t earn anything on his own, the three girls are crazy and CBS loves it. (They really need the ratings.) If they had any respect and consideration for its viewers they would not allow this show on primetime.

    I do think they need to stop the show and rethink what they want to do with BB. It is too disgusting, all of it!

    1. You think they should “stop the show”?…just because YOU don’t like it? LOL…change the channel dude, whose forcing you to watch?…And what the hell are you doing on these forums if you hate the show so much? LMAO

  95. Chima is a disgusting human being, CBS should let all members who want to walk out, walk out. This week is a double eviction anyway, if all 3 walk out CBS should play all the footage of those 3 being petty, self-serving and racist. I would enjoy that public exposure to how ugly they really are as much as them playing the game.

  96. I can see it now…Michelle is the winner of BB11….she’ll bring Russell or Jeff with her…the other side hates both of them more than her…she’ll want it to be Jeff/Russell/Michelle final 3, she have to hope Jordan goes and the others will reluctantly vote for her. Smart move MIchelle…no wonder she’s keeping Russell. Those 3 idiot women are making the case for her to keep Russell with all of their hatred, she’d be crazy to not want to go up against him at the end, ANYONE with any brains in this game wants to keep Russell…that’s why Jeff wants him around. Good for Jeff and MIchelle to see the potential down the road. If the idiots had been smart they would have played this differently and not sat up in their Ivory Castle and excluded the other side so much….Kevin has also done well by lying low lately. On week 3, I thought Jeff and Jordan’s days were numbered…way to come back!!! Did anyone else catch stupid Natalie’s comment last night that Jessie didn’t put Jeff up when he had a chance….IDIOT….they were in the Athletic Click, even though they did treat Jeff horribly and say they would get him out first chance they got!! Bye Bye Chima & Jordan!

  97. Bottom line is those 3 idiots (whom I actually liked week 1) FORGOT THEIR PLAYING A GAME. These are seriously the worst BB players ever. EVER. I’ve watched 3 BB seasons. This is just pitiful. When I heard they wanted to quit…I right away thought YES PLEASE WALK OUT, lets get this show on the road, this is soooooo annoying to watch.

    CBS knows what they’re doing because everyone wants to see the bad guys go home. I AM NOW FINALLY excited to watch the show because I want to see Chima and Natalie’s retarded reactions as they leave the house. So the wizard powers were made for the purpose of flipping the house it is obvious we were going to vote for the underdogs, IT’S AMERICA.

    As for Jessie, the ONLY props I could give him is that he said, “Jeff made the best move he could’ve made.” DUUUUUUUUHHHH.

    If Chima/Natalie had the wizard powers, would they have respected HOH if their peeps were up on the block? HHAHAHAHAHAHA. I laugh that I am even asking such a stupid question.

    Those 3 are dumb, but the dumbest is Lydia. She’s not playing a game – she’s just being Lydia that needs counseling. All she knows how to be is the victim. So no matter what happens week to week she will find a way to be SAD about it. When Jeff took her off the block she wanted to slit her wrists for Jessie, fool.

    If they ‘walk’ out I hope they don’t put them in jury house…none of them. They don’t deserve to be in this game.

  98. Upset w/ Chima’s behavior-Register a complaint w/ CBS at 323-575-2200 or on their feedback section at the bottom of the CBS website. I did it. Its easy

  99. Simon …I love the personal touches. They are always right on! And considering how fast the updates are put up on this FREE site….a little typo here and there never hurt anyone.

    1. Thanks for the support Ginger… i’m not the best at spelling i know that. We have to produce the updates within a short window so there isn’t much time to go over everything and make it perfect. I think sometimes people forget that we do this almost 24/7 and theres only 2 of us. On top of that we both have jobs outside of this blog so its pretty busy.

  100. Wow….that takes a lot of nerve! If you have a problem with his spelling or opinions then read elsewhere. Its as simple as that!

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