Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Jeff in the have nots with 1 blanket “these girls can’t break me”

10:28am HOH Michelle is getting ready for the day. She’s putting on her contacts.. She heads to the shower.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:28am Splish splash room Jeff and Jordan in the same bed whispering that Lydia and Chima got very drunk last night and will be hurting today. Jeff tells her to look out those 3 “women” are goign to be going on a rampage today. Jordan says she had a good talk with Michelle and there?s nothing for us to worry about she on our side and she’s putting Natalie and Chima up. Jordan goes on saying that she sold the idea of Russell, Jeff, Jordan and Michelle final 4 and Michelle seems to like the idea.

10:40am Kitchen Russell and Lydia making food. Russell is preparing Coffee and preheating the oven. Everyone slowly getting ready for the day.. no sign of Chima or PP yet they must be hurting from last nights wine.. especially Chima. You can see Jordan is in a very good mood giving out little smiles to everyone she walks by. Jeff is noticeably tired after sleeping in the have nots with what appears to be no pillow and one blanket. There is silence around the house.. What does Big Brother have planned for the hoseguests today? Have nots competition and Nominations expect the hose to erupt today when Natalie and Chima get put up. The 3 witches have all said they will not follow the have nots rules if they are unfortunate enough to get it. They all stated numerous times that they will “walk OUT” if they are forced to sleep in the have nots room, take cold showers and eat slop… Today will be filled with Drama!!

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
11:07am Kitchen/Splish splash room. Russell deep in thought and Chima finally awakens looking like she just got hit by a giant wizards staff.

2:16pm In case you were wondering what is going on in the BB house they are competing in the Have nots Competition. Been trivia for the last 2 hours. Chima and Lydia probably are have nots and walked out the door, because you know they don’t need the 500K.
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why is Jeff in have nots by himself. there should be 3 of them still.. How did the others get out


He got an extra day for drinking Gatorade


I think he got an extra day for that gatorade sip.


I thought maybe he got an extra day when he drank the Gatorade. I mean I thought it was just an extra day of slop, but now I’m assuming it was the full Have-Not treatment.


Jeff got a penalty day for taking a swallow of gatorade—Lydia ratted him out


To see she-male dragged around the house by her weave would be a just punishment. Every time Lydiot the train wreck, the pea-brained fountain of mis-information rolls her eyes, she should get a jab to the face to knock out that snaggletooth. Every time ANAL ZIT NITEMARE (that’s NATALIE MARTINEZ scrambled) opens her mouth, that snot-filled nose should empty right into it and shut it! And lose that prison walk you dumb bitch!

BTW, I love great women – women who haven’t been diseased by a strong case of the Bitch.


Okay look at Jeff with no pillow and a blanket that doesn’t even cover his body. Those bitches are so mean. But you know what, Jeff is amazing. He has such a good attitude. I don’t know how he does it. I swear I would have kicked them in the teeth if they took my blankets and pillows. I want SOOOO BBAADDD for Nat, Chima and Lydia to be have nots. I seriously think I would pay money to see it! And I would love to see them walk out. Here’s to whatever is going to happen today—– lets jump on the Have Nots and Slop for Chima, Lydia and Nat train!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ll jump on that train!!!! I cant stand them!


Chima, Nat, and Lydia are all full of hot air. Remember gasbag Chima “If someone changes my nominations I am going to throw a fit and swear”. Nothing came of that. Kevin has got to be wondering why he was so afraid of her.


Exactly, all she proved yesterday is that she is ALL TALK. And nothing else.


LET THEM GO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.who cares if they can’t play by the rules, the good riddance


I agree, but then I really want Jeff & Crew to have the pleasure of getting them out. It’s too easy if they leave on their own. I thought Jess and Nat were babies when they were Have-Nots. This is ridiculous. Then again, they could refuse to follow the Have-Not rules, and get penalty nominations. That would keep Michelle’s hands clean.

Henry W. Longfellow



Those 3 women are crazy and nasty Im sure their mothers will be proud of them…Chima and Lydia are Bi-Polar and Natalie is just nasty…I hope Michelle and Jeff, Jordan stick to gether and Russell…


They need spankings and time-outs when they get home.

I Heart Jordan

oooooh. good idea. I volunteer to spank Jordan and Michele!


I was talking about the Mean Girls, but, ok, I’ll take Jeff.

The Original Jim



The have not room is supposely very cold. I really hope Jeff doesn’t get slop again.

Michael Knight

How is it that Big Brother is letting these 3 sore losers go around and messing up their beds, throw their clothes out of the drawers, hide the pillows and blankets THAT HE IS ENTITLED TO and get away with it? And like Jeff said last night, how is it that Big Brother is trying to bribe them with gifts to calm them down and shut them up and keep them from walking out, yet when Jeff’s whole team was taken out they didn’t offer him a bribe? And also Kevin got a warning before he got an extra day of Have Not’s and Jeff automatically got the extra day, no warning. Isn’t this all considered tampering with the game and a violation of the FCC regulations?


Because Jeff understands the rules of the game, and doesn’t run around like an asshole screaming “UNFAIR” every time something doesn’t got his way. I think the more the three little pigs mess with him, the more class he shows, and the more we all love him for it.


they are basically motivating the others to put them on slop if they have the chance because that will take them out of the competition.


Lydia is the biggest moron on earth! I like how she is wearing Jesse’s shorts….SO FUNNY! It’s so sad that in her mind she thinks that they had something….ummm he was using you…you idiot! Chima needs to grow up…its Big Brother not “The Chima show”…she needs to act her age! I pray that the 3 little pigs (Chima, Lydia, and Natalie) are Have-Nots!!!!!!!


I really hope all three of those girls go on slop because they are just plain rude. THey don’t respect anyone and they are threatning to quit which would be just fine with me. They are taking all of Jeff’s stuff even though he hasn’t done anything to them! They are saying how he isn’t really playing the game and Jordan isn’t either but they just aren’t talking to any of the other playerse about it. And what is this with Michele and Jeff, she is always saying to Jordan “Man, I wish there were 2 Jeffs here. I could have one and you can have one.” If I were Jordan I would watch out a liittle , even though Michele does have a husband. Hopefully Nat and Chima will go up and get out. I am excited for the double eviction because if someone from team Jessie gets evicted then they have a very low chance of winning HOH because none of them are really strong players. They all just have big mouths.


I can’t believe what a good sport Jeff is being with these little bitches and thier antics, I would have lost it by now. How much more can he take before blowing. I pray that the 3 little pigs(thanks for the new nickname A.K. it suits them)go on slop and walk off. I would laugh my ass off.


On the showtime show Michelle said that Russell told her that the BB rule book says that you can “hide” other HG’s stuff, but can’t destroy it. I also saw Jeff and Russell both say that they don’t care what those girls do to their stuff and that they weren’t planning any retaliation. Good for them, taking the high road.
That’s what irks me about team Jessie. When they’re voting out Jeff’s alliance, he just takes it and continues to be friendly.
When they’re on slop or when he votes out their alliance, they hide stuff, they complain about ‘fairness’, they threaten to leave……….grow up. It’s a game. That’s the name of the game.
You signed up, you’re taking the pay, deal with it.


that shows you what shitty people jessie,chima,lydia,natalie,ronnie are in real life


Go ahead and show America what “Quitters” that they are. Jessie would be so proud of the bitches, wouldn’t he?


Does this mean…………will Jessie actually have to get a job next summer??


I’m wondering when BB is going to throw in a food competition where the whole house plays as a team to get certain foods for the week. BB has done it before.


I think the order is right, but everyone would get at least a few votes, even Jeff, Jordan and Michelle. There are some people out there who don’t seem to like attractive, nice, genuine classy people.


I am soooooo hoping it is Nat and ChIma gong up. I also pray that they get the have nots. With there terrible attitude and rude behavior they deserve it. I am so mad that production is giving them stuff to calm them down. Have they watched this show before? Stuff happens, there are always changes and twist. I can’t believe they are saying those things about Jeff and Jordan. Lydia just said…don’t worry Jordan I don’t hold it against you!!! How nice of you….Jordan didn’t DO ANYTHING! And whats this about saint Jesse all of the sudden. So gross! I hope Keven plays smart…he seems to be with it and sorta gets whats really going on. OHHH and don’t get me started on Jeff getting that extra day on slop…no pillow, one blanket and they hid if rosary??? That is terrible!


Lets pray Jeff dose not get sick from there nasty tricks ! That picture of him brings TEARS to my eyes. I PRAY those THREE GIRLS GET PAID BACK HARD… SHAME ON B.B. FOR NOT STEPPING IN.


you must be talking about the pic of our Jeff sleeping in his hoodie on a slab with no pillow and only one blanket. Burned me up!!! I cant beleive how hateful those 3 idiots are being…enough already. They learned nothing from our Jeff being voted the America’s Choice thingy…its part of the game, you have to make America love you or we wont vote for you, instead, they are treating our jeff like crap….not making me like any of them. no votes for them!!!
I liked the interview with Chimapet’s grandmother, she did not seem to be too thrilled with how her G-daughter was behaving.




In the past other “have not” were done being “have nots” at 12 am on Thursday morning. Why wasn’t Jeff done being a “have not” at 12 am this morning? Why is production penalizng him more than anyone else? Is that just for them to get on rat pack”s good side?


he accidentally messed up and drank a sip of Gatorade, in violation of being a Have Not. It’s likely lydia or natalie made a big stink about it in the DR so he got an extra day on slop.


will have to give it to Jesse . . he did get a couple of those bitches to suck his cock, make him sandwiches, and brain wash them . .

but then again do that to those chicks is about as hard as putting your shoes on in the morning




I have to say that I completely agree with all of the comments here. It’s absolutely ridiculous how they are acting. Jeff, & Jordan never did anything like this when each week a member of their team was voted out. They are hypocrites. They think the CDT is unfair yet they didn’t mind backstabbing Casey and backdooring him. UGH! I won’t be sorry to see Natalie, Chima or even Lydia go.

And I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to see Jessie go last night. But I was actually surprised at how well he took it. He still did his stupid posing crap when he left but atleast he gave Jeff credit for making the best move for him. He handled it much better than the three babies left in the house.


We actually don’t really know if he handled it well since it wasn’t live. I am afraid though if Jeff is left he won’t give Jeff his vote.

The Original Jim

I know, Lydiot and crew crying that they didn’t even give Jessie a chance to play to save himself. They seem to forget that they backdoored the first three people out of the house.


i hope nasty and chea pet gets put up, and then chea pet gotes home then double eviction lydia goes home that would be best case scenario


oh I would love to see nat or lydia go to the jury house first. the one left in the house will be worried about what the other is doing with jessie and not able to consentrate and chima gets another week with russell. sound win win to me : )


OMG. I just watched fugly Jesse’s post interview with Julie online. He just sits there like a lump and reinacts his pity routine from last year. He’s so narcissistic that when asked who he wants to win, he says basically it doesn’t matter now, (what about Natalie, you jerk). Also, most of the time, he doesn’t understand Julie’s questions and answers them incorrectly.
Jesse, have fun making your own sandwiches now…at least until one of your women show up.


He did great!


Jeff and Jordan are the heroes. Jeff and Jordan won all the games, and these two are so perfect.

Unbelievable. That?s a game. I like Jessie, but I respect the fact that Jeff use the Coup ?D Etate on Jessie and Nathalie. That was his best move in the game and for his game.

But as a Jessie fan , it?s bitter.


I’m sooo happy! Today is a good BB Day! If Mich, Jeff, Russ, & Jord make it to final four, maybe the game will regain some integrity and I’ll actually start watching the live feeds. I just cant take the chia pets cackles…..


She laughs at everything. It’s so annoying. I don’t know how the other house guests can stand it.


The show is fixing it so America’s favorite has a shot at winning since he can’t do it on his own. The game is fixed.

Randy Wolfgang

Right and Obama was born in Kenya!!!!

Randy Wolfgang

Gee – your statement was just as stupid!!!!!!!


Actually “expect the unexpected” implies that the twists are part of the game. I’m sure CBS instituted the wizard power to shake up the game already — bec it was getting boring and annoying. but it’s not like having a twist with America’s input is a new concept introduced this season. It has happened in past seasons and the crybabies should suck it up and continue to play the game.

I am all for Team Jeff (Technobrains)! But, I have to say that Nat looked really pretty during the eviction ceremony. the hat, the outfit and the straightened hair — good makeover, lydia.

The Chosen One

Lydiot has already screwed Jeff with the Braden lies in the 1st week. She’s just a needy emotional chick. She’s the one you regret banging cos they keep calling you and saying they luv u. And you can treat them like crap but they keep coming back cos they have no self esteem, confidence or intelligence. Once thing is gone now for sure though….that frickin’ annoying baby voice when she spoke to Jessie. Barf!


I am assuming bec a) there is no way Nat straightened her hair herself and b) on BBAD, Lydia was telling Nat that she better not get her hair wet (i.e. to make sure it stays straight) after she worked so hard on it. I’m not sure whose hat she was wearing…maybe Russ?? that would be hilarious.


You mean he wasn’t?




Jessie was an asshole. He deserved what he got.




Atleast he played the game hope jeff ad jorda get put up together soon if they dont no worries its to like their going to get any1 vote in the jury house they jus sat back and looked pretty you actually have to play the game not let america hand it 2 you


simon i do agree that you have to play the fans but not everyone can get a good edit?


no it seems only Chima can…


I think Ronnie was very cognizant of that fact he just was way off on how America would percieve the things he did. Of all the houseguests, jessie should have been most aware of the role that America’s vote can play in the game, which I think he was as he predicted his own fate last week.

Babyon board

Ok, Wasn’t Nat and Chima that started the lie to Russell to get him mad at Michelle when they evicted Ronnie. They are evil. I wish they would leave already. What a great show that would be leave already. Then when you let it settle in that you pride got the best of you and you let 500k out the door. What fools. It’s like having a winning lotto ticket and losing it. Dumb ass!!!


I can’t believe they hid his rosary! I’m an atheist but I do believe in respecting people’s beliefs.


I love the fact that Jessie had to “move his feet and find another seat” last night but by far My favourite thing about last night was the look on Jordan’s face when Jeff stood up to use the CD’T power!!!




I was so hoping that when Jeff put Jessie on the block last night, that he said “Move your feet you’ve got a new seat” That would have been awesome and Casey would have LOVED it!

undercover_ agent

Jordans Great isn’t she! her mouth dropping open just goes to prove Jeff did in fact keep the power holder secret and now CHima Has no leg to stand on that Jeff blabbed it out.
Jeff would tell Jordan before anybody else, love You Jordan!


It’s not as if this power has not been done in previous games..These people need to get a grip…it is a GAME… it is not the Jessie, Nat, Chima show….Everyone seems to forget Jessie and Nat are the ones who started making up and spreading lies behind, Michelle in particular, everyones backs and no one ever called them on it.. but they had the nerve to say they have never lied in the house… they just never got caught.




Hilarious the see Chiman, PP & Lydiot crying at the dinner table. They are so weak. This is a game people, Jessie said it best… It was the best move Jeff could make in this game.

I personally cannot wait to see PP’s face when the finger bang conversation goes down!


Definitely totally agree. If Jessie Would of won coup de tat than everything would be different so that just shows it’s a game and things change on the drop of a dime


yep if jessie won he would’ve put jeff and jordan up or one of them and maybe took russel off…i like how sheep team jessie is pretending that if they had the power they wouldn’t use it, PLEASE they wouldn done the same thing except they would put up 2 of the other side

The Original Jim

If Jessie would have won the coup d’etat I think he would have taken Ronnie and Lydia off last week and put up Jeff and Jordan.

Randy Wolfgang

From Simon – “Russell deep in thought and Chima finally awakens looking like she just got hit by a giant wizards staff.”

Thats probably as close as Chima has ever gotten to a “giant staff!!!!!!!!!


Thats why she did what she did she didn’t get the Giant staff from Russ,lol, man never deny a women the big Staff, man I’ve seen that big stuff and I’m gald he deny her, she is insane.

Randy Wolfgang

Exactly right – a lot of her anger is due to her sexual frustration with Russell.


Ok chima, pp, and lydia keep saying they want to leave, but being begged to stay with gifts. If you don’t want to be here… GET OUT. No one wants you guys here.


Jeff is the sweetest BB player EVER! I love him. I hate those stupid witches! Twiddle Dee, Twiddle DUMB, Twiddle DUMBER!! Effin Idiots! BB shouldn’t allow all the crap that is being done to Jeff. Despite it all, he is being an adult about it. THIS IS WHY AMERICA LOVES HIM!! How embarrassing to come out of the BB house and find out that America, pretty much hates you or thinks you’re a complete IDIOT. Those girls are going to watch all of this and be so embarrassed and regret acting like morons.

A Nono Moose

I hope that Natalie snaps out of it and seperates herself from those other 2. I see redeemable qualities in her but her current behavior is shameful. With any luck she’ll be the one who returns whatever it is they took & hid from Jeff. Until then Shes just as bad as the other 2., and there is little hope for Chima & Lydia… Unless all this is staged.
HGs get paid $750.00 per week for staying there?? That aint too shabby and for someone to abuse the money is stupid & selfish.


I don’t get it, so BB offers the houseguest incentives to stay in the house when they are freaking out?


Chima is such an embarrassment to women. Natalie & Lydia are fake and weak, needed Jessie’s big lummox ass around to ride coat tails. Russel plays the game, Jeff made the best play using Cou D’teat, if Jordan Jeff Russel & Michelle make final 4 it’ll be a good game. Chima needs to go next, annoying & rude. Lydia & Natalie are useless. Kevin’s just a floater…


I don’t particularly like Chima or Nat, but anyone in their right mind has to know that this is all setup. I mean there are psychological profiles done on these people, and I’m sure they know how the people are going to respond to different situations in advance. So if you shape the behavior you can insure some sad sack like Jeff or Jordan is in position to win a public opinion poll. I’m sure boards like this are also monitored and they know when the time is right to kick in their America’s Player gimmick. Now this guy Jeff wins a Coup d’etat and he can’t even pronounce it. Jordan hasn’t done anything other than cling to someone, shave her legs and talk about her implants. At least Chima has won a head of household and put herself out there as a leader. What has Jordan done? And Russell making the assumption that Chima is calling him a terrorist, because he’s Middle Eastern. I think in essence he’s really making the generalization, because terrorists are not necessarily Middle Eastern. Either way it is fun to watch this, because it’s like a train wreck…. you just can’t look away.


yeah but they all know by now that there will be America’s choice on certain things…its a given now….so it adds another deminsion to the game…not only do you need to make friendly with your housemates you also need to make friendly with all the viewers and that is certainly something Jeff has done. i guess you could look at it as one of the challenges…..make viewers love you so they will vote for you.


I watch BBAD last night and Chima made such an off-color comment of Russell being a terrorist and her being the twin towers. So yeah, it is because he is of middle eastern descent. Lydia, Chima, and Natalie are being so whiny. The same could be said for Natalie that you are saying for Jordan. Even Jessie said Jeff made the right move. Jeff didnt choose to have that power. He was given that power by the viewers of the show. Just because he used it to his advantage and Jessie’s team, they want to throw their @$$ and say its unfair. I dont see anything unfair about it. It is a GAME.


Chima called him a terrorist more than once now…I like how she tried to spin it and say it is because he is terrorizing the whole house….WELLLLL she just now called him a Muslim extremist terrorist….how will she explain that one? She needs to be kicked off for these comments. Totally unacceptable.


Jeff is not a sad sack – he’s hilarious and he’s played the game well; just because he hasn’t screamed, yelled, cried, whined or backstab every damn person in that house doesn’t mean he hasn’t done anything. Chima is a racist (r*** i n a prison, muslim, she’s the twin towers) For God’s Sake she’s a freaking robot! Natalie has picked her nose so much that her brain has disappeared – oh no, wait – Jesse disappeared – seems like she was hanging on him ALOT while Lydia was only “pulling” on him! Fair Game Play – take it like a damn player – if you can dish it out -suck it up or go the hell home and bring back Ronnie (can’t believe I just said that), Casey, Laura and Braden. Then all three of them can go to the Jury House and have a CockFight over Jesse!!


Your statement is inaccurate. Chima specifically said she was going to call him a terrorist because Americans hate Middle Easterners. You must have missed that part. She’s ridiculous and I can’t wait until she goes home this week.

undercover_ agent

your a Chima Fan and say as well, But Chima was handed the HOH, Jeff threw it to allow the CDT to be powerfull, CHima cryed about everything, and the Ghetto has to be have its loud mouth racist hoe on here.


Sure he is just making the generalization….NOT. Chima just called him an “extremist Muslim terrorist”


Great point of view. Thank you.

The Chosen One

Erm…what show are YOU watching?! Chima said he was a terrorist cos Russell was FROM lebanon. She was the one that made that comment. She just has so much hate and anger in her heart. Single at 34…erm…wonder why?!!! LOL. Anyway who cares, she’s gettin booted this week unless she wins the veto. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I can’t stand that trout face…barf! Help….my tv is breaking….hahahahahaha


1. Who is sitting better rite now Jordan or Chima? I think that Jordan has played briliantly.. everyone likes her.. And thats amazing considering she is so close to Jeff and that she started the whole “vote chima out” week nr1.. Its hysterical that some people just asume that Jordan hasnt done anything, bc thats the standard “blond type” but actually she has talked more game than Jeff and Lydia combined!.. So basicly your saying that the person who everyone likes and has a very good shot at top 2 has not played? thats so stupid man.. she has done exactly what she had to do! adapt to the situation and dont piss people off, thats her ONLY chance of winning!……..
2. CHIMA JUST SAID 10MIN AGO “RUSSEL IS AN EXTIMIST MUSLIM TERRORIST”.. how on earth can you say she dont mean it like that?.. lol.. its obv she has anger issues and does not care att all about offending people. its so nasty its incredible and you defend that behavior? there is no way you can not take Russels side there…..
3. there is no way to figure out the dymanics of the people, of course the producers can think “the person will be more popular” but it all depends on what happens in the house.. for all we know they might have thought last season “WOW jessie is a nice giant with a big heart” but we all know what the public thought about him.. so it all depends what happens in the house wich is random depending on evictions etc.. sry if i sound mean, im just so fed up with people thinking like you do


Just to add another thing, Chima has gone on an personal vendetta against Russel. Where is the gameplay in that? I think its just her that cant controll herself and think logical.. Imagine if she hadnt started the Russel fight (it was her starting hating on russel when he didnt flirt back) Then the power strtuctur would have been completely differnt in the house.
I would take Jordans gameplay over Chimas any day!


she called him Osama you dumbass, it’s not an assumption.


Chima just made another extremely racist comment. SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE!!!!!!!

undercover_ agent

racist remarks shall not be a means to remove a player, it’s all park of the game, this is what this game is all about, if I was in the House Evil Dick and Russell would not hold a candle to me, I would constantly be riding that wannabe until she did beg to go home.


Yes she does need to leave. Unfortunately CBS will probably keep kissing her butt for some crazy reason. You would think that Chima has got to be making them mad and they would love to stick it to her??


All of what the do like Americas Chocie things are decided upon before the season starts. It is against the law for CBS to fix a game and has been since the gameshow 21.


Chima just said 5min ago ” Russel is an extrimist muslim terrorist” !! O M G


She is a disgusting person. I personally think she should be kicked out for continuing to make these sort of remarks.


Michelle is my homegirl.


Welcome to the party!


I hate Jessie even more after watching Julie Chen interviewing that idiot on the morning show (and on the insider)…. He’s disgusting idiot…. I’d love to see Jeff and Michelle at the end!


check out Ross Matthews interview with him, he is undoubtly vain. Come on, you are 23, get some class and get a life. Wants to be a sports commentator, that will be a short-lived career.

undercover_ agent

watch his interview on Russ Mathews show
what a joke he his and you American did him wrong, wrong he tells us! WRONG!!
PS Chima is a hoe


saw the inside dish interview…love the way Jesse kept saying nothing happened under the sheets with Lydia…I’m like, “holy sheet..we saw you Jesse, just own up to it!”


IS it just me, or is lydia really ungrateful for being taken off the block.


EXTREMELY ungrateful….I want someone to point that out to her!


She dont see it like that, she would have been less mad if it was her that went home..


I agree with you, and the fact that she is so upset, jessie voted for her last week.


I am sure Lydia would rather have seen Kevin leave instead of Jessie. I have to hand it to Jessie. He has some kind of brainwashing power that I don’t understand. And everyone was worried about Ronnie swaying everyone’s opinions? No one volunteered to sacrifice their shot at $500,000 to keep Ronnie in the game like these sad excuses for women have for Jessie.


I know!! Jeff should ask her if she would have rather him left her on the block w/Jessie??
Because if he had she would have been gone! Her homegirls would have booted
her right out the door!


Fantastic point.

The Chosen One

Lydiot is just what a her name says. She’s so needy that she thinks giving out blowies and handsies to Jessie will earn her his love. These type of chicks make me sick. They’re get off on getting emotionally abused. I hate self pitying losers.


Blowies and handsies…..heheheheeee


She got put on the block by Jessie, got TAKEN OFF by Russell. She got put on the block and Chima wanted her to go home, and even voted her out against Ronnie. Chima then put her on the block and was TAKEN OFF by Jeff, even her own BFF didn’t take her off. And she’s acting like that? She’s one of the most ugly, self centered people I’ve ever seen in my life. Janelle went off on her Twitter about Lydia (and the other two girls for that matter) last night and they all think Janelle loves them. They have another thing coming when they leave that house.


lydia does not feel like she owes Jeff anything and I guess she doesnt since they never made any kind of deal on it but still, I would expect her to feel like she does anyway….lydia is not the person I thought she was at the beginning….oh well.

Randy Wolfgang

Its not just you – she has splinters in the windmills of her mind.


U r bnot kidding…if I hear her “moan” one more time! How come when they lie it’s game ,when anyone else lies they are sadistic! Jeff…u go boy!!


Chima does it again. She just said that Russ isn’t even Catholic, he is an extremist muslim terrorist. I am really getting sick of BB allowing this. If someone called her the N word or a slave there would be consequences, and rightfully so. I wish BB would just pull her racist, sexist, bigoted ass out of there. I am really considering canceling the feeds. She has disrespected Braden, Jeff, Jordan and especially Russ based on their race, religion and/or sex. In the real world this has consequences. Does Chima not realize that the T word is flagged on the internet, and her accusations could complicate Russell’s real life? I hope she gets tossed for it. America is sick of her and BB is going to start losing customers for the feeds if this continues. I can’t remember a season where we got so many time outs caused by HG outbursts and talking about production. I hope someone sues her for her hateful comments.

bb fan

wouldn’t the three witches have had to sign some kind of contract stating they have to follow big bro rules?????