Big Brother 11 Spoilers – Back and forth “WHO IS THE WIZARD?”… It’s the guy with the hat DUH!

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:30pm HOH CHima, Natalie and Jessie. Chima rehashing the conversation with Kevin and Lydia earlier. She says that Kevin will not us POV if you two guarantee that Lydia doesn’t go home. Jessie asks what does Lydia think of that.. Chima says she’s nervous but she’s willing to do it. Jessie starts going off about Russell. This motherfucker choose Jeff over me I don’t care who has the mystery power Go Fuck yourself. Jessie rehashes the conversation he had with Russell in the storage room. Jessie is pissed at Russell saying that he fucked me and now he wants me to fucken help him get off the block. Jessie explains that Russell Big Brother 11 Spoilerscame up to him and told him he had to start getting them to but Jeff up as a replacement nominee. Jessie and Chima re convinced that Jeff has the wizard power.. Chima brings up that Jeff called pulled into the Diary room 4 times before Kevin “and Kevin won the fuckin POV!” she goes on to say don’t you think production would be less obvious than this… Feeds get cut…. Feeds come back.. they’re still talking about the wizard power, they are going through all the possible houseguests and listing off the reason why they don’t have the power of the wizard.. feeds cut… CHima and Natalie are telling Jessie he needs to go to Jeff and Tell him what Russell told Jessie about putting Jeff up. They are worried that Jeff is going to use his wizard and put up scrappy and Jessie. Chima tells him to plant a seed in Jeff that Russell is trying to get him put up. Jessie says that Russell “ordered” me to come up here and tell you to put Jeff up. Natalie wonders why he is doing that. Chima thinks its to piss Jeff off. Jessie doesn’t see why pissing Jeff of is a good idea for Russell right now. Jessie remind CHima thtat she can’t play for HOH next week and if his ass goes home than it only leaves Natalie to compete. Chima says everyone knows i’m gunning for Russell so why don’t they just let me talk him out. Natalie comes up with a plan, she says they all need to act like they are voting out Lydia so Jeff doesn’t use the power. Jessie thinks that a bunk idea, He says that Kevin and Lydia will find out right away than we’ll have a shit storm to deal with. Jessie explains that it benefits Jeff more to keep Russell and get rid of one of us than evicting Russell. He reiterates what would happen if JEssie or Natalie leave this week leaving just one out of their group to play HOH. Chima points out how aggressive Lydia was playing in the POV, she thinks they have underestimated Lydia in competitions. Chima says she believes that Russell has something with Jeff and Jordan and perhaps at one point Michelle was in on it. Jessie doesn’t know about Michelle being with them.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
7:50pm Pool table Russell and Jeff playing pool and shooting the shit. They are talking about the POV competition and the chicken suit they had to wear. Jeff now speaking into his mic telling the producers to not give them alcohol tonight because if he can’t have fun he doesn’t want nobody else to… Russell says he’s going to check the storage room for alcohol. The wizard grabs his newly found staff and lays on the recliner.. Jordan joins him outside. Russell comes back saying theres 3 beers and one bottle of wine. He goes inside and yells up to Chima than asks Jordan if she wants any. Jessie comes down to get some win and Russell asks him if he’s talked to them about putting Jeff up. Jessie say not yet he will later. Russell tells him he better not forget its important… Jordan turns it down. Russell has a glass of wine him and Jeff go back to their pool game. Jeff asks Jordan why isn’t she having any wine she says she really wants to lose weight. Jordan says she doesn’t see the point in having one or two beers its just unneeded calories. Jeff agrees saying he hates it when his friends call him out for 2-3 beers its such a waste of time. Jordan asks Jeff whats the difference between a peach and a nectarine.. Jeff says a peach is fuzzy Jordan “but they taste the same” Jeff “the difference is in the skin”…


8:15pm HOH Jessie, Chima and Scrappy. Jessie comes back up with the wine he says that Russell was asking him if he’s talked to them about putting Jeff up. Jessie adds that Russell has 3 beers and 1/2 a bottle of wine to himself. Chima says good grief he’s going to get wasted. Natalie starts telling a story about her boyfriend, its boring as fuck and Jessie makes a point of telling her that. Natalie now brings up her boyfriend punching Kevin for him saying that she needed a makeover. Jessie says that it was said as a joke because you don’t primp yourself like the other girls. Nat now says that Michele is saying that she’s not going to take a shower all week, like Natalie did last week. Chima points out that Michelle showered everyday when she was a have nots before. Jessie says that Michelle just told her that because she wants a new “Bestie”

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I’m thinking that the reason Russell wants Jeff up is that will guarentee that Jeff uses the power. Russell knows that vs Jeff, he would still get voted out… Russell also knows that if Jeff is the Wizard as everyone now suspects with 99.9% certainty that not only would Jeff take himself off but he would HAVE to take Russell off to put up Jessie & Nat.

Smart move by Russell and even if it gets back to Jeff, it’s Russell’s word vs the word of people who want to make Russell look bad and that’s how Jeff would see it. Jeff is the smartest person in the house right now and knows that everyone is looking to get rid of Russell and will say anything to make Russell look bad.


in that case…shouldn’t Russell find someway to convince Kevin to use the POV on Lydia…and try to get Chima to put Jeff up


Telling Kevin that he wants Jeff up wouldn’t work because if Kev went back to Jeff and said anything there would be a much better chance of Jeff believing him.
Telling Jessie means it gets back to Chima and Chima can then ask Kev to use the Veto and put Jeff up. Russell knows that anything that comes out of Jessie’s mouth won’t be believed by Jeff.

In the end, Russell told the right person. Natalie would’ve been the other choice to tell since her word means nothing to jeff either.


Well my guess is less complicated, he doesnt really want Jeff on the block, he just wants to start BS in the house. IF Russ can get a fight going between him and Jessie (and you know Natalie will be there yelling too) with Jeff in the middle it will guarantee that Jeff would put up Jess/Nat. I dont think he cares if Jeff goes up, Russ just needs Jeff to feel compelled to use the Power against Jess and Nat. If Russ leaves things alone and the house gets comfortable with him going out, he is probably thinking Jeff may decide not use the Power just to keep the peace. Russ wants Jeff to hear thru the grapevine what was said. Now Jessie should have Jeff hide in hearing range and have Russ repeat everything he said to him. Would it make a difference with Jeff using the Power? probably not, but it would definately take Russ out of Jeff’s alliance.


so…is Kevin using the veto???

Mr. E

Russell also got Jessie drunk off half a bottle of wine before he did it. So Jeff and Jordan were like, “He’s wasted.”


yup, agree 100%. Very smart on Russell’s part. And you too for figuring it out!


haha the guy with that hat! You crack me up!!


russell is taking a risk doing this! It may benefit him but it may not! wat if when jeff believes wat they r telling him then russell just screwed himself! Bt jeff definitely has to use the power its his last chance to get jessie/nat out! I am so anxious to see thursday’s episode. Everyone in the house (except jeff) is going to be nervous about this mystery power! Jesse is already about to shit his pants! Lol! Bt nat thinks she’s safe ha! Nasty gurl is funny!

Mr. E

Russell was on a slow burn with a half bottle of wine and a beer in him. He’s currently planning to make himself USELESS to Jeff and Jordan. Luckily, Jeff convinced him not to be an ass until after he’s on the block.


I don`t know, maybe Russell is feeliing so desperate that he would be willing to backstab Jeff, he is counting that if Jeff goes on the block against him Jesse and Natalie would certainly vote him out, and maybe Kevin, Ltdya or Michelle too.


I want to talk game but I am practically drooling here seeing Jeff with his shirt off. He’s really getting in shape. I don’t usually gaga over people on TV but he is such a cutie. Hottest guy in BB history IMO!

Okay, carry on! lmao!


all good points. you never know in this game. Remember Russell said he trusts Jessie and Jeff but right now he is playing them both. However I think Russell is playing it smart…he didn’t pick Jessie for POV (he knows Jessie doesn’t have the POWER) this shows some loyalty to Jeff since he picked Jeff. Now with him asking Jessie to ask the HOH crew to use the POV and put Jeff up… when it gets back to Jeff it will sound like Jessie is mad at Russell (for the whole POV thing). My only concern with keeping Russell and Jeff teaming up with him is that russell doesn’t seem to be loyal to anyone at this point and will throw Jeff under the bus the minute he can… why? because if Jessie is gone Jeff is Russells biggest threat left in the house. Also… where will Lydia/Kevin side once this all blows over? Right now Kevin and Lydia seem to be with Jessie/Nat/Chima. Jordan and Jeff really only have themselves in the game. Russell and Michelle switch sides week to week.


I want to thank the Webmaster for such a well done job, I love this site and keep it on all day


I second that…the updates are freaking awesome, and unbelievably detailed. I’ve seen other BB11 sites, but none with such good info. Thanks.


I’m getting worried about my boy Jeff. He seems really stressed out – he’s not as happy and laid back since he became the Wizard.

Hang in there Jeff!


And by the way, I purchase my Live Feed thru the links here.


I agree with you IheartJeffxoxo….Jeff IS the hottest guy in BB history FOR SURE!!! Jordan is so lucky to have kissed him! (and she said he is a good kisser!) ; )


Unfortunetely I think Russell is backstabbing Jeff big time. Russell is in it for the money, he would probably sell his mother for the win. And while it was very nice that he made a deal with Jeff and kept his word, let`s not forget that he was in extreme pain hanging on to that rope for 4 hours and he would have cut a deal with anyone, he would have sworn loyalty to the Devil to be the HOH after all that.

Mr. E

Lydia’s trying to jump to Team Russell and has spilled everything about Kevin’s meeting with Chima to him and Jeff because she feels betrayed and Russell used his POV on her week 1. Jessie told Jeff a “modified” version of his talk with Russell and also added that he told Jordan about it. Except he never did. So he instead tells Jordan another “modified” story and she nods her head and agrees with everything he’s frantically telling her.
Jeff needs to stop talking game with Jordan. She’s an idiot.

Big D

I like how gNat thinks she is so safe!


here is are some naked pics of jessie 4 those who r curious…is he gay or did he just decide he needed the money so he posed nude…heres the link


uh oh kevin and lydia are arguin….GOOD TIMES

wizards of ignorance

mitch- i hear you. unfortunately chima did not help us out by actually having any pleasing traits! but makes you wonder about casting, hmmmmmm. some of the comments about her lips/hair, calling her chimpa are inappropriate and its good that you called that out. calling natalie gnat is just as bad as are the gay comments. i guess people who are never on the bottom and never feel the ugliness of some of these comments that can easily be argued to be racist just couldnt understand. ironically, the team in the house thats on top is nat/jesse/chima at the moment and they just brought out the ugliness of everyone, not that that is super hard.
perhaps your comment will make us all just chill with the ignorant comments towards chima/nat/kev and stick to analyzing the game and players’ actions. for that, thank you.


Chima is a beautiful girl, and pretty worldly and wise. Let`s not forget that this is a game and people will express their frustrations by making up nicknames or making poor judgment. When you sign up to be on a Reality Show with the exposure of BB, you have to be ready and expect it. The game it`s not what plays out on our TV only, but it extends to the Internet, magazines, blogs and all. I would think it`s all for enterteinment and not to wound anyone.


i agree with both of you but i do think that the repeated comments towards chima show some other stuff going on also- i mean focus on her actions, not her face! big lips? chimpa? how can those nicknames/comments not be racist? and they are repeated and embraced by many people on several blogs. shes no angel on the show either, agreed, but i am pointing out america’s responses on these blogs. its an issue for sure.


its always got to be a racist card..


WOW ! So much backstabbing , they need to change the show`s name to Big Snakes.


Did anyone else see on the remark Chima made that Southern don’t know how to talk very good! I think her remarks are just as racist as the ones she called Braden out on..

asshole casting

casting always has a few tokens. and they find the aholes that will really make us all look stupid and feed into america’s need for dancing idiots.
hence lydia, a latina who sleeps around, abuses her body, wants to be blonde.
natalie, another latina, who doesnt clean herself, bullies, acts selfish, jealous, serves a man.
chima, who screams, bullies, threatens, offers herself to a guy etc
russ, a middleeastener, who plots, bullies, threatens, lies.
like they couldnt find anyone of color who would not fulfill a stereotype! wtf! im sure there were many of us trying out but of course they choose people that will be recognized by an ignorant audience. the fact that there have been so few people of color on the show makes this really bad. idk if im more angry at this or that i am now hooked on the show 🙁


I love Jeff and Jordan but I hope she does not end up being his downfall, Jessie is feeding her a line of BS and she seems to believing it. I hope she goes down to Jeff and they just rehash the whole conversation and Jeff reassures her. I hope you are right Eric, that Russell has a plan for telling Jessie that.
BTW I love all of the hats on Jeff. Keep up the good work Simon

asshole casting

and im sure editing has made it worse! they focus on the dramatic, and what feeds people’s need for the negative. ignorance must be bliss because ratings are getting better. uuuggghhh


Lydia is being an idiot right now. She is such a baby!

Mr. E

Lydia’s being smart. She’s next up out the door and she knows it, Kevin is playing her game day to day and she knows exactly where she stands. Kevin’s looking out for her, sure, but he’s making her do the dishes while he has the business dinners trying to keep her scrubbing. Either she goes out the door next week or she sides with Team Jeff/Jordan.
Oh, and Jeff reiterates OVER and OVER and OVER again that he needs to see Natalie and Jessie up on the block against each other in order to be happy. He’s using that power.


Fingers crossed!!!


If everyone was playing the game they would have talked to their partner about what they would do if they got the power and then the partner would know what was going on. Now poor Jeff is having a hard time talking to Jordan because he can’t talk to her about it and they are getting into tiffs with misunderstandings. Jeff is STRESSED OUT!!!!

Mr. E

Update: Lydia/Kevin throwdown. Jeff explains every reason why he would take Russell and Lydia off the block and put Jessie and Natalie up…and it’s brilliant…and Jordan has no idea that he just did it.


That’s when BBADark switched to Kevin and Lydiot! Damn it! Thanks for the update I had a feeling that Jordan is not getting it, love her but that has to be so agro for Jeff. I have a friend like that and you just want to shake them 🙂


i dont have live feeds or sho anymore, what started lydia/kev fight?


jessie is scared of russel face to face he knows russel will make him look like a wuss infront of the house if they ever had a fight.