Big Brother Spoilers – Russell: “I?m going to go off on Jessie” and Where is CooCoo MaGoo?

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

8:45pm HOH Chima, Natalie, Jessie and Kevin. Chima bring sup Michelle, She wonders if Michelle being all flustered in arguments is just and act. Kevin thinks she has the power the others think its Jeff. Jessie tells them if he had the power he would just tell them right now because he wouldn?t use it. Jessie goes on and on about how he wants Russell out. Jessie tells them there?s no way he would of won the power everyone hated me last year they voted to evict me. Jessie is saying that the power is going to be used this week. Chima says the only way Russell can make me cry is if he is still here next week. Kevin continues about Michelle he says something is off with her mentally and he also believes that her game is a little off. Chima asks “Where’s your Gay gift?” Kevin says She’s a big question mark. Natalie I agree that Michelle is crazy “She needs crazy pills” Jessie she’s a habitual liar and when she gets caught she lies more. Chima says she doesn’t think Michelle is that bad. Kevin says Michelle is a strong women she doesnt take shit from anyone and she’s had alot of people in her face. Jessie says he doesn`t feel comfortable with Michele in the room because she so weird. Chima defends Michelle saying she is socially awkward. Jessie joke about how they always know when Michele is coming because they hear her yawn before she even walks in the room. Jessie now points out that Michelle has been leaving a cup in every room of the house so she can walk in on conversation. They’re not sure what the deal is with Michelle and Jeff Kevin says Jeff thinks Michelle is crazy.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


8:58pm Hot Tub Jeff and Jordan. Jeff: “Hey I remembered that name Coocoo magoo ” Jordan laughs and tells him not to be mean (Coocoo Magoo is Michelle?s new nickname”. Jordan and Jeff talk about Russell they are thinking they can’t trust him. Jeff thinks they will be able to trust him soon enough. Russell joins them Russell says I?m going to go off on Jessie tonight, Jeff doesn’t know if that’s a good idea… than he say “ya sure go for it” Russell says “rock out with your cock out Jordan” Michelle gets called into the Diary Room… Russell says “Oh they called CooCoo Magoo”.
Jordan leaves

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Russell tells them not to worry if he starts going off on people it won’t be Jeff or Jordan, “Just all the other dbags in this house.” Russell says his speech is going to be epic it’ll top Chima’s. He says his speech will be directed to everyone except Lydia, Jeff and Jordan. Jeff says “no no” my speech will be epic, This is the season of speeches. Russell goes on about how he a awesome speaker and he’s going to really rip it up during his speech. Jeff tells him to not tell anyone his speech until Thursday cause you never know what will happen. Russell is admiring Jeff?s abs he tells him Jeff’s six pack is coming out. Jeff says he lost a bunch of weight the otehr day he weighed himself and he was only 183lbs. Russell asks him when they see him and Jessie together does Russell look smaller height wise? Jeff say no you look the same, Russell tell him that everyone in the house always says Russell
is shorter but they are the same height 5,8. They start talking about their home towns Jeff says the winters in Chicago suck. Russell says no way you guys have all the good looking mid west girls. He goes on to explain why Chicago is a hot bed for
hot mid western women, it has something to do with Chicago being a banking centre and all the hot business grads flock there to work. They start talking about the girls in the game and Russell brings up that Chima is planning on taking out all the guys because she wants the girls in the final 4.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Lydia joins them
They start talking about slop.. The talk moves to the wizard power.. Jeff says he’s getting annoyed because everyone thinks him or Jordan have the power. She tells them she’s pissed that Kevin isn’t using the POV to save her. She says that Kevin’s excuse is he wants to respect Chima’s wishes. Lydia tells them that right now Jeff isn’t the target because all the people in the HOH think he’s got the power. Jeff asks her if CHima didn’t think i had the power do you think I would be up? Lydia nodes. Jeff says “damn i wish i had the power so i could get her” Lydia says Kevin is drifting away from her he thinks Chima is a better friend than me. They start talking about ROnnie, Russell says Ronnie was very skilled at the game and he’s glad he was the one that got him out. Lydia points out that Ronnie was very bad and the social aspect. Jeff doesn’t think Ronnie had a chance to win, Jessie would have eventually cut Ronnie out.
Michelle joins them
Michelle and Russell call a truce for tonight. Jeff leaves to take a shower.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

9:55pm Bathroom Jessie and Jeff. Jessie starts off by saying Russell is a liar, that Russ is playing them against each other. Jessie goes on to explain that earlier in the day Russell came up to him and told him to get Chima to backdoor Jeff. Jessie explains that Russell thinks if it’s him up against Jeff he’ll have a better chance of staying. Jessie told Russell that he was in no position to do anything at this point in the game. Jessie told him if we’re so fucking close why did you pick Jeff and now you want me to go to bat for you. Jessie tells him this would be a shitty way for you to go being backdoored and all. Jordan joins them. Jessie say to Jeff that he is giving him the honest to god truth this is what Russell was saying to me. Jessie ads that Scrappy and him have Jeff’s and Jordan?s best interests in mind. Jeff tells him that Jeff is on death row now he’s going to do drastic things. Jessie leaves… Jeff fills Jordan in on what Jessie was saying about Russell. Jeff doesn’t know if he cam believe it
“this is coming from Jessie remember”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:00pm Pool Room Jeff and Jordan, Jordan is saying she told Jeff that they can’t trust Russell and now look what he’s trying to do. Jordan asks if Kevin is now using the POV. Jeff doesn’t think he is so there?s nothing to worry about but Jeff is more worried to why Russell was doing this. Jessie tells Jordan they can’t go running around believing everything Jessie says he’s lied to them many times in the past. Jordan says Michelle has the power and she’s going to use it if I go up. Jeff says it could
be Kevin.. Jordan doesn’t think so. Jordan says they have to win HOH next week no matter what. Jeff tells her he know that. Jordan asks him if he’s even trying to win HOH because he should be winning. Jeff :”what do you mean am I even trying!!! I stayed up on that thing for 4 hours because it was a fucking joke” Jeff says Jessie is drunk right now so god only knows what he’s going to do or say.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:10pm HOH Jessie, Chima and Natalie. Jessie rehashing the past conversation with Jordan, Jeff and Russell. He’s got another bottle of win open and is pouring a glass. Natalie asks I?m if her name was brought up and Jessie say no, not once. Jordan knocks on teh door she wants to use the bathroom. When Jordan comes out he goes on a rant about Russell telling him to get Jeff up on the block. Jordan mostly listening as jessie explains everything about what Russell told him… Jordan says she hasn’t said anything to Russell so this is all a surprise to her. Jessie is pretty drunk and continues to freak out about the Wizard power and how lame it would be to go home by the wizard. They ask Jordan who she thinks has the power.. she really doesn’t know she hopes Jeff has it like everyone is saying and she hopes he’s just been playing dumb as of late. Jessie tells her he “promises her that he is a truthful person” Chima brings up Russell not needing the money anyways so lets just et rid of him now, She lists 3 reason a) he drives a BMW b) his family is very rich c) he has a high paying job… Jordan playing along and agreeing.. she leaves to talk to jeff.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:30pm Green Room Kevin and Lydia. Kevin is pissed at Lydia for not stickling up for him and talking game with Russell when he “tha mtoher fucker” that out her up. Lydia tells him she doesn’t know about Kevin anymore because he’s not using the POV on her. Kevin Explains to her she’s safe this week because everyone in the house hates Russell. He says that not using the POV is a strategic move for further down the game. If he uses it now than he screw them for next week. he says Chima can’t play HOH next week. Her only hope of staying in the house or having any power are Jessie and Natalie. Lydia says if she had the POV and Kevin was on the block she would take him down without a second thought, to me you not using the POV means you value Chima more than me. Kevin tells her that isn’t true. Kevin and Lydia starting to really raise their voices. Kevin says every single person in this house wants you out except for me and I?m up in hoh trying to safe “your mutha fucken ass” Lydia says she sorry and she made a mistake in this game. “Sorry for talking to someone, I?m just going to stop talking” Kevin says Lydia wants to play the victim that everyone is out to get her and then the one person who is actually looking out for her you shun. He mentions that the one person that called her all those horrible things is the person she gravitates to..

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Oh! No guys, just on the Life Feed Russell asked Jeff how tall he was and he said, 5 11″ and Russell goes me and Jesse we are 5 8″ . No, I was waiting for Snow White to came out already…


what did I tell you ?………..Oompa Loompas
( all those bulging muscles just look gross to me )

JESSt in SHouse

BBADark is pissing me off, they switch the feed just as it gets good, wish I had the live feeds! Next year I will.


I know, know kidding about BB after dark. Kevin finally gets Lydia up to the room to talk game with Chima and they cut to Jessie, Michelle and Natalie playing Chess. WTF!??? @@


Right on.


Yep…he needs to put them both up. I am so sick of Chima and her threats….lol…I hope she does go ballistic….I hope she implodes on the spot.


I’m so ready for Chima to say the wrong thing so Big Brother can have her ass packing. & Natalie …. that little pitbull. Need I not even get into much about her anymore. I can’t stand the dyke bitch.


Get off her ass. Russell mouth is somthing to question.


I hope Jeff does the right thing

Mr. E

He spent an hour talking about how, when he gets HoH, he’s taking out Jessie and Natalie and keeping Russell to the final three…and backstabbing him at the end. I think that’s a hint to the audience that he’s going to do what he was planning on doing.


goodnight simon….thank you for the great updates 😉

JESSt in SHouse

Anyone notice that BBADark keeps changing the feeds just when Jeff or someone is talking about something good, soooo not cool!!!

Mr. E

“He mentions that the one person that called her all those horrible things is the person she gravitates to..”

And then Lydia replies, “No…Russell didn’t say that. He didn’t say that either. No, he didn’t say that.”

Then Kevin suddenly realizes all of those insults came from Natalie and Chima, the people who put Lydia up this time, and he sighs with exasperation. Lydia’s easily forgiving, especially of Jesse, but Kevin has a double-standard when it comes to women and straight men.


The planets are aligning too evict Jessie and he knows it.
He’s all shit faced and trying his hardest to get everyone too hate Russell.
Stick with the plan Jeff.

whats next

poor jeff-he doesnt even know that he shouldnt stick to the plan! cuz he has no idea that all this is going down. how can jesse orchestrate everything this well. russ says ONE thing to him and by telling everyone else he turns it to HIS advantage. i hate jesse, i want him gone and i hate to admit that he played his cards well last night…………he has absolutely NO power and he did this! he did a coup d’etat!

discuss game play

stop with the inappropriate comments towards chima already! discuss game play but leave your ignorance at the door or dont post a comment!


I agree. Thank you!


She started it… With telling America what we think about other people! She’s got some explaining to do, thats for sure.


Don?t let it get to you.

I called Jordan dumb, and someone said that is not a nice thing to say. Yet, everyone that likes Jeff or Jordan has plenty of nasty things to say about Jess, Nat, Ron or Chima.

So take it with a grain of salt, Chima doesn?t have to worry about the way she looks, she is awesome!


and who made you “mother hen” lmao…..


I thought this comment section was for people to say what they think – just because you like Chima doesn’t mean other people can’t have their opinions. I, for one, would be happy not to have to look at Chima’s ugly face any more.


If Jeff uses that power, I hope that he goes home by the hands of snake Russell. Russell is the strongest player in the game. The problem with Russell is that he does not have a partner that he feels that he can trust that why is is a floater.
F- -k Jeff and Russell! Jordan is a stupid person, that is why Jeff feels that he needs Russell to get to the final two.


Ok Ronnie, whatever…


I want Jessie and Nat gone, but I am dissapointed in Russell’s behavior lately. I was hoping the letter from his dad was going to make him act differently but he’s back to his bully attitude. Both his and Michelle’s game is getting VERY sloppy. I still think that Jeff should remove Russell and Lydia and put up Jessie and Nat. Russell will stay loyal to Jeff with Jessie gone and Lydia will join up as well. Kevin will follow and Nat and Chima can start to pray…….


whats with people all wanting this to be a romantic comedy get a clue people its not a dating game. most of u claim its so boring but yet u want the 2 people that just sit outside by themselves to win. guess if that?s the entertainment value u want out of BB go for it nothing like a live e-harmony show


and you would do what?…….have them all check into a hostel in amsterdam?…as much as I’d like to see Lydia coming at Chimpa ( chained and gagged …ok…and some duct tape ) with a rusty chainsaw……I kinda like the romatic comedy 😉

Mr. E

Are we watching the same footage? Jeff and Jordan are hilarious, and the absolute fear and panic gripping everyone in the house is beautiful. And the best part is, Russell was probably the most stand-up, straight-forward, in-your-face competitor and now that he’s losing all hope he is turning into a master manipulator and schemer. Hell, he started the first Kevin/Lydia fight without having to tell a single lie!!! Kevin was screaming, “Russell is poisoning your mind!!!” He even gave Jessie ammo against him, then got Jessie drunk and had him running around the house babbling and stumbling over his own story, changing it every ten minutes. And with Jeff getting the power, Jessie’s out of the house and now there’s a new power core with Jeff/Jordan/Russell.


Comments about Chima aren’t ignorant! She screwed herself! Big time! She knows there is a wizard power and instead of keeping the numbers she thinks with her emotions. She has no humbleness at all! When ronnie was HOH she used her connection to him as a brain to blackmail cassie and now she wants everyone to kiss her ass. She wont listen to anything they are telling her! She is way too cocky and I don’t care what she claims the girl is soooooo JEALOUS! thats why she is on a man hating spree when last week she was talking about how cute Russ was. The best part of all of it is she is pissed at Russ because he asked her about what Mich said instead of believing her and getting her out! LOLOLOLOLLOL!!! Go Jeff! Take the Game!


Question:: If it were you and Jessie versus anyone were in the final two…..would you vote Jessie??


Jeff needs to put up Jessie and Natalie no matter what. I don’t care if Kevin ISN’T smart enough to take Lydia off or not! Jordan is WAY too dumb to be Jeff’s partner too. The ONLY one that deserves to win the money is Jeff.


I think Russell goes home. The whole house hates him.
And when Jeff will use the power on Russell, then Jess is the enemy Nr. 1

Jeff is clever. He don?t will do that.


sorry Jeff is the enemy Nr. 1


He needs to break up the natalie/jessie combo asap. I hate that little B. I cant stand to see her walk,talk,or eat. Why is it that everytime someone gets an HOH she’s the first one looking thru their stuff? She eats like a starving donkey. Walks like she’s sat on a wiffle bat.

whats next

my take on last night’s BBAD is the the whole house is on the same page except for J&J. how does this happen? cuz jeff isnt scheming ! maybe once the POV ceremony is over j can get kevin on his side? he still needs the votes to get jessie out. meanwhiel all the upstairs idiots are pro jesse! hopes its nat and jesse on block. but the vote is so quick it will be a toss up! lydia will keep jesse, russ will keep jesse, maybe all the girls will keep nat. jeff has no idea what is going on in the house and is more confused than ever. oh sh**!


It’s okay to make inappropriate comments about others, but leave Chima out? Hmmm…..

Jeff’s best bet is to put Gnat and Jessie on the block. That’s all that needs to be said.

whats next?

maybe bb knows what jeff is going todo and wants the spin to go in another direction so we only hear jessie’s and russ’s plans? i hope that is the case

Jeffdalf the Gray

I already said my plans on the livefeeds last night to Jordan. When I get HoH, I’m takin out Jessie and Natalie. If Russell survives, I’m takin him to final three. I don’t have to trust him, he has to rely on us. Of course, I got the wizard power, so we can bump all that crap up one week and get this train goin. Y’know?


all the comments towards Chima are so very true…she is a waste of free air…..she drives anyone with any brains, up the wall…she needs to go away..I pray she blows up when jeff changes her choices and BB takes her sorry ass out of the game…


BB will not send her home, but will call her in DR over and over again to set her str, she does not want to leave, this is a dream come true for her and to go home after being kicked out will make it hard for her to face family and friends, she will obey BB’ while trying to buck them at the same time.


I totally agree discuss game play! The comment’s about Chima on this board are really ignorant. I know many people don’t like her, hell, I don’t like Jeff and Jordan (or any of the houseguests except Chima) but I don’t say ignorant comments about them. Please keep comments like…”big lips”…to yourself. That’s very offensive!


Everyone should have the same right to write what they think – free speech! – so lay off telling others what they can write. Others have been given much worse than “big lips” comments. You don’t complain when bad things are said about the others, so why waste space when Chima gets criticized?


Are you really offended by the nasty Sheema comments? I think perhaps you’re at the wrong web site! There are negative things written about each of the houseguests! It’s all about how we each feel… Please try not to take things too personally. It’s Sheema they’re talking about afterall, not you!


she does have big lips….so does A. Jolie…Goldie Hawn ( now )………..and they all look like Chit……well Jolies does look better than the others.


the true Chima you will never see nor will you like if you seen it, She is one of the must self centered people, sexist man hater, and racist on the set. but that makes a viewable program. say as you will.


big lips + nappy hair = big lips and nappy hair

bb11 be real!

This years cast really does on earth can these ppl not see thru jesse? Whn did he become king of the game? Uh did anyone watch last season? Gnat needs to “feel” the block cuz she’s in la la land ovr jesse..uh her boyfriend shld be very upset to see how in love she is with jesse.. Can’t go vry long w/out tt him and always jealous of lydiot and him tlkng,and wants to go on amazing race with him not her man? Can’t say per his skills.. chima is ok but not really playing the game she’s tryna make friendz, she’s not thinking abt the prize and she does have big lips, lydia I feel is ka-knivn and a liar real life,michelle I hate to say is playing the game not in a very smrt way but she tryna fig out where he fits..jeff/jordan they are cute. I think jeff cld win becz he dsn’t fall for most of the shit,he’s playing the game jordan’s just there, kevin starting to play a little, russell is a very insecure person , he needs reassurance from ppl abt his charactr and abilities , and thnk god ronnie’s dusty ass went home claims he watched bb faithflly thn why did u go in so hrd 1st week he made all enemies 1st week…that’s a no no….I’d like to see all the hg evctd 1st week het a chnce to play..but this season kinda sux and cbs knew thy had to add a twist cause the shit was very boring and just ugghh..nonetheless I’m hoping jessies’s ass is out the door sat, someone shld tell’em he’s really not funny..jeff take russ to the end with you you’ll have it in the bag


OK,big lips comments are done. She throws stones all the time so I am going to ask is that nappy hair real? I was told it’s a wig. Please elaborate.


on several of the after hours programs Chima looking in a mirror and you can see the netting of the wig, this has been seen several times, wig and locks i am sure.


Im a fan of Jeff and Jordan I hope it comes don to them for $500,000