Big Brother 11 House goes Green – House Secrets Exposed and Press Tour Participants Identified

Rumors are circulating once again about what the Big Brother 11 house is really looking like. Yesterday the Media was allowed to visit the house and run through a typical day in the BB house. Everyone was hoping that after this event they would release some pictures of the house but sadly there has been a Media Blackout until June 29th. Yes it sucks ass but lucky for us there was a rumored leak and someone going around spewing out hints on what the Big Brother House is looking like. A recent interview with Executive Producer Allison Grodner did shed some light on the theme this year.

?The house is gorgeous. It?s a modern house this season, and we?re going green. Eco-friendly.?

Heres a short summary of some of the rumors running around about the house some of these look to be very believable. Nothing will be concrete until the 29th when B-Side Blog posts the information.

  1. Pillows are made of hemp/Cotton fiber
  2. Kitchen table looks like a canopy tree
  3. TV in HOH room has been upgraded to a more modern set
  4. Whole kitchen/dining area looks like a forest with fake grass from the backyard as carpet
  5. Living room has huge rocking chairs that recline
  6. No couch in the living room
  7. A huge tank is situated in the corner and filled with fish
  8. Fiber optic textured Walls of different colors
  9. motion-sensored sinks controlling the volume of water released
  10. motion-sensored showers controlling the volume of water released
  11. Upstairs is Asian inspired with dragons on the wall and hanging Asian lanterns
  12. Upstairs sofa is a giant leather circular bean bag
  13. Backyard has a eco-fountain
  14. No clothes washer
  15. Giant Mural of a forest

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List of confirmed participants at press day

  1. Ben from B-Side Blog
  2. Dennis Luciani from Average Joe
  3. Jen Johnson of BB8 fame
  4. Carrie Ann Moten from JohnJay&Rich
  5. Katie McNeal
  6. Ross Mathews from Inside Dish
  7. Dawg From Big Brother 11 Spoilers (lol he wishes try again next year 😉 ***Dawg wasn’t invited)

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lol katie MCneal? where’d you get that from?