Big Brother 11 Spoilage – Allison Grodner talks about Media Day and the Big Brother House

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Allison Grodner Executive Producer of Big Brother 11 was interviewed this morning on the John Jay & Rich Show. Grab the entire interview off the Akamai cloud here
Here is the highlights from the interview

  • There was alot of interesting people in the house for media day who work in television, print, internet media, etc. “Some fun people, really interesting.”
  • The press lived one week of Big Brother in 12 hours
  • The cast and twist have been finalized
  • She says that the footage will be released shortly.
  • The entire cast has been chosen. “Everyone is in. We’ve got a cast, we’ve got the twist, the new house. It’s exciting.”
  • Allison says that she can’t release any information about the twist until the cast is in sequester, but as soon as they’re under lock and key, all the information will be revealed.
  • Something new on premiere night is ?unprecedented?
  • “The house is gorgeous. It’s a modern house this season, and we’re going green. Eco-friendly.”
  • The 14th Houseguest is Julia Chen’s spawn
  • Julie Chen will be hosting all season, despite her pregnancy.
  • Live Feeds are going to be intense this year lots of crazy twists
  • She encourages everyone near the studio to join in on the live audience show

“I can tell you that this season is different. The twist this season is unique, as always. It is incredibly relatable. I think everyone will be able to identify with this twist. That is all I can tell you. There’s also something else happening on premiere night that’s unprecedented that will be alot of fun. You’re going to hear more and more about this as we approach the premiere date.”

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24/7 Big Brother Live Feeds Early Bird Special FREE TRIAL

If your thinking about the feeds now is the time to get them Free Trial, Heres the coupon code “BB11QTEARLY”


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I just found out some information about the Big Brother House here’s the scoop

Kitchen table looks like a canopy tree
Whole kitchen/dining area looks like a forest with fake grass from the backyard as carpet
Living room has huge rocking chairs that recline
No couch
A huge triangular tank is nestled in the corner and filled with fish
Fiber optic textured Walls
motion-censored sinks controlling the amount of water
motion-censored showers controlling the amount of water
Upstairs hall is asian-inspired with dragons on the wall and hanging globes
Upstairs sofa is a giant leather circular bean bag
Backyard has a eco-fountain
No clothes washer
giant Mural of a forest


I heard that the houseguests have to compete for water tokens in order to shower!


julia chen?