Big Brother 11 News Recap – Twists, Rumors and General Crazy Talk

Big Brother 11

The Internets Rumor mill has been working over time fabricating all sorts of plausible Rumors and Twists.

Here is a summary of what is going around.

  • houseguests will have money which they can spend on luxury goods while in the house ie(slop passes and immunity passes) Or they can save the money and cash it in at the end of the game.
  • The House Guests enter the house on July 5th.
  • High Shcool cliques theme is rumored to be used
  • HouseGuests are not guaranteed $500K in the end they are forced to earn the money
  • Theres a possibility that the prize money will be much less that 1/2 million based on how the houseguests do in challenges throughout the season
  • Houseguests will have to live without basic amenities in order to build up prize money


Carrie Moten from the JohnJay and Rich show, who was in the Big Brother 11 house on Friday had this to say about the experience:
Her Blog, Her Audio interview off the Akamai Cloud
it was CRAZY! There is no way I could hang in there for 3 months… I’d go BANANAS! But I have maja dish!!!! boy oh boy do I got dish!!!

Had the coolest weekend EVER… Got the chance to hang out at the new Big Brother house… Can’t say all that much until this seasons cast is sequestered BUT it was the HANDS DOWN coolest experience ever…

I cannot wait to watch this season… Especially NOW that I have a completely different take on things… I’ve been on the inside afterall… LOL

I cannot wait to watch this season… Especially NOW that I have a completely different take on things…

I signed a Conf. Agreement so I can’t say too much… But I will have video of my experience and YOU ALREADY KNOW I’ll post it here!

I WILL TELL YOU THIS… There is a pretty awesome twist this season AND it’s NEVER happened on TV… If you were addicted to BB before… You’re gonna L-O-V-E it this year….

All in all, I made a bunch of cool friends…. Jen Johnson (Leotard Girl from Season 8) is as cool as it gets… She’s even in my town ( She goes to ASU) So I’m sure we’ll end up hanging out!

So much to share… Just be patient and wait a week 🙂

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