Big Brother 10 Spoilers – An update from April since the show…

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank all of the wonderful people that have supported me while I was on “Big Brother” and who continue to support me now that the season has ended.? A special thanks to my?loving? family, who I am?very grateful to have in my life.? Their kindness and guidance has helped throughout my time on and after the show.? I want to thank the people who bid on my items that were put up on eBay.? Proceeds went to the Sharing Down Syndrome of Arizona Foundation a charity that is very dear to my heart.? My beautiful nephew?Boston?was born with Down Syndrome and this charity gives him many great opportunities that allow him to build and grow in all aspects of his life.? So thank you for all of the support!!!

It has been several months since the “Big Brother 10” season has ended, thus giving me several months to reflect upon the time spent with 12 strangers.? I can honestly say that it has been a roller coaster ride.? I have had my ups and? downs but would not have been able to get through many of the toughest times without the one person that has stood by my side.? Yes, that person would be “Ollie”.? I have received many questions about my stay in the BB house but the number one question being “If Ollie and I are still a couple”?? The answer is YES!? From my understanding after?hearing about? many hurtful?discussions most of the fans believed that Ollie and I were just another showmance and nothing more.? Well I hate to inform you that we are not.? When people ask me the question I really enjoy telling them that we are not a “showmance” but an actual “romance”.? As everyone witnessed on the show Ollie is an amazing individual.? I am very fortunate to continue to have him be a large part of my life.? He has taught me so much about myself and continues to teach me something new everyday.

I am still living in Arizona and have been busy with multiple projects.? I am currently working with an organization that aids children with disabilities.? Again this is something that I greatly enjoy and I hold near and dear to my heart.? As many has witnessed I?have a competitive nature and a love for sports.? So I am excited to participate in the LFL this year and help bring the Phoenix Scorch to a victory this Super Bowl Season.??I have also been involved with the television networks; Lifetime Fitness and the Travel Channel.? I am definitely keeping busy.

Lastly, to the fans of Big Brother 10 I would just like to say thank you again.? I would like to thank you for all the positive feedback and mostly like to thank you for the negative comments.? Although very difficult to?hear about?it gives me an entirely different outlook on the way I acted in the BB house.? I apologize if I offended anyone because it was not my intentions.??I?walked into?an unfamiliar house with 12 unfamiliar people with no other contacts and a stressful environment?and the only goal was to do anything or say anything to win $500,000 you will tend to see an ugly side of yourself.? The entire cast of “Big Brother 10” are some truly amazing people.? I have had the fortunate opportunity to stay in contact with some of the cast.? For the ones that I have not spoken to since the show has?ended I hope all is well and? I am wishing you the very best.

Happy Holidays,


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Your a Pig………….


April, good luck to you. I admire and respect all that you are doing.


april, you are great! i am happy for you and ollie.

as far as the jerk that left the first comment, well he isn’t worth a response.


You are far from a pig…..
I think buddy was trying to say” it’s great to self reflect and grow as an individual and you are a good person, as long as you are always trying!


still want to know if she still pushes her nephew and throws balls at him so he isnt a pussy!