BB10 – Dan’s having a pool party, Keesha “no wonder he’s so skinny he doesn’t stop moving”

10:15 backyard Memphis , Keesha and Ollie drinking coffee no talking. Jerry joins them and Memphis gets up and goes inside. Jerry says the sky seems a little clearer today. Keesha says yes its nice out.
Keesha asks Ollie if he?s losing weight on the slop, he says a little not much though. Keesha says she wants to join him on slop?. Jerry asks her if it?s because she?s gaining weight, Keesha ?A bit yes?
Jerry says he?s lost a bunch of weight, ?been a long time since I?ve been down to 190? He tells them he?s been feeling more tired today than normal. Jerry tells Keesha he might sleep all day today he is tired. Keesha says are you and says she needs to walk. Jerry says he?s been on slop for three weeks everyday but 2 days. Keesha wonders if maybe she can trade him a few days. Jerry says I don?t think so, Keesha says it never hurts to ask. Jerry says he appreciates the offer though. Keesha says yeah you need to eat and I need to diet it would be perfect. Jerry says he just can?t get over how much weight you lose, he says he?s lost ten pounds, and this week he has lost more. Ollie gets called into the diary room.
A plane flys by and Jerry screams “hey what’s going on in the world?” Michelle joins them. Michelle says she didn’t sleep good last night. She kept waking up, had a crazy dream. Jerry says he went to bed early, woke up a lot too though. Put a different comforter on his bed and it stays on better he doesn?t feel as cold as he use to. Talk turns to pets. Keesha brings up the day she first got gizmo her puppy she took a week off work to stay home with him and train him, ?OH my god he was no cute when I got him. He was 3 lb? Michelle does her baby voice?. ?OHHHH I want animals?

Dan comes outside and says he is having a pool party later and asks the girls if they want to come. They say sure thing. Dan, ?just want to let you guys know the whole neighborhood is going to be there?. He reminds them to bring their sun screen and your floaties its going to be a whale of a good time, Dan leaves. Michelle says he said a whale of a good time probably one of the words he has to use for being America?s Player.
Keesha says this games so crazy I can?t get over it. Michelle brings up the jury house and how funny it would be if it was in Hawaii, Michelle says that would be so awesome. The one place Keesha wants to go is Hawaii. Michelle says she heard it was so expensive there. Michelle telling Keesha about a friend that went to Hawaii and food for the week cost like 2000 dollars for 2 weeks. Michelle says if you live there you get special privileges, but if you?re a tourist they milk you for all the money they can.

Dan asks Michelle if he can put the billiard balls in the pool like they are treasure and you have to go retrieve them. Keesha says it?s so funny that Dan teaches little kids, not little kids, but freshman?s because he is so funny. She just can?t see it he?s so entertaining his students must have a blast, he?s probably so good at it though. Ollie and Renny joins them outside?.

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Kate27: I wonder if Keesha is going to bring her floatie, you know, Memphis, the biggest floatie that pool party would ever have. Maybe we might get luck and Memphis may stink.


Keesha has built in floaties


Well, it seems judging by the conversations today that Memphis might be in danger next week. Keesha and Renny are seeing him differently today and they are feeling out Dan and Michelle probably to see if there is some way to get Memphis out next week.

Chicago Fan

Manchelle is a complete paranoid idiot….needs to GO…maybe in a double elimination w/Jerritol.


People seemed to have calmed down now that Libra isn’t there. Jerry is a mean old man but somebody feed him or at least talk to him. I found it amusing on the primetime hours that they show him following around April and Ollie. He’s not giving them any alone time. He sits by himself and no one talks to him. Keesha will get his vote in the end because she seems to be the only one who has been talking to him or even trying to be his friend. Dan is a lot of fun. I hope he makes it to the end. He seems like a really nice guy and is showing that you can be a respectable person to the kids watching. I hope April gets voted out. Then Ollie, Jerry, Michelle, Keesha and I hope final 3 is Dan, Memphis and Renny. I hope Dan wins it all.


DAN is a true sweetheart. he has a dry sense of humor and is still very childlike and innocent. I do feel he is a virgin and that is good if that is what he feels. I at times think he might be gay curious and Im not saying that in a negative way but some things he does,says and acts makes me think and if so Dan..its cool…I really would like him to be in at least the final 2, if he does not win the big prize at least second, that would give him 70,000 between final 2 and his america’s choice. I think he will do good things with the money, more than others. He does keep them entertained in the boring times in the house. I know how they feel cause coincedently, i had to have surgery 7/7/2008 and have been house bound since, bored out of my mind and just want to see people etc. so I just put in my head I am in the BB house, but for me,,,no prize..LOL…


Kate27: I think Memphis needs to make it clear that he isn’t aligned with Michelle. I think they have some unspoken agreement from there initial alliance but if he wins HOH he’s going to be in trouble. At this time the best option for the “Renegades” is for Dan to win HOH and put up Jerry and Ollie. If Keesha wins, I don’t think she’ll put Memphis up right away but she’ll put up Michelle and Ollie to test the water with Memphis. I think she’s hoping Memphis will be loyal to her and not Michelle in the end. Either way once April leaves, we’re gonna see some craziness.