Big Brother Spoilers – Evel Dick Update: Dani & I up in Seattle…..

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I have some biz to take care of with Real Player while I am here. They are very happy with the webcast and are excited about the future prospects and avenues we will be going down. Basically I am trying all kinds of new shit that they have been onboard since the beginning with me…. They get it and for a large company are doing really well not letting things get tied up in red tape or basic bullshit. They are letting me go full steam ahead and helping make the ride smoother for me along the way.
Real has made a piece of equipment that will allow me to do webcasting for them from basically anywhere! So, I am gonna get to see this thing they developed for me tomorrow.
And we have basically agreed about next season working together again with the backyard interview etc… So, I am stoked and can’t wait to see this thing they came up with.

I will be at the Jets game here in Seattle on Sunday. And we will be out and about in the city for the next few days, so I will try and let you know where we will be hanging so if you want to brave the freezing cold and join us for a beer or shot, you can do that.

Also, we will be doing a webcast for Real while we are here, but it won’t be live. So keep your eyes peeled for that and the video blog I did for them while I was in Paris with Crazy James and the Suicidal Tendencies show we went to see while I was there. We ended up on stage with the band… There is a great interview I did with Mike Muir on there too.

Anyhow, we are starving and gonna go eat some sushi…

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ugh will he ever go away?


Evel Dick is a Dysfunctional turd


Dick – do something worth while .. like Shelia


I loved Evil Dick, He was the first to be a real person in this damn house of disfuntion, so bring him back. And by the way he didn’t like Sheila it was The big titty bitch, Janal he liked like really watch the show if you want to make comments on it.


..Where did Sam say he liked her, he just said it would be worth while to ” do ” here… the post before you comment on it at least


I said he should do her that’s it.. if you like I will type slow so you can keep up if you like. I think he should do Shelia.. maybe then it might be worth talking about. maybe a little good drama…