Big Brother Canada 4 – Nomination Ceremony Results!

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 14th
HOH Winner: Loveita Next HOH: March 17th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Christine
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry
Have Nots Joel & Cassandra

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9:50pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony to take place.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-11 21-25-33-686

12:30am Feeds back

Loveita Nominated: Cassandra and Christine

BBCAN 2016-03-11 21-24-45-056
12:30am Cassandra and Joel

talking about how dumb Loveita is. Cassandra feels she has the votes to stay but it bumed out because she now has to be nice to the brothers and Ramsey.

Cassandra counts: Jared, Kesley, Raul, Joel
Joel thinks she has Niki’s vote
Joel says he can get her Niki’s vote.
CAssandra – I had her back last week

Cassandra doesn’t think Jared, Raul or Kelsey would use the Veto because they are scared of one of them going up.
Cassandra – I don’t trust those brothers I think it was them that put something in her ear.

bandicam 2016-03-11 21-35-45-060

Cam 1-2 12:33am Tim, Maddy and Christine
Talking about Loveita’s safe move.
They ahree the house wanted to see Jared, Kelsey or Raul out this week.
Cassandra walks in “Shes a dumb b1tch”
Tim calls it a pu$$y move
Cassandra doesn’t think there’s a backdoor plan Loveita has no idea what she’s doing.

Cam 3-4 12:34am Kesley, Mitch, Jared, Raul, Cassandra

Cassandra – what a little b1tch what a dumb b1tch
Cassandra wants to know if any of them will use veto if she picks them.
Cassandra – would you guys have my back this week.
Jared,Kelsey – Of Course (Can’t hear the other two)

Cam 3-4am HOH Jared and Lovetia

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-11 21-46-38-498
Cam 3-4 HOH Dallas and Loveita
Dallas – I didn’t see that one coming

Loveita – I don’t feel like ricking the boat.. If I don’t trust someone
Loveita says Christine didn’t do anything to her they’re just not close.
Dallas understands but points out Sharry was Loveita’s best friend and she was just sent home by “them” (Jared, Kelsey, Raul)
Dallas – Did you make a deal
Loveita – No I just don’t want blood on my hands.. I dn’t want to go back and forth
Loveita says if she take out one of teh other side there still leaves 2 people that will come after her, ‘Think about it”
Dallas – I did loveita.. you could have put 2 up and one goes home.. now they’ll stay and continue gathering and gathering.

Loveita doesn’t want to make a big move early and be the one the other side targets.
Dallas – you don’t think they’ll still come after ya
Loveita – who knows maybe.. in my opinion this was the safest move for me

Loveita is getting pissed that the house is “Dissing” her for the nominations
Dallas – Christine and Cassandra are sheep
Dallas leaves. Loveita – “You’re being really insincere right now”

1:09am Cam 3-4 Cassandra and Loveita

1:09am Cam 1-2 Maddy and Dallas

1:26am Cam 1-2 Cassandra and Kelsey

1:26am Cam 3-4 Loveita and Mitch

2:00am Joel and Cassandra

BBCAN4 2016-03-11 23-05-13-025


2:43am Loveita, Joel and Cassandra

3:00am Loveita, Joel and Cassandra

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Guess Loveita didn’t think she had enough enemies.


I think she made the right choice . She would not be a target from the stronger
People in the house and christine and cassandra are floating by and feeling so confident . Im glad they are on the block. Wish raul the ugly
Coyote is up there too


i like the kitchen convo – for every bs emotional reason love comes up with for why cass should be nominated, cass responds with multiple logical reasons why she shouldnt be nominated


What. An. Idiot.


Stupid is as stupid does!

People are gunning for her as soon as they get power lets keep them safe and cut a deal with those targeting you….. Christine and Cass are good noms if your not named Love. It should be interesting til Monday. Dallas and Manddy still in play. Dallas should still worry. Lovelies gone with this moronic noms but the seasons rolls on.


I had a feeling this is how things would play out. If Kelsey, Raul, Jared, Phil/Nick, etc, win Veto they will keep the noms the same (I don’t see Joel or Mitch trying to win it at all). I have a feeling despite the fact that people know Cassandra talks game to everyone she will have the votes to stay against Christine.

If Third Wheel alliance and Loveita work together moving forward then the stronger players will last a while longer which is strange in BB. This will definitely be an interesting week. I hope Loveita is careful about trying to backdoor someone. Don’t put people up when you don’t have the votes to evict them. If she put Kelsey up again, there are probably people who will vote for Kelsey to stay again just because they know she’d be busy going after Loveita and not them.

Twitter is cracking me up tearing into Loveita,


Third wheel alliance will gun for Loveita until they kick her out of the house. I think Loveita is (and will be) alone in the game from now on until she gets evicted. Nobody will care about her as nobody does about Christine.


They certainly will down the road, but I actually think this move may get Loveita to at least jury. I don’t know if she could win after this though.

It will depend on how the votes break down, but if the Veto isn’t played and Cassandra and Christine stay on the block the likely vote outcome will be: DRM & Tim/Nikki voting out Cassandra and Third Wheel, Joel/Mitch, and Nick/Phil voting out Christine.

These new sides will have to try to get each other out before they go right after Loveita, Joel and Mitch better jump ship while they can.

the twilight zone

nominating the person who greatly helped her last week shows that loveita preaches about her morals and integrity but is quite lacking in that department


It’s the lack of brain in her case.


I knew she wasn’t ballsy enough to make a big move. So disappointing.


first time in north american bb history that all 6 noms to start first 3 weeks of a season are female

who will be the first male nominated and when this season?

nikki and maddy on the block next hoh to make it a clean sweep of all 8 females in the first 4 weeks?


Well I think itshe clear Lovita is not gonna win this season let alone make it to jury like I’ve heard her say is her goal right now… but I’m curious who people think has a good shot at winning right now as a semi early prediction. Personally I like Phil if the brothers get separated before jury, Mitch, Joel, and Tim if he can learn to keep some of his game play to himself…


most bizarre hoh since rachelle backdoored ika


I for one am glad those 2 hags were nominated. They said some really awful things behind Loveitas back.

female on female crime

where is the love, ladies?

Redneck Hill-Billy Asian

Loveita learned today that no social game or spine gets you on the bottom of every totem pole. Surprisingly though, that can get you far in BB.


Loveita is the biggest Ika of the season: she has to go too.


Lol…she tried to play it safe, but just exposed herself as untrustworthy and made more enemies…STUPID…

tims glaring white chicklets

I agree. Dumb move. Strike first. How many times can you win Hoh? You have to act while you can. Loveita will not last much longer!

loveitas alliance of 1

ha ha that photo of loveita sitting in the kitchen staring blankly at the wall


I agree that Loveita bite the hand that fed her. Totally.
Did Cassandra campaign for Loveita because she wanted to work with her? No. She thought Loveita was easier to manipulate and control than Sharry. She said as much. repeatedly. To seven people.
Did Cassandra make the error of showing how close she was to the people in power last week? Most people in the house noticed it, so probably.
Joke or not a joke, did Cassandra make a comment while standing next to Kelsey that most people would question? Yes.
That said, did Loveita make the right move? No, most likely not. Is she targeting people that have expressed interest in getting rid of her? Yes. Does it suck for people that like Cassandra? Yes. But Cassandra saying she was being straight up to Loveita is lip service. So the ‘I’m so hurt because I said i’d never go against you, 120%” is crap. We know this. It’s been on the feeds numerous times. Loveita was supposed to be Cassandra’s pawn.


loveita has zero social game and trying to bully people into an alliance just because she is hoh isnt gonna work whoever she targets

the fact she targeted cassandra, one of the main people who helped her stay, rather than those who actually put her up, just shows her claiming to be such a great person with incredible integrity is an act and is painful to watch

i believe the move to nominate cass was to hurt kelsey, as loveita was jealous of their friendship, so its a dumb emotional move, further decreasing the female numbers thus lessening her chances


phil, joel and mitch all wanted her to stay to further their own games too, everyone has selfish reasons in terms of who to vote for and theres nothing wrong with that

not very great gameplay on their part during this hoh – phil, mitch and joel should have put in more effort to keep cass safe, as cass is good for all 3 of their games at this stage, and im surprised they didnt try harder to get someone like dallas on the block

the fact she didnt want to even touch dallas, ramsay, maddy right away sends red flags to her supposed new alliance members for the week, mitch and joel

To the Curb

how stupid

Think About It

Loveita was in a shitty spot anyway she went. I honestly feel like her best move was to try to gain trust with Jared, Kelsey, and Raul. Because if they actually keep their part of the deal and not come after her these next few weeks then it would put her in a much better position in the house. In order to test this idea out she had to make this move. She has nothing to lose. And if she can pull off getting rid of Cassandra then even better (Cassandra is trying to play all sides. She’s trying to get in every conversation in the house, and trying to trash talk everybody to get on good terms with the opposing sides). I think it’s funny cuz Cassandra rallied to keep Loveita over Sharry cuz she thought she was going to be able to manipulate Loveita into doing what she wanted. Guess it backfired and I wish they would have kept Sharry like I wanted. That’s what she gets.

Loveita doesn’t owe these people anything. If she were to put two of the Jared, Kelsey, Raul alliance up then she would just be playing into the hand of everyone in the house. It was everyone in the house who turned that back on Loveita when they said they’d vote Kelsey out in the first week. Look what happend! Why should she do it again. All of the floaters have just been trying to pit Loveita and anyone who was associated with her against the Third Wheel Aliance. They thought that their great strategy would continue if Loveita stayed over Sharry so she could keep making moves for them. But they were wrong. They should have gotten rid of Kelsey in week 1 like Love wanted and they wouldn’t be in this position. Why should she trust them now? They have themselves to blame and ultimately Loveita shouldn’t trust anyone. The only thing she can do to truly get far is to keep being a beast in the competitions and try to win as much as possible. But like I said her best bet is to try to not wage war against Jared, Kelsey, and Raul because truly no one has her back in this game. She needs to work on a better social game. Stir the pot and pit other house guests against each other. She needs to use whatever info she can gather and turn it on people. Unfortunately the girl is not that great at the strategy part of this game.


loveita likes cass but hates kelsey

kelsey and cass like each other

so loveita targets cass

jealous, dumb, emotional high school girl move

loveita is really stupid if she thinks kelsey will accept her


When we were first introduced to Loveita, she claimed that she gravitated towards those with intellect; and now we know why…..she has none!


You are assuming she knows what intellect is. I’m still baffled with her saying “that’s not wisdom”.


I think this was actually a pretty good move for her. Next week nobody is gunning for her, except maybe cassandra if she wins hoh which is not that likely. She basically made peace with the third wheel alliance and now has a very good chance of reaching the jury whereas if she had put them up again on the block, she would have been gone in the next two weeks and the floaters wouldn’t have given a damn about her. She made a very good move for her game and people should respect that.


Well, she has herself in quite the pickle right now. She cannot stick to her OWN plan. She just finished telling Jared that her pick to leave this week is Cassandra, and now after Cassandra badgers her, she is considering taking her off the block? What a joke she is becoming. I am sure Joel and Mitch are going to have 2nd thoughts about working with this “dogs breakfast” now. She has just guaranteed herself more enemies now. Most of the people she spoke with today were of the same opinion to get rid of Kelsey/Jarred or Raul. She listens and then does the opposite. Why speak to all of them then? And now, these idiots are blaming the brothers for her decision? What a house full of clowns!!!


I don’t pretend to understand Loveita. I’m not even sure i like her. Actually, i’m closer to the dislike side of the fence because I think her style of game play is ridiculous. It’s like trying to be a control freak but having no control, and exerting no effort to gain control. I find it illogical.
With that said, the have-not room conversation between Cassandra, Kelsey and Raul is painful . Kelsey says “how did Loveita even hear you say that?” She knows Cassandra made the comment to her, not Loveita, but still nods when Cass says “I said it to her, not you.” They all know the plan was to bring Loveita under their control because Cassandra saved her and now Loveita owed her. They also knew Cass was planting herself with Loveita so they could keep an eye on her and tell the alliance any of her plans. The three know the devotion and friendship Cassandra was showing Loveita was to keep her under control. But Kelsey and Raul nod and agree with the story. Like they weren’t there for last weeks plan.
If Cass said we saved the betch so we would be able to control her and it bit us in the ass, I’d have so much respect for her plight. Not with the house, but at least drop the act with the co-conspirators. They know it was a lark already. It’s been on the feeds, we know it was a lark. Drop the act with the other alliance members.

another name

When Maddy and Dallas complain about this week’s noms i have to laugh. Let me get this straight, after your alliance failed to get their target week one, you totally marooned two of your alliance members. The one that stays after being on the block week two wins hoh, and you’re butt hurt that she’s not making time for you, and angry she didn’t take out your target choices. The right to an opinion for them ended at marooned. It’s wrong to target Christine? Christine openly hates her. It’s wrong to target Cass? She’s on the other side and Pinky and the Brain there are too foolish to know it.
I wish she’d nominated Jared or Kelsey or Raul. She didn’t. I don’t feel bad for Christine or Cass. Christine’s used to making beds, and Cass got too comfortable with the in-crowd, dropped her mask and got caught.
Watching Tim wind up both rooms and claim deniability when he was aware of the possibility was pretty fun to see.


Why is loveita always wearing a hat/toque? Even when she’s going to bed


Probably trying to keep the air from escaping…


Lovieta has to be one of the worst BB players of all time. She doesn’t have the capacity to think things through and is gullible to suggestions, even from her enemies. This I don’t want to make a big move too early (too late you did that with your first HOH and screwed it up), I don’t want to get blood on my hands (too late), I don’t want to rock the boat (well grab a life vest cause that’s what you just did),is just idiotic. When Christine is evicted, Lovieta will take her place as the safe nomination for basically any HOH. And now she wonders why the house is dissing her? Because you just screwed most of them.


Two things are infinite:

1 The universe
2. BB houseguest stupidity
-and I’m not sure about the universe


and this is why i cant get behind loveita. what a gutless moron. i really hope this comes back to bite her in the ass


now 2 of her hoh’s will have been a total waste


I think she desperately wants to be a part of the “cool” crew. She’s gonna be the girl who spends the whole season on the block because no one gives a shit about her and she’s not a good enough player to send home. I’m calling it!


ppl dont gewt she tryn splitt up alliances look greatto!should lovelita go after jared for last week

sunny dee

well it is disappointing she didn’t put up 2 of the 3, and she could have easily done that and no one feel like she was making new enemies. this route of course just alienates the ones who hang out with cassandra, someone she should have been cool with after the week in Have Not. however, i don’t think anyone minds if Christine is out the door, and what better way to ensure that than to put up someone who is less likely to be voted out before christine. and she’s not going to put up dallas or maddy, or ramsey, knowing the 3 (voting) are going to vote those others out before touching christine.

she really wouldn’t have many to put up if her real goal is to get out Christine, and I for one, think she has a good and valid reason for wanting Christine out, since no one will be left after wards to target her. if she only got one of the three out, it leaves 2 to target her.

tho we all want someone to make a bigger move, the 3 still remain as targets for others, shields for her in other words. who would come after her if either cassandra or christine ends up out the door? no one.