Anthony “He’s PB man. Can’t do that to one of the legends.”

10:12pm Kitchen. Anthony and Adam.
Anthony – do you think I should talk to Dane tonight? Adam – I don’t know. He keeps saying I think I’m good. I think I can get his vote. If you want to wait. Anthony – no… here’s the thing I’m not humiliating anyone. I’m not playing any games. Adam – that’s what Este asked what are we telling Mark. Anthony – that’s a conversation that you and I will have to have. Its going to hurt. It hurts. Adam – you don’t want to wait till last minute do you? Anthony – no. He’s PB man. Can’t do that to one of the legends. We’re going to sit him down. Adam – Tuesday night? Anthony- Wednesday afternoon. He’s starting to say somethings that’s starting to bother me. Adam – you can tell Dane. I’ll leave it up to you. Anthony – okay. But me and you will sit Mark down. I don’t want Dane to have anything to do with what me and you say to Mark. We’ll just sit him down with class and be like this is what it is and this is why.. and its the truth. Adam – I’ll just tell him how I feel and you tell him how you feel. Anthony – yup.

10:30pm Dane and Anthony.
Dane – the beauty part of this is that Mark isn’t going to cam. Anthony – but honestly as a legend. I’m not going to lie to him (Mark). Dane – are you going to tell him Thursday? Anthony – think I am going to tell him Wednesday afternoon. Dane – maybe wait Thursday. Dane – either way Kyra breaks the tie.

10:50pm Storage room. Adam and Dane.
Adam – I hope you stay man. I can’t wait to see Kyra’s face. Do you think you could f**king send home Dane Rupert?! Dane – The Prince! Adam – You think you could put up two of the biggest threats up this season and think ones going home!? Not a chance! Dane – I can’t wait man!

12:30pm Pool..

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another name

late night diarrhea mouth mark chat. strap in for opinions that show you why Mark was indeed a pettyboi.
Let’s jump in to Mark talking now in progress:
says dating kiki for a while after the show would be cool, but not long term, because she’s not fully european descent and his friends would set him straight quick with that. (editorial addition would be here but i’m practicing self editing when it comes to cuss words).
he says he doesn’t want to see or go out of his way to maintain contact with Mama, Laura, Este, Eddie, Kyra. He’s 50/50 on Cory. Thinks Sam might be okay, but she needs to wash her hair. (i’m sure they are all sitting at home just hoping they make the cut in the good enough for Mark lottery).
Mark really really needs to have an expiry time daily on his mic.
Okay. that was a few minutes of Markmouth i’ll never get back. Not going to bother listening more, now that Anthony is jumping in to push Mark to go for it with Kiki.


Mark’s going home, right? is that the talk as of now?

another name

if the eviction were right now, tuesday afternoon, 85-90% mark would leave. I’m never 100% about anything in big brother. lol.


Anthony is delirious, wow if he could see what we see, BBCAN7 is a joke!!!


Wow . . .I really can’t listen to Anthony say one more time how the PB’s are a Legend ! My gosh . .this is just a silly little game where one liar out lies the other !!!!!!!!!


Anthony is a legend in his own mind


Tried to support the site but got some WordPress error.sad face


Anthony is on to Kyra who also is (I think – maybe) caught on to Anthony. She’s asking to talk to Mark & Ant is backing her off that or telling her what to say to him. Earlier “they,” asked to discuss with Mark about knowing he hates “them” but Ant nipped that in the bud.

And “they” are pushing HARD to be the one to break the tie which spells trouble (b/c I think it so “they” can blindside everyone & take out Dane) Anthony caught on to that possibility days ago when it was brought up the very morning after it was decided to keep Dane. Now there’s no way Ant will even let Kyra be a factor b/c part of the reason for keeping Dane is to not allow Kyra to make the big move despite having both Adam/Dane on the block to start week & Dane still sitting there Thursday night.

Kyra is trying to outmaneuver Ant but he sees right through it & Kyra is having a hard time realizing their HOH ended the minute Adam won POV.

Another Name is right in that something could still change but Ant has put in way too much work now to change up. If he did then he’d definitely lose Dane’s vote & with Este/Damian/Sam in the jury that’s simply something he can ill afford. Kyra will target Dane/Adam ahead of him & both the boys want to go F3 with PB so he’ll be safest in the house at F4 and not even have to try to win so that will likely translate into a Dane/Adam – POV/HOH upcoming week. The F4 HOH will also likely be the short week where Kyra (presumably) gets evicted early (like Tuesday) with no audience in attendance.

another name

I think the final four eviction week will have hoh on thursday, veto on friday eviction most likely to be saturday pm (day 64) if they follow the usual pattern of past seasons. that means part one of final hoh is on sun and part two on monday pm or tuesday just after noon. final part on finale day in the mid afternoon finished by about 4pm. finale spoilers will come out at the usual sources by 615pm.