Azah “If someone needs to go.. I personally don’t have a problem it being me.”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Claire going up and is the target. The maneuvering within the 6 is in full force.

12:13pm Bathroom – Kyland and Hannah.
Kyland – In that scenario we just can’t let Alyssa win. Hannah – so you’re saying that X and Big D vote to keep you? Ky – I think at least Big D. I think X, probably because he has more distrust with Tiffany than me. Hannah – okay, I don’t know if I trust that. Ky – it doesn’t matter because I can’t do anything about it. Hannah – and Azah should probably not win. Ky – that’s alright, that’s always been the case. Hannah – okay Big D win, what happens? Ky – Tiff and Alyssa probably. Unless X asks him to put up Tiff and X. Then he would do that. Hannah – so lets say that happens. If Alyssa wins and pulls X down, who goes up? Ky – probably you. Hannah – what happens in that case? I think Alyssa would vote to keep me. Azah would vote to keep me. Ky – and I think X would vote to keep you. Hannah – I don’t know.. probably but if its a tie.. does Big D break it in my favour? Ky – oh yeah! Big D breaks in your favour 100% 1000%! Azah joins them. Azah – I have floated this idea with Hannah already but I wonder if we could maybe consider again possibly telling the truth.. telling a truth. Letting Claire know that if Tiff can let Claire know I have an agreement and I can’t put anyone else up and I have to put you up and have her understand that. And if that gets to Alyssa .. this is what I am proposing maybe something that you guys do. Tiff joins them. Ky – tell her that she can’t put up the six? Azah – the way that she told the truth.. I can’t copy it word for word. I think Claire would respect and appreciate it more us telling her. Telling her that she is the only option to go up, Claire is definitely going to ask all types of questions as to why.. and maybe everyone will be able to keep up with it but I think it will be a difficult story to keep up with for 3 or 4 days before she might start to get suspicious. The other thing is the possibility of Claire getting upset and telling Alyssa. At the end of the day I want to make sure a black person wins. That’s what I want most of all. Before HOH I approach Alyssa and tell her we are working together if you win this HOH the double eviction we can promise you safety for another week and you’re guaranteed final five. If someone needs to go .. I personally don’t have a problem it being me. I would rather it be someone that can stay in the game who can win competitions and get her out after five .. but if she has that hope.. that understanding she will respect us a lot more coming to jury. Claire will respect everyone a lot more going into jury as well .. but Claire going to jury 4 -1 and being like what the f**k!? Telling Derek, telling Britini, telling everyone else in there like what the f**k is going on. You guys think Brit would vote for me after Claire coming back angry .. no. She is probably going to flip her vote and vote for anyone else that is not me. And those jury votes are going to be all over the place. Ky – I got to say that I think you’re on to something. At face value I am leaning towards that.

HOH room. Xavier and Tiffany.
Xavier – Alyssa is not really buying .. because I have already set the ground work for her trying to think how Big D and Azah can make a deal with you in order to incentivize someone else going up. She has bought that. She is fully on board with that. For us coming up here to make a deal with you, Tiffany is going to catch on that we’re trying to get her to put up someone else. She said its going to be over kill. So she is not buying that sh*t at all. So at this point what I think you could do by not putting them up leaves me the opportunity to make a deal with them for next week. Tiff – I have to be honest with you. I am terrible at lying. Its a whole lot of story that I am having to convince myself of because she is a smart person. When she starts asking me questions I am going to need rebuttals for these and if I am not confident in my answers .. she is not going to be confident in my answers. Xavier – so maybe the simpler the better. Tiff – because I won two weeks in a row I am definitely the target at this point. My target was Alyssa and I have promised that I would not put X, Ky, Azah, Chaddha or Derek F on the block at the same time which is why Alyssa was my target next to Xavier. I am not comfortable going back on my word on that. The only person I have left to go up is you (Claire). I don’t want to send you home. You can still fight for your life in this game. You have a better chance of staying over Xavier but I cannot put up two of them together. Xavier – and you don’t think that she would piece together that you literally made deals with everyone in the Cookout? Tiff – I am not saying that she won’t put it together. At some point she and everyone else is going to figure it out. Xavier – yeah in the jury though. Tiff – all depending on how our conversation goes .. she could figure it out right then and there.

1:20pm -2:27pm HOH room. Hannah and Tiffany.
Tiff – what I want to tell Claire is.. the hardest thing for me is to make up a lie to Claire. First of all it goes against my morals. But we all are lying to some degree. I can yes and no lie to you all day. I am not good at make believe. I do not have an imagination. I am not good at creating a story. Y’all don’t ever see me be the narrator for Mafia. I just can’t do it. Aside from that I have a terrible memory. When I lie it is very clear and apparent. Taking me out of the equation, I really respect Claire. I think she respects me as well. For me to blatantly lie when I know she is going to find out the truth I will lose the respect from her. With her going to jury, I can lose the respect of everyone in that jury. I don’t even care about winning. For me the respect is very personal. After this game I want to still be able to show my face and be comfortable with the way I played this game. I am not against manipulating, deceiving, moving covertly.. even having to tell a lie here and there but to blatantly lie to Claire .. it is something that I am struggling with. Now I don’t have to expose anyone else’s game. I don’t have to tell her about an alliance. I don’t have to tell her about the six, the Cookout or any of that.. but I would almost like to say to her that you’ve been a target. This week you are not on the block and I did not want to put you up… but I am not comfortable putting Chaddha, Azah, X or Big D next to each other. I fought to win this HOH so that you (Claire) would not be the target and now I am in a position where I don’t have a choice. You can still fight for you game. Hannah – and rally the votes. Tiff – you can still stay over X. I can tell her this .. I will f**king cry trying to tell her something that is a lie. I will feel guilty. I am not trying to blow up anyone’s game. Claire is always going to say you should have just told me. Hannah – instead of being blindsided on a 4 – 1 vote or 3 – 2 vote. Tiff – If I win at 6, she (Alyssa) is going on the block again. Its going to be a repeat. Hannah – so you wouldn’t give Claire all of the information but you would give her enough so that.. Tiff – so that she understands why I am doing this. I would love to see a person of colour win.. see that includes Alyssa but I am excluding Alyssa so I don’t know how to word that. Hannah – I don’t think you have to be that specific. Tiff – I am not comfortable sending one of them home. Hannah – exactly. Tiff – if I say that they I am not comfortable sending Xavier home either.. I don’t know how to say that. Hannah – you could say you’re not comfortable putting two of them on the block. Ky joins them. Tiff explains what her and Hannah just talked about. Ky – I process things very quickly and I am on board with what you were saying. They continue talking about the same things over and over again. Claire joins them and the conversation ends.

2:15pm Bedroom – Azah and Xavier.
Azah – do you think I have not pulled my weight in the cookout? Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. Xavier – I am not, I am just trying to find the best way articulate it.. when Brit was still here your personal relationship with Brit would cause problems for the cookout and then when she left I felt you were much better. It sounds bad but a part of you died where you just didn’t give a f**k anymore. I don’t know necessarily what you’re doing on a social standpoint. I don’t know what you’ve been doing. I wouldn’t say that you haven’t been pulling your weight. I would just say that I haven’t been made aware of it.

2:45pm HOH room. Tiff, Hannah, Ky and Claire are chatting about random things. Meanwhile, Big D and Alyssa are down in the living room / kitchen chatting. Alyssa – I definitely crop dusted Ky yesterday and I know he smelt it but he was just too nice to say anything. Alyssa brings up Big D’s ZING – That Big D left his mark on the season… in the toilet.. ZING!

2:45pm Bedroom – Azah and Big D
Azah – I am honestly over all of y’all. F**k y’all! Big D – okay. Azah – I am over everybody. Just tell me when I need to leave and tell me what I need to do. Big D – what are you talking about? What are you talking about leaving? Azah – I am just over all of it. I am over it. Big D – you have to explain, where is all this coming from? What is making you feel that way? Azah – at the end of the day I thought what I suggested would be a good story for jury and it would put X in a good position and it would allow us to keep up with this elaborate ruse for however long we need to keep it up with. X feels that Alyssa is going to target him if she finds out so he doesn’t feel comfortable. I didn’t want to put this plan if Tiff or X didn’t feel comfortable. If one or the other isn’t on board then we shouldn’t go through with it. Big D – I don’t want you to feel like you’re by yourself. Azah – I don’t feel like I am by myself. Big D – we don’t have to go along with this plan or any of these scenarios. We can tell everyone to leave us out of it. I am willing to be like don’t drag us into it. Azah – if you guys feel like I didn’t pull my weight I have to figure myself out in terms of that. I asked him (X) and he couldn’t come up with 1 example of how I’ve helped so far. Big D – I don’t feel that way. Azah – you said it yesterday. Big D – I said it out of frustration.

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Tiff – “I am not saying that she won’t put it together. At some point she and everyone else is going to figure it out.” Xavier – “Yeah in the jury though.” WTF does it matter? Who cares if Claire and Alyssa both know about the Cookout? What are they going to do? Run the table winning back-to-back HOHs and vetoes?

And all this talk about Claire (or anyone in jury) being bitter about the CO fails to consider one very important factor: social media. Claire is a BB superfan. She’s been active in prior seasons on BB Twitter. She knows that there is only one acceptable response to not have her life ruined outside of the house, and that response is to say, “Wow! This is historic! I really support the cause! Let me pack my bags.” It’s completely irrelevant if Claire feels differently. She’s not stupid. She’s going to speak the party line and go home in peace.

P.S. – Another Name was spot-on in the post on the last topic. X is public enemy #1 on social media today, but Grod will clean-up that image in due time to hand him the check. X will win the title and the money, but he still won’t have the girl.


Claire may not be a bitter jury member but there are plenty of others that could be and given X’s attitude he really doesn’t care about jury. Also, if memory serves a couple weeks ago there’s was a conversation about members of the CO that entered jury lying to the other jury members about what happened in the house (DF was part of that conversation); Kyland telling that there was a secret alliance appropriately messed with that potential plan


Yes, since Kyland already stated that there’s an alliance.


Good points, Robert! With this in mind, X should not want to send Tiff to jury first because that means she directs the narrative.


Never thought of that…Tiff would have a week to work on the ones there without other CO members around.


The ONLY reason X doesn’t want them telling Claire (or Ally) is b/c X has NO INTENTION on honoring the Cookout – that’s why he was so pissed at Tiff winning.

The way he’s searching for any reason to trash (scapegoat Tiff) is all b/c this was intention the entire time — to keep Ally.

I’m still shaking my head that while on the block he articulated to Ky he wants to bring Ally to F4 — HOW is Ky not reading that as a huge problem?

As for Claire – agree 100% – her roommate is running her Twitter account & is already tweeting positive comments:

“Reminder you can be Claire’s biggest supporter (hello, me!!!) and also support the historic goal of the cookout/appreciate their impressive strategy to accomplish it”

She also said Claire would “get it” & she’d still vote for Tiff but also said it would be better if Tiff just tells her the truth. So it’s good she’s starting to lean that way.


“The ONLY reason X doesn’t want them telling Claire (or Ally) is b/c X has NO INTENTION on honoring the Cookout – that’s why he was so pissed at Tiff winning.”

Perfectly stated! It defies the laws of physics that the CO would need to be kept a secret at this point. Although X professes to be the ultimate sacrificial team player, his motives are entirely selfish. He doesn’t want to risk losing Alyssa’s loyalty because he plans to take her to F4.


i disagree, I believe that X will honor the cookout. However, i didn’t know about X stating that he wanted to take Alyssa to F4. Sticking with the CO gives him the best path to win the 750K. Only strong competitors left in the 6 are Tiff and Ky.

Christime Ahrens

Tiff has not won nothing till the last time if x dudnt hit wall he woukf had won they need to boost tiff, Hannah and Claire out

another name

He’s been planning to not honour the cookout since Christian was nominated.
He took great offense that he had to lose one of his soldiers and one of his guaranteed votes.
The cookout actually started dying during that aborted vote flip.
Just nobody wanted to see the reality that self interest was going to screw them up.


All the CO members other than X have been stalwart in their loyalty, more so as they have put aside personal grievances with each other. Even Ky being wishy about SB’s eviction was emotion-based, vs X’s cool determination to keep Alyssa for his own benefit.

X is rationalizing that enough CO members have made it this, far, minimizing the chances of Alyssa gaining enough power at F4 to win the game as she would likely lose to X in F2. He is putting the mission at risk though bc she could certainly power her way to the end at that point. She would beat BigD for sure and possibly Ky. Unless he is certain that the CO would only vote for one of their own.

So for X, the mission is accomplished with him on track to being the first Black person to win BB. Pure self-interest.

another name

The other cookout members have NOT been stalwart in their loyalty.
That’s completley false.
Couch has wanted Tiff out immediately since week 2.
Tiff and Ky wanted to only honor the cookout deal until they hit jury.
Then the D/R call.
But both have talked about taking out a cookout member before 6 for weeks.
Azah has wanted Ky gone for 3 weeks. before 6 after 6 didn’t matter if someone had agreed she’d have done it.
They ALL have exhibited compelte hypocrisy. the Cookout has always been a vehicle for self interest.


…and it has worked until now

Game shows lover

So sorry for Tiffany, she is in a hard spot. She should just say the truth without going into detail. If I can remember the same thing has happened before. Alliances always comes before individuals but it can make or demise your game if you make it to final 2.

BB fan

Not when all the men in your alliance want to take you out for eviction next week lmao What you are saying doesn’t apply at all in this situation because Tiffany is making a horrible move! Awful gameplay your suggesting because it makes no sense to get rid of Claire an extra final 2 deal now if your Tiffany. Especially keeping players in Xavier and Derek F in the game who cant stand her and will take her out next week first chance they get! Sorry for Tiffany? No way, look at what she is doing to Claire! In the HOH room as we speak, Tiffany is just lying her ass off to claire right now about “Claire when I put you on the block I want Xavier to go”. “I hope you stay this week Claire” is Tiffany’s own words to her while Claire is cryin. If that is how Tiffany feels in wanting Xavier to go then why in the HELL is she putting Claire UP!?! That makes no sense? Claire is balling her eyes out right now in front of Tiffany about going on the block. While Tiffy toes is just constantly lying to her face about what she wants to happen this Thursday!. There is no sympathy that anyone should feel for Tiffany, because it is THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL.


The ultimate betrayal would be if she didn’t do what she planned with the cookout making it to final 6. It annoys me that everyone is ready to end it all just because she won HOH this week. Bunch of whiners. And guess what?! She is STILL being loyal and doin THE HARDEST thing anyone else has had to do this season. I just hope Alyssa doesn’t win and put Tiff up.


Just have to wonder, if rolls were reversed and X was HOH and it was Tiff & Claire on the block with Claire winning POV would X really put up Alyssa? I don’t think he would, he would be busy justifying a a reason not to do it. What do you all think?




For sure. The difference is that he has a nonabrasive way about him that keeps him under the radar, even when he is clearly being selfish. Tiff is too much drama and has shot herself in the foot too many times. The way she bristled at Ky about not being greeted, BidD about him coming into the HOH room to protect Brit. And other such encounters. It is really her fault bc she messed up her social game.

Perception is so important in this game. From the get-go, X came off as the rational nice guy who will always do the right thing. No matter what he does, his actions and words are interpreted within that schema.

He is so golden. I don’t like it, but it is what it is. Obviously Claire has rightfully understood that he has to leave. I think SB as well was considering that.


Lately, he hasn’t been so “non-abrasive”… it’s been building for a while – going back to when DX left & he said to Tiff “if you want to control the dynamics (read boot order) then you’ll need to win something”.

It was condescending, arrogant and chauvinistic. From that moment forward 2 HOH’s (plus one secret HOH) & two POV’s have occurred — five competitions ALL WON BY WOMEN. He’s been crusty the majority of this time.

Tiff has as many wins as Ky now which is another issue for X. And now that she took his advice to win but isn’t following his orders the calm demeanor veil has completely slipped. Watch his face while he speaks to her or others. Even when he’s trying to be nice (other than with Ally) it’s forced and disingenuous.

Go back to before Tiff won the first HOH & count how many times X was trying to be comical (put on a show) you’ll be hard-pressed to find a handful on instances. Now he’s doing that more frequently (peacocking for Ally). Similarly watch for how many times he bitched about other players (not just as an audience – but instigating those talks) and notice how that dynamic has increased.

It was easy for X to chill and be calm – he was shrouded in protection with everyone following a boot order. Now that he’s got to work to get what he wants & others aren’t looking upon him with fealty he exudes a completely different persona.



BB fan

If Derek X, is foolish enough to believe Hannah gaslighting Claire with a BS sympathy vote when Hannah is all on board for backdooring Claire, then DX really is a puppet. Hannah and Tiffany are doing Claire so dirty! If Derek X is approving of it then it just speaks volumes of how he approves cold hearted backstabbers and shady ass gameplay, which is why if Derek X doesn’t come to Claire’s defense in jury after this blindside he clearly doesn’t deserve America’s Favorite.


Why do you hate DX so much?


Derek X was awful at making decisions. Literally couldn’t make the right decision if it hit him in the face. Just look no further than the highroller room. Should have used his big brother bucks. If he doesn’t grow a pair and see that he was used by Hannah and Tiffany then he doesn’t deserve to be America’s favorite.

BB fan

You couldn’t be any more clueless lol
Let me ask you this and seriously let me know Why do you want someone in Derek X to be America’s favorite? Why do you support someone like him Derek X who constantly screwed up his game as well as the games of other players who would’ve provided resistance against the cookout!
Great job listening to Hannah and Tiffany putting three white people on the block targeting two of your own alliance members Christian and SB for eviction with your week five HOH! But in your mind it’s plausible to support Derek X who constantly gave the cookout this game.
It makes me human to realize that Derek X was wrong to constantly support unlikable characters in Hannah and Tiffany who are completely petty/ jealous women who are making decisions solely based on race. That is the hatred you SPEAK OF and not standing up for what’s right!
Derek X screwed up every chance there was to provide a resistance against the cookout. And if he’s OK with how Hannah and Tiffany going along with wanting to back door Claire and voice for them to win the game in jury then he just proves himself as being a shady player that loves BETRAYAL AND BACKSTABBERS!

There is a reason why Danielle Reyes did not vote for Erica in final 2 on big brother all stars season 7 after Erica back doored her! Same exact reason why Davonne didn’t vote for Paul to win for backdooring her that is the exact reason why Day voted for Nicole F to win season 18!

If DX was suppose really to care about Claire and Tiffany is going to back door Claire shouldnt Derek X finally get a freaking clue and realize that he shouldn’t have protected Tiffany and Hannah!! To all you want to be America’s favorite DX lovers if he can’t wake up and recognize seeing that he shouldn’t vote for Tiffany or even Hannah in the end then you just further prove how you condone somebody who wanted there to be a landslide for the cookout and who is completely spineless yes Derek X is completely spineless if he is cool leading a charge in jury to vote for Hannah and Tiffany to win the game after they are going to along with backstabbing CLAIRE out the BACKDOOR!

DX made foolish decisions time after time while running around like a little lapdog to unlikable despicable characters in Hannah and Tiffany. If DX can’t grow a backbone and see for himself and use his own mind then shouldn’t be America’s favorite player! If he doesn’t have any decency to recognize that he got played completely by Hannah and Tiffany and that they are complete backstabbers for doing Claire this dirty! If DX voices Hannah and Tiffany to win The game in jury to garnish jury votes for them like a cheerleader yelling through bullhorn!! Then DX doesn’t deserve to be America’s favorite player because he proving how much he loves double crosser‘s and back stabbers Showing he was always Hannah and Tiffany’s puppet and that is not America’s favorite!

If Derek X wants them to win the game after how hard they are going to Betray his ally Claire then it just shows how shady of a gameplayer player Derek X always was. Because it will confirm that he was alright with any player who was a double crosser who goes out of their way to Backstab their closest ally just because she was a white girl. If Derek is still OK with wanting to vote for Hannah and Tiffany to win the game after what Tiffany’s gonna do to Claire in backdooring her. Derek X will then prove that he basically was chill and condoned all the nasty things that those women have said; let alone them basing their decisions on appearance. That is not someone who should be voted for as America’s favorite!

I mean for god sake Alyssa (openly admits) she would never vote out Claire and look what Claire’s closest allies Hannah and Tiffany are doing to her?! If Derek X votes for them Tiffany or Hannah. That’s just further proves that Derek X condones gameplay of back stabbers Who are cold hearted and nasty Tiffany and Hannah. If Derek X does THAT! That is not somebody who is America’s favorite everybody! It’s simple; the hatred is in the people you like!


Claire is such a two faced liar. She is getting her wish. Get the whites out. Claire will feel so foolish when she goes back and watches this. If this were whites talking and planning to get the blacks out, there would be hell for CBS to pay.




You so right!! I meant Tiffany with regard to what she is doing to Claire. I was too wound up to type correctly.


The Co isn’t saying lets get the whites out tho.


Yes, they are. Have you not watched any of the live feeds????


honestly i haven’t watched them or an episode in a very long time. Getting my info from OBB. I knew it was gonna be a landslide and it would be difficult for anyone to callout the CO.

Jaymie lee

Yep it started with the Whites. then Derek x cause he wasnt Black. though im told he was a ‘PoC’ whatever that pc term is. Still wasnt the right colour of Black? and Alyssa is too white to them. To say the Cookout arent voting strictly on skin colour is lying. People want to say there not being racist, what do you calk an All Black alliance voting everyone out that isnt Black. Racism.


Somebody should shut this sh!t show down. Oh, but it’s for their “cause”. Screw their cause. Racism in any form is NOT RIGHT! Why is the world being subjected to this?
If you’re going to tell me to just not watch, I don’t. It makes me sick that blatant racism is given such a platform. Can’t you imagine, with all of the other bad stuff in our country…with Biden and Afghanistan, etc…how other nations perceive us? It’s a total embarrassment!

Buh Bye

Like the CO or loathe the CO, it’s just a scripted game show for fun. You cannot seriously be comparing BB to an actual horrendous war? Can we just argue BB without getting into politics? Please?


If only they had thrown the hoh to Azah, they wouldn’t be having these issues smh. But they’re never all on the same page because the alliance is too big and nobody trust each other at this point.


Round 2 of Azah & Big D

This was in followup to Big D telling Azah she’s ridden his coat tails the entire game & she followed up with X for his input (which was identical)

The entire conversation no matter what Azah says Big chauvinist finds a way to spin his response back to it ALL being Tiff’s fault (it’s literally getting beyond acceptable now between him & X)


Azah tells DF she went to Tiff about them telling Claire the truth, and she agreed & then told Ky and Han who also are on board but X isn’t.
Big D: it’s hard bc we’re all putting in work and all trying but Tiffany

Azah asked X how he feels about her (what she brings to game). She knows how Tiff feels (she got positive feedback from Tiff fwiw) & she doesn’t care about the others (Ky/Hannah), & says X couldn’t come up with one example of how she pulled her weight.

Couch says he doesn’t feel that way & she reminds him that was precisely what he said last night & DF tells her he was frustrated she didn’t want to go along with X/DF plan (that ONLY helps X btw) & X feels that way only bc he’s OTB. She replies X was able to offer something everyone offers except for her.

And wait for it — X’s response spins back to this being ALL TIFF’s fault..

He (X) looks at it as someone messed up (why? b/c she put up Ally & not Claire) while me and you did everything we are supposed to do, and bc this person is in power and could put any of us up, she said she’d take ownership and responsibility and she’s not doing that. (Um YES she is taking ownership & full responsibility – putting up Claire & trying to be fair about the message so no one in CO is hurt by what she says). He goes into everything X has done like going OTB 3 times —

Come on – X has been NOMINATED ONCE — in truth he landed their once b/c his crush decided to play roulette & the ball landed on his face, and the second time b/c he didn’t trust the CO – that punishment was unnecessary – he did it so DX was guaranteed to be back doored — a totally self serving move- I just can’t.

Surely Azah is reading the room – this is a full on attack of Tiff who could have the $750k cheque in her hand to give to Big D & he would find a way to spin that as a negative.

Hannah joins their convo to report on chat with Ky & Tiff regarding their thoughts on what to tell Claire — and you guessed it this is an issue only happening b/c of Tiff:

Big D: I feel like the reason we’re telling them about the Cookout is to cover everyone’s asses, when we wouldn’t have to do that had Kyland won.

WTF is he talking about – – Claire would STILL be up & leaving — so how would Ky being HOH be any different in them wanting to send her to jury with a reason why they (Azah/Hannah) aren’t voting for her to stay vs. X? This is bordering on serial attack at this point. It’s literally disgusting & out of control & surely Azah, Hannah & Ky have to realize how inappropriate/unreasonable X & DF are being in their attacks.

After Big D leaves Azah is clearly frustrated as she discusses with Han essentially what I noted above Claire leaving (regardless by whose nomination) is still going to jury & there are votes to consider & Han mentions & I don’t want to lose her friendship outside the house. The problem is DF & X spin everything back to being Tiffany being the reason every problem they are facing is happening – the duo are so intent on trying to turn everyone against Tiff b/c their plan is take out Tiff at F7 so they need to keep pushing this narrative even on items that Tiff has no direct impact/effect on.

X has emboldened Big D & they both are walking a fine line as Azah is just about to tip over the edge (Hannah/Ky might not be far behind) with this Tiff attack.. there are red flags popping up everywhere. Here’s hoping that quartet stops long enough to say – okay that’s enough — if you don’t stop we’ll just take out X!

I’m out – Tiff is telling Claire & I’m already crying so I can’t type anymore.

F*ck you Big D & X — yeah Tiff ruined your games STFU


Of course….Tiffany “drops the hammer” and as soon as Tiffany says “you can hit me” the feeds go to “We’ll be right back “


missed it damn it.
Did Tiff tell her the truth????!

another name


The lie that it isn’t an alliance that Tiff told Claire was a humiliation and a worthless backstab.
The false hope that Claire will stay, that’s BITCH and an outright lethal injection.
If she’s going to rip off the bandaid, rip it off.

I mean, Claire’s played the game like an idiot. Especially after D/R calls lasting up to an hour and a half.
But that whole when you look back shit in the midst of two lies?
Drown in the guilt in jury Tiff, is my response.
More likely she’ll whine about how SHE was betrayed. And warned. And be self righteous about how her morals are intact. Eyeroll.

When Ky exposes it was an alliance in the gbm… oops.
When Azah exposes it’s a mission in her gbm… oops.
When X egotistically brags in his gbm… oops.

I mean… Azah has already told Ky and X that Tiff has exposed to Claire she’s going.
Spiral bitch spiral grumble spiral moan spiral how do we spin it so she takes the heat?

Claire’s right, send Claire out, Tiff follows right behind her. And it will be her own fault.
And Tiff still thinks she’s fine until 6 (shush that’s what her brain is telling her).
Claire after she stops crying: “they may all be laughing, oh Tiffany’s gonna send out her best ally, but you have to stick to your guts, you have to stick to what you said, and I respect that.”
In other words Claire remembered every suspicion she’s had since week two all in one tear fest. She’s still being nice. She’s still being Team Tiff. And I’m finding myself wanting that to fester and eat away at TIff. Because the actual cost of playing the game by being a manipulator and backstabber that she was laughing about with Ky last night / this morning… I want them to have to actually own their game and feel that. That’s my popcorn.

No sympathy is going to come from me for Tiff. I’ve said that since she came up with the plus one plan, and the first time she offered Claire up as a sacrifice (she wanted Claire gone first from the pawns). If you can’t own the strategy you choose, kick rocks.
That’s the game and the strategy that was chosen by the cookout. Betray then spin contol.
They CHOSE to become completely personally entangled with their plus one, and then stab them in the back. That’s why every week when the cookout member cries I have no sympathy. It’s their plan. Become best friends with a pawn, manipulate the shit out of them and backstab them. That’s the strategy and I’m cool with that. The emotional bullshit about how much it hurts them to betray and backstab? STFU. If the emotion was about the person they betrayed, not self pity, I’d be fine. It’s self pity every time.

It’s the game they chose, so own the game. Don’t cry for sympathy about the game that’s been chosen.

Just like I want Dx to kick himself repeatedly for not ensuring his safety, and Sb and Claire to kick themselves repeatedly for not making the move that was best for them when they had HOH powers, I want Tiff to kick herself repeatedly.
X and Ky? who give a fuq?


It’s about time Azah is realizing that she doesn’t deserve to be here!

Buh Bye

And BigD?


I don’t mention BIg D and Azah together b/c He’s completely at a whole different level! Lol


Uh oh, reality is hitting Azah… about time. Never seen BB played exclusively from a bed before…