Tiff “As much as I want to ride this thing out with you…” Claire “You’re going to put me up?!”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Claire going up and is the target. The maneuvering within the 6 is in full force.

3:30pm HOH room. Claire and Tiffany.
Tiff – I am trying to figure out my options. Now I’ve won my second HOH .. they’re letting me know I’m a target now. I don’t know what deals I can make to keep myself out of trouble. Of course she is going to use the veto on herself so I am struggling. As best as I could try to keep personal gameplay out of this game .. I am in a position where my personal decisions are going to affect my game play. For the last four weeks we have been targets in the house. I know you’ve been a target and I wanted to win last week to keep us safe. This week I want to win to keep us safe, especially you. Now I know I am more of a target than you. Alyssa was my target. I don’t have any game deals with X but on a personal level .. I don’t want to be the person to send out Azah, Chaddha, Big D, Ky or X. Claire – yeah. Tiff – I knew they were all coming for you. I don’t want to sit them next to each other. I knew they were all coming for you and that they didn’t want me to win. I won anyway because I wanted to keep you safe. As much as I want to ride this out with you I don’t have anyone else but the five. Claire – you’re going to put me up? Tiff – I have to put you up but you more than anybody have the opportunity to beat X. Claire – they’re just going to vote me out! Tiff they’re just going to vote me out! Big D, Alyssa, Ky will all just vote me out. Tiff – Azah and Chaddha may not vote you out and then you only need one more person. I love you to death. I have been so torn yesterday and today. There are two things I never wanted to do in this game. I never wanted to be the one to send you home. I never wanted to be the one to put you up or put you in jeopardy. Game aside I didn’t want to be responsible for sending any of them home. If X goes home this week, its not on me. If I put another one next to him, I have sealed someone’s fate. When this game is done I have to be comfortable with the way I played this game. I knew they were coming for you and I tried best I could to put you in a situation where you wouldn’t go home. I am struggling with my personal decisions in this game.

Tiff – I do think you have the opportunity to stay in this game. I don’t want to lie to you. Claire – are you in an alliance with them? Tiff – no, I had my own way I wanted to play this game. If you go, I know I am behind you and that is fine with me. I do think you have a chance with Chaddha and Azah… and even Ky. Claire – I don’t think Ky will keep X over me. Tiff – I don’t want you to give up. Claire – no obviously not. Tiff – I couldn’t lie to you. You mean too much to me. If it makes you feel differently about me then I can’t hold anything against you. You love and respect you. Claire – I know. Tiff – I want you to fight. I don’t want X to stay in this house. Claire – you have to play this game how you said you were going to .. and If I go I won’t hold it against you. Claire is crying. Claire – when I came in this game I said I would not care about anyone but when I saw you I knew I would go to the end with you. And I knew if I got to the end with you what you would win. IF I go this week .. you fight and you win the veto! Tiff – I have so much respect for you. Claire – I have so much respect for you. Tiff – so I am not saying anything to anyone. I will leave that to you. Claire – yes, you don’t say anything to anyone. I will go out there and I will fight .. and the vote will be what it will be.. and I will never hold this against you! Tiff – thank you. You are an amazing woman. I hope you stay this week Claire. Claire – You don’t have to justify this to me. Don’t make me vote for anyone else in the end… I will only vote for you. This week I will campaign but hopefully I can get them to think about X .. if they send me out, they send me out. I can just point out what a good game he’s playing. He beats absolutely everyone. He will say that he is playing an honest game but not really. Tiff – don’t forget what he did to Brent. They hug. Claire – you will always be my friend. Tiff – that means more to me than anything. If I came into this house and found a friend and I lost her .. that is not worth it to me. Money cannot buy me love. Claire – If I go out this week I would not stop loving you. Tiff – now we fight! Claire – you don’t have to say anything. I will fight. Tiff – and I will do whatever you need me to. Claire – I love you Tiff. Tiff – thank you for your understanding. Claire – you will always have my respect.

4:45pm Living room. The other house guests are chatting about random things while heavy conversations are happening in the HOH room.

5pm HOH room. Tiff tells Ky about how the conversation went with Claire. Tiff – I didn’t say anything different than what I told you I would tell you. We cried a whole lot and laughed about some things. She is a phenomenal young lady. I just feel so bad. Tiff starts to cry. KY hugs her. Tiff – I honestly trust Claire more than I trust anybody in this house. Ky – yeah. Tiff – and I know that she would never do that to me. She knows I don’t want to do it to her either but she is such an amazing person .. she understands .. she is like you don’t have to explain. I completely understand. She is cool. Ky – what does she think you’re telling me? Tiff – I said I am not telling anyone. She said that she wants to fight for herself. I am only telling you what I told her, how she interpreted it and how she took it.

5:30pm – 6pm Bedroom – Claire talking to the cameras.
Claire – I have to fight. Maybe I do stay. Maybe Ky looks out for himself. Maybe Azah looks out for herself and hopefully Chaddha looks out for herself. I believe Chaddha will look out for herself. Maybe Alyssa sees that they would all want her out before they want X out. I will never have Big D’s vote. It is what it is. Maybe I go out on the double but hopefully X leaves before me. If I do leave .. that will suck. That would be awful! But I do mean that I won’t be mad at Tiff. And honestly if Tiff is playing me .. then damn! Tiff should win this game .. but I don’t think she is. Even if I do go out I will never regret aligning with Tiff. Tiff was the very first person I saw in this game. Doesn’t mean that I would have been okay going to the end with her and getting second place price.. $75,000 second place prize by the way. But I would have gone as far as possible. Some times this game is very very fun and some times it just sucks! And this sucks!! I won’t be mad at Tiff. I have to keep going. I am a fighter, I can do this! I have to make it through. I can’t be mad at Tiff. I just can’t because I love her. It is what it is. Maybe I do have a shot. I don’t think its a for sure thing.. It depends. It depends on two people coming together.. Azah and Ky. I am not mad about going on the block but I am sad. As the great Danielle Reyes said “Its not personal, its just business!”

6pm – 6:20pm Hammock – Claire and Kyland.
Claire – well Ky, you’re not going to hit the block. Ky – I feel like that is unlikely. Claire – no I know it. I know you’re not going to. Ky – Chaddha told me that the scenarios are that I am most likely to go up if she wants to keep X and you or her if she wants him to go home. And the odd of her putting up you or her are low. Claire – its not that low.. its pretty high. Ky – did she say this directly? Claire – its going to be me. Ky – what’s her rational .. her plan .. her deal? Claire – I don’t know what she is going to tell people but I think it is two fold. That I am the most likely person he potentially goes against.. and then I also think it is somewhat personal that she doesn’t want to put you next to him. Or Chaddha, or Azah, or Big D next to him.. which I understand. Like it is something she said to herself before she came. Ky – like Da’Vonne (Rogers). Claire – yeah. Ky – I can see that. Claire – but I will still fight to stay. Ky – what will she ask people to do? Claire – I don’t know if she is going to say anything. I am just going to fight. If he (X) is at the end he wins. Anyone next to him .. they go home. Ky – is she doing this without making a deal with him? Claire – I think so. She said that she doesn’t have a deal with him. Ky – where do you think Azah sits between you two? Claire – I don’t know. I think the kings and the jokers probably do have a four. Ky – do you think its a four or two threes? Claire – Hmmm.. that’s interesting. Maybe. I think if I sell Azah.. X always takes Big D over her. Ky – what do you mean? Claire – Like X would bring Big D further than he would bring Azah. He (X) is too good. I think that X is the Dan (Gheesling) of the season. Ky leaves. Claire – I still can’t trust Ky .. but I have to.

6:30pm – 7pm Havenot room – Hannah, Xavier and Alyssa. Hot Takes with with Hannah
They’re getting Alyssa to do ZINGS..
Alyssa – what’s bigger Big D’s delusion that he’s winning big brother or that he’s got a chance with Ky?
Alyssa – I don’t know what Claire is worse at picking up cards or losing vetos?
Alyssa – what is Alyssa’s biggest mistake in the Big Brother house, believing X or getting with a 21 year old?
Alyssa – X, what feels better Whitney rubbing lotion on you or getting Christian’s sloppy seconds?
Alyssa – What do you think takes more of Hannah’s time doing Hot Takes with Hannah or being behind X’s shadows?

7:40pm Living room. Big D, Alyssa and Xavier.
Big D – I am exhausted! If I make it past this week, I am not being a havenot ever again. I am done! I am done! I am done! This is it! Two times like if they don’t drop this havenot sh*t when we get to top six I cannot make it anymore. This is just too much! Alyssa – I don’t feel bad! Big D – I am sorry .. yes you’re right you’re the only one in the house that’s had to do it three times!

7:50pm Hammock. Hannah and Claire.
Hannah – How’s your day been? Claire – what a weird day. What an odd day its been. Hannah talks about what she did todya. Claire then talks about her day. Tiff joins them.

9pm HOH room. Azah and Big D.
Big D – you could just probably tell that you’re annoyed with him. Azah – well ending that conversation that I was telling you about earlier, he (Xavier) ends with oh we probably shouldn’t be hanging out with each other. And I was like who suggested that?! And he was like oh never mind. And then he was like Alyssa said that we shouldn’t be hanging out with each other to keep up with this elaborate ruse or whatever and also because of the zing-bot whatever thing. My slight irritation or annoyance was that he backtracked on that. But the same things that people call me out about Britini is where he needs to be at with Alyssa. Big D – oh for sure and you tell him that. Azah – the problem I have is that you have difficulty playing the game because of someone else. Big D – you need to express your opinions with him. Azah – oh I do express my opinions with him. I don’t think he feel guilty. At the end of the day he doesn’t feel that I have shown or cannot recall how I have played my part .. then that is on him. Big D – that is on him. Big D – who would you want to take out if you had the opportunity? Azah – Ky. What about you? Big D – I think you already know that. Azah – Tiff? Big D – yes. Alyssa and Hannah join them.

9:40pm Backyard – Tiff and Claire.
Tiff – One thing that I am not going to do is I am not going to get stressed out about this sh*t, when is is my time to go, its my time to go. Claire – yup. Tiff – I will continue to fight but.. Claire – yeah you have to continue to fight. Tiff – if we can get X out this week that opens up a lot of possibilities because he has a lot of power.

10:40pm – 11:10pm Xavier and Alyssa playing pool.

11:20pm Backyard. Tiffany and Azah.
Tiffany – they (jurors) will see it and they will wonder why I put her up and she is going to tell them why I put her up. So I have to say something in my own words. Azah – Mmmhhmmm do you have any idea? Tiff – it is going to have to be relevant to what I told her.. somehow. I don’t have any idea but I am definitely going to have to think about it. Azah – I know you will come up with something but I will be happy to help think about it too. Tiff – you helped me today. You helped me a lot. I don’t know that I would have been this confident with giving myself my other option to be honest but still allow you guys to have your anonymity. Azah – I appreciate it. Tiff – god sent you to me this morning.

11:35pm – 12:14am Living room – The house guests are playing detectives / mafia.. Harry Potter edition..

12:16am Bathroom. Alysssa, Tiffany and Claire are getting ready for bed.
Alyssa – I have to use the tiny veto tomorrow. Tiff – do you think there is a tiny box? Alyssa – oh my god that would be so cute!

12:20pm Big D heads to bed in the havenot room “so that Claire and Alyssa are never alone.” In the havenot room – Big D talks to Alyssa. Big D – .. out of here is by putting up Claire or Kyland or something. That’s what I said. Alyssa – what did she say? Big D – she was like okay, that makes sense. I understand that. You’re right. Alyssa – she thinks that if she uses you or Azah that X will go home? Big D – Mmmmhhmmm.. but she is going to talk to Azah and then go forward from there. If we pull this off.. Alyssa – YO ..if I orchestrated this sh*t and Claire goes out .. I am not dumb anymore! Azah needs to f**king sell it dude! Azah needs to sell IT! Big D – if Tiff puts up Claire… Alyssa – then you have to .. you HAVE TO vote out Claire. Big D – no of course.

12:30am – 12:50am Bathroom. Hannah and Claire.
Hannah – how do you feel about this week and going forward to next week? Claire – oh Chaddha, I’m going up. Claire – Tiffany is putting you up? Claire nods and says Yup! Hannah – Instead of Big D? Claire – Mmmmhmmm. Hannah – with the intention of sending X home? Claire – yeah. Hannah – okay. How does that work? Claire – she hopes that Azah keeps me over him. Hannah – okay. Claire – and she knows that if I go she (Tiff) is probably following. Hannah – okay HHmmmm.. I am processing it right now sorry. Claire – I’ve been processing all day. Hannah – how do you feel about it? Claire – I’ve already had a long cry about it with Tiff but I have come to accept it. I am not going to fight her on it. Hannah – how comfortable do you feel about Azah’s vote? Claire – not comfortable with her vote. Hannah – okay.. Claire – 50% with Ky’s vote. I feel like I have your vote. Hannah – Mmmmhmmm. Claire – so not that well. But I think there are arguments. I think it makes sense for Ky to keep me. I don’t know what he has with X but it makes more sense for him to keep me. Then it comes down to Azah. Hannah – okay! The Jokers have so much power in this.. Claire – I know .. they really do! Hannah – they’re always the swing. Claire – they really are. I want to hope that Azah keeps me but I am not sure. Hannah – Tiff is right if end up going this week ..then there is no way they don’t take her out in the Double if I don’t win.

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BB fan

It’s insane to think that Tiffany keeps talking to Claire as though she wants to stay loyal and say that Claire I don’t want you to leave when every single time Tiffany opens her mouth and speaks to Claire she is lying to her! Loyalty my ass Tiffany.

New Kid

I agree. Tiffany is the absolute worst. She is so selfish and demanding and now it’s biting her in the ass. All she had to do was throw the HOH to KY since it made perfect sense for him to win it as he had reasons for targeting both Claire and Alyssa. Also, it would make him into a bigger target for later on. But instead, due to her enormous ego she just had to win another HOH for her own selfish reasons. Xavier threw the comp selflessly because he knew that Alyssa had to be one of the available targets. Despite not wanting to go on the block again for the 3rd frickin week he still threw the HOH for the cookout (and ppl actually question his loyalty to the cookout which is ridiculous because he’s been the MOST loyal of all of them along with Ky). Whereas Tiffany hasn’t touched the block once and once again due to selfish reasons she refuses to follow the plan (1st time was during Ky’s second HOH where Claire was supposed to be the actual target but Tiffany, being the selfish troll that she is refused to let go of Claire and talked him out of it. Resulting in KY going for Brittany and basically butchering his social game by going back on his deal with her…and ppl say KY hasn’t been loyal to the cookout…). Overall, I’m absolutely over Tiffany at this point. All she’s done this season is talk crap about Sarah Beth NON STOP like some mean girl bully from high school all because she’s jealous that Sarah Beth took Ky’s attention from her. I don’t know how anyone can seriously tolerate Tiffany at this point. All she does is talk crap about Sarah Beth and throw Ky, X, and Big D under the bus any chance she gets. I feel the most sorry for Claire right now being targeted by someone she really looked up to and respected which could have been COMPLETELY avoided if Tiffany wasn’t so damn selfish and would have just thrown the HOH like Xavier did. I completely understand Xavier’s frustration with her and it’s definitely warranted considering all things that he has done for the cookout (such as going on the block a 3rd time as a pawn, taking the target off Hannah back when Sarah Beth was gunning for her, etc) compared to Tiffany who’s done absolutely nothing for the cookout except form the alliance and then start drama with basically EVERYONE in the alliance (except Hannah). I almost wish that Alyssa wins the next HOH and puts Tiffany up to get her off her damn high horse and then they can finally vote her out!
Ok a side note I don’t understand all the hate around Ky. Yes he mumbles alot but he hasn’t said or done anything rude or demeaning to anyone in the house. Plus he’s handled both his HOHs very well and put the cookout ahead every time. It also doesn’t make sense how any time KY tries to win anything everything bashes him and talks do much crap about him (like when he didn’t throw the HOH to Azah and she bashed him for a week) but whenever Tiffany does something selfish its for some reason “acceptable? For instance, this week Tiffany didn’t throw the HOH to Azah and instead of Azah bashing Tiffany, both of them still find some reason to pin it on KY even though it was the plan for him to win the HOH….It’s almost like they’re afraid of her or something.


It’s truly sad and unfortunate how dirty Claire is getting done right now by Tiffany.
This backstab is completely inconceivable. It Defies all or any logic that involves playing big brother strategically. It is completely stupid that Tiffany is wanting to backdoor Claire at 8 and keep X with Derek F safe when all they are doing is targeting Tiffany next week! Claire deserved a lot better and it is sad to see her so upset because she thought her final two was loyal like she was. In yet for her loyalty, Claire is getting repaid by a backdoor by her closest ally on what is a combination of one of the worst games moves and most infamous backstabs that we are going to ever SEE what Tiffany is about to do.


There hasn’t been any strategic play this season. I

Game shows lover

Claire will be fine, it is the game. Not like us sitting home and getting upset. those players on BB knows how it goes, they all will cry and get over it. Tiffany is not the first and will not be the last, alliance comes before an individual. The word truth is used by the players a lot but BB has no one to trust but yourself. They all come into the house not even saying what they do for living and you want to trust someone or someone to trust you when you have already lied day one? They all will cry and be fine. Only one person gets to win. I hope it is Tiffany.


I just wish Tiffany had taken the shot against the guys and put up Ky next to X. Let them campaign it out as the remaining women – including Alyssa & Claire start making big game moves. The odds that a CO member winning are still very high and the CO women can eliminate Claire & Aly after the guys are gone and fair play.

But if I were really trying to win the $$ — that’s what I would do. AND it’s not like the guys aren’t all sour, salty, & crusty about the women having power and plan to get rid of them if they can. What do you think? Would that break the mission or just be a good game move?


This just breaks my heart for Tiffany. They need to get X out NOW and I think Kyland understands that, as well. Tiff is done if Claire leaves and DF or Alyssa win HOH next week. Darn!!


X is production’s golden boy this season. Can the HGs start to think for themselves (not drink the DR kool-aid) and win the necessary comps to get him out? I doubt it, but it would make for a fantastic viewing night on DE.

BTW, if the other CO members remain loyal and Alyssa is evicted in the double, then X expended all of this time and energy to keep her for an extra 45 minutes. That makes me laugh.

The Beef

They don’t have to win a single comp to get X out. All they have to do is vote right. If Azah, Hannah and Ky were to do that, X would be GONE, 3-2!

Will they do that? Highly unlikely. It would take some serious mind changing on the part of all of them. We know Hannah will most likely throw Claire the one “sympathy” vote, but can Claire convince the other two it’s in their best interest to keep her around as well, in light of their “mission”? If X keeps running his mouth, running down Azah’s game to her, then maybe there’s a chance with her (a very small chance). I could see Ky strategically changing his vote to get rid of X, but it just might be a bit early for him to do that now.


Tiff is not the victim here.


So Claire will find out about the alliance in the Jury house if not by the Goodbye messages


Oh, Claire knows. She has two eyes and a f*#k-ing brain in her head. She knows. She’s just been acting stupid as directed by the DR for weeks now.


Curious to see how everything shifts (whether or not Alyssa is the 2nd one out the door)after the 2nd elimination and whether the 3 kingdoms (DF and Azah’s room, Gym room with X & Kyland, & the HoH room ?) will go after each other. Also curious as to when they will be told about the 2nd double elimination.


3 kingdoms. Lol. I predict that DF and Azah will do whatever X tells them to do. Ky and Hannah will try to play the middle. The guys are going to try to throw the HOH to Alyssa, so she can take out Tiff. If Hannah can pull out the win, however, she will put up Alyssa.


I agree.
We knew for a long time whoever made it to F7 had two pathways the one non-CO either wins HOH or POV or If they don’t win they go to jury. If second happens then we get to see CO fight it out.

Ty B

OMG! They finally made me cry. I love Tiffany and Claire’s relationship!

Just Sayin'

Lol its complete bullshit. Claire has to say she’s ok with it or she’ll be in big social media trouble when she gets out, so of course she acts cool. And tiff? Literally Claire said are you in an alliance with them? And tiff said no. She’s blatantly lying to her “friends” face and making her look like an idiot. I highly doubt they’ll be besties after this show


or maybe, just maybe she understands? People have had to turn on their #1’s for a bigger alliance in the past (and not to make themselves the next target)… and I’m sure claire understands this alliance means more to her FRIEND than a game. So just chill. Just bc you aren’t empathetic doesn’t mean others can’t be..


To me, Tiff wasn’t empathetic. If their friendship was deeper than the show, be forthright and tell your “friend” about the Cookout. Own your decisions. At this point, Tiff doesn’t want to put that out there even though Claire guaranteed Tiff her vote. Claire is the unfortunate one drawing the short straw here.

Et tu Brute?

BB fan

“Claire said are you in an alliance with them? And tiff said no.”
Exactly Tiffany is a bold face dirty liar blatantly lying to Claire while she’s bawling her eyes out in front of her. There is no way that Claire should vote for her or ever want to talk to her after the show because tiffany just used Claire and is getting claire out based on what she looks like. While still clearly lying to Claire’s face saying I don’t want to lie to you Claire but I’m not gonna answer your question straight up when you ask me if I’m in a bigger alliance. Tiffany Backdooring Claire is a BETRAYAL of the LIKES that we’ve never seen!
This is a move that is completely stupid because all of the men in cookout have Tiffany circled as their first target at 6! How ironic! Tiffany is going to get taken out first in her alliance by her own alliance members! You don’t get rid of somebody like Claire with eight people left who wants to take you to the very end to the final two over three men who want to take you out in very next week!?! That is just straight stupidity further explaining why you don’t make decisions in big brother basing your allies off of race ! Claire was 100% loyal and unwavering how much she trusted Tiffany and yet Tiffany wants to back door her with eight people still left in the house!
Tiffany is committing a BACKSTAB OF EPIC PROPORTIONS WHILE MAKING A STUPID GAME MOVE in backdooring Claire!
Tiffany is literally writing her own eviction next Thursday and committing the biggest betrayal in the shows history all because Claire is a white girl.


Hmmm. Will X be exposed during the1st double eviction if Alyssa is not the 2nd person out of the door?

Hopeful for a Good Season

So it looks as if Tiff told Claire about the Cookout however saying she isn’t part of that alliance.


I think she can just assume it exists esp. as she was joking abt it with derek x


Watching the episode right now and Tiff should have just gave the HOH to Kyland. His point of not raising any red flags with Alyssa and Claire was a good idea. Tiff has nobody to blame but herself for the situation she’s in now.

Big Brother 23 Fan

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone get as bad of an edit as Tiffany got tonight. Sounds like production is wanting her out at 7.


Tiffany usually gets a bad edit, and DF and Xavier get a great edit—never showing the nasty things they say.

The Beef

Agreed it was a horrendous edit for Tiff. They completely white-washed the whole Ky was supposed to throw to Azah narrative, and just made Tiff look totally selfish, which I think was their goal. They clearly didn’t want her winning this week, which is why it’s no surprise the veto was one that favored someone with small agile hands (Alyssa).

Lorrene Kohnhorst

Tiffany is still lieing and setting her set up good with Claire, but it will come out! Also what’s up with Hannah she’s been all over the house today in everybody’s ear saying what everybody wants to hear, today she is actually floating must’ve been some thing ZINGBOT said.


Yeah, Zingbot said no one knows her name and she’s irrelevant so she went hardcore talking game to everyone last night while Tiff secluded herself in the HOH room. Hannah was on a mission and even made a final three with Alyssa (including Tiff) in case she wins veto, but I’m not sure if she ever told Tiff Lol


No the F3 is with them & X – Hannah tried to include Tiff but Ally is too well versed on anti-Tiff from X and said no to that. BUT should Ally win DE HOH watch for Hannah to say we need to get Big D out of this house & he only goes sitting beside Azah.


From what they’ve said, Zingbot told Hannah no one knows her name and she’s irrelevant so last night she went and talked game to everyone while Tiff was secluded in the HOH room. She even made a final 3 with Alyssa (and included Tiff) in case she wins veto but I don’t know if she’s told Tiff about it lol I believe Alyssa didn’t tell X, though, and I think Alyssa told Hannah that she knows she can’t beat X so he’ll have to go. Something like that. Azah was stressed because Zingbot said something about X not liking her and her being naive and so X had to placate her. I think Zingbot told X he’s arrogant, Claire she’s bigfoot or a giraffe- something like that- and called Alyssa “dim” and I can’t recall the others.


What a joke. I really don’t care what anyone else thinks of the Cookout, it’s absolute bs and a pathetic way to play the game. Like good luck to poc in future seasons, now that players are going to be counting gender AND race to keep the house “equal.”
Tiffany is like: Sorry Claire, I’m throwing you on the block knowing that you’re going to be evicted, even though you’re my closest friend and ally in the house, but you ain’t black so peace out.
And she gave her such a miserable excuse for putting her up. Honestly I don’t think anyone this season really deserves to win. Alyssa, Hannah, and Claire haven’t done enough, Big D and Azah are quite literally a waste of space, Xavier won HOH once POV maybe once or twice and sat around doing nothing but thinking he was hot sh!t, then there’s Tiffany where the only difference between her and Big D/ Azah is that she at least won something. That leaves only Kyland, and yes he’s annoying sometimes, but at least he’s playing an actual game. Though I’m sure he’ll be one of the first CO members to leave, since everybody is all bent out of shape by his friendship with Sarah Beth. I get that she made some bad game moves and at times came off harsh, but that didn’t warrant the nastiness she received from the others in the house. Mocking her voice, her appearance, her sexuality. Two-faced the lot of them.
I can only hope for a mundane Kyland win, or an act of God to bring back Derek X. Though I’m sure production has already decided that a battleback would somehow be a “covid risk.” Hopefully next season will actually be Big Brother again.

Aunt cece

They are literally playing a game based on nothing but skin color helped along by Big Brother. Anyone who doesn’t have a problem with that would be screaming if white players were doing the same. Racism is racism and this is the game being played this season.

Jaymie lee

Its the rationale i keep getting is its only racist if its a White alliance. The CookOut all of sudden blinders go up. And it cant be Racist. Julie is to blame too because she wont call it out but lets be honest she should say so what derek x wasnt teh right colour too. What will they tell alyssa sorry your too fair even though shes not white. –Not Racist Not Racist they cant be racist, dear there Black!?!.! ?????


Big Brother is only fun when you expect the unexpected, but I have fully expected a Black winner since day one.


When survivor come will be the same thing this year

Game shows lover

Were the brigade, level 6, quack pack, scamper squad, detonators not all white alliances? Julie has nothing to say about the CO because all the prior alliances has been about skin colors. These alliances didn’t have to say we are getting all the back out first (which has been two or three poc by the way with no chance of winning) they already knew what to do. Oops… u all have forgotten how BB gone.


Dan is Guatemalan. Enzo is Italian. Kaycee is Filipino. Neither of those are white. Those that are all white alliances didn’t get together on the basis that they were white like the cookout did because they were black. Racists plain and simple. Woke culture ruined Big Brother, this is my first time posting all year and I usually post many times a season, this one has been so boring.

Cee Dee

Im not sure how Dan is Guatemalan… is that where he was born? LOL!! Italian isn’t white? LMAO!! Someone needs to learn the difference between race and nationality. If I as a betting person I would bet that Enzo and Dan both check the white box when they have to answer that question on a form. Cause Italian sure isn’t there.


You seriously need to take a course on Race, Ethnicity & Nationality. Seeing “Italian” isn’t white is one of the stupidest comments I have ever seen. Beyonce, Julie Chen, Britney Spears… they are all Americans and guess what? None of them are the same race/ethnicity. Same goes for the whole population of Italy: they aren’t just one race.


I just don’t understand how basing things on race advances ANYONE’S world. So they win because they’re black & others have won because they’re white . How in the world does this advance race relations? I was so looking forward to this season because I thought there were some excellent players and an excellent mix, who would game, strategize, etc. I have never (& still do not) give a durn about player’s race. I absolutely hate that it’s devolved into this. These mini Al Sharpton’s & Jesse Jackson’s in training will just pocket the money & move on. Bet you never see one of them do anything for “the cause” or the “community”. I absolutely HATE what I’m saying. I truly do.


Oh please enough with the pathetic racism cries, get over yourselves. You clearly don’t know what racism is. I am sure next season you will get your normal male dominated white supremacy season again. No need to complain really.

Judy Walker

I think the cookout is the best thing to happen on BB in many years! Good for the black folks for getting together. They have been loyal to each other in a way that is amazing! I hope they all make it to final 6!

Jaymie lee

You said it. Good for the ‘Black folk’s’. But not good for anyone else wanting to do the exact same thing. Right? Whites cant form an alliance for their skin colour -nope not cool. Chinese all gang up and people would bitch oh look there sticking to their own. But somehow we have to pretend the Cookout aint racist, not buying it. White alliance=we cant have that!!. Black alliance for the ‘culture/pride/cause’ dont see nothing wrong with it. You aint Black you dont get to play this year. NOT RACIST AT ALL. Nothing to see here.


Jaymie Lee- You’ve made it quite clear through your numerous (misspelled and poorly punctuated) comments that you are against seeing an alliance form between POC because you find it racist. I hear you saying that it would be called out for being racist if it were white people doing the same thing. Here’s the rub, it has been done by white people many times before, and yet most viewers were okay to watch an all white alliance steamroll through the house eliminating POC at will. I wonder if you were complaining then? Probably not. Maybe you didn’t complain then because they didn’t “vocalize” their intent to ensure a white person won, but did so in action only. It’s the verbalization of strategy for you, but not the action…right? You don’t have to answer that, we all know…
I don’t think you are going to change your mind about what you deem to be racist. I’m not sure that you grasp the concept of white supremacy, equality, and equity as it applies to the real world, but for a second…can you consider what a win for a Black person would represent? A person watching BB for the first, third, tenth, or 23rd time will finally see someone that looks like them win this game. Aligning with people that are “like each other” happens every year whether it’s based or race, gender, or perceived ability—You seem to be upset that for the first time, Black men and women were equally represented in this house, came up with a strategy to get one or more of their team to the final two, and have successfully executed that plan. It seems like there a quite a few people here that are of that same mindset, and I find that unfortunate. I’m of the opinion that The Cookout, while predictable to watch, are a group of people that care passionately about representation (as it matters), and are willing to work together toward a common goal.
However you feel, a Person of Color is going to win the season. Most likely it will be a Black person…and it’s about goddamn time.??

Cee Dee

Brandi, she would have a problem with it even if they didn’t vocalize it. In the majority of the past season they “white houseguest” ASSUMED that the POC were in alliance because it was just 2 or 3 of them. Remember Howard and Candace and all the other years they did that. And the few times they did align it was because they had no one else to align with.


You are absolutely right. Very good point.


So you assume when several white people are together(in a game or IRL) they are racist? What a life you must live. Because white people make up the majority of the population does not make it a White Supremacist culture. Equality and Equity? The country has bent over backwards for that end. At this point it is just enough. The nitpicking at everything a white person says is racist is ruining this country. As far as this game, I would be surprised if anyone trusts a group of black people again. They have all made it clear that they “stick together” for the “cause”, and would always choose a black person over a white person. It is sad really. This mindset is ruining race relations.


I think it’s the WORST THING that has happened to BB. Just for the fact that, because of being black, players that are totally worthless like Azah and Couch, are being dragged along when there have been others that have been evicted that were far better players. I would not want to win in the game unless I had worthy opponents. I guess this is the black way…


That has been happening since the inception golf the current BB format; that somebody weak and useless gets dragged along. You just have a problem with Black people doing it. Sounds like a “YOU” problem. What’s the “white way? Just wondering?


All this POC is just plain ridiculous racism at its finest. If the non POC did this there would be such and outcry on social media ect


I feel horrible for Claire.
I have a feeling Alyssa won’t be as accepting of Tiffany’s explanation as Claire though…

Bring Back Johnny Mac

I’m so frustrated by Tiffany throwing away her game AND a jury vote. It should’ve been Cookout to jury and then every man for himself, it was too big of an alliance.

another name

My messages from the episode friend are enlightening.


They are editing Ky and X as being right and Tiff breaking the cookout.
They are setting up the X talk of getting rid of Tiff and keeping Alyssa that will happen on Wednesday or Thursday as being justified.
Goldenchild edit remains.
Buckle up for bullshit in the episode edits this week.

that saves Tiff in the first double is the rescheduling of a triple into 2 doubles so that the network can have a showcase episode of the cookout in final 6.
IF the network is trying to ride the cookout for every bit of press and positive feedback from social media…. that’s what they do. Because the happier and more excited the fan base gets about the cookout now, and the more they celebrate the achievement, the more future seasons can point and say it’s not out of prejudice, it’s out of strategic awareness when black people are systematically targeted.


Yep, X is Grod’s Chosen One. On Wednesday, he walks on water. He performs miracles and heals the blind on Thursday. Maybe next Sunday, Mother Teresa will visit the BB House to thank X for the sacrifices he’s made to advance the CO cause.


Wrong San Diego Gal
Mother Teresa shows up but is soon voted out as only POC will be welcomed beginning that week. Hit the bricks Tesa
dont let that door catch your habit. !!

another name

I know I’m talking about what the production team and network gain, and being very cynical.
Look into the history of either CBS or viacom or Flyonthewall a little when it comes to spin control, deniability and unethical treatment, and profiteering from each.
I’m not tilting at windmills. It’s a distinct possibility.


Claire is a class act. I can’t believe she took that line of BS so well. Tiffany really sugar coated the truth and it still came out sounding like a load of ?. Claire just sat there and actually tried to make Tiffany feel better. How does Tiffany come off like the victim? Wait until Clair sees how Tiffany manipulated Claire for CO game moves. I wonder if that friendship will last?

Katrina Kinble

If CBS allowed this Cookout alliance to happen they have no ground to stand on in future seasons when whites, Asians, Hispanics create an alliance solely based on race and find an “opposite” to stick to. They allowed this horrendous type of tribal gameplay to become acceptable.

another name

Watch season 21.
Watch the formation of the committee in season 22. Pay special attention to the part where they say we can’t include one black person, or we have to include the other one.
Hell, look at the weekly nominations.

Now it’s horrendous?
It was always horrendous.
Season 23 is happening because of season 21.


maybe season 23 is happening the way it is “the legacy of George Floyd”

another name

So 21 has no baring on changes to big brother?
incredibly doubtful.
The ONLY reason they called out the idiot winner of that season at the finale is all of their attempts to clean his image fell on deaf ears. Publicity got too intense NOT to do a callout of the one they crafted the season to win.
While the huge outcry concerning George Floyd and the entire movement has some major hand in the changes made from a policy level for 50 50 diversity,
the crafting of this season and the cookout storyline is in answer to 21.
Here’s the groundwork of the trilogy.
21 the network is a willing accomplice in creating a storyline and environment wherein POC are completely dehumanized. 22 has Da’vonne and Kaysar moments in the spotlight addressing the issues, without change. 23 shows the changes and effect of the programs own accessory behavior, highlighting how they’ve changed. If you believe them.

Jaymie lee

What in the heck does that have to do with a reality tv game show?!? I thought it was a game show and not race wars/cnn/sjw


Sorry…it’s a scripted television show. You know, like a soap opera. It was once a game show, but those days were long ago.

Judy Walker

Are you actually kidding? “tribal” gameplay?


i believe your are implying tribal to mean something else bc you get triggered easily. if you vote democrat or republican based on just an R or a D next to the name on nothing else then your are being tribal. If you said that you would never take a vaccine if trump was president and then want everyone to jab themselves now that he isn’t then your ideology is tribal. Yes i was vaccinated.


Another example where everything said is about race. Ever seen Survivor on the same Network? They have tribes. Relax. Not everything is about race unless you look for it in everything.

Jaymie lee

Nope ive been told its only racist if it were White because the Cookout are Black they cant be racist. Though they are kicking out Whites and every other colour if the rainbow taht aint Black. THAT IS RACISM VOTING ON SKIN COLOUR. But thats right its not racist when Blacks do it


It’s sad, now BB will be war of the races. None of the “non” POC (includes baby D) saw color, never thought color was being played in the game. All of the POC played a race game from the beginning, and talk about it amongst themselves. If that ever happened with nonPOC’s it would be blasphemy. All their decisions were/are based solely on race, keeping them all together until final 6.


TIFFANY’s is now ruining her game for the cookout. All three of the men in the cookout have their sights set on Tiffany and she is doing their dirty work getting rid of Claire on her HOH. While she’s probably going in next two rounds due to the men in the cookout lol being sick of her attitude. How ironic is it that Tiffany is going to be taken out first by her own alliance! What Tiffany is about to do to a final 2 Claire in backdooring her at 8 is thee exact reason why you don’t make decisions in big brother based on race!

Buh Bye

Take a breath….


do you hear it,
the CO singing nanananana hey heyy goodbye

Hopeful for a Good Season

Hope Tiff follows Claire to jury in the double on Thursday. She needs to go next then Hannah


I don’t know how to feel about this game. If Tiffany thinks she’s going to the final (2) in the BBQ, she’s kidding herself. If she/they were smart, she should create a sub alliance with Alyssa, Claire, Hannah and what’s her name and go after the rest


I lost all respect for Xavier the moment he tried to shake on a deal post competition. That’s entitlement, arrogance and a bullying move. Anyone but Xavier for the win.


Fingers crossed for a jury member to return to shake this season up.

Daisy may123

I have a question I have forgotten who was big D person and Azah’s person? Has Azah been on the block yet? Thank you

Big Brother 23 Fan

Brittany was Big D and Azah’s person. I don’t think Azah has been on the block yet.

The Beef

Actually Britini was Azah’s pawn. Big D never had one, and it never seemed to bother him, probably because it would have meant he would have to put in work with them, and we all know how Big D doesn’t like to get off of his couch.


Finding it hard just to watch one complete show this year so very Kracken


I totally respect the cookout and what they’re trying to do. They’ve done a great job and played very well to this point. I imagine that public perception and “how it would look” if they turned on each other has a lot to do with how things are going, but I want to note that with the remaining houseguests and what the jury pool would be they’ve basically accomplished their goal. A black houseguest is going to win this season regardless if they stick to final 6 or Tiffany were to turn on them now.

But Tiffany should strongly consider keeping Claire if she wants to have a shot at getting to final 2. I feel like In all likelihood kyland and Xavier are going to steamroll the cookout alliance when it gets to 6. So obviously those two have no problem sticking to the alliance. But I can’t believe the rest of the 4 alliance members aren’t looking at this week as a perfect chance to evict either kyland or Xavier. Really last week was a great opportunity too. It’s not going to be so easy to beat Xavier and kyland when they’re gunning hard for every competition.

Hypothetically speaking if somehow Tiffany were to get to the end with Claire or Alyssa, am I to believe the cookout would not vote for her out of bitterness? She’d still win going away.

She’s going to nominate and evict someone who would never come after her to save some alliance that is ready to pounce on her. I think she’s going to look back on this week with regret once she’s evicted. She may even be following Claire out the door Thursday.

Again I’m sure the way the public may view Tiffany or any member of the CO turning on the alliance prior to making it to 6 has a lot to do with why the or maybe even CBS want to see the alliance all the way through. Because I find it hard to believe these thoughts haven’t come across their minds. It just seems like the perfect time for her to strike. Why else would she have wanted this HOH so bad if not to take advantage of this exact scenario?


If I managed a law firm I dont think I would like one of my attorneys on national TV using the F-bomb every other sentence and refering to something bad as “bitches”. I wouldn’t want to be seen thatway.
Guess his firm must not care?


Or take 2-3 months off for a tv show. I have never found a work privilege like that.

Sir Kirby Williams

Say what you will about each HG, but they all entered the house questioning themselves and what they were willing to do to win this game for themselves and take home 500 grand.

Add to it that they have known since first night that they are playing for 750k, the closer everyone gets to the end, the more they will be willing to do. The backstab, the disloyalty, it’s the game.

Of all the past seasons, many HGs do the meet and greets, many follow each other through social media, but not as many long lasting-long distance friendships emerge from the house as people would like to think.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Players play to win. Tiff is a hustler, I bet she’s taught and reaffirmed to her son A.B.C…..Always Be Closing. She’s a straight up hustler who is there to win, he wanting to win the money for her family far outweighs any empathy she has for Claire. It’s not evil.

She also believes in her cause, whether any of us do or not is irrelevant to her. She’s played hard since the beginning and hasn’t stopped, same as Kyland. They also aren’t not production’s favoured players, so they have to play hard and ensure their own best positioning. Tiff losing Claire does hurt her game, but it seems like she isn’t going to lose Claire’s vote, and if she put any CO member up, the rest of the group may decide to take Alyssa one step farther than Tiff, who is also is unable to play for HOH in an upcoming (and they have correctly predicted) double eviction this week. She would also jeopardize losing CO votes in the finale.

Her winning HOH was dumb, but her and Ky are looking to build a resume, in case they sit beside X on finale. If they sit next to BigD, Hannah, or Azah, they would win because they have a resume, with the only chance of losing being to bitter jury votes.

Cee Dee

Someone gets it! She has to lose Claire to keep votes. Claire still will vote for her, and said she is glad it was her. Claire understands and even said she is not sure if she would have gotten to the end and kept Tiff because you wouldn’t be able to beat her and I think Tiff plans on taking Hannah. It had to be done. Tiff just never planned on being the one to do it.


I would’ve preferred Tiff to tell Claire about the CO but to be fair – – she feels like she can’t b/c of X & Big D. If you watched the night prior Tiff was grilled by X & Big D (with Ky present) on what she PRECISELY was going to say.

I’m not sure if she senses X/DF are looking for any little thing to use in their smear campaign or just being paranoid about the CO getting out. Regardless, it’s primarily about X. She knows Big D hates her.

The fact Tiff, Azah, Ky & Hannah all have no issue exposing the CO but Big D & X is telling — while we listen to constant diatribes & shots fired from the pair can I remind everyone that X was the one who said “majority rules” TPTB have this group so locked down to help X win no one is using game logic. If Tiff wasn’t the HOH I could see her saying to him, I thought you said it was majority rules & 4 of us want to expose the CO — so that only works when it’s convenient for you? I hear I’m not a team player but I didn’t realize we were functioning under a dictatorship!

Aside: Really hope Tiff gets to put him up & say – don’t worry Big D you aren’t the pawn OR her vote is the deciding one for him to stay or go so she can take him to town on how he’s spoke behind her back all while she protected him & he was horizontal 95% of the game.

As for what Tiff told Claire – it’s NOT a lie that she came in wanting a black winner. The part about the CO is easily explained at jury or F2 — X threatened I would lose all CO votes if I didn’t put you up — I became a target b/c I wanted Claire to stay instead of Ally. He rules like a dicatator with his little (well big) henchman pumping up his chest in support.

Hannah, Ky & I tried to reason but I was the first to push my preference versus his & it resulted in him going on an attack of me calling me selfish & constantly badmouthing me to the others.

Everyone but X & Big D wanted to out the CO way back when Brit was leaving but X insisted. And now we know why – he was pretending to believe in the common mission but in reality he was just using that as another level of protection with every intention of bringing Ally to F2 b/c he believes he has 5 CO votes. Because he made a mockery of a cause important to my heart I refuse to give him my vote if he lands in that seat — afterall as per his tweaked CO strategy force upon the other 5 – Ally is also a POC!

Sir Kirby Williams

If you’re correct, it will be interesting to see if he wins HOH in the double. Would he put up Tiff and Ky?