Pili “Are you going to tell B or not?” Ash “She put our whole alliance on the block”

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada gets to vote
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, BRUNO

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 06-14-48-184

9am In the bedroom – Sarah and Godfrey are talking about the triple eviction when Bruno used the veto on Zach. Godfrey says that he doesn’t know what type of plan they (Ash, Zach, Pili, Bruno) have but Britt just has to convince them not to put her up. Sarah says if they put B up you’re going home. There is nothing we can do. Godfrey says yeah I am screwed. They agree that Godfrey can’t push for anyone to go up. Bruno joins them for a bit talking about how much he used to spend on cigarettes and then leaves. Godfrey tells Sarah the best thing about her not going to be on the block is that she doesn’t have to pack. Sarah says its bitter sweet. Sarah asks how could people be so foolish? Godfrey says I don’t know. Sarah asks how can they all think they’re going to take each other to the final 2. Godfrey says I don’t think they’re thinking that far ahead. I don’t know who Bruno thinks will take him amongst those three. I think they’re planning on getting rid of Bruno when they get down to final 3. Godfrey says I really hope your veto is a diamond power of veto. Godfrey thinks she would have need to put up Zach because it would be more likely Bruno would vote him out than the other way around. Sarah says I really don’t think its a diamond power of veto.

9:20am In the kitchen – Bruno tells Zach that Britt already came up to him and said that we was going to do whatever it takes to stay off the block. Zach says when he came in last night Brittnee was already going full tilt. Bruno says she’s already digging herself a hole. Bruno says what happened was the best case. Zach says she was on the block 4 times, won HOH’s, won the HOH during the triple and got out Willow & Kevin.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 06-22-56-960

9:45am – 10am UP in the HOH bathroom – Pilar tells Ashleigh that if B leaves it wont be good for them if Sarah leaves because then it’s just the two of them with 3 guys. Ash says that Sarah can’t go to the end because she is smart and they wouldn’t be able to beat her. Pili says it comes to the point where we need to think about who can we beat. Pili asks are you going to tell B or not? She kind of expects it. Ash says she put our whole alliance on the block. Pili heads down stairs.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-09 06-47-08-904

10:10am – 11:10am The live feeds are blocked..

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i’d rather see britt and/or sarah doing nothing than listening to bru/z over-inflated ego and pili/ash gametalk


Does Pili even know yet that Zack voted for Willow to stay?


And yet she keeps harping on the idea of why Sarah saved her instead of Willow.
Like who cares, isn’t the only thing that should matter be the fact she did vote to save her, unlike Zach and Bruno two people who she is currently working with…..


Probably not i mean we talking about Pilar here, what does she know?

Not really

Ash and Pili are like cats. They get distracted by shiny things (i.e., Sarah)


I doubt Pili even knows how to tell time. All I hear is “SQEEEE” when her and Ash talk game…like air slowly escaping a balloon. But at least Pili doesn’t trust Bruno…too bad Ash is letting Zach think for her. (I think it’s hilarious that she doesn’t wasn’t to be portrayed as not having a mind of her own.)

Ash has nothing to contribute to the game…or our entertainment…except smugly sit up in the HOH and do her nails for the past month. That is why I LOVE that it’s her HOH that going to be a waste this week and that Zachula will be leaving because of it. (The look on her face will be the first entertainment she will have provided yet.)

When she puts Britt up, I hope Britt regrets not putting her up instead of Willow…like she SHOULD have done…and that Britt remembers that next week. Ash needs to be on the block at least once. Bruno does too…but hopefully he will be sitting next Zach in a few days. As much as I am rooting for Godfrey, I am worried that he wouldn’t put Bruno up next to Zach if he wins the Have-not power. And I want them both up there…knowing their fate lies in Sarah, Godfrey and B’s hands. Zach will go…but Bruno needs to sweat it out with his “bro” first.

Speaking of this contrived bromance going on with Zachula and Bru-noballs…it is nauseating! They are one fist pump away from giving each other brojobs. I’d rather listen to Double Air Mattress “sqeeeing” together in the HOH…than watch the “pat myself on the back with one hand while I stroke you with the other” nightmare going on in the storage room. Not even Godfrey wandering in there can entice me to watch it.


Pili, without Kevin, is now officially playing more logically that Ash. Despite not being able to dis-trust the BS of her 2 friends. I wonder if she could beat Ashleiigh in a final two. That would be a horrible final two, but kind of hilarious to lose because Pili’s a better player!


Your bashing Pili along with other Sarah trolls I’m sick of it period. Pili’s problem isn’t intellect it’s her heart. She is a sweet kind person who wants to hurt or offend no one. There should be a lot more people like her in this world. She doesn’t belong on BB fine if that’s your opinion but that doesn’t make her stupid. The Trolls are having quite a morning attacking Bruno to. Did you see the hour of bullying Sarah did on Pili not a word about that from the Sarah trolls just disgusting. Sarah can do the same thing but nothing said by her minion of trolls..
This forum is all about Sarah trolls, their rank hypocracy and there attempt to bully anyone who thinks differently than them. The lay about cry baby does not deserve 100K deal with it. Frankly maybe GOD or B perhaps, then Bruno. It’s not going to be a great season no matter who wins.
Excluding the clear troll factor this season the forum feels so much like last season just replace Sarah’s name with Neda. But they couldn’t be more different. Yes Neda was a lazy lay about 1st 1/2 of the season but she played her behind of the second 1/2. Sarah is a pure douche in every sense of the word. She won’t get to the end because production did over kill with these twists unless GOD makes a huge game mistake and decides to trust and work with her. We’ll see if GOD has BB game or not shortly.
SP…. I’d prefer a Sarah win but after the POV ceremony. Sarah down and B up. Then Pili and Zack up and Zack evicted. I don’t hate Zack but his HOH is the play book on what not to due when your HOH. He’s stupid and a coward and definitely does not deserve the money as a result. Sarah would be smart and not put Bruno up beside Zack.

Grow a Brain

Ashleigh’s logic:

She can’t put Bruno up cause he saved Zach, but she can put Britt up even though she didn’t even nominate her and saved her from the triple eviction….


Of course she would show more loyalty to the one who saved him over the one who saved herself. For someone who’s worst fear is that she is portrayed as someone who doesn’t think for herself…she is sure playing her game for Zachula’s benefit only. *facepalm*

Well, if Britt hasn’t realized the mistake of her decision to put up Willow instead of Ash yet…she will soon be feeling the regret now. And hopefully Ash is going to be feeling her own regret, when she not only loses Zachla this week on her HOH…but loses a potential ally in Britt after putting her up.


It’s sad, really.


Ooooo I just realized something, if Sarah takes herself off and Ash puts up Brit. And the double veto is used then Ash will have to no choice but to choose to nominate either Zach or Pili? She is going to mess up one of her final two deals.

Have Not Power

Whoever wins the HN power gets to name the replacements not Ashleigh.


The winner of the Have Not power is the one who gets to pick who goes up not Ashliegh.


It amazes me how many people post to this blog without reading! The Have Not Power has been described in only one way and has been published on the Global BBCan website in a blog and a video of Arisa describing it, Arisa’s twitter, there are dozens of postings all over the net and more corrective replies on this blog than should be required… and yet every new post by Simon or Dawg has a comment about scenarios based on who Ash will renom after the special power is used. Not sure where to turn my attention… Pili/Ash air head battle, BruZach helping hand circle jerk or OBB blog comment section of countless Special Power/Ash renom scenarios… Special Power holder nominates replacement – replacement cannot be HoH or POV holder… SP holder must replace one nominee. Has option to replace both.


Has Hell frozen over? Pili is actually making sense….


Just really dumb falling for Sarah’s “im a victim” cry baby antics … thought Canada was smarter than that! You guys are handing her the game by giving her that secret not so secret power !


Why are you assuming Sarah will get it? She isn’t good at comps, so it seems unlikely that she’ll win against the other person.

Not really

If we give it to Sarah, we are handing her the game. If we don’t give it to Sarah (or God/Brit), we are handing Zach the game. Zach leaving would ultimately benefit everyone (because they can’t beat him in Final 2). It’s just that Bruno, Ash, and Pili are too shortsighted to realize this…

Habs Rule

Yep,,,,,,,,i guess Canada likes whiny bratty cry babies and rewards them for it!!Nice way to set a good example Canada……..Now all you kids go out and act like a brat and throw tantrums and your parents will reward you with some ice cream and give you lots of money……..maybe even 100 thousand dollars…..LOL!!


Is it lost on you that YOU have been whining and throwing a tantrum about production, Canada, Sarah and everyone who even remotely seems to support her in the game, for days upon end?

Habs Rule

Dont get confused with whinning and just stating facts……and the facts are on cameras and video of your darling being a absolute whinny brat…….What does the truth hurt??

brotalk to human dictionary

Want some cheese with that whine?
Did u like the Canada’s HOH in bbcan2? That was SO much more fair.
Zach’s moping and sulking when JP was blindsided was SO much better. It only lasted three days. Then big brother announced let out your frustrations during the have not comp with both Sarah and B being injured to a degree. On feeds he said he targeted them and they said he targeted them. Only the episode edit made it look like he was going after another guy. Production steps in to cover it up for him.
Bruno’s physical intimidation (stepping in on someone with fists clenched: that’s physical intimidation) during his argument with Sarah was SO much more mature. He only has a blackbelt along with being close to double his opponent’s size.
That’s what you should teach your kids? When life throws you a curveball don’t use your brain, use your fists?

Habs Rule

OH come on……..Really…….oh yes thats right no one is allowed to yell at sarah even though she is the one that started it by getting up and yelling to bruno that hes a liar…….Did he touch her …..no.oh and she s the one trying to get bruno up as a renom and he found out about it…….so he did what was best for bruno and kept another guy there when he pulled zach of the block.Its funny how when bruno pulls a move to help bruno he is a monster and an asshole but when sarah does it,its all good……..he got up and yelled at sarah (should not have called her a stupid bitch) i agree but yelling at someone and getting in there face is not a crime …..he lost it and yelled so what!! Sarah is a big girl im sure she will be fine…….oh and btw i cant stand wine……i prefer beer!……..lol

brotalk to human dictionary

Bruno and Sarah arguing verbally for their points is 100% fair. The moment he clenched his fists pumped up his chest and moved forward while she was standing back to the wall, he was using his body not his brain in an attempt to intimidate her. Otherwise, why would Godfrey have stepped in at that moment and put his hand out to stop Bruno from moving forward more. At that moment he wanted her to cower in fear because he’s twice her size.


Wait a minute, please. You are defending and justifying Bruno puffing up and physically taking an aggressive posture as fair and reasonable. Pili and I are practically the same size and there was no threat made between us. No hostility what-so-ever, but when I simply said to Pili that I was disappointed in her (choice/actions) every single person behaved as though Pili had been assaulted in the worst possible way, they consoled her and called ME a bully! Wonder if you would defend such a man who treats your mother, wife, sister or daughter this way. Bruno’s behaviour was unacceptable! Period! He is too weak and small a man to walk away. He’s 31 year old, married, father of two on a T.V. program that his wife, kids, extended family and a few million viewers are watching and this is the character he indulges. You want to reference facts. Fact is, Bruno disgraced himself on an international stage while setting a horrible example to his boys. Fact is, none of us know what may have happened had Godfrey not been there to intervene. Bruno behaved deplorably. It was a d!c% thing to do, period!


Bruno and Zach’s inflated ego
Britnee and Sarah’s whining and crying
Pili and Ashleigh pointless and brainless talk

Seriously, Godfrey is the most entertaining houseguest in the house and his talks with Sarah and Britnee are the most logical, i really hope they manage to escape this week. 😀


People make too big a thing of crying on BB. It’s incredibly stressful in there and girls cry when under stress. it’s more socially acceptable for them. Most don’t spend their lives learning to not to cry, like many guy’s do. Godfrey said last night that he eats when he’s stressed, and hasn’t stop eating all season. I think Bruno’s crazy anger towards Sarah is evidence of all the stress he is feeling. Logical players won’t buy what he’s selling, so she above everyone else in there has to go. Brit and Sarah have been on the wrong side of the power since the beginning of the game, so we’ve seen more evidence of stress from them. When Bobby was going, Bruno finally felt his back against the wall and has been showing a lot of anger. I don’t think he a bad guy in real life just under a crazy amount of stress. People have different ways of showing that they’re under stress, if they are still able to make the right moves for themselves despite their emotions, then we shouldn’t discount their game play.


Although I certainly respect and honour your opinion. From my perspective, we only really show our true character when we are under stress. It is easy to be ‘nice’ when everything is ‘normal’. How we choose to behave when things are going sideways is when we see our true commitment to what we believe in and stand for. Nice people find ways to be nice no matter what is going down. Sorry baby I only hit you when life is hard and you drive me crazy. You know I love you. You know I’m a good guy… sorry I hit you 3 times this week but work has been very stressful. You know, I WANT to like Bruno but he has some issues he needs to get help with. His behaviour was unacceptable, period! No excuse or justification for it. It was unacceptable.

Snoozefest Now

Pilar is a sweet gullible young lady, who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but I cannot understand a word she says when excited. Does this girl ever finish a sentence? I do feel at this point though that while I enjoy twists in this game, production has gone a little overboard this year. Season One I thought it unfair that they sent Gary back in with the knowledge he had, and after openly admitting the jury made a pact to not vote for Jillian regardless who was beside her totally unfair. Gary was a production favourite in that scenario to win. Only Topaz helped the proper person by making her error in voting. This year the same production interference seems to be happening. Sarah is a production favourite now, and players who play the game and win the comps. they should be winning to get HOH’s & Vetos to further themselves in the game are put in jeopardy because of these twists. I have no favourite here, but do enjoy good competition play and feel that it takes a backseat in the Canadian version of Big Brother. Production unfortunately has overdone it this year, and until an HOH is held for whining, crying, bitching, crabbing, and the most unsportsmanlike conduct by anyone in the house regardless of who it is by Sarah, she should not be in the position of power she quite possibly will be in this week. Maybe they should make a Male/Female version of the show to appease some of these people posting to these sites as well. People are gonna bitch no matter what because they feel the player they are rooting for is getting badly targeted, but please…………Sarah?


I think… the house guest know that Canada is voting for the have nots.


Hope Sarah doesn’t get the have not chance! She does not deserve any SP. AT ALL!


SP winner does not matter. Sarah B and GOD will vote out Zack….. next week please. This presumes Pili and Zack go up that’s a given.
Wanna know why the ratings suck……. production.

When fans like me struggle to keep watching there is something wrong. I promised myself I’d never quit on a season no matter how bad. My word it is so hard this season. What’s gonna disappoint us next? The unexpected or the expected? I’d like a GOD HOH except I think he’d chicken sh it and target diaper girls. Sarah/B target Bruno perhaps. All looks good for GOD unless Pili HOH. There isn’t much entertainment value left IMHO. Bruno HOH Sarah goes does that really sound exciting? By the way Bruno would get voted out F5 unless a GOD HOH. Watching paint dry unless there are more twists to piss fair minded BB fans off. They’ve done a great job with that if your me.
I guess all I’d like next week is to see GOD take a side… Sarah/B or Bruno. Do not care which just do bloody something. GOD’s game resembles rat Andy more than anyone so start eating the cheese.
Love her or hate her, I’m definitely a little of both, AG/production make or break BB in the US version. In Canada we should just send this franchise to the curb which is where the ratings say it belongs. Production took a great franchise and trashed it. On the plus side I love Arissa she owns Julie Chan as a host. Not a huge fan season one but she has gotten better and better. Really sad production sucks so bad that long time fans like me struggle to keep watching.

River de Nial

Why do you prefer God when you know he’s chickensh*t? Why not Brittnee who’s not afraid to show her cards with her nominations?