Britt tells God “If I’m picked to play in the veto I’m not using it. I told Sindy the same thing”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 05-28-20-421

8:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the havenot room – Godfrey and Kevin are talking about the vote and how two people voted against Zach. Godfrey says JP thought he was staying the whole week yo! Kevin heads up to the bedroom to sit with Pili as they wake up. In the bathroom – Bruno tells Bobby I don’t know if you heard or not but the POV is in half an hour. Willow joins them and says POV ceremony. They talk about picking veto player in a half hour. Bobby tells Bruno & Zach so Sarah is already coming up to me telling me she knew about the Chop Shop.

In the bedroom – Cindy asks if I get house guest choice and I picked you would you use it? Brittnee says I don’t know. Sarah would potentially go up. I am not pulling a Zach. Before you came back, Sarah is my closest ally and if I used it she would probably go up. Brittnee says I would rather you win it and take yourself off. Bruno joins them. They talk about how they don’t know who would be the replacement.

8:50am – 9:45am In the kitchen – Brittnee tells Godfrey if I get picked to play in the veto I am not using it. I told Sindy the exact same thing. Bobby says I think everyone is going to do the exact same thing. Brittnee says I just don’t know who else she is going to put up. Bobby tells Godfrey to go hard for it. You just don’t want her (Sindy) to win it. Bobby says you have 4 other people going hard for it though. They talk about their Pj’s and wonder if the names with the hashtag mean viewers are voting for them. Under the stairs – Sarah is crying because her back hurts from the havenot competition yesterday. Sarah says she should have just quit. She says she didn’t sleep at all. They wonder if she gets picked to play in the veto if Willow can play in her place. They talk about how in Big Brother 16 Donny played for Jocasta.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-24 06-21-27-979

9:45am Brittnee commments on how maybe the twist is that Bobby and Ashleigh are brother and sister. Bobby says she wishes she had my good genes. Bobby says can you imagine if Ash & I pretended to be in a showmance to throw off the fact that we were brother & sister. Ashleigh tells Bobby he crossed the line. You are so far pasted the line you did the jig over it.

9:50am – 10:50am Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the live feeds return – We learn the Power of Veto Players – Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin. Sarah is the host.

In the storage room – Bobby and Bruno talk about dodging a bullet last week. Bobby says and they’re not going to do anything as long as I have the butt veto. (Fake one) Bobby and Bruno laugh and leave the room.

11:10am Up in the HOH room – Kevin says he is going to try as hard as possible for the veto. Pilar says I’m going to try but not that hard. Keivn asks if I win can I use it on Sindy? Pilar laughs. Pilar tells Willow after the veto I am done. Just done. After crying yesterday I just fell like… It’s going to be a long week. Willow says perfect pick. It couldn’t have been better. Kevin, Kevin is awesome. Pilar says I just hope I can trust people. What if there’s a twist or last minute they flip like with JP? Willow says but that had to do with other issues. Pilar says worst case scenario if Sindy wins it and pulls herself off who do I put up? I don’t want to think about it till I have to.


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Are they really doing the veto comp this early? Don’t they usually do it later in the day?


From the sound of it the ‘males’ playing in the havenot competition assaulted the women. I sure hope there were mature and real men around who put them on blast at the very least. The police have intervened in professional sporting events why does Big Brother allow bullying in sport under the guise of competition. Since when is hitting encouraged, or authorized in mixed sport?


Yep, we’ll have to wait and see it, but apparently Zach was slamming Sarah (or checking perhaps) Sarah so hard to the ground her tailbone is messed up now. And she said something about having a previous injury there. Britt said she saw stars a couple times he did it to her. I think it was a soccer game of sorts so either they were body checking or hitting them with something. And Kevin was laughing with Zach later in the day about “how did you like how we did that” inferring they picked the teams on purpose and the he lost on purpose.

Also, Kevin (who was on Sarah’s team) hit her hard twice and Zach was still hitting her when they were up 10-3 with 2 minutes remaining. Sounds like he took out his frustrations on her JP vote in the comp. (not cool if this is all true).


These so called men are freakin wimps
What real man assaults a woman like that? Real men don’t
(ya it’s a game but intentionally hurting people is not part of it
Once could be an accident but multiple times is intentional)
And Zack being a football player should have total control of his actions
So either he has no control or he is a typical psychopath and preys on the weak
or both


Wow, seriously, so many thumbs downs. You people support guys playing full contact against your mothers, wives, daughters? You actually support a 6’4″, 220 lb guy body checking girls?


This princess needs to stop grazing n the backyard and help Sindy and God! The chop shop is back and you know about it. Stop being a cow and force Pili to put up a Chop Shopper!


I am so sick off these people except Sarah! How could you beat her up to the point where she is having back spasms. Is staying off slop more important that looking after your housemates? It is hard to watch Sarah in such pain. Bobby you need to go home and learn to NOT eat like a Neanderthal and stop acting like the world loves you. Canada thinks you are a jerk just like Z/A/P/K. It was really sad to watch Sindy in the BR last night having to listen to Z/A and K/P suck facing while she is fighting to stay in the house. I want to know when it is those 4 to feel the anguish that the other houseguest so feel. I want Canada to be the ones to triple nominate Z/A/B fir eviction, vote out Z/B and see how

Dont Legalize It

Sarah is a stoned slacker, nanny stater who is lazy and probably relies on government assistance for her pot and other drugs. This is not a severe injury just a lazy stoner milking a minor sprain.


Your name and bias says it all, but so you know she broke her tailbone before and Zach was still slamming her to the ground with their team up 10-3 and just 2 minutes remaining. Britt commented she blacked out and saw stars when he threw her down, but apparently Sarah was his main victim.

If you think that’s cool, that’s on YOU.


So Dr. don’t legalize it…
Have you ever been in constant pain?
Obviously you would rather take pharmaceuticals that kill more people
every year than all illegal drugs put together.
No one has ever died from pot, besides the police killing them over it.
By the way you are so clueless … Sarah has job!
I like your great powers of diagnosing people over video
Obviously you are the lazy one … otherwise if you actually did more than
type your dribble online you would know that back injuries can happen at anytime
and their not fun… So keep on making fun of people in pain you clueless peice of …….


This might surprise a few haters of me here. I was a teenager in the 70’s lots of pot every where. Did more than a few bowls in my day. I support medical marjiuna for starters. Haven’t touched the stuff in 25 years but my best friend has a card. It helps him a lot with his issues.
Frankly I want the police chasing Murders, Rapest and Pedophiles not wasting resources on small quanities of a mild drug. Prohibition didn’t work for alchohal and ultimately won’t work for pot either. Legalize it and tax it. A decade ago 500K Canadians had a criminal record for small quanities of pot. The only difference between them and Me is I never got caught before I quit.
There is very little I like about Sarah but there are a lot of things worse than lighting a dobbie.


My who to vote out list …
(Decided by who is the biggest woosy who has the best chance at winning HOH)
They all have failed to make good moves except
Kevin who has done nothing at all! Major DUD!
I’m almost to platinum 10x vote
If I get a vote their all going to Zack to be evicted asap


( sorry pushed post button before finished my rant) I wanted to say vote Z/K/B for elimination and vote out Z/K then let’s see how Ash and Pillar do in the house. Who will they turn to to fight their battles . OMG I hate this house!!!!!!


And now back to our regularly scheduled nothing interesting happening.


OMG Kevin and Pilar are starting to disgust me with their sucking face all the time. I can’t bare to watch the live feeds. The camera men must get a huge kick out of watching them swap saliva.


So is the triple eviction twist still going or…? it’s no longer on the website or the producer will blindside us with something crazy


So far Bobby is playing the best game. I think a lock for him and Bruno to sail all the way to the end.

Zach and Ashliegh are making too much of a big target on their backs and they will never stay.


No one would vote for him if he reaches final 2 becuase hes an airhead and has no clue whats going on. He has zero respect from his housemates and zero respect from viewers.


I don’t know why this person keeps pretending to be me. It’s falttering though. Obviously people have seen my comments in the threads know I dislike Bobby to the extreme. He is the male version of Pilar and Ash. Utterly useless.


Hann, those of us that have been here for a bit can tell the difference.

Joe Dirt

Thank God somebody finally said it, I’ve been thinking this from the start but too embarrassed to bring it up.
Bobby & Ashleigh could be twins imo. But Bobby joking they would have been in a fake showmance to throw everybody off as his immediate reaction, OMFG Bobby!!! Ashleigh – I’M YOUR SISTER, I’M YOUR SISTER…


They are both air heads thats for sure


Anyone else find Godfrey very annoying?


He’s the only interesting person in the house actually

Huge Godfrey fan here!

Godfrey is the best and most entertaining houseguest this season.


Yo! That yo yo is really getting on my nerves yo!


Ughhh someone please vote out Pilar so we can see if Kevin can really play when his head is not in the clouds. I had such high hopes for him! Such a disappointment.


No … vote out Kevin for being so lame
Also I’m beginning to think at this point that Pili might be a better player than Kevin
Pili (the goat) will go further in the game than Kevin
Don’t get me wrong… As a person I think pili is a nice person but as a gamer .. clueless


I can’t stand her laugh! It is in no way an attractive part of her! On her bio it’s talked about and we hear it mutilple.’s in no way intoxicating sounds fake too…
I would vote her out for that.


The only thing that I really hate about the Kevin/Pilar ‘showmance’ is how fake it is. Pilar definitely is head over heals for Kevin, but there is absolutely no way that a guy like Kevin, who in his intro to the show on the first episode was saying he just loves motor boating big boobs, is gonna fall for a girl like Pilar. She needs someone to constantly validate her opinions, reassure her on everything little thing, and give her that constant emotional support. I feel like Kevin is playing up this showmance because he kind of has to but I seriously doubt he feels anything for her. Everytime they kiss you always see Kevin pull back first, and having to deal with Pili must take a lot because she has the mentality of a kid. I feel like Kevin will take her to the final 2 because he knows he can beat her, thats if he even gets there, but after the show I feel like Pili is gonna be hit hard with knowing it was all fake.


Apparently Pilis pimpy Mother instructed her to be in a showmance …
Very Sad!


she seems sweet but she lacks confidence. There no way her and Kevin will last outside the show. Kevin said he was planing to use a girl since girls his age are easy to manipulate. I honestly feel bad for her she seems to really like him.


She also talks to Kevin like he’s a little baby. It’s weird.


Bobby has 2 spots in the veto comp.? Lol just bugging ur typo but Ya never know with these twists! 🙂


Bobby is an idiot, but Kevin is bigger idiot for trusting him and Zack. Why is the house so obsessed with Zack? the guy is boring as fuck, he is not that good looking, he’s good at competitions and they all know he’s working with everyone in the house. Yet majority of the house is still willing to work with him wtf.


This quote by Pilar sums up her game perfectly…

“Pilar says I’m going to try but not that hard. “


Is Pilar not in the veto comp?


Haha it’s ok! I didn’t notice Bobby was twice LOL. I thought maybe there was another twist or something… thanks!


Poor Pill. Couldn’t make a decision to save her own life. Parents, please take note of what happens when you control your childs’ every move. They need practice in making decisions and at least attempting to think for themselves. Certainly long before Pills age.


Godfrey, Sarah, Sindy, and Britt are the only people left to root for. I’m thoroughly disgusted that Sarah was assaulted in the Have not competition. It’s not even about the man vs. woman thing for me. How can you as a f**king adult act so damn childish and vicious. It’s a game, and you got played. Taking out your anger on 2 of the 5 people who voted JP out is disgusting. It’s no secret that Sarah and Britt are not the best at physical comps, and yet you target them?

I hope they show it on TV so Canada can further see how vile the Diapers really are. And Bobby and Pilar laughing at Sindy at nominations? Not saying something would be so hard for me in that house like for Britt. I would have gone off on Zach, Pilar, and Bobby.

another name

I haven’t seen the actual comp, and due to the edit bias Zach receives, prolly never will see the whole thing.
seriously, would anyone be surprised that Zach went further than necessary to smack down two women? really? especially when he already took one in the pantry and yelled at / attempted to intimidate her for voting out Jordan? she had the audacity to yell back at him. if he can’t get his way and manipulate them as he has all game, he goes physical bully.
I don’t use the term bully lightly. I don’t toss it around a lot. i haven’t seen the comp. but from every description out there so far: girls saying he’s taking out his aggression, Zach joking to the guys seeking approval and mob rules acceptance, description of incident, physical results…. i’m going to go with bully.
i’m feeling more and more that the social experiment is to see how long it takes adults to return to the grade / high school label/ system of hierarchy.

To the Curb

I missed that who did he take to the pantry..




LOL. Your level of bias is embarrassing.
You say “you don’t use the word bully lightly” and then you call Zach a bully for “you don’t know, you didn’t see the comp” and “that conversation in the pantry none of us saw”.
That’s pretty lightly, isn’t it?
The comp: Sarah and Willow said “she/I injured herself/myself during the comp”. At no point did anyone say “Zach injured her/me”.
The pantry discussion: when retelling it to other HGs, Sarah HERSELF said that SHE was the one who got loud, not Zach. He told her she had drawn the line in the sand by doing what she did. I guess this statement equals bullying?
Seriously, take a deep breath and stop pre-judging. If Zach told someone “good morning”, you’d spin it into “he verbally assaulted that person. he almost laid his hands on her. must be because he hates women. and living beings in general.”
You’re embarrassing yourself. (preemptively to your next post: NO, Zach isn’t responsible for WW2 either. Even if the voice in your head says so.)


I am hoping this, coupled with Godfrey’s talk with Pillar, opens her and the other female HG’s eyes to what the guys are capable of.


I hate zach should control his emotions he did on purpose hurting b and sarah. Is everyone still buying bobby veto. Because jp warned zach and kevin about it