America’s Nomination “This is a ray of sunshine from god.. this is a sign America don’t hate us”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 09-49-13-502

America’s Nominations is Scott..
(WOW so our poll was completely wrong this week)

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 09-49-32-186

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 09-49-43-559

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 09-50-47-749
Veto Players
Whitney chooses Justin
Danielle chooses Morgan

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 09-51-55-186

9:45am Morgan and Whitney
Morgan – she just can’t have Scott win.. We just have 1 worst case scenario
Morgan – everything is fine as long as they don’t pull Scott off.. Jason
Whitney doesn’t know what Jason will do
Morgan – it’ll be interesting

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 09-56-17-622

9:54am Have nots Danielle, Kryssie, Justin and Jason
Agreeing to pull Whitney down and put up Morgan.
Jason – this is a ray of sunshine from god.. this is a sign America don’t hate us they’re helping us and if we don’t take the opportunity they will hate us.. (To take Scott out)
Jason is certain America will be voting out Scott.

Jason says if they can’t get Morgan out they get Scott out.
Jason – we need to get Whitney wrapped up pull her down and take out one of their smartest players.. Alex can’t steer that ship all alone. the cockroaches will scatter

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 09-56-56-621

Danielle says they need Whitney or Justin to win the Veto.
Jason will try to win it but if it comes down to Justin and Whitney he’ll throw it to them.
Jason says the other side wants to get rid of Whitney because they can’t brain wash her ‘She doesn’t want to be one of their little pets”

(Sounds like Morgan and Scott are targets with Danielle not wanting Scott out but the rest do.)

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 10-04-27-172

10:02am Have not Justin, Jason and Kryssie
Jason saying Danielle is allied with Scott and Alex he’s confirmed it today. this is why she’s trying to protect Scott.
Jason says ‘the powers to be” want Scott to stay in the game.
Points out how Scott is such a big character in the house.
Kryssie lets out a giant BURP

Jason hopes production isn’t trying to convince her it’s a bad idea to leave Scott nominated.
Justin – they do that
Jason explains how production can manipulate the players.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 10-06-20-080
10:10am Jason leaves..
Kryssie says Danielle will stick to the plan because she would rather be with them.
Kryssie says gettign rid of Morgan is just as good for them, “They have both been pieces of sh1t to me in the game”
Kryssie – whatever happens Whitney needs to come down.. I’m kinda pissed I’m not picked to play
Kryssie says they will be locked outside “For a couple hours” they don’t know if the comp is inside the house.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 10-14-42-262

Scott – it’s all good America i’m not mad.. you did me a HUGE favor last week.. If I can get behind that golden door we would all be safe this week
Scott – I got Cocky, what else is new… cocky and confident that things were going our way..
Scott says if Shelby or Whitney win the veto Danielle will put Morgan up, “Alex is safe.. gotta get Alex to the end of this game hopefully she can finish from there”

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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 13-03-30-206


“The Big Brother house is Haunted”
The houseguests watch a segment explaining to them about a ghost in the house called Clementine. They need to find three objects, A brush, rattle and doll called Abigail

Players not competing wait in the HOH room. Players that are competing wait in the Toga room. Players take turns competing.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 13-34-48-887

1:34pm Veto Comp underway

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 14-19-27-306

Justin in the lead followed by Scott, Jason and Shelby
Whitney is next up

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 15-05-25-848

3:05pm Danielle wins the Veto
Justin = 1:50
Scott = 2:08
Shelby = 5:06
Jason = 2:14
Whitney = 4:52
Danielle = 1:22

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 15-05-35-389

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 16-27-28-511
4:25pm HOH Danielle and Jason
Jason trying to talk her into getting SCott out. Suggesting using the veto on Whitney putting up Morgan and voting Scott out.
Jason – Whitney is done with them.. whitney is pissed.. she is now ours..
Jason calls Scott and Alex the king and queen says Danielle is too good of a player to let Scott and Alex pass by. Danielle says Alex never made a deal with her it was just scott.

Jason says the girls are targeting them they want to leave Kryssie because they don’t think she’s a threat.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 16-53-56-361

4:53pm Whitney tells Kryssie, Jason and Danielle she’ll keep hanging out with the other side and pretend she’s dumb.

7:34pm Halloween party

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-31 20-45-14-665
8:44pm Halloween party continues

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Monica Lewinsky

Wow Morgan Looks just like Me!


lol Morons voting Scott as americas nom. now Daniell will take Scott off and force a BS to leave. lol Morons


Giving the BS the care package, then putting up scott. LOL MORONS


A lot of people on other sites started voting for Scott because they thought he was just using Alex because he knows we like her (because of the way we are voting)and will threaten her as soon as America has less power.
People were saying you can vote this many times a day etc everyday !! This was a toss up for me because I like people from both sides but I must say the feeds are finally getting more game talk so I am looking forward to that. It was getting a bit predictable so I will start watching it more now so I don’t miss anything !!

Hal 9000

I think you need some glasses.


I am very often shocked to see how stupidly the average person votes. During a regular BB season, I have seen people (a lot of people) vote to give someone an advantage bc they have nice hair, bc that person never won anything in the game, bc that person “seems nice” (even when they really aren’t) – in other words, not based on strategy at all. I get that people want to vote for who they like/dislike but at the same time, this is a highly strategic game and America’s votes on various things can have major sway. Voting for someone you like for some inane reason can affect a slew of people with whom he/she aligned or connected. I will never ever get how, knowing this, people – even invested, informed followers of the game – still vote based on arbitrary, vapid reasons.

Game theory

I don’t understand your rant. Having Scott as a nom is strategic for some players in the game and not for others. This game is all about adapting to change. It does not matter how America votes. There are some 8 players and each one of them has probably 85% of fans who are not cheering for them. Fans have no investment in this game, it will not affect them who wins or lose. Give fans an incentive and maybe they start playing strategically

Who's truth

Who are you to judge anyone on how they vote? You have what YOU think is good reasoning, I may not agree. Stay in your own lane!

Yet Another Trump Lie

So nice having a semi quiet Shelby after this veto meeting

Hillary Ready For Prison

It is nice to see Jason is still clueless.

Justin GTFO!

Let’s get rid of Justin! Like make the house brighter rather than bringing everyone down you Debbie downer!


How many warnings do they have to give these people to wake up, change batteries, no naps… they need some punishment other than the vote thing or this is going to get ridiculous the fewer people they have in the house.

Even More Hillary Lies

Thet need a punishment with teeth in it to make them comply.


Woo hoo!!!! See ya, Scottie!!! This should prove to be a very interesting week now.

Nom Nom

Woo! I said that the new alliances would form and no one believed me! Instead I received many thumbs down and I’ll probably get more on this comment cuz everyone here thinks they are all high and mighty! I predicted so something! And it came true, so I should get some recognition! Thumbs up please!


Thumbs down means you hate Alex! Or Whitney!

Scott or Neely

So does this mean Jason now thinks Dani voted for Neely?? Isn’t that what Jason said last night? He said is America Nominated him, then he thinks Dani must have voted for Neely… this could get interesting.


I’m safe another week bitches!

Nicole On Steroids

Is it just me or does Shelby look a little like Jessica Alba. Well, on meth anyway.


Nakomis was my sister! Bring the original siblings back!

Amazing Race Star

Who do y’all think should get a chance to go on the Amazing Race!

Thumbs down for Shelby and Scott

Thumbs up for Alex and Morgan


The Amazing Race is my favorite show please stop trying to ruin it by suggesting that any of these players that have competed on here be on the show


Nooo, no one from this ott version. I’d love to see Paul and Vic though.

Ok... I'm Done

Our ploy to get the LNC Nominated sucked just like us!
We should have tried harder to be less impartial!


How has no one figured out that Alex and Morgan are sisters yet. Like I get that they have the generic white girl thing going for them, but if you look at their memory wall pictures for more than a couple of minutes you realize they have a lot of the same features.


Some not so bright bulbs in the house. Neeley was even given the clue that there was a pair of siblings and they were both female….Kinda narrowed it down a bit for her…. She still could not guess


Well, I guess the poll posted on this site had to be dead wrong one time. Guess this was the time!! Assuming the noms stay the same, who do the remaining BS girls pick? I say they vote out Whitney.


I’m wondering if it’s because non-viewers (that do watch the regular season but aren’t watching the feeds for OTT) come here and read the updates, and then vote based on what they’ve been reading?
Personally, I haven’t been able to watch the feeds at all for OTT – and because I’m not watching, I’m also not voting on the polls here on OBB, since I think that would skew the results.
Just a thought anyway!


All of the polls were wrong! Jokers, BBUpdates, OBB, and even the people on the Live Feeds Chat yesterday were REALLY SURPRISED! Everybody was in shock, thought it was gonna be Kryssie. Should’ve been Kryssie. I’m not so sure it was the polls. I think production didn’t wanna see it get down to 3. It would’ve been 5-3. They like things more even to keep it interesting.
My only hope now, is that Whitney stays up and Alex realizes keeping Scott is better for her bc Whitney’s a traitor. That was evident in her choosing Justin over Alex or Morgan for Veto yesterday. I don’t care if Jason said he’d save her, you should always pick an alliance member!
If Scott goes this week, I’m gonna be PI$$ED!


So Danielle is letting the rat Jason control her HOH….. Great.

Katie Girl

Yes, our poll here was way off. I had looked at the Jokers Poll on Saturday and Scott had a higher percentage than Kryssie to be nominated. I looked at it last night and It was very close with Kryssie having more votes, I didnt look at it this morning. But, according to Jokers poll, Im not surprised Scott was nominated


Of course the polls are dead wrong. Scott was going to get nominated because it make for a great game to watch. Now we have all these scenarios up, I said this Veto will be very interesting when Saturday Dani said she is putting up two member of the Ball Smashers up. And then the Convo Dani had with Scott and Shelby it was best to nominate Scott.

The silent majority is not voting in these polls I was one of the silent majority that voted for Scott. Can’t always rely on polls my friends.


I don’t get why the LNJ are happy. Because of the CP dont the BS have control of the vote? I was assuming they would eliminate Jason, Justin and Kryssies vote and if Scott is still on the block he’s gone. It’s that simple why are LNC feeling hopeful? Lol. I wish the girls would stop talking to the other side. Can we friggin finally have a strong girl alliance stick together and make it to the end.


The LNJ are happy because no one from their side is going home.


They thought they would be nominated. They thought Am. hated them.


BBMOM they are happy because one of their own is not on the block. They hope to win the POV and take Whitney down and put up Morgan. They don’t care whether it is Scott or Morgan that goes really, as long as one of them leaves. This may backfire on Alex though, and Morgan might be the one to leave or Scott. Both have had her back since the beginning of the game, and she will come to the forefront now. Shelby will have to be very careful as to what votes she wants to keep at this point. Could be a close one of the LNC is stopped from voting.


Alex might convince Shelby to have her be taken out of the voting – which won’t be sketchy or anything….Can’t stand her.


I was hoping Kryssie was the nomination, but that’s how it goes sometimes. See how the veto plays out and go from there. I would rather Whitney, Morgan, Alex and Shelby stay…


Im a bit confused, whose playing in the veto?
Danielle, Scott, Whitney, Shelby.
Justin, morgan or Jason?

Krissy's Burps vs. Frank's Farts

I hope Scott goes. Tired of his sneaky, scheming rat self. I don’t respect the Andy, Ronnie, Steve types. And he thinks he’s trying to manipulate America by saying Alex is his first priority. We see right past you you Mad Magazine looking doofus.


So next cp goes to Whitney? Much rather save veto for Morgan just in case.


The Amazing Race is my favorite show please stop trying to ruin it by suggesting that any of the people that have been on this show get to be on

Hal 9000

I hope Shelby goes. She’s a nasty foul mouthed bitch with a constipated look on her face. Plus she sucks at comps. Her whole gameplay is terrible.


This is my favorite bb site
Stop trying to ruin it by posting the same stuff over and over lol!


Simon – “Well” was directing that to “Noway” because they said the same thing twice. 🙂 Definitely not directed at you – you guys do an AWESOME job!!


Im sad, really wanted Krissy as AN. She is so vile and has no clue…


OK WELL Don’t get your panties in a wad Just didn’t think my first post went through


So what went wrong? Votes were split between Kryssie and Jason making Scott receive the most votes from fans of the yuck duo?


The polls I seen was Kristine to be nominated. Something went wrong some where


Two polls I saw had Kryssie ahead of Scott for America’s Nom. Production is what went wrong here!


Kryssie had a massive lead to be 3rd nom on jokers with the lead increasing each hour.

Really is bizarre that one of the most hated players in one of the most hated alliances alltime won a public vote.

It really seems dodgy!


I don’t think so. This is the second time the polls have been wrong. Not everyone that’s voting on cbs is voting on the polls. Like me for instance.

And on feeds, at first there were a lot of people saying Kryssie, but then it started leaning toward Scott. I think because he has been going so over the top talking about Alex. It’s starting to come off as fake. He’s either using Alex because he thinks America likes her, or he really is obsessed seems to be the consensus on the feeds. Either way people started wanting him out and I started seeing a lot more people saying “vote Scott”. And on Twitter as well.


Danielle has 2 great options to throw a wrench at the BS:

1. If she takes down Scott: it’s a sure way to get one of the GIRLS evicted. She also won’t let it in America’s hand to evict Scott because he’d be out and safe and possibly voting her way if she strikes a deal with him

2. If she keeps noms the same, it’s even more fun: with 3 people up for eviction, there’ one less vote in the house, but one more option for America. It’s logical to assume that Shelby would cancel Justin/Jason/Kryssie’s votes, so Morgan and Alex would have to show their cards and vote someone out. It’s logical to assume that it’d be Scott… but what if Alex and Morgan decide to evict Shelby or even Whitney? What if America doesn’t vote Scott? Oh, and what if Shelby decides do strike a deal with Justin and Kryssie and just cancel Alex/Morgan’s vote? So many options when Danielle leave noms the same. If I were her I’d sit back and just watch the trainwreck.

Scott better start working diligently if he wants to stay in that house.


No wad…
I was only joking
Thus the lol…
Sorry Simon for earlier confusion
I’ll be quiet now

Zakiyah's Used Maxi Pad

Shelby will most likely go. Danielle hates her and so does everyone else.


If Whitney stays i say a good ol fashion American nom might put a little wrinkle her way. Her playing both sides to skate by. Pick a team. Flip flops get worn out after a while

What Is Behind The Golden Door?

Whilst it will be interesting to see what Whitney would do with co HOH, she could get out of it by getting someone to agree to be a pawn. The next care package is really tricky. It might be good to save the care package eligibilty of Morgan to use the final 6 veto but she may not get to final 6 or even need it and still being eligible for a care package is making her a target. I think if Alex or Shelby were to win next HOH I might want to give co HOH to Morgan to help Alex, Morgan, Shelby to stay safe if 3rd nom or veto is in their favor.

The care package after that cant be used during final 7 anyway, instead its the final 6 veto. What happens if someone won the final 7 care package (which is the final 6 veto), but they were eliminated from the game at final 7? Maybe if evicted final 7 they can give the double eviction final 6 veto to someone else to use later that night at final 6 almost like a survivor idol being given to someone else before a tribal council?

I am a little confused by the rules because I think the order of it is – care package is awarded to someone before final 7 noms but perhaps not announced exactly what it is to the house guests that didnt get the care package for maximum drama in the final 6 veto ceremony, then on double eviction night is final 7 eviction, then on the same night final 6 HOH comp, then that care package veto is used or not by the care package player without the need for a double eviction veto comp that night, then second eviction that night.

Whilst the double eviction veto care package is awarded at final 7, it doesnt appear to give safety for final 7. The only safety is for the final 6 stage. Now that I think about it, they might not announce the care package recipient until the actual double eviction veto ceremony so that if the winner of the care package was the one evicted earlier that night, the 2nd place vote getter would find out they have been awarded the veto right then and there and would immediately need to decide if they want to use it? If anyone knows the exact rules please let me know.

What Is Behind The Golden Door?

It will soon be 5-3 numbers and 4-1 care package eligibilty in favor of Jasons side. It will be the first time this season either side has had an advantage of more than 1 in numbers. The 3 remaining Ball Smashers girls need to become comp beasts and have America votes their way to stay alive. House guests really need to start targeting popular players with the fan vote final 3 in mind, the likes of Justin, Jason and Whitney pretty quickly or the rest of the house is going to hand one, two or all of those 3 a final 3 spot…the other 6 shouldnt want any of those 3 getting to the end due to their large fan bases or likability. Should Dani consider a flip to join Alex/Morgan/Shelby/Scott, who would all work with her? Or even backdoor one of the favorites Justin?

With no Scott in the house or Whitney on their side or major alliance shifts this is what has to happen for Alex, Morgan, Shelby to survive the next 2 weeks to get numbers to 3-3 going into the final 6 double eviction HOH…

Final 8 – up against 4 of 5 Jason crew in HOH comp excluding ineligible Dani, HOH win for Alex or Shelby, co HOH Morgan, have 3rd nom in their favor or win veto to remove 3rd nom…also Is Dani is eligible for co HOH? She is outgoing HOH so maybe not. Meech wasnt able to compete in HOH the week after winning the co HOH care package but what about being HOH the week before a co HOH week? (there is also a possibility of a final 8 tiebreaker scenario 2-2-0 with HOH & co HOH one from each side, see my next post below)

Final 7 – up against 4 of 4 remaining Jason crew in HOH comp, only 1 Ball Smasher either Alex or Shelby eligible to play in HOH comp due to 2 Ball Smashers being HOH the previous week…HOH win for Alex or Shelby, have 3rd nom in their favor or win veto to remove 3rd nom, if all 3 noms are non Ball Smashers ensure an off the block non Ball Smasher doesnt veto an original nom or a Ball Smasher would go up and be evicted if Americas eviction vote was against them…if they had Americas vote in that scenario HOH breaks tie.

What Is Behind The Golden Door?

Here is the example for the potential tiebreaker scenario if Scott leaves at final 9 then next week at final 8 –

HOH is Shelby…noms Jason(2 votes Morgan & America against him)
Co HOH is Justin…noms Morgan who wins veto, the renom is Alex(2 votes Dani & Whitney against her)
America…3rd nom is Krissy who remains nominated after veto(zero votes against)
Votes are 2-2-0…both HOH want a different player out…normally the HOH is the tiebreaker but if both want a different player out, how would the tiebreaker be decided? This is important to know for voting on co HOH care package


To everyone that voted to help the scumbags and keep that disgusting slob Krissy off the block, robbing many thousands of people seeing her realize she is hated, and to the scumbags Whitney, Jason, Krissy, Dani and Justin………..

F-ck yall!


How does Dani expect to win if she is just going to target the people targeting Justin and Jason? If both those guys get through the next 2 weeks I think one of them is winning the season. So many more fans than any other player. An absolute lock to win if either in final 3.


So out of spite to avenge Shane, Danielle is going with the personal move keeping Scott on the block(who is more than willing to work with her) with a blindside after saying all week she would take him down. She will have nominated Shelby, Whitney and Morgan who are all staying. She loses all trust from Morgan, Alex and Shelby too. Whitney doesnt like her. By saving Whitney, Dani stays at the bottom of her alliance with the recently flipped Whitney above her after only being with them for one day. Dani also makes herself more of a target by winning 2 comps. She cant play the next HOH.