Alyssa “The age bothers me. He still lives with his parents. I’m VERY independent. I’m just having fun.”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Veto Not used The original nominations are locked.

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12:10am Living room couch. Xavier and Whitney.
Whitney – I could see Ky (hooking up with someone in the house) but I’m not sure who. Xavier points to Whitney. Whitney – No, he’s not my type. Xavier – what the f**k is everyone’s type? Whitney – I like to joke that he is really cute because he is very handsome but he’s not my type. Xavier – okay wait so in order for you to sleep with someone they have to be your type? Whitney – yeah, I don’t just mess around with people. Xavier – you’re not just messing around to mess around but we’re living in this house together .. you’re getting to know him. He’s not a bad guy. Whitney – no he’s a great guy. I just don’t see him like that. Xavier – would you like… Whitney – are you saying the B word (bl*wjob)? Xavier – yeah. Whitney – no way in hell! NO way in hell! Imagining those shorts no longer on that body and what would lay underneath it .. I don’t want to say this in a rude way but its repulsing to me. Yeah, no thank you.

12:19am HOH room – Xavier and Alyssa.
Alyssa – we’re just kissing.. its not like.. Xavier – yeah, true. Do you feel like he is starting to fall or catch feelings hard. Alyssa shakes her head – no. I want it to continue being.. Xavier – do you like him more than that? Alyssa shakes her head to say no – I mean I’ve only known him for 3 weeks. Xavier – yeah true, but three weeks here is a lot of condensed time. Its way different than three weeks in the outside world. Alyssa – the age bothers me. Xavier – that he’s younger? Alyssa nods her head to say yes. Xavier – but its only like two years. Alyssa – but he acts younger. He still lives with his parents. I am VERY independent. Xavier – I get that. Alyssa – I am just having fun. Xavier – yeah. Which is good. That’s what I’m doing with Whitney. Do I see it working out … MmMheh. Alyssa – I don’t know, we’re going to be here for awhile. Xavier – I can tell you confidently it ain’t going no where. Alyssa – Really? Not even for fun? I feel like she would do things for fun. Xavier – I feel like she would but I don’t want… Alyssa – like we have a crush on each other but that’s it. Xavier – I don’t want to even possibly lead her on and two I do know that she is always concerned about what she is doing on the show because she doesn’t want any.. that’s what she’s told me. That she doesn’t want to be out here looking.. Alyssa gives Xavier a look – She is very very open about her s*xual life. Xavier – true but being open about your s*xual life and doing things physically are two different things. Alyssa – okay.. Big Brother switches the feeds. Xavier – I think she would be willing to do a little bit more. Alyssa – here is my thing I feel a little big guilty. Xavier – why? Alyssa – because of my ex. Xavier – your ex? Alyssa – yeah we broke up in February and then we’ve still hung out here and there. Big Brother switches the feeds again.

12:35am Bathroom – Whitney, Brent, Kyland.
Brent – Christian made some remark. He goes do you want to know why the girls think we’re dumb? He says because we sent 3 guys home in the first 3 weeks. And I was like WHOA.. There have only been two guys that went home so far.. Kyland – what did he say after that? Brent – nothing. Whitney – oh sh*t! Brent – he basically just gave it away. Whitney – I’m right here you know that right!? Brent – Like he is obviously lying to my face.

Bathroom. Christian, Hannah and Claire.
Christian – you heard about my f**k up? Hannah – How? Christian – when we’re cleaning the bathroom he said these girls must think we’re so f**king stupid. Like three guys clean the bathroom we’re so dumb. And I f**king said like a dumba$$ .. yeah they probably think they have all the power because the first 3 weeks a guy went home. Hannah – that’s okay. Christian – I just .. I feel like a F**king idiot.

1:40am The house guests are getting ready for bed.

2:33 pm Thursday Updates will resume at 5 pm for the live show and the chaos after.

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If YOU were HOH next week, what would you do?

Who would you nominate?

Would you allow everyone in your room, bathroom, & on your bed?
(I wouldn’t! HOH = Privacy & Surveillance)

Would you stir the pot or try for smooth sailing?

What’s an easy/strategic Nom after Brent leaves?


Who would you nominate?
= Tiffany and Kyland. If Veto is used Xavier goes up

Would you allow everyone in your room, bathroom, & on your bed?
= Yes I would rent out the HOH every night and sleep down with the riff-raff

Would you stir the pot or try for smooth sailing?
= My noms would stir the pot so I would keep stiring 🙂

What’s an easy/strategic Nom after Brent leaves?
= two of Alyssa, Christian, Whitney are the easy noms

another name

1)noms: for ultimate chaos idgaf pot stirring: bring the whole house into hoh reveal, tell them you don’t have a target and nobody wants their team targeted…. so we draw straws right now…. watch everyone go nuts. grinch smile with delight and eat snacks while everyone screams bloody murder. Listen to hear Grod’s head explode. Do it instead of reading the letter from home crap.
OR if they don’t allow that…
bring in everyone one on one. 2 questions one word answer only for each. 1) who are you most worried about. 2) who should i not consider touching (can’t name yourself).
nominate the top one from each question…. tell them you heard all their answers, took them into consideration as your only method of accounting and these were the top of the list. one comes down? nominate whoever bitched the most about your noms.
2)hoh room: stay off the bed. don’t poo in my hoh toilet,. don’t take a stool in my hoh shower. clean up after yourself. i’m not the maid.
3)there’s no chance I’d ever win an HOH even if I were trying…. so stir the pot because i’d be the week one easy eviction or permapawn.
4)easy strategic noms? What team am I on? the other teams.


Christian must be a real dumbass! Brent surely knows he’s being evicted tonight. He should have figured it out a long time ago anyway.

double d

After watching Wed. show I was hoping Brent didn’t find out until the vote came back 11-0.


Here’s to hoping all those detailed plans they laid out for next week go up in smoke with a unpredictable HOH win


as long as it is not Britt


YES! Bring on the chaos! Bring on an unexpected HOH. Shake it up and make people scramble and Play the Darn Game. I’m just tired of hearing Brits whiny voice – they are giving her WAY too much airtime. Though it would be HILarious if she were placed on the block a 3rd time.

When you’re the pawn LAY LOW – be cool – dissapear into the background & have a wry & self-deprecating good sense of humour. Do Not bitch and whine – that makes you go from pawn to target really quick!


Oh my goodness Brit on the block again would be epic. I’m not sure what would be crazier Brit in the block or Brit HOH.


As much as I appreciate strategy in this game, I’m rooting for chaos in this weeks’s HOH. Crap shoot HOH, please! And also Brit and DF eating slop and sleeping on that seadoo.


Df on slop sleeping in the seadoo . Ha


I feel were either going to have an explosive next 6 weeks with everything tiff planned out going up in smoke or were going to be spending the summer building shrines to protect our babyD .


Is everyone really enjoying this season? Im ready to give up on it already. Along with BB21 I think its the worst cast ever.


I was liking the season but now am fearing a giant alliance steamroll which happens every year and is sh1t. That’s why I’m hoping for anything to shake up the power block.


I can’t wait for Derekf to fall off the contraption tonight! I’m in it to see his “athletic” fails.


Sad…but true. I feel like I’m a bloat after covid and I certainly would never put myself in any type of competitive sports. I can’t see a reason for him to put himself through this unless TPTB decided before the show even began to make him this season’s BLM winner. Wouldn’t surprise me..


I dont think it is endurance since last nights show said “find out who is crowned HOH on tomorrows episode”…….

double d

I too fear the giant alliance forming and I hate to say, but the best chance at blowing it up this week is Brit winning and taking out revenge on X and KY


Brits HOH could mirror spiceyvs from bbcan7 where she takes a big shot. Zero Fs given


I think this is the best cast in years. People are really playing the game!

The most air-sucking clown got sent away first – I’m hoping that either Britt goes home soon OR goes up on the block yet again and freaks the heck out! LOL I see why keeping lame people as a scapegoat is a strategy, but what’s the point if daily life is MISERY for everyone? Gah!


I didn’t like the idea BB put these restrictions on who a HOH can nominate (eg. wildcard winner, a certain team X or Y, etc). HOH should always have the right to be able to nominate anyone.


I’d like Tiff get HOH and have chaotic week where her plans don’t go right. Also I’d like to see some blood on her hands


I am hoping a big blind side and Brit is evicted tonight.
then SB wins and puts up ky and X

oh to be in if that happens lol


Christian is an idiot. Christian to Tiffany: Can I ask you a question without you getting mad?”….It was about his hair…Lol

j w

Whitney is what’s known as a big brother ho!


So if my local news is still reporting on weather that has stopped when Big Brother starts how can I watch it online