Sam “If I leave, you better partner up with Angela & win or I’m going to slap the sh*t out of you.”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: Fes & Haleigh Have Not ?

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12:13pm Bathroom. Sam and Tyler. Sam – she scared the hell out of me in the very beginning. I was really intimidated by her, just like Brett and Winston. But once I got to know her, just like you said its not what it seamed. And I really love Angela so I’m not worried in the least. IF anything I thought I was going to go up as a pawn. Which is scary but I would have done it. Tyler – That’s what Haleigh and Fes wanted. Sam – I felt good, I was like I would be okay with that. But now that we get smaller and smaller we’re fast approaching the five, so I am afraid that people are going to get nastier and nastier … and I am ready for it. Obviously I’m not going to participate .. if that means I have to leave then by god you better partner up with Angela and win or I am going to slap the sh*t out of you when I see you next.. I am serious. I think that if I had to leave she would do for you what I would do for you. I think she would for sure. Tyler – don’t say that because you’re going to be here and you’re going to win HOH. We’ve all been together since the beginning but you and I have been together, together since the beginning. Sam – the term universal pawn came up and I was like that’s me. Tyler – no you’re not. You’ve never been a pawn. You’ve never sat on the block past the first week. Tyler tells Sam that if anyone asks if she has a final 2 for her to say it was with Scottie or Rockstar.

12:15pm – 1:40pm Haleigh and Angela suntanning.. Meanwhile Fes and JC are finally awake and in the kitchen eating.

1:55pm Backyard. Angela – I doubt there would be double eviction. Tyler – I doubt it too. I went through it in my head and if there is no double eviction and no battle back then we are perfectly timed out. But if there is a double eviction then there will be a battle back. Angela – I just hope nothing happens this week. Tyler – I know.

2:45pm Fes running laps back and forth in the backyard.

3:35pm Its a lazy Sunday with the house guests laying around. After Fes finishes running he gets in the pool and then back to bed. Kaycee, Angela and Brett run laps in the yard.

3:45pm Backyard Couches. Kaycee and Haleigh. Kaycee – how are you doing? Haliegh – I’m okay, I’m surviving. Kaycee – have you talked to Fessie? Haleigh – yeah he is doing better. He is sad. He feels defeated. He feels like he has played this game so loyal and open and he doesn’t know what he did wrong. Kaycee – yeah, I’m sure its hard. Haleigh – yeah it sucks for him. It sucks for me too. Have you talked to him? Kaycee – no, just giving him some time. He was really close to winning. He would have pulled himself off and it would have been a whole different ball game. Haleigh – yeah I would hope there would be a bigger target next to me. Kaycee – has he talk to you about what he was going to do? Haleigh – no, he wanted to talk you about the veto and pretty much try to figure out what to do. I just hate it because he is such a competitor and I know it kills him.

4:30pm Fes and Tyler in the kitchen. Meanwhile Kaycee and Haleigh laying out suntanning.

5:50pm Kitchen. Brett and JC talking about how Brett doesn’t like a girl with armpit hair. Brett – its not like if she has a 5 o’clock shadow I’ll be like peace!

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Dirty Harry Reid

Do you think Sam was fishing with the Angela comment hoping to hook Tyler?

Rigged Game

Yes. She is looking to see where she is at. And Tyler basically told her.mistake on his part. She is on the bottom.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

I feel a Sam meltdown on the horizon.


Yes. Sam knows exactly what she’s doing.


No she doesnt. She doesn’t even realize she is big brother. She gets her crazy meds every day in the DR according to Vegas.


Because if it’s on the Internet, it MUST be true. I’m waiting for the moment Sam tells Julie it was all an act. If she didn’t know anything about Big Brother WHY did she audition to be on it?


She didn’t audition – she was recruited.

Smoke Show Angela

My sincere thanks to Dawg for the screen shots!

Rigged Game

A very good day!!!


Sweet entitled princess ass

Dr. Bronson


who me?

Which seems to be getting bigger and bigger the longer she is in the house


Sir Mix-a-Lot doesn’t mind and I’m sure many others don’t either.

Finally a good season

With this jury battle back this week…Scottie is the only deserving one to come back. Here’s hoping Scottie wins and teams up with Brett and JC.


I suppose you’re right considering the rest but his gameplay thus far really hasn’t been so great. Neither side really ever trusted him. He pretty much threw ihis game away. Scottie never lived up to the hype so many gave him. Having said that, the other jury members (I’m including Fes) need to hang their heads in shame.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’m kind of over guys who throw their game away for Haleigh. Scottie was pathetic in the end.

Start Tua Nick

Right you are. I hope Rocks gets back in so you can enjoy her going postal when she goes on the block again.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

RS coming back would be a tremendous blow for Fessie. Nominated by a woman. Beat in a quasi-football competition by a woman. Lose the chance to return to a woman. That’s almost cruel.

Double Ds

It will probably be an endurance contest with the houseguests. Last standing Jury member gets back in. Last person standing is HOH. I think Scottie has a good chance to get back in. Fes is usually the first to fall in endurance.

Lets not forget Sam won an endurance HOH.


Sam won an endurance comp by screaming at Tyler to drop, cause it was her turn. Ty didn’t want his final 2 with her exposed and let crazy have it. It wasnt really won.

Just Sayin...

I disagree. Tyler was shaking like a leaf, and later confided to someone (JC maybe?) that he was on the verge of falling off. Sammi was rock solid.

Kid Rock

I hope Bayleigh wins the battle back to piss off all the white folks…


That would skew the numbers, will she get 2 votes?


I am caught up on updates but behind on reading the comments, so I apologize if this is a repeated question. Julie showed the battleback being 4 faces, but with this being a double eviction wouldn’t it have to be 5 people? The double always happens so fast. How do they have time to evict, play a battle back and them evict again? Is it 5 and I just missed it? I am just thinking in case one of l6 gets cut in the double the battleback would help save them. But I dont hear much talk about this scenario.


Competing in the Battle back will be Bay, ROCK, Scottie and Fes.
I haven’t heard there being a double on this Thursday.


That’s right. Blonde moment. With the weeks left though it would mean there will have to be one right?


And those 4 will be super easy to get out a 2nd time.

Rigged Game

Outstanding use of Angela bikini pictures.

get them out

hayleigh is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy hotter.

my heavens she is hawwwwwwwwytttttttt.

Dr. Bronson


Hayleigh's Huge Mole

You must be into massive moles.

Rigged Game

Very bad game play by Tyler with Sam. He nixed their final two and told her to deny their final two to take the heat off himself. Sam could be a lot smarter than people think. She pulled a lot of information out of Tyler in that discussion. She knows Angela and Tyler are final two. She JC and Brett can exploit that. I think Tyler and Angela are getting overconfident and a bit sloppy in their social game.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

He nixed a F2 with Sam AND told her to deny their F2?

You’re really reaching.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

“Tyler tells Sam that if anyone asks if she has a final 2 for her to say it was with Scottie or Rockstar.”

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Thanks for the response. Yes, he told her to deny it…I’m just curious where he “nixed their final two”. He’s long told her that they have a final two, I’ve never seen him nix it.

The same with their entire conversation; I watched it. Tyler pretty much treated Sam the same way he’s been treating Sam lately. Some uh-huhs, smiles, head shakes and lots of reassurance that she’s doing fine and will be okay. I somehow missed the “lot of information” along with the nix…hence, the really reaching.

BB Fanatic

What am I missing here. What did Tyler say to Sam?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It’s in the synopsis up above…but get out your magnifying glass cause apparently there’s a lot of very, very tiny information written between the lines.

Who said that!

Tyler and Angela are not eachothers final 2,both will take Kaycee.

Is It just Me

Tyler really needs to drag Sam’s crazy arse to the finish line with him. I think she’s the only one who would pick him for F2 if it came down to it. Plus she knows he has the power app so he needs to keep her out of the little house so that doesn’t become known by L6 when they end up there. Although Sam has been really good at jury management so….. my gosh, could Sam actually win??! That would have to be a jury as bitter as last season and i dont see that happening. But ya never know…

Rigged Game

Sam Brett and JC are gonna go after Angela and Tyler soon. They aren’t handing over the money without a fight. Hay could actually be useful to their game if she is still around after battle and double eviction.

Who said that!

None of them will do anything,they have all put their trust into being Tylers final 2.


Will the battle back be held before the new HOH?


In the past they’ve done them concurrently, meaning the comp to reenter the house is the same one to win HoH. The last juror in the comp returns and if they are the last one standing at the end they can be HoH. Other times, they’ve done a quick one just for them and the juror returns and may or may not play in the HoH.


I’ve seen a few posts about how if JC is final two he will win but Is it really that likely. I know that haliegh and fes both stated they’ll vote for him along with the rest of the hive in jury. But I mean there is going to be at least one L6 member in jury before finale night and also Scottie seems to be on to JC game a little bit. Wouldn’t those two expose JC game in the house how basically he was an informant for L6. I mean he was the one who essentially planted the seed for Scottie to be a nominee. Obviously it’s easy for them to say they’d vote for JC now because they don’t know but I mean basically everything game related the hive spoke about JC would immediately expose it to L6. He was never truly loyal to the hive at all and I hope it comes to light.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I really don’t see a path ahead for JC to get to F2. He was playing a brilliant game from in the middle, when his strategy was to keep both sides picking each other off and stay under the radar. I don’t think he planned for just how terrible Foute/Hive would be; no one did.

Now he’s confronted with an overwhelmingly one-sided house and it doesn’t appear like he’s got a solid plan for moving forward. He’s trying to plant seeds with Brett but Brett isn’t Fessie and now he’s on L6’s radar for that.

Yes, there’s talk that he could pull in Haleigh, the buy back and some believe Brett. I don’t see Brett falling for it, Haleigh would probably sell him out to L6 for another week of safety and I sure don’t see JC wanting to work with anyone coming back on the buy back except maybe Fessie.

I personally believe JC may have waited too long.

Who said that!

Exactly.He needed to change his strategy by this point but hasn’t.


I think he was hoping that the multiple HoH’s that the Hive won would actually have gotten a non-hive member out so JC could be the swing vote at this point but one side of the house made every mistake and idiotic move imaginable.

Paul Treffinger

Level 6 doesn’t care about the money until they get to final 4….then they will turn on each other in a nice way because they will be forced too and Tyler is the only one who seems to really really want the win and the money in the end out of the four


I would say Angela wants the win just as much, but Tyler is smarter in that he thinks more long term than her. Brett seems to be here to have fun, and Kaycee’s loyalty to Level 6 will ironically be her downfall – she has to learn to put her game first. Once she does that, she’ll be the one to beat in the end.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’ve been a Kaycee fan from day one and she’s one of the five I wouldn’t mind seeing win. I just don’t see her turning on her alliance in time to make a break away move; she’s too close with Angela and Tyler.

More than once in the DR Tyler has said Kaycee is who he intends to take to final two. He obviously has his reason for that but he’s not expounded and I don’t expect him to. Because Kaycee is relatively quiet, and hasn’t won much (and whether that’s real or planned I don’t know), he may be underestimating her.

The whole female alliance was utter nonsense, but I believe Kaycee could successfully play the sisterhood card for votes. Even though Tyler has played a good, solid social game, so has she and she’s been a shoulder for many of the evicted women.

I could see her pulling it out from Tyler.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

You ever thought about therapy for that problem?

I mean, I know what things like this can lead to. I remember a morning many years ago when I woke up, surrounded by empty Black Seal Rum bottles, missing three days from memory and trying to figure out who the cute Latino lass was next to me.

I recall apologizing to her, telling her that if any accidents had happened to name it JC, left and immediately went into counseling. It did wonders for me.

Finally a good season

This season has been one of the best seasons in a couple years. So good that I could not root for a winner. But now I am team Brett or JC. Both are playing a good game and I think jury would give them a win.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

BB sure gave JC some prime exposure tonight.

I believe they also laid to rest whether Tyler and Angela like each other.