Shield Vs Milkmance “What I am saying is this is Big Brother Watch your Back”

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week


11:36pm HOh Emmett and Jillian

Emmett: “Aren’t we going to bed”
Jillian: “No i’m going to the Diary room.. we’re the only two that haven’t been called into teh Diary room”
Jillian asks him if he thinks they are on to anything
Emmett brings up the theory that maybe Tom will come back as the HOH because the Monkey was given to him as the HOH. Emmett extrapolates that maybe on Thursday they have one set of eviction and a second HOH where Tom is playing for it.

Emmett: “This fuc*** up our Beast Coast Alliance.. I think Tom will understand we lost our best BUD I had to find someone.. now I’ve teamed up with Andrew”
Jillian: “I feel like Tom is watching our reactions”
Emmett: “I think we’re the only ones happy about Tom.. “


11:46pm Kitchen everyone but Emmett and Jillian

Talla is acting scared “Can someone sleep with me.. I’m really scared”
Peter: “He’s not a serial killer”
Topaz: “He’s not going to come into the house with a chain saw”
Andrew: “Thats me”

Peter jokes that there is a basement in the house and Tom is living down there.. “Everyone from Kat to Suzette are in the basement and they had a competition to come back in the house and Tom won”

Jillian comes back from her Diary Room Session, Tells them the DR made her feel like nothing is going to happen.

Jillian starts freaking out says she heard a dog outside. Talla screams, Jillian charges outside looking for this dog who she suspects is names Tom.

Andrew: “You people are F*** in the head”
Talla to Jillian: “Don’t go by yourself”
Peter: “He’s not going to kill you”
Talla: ‘I’m too scared to go out there by myself”

Emmett pokes his head out from the HOH room says , “Talla you scream one more time i’m throwing you in the pool”

Andrew starts chasing Talla around trying to brush her teeth with a pot scrubber


Talla’s Tom impersonation


12:20AM Hammock Andrew and Emmett More speculation about Tom. Emmett mentions that maybe Tom comes back and is given a power for a week. Andrew thinks at the most Tom comes back like Jessie did for a couple hours to cause chaos. Andrew believe this is only a production trick to get them talking about something in the Diary Room.


12:17pm Kitchen Peter, Alec, Emmett, and Jillian

Emmett tells Alec that he looked “worried as F***”

Alec: ‘Why would it concern you i was worried even if i was worried”

Alec: ‘You think I’m going to jump for joy if we’re working together and Jillian wins the HOH”

Jillian: “That is why I stayed up there from the looks on your face”
Emmett: “You know that Topaz was going to put me up.. Don’t say she wasn’t that’s bullshit.. You wanted Topaz to put us up to keep the blood off your hands”

Alec: ‘So what are you saying you thought I was after you”

Emmett: ‘What I am saying is this is Big Brother Watch your Back.. I’m just saying.. You were acting weird.. pete hadn’t changed.. but whatever”

Emmett: “You were getting aggressive”

Alec: “Aggressive!”

Jillian: “You said there would be us three against them if I put Peter up”
Alec: “No I said If I went home you would have Topaz and Peter after you that is true.. I never once said we were coming after you”
Jillian: ‘You said If peter wne home you would come after us”
Alec: ‘That is true.. that would have meant you turned on use ”

Emmett:” You don’t understand how this works.. I can see why you guys want to keep me.. I’m a bigger threat than both of you.. if someone is coming after you they will take me out first.. before Tom was gone”

Alec: “We kept you with us because we trusted you”
Emmett: “Sketchy things started happening.. the break up with Topaz”
Jillian: “The break up really had us thinking”

Emmett: “you are close with Topaz..Very close right.. “
Alec: “Yup”
Emmett: “You are essentially playing as one”

Jillian: ‘So what are you saying that we should put Topaz up and out of the house becuase she’s coming after us”
Alec: “Yes”

Emmett calls Peter out on saying that Topaz trusts them, “You said

Alec: “Talla and Andrew and we’ve been working with you guys since day 3.”
Emmett: “They have never been sketchy with me”
Alec: “What the F*** when have I been sketchy”

Emmett brings up how sketchy Alec is and brings up even Peter agrees that the whole remance thing was strange.

JillIan asks him if he was ever taking Topaz to final 3. Alec swears he wasn’t going to keep Topaz, Alec asks them to please if anything “Sketchy” comes out just come up to him and talk. Emmett bites back says they live in a house and see each other for 16 hours out of the day its pretty easy to see when people are acting sketchy. .

AAlec says Talla was targeting Emmett and Jillian next week.. Emmett gets up and leaves.

Emmett comes back
Alec: “Honestly I am even worried Topaz is going to come after me”
Emmett: “Alec F*** off She is not coming after you you think i’m stupid”

Alec: “If you can point out to me one time when I lied to you then send me home”
Emmett: “All i know is Peter is coming off the block and we are not 7 anymore we are 8” (He’s thinking about Tom coming back)

Peter and Alec want them to vote out Topaz. They propose if Topaz leaves Alec will be indebted to them the following week.
Emmett: “This is Big Brother people don’t got to do anything”
Alec: “I will throw the HOH competition”

Topaz joins them..

(Video is uploading.. It’s Long so will take some time to complete)




12:58AM Peter and Jillian

Peter tell Jillian if she keeps Alec he’ll talk game with her every day.. Peter: “The Game has reached a critical point in the house… we have 2 people in the house that do not deserve to be in the game”

Peter says there was never a final 3 with Topaz, Alec and Peter. He swears there was no final 4 with talla, Topaz, Alec and Peter.

Jillian tells him the only 2 things that are certain is Peter is taking himself off the block and Topaz is going up they can talk about who goes home later.

(Video is uploading.. It’s Long so will take some time to complete)


1:00am BAthroom Alec tells Topaz he doesn’t know what is going to happen they’ll have to wait and see tomorrow. Alec is trying his best to get Topaz out I wonder if she suspects this.

1:08am Jillian and Emmett HOH
The rest of the house is sleeping.
Emmett and Jillian Still talking about what is going on with the TOM picture and the clues.. Jillian jokes “There is a power of video in this house and we’re going to find it” Emmett asks her what did Peter talk to her about. Jillian just groans.


1:25AM Jillian and Emmett looking throughout the house for the power.. Jillian hears a sound “Ohh someone is in my room” (LOL the screen capture shows her surprise)

They head up into the HOH room. Jillian has become pretty scatterbrained about this. “Should we stay up Big Brother.. move the camera if we should stay up” (She thinks that the Camera is pointing up that maybe they should stay up? )

Emmett: “If Tom does come into game he doesn’t like Alec or Peter.. I hate how Alec thinks we are stupid” Jillian: “A lot of people think we are stupid.. I ask peter questions to make him think we are stupid..”

Emmett lays out the only positive he sees about Keeping Alec or Topaz is if Topaz is gone Talla will do less jumping around. Jillian: “And Alec said he would throw HOH” Emmett: “Than we have no enemies in the house” Jillian: “Taht’s why I want you to chill out”
Emmett: “I’m not made.. you haven;t seen me mad”
Jillian: “Don’t scare me”


1:49AM After searching the house for the 30th time Emmett and Jillian head to bed


2:01AM Camera zooms in on Tom’s picture

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If Tom comes back I’m going to be so pissed! ://////


This is hilarious! Alec needs to quit, it’s getting so annoying! At least Tom was honest.


Sorry Alec and Peter. Emmett and Jillian got to you first. Do you honestly think they are going to believe that you will be indebted to them and throw the Hoh…Yeah right. You will nominate them so fast. Good try though….I guess anything is worth a shot right? Just throw Topaz under the bus again, which will go back to her and now you won’t even get a sympathy vote from her.


That snapshot you posted of Emmett looking at Alec pretty much sums up the whole conversation! lol


lmao ! Emmett always makes that face when someone is talking to him about game or personal stuff and he’s not interested . He’s not really good at faking his emotional expression , but when he smiles it’s so genuine . .. sorry I’m like physically in love with Emmett , he looks like a greek god lol

Its kind of funny they are all going crazy when everyone in the house is pretty much against Topaz ( except Alec depending on what personality he has that day). Topaz can only do so much as it’s 1 against 6 lol. They need to calm down.


Emmett telling Alec to eff off, FTW.


i don’t know why emmett was so mean to alec last night. it’s still a game and him and jillian NEED jury votes to win! at this point, they dont have aj’s vote, gary’s vote is iffy (would vote for emmett but not jillian), alec and topaz (soon to be in jury it seems, won’t vote for them if they have a choice) and I wouldn’t be surprised if they burn the bridge with talla and peter before voting them out too…


Jillian to BB: “BB, should we stay up? Move the camera if we should stay up!”
I wonder if she ever got an answer from BB. (I should hope not! But the way she asks, sounds like it…)

On another topic: could someone please fill me in: Was it Peter who put the monkey in the HOH room? If yes, when? Can anyone who saw that give me their take on what they saw? Thanks!


peter was definitely hiding stuff yesterday on the live feeds. i think this is a task, maybe random, maybe from either of the moose (i would love if the new moose was gary’s voice!) or maybe from his POV win? i watched him hide the bear in the hoh room, amongst the pillows. he was saying that he was “in a cleaning mood” several times and was gathering up towels to do laundry. he hid the bear amongst the towels, brought it up to the hoh room secretly and then placed the bear amongst the pillows on the hoh bed, he made sure to fix the pillows so that the bear was hidden. i also saw him cleaning other stuff and he may have put something by the pool (near the yoga mat…) or in the laundry hampers, that’s where jillian and emmett were looking like crazy last night. at this point, peter knows that jillian and emmett would have found the bear and are lying to the rest of the HGs. Basically with noms this week and the secret they are keeping, peter knows 100% he cannot trust emmett and jillian. HGs also pointed out there is an extra chair back now, and of course Tom’s picture is in colour. i think they also found tom’s shoe polish? but again, peter, emmitt, jillian and even talla (she was looking for her pants everywhere) have been looking EVERYWHERE for clues and so could have found random old stuff. i did not see the footage of them finding tom’s tags but i’ve heard them talk about it. tom’s been posted on twitter, not even in TO so this is definitely a psych-out task or something to do with the POV or double week this week.


Thanks a lot for filling me in! 🙂
I thought this was all for a competition, each HG being asked separately what has been changed, but Peter being responsible negates that theory…
Very interesting…


oops, by bear i mean monkey. tom’s monkey.


I’m not sure who I can’t stand more Alec or Topez. I remember a while back and they were sitting around talking about what’s the one thing they want out of being on this show and Alec was like if I could pick one thing it would be to me Parvati from Survivor. I almost threw up in my mouth. Is Alec really that delusional?? like he’d have any chance with her. She is way to good for him. Alec thinks he is gods gift to women. *VOMIT*


Alec has played a terrible social game, but let’s not kidd ourselves, Emmett has had the luxury of his two closest allies win the HOH 3 times out of 7 weeks. He has had direct influence. So to me Emmett has had luck and a great “convincing” power on weak minds such as Tom and Jillian.

Alec is gone this week and he needs only blame himself, but let’s not be too quick to point out that fortune has come Emmett’s way, EVERY step of the way, even Tom winning POV in week 1 could have been fortunate.


I watched tonight’s episode, and once again Emmet caught cheating. wth? ( he knew, that he had taken his arm off the railing…soooooo disappointed in him! )
Also, I really feel sorry for the hgs., having to put up with crazy Talla…she’s constantly screaming! I seriously would put a muzzle on her.


By taking his arm off, he wasn’t cheating. He just took his arm off. He knew he was out. Calm down


I too saw the show tonight, and Emmet put his arm back on the railing…hoping no one would notice.


Im glad Emmett sees through Alec’s bullshit. He has the chance to get him out now and he’ll take it.

Re: Tom’s things. I think it’s a task being performed by Peter. He and Alec were in the kitchen talking and Alec asked Peter “what do we get?” and said something about finding out tomorrow. Peter put his finger to his mouth and ssssshh’d Alec. Those 2 seem like they have no concern about Tom which means they have something to do with it


More and more Jillian is becoming my favourite to win. Both her and Emmett have been playing a sharp game together.
Was really funny when she was telling Emmett about pretending to be stupid and asking dumb questions with Peter and smacking her her head like yeah Peter your really smart, I didn’t know that, lol. She knows exactly the game she is playing and how she wants to play it.


Yada Yada Yada…Alex!


i listen to alec plead his case before judge emmette it fell on deaf ears i’m sorry alec u are the weakest link lol …. alec made me laugh when he said next week when u guys want to do something like this let me know tsk tsk tsk alec alec ……. that whole conversation emmette control from beginning to the end common sense just aint common when it comes to alec playing the fool….. alec has to know he’s the target ….. …alec said liza played to hard to fast ….alec has to know he’s going to jury i would of told judge emmette and judge jillian that if i go to jury by the hands of my alliance peter,, topaz, gary and i will vote personal …. … what else he has to lose he’s already out the door …folks kill me when they throw rocks and hide their hands ……


sigh… Alec has thrown Topaz under the bus and run her over so many times that I can’t even watch them kiss anymore. Topaz has to know that once she is up on the block, that she has to distance herself from Alec. This will be make it or break it for Topaz. C’mon Topaz!!! I know you can do it – separate yourself from Alec and throw him under the bus. No more giving him information, he’s just going to use it against you!!!! You have enough information from him now to know that he made alliances with Emmett and that he is using you. Enough already, you need to build your relationship with Jillian and Talla. Fingers crossed…


I wish that would happen but the girl is sprung.

I did enjoy the convo she had with Alec in the bathroom that was probably the most honest I’ve seen them, except near the end Alec went into social psych mode.


He makes me sick how much he does that to her. But u have to remember… not only does she have feeligns for the kid but also she isnt seeing what we see. I mean he even convinces me whenever he is w/ her and the htigns he says to her, then i see what he says and does behind her back and i’m back to disliking him again. I can undertsand how and why she is torn b/c he makes me torn too… but no more.. it’s too much shit throwing behind her back. I frigging got played til i saw this tonight and i have just had it w/ the douche! He says all the right things to all the right people at the right times. I feel bad for her b/c she is a loyal person. I hope he goes before her.. would b sweeeet karma!!


now that alec in the hot seat he’s so humble even the way he talk it seem so sincere ………whatever alec selling emmtte aint buying because that friendship is damaged that cant be repair until after the show … they are not keeping alec in the game they already showed him their hand …..


yikes i agree with u spot on .

i think a diamon power veto they have to find


Did you all see what emmett said to jillian right before he went to bed. They are considering keeping Alec over Topaz once Peter gets off the block. NO LIE, it was an extended convo between jillian and emmett and it is under serious consideration.

If Alec weasels his way out of this one and somehow makes it to the final two……the only other person I can see myself voting for is Andrew because he’s FEARLESS.

Hate to say it, but Gary’s personality pissed me off, but he was a great player, just not a good enough social player, but that’s only because his personality made it harder for ppl to trust and connect with him.

interesting to see if Alec will maneuver his way around this,


I know this is a little crazy, but my bet is that jillian and emmett both don’t make it to final two. Has anyone seen how bad these two are in MENTAL HOH competitions.

I believe after this double eviction they will have to WIN THERE WAY TO FINAL TWO….and I can’t see them winning 3 HOH’s in a row. If Alec and Topaz are taken out in the double eviction, I see everyone gunning for them. Jillian and Emmett have to believe keeping Talla and Peter will serve them well if they get into final two, they would win the whole thing.

Everyone knows that there are still a bunch of those left, I see everyone turning on jillian and emmett next week EXCEPT Talla. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Andrew throw up Emmett and Jillian, he’s just pure RUTHLESS!

The Knight

Peter you are no better than Topaz or Talla. He’s become extremely delusional and has convinced himself that he’s playing this expert social game. He has the worst social game in the house. Alec at least had a social game until this week.


If Tom comes back even if its just for a day that would be soooo awesome.


As long they stick with the plan bout putting topaz up they are good. Stop thinking of the “what ifs” like Tom coming back and just kick out the douche Alec.


Got some info (off another site) on what Jillian and Emmitt were looking for. They said it is a hidden Veto. (Location : Backyard Camera in Tree)
Not sure if this is true or not but it sounds plausible.


For all you hoping that Topaz will throw Alec under the bus, don’t hold your breathe. The minute she let him back in after he kept Andrew and her and Gary went up on the block is the minute she lost all credibility in the game. If Alec had done that to me i would have caused such a scene and let all of his plans be known to everyone. Sadly though Topaz doesn’t have the game to do that. I really want Alec gone just so he gets sh*t on at the Jury House from everyone.
Personally I hope Jillian wins even though I can’t stand it when she whines all the time. She is playing a good game. Emmett is the last person I want to win he really doesn’t need the money. Everyone else in the house could use the money more.


i heard there is a pov hidden near the trees


this is obviously not confirmed 100% yet… but according to jokers

“Hidden veto. Camera tree in backyard. Look closely they next time they show it!”


the moose above fireplace outside will be gary’s voice!


Lmao I like how Emmett and Jill are saying if they keep Alec over Topaz they won’t have any enemies in the house but…they are forgetting about making enemies in the Jury House


Alec is scrambling..and not in a good way


Emmett looks so hot in those screencaps. Hate his tattoos though.
Alec is a looker only when he grows his hair out.


ps Tom has a total gayface in his BB pic.