Mark “We had an agreement we weren’t going to put up the boys right?”

11:05pm Dane and Damien.
Damien – it might be Mark and Esti though. (Nominations) Dane – yup. I wouldn’t understand how Mark would escape this. Damien – he’s snakey. Dane – how the hell do they come up with games like that? Damien – right?! Dane – are they still talking? Damien – yeah what the f**k are they talking about? Esti… I’ll kill you. Dane – she’s probably sewering me. Dane – yeah. Save her own bacon somehow. I don’t know what she could sewer me about but.. Damien – right.. because I haven’t said Anthony’s name once. Dane – me either. Damien – I told Adam today that if I won, I wouldn’t put him up. So hopefully he remembers that. And I meant it because you know who I would put up .. because I am pretty pissed off about that sh*t. Dane – yeah I know.. so many people are pissing me off right now. I can’t believe he won another comp.

11:08pm – 11:37pm HOH room. Mark and Adam.
Mark – here is what I’m thinking. So we had an agreement we weren’t going to put up the boys right? Adam – we also had an agreement before your HOH you weren’t going to put me up. Mark – right and then we sat down over here and said from now on no more. Adam – I thought that was the agreement we always had. Mark – right, then we all sat down and agreed .. okay fine. Now you’re looking for a way out because you want to look good on both ends. Keep to your agreement but then you also what to look good in front of the house. Adam – yeah. I don’t give a sh*t honestly at this point its us. Mark – that’s what I’m trying to say. Lets say you put up me and Damien or Esti.. it doesn’t matter. The idea is that you save me with the two / two tie or whatever and no one goes rogue.. everything is hunky dory but then you basically just bought yourself two days because when you vote me as the savior everyone is going to look at you like what?!!? What the F**K! So he puts him up .. says he’s the target and then.. Adam – right, it reverts back. Mark – not only that.. Adam – so I can do what I told you to do and say that there’s a backdoor plan. We’ll say that there’s a backdoor plan to get you out .. because I don’t want you to take yourself off the block.. and then one of us wins and then that doesn’t happen. Mark – and then if Damien wins.. Adam – I could put up Kyra.. Mark – but even that looks weird but it doesn’t matter. So what I propose is you put up Esti and Damien. Adam – I’d love to just say these are the boys… but we can’t like Anthony said because if someone wins they would automatically put two boys up. Adam and Mark talk about what he will say to Damien and Esti. Adam – I am not putting up Kyra because she has my back more than anyone in the game right now .. which everyone sees. I want one of you guys to pull yourself down ,, there is a backdoor plan. Mark – then wink … its like you’re saying me without saying it. Anthony joins them. They tell him about putting up Esti and Damien with the others thinking Mark is the backdoor plan. Adam – but then we win the veto and don’t use it and no one comes down. I don’t give a f**k because we’re going to the final 4.

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Guy From Canada

I wonder if Adam will put Mark up for the story, or will he go with the back door. I personally hope he does but Dane is so loyal to the on, I don’t see this happening…..


Im predicting mark and anthony go up to ensure one of them goes

Thea Pierrot

They could backdoor one.

Thea Pierrot

Dane seems very committed to the the PBs but he has been getting annoyed at Anthony and Mark. Dane did not like Anthony declaring he would beat them all at the end when he was angry about Cory. His confidence suggests he has been holding back and letting Adam and Dane do all the work so he could stay off the radar. Dane was annoyed that Anthony influenced Mark to keep Cory off the block when she was clearly the greatest threat. Dane could be on board with backdooring either one of them.


Anthony and Mark, are only truly serious about the PBs when they aren’t in power – – as we know Mark’s true plan was to blindside the quartet last week to take out either Adam or Dane but he couldn’t find a path to make it work. When the secret assassin struck to take out Cory he used that to his advantage to reinforce his F2 with Anthony & plant the seeds to break up the PBs prior to F4.

In the double next week if Mark or Anthony don’t win HOH they will push hardcore to go F4 with the quartet. Assuming that happens here is where they currently stand: (note: let’s assume each of the quartet has made F2’s with every member b/c it sure seems like they have if memory serves correct).

Mark: Even if Mark ousted Adam/Dane via a blindside there is no way he wins this game. Either he’s viewed as the smarmy PB member or the disloyal player who got dragged to the end by his trio of allies. If he reaches the stage where dates become factors and won out I still don’t think he can beat any of the PBs. He’ll take Anthony given the choice.

Anthony would take Mark as his primary choice (but who’s kidding who Ant isn’t winning squat). Anthony will also have a hard time winning sitting beside anyone but Mark (or a non-PB) b/c his gameplay has been figured out by Kyra who’ll put him on blast making it impossible to earn anyone’s votes other than Mark/Cory and that’s only if Cory can ignore the fact she got played by him.

I believe Adam would honor the F2 with Dane and be unafraid of taking his biggest comp threat to the end. Adam was a comp beast who tried to keep all his allies (PB & side) safe, but his strategy was nonexistent & he spent far too much time with Sam to nurture his relationships so his social isn’t strong either.

Given the option, I think Dane would bring Mark but in truth the only PB who gives him a run for the title is Adam.

At issue this week is the PBs need everything to run perfectly smoothly b/c Adam intends to put up Este & Damian telling them his plan is to backdoor Mark.

There are scenarios where drama can come into play:

POV Winner: first of all only one of Anthony/Mark/Dane/Kyra won’t play in POV and Adam as HOH can’t play. Unless there is a cash prize it makes sense Dane will throw it (if he wins he’ll likely take down Este). It’s also likely Ant/Mark would keep nominations the same if they win. Although — it could get fun if one of them won & decided to curry favor from a nom by removing them (it won’t happen – but hey I’m turning over every stone).

If Kyra won that would be where it gets interesting b/c ‘they’ would remove one of the nominees forcing Adam to put up Mark presumably (or Anthony since he hasn’t been on the block) BUT then the PBs would save whichever PB went on the block & Adam would break the tie to take out the non-PB & enter double eviction with the two remaining PBs pretty much knowing the boys are in cahoots.

Still, the non-PBs have to win for any of this to matter which at this stage seems highly unlikely. I’m thinking this might be the most non-eventful week of the season (which is saying a lot) unless Kyra wins POV. Feeds will be a yawnfest of Anthony trashing each hamster to every other hamster & Mark pushing his oust Dane plan to Anthony.

And so we’ll wait for Thursday & DE when a Mark or Anthony HOH win would mean Dane/Adam being in jeopardy or a Kyra/Este (presuming Damian goes this week) win HOH (might) result in a PB leaving (OH PLEASE LET KYRA OR ESTE win DE HOH). I’m not even a Kyra fan per se but her taking out Anthony sure would serve up a great dish of karma soup.

another name

Do you really think Mark wants Anthony F2? I seem to think he wasn’t joking when he said he’d prefer either Este or Kyra final two with him.

Thea Pierrot

No Mark doesn’t want Anthony F2 but Mark is a coward.


Oh for sure Mark wants Este AND Kyra at F3 but barring him getting an opportunity of a triple (doesn’t appear it will happen) to take out Dane/Adam simultaneously & then get someone else to take out Anthony he’s playing to get his board loaded with people he thinks would take him to F2.

Mark (more than Adam/Anthony) is aware that Dane has played the best game whereas Anthony is laser sighted on targeting Adam first b/c contrary to his own opinion he plays emotionally & stomps his feet like a little boy when he doesn’t get his way.

So Mark is playing up the F2 with each of Anthony/Dane & the longer he stays he’ll start selling ‘everyone in jury hates me” speech b/c then he might just get 3 PB votes if he’s the lone PB at F2 & will only need one more vote to win.

Apologies ^^^^ that wasn’t clear I meant ‘of the PB group” Mark would take Anthony over Adam/Dane.

Thea Pierrot

Excellent takes on the house. Dane was shocked when Anthony told the PBs that he was going to beat them all. It was so out of character from Dane’s perspective. Dane is smart and I think he knows he saw the real Anthony but he isn’t intimidated by him even if he has been throwing competitions. Dane was annoyed that Anthony swayed Mark to keep Cory off the block because she was the obvious next target. From this he sees that Anthony and Mark are allied. Dane was not happy with Adam until Sam was gone but Adam handled that very well and has proven his loyalty to Dane. I think they are going to be on the same page with getting rid of Anthony and Mark, Mark first because of the mental threat. Anthony made some crack about sitting on the floor so he doesn’t intimidate people. Adam is not in the least bit intimidated by Anthony. He won’t care if Anthony sticks around angry for a week until he too is gone so I think Adam will be on board with getting rid of Mark.

Marianne Martin

i will have no respect for adam if he does that ..


I already have no respect for Adam, super tired of him spewing testosterone everywhere.


And THANK YOU DANE – for playing Big Brother —- he’s up early trying to convince Adam to nominate Mark right out of the gate. This is extremely similar to how Dane & Adam tried to work Mark to put up Cory right away last week but failed. It also hints at Dane’s game plan which I’m presuming would be to KEEP MARK OTB so that he, Kyra (and whoever out of Damian/Este) aren’t on the block vote him out. This so Dane removes Mark (master of the BB dates poem) prior to reaching the stage in the game where he would feast.

It’s highly likely Dane has figured out the double is next Thursday & getting out Mark now would give him the best shot at making it through the DE b/c Adam won’t play in HOH & if by chance the comp is dates related Anthony would be screwed. Then Dane would be at his safest b/c Damian/Este would never nominate him & he could possibly throw HOH to one of them in the hopes they took out Adam (keeping the blood off his hands). OR – they could target Anthony. Dane’s ideal F5 would be going with Adam, Kyra, Damian & Este as three out of the four would take him to F2 (Kyra would NEVER take him but she’d be easy to beat). Hopefully, that’s the plan.

It seems Dane’s mist is working as Adam then mentioned to Anthony – it doesn’t make sense for me not to nominate Mark as far as the house is concerned. Anthony says he doesn’t care but won’t commit to saying out loud “do it”.

Anyway, I think Dane might’ve convinced Adam to do it from the start. The more interesting aspect of this will be if Mark wins POV to come down will Dane be able to convince Adam for him to put up Anthony? LMAO.

Meanwhile – Adam told Dane he WAS the Secret Assassin & wasn’t allowed to tell prior to eviction. This pretty much proves Adam trusts Dane the most (the combo of him telling Dane about his SA role & him leaning to nominate Mark).

Anthony meanwhile is TRASHING Adam to Damian just in case Damian stays so he moves ahead of Adam in Damian’s mind. It’s hilarious to hear Ant spit out crap about others & marry it with “I”m the most honest person in here” nonsense. I really want to see some DRs from Kyra, Damian & Este to see if they’ve caught on to Ant’s bullsh*t yet.

Regardless, the fact Dane appears to be moving away from the PB “storyline” sure is enticing. Dane strikes me as being very astute at perceiving house happenings & adapts the best of the hamsters. He heard the audience cheer when he voted out Cory & he’s also likely caught on to who got the loudest cheers this season. Cory didn’t get the same love Kiki or Sam did so he may be on to that fact & read into it that the PBs aren’t that loved.

He also might’ve figured out Mark’s target is him based on how Mark/Anthony are acting. Prior to last week when Mark was HOH he was much more interactive with Dane so it wouldn’t be a stretch for him to have figured out Mark/Ant aren’t committed to taking him deep in the game. And, although I still have no horse in the race if Dane manages to orchestrate taking out Mark (or Anthony) prior to them backstabbing him he takes an overwhelming lead as favorite to win. He already resides atop my board based on his complete game (social, strategy, comps) with Adam’s comp prowess placing him second. Anthony ranks close to second or third b/c there’s no denying he’s been a master of manipulation.

Ironically my all-time favorite player is Dr. Will. He played a very similar style to Anthony, but the difference is Dr. Will kept you invested based on his charm & well-timed winks at the cameras. Whereas Anthony gets infuriated if things don’t go his way Will would just figure out a way to get you on his side or tip his hat when he didn’t (which only happened once via Janelle in All-Stars).


Please don’t ever compare Anthony to dr will. That is a total insult!

double eviction this week yeet

Honestly I’m hoping Adam backdoors Anthony, period


I agree, him or Mark!

another name

I get the feeling Adam is too busy bending over to get backdoored by anthony to even contemplate nominating him.

another name

so. hey curtain monkeys… what you doing?
How hard you pushing for that sausage fest final 5?
Adam is telling Kyra he wants to nom Kyra and Este?
Where the hell did that come from? It wasn’t even an option this morning.
So Adam is explaining Kyra as an option to bd Mark. Kyra didn’t buy the logic.
Now he’s back to Este Damien and saying it’s a back door plan to get Mark. Who is going to buy that Mark is such a comp threat that he has to be back doored?


I would say put Anthony and Mark on the block and if one comes down put up Este . That will ensure the one on the block goes home Dane and Kyra and Damien will vote to keep her .

another name

tinfoil hat chat:
what was Cory’s reason for being bitter, pouty and hating everyone in her conversation with Mark when the feeds first came back an hour before secret assassin nomination meeting? Storyline revision delivery?

Given the nom room secret assassin speech edit: how is the whole current Anthony is running Adam’s HOH plausible? One of the two, either Adam’s attitude last week, or his attitude in the last 24 hours is a contrivance. The two don’t make sense without a d/r visit or two. So was there a push to create drama in order to shift public perception to Adam as the hero? Or is there now a push to put the foursome back on track for this week, leading to a shocking demise during the double?
how long are we supposed to believe that damien walking in on multiple pb meetings (when he knows about the alliance), Kyra walking in on at least two pb convos where mark kept speaking (and yeah i’ve just given up on este buying a vowel) isn’t a red flag? Considering they both know? No, really. we can all say they’re stupid and bad players, but at some point i’ve just got to wonder, have the people behind the magic door told them to just ignore everything they see until their next morning d/r visit? Is this the downside of feeds that they don’t consider? That in the last 2 seasons, pushing plot lines looks more and more sketchy when there are less people in the house?
Come on. we’ve all seen the pattern by now that all things said on feeds during the weekend night shift are subject to be completely changed or forgotten as if they never took place by the sunday morning d/r roundup.

Btw, maybe someone should tell global that their barometer article saying Mark had a successful HOH is a joke, saying Anthony unsuccessfully lobbying so hard for Cory was an upward trajectory move was just as silly…. and maybe inform them that Adam may be their poster boy, but putting his picture up next to Damien’s name on that same article is pushing it. Since barometer articles are one of production’s little tricks to influence the perceptions of the viewers… they really are pushing for a prettyboy final four. hard. Even if they have to say up is down and bad is good in their articles hoping nobody will question them.

Okay. i feel much better having vented my conspiratorial zeal. Thanks.

Thea Pierrot

After listening to Dane telling Mark and Anthony that the house isn’t buying the story I think Dane wants Mark to go on the block.

Thea Pierrot

So right now it looks like Este and Damien are on the block with a possible plan to backdoor Mark which may or may not be fake. There was a house discussion including Anthony but excluding Mark in which it was decided that Mark was a backdoor plan. But, Anthony and Mark believe it to be a fake plan just to keep their PB cover for another two days. There is no point in keeping their cover any longer anyway because they are the majority and Adam and Dane are comp beasts.

The only way to know if the plan is real, and Adam and Dane intend to backdoor Mark, is if we hear Adam and Dane speaking alone.

I want the PBs broken up, but if they do survive to final four it will be remarkable.


Damien and Este are nominated