Adam “Listen, if you use it [Veto] & I don’t put Mark up, how stupid does that look?!

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7:50pm – 9:23pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..

9:30pm Bedroom. Mark and Anthony.
Mark – do you think they’re going to wake us up in the middle of the night for a POV? I could see them doing that. If you win, I know you’re not using it. Anthony – Ummmm.. Mark – you would use it? Cuz you know they would never put Kyra up. Dane is going to gun for it f**King hard.. even though he said he was going to throw it. He is in DEEP with Esti man. I know it. He already told me what his plan was.. he talked to me about Adam. He was like I don’t want to win this HOH the five.. because I want to win this one.. he was saying some bullsh*t and I wasn’t even paying attention. He envisions the final five being the four boys and Esti right. Not Kyra .. whatever ..fine! We can beat them. It doesn’t matter that much. Then he wants someone else to knockout Esti right… because he doesn’t want the blood on his hands. Then he wins the next one and knocks out Adam and we go final three. Me, you and him go final 3. Adam joins them. Mark – do you think they’re going to wake us up in the middle of the night to play the POV? Adam – maybe. Dane joins them. Mark – hey, if Adam gets house guest choice .. should he pick me? Dane – you would look really stupid! Mark – yeah, I know its just kind of funny. Adam – Dane, are you going to use it if you win? Dane – do you want me to? Adam – no. Dane – I thought you just told me to use it? Adam – yeah. Listen, if you use it and I don’t put Mark up .. how stupid does that look?! Dane – yeah! Mark – just get really drunk tonight Dane. Dane – I’m going to.. Adam – you know what I mean though. Dane – just don’t pull my name. Its pretty easy not to pull my name apparently. Dane – if I don’t use it on Esti.. they’re going to know somethings up.. Damien goes home… no jury vote again. We’re all trying to save each others jury votes. I’ll take another hit for the team. Adam – either way its a f**ked up situation. Dane – no, yeah. We’ll figure it out. Anthony tells Mark he needs to mope around .. saying its pretty obvious he’s going to backdoor me. Mark – I can do that. Kyra joins them. Mark – whatever man! Mark leaves the room. Adam to Kyra – he is pissed. Kyra – of course he is. Adam – like extra. Anthony – first thing he says to me is I f**king knew it!

10:02pm – 11:53pmBig Brother blocks the feeds..

12:06am HOH room. Kyra and Adam.
Kyra – I’m like ready to go. Adam – what do you mean? No you’re not. Kyra – Not .. like I want to get as far as I can.. and I am grateful to be here. But I miss my people. Adam – obviously.. but its only 20 more days. Kyra – yeah but you fit in here. Like I don’t fit in. Its hard. Adam – I’m sure Sam would love to be here right now. Kyra – I know… and I am grateful. Adam – whether you fit in or not. Kyra – I know. Well she had you. Its different when you’re alone. Adam – you’re not alone. Kyra – I’m just being a baby.

12:45am – 1:04am Havenot room. Esti, Mark, Anthony and Adam chatting about past events / comps of the season.

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This season was wanted so badly but it sucks hard!! I see no #BBCAN8 happening which is unfortunate ! Bad casting choices Big Brother

another name

It’s not the casting that is bad. It’s the development of season long story arc that is predetermined before the feeds begin, and then followed without adaptability that is the problem.
Any of the unauthorized story arc game play that happens on weekend night shifts, then are discarded as if they never happened once the storyline department returns… that’s been the issue for two seasons.
Notice: any time there is weekend discussions that would shift the game away from the storyline departments desire to have a canadian brigade…. once the sunday d/r calls are done they are never discussed again, as if they never took place.
The girls agreed to the existence of the boys alliance weeks ago. sunday: it’s imaginary.
Adam and Sam almost jumped in with Dane, Este, Kiki. sunday: Kiki is target.
Last weekend Adam, Dane and Damien’s alliance. or Dane, Adam, Kyra and Este’s alliance talks. sunday: nope.
Add Adam’s nom room secret assassin speech about Anthony to suddenly Anthony is running the hoh. with no explanation of story shift once cams returned from d/r calls after the hoh.
It’s not casting. it’s the production department’s failure to be adaptable from the preconceived storyline.


Seems they get 3 or 4 strong players them the rest off them are like sheep .

Guy From Canada

I find it strange Adam, Dane and Cory were all decent at mental and physical. Even Maki could be said he was a well rounded physical and mental player. The superfan season of bbcan 4 was so lame because of twists, and cast. This season I find dull because there was no real villain until now( Anthony is the worst, Mark isn’t too far behind) and still no one to cheer for…..maybe Dane?


Simon or any one out there who is the best to get rid off Mark or Anthony. I think Mark due to his mental game with the dates . Anthony don’t win squat .


They’re both sucky.
You are right Mark is better in comps. unless Anthony has been holding back.

Guy From Canada

His training regime was eating poutine according to his bio so I don’t think he is holding back much if at all….


My favorite comment of the whole season ‘They’re both sucky’.


My favorite comment of the season ‘they’re both sucky’.


Damien wins Veto

another name

really? did they have a goal tending veto?


I honestly can’t see this plan of putting up Dane progressing. It will alert Damian and Este something is up/wrong especially after the big set up to blindside Mark.

And, Dane can’t be that dumb to not see how quickly Mark/Anthony fought for Dane to go up instead of him. If Adam does this as soon as Dane was on the block Anthony and Mark would work to get either Damian or Kyra to switch their vote to take out Dane. Can’t imagine they don’t circle the wagons and come back to putting up Mark instead and when they do Dane will need to try to shift Damian and Kyra to taking out Mark.

Alarm bells should be sounding for Dane & Adam (big time!).


Just wanted to say thanks for the feeds updates. Always enjoyable to read.
Just did a small Amazon order via your site. Every bit helps ?


It does help very much Thank you for the support 🙂