Big Brother 18 Final HOH Part 1 Results

HOH Part 1 Paul HOH Part 2 ?
HOH Part 3 ? Final HOH Winner: ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-14 22-39-58-273

Paul wins Part 1

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-14 22-41-13-021
Paul – F***g hell dude.. I thought I was goign to fuck that up ..
Paul points out that Nicole was “Rocke solid” but he knew as soon as she started swinging she was done for
James says him and Nicole compete in the next Mental Comp
Paul – whatever it is start f****g studying homie..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-14 22-45-28-604
10:45pm Bathroom James, Nicole and Paul
James to Nicole – you were swinging on there like a ape

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-14 22-50-09-145

10:48pm Paul and Nicole
Paul calls James a piece of sh1t saying that he threw the HOH to Paul.
Paul – you are going to beat him in the mental comp.. if you win and don’t take me to the end I’ll hate you for the rest of my life..
They agree to stick with the plan and go to the end together.
Nicole – don’t help him study
Paul – why would I help him study
Nicole – I’m so happy I’m going against him in a mental comp
Nicole – I was not good at that wall thing.. I was swinging like a monkey

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-14 23-19-52-943

11:20pm Bathroom
Nicole says she has no respect for James
Paul – you’re genuine and you’re kind
Nicole says James thinks they will take him no matter what and that pisses her off.
Paul says James didn’t do anything this season and he brags about throwing all the comps.
Paul – that does not deserve second or first space
Nicole agree..
Paul – he was banking on winning that endurance.., he’s scared shitless, he’s playing you in the mental comp.. concentrate don’t freak out
Nicole – he’s dirty he makes people stand on the wall for 5 hours says he’s not putting them up then puts them up

They move to the kitchen.
Paul says that was the hardest endurance competition they’ve had.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-14 23-35-50-196

10:33pm Kitchen Paul and Nicole
Nicole complains that she has no strength couldn’t hold onto the rope during the competition.
Nicole tells him it’s best case scenario that Paul won, “I’m goign to win this next one I’m not worried”

Nicole says it would make her very angry if james gets a chance at winning 500000
Paul thinks James had a hand in getting victor out
Nicole – him and Corey were close..
Paul – if he comes to you saying I kept you in this house I’ll slap him silly..
Paul calls James a spineless sack of shit for
Paul – he made my life in this game so much harder.. f*** that

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-14 23-43-33-350

11:45pm Nicole and Paul
Taking about James saying he only wins when he needs to.
Paul points out that James needed to win “that Veto” and he didn’t win
They are agreeing they do not want James even get 50K.
Paul says James has Michelle, Natalie, Bridgette and Da in the Jury

Paul – the ones we can count on are Victor and Corey.. Natalie hates me hates you..
Paul says they’re best odds at winning for them to take each other.
Paul – all we can bank on is Victor and Corey but he can bank on 3 at least.. at least..
Paul – I would rather first and second place going to us
Nicole – I agree

Paul – be confident in yourself do not freak out.. do it for Corey..
Nicole – ya

Paul – I wonder if they have fun weird stuff for us..
Nicole says they have the special final 3 dinner
Nic – and we get the smaller table

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-15 03-32-42-737

12:05am In the kitchen – Paul tells Nicole – I’m going to try and psych him out. Nicole – yeah. Paul – and be like look bro she’s good at mental comps. Nicole – no because then he’ll study stuff. Paul – okay then I’ll be like look dude it doesn’t matter. Nicole – yeah. Paul – you’re right, that’s better, that’s better. Nicole – yeah.

James joins Paul in the kitchen – James says you did it. You pretty much 75% secured your spot in the final 2. Paul – one more comp. James – where is everyone. Paul – everyone.. Nicole went to bed. Paul – I’ve got butterflies and crazy sh*t going on. Big Brother calls Paul to the diary room. James goes to talk with Nicole. James – I know if I lose this next HOH comp, I’ll be at the mercy of you an Paul. Nicole – well you don’t have to worry you know who I would take. James – well I guess I just need to throw it to you hub. Nicole – 1000% I wouldn’t even consider any other option. James – well make it an easy comp then. Nicole – it will probably be a puzzle. James – I can max out on a puzzle too. Nicole – I would 1000% take you. James – the two vets! Nicole – I know there are people in the jury that aren’t happy with me. I know Michelle and Da aren’t. Paulie and and Corey are the only ones maybe. Nicole – Natalie and Michelle would be for you. Da let me know she was talking mad sh*t about me. I definitely don’t have Da. Literally the best I can do is second place. I would be fine with second place. Even Zingbot said I would never win this game. Everyone who left dragged my name through the mud. Its going to be very hard for me to even talk to the jury.

1:30am – 2:15am James joins Paul in the kitchen – Paul – are you ready for that comp? Its definitely going to be a mental comp. How do you feel about that? James – well.. Paul – she is not beating me. As long as I’m there she is not beating me. None of us can have her in the final 2, she would win. James – no. Paul – she would win. She’s a beast. You and me, its a coin toss. Paul and James head to bed. James – I just hate that you won all these comps. I just want to bring something to the table. Like help out. Paul – I don’t care. I don’t care if I have to win all the comps as long as we get there. James – its depressing. James and Paul go to sleep.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-15 03-57-24-872

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278 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Final HOH Part 1 Results

      1. You know that what day comp was supposed to be Nicoles, but production got ahead of themselves cuting it up like baseball for corey;

        1. Where are all the production conspiracy posters now?
          It was obvious that the counts for Cory were way lower than they should have been. He was flying around the bases and Paul was a lot slower.
          Looks like production wanted Paul to win.
          And James isn’t throwing or giving away comps. He’s loosing them!

          1. if im not mistaken corey flew in the baseball comp, however, he missed one number and had to start over. and hit too soon on another. it was COREYS mistake, otherwise he would of won?

            1. It wasn’t by one number. He wasn’t behind by 1 button’s points.
              On the LAST game a snapshot of both showed Cory behind the slower Paul by 10!
              Cory hit the button at 38 when he clearly thought the count was 58.
              And right after that Paul only went around one more time to make 58. Making the slower Paul ahead of Cory by over 15 points!
              Clearly fixed by production.

          2. Of course they wanted Paul to win veto ..they didn’t expect to him win HOH. If somemine else had one HOH then they wanted Cory to win it.
            But they had to have Cory lose it to keep James safe. To me he just couldn’t have been that bad even if he missed.

          3. Production did want Paul to win…he’s Vanessa but more obnoxious, if that’s possible. He has bullied these HGs all season. And James, what the hell is he doing? I’m so sick of Production interfering. How is Paul still there? Oh yeah, they gave a HG not one, but two chances to come back, thus ruining all the HG’s games. If Victor didn’t return, Paul would have been long gone.

    1. Sorry but from what Paul said last nigh on live feeds even simon and Dawg reported it.. Nicole asks Paul if he and Vic will be BBF outside the house. Paul says they will be friends but they have very different lives. .In other words NO I have money and consider myself cultured . Victor is some lowly guy from no where and nobody. Everyone thanks Paul is so great but he’s a rich KID who acts like he did it all himself .He also dresses like he’s a tough streetsie guy POSER. He used Victor and had no intention of really being his friend. He will not invite him to his Halloween parties or anywhere. I am sure production told him to pair up with Vic to clean his image up. Yes I have sour Grapes. I think Victor is legitimately nice guy and hate to see him disappointed

      1. I’ve seen you post this before and don’t really understand why you think this is such a big deal? He said they would be friends. End of story. You’re trying to turn it into something diabolical and it’s just not that deep.

        1. I can see making a case for all three players left. I was wanting Vic to win but I guess now I want the winner of the final HOH to go all the way. These players need to show us who wants it the most.

      2. They do have completely different lives… Paul is the head of a rocker clothing company and Vic is studying finances and working as a personal trainer. Not to mention the fact that they live in different states. I think Paul was being realistic, of course they will stay friends but best friends would be impossible.

        1. Not to mention the fact that he has a best friend who was part of his family segment. At the time there was some teasing about the guy being jealous that Paul was so close to Paulie. There’s always room for more friends, but not everyone is your best bud.

      3. I’m sorry, but in my opinion you have completely made things up here.
        You do *not* know these guys, and you can’t even start to think you know why Paul said something. If you’re only reading what Simon and Dawg write, then you didn’t hear the whole conversation, or the tone of voice, or the feelings behind it. You’re reading the highlights in written words that you’re putting your own thoughts, meanings and feelings into.
        Paul and Vic *are* completely different. But just a few days ago, Paul was encouraging Vic to come and live in LA with him. Paul has never acted like he was better than anyone else. So…what you said says volumes about you, not about Paul.

        1. @sammi Dirty hands posed this similar statement before Dawg and Simon posted it on their board and they said they had saw it on the live feeds. They may feel the way they do because
          .1.Paul made a final 2 deal with Nicole before Natalie was even gone(so I guess he wasn’t taking Vic)
          .2. Paul can be arrogant probably his age 23
          .3. He actually wanted Vic out the first time.
          .4. He only became loyal to Vic after Paulie bailed on him.
          This forum is for people to express their opinions about the houseguest. This is all so a scripted reality show. Dirty hands can express their opinion and maybe we should not judge each others characters because to be fair you don’t know them. OBB is here for us to express our frustrations with the cast not throw barbs at each other. If you don’t agree with someone than express your argument. I personally don’t care who wins any longer my people are out. They all have their faults but I watch anyways. Cheers

        2. @ Sammi Dirty Hands is allowed to have their opinion about the guest. They had already express this opinion way before Dawg and Simon posted what they did because dirty hands said they have live feed. Maybe they feel the way they do because.
          1 Paul made a final deal with Nicole even before Natalie was gone.
          2. Paul can be arrogant but he is 23
          3. Paul did not pair up with Victor until after Paulie bailed on him.
          4. Paul also wanted Victor out when Paulie and he were together.
          This is how you play the game though. This is a scripted “reality show” we all come here to expess are opinion about the guest its what this board is for. Sammi in all fairness you don’t know dirty hands and why are we on here attacking each other for different interpretation of a show. Cheers

      4. I believe paul to be a straight up guy. I have 3 sets of friends in my world and luv them all, however, the sets are all equal in my heart, however, are totally different in lifestyles and personalities. Vic may not fit into the particular ‘friends’ paul may be referring to at home, but I believe paul will maintain friendships with his bb housemates, especially vic. They are California/florida apart. I don’t believe vic has the monies to go all over. If I recall he’s not all into the ‘gambling’ as such as they all want to go. He’d rather keep it in his pocket. I think vic is not about to throw away much of what he gets from this. just sayin!

      5. They’ve known each other for 3 months, saying he was going to be life long friends with Victor is jumping the gun. Much like Nicole thinking Corey’s going to marry her and have little snakelettes with her is ridiculous. People bond in the house because they have little option and you get a skewed view of people. I doubt Nicole is a complete snake outside the house and she’s probably a nice person in reality. So these two people will try to have a friendship from more than a thousand miles away while living two separate lives. Anything more is naive.

      6. The house is summer camp. Somewhere people are kept close and in constant contact in an intense and a really artificial manner. Doing things they not only would never do but is mandatory for them to do. And just like in summer camp close friendships and even summer flings happen. And after it ends many will want to keep in contact promising to do and then probably won’t. At first they will call or email or text or use this app or that. Maybe even meet up a time or two. But after not seeing each other due to geography drift away.

        They all understand it. Both Corey and Nicole have said while they want to be friends they have no idea what will happen when they leave. Corey seems more certain than Nicole but that may have been him trying to impress the guys around him with what a “player” he is. But in the end I doubt Nicole wants to move to Texas. Corey sure as hell does not want to move to nowhereville Michigan. And neither seems like a good candidate to go into acting in LA. And both have decent professional prospects. Same way unless Victor and Paul fall madly in love chances are they are not living together either. Though I could see Victor moving to LA and trying his hand at acting. But Paul has a business to run and despite all his tall tales about “partying” unlike in the house he actually has stuff to do. In fact he probably only did the show as a way to promote his business with actually winning it a secondary concern.

    2. In That Order:
      September 7, 2016 at 6:37 pm

      Tomorrow: Natalie
      Next: Victor
      Then: Corey…

      Final Three: Paul, James, Nicole

      James wins final competition, and takes Nicole..

      Final two: James and Nicole.
      **Remember this post when it happens**

      — In That Order

        1. If james wins any comp against nic or paul, its becuz they were beat to death by random trolls leaving james the only one in the comp
          go home james

          1. umm yeah take it easy nostradamus sorry but nobody here is impressed my ten year old could come up with that genius prediction.. my question is what are you going to say to us all when your completely wrong or will you merely fade away into the abyss never to be heard of again lol

    3. My thoughts were dead on correct. From the pic above, james in a towel…hair all wet and looking exactly as it will until the next shower. He hasn’t groomed himself since nat left and pretty much stopped b4 she left…guess the honeymoon is over.

    4. I really think James will forget all about Natalie once he meets Corey’s sister. I’ll bet they hit it off really good both being in Texas.

    5. Yes!! I put in my 20 on for Victor and encourage everyone else to do the same. Hopefully, all realize that Simon and Dawg’ s poll here is not the poll that counts. Don’t understand why James is leading here, but it doesn’t matter.

    6. I think Nicole, James & Paulie all were going to team together even b4 they entered the house. I believe they all agreed to get into a showmance to ensure they would get their votes as well. Just to obvious ….probably all 3 getting a pre planned cut of which ever one wins. 5 votes plus the actual winner = 6

    1. At this point, I’m not opposing Paul winning it all, though he’s not my very top choice.

      Better him than Nicole, who slept and whined (she made my life highly miserable on live feeds, not frigging kidding) her way to the top.

      Better him than James, who did nothing but chased a skirt all Summer long, and had the support of that CBS big shot (whom we ALL know WHO.)

      :: sigh ::

    2. ive had a look at the scenarios and james will win the season…

      james will throw part 2 of the hoh

      part 3 will be paul v ssnakecole

      both paul and ssnakecole will take james to final 2 thinking they will beat him on gameplay, but he will actually beat them both on likeability and least amount of bitterness against him compared to them

      if paul evicts ssnakecole…for a final 2 of paul v james:
      james wins 6-3 or 8-1…meech, natalie, da, bridgette plus more likely james gets nicorey 2 votes on factors of bitterness against paul and likeability of james…votes of paulie, z could go either way…vic votes for paul

      if ssnakecole evicts paul…for a final 2 of ssnakecole v james:
      james wins 6-3…meech, natalie, da, bridgette plus more likely james gets paul/vic 2 votes on factors of bitterness against ssnakecole and likeability of james…paulie, z, corey will vote for ssnakecole

      james social game, only being nominated once, throwing comps all season for no bitterness against him(his only comp win? winning hoh to get rid of the biggest threat of the game pre jury…frank the tank) and likeability will win james the season

      1. I can’t see James winning in either scenario unless it’s a very bitter jury…which it might be. I don’t think most of the jury will (should?) consider James’ game the “best”, because it simply wasn’t. They can’t help but respect Paul’s game based on pure work ethic, right? (I hope.) Plus – and it’s a big plus – Paul has Victor’s popularity with the jury on his side.

        1. some might argue that being nominated 6 times is not great compared to someone only nominated once

          to purposely throw comps all season and avoid the block to the extent james has is fairly remarkable for a returning player and physical guy like james who has a decent social game

          it is a bitter jury and thats why james will win over either of them – and the fact that both will take james means whoever wins the final hoh will have not one more, but 2 more(a pair) bitter against them as both paul and nicole are part of pairs, with the other half currently in jury

          with michelle having worked with nat and james, and michelle/nat close with bridgette and also da, i see that as a voting block, i just dont see them voting against james…all those girls dont like nicole very much and they all know that paul called meech a c-nt, which im sure wont sit well with them based on their dislike of how paulie treats and disrespects women

          for a majority of this jury – i dont see nicole or pauls play being impressive enough to counter bitterness against them and likeability/social game of james

        2. i forgot to add paul has had alot of luck with twists – vic coming back twice greatly benefited him

          im not saying i want james to win, i just think he will based on what i think is likely in the last 2 comps, who is taking who to final 2 and what the jury have vocalized plus their relationships with the 3 in relation to their possible voting mentality

          just so long as ssnakecole doesnt win im good

          so a paul or james win i will enjoy

    1. This my first time voting for AFP and i just voted 20times for Victor. ..will vote again tomorrow! I hate that James thinks he can just come and play his way into winning AFP. I thought you were supposed to just be yourself, play the game and let America decide?

      1. Big BUT.. It doesn’t matter how we public naively vote for the AFP..

        Big brother US will RIG n pick WHOEVER THEY want to win.

        Hey, what can I say? They call the shots, what to do, either than being frustrated???

    2. It would be helpful if Simon/Dawg would put HUGE instructions on the poll here for AFP that it is NOT the official place to cast your vote. And a really HUGE direction on where to go vote so it will count!! (maybe)

    3. Is it correct that the top two can’t win AFP? If this is true even if all the James fans vote for him Victor could still win.

          1. Hi Simon! First of all a huge THANK YOU to both you & Dawg for all the hard work. I love this site! You guys do a great job!

            Re: AFP & the F2………On………..”Originally, the prize was only limited to jury members in Big Brother All Stars, Big Brother 9, and Big Brother 10, where it was called the America’s Choice Jury Prize. Since Big Brother 11, ALL HOUSEGUESTS ARE ELIGIBLE TO WIN THE PRIZE and Fan Favorite Award was been changed to America’s Favorite Houseguest. The winner of the award receives $25,000.”

            Looks like they changed the rules in BB11………….

    1. You do know that this is just a straw poll here, right? The official AFP voting is through CBS, so go THERE to vote multiple times (for Vic)!

      1. I like the polls on this site because it gives me insight on whether or not cbs is rigging things. People said care packages were rigged, but that’s not true considering they ALWAYS reflected these polls, which cbs doesn’t control.

      1. I’m a little confused. OK, Paul won HOH I get that. Now its James and Nicole on some mental comp? Who ever wins that mental comp, what happens then??? So, what benefit is it that Paul won this HOH? Thanks

        1. James and Nicole will now face off in the next HOH, that winner (Nicole) faces paul finale night to be final HOH and determine who makes it to F2.

    1. Hard to say what he’s thinking. I think he wants to take Nicole. He isn’t familiar with game to really understand that in the end, many jurors get over their bitterness and vote based on merit rather than emotions. Like Day, who really liked Nicole on a personal level at first but then let her own paranoia get to her….last night she sounded proud of Nicole for stepping up. Even HGs who know the game get caught up in worrying about bitter jury. He’s also emotional and rigidly self-righteous enough to mess up his own chances by refusing to give the 50K to someone that he feels is undeserving. It’s much easier to be that way when you’re already wealthy.

      1. Jury not bitter? Dan G from bbus 14………that’s all I can say……And you think this jury isn’t emotional and would make a rational, non bitter decision? Sorry, but no this jury is super emotional and would vote for personal reasons over game reasons this year.

      2. I believe paul knows this game as well as Nicole and has played dumb this season. In doing so, he will be able to tell when some1 is blatantly lying to his face. just a thought!

    1. Yes, all three of them are making final 2 deals with each other person in the house, which they should at this point. These “promises” mean nothing.

    1. Nicole earnestly talking up final two to both James and Paul is just weird, considering she screwed over both of them. Does she think they’re so stupid?

      1. Don’t expect Nicole or James to keep there word because they’ve both proven they’re untrustworthy.
        If they take anyone they would take each other because its best for their game play
        James isn’t winning hoh anyways.

        But Paul has in the past been very truthful.
        Maybe from Paul and James last conversation he would take Nicole?

    1. Everyone lies in this game so get off Nicole’s back! She’s playing Big Brother just like Vic and Paul and they lied too. You have to lie and manipulate. Nicole and Paul deserve to be in the final 2.

      1. I don’t think it’s the lying itself so much as acting like we’re SUCH good friends, talking crap about other houseguests behind their backs because again, we’re SUCH good friends. We have an alliance! And acting all naive and nervous and sweet when she backstabs, and calling out everyone else for lying and playing dirty. (How many times have we had to listen to her say, “He plays DIRRRRRTY!”?) Yeah, it’s a game and it’s gotten her this far, so good on her. But it’s still crappy to have to watch.

  1. James threw the HOH to Paul. Well James, if you actually did that, you are beyond stupid.

    The reality is, you just suck period.

    Hey if Paul wins, I’m happy for him. I know he will use this money for his clothing business. An investment for his future.

    1. I don’t think he threw it, I think he genuinely sucked! But Nicole will play this out with Paul to make him even more sour about James.

      1. does anybody ever notice that the majority of the time James “throws” a completion, it isn’t till after the competition is over that he tells someone he threw it. Same with how the DR’s are taped after the comp so then gives him a chance to say he threw it rather then just saying he sucks at comps!

        1. And the one time James very clearly threw a comp, it was for a deal with Nicole which resulted in his showmance going home. Good job, James. And you wonder why NatNat was bitter?

      1. Out of all the hg’s, I think Paul and Vic would have used the majority of the money wisely. Paul knows business deals and Vic had degree in finance . They are both intelligent men.

      2. Personally I don’t care if they’re buying 5000 goats with the money. I just want the player that played the best game to win.

    2. Derrick coached James to play the game like he did. Lay low, be friends with everyone, don’t win comps and make suttle suggestions who should go home. James has done a good job but it time to not throw this next comp to Nicole. Time to try to win.
      The snake has two HOH wins that were given to her. The team win when she was the captain and begged her team for the win. The next was the wall comp with James when she begged for a long time. She needed to get a letter from her mommy, just could not go for another minute without a letter from Mommy. James is far too kind. He should have been like Victor, he told Nat if she wanted to win, then win.
      Paul has the most vile mouth ever. Calling the girls the C word is unforgivable. He talks so bad about James to Nicole, but does not so bad about Sssssnake. She will beat his arrogant behind.

  2. I am hoping James gets his act together. He has been acting like he doesn’t have any active brain cells working…………… Come on James wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Don’t get how the hell James is doing so well, he did terrible in this game and you all want to reward him, I think not, Victor deserves to win AFP!

    2. CBS has already confirmed James is AFP again ugh! You can vote now for Victor 20 times a day to get the $25,000 reward this is only until Saturday 19th

    3. Because he mentioned Rich Meehan his personal friend and happens to be CEO of cbs…….James has had a really rough road to the end……Paul said he hit every branch on his path to the end……..James cruised on a really comfy bike down beachfront property with chicks in bikinis waving on either side of him……PAUL DESERVES THE WIN!

      1. Rich Meehan is executive producer and founder of Fly on the Wall Entertainment — which produces Big Brother. Grodner is co-CEO of that group. Of course James knows Meehan. Most vets wpuld.

        From what I can tell, there is no affiliation with CBS Corp except that CBS runs Big Brother. They have other crappy shows that are on other networks.

        Les Moonves — hubby of Julie Chen — is CEO of CBS.

    1. In my eyes this season didnt have any worthy player, best were Paul and Nicole and they both are at best average, Nicole being too scared and very paranoid.Paul making many mistakes and everytime he smells power he gets comfy and forgets that it s a game for 500k. So in my mind no player is worthy of money so I m just voting for a person I like the most as a human being…

  3. Forgot how creepy Paulie was with his squirrely haircut and little legs dangling off the couch LOL……….Bridgette looked at him and said you make my skin boil?……I think she meant crawl! So funny all the production people scrambling to get out of the camera sight line when it followed psycho Da……….Paul has 2 win 3rd HOH come on Paul!!!!

    1. Maybe Bridgette has boils. On her skin. And he makes them erupt. Like if she suffered from corns she would say, “You make my toes corn.”

    2. I don’t think DaVonne’s behavior was funny. It was brazen, threatening and not acceptable. There was absolutely no reason for her to stand over Paulie , fist clenched , one inch from his face. If Z wants to be friends with Paulie, so what, free country! It’s not DaVonne’s business. This is the first time I’ve seen this behavior in the Jury house where security had to step in. Paulie is not an ogre. ps: to Bridgette…if it weren’t for Paulie who kept you in the game after Frank left, you would have been out. And how did you repay him, by planting crap in the girls’ ears to get him out. Also, he didn’t use the veto on Z because of Paul.

      1. I think Da’s reaction was deeper then her hatred of Paulie. Don’t get me wrong, she hates Paulie and rightfully so. Most people put on a front in the BB house, often as part of their strategy. You see them act one way in the house and then when they get evicted, they go back to being themselves. Ever since Paulie went to the jury house he has continued this arrogant, macho, sexist attitude which to me speaks volume about his true character. I have a feeling that Da has had to deal with a**holes like Paulie a lot in life. I think she is more hurt by Z and the fact that Z has no self respect and keeps running back to Paulie. She was angry with Paulie but then got real emotional with Z. I totally get it. Da and Z always had a connection in the house so there is nothing more frustrating then seeing someone you care about be so stupid as to go back to a guy who has been so blatantly manipulative and cruel to that person. I don’t even know Z and want to slap some sense in to her. I hope she gets some help after the show or at least I hope her family or friends can help her see that she deserves more than a douchebag like Paulie.

        I thought it was interesting that Michelle was the one to make the comment about Paulie not taking Z off the block and Paulie reacted to Da’s response of agreement. While he was accusing all of them for shutting out Z in the jury house, he was directing it to Da. I wish Da hadn’t reacted the way she did when he mentioned her daughter, not because i think she was out of line but because she feed into Paulie’s ego. He can’t handle it when a woman remains calm and can stand up to him and not be intimidated, so he will go to any depths to push a woman’s buttons to send them over the edge. (he did it constantly with Z and tried it with Natalie) The smirk and the clapping was proof enough that he accomplished what he wanted when she stood up and lost it. I just hope the backlash of his behavior is so severe that he gets a big wake up call in reality.

    3. Paulie was disgusting. He’s completely ruined his reputation in my opinion. A real man doesn’t do that to a woman. If he had any emotional IQ he would have stopped the argument. He scares me.

    1. I am the choir that you are preaching to. He says he’s “playing Derrick’s game” Really?? I know a lot of posters didn’t like Derrick’s win (I was pulling for him the whole season), but Derrick WORKED 24/7 on that win. James (and yes, I can see some good points of James’ game, i.e., not trash-talking) has done almost ZERO of the thinking and strategizing for his current position. I’m one of those folks who is unwilling to give kudos for minimal effort, which is why I’m now pulling for Paul over James or Nicole. And hope the jury agrees.

    1. Agree!!! I don’t personally have a favorite anymore. No ones played a GREAT game, but seeing all these “vote victor, he DESERVES it” is making me vote James everyday in spite. How does Vic DESERVE it? Because he was lucky to have 2 buybacks and won some comps but none when they mattered? So Beast mode cowboy or Frankie Grande should have won over Donny, correct? It’s americas FAVORITE player. If Vic doesn’t win, then he doesn’t deserve it.
      If your favorite was Victor, vote for Victor. Don’t force your views on other people. Or get but hurt when James is leading the poll saying “he hasn’t done squat in the game”, he also hasn’t been evicted every time he sat on the block.
      You’re voting to give someone 25k, not run the country. None of this will matter in month so just chill people.

  4. It’s sad that people think Paul played a better game than Nicole. She literally flew under the radar for weeks and then killed it final7 on.

    What’s better having to win comps or not having to win comps?

    If Nicole was a guy people would be screaming she deserves to win.

    I like Paul but if he takes Nicole to final 2 she’s winning because it’s just solidifies how good Nicole’s game was. She manipulated so many people to get to the end and convinced them not to target her.

    Let’s face Paul or Nicole would both be good winners but James is there because they got out Natalie and the no one in power wanted couples.

    If Nicole is on the Final2 regardless of who’s she’s sitting next to she’s probably gonna win.

    If Paul wins he need to take James.

    If Nicole wins she is taking James.

    If James wins whoever he takes win.

    People just don’t like Nicole and say she hasn’t played the game but y’all were calling her a rat per-jury.

    She was never nominated until day 91 practically by default. She won two HoH and Two Vetos and if she wins Final HOH she’ll tie Janelle and Rachel for most HOH comp wins with 6.

    1. if it came down to Paul or Nicole, Paul should win. Paul has never played this game before and yet he played a radical game. He took a lot of chances and played a risky game by volunteering to put himself up on the Block. Nicole didn’t have the courage to take such chances and when it comes to competitions Paul has an edge over Nicole. Also even though he was annoying at times he played a better social game. My vote would go to Paul and for AFP I’m rooting for Victor all the way!

      1. Nicole was never nominated until yesterday! How is that not impressive?!? Again she made it the 2ed furthest while the Golden Power Of Veto was in play. (Season 4-)

        Let’s not forget that the house was 5 vs 3 at one point and then 5 vs 2 and Nicole flipped the script on Paul and Victor.

        Unlike Paul she literally ran the house from the shadows since Paulie left and she amped up her game. Unlike Paul who made himself a huge target out the gate Nicole never made waves and waited for her chance. Why make unnecessary waves? It doesn’t make any sense. Why win if you don’t have to.

        Nicole isn’t like because she a woman. I never hear people calling Corey a whore. She’s never giving credit for her game.

        She’s blasted for getting girls out and called anti female for when guys go after girls (season 16) it’s ok.

        Paul deserves to win if he evicts Nicole on day 99. If he takes her it just proves her game work, from the shadows she brought to final2.

        It sounds like she’ll have Corey (100%), Da’Vonne, Natalie, Paulie (100%)and Zakiyah if she against Paul.

        Paul played a good game but it’s not a strong as Nicole it’s just more popular. Nicole’s isn’t because it’s not in your face but behind your back, you don’t notice it until someone tells you about it.

        1. No way. People hated paul. It took a while for me to be able to cheer him on. I didn’t like his attitude towards the women period. The fact is once he turned up his social game and stopped acting like such a complete tool people didn’t mind him. Nicole was never a threat because all she did was lay in bed with corey. Big competitors made themselves targets. People have called her out on her crap a lot, but no one really cared to take her out. It happens every year. Floaters make it to the end because everyone says I’ll take them out later. For once it’d be nice to see all Competitions at the end instead of taking eachother out early. Also, she’s called anti-female because not only did she want to be the only woman in the house with the men, she ratted out the girls alliance once she got the chance. Paul doesn’t “deserve to win” because he made a bold move by getting snacole out. He deserves to win because he played a better game. The only reason why I feel like she’ll beat him is because production worked so hard to get her to F2 no way will they not make it happen, and the jury is always bitter in the end. Which is why unfortunately the floater usually wins. The only person who still really hates her is michelle, but she hates paul too so who knows.

        2. Playing the weak gender card???

          I’m a female, and Nicole has gotten on my nerves since eons ago.

          She WAS a weak player then, AND she IS a weak player now.

          She can’t do squat to save her life, less sleeping around in bed all day long with her equally annoying partner in crime.

          Do u watch live feeds?????

          1. Actually if she’s weak she got both Victor and Michelle out and made it the second longest without getting nominated.

            Tons of people were non threats in past seasons (Joe and Jenn from 14, Victoria from 16 and Adam from 13) but for some reason non threats in the past were nominated over and over again.

            She’s won 5 HOHs that’s the 2ed most ever!

            1. She has NOT won 5 hoh’s? What in the world are you even talking about? And if you’re combining BOTH seasons then that doesn’t even come close to counting. Records go by each season. Which she’s not even close to the female record holders in that case. Look up Rachael, janelle, Vanessa, they all blew her out of the water. Get real.

        3. Production protected her during Natalie’s HoH. Meech really wanted her up even if she wasn’t the target. Natalie wanted to break up COrey and Nicole until she came out of the DR and told James production wanted them to work with them. That’s when Paul and Victor, who she trusted more than Corey and Nicole, became the defacto targets. Corey’s behavior in the veto comp when James and Natalie were on the block is another way production protected her by keeping James who has protected Nicole the entire game. She has had a lot of unfair help.

      2. Something I was thinking about last night, remember how Paul was the next target for everyone in the house? They got out Jozea, Vic and then Paul was supposed to be next.

        But Paul did a phenomenal job of laying low, getting in on the good side and getting the target off his back.

        He really has played a great game. Better than Nicole for sure. She’s never been a target and the showmances were shielded this season because there were targets galore in this cast. Nicole has never once really had to sweat. Never truly had to deflect the target off her back. Where as Paul has actually been the number one target and was left in the house with no one for a long time. Now especially in the final run he’s winning these comps and took control of his game as much as one can at this point.

        Kudos to Paul.

      3. So true. Paul less familiar with the game went in with no strategy. His naivety got him in trouble a few times. He made up his strategy as things went along. He saved his butt numerous times. He was an underdog and I think it’s good for an underdog to win.

        His dr session was very emotional and telling that in life this means more to him than imaginable and I think he’ll be humble and appreciative where Nic will gloat and James will say something dumb like “that’s how it’s done.”

    2. She only won one of her HOH’s because it was given to her. That veto she won when Michele left I think Paul threw to her. He’s thrown comps when he felt safe. If you watched the epissed he got more answers right faster then they did. He just didn’t care about winning it. She’s not as good as you think. Lol it surely is easy when you barely have any competition left. Where were all these veto and hoh wins during her season? Where were they in the beginning when you had Frank and Paulie in the house? You’re way off when you say a man would be congratulated for playing the way she did….. Andy played a very similar game. He was also a snake and I don’t know many people that like him. She certainly didn’t play derrick game, but sure looks like she tried. No one liked him either. No one’s ever liked the snakes of the house. Honestly I wouldn’t even mind her that much if she didn’t sleep the whole season. She literally did nothing, and the comps her and her boy toy won were suited for them. Why was that slip and slide comp so easy? Why not have it when Vic could play too? Not only was it not even slippery, but the bowls weren’t as big as usual and they got to use a bigger scoop if they tried for it. I think if production didn’t make it so obvious who they want in F2 it probably wouldn’t be so bad. I mean just watching the show should show you that. Since when was corey okay with nicole being on his mag cover? Lol alp I remember was him whining about it for days.

        1. After amber went home Caleb was so adorable n entertaining. I wish caleb and vic would team up on a bb or survivor if they can’t team up vic N paul…. they may not like the heat survivor provides LOL

      1. Well who got Victor outs twice? Nicole

        Who got Michelle out? Nicole

        Who convinced people to go after Da? Nicole

        Who wasn’t nominated for 91 days? Nicole

        Who convinced someone to give her HoH and the got their alliance member votes out? Nicole

        Again she’s playing a great game she’s playing from the shadows and nobody noticed. There’s a reason tough competitors leave like Frank and Paulie because their social game sucked. Non-threat Nicole skated by while bigger fish who had made themselves bigger fish were fried. I mean Da’Vonne hadn’t won a competition both time she was in the BB house but they got her out. Also I wouldn’t really call her a floater because 1) she had a solid alliance of 3 with Corey and Paulie until 8 and the house flipped on them and she survived and still wasn’t nominated.

        You can blame this on Vets vs newbies but they’re not stupid. Nicole has lied multiple times and need called out more than anyone but she still convinced people to trust her. Frank and James lasted just as long as her in their last season but people were are on the them.

        People just don’t like her gameplay so they say it sucks. If Paul takes her he’ll have fallen for it again and she will win. If she wins and cuts Paul she’ll have gotten rid of a lot of big players and will probably win unless the jury is bitter. Which means James wins.

        1. LOL at the beginning of your comment. Nicole didn’t convince anyone to get anyone out. Day once again MADE herself a target. She just couldn’t keep her mouth shut yet again. That is why people wanted Day out. Paul didn’t really care as he said she wasn’t coming for him, but PAULIE did. Which Victor eviction are you talking about? If it is his most recent (which it should be) then that’s irrelevant. Yes, she certainly was behind that…. but it is a hell of a lot easier when there are only 5 people in the house. I mean, she would’ve been really dumb to not take a shot at Vic/Paul. You’re giving her way too much credit. The reason why Derrick didn’t get nominated was because he worked to make sure. Everytime someone won HOH he was up there being their best buddy and unknowingly to them, convincing them to nominate anyone but him. Nicole didn’t get nominated because of the team twist, (tiffany made herself a target) and she hid behind Paulie and Corey the whole time. She did not sit in the shadows and call the shots. Paulie ran the house and she was on his side… As much as I hate giving him this much credit I have to. He called the shots for most of the game, he determined who should go. Until Paul and a few others got sick of it and got him out. After that everyone else made themselves targets. If you want to be so hung up on her not being nominated… why not James? He wasn’t ever nominated either until recently. That was because it was down to 3 couples and one HAD to be nominated just like she HAD to be nominated. The only reason James and Nat were on the block was because production intervened and convinced her to put vic/paul on the block. Had she not done that and it were Nat/James in this situation with Corey as the extra would you still feel the same way about James? I doubt it. Because JUST like Nicole he didn’t do anything this season. He chased a showmance partner who isn’t all that into him. Her not being nominated was not impressive at all. If production had never intervened, she didn’t have corey or paulie to hide behind, and somehow still managed to not be nominated then sure, I would agree.

          1. Nicole didn’t get Victor out this last time, Corey did. In fact, after she won the veto she started questioning if they should get Paul out because she was sure the rest of the comps would be mental and knew Paul would be harder to beat. However, Corey got pissed off that she was considering keeping Vic and so she gave up on it. Worrying about making her precious Corey mad influenced her game play. And now, Corey is out and she keeps losing to Paul!

        2. Uh no Frank is the one that convinced everyone to get day out. Lol. I didn’t even read the rest of your post because you’re delusional! Nicole got out Michelle. Huge move *rolling my eyes*. Looks like she should’ve taken out Paul instead. Lol

          1. No, Nicole got Christine out, in the embodiment of Michelle. lol It was personal. Don’t roll your eyes too much they might get stuck.

            As usual, some people are blurring the lines between Corey and Nicole’s independent activities.

    3. The big difference between Nicole and Paul’s game is that Paul has had to play hard every week because his back was against the wall, and Nicole only started playing from Final 7 onward. Paul has had the hardest road to play out of anyone in the house this season. From the first week, he was in the minority alliance, had his top 2 alliance members voted out (Jozea and Victor). From that point, he had to completely re-strategize and realign with different people. He went from being public enemy number 1 in Week 2, to a complete non-threat by Week 4. He then managed to align himself with Paulie, the person calling the shots at the beginning, and when the time was right, he turned on him and helped flip the house and evict Zakiyah (with help from Natalie and Bridgette) and then evict Paulie. He and Victor for 2 weeks had complete control of the game before they started to get backstabbed every week by Jatalie and Nicorey. Paul won a crucial POV when his life was on the line in Final 7, and then made the Final 4 alliance with Nicorey in order to save himself and Victor the following week (forcing Nicorey to backstab their own prior alliance with Jatalie). And then, after losing his number one ally once again (Victor), Paul won an HOH and a POV when he needed to the most. If he goes on to win this final HOH, he’ll have put the cherry on top of what has been masterful gameplay. Has he made mistakes? Of course, but he’s won competitions when he’s needed to, he’s made deals with the right people when he’s needed to and he’s managed to survive despite being a target since day 1.

      1. Love your summary of Pauls game play!!!! So true!!!! I get loyalty isn’t a reason to win… but he absolutely was loyal to everyone he sided with until they gave him a reason not to be. He was loyal in the beginning to the newbies that wanted the vets out until he realized that ship sank and had to play nice. Then became friends with Paulie, when he realized there was no friendship with PP he jumped ship (he needed to). He even said he finally realized Paulie was doing what was best for Paulie not for PP. So he got on the train of let’s get Paulie out. He pretty much teamed back up with Vic when he won his way back in the first time. He convinced him to lay low for a little while. Ugh now all he needs to do is make it to F2 and say pretty much what you said to the jury. He also needs to downplay the game strategy of whoever he is up against.

      2. lol Bridge/Nat/James convinced Paul that he was playing all sides and had to go….it wasn’t because of Paul that Paulie went..good try tho…being a target the entire game and having to fight every step of the way, is not good strategy…you want NOT to be a target…

        1. Actually, it was because of Paul that Paulie got evicted. If you remember correctly, Victor was convinced by Paul to go against Paulie that week and nominate him along with Corey. Victor was on the fence about that idea before Paul convinced him to do it. Yes Bridgette and Natalie (not James) were the ones that brought certain information to Paul’s attention, but Paul knew what to do with that information and went against Paulie the first chance he got.

        2. Of course no one comes into this game with the strategy of being a big target but if you do become a big target it most likely means that you ARE playing the game. And the determining factor on how well you play the game is how often you save yourself when you have a target on your back. Dan Gheesling was a perfect example of this kind of player and I think Paul is too. If Nicole had had more influence in the getting people put on the block and getting them evicted while remaining under the radar and staying off the block then I would give her more credit for her gameplay. However, Frank and Paulie were running the house in the first half. They were doing the talking, convincing, and manipulating to get out their targets, not Nicole. She went along with what everyone else in her alliance wanted. She claims she didn’t do anything to all of the girls but why did they all dislike her and not trust her? She was obviously doing something. If hiding behind all of the competitive guys, losing comps, and pissing off all of the girls was her strategy, then she succeeded but it was stupid gameplay in my opinion and not worthy of winning $500k. I have more respect for Paul’s gameplay simply because he was targeted since week 2, put on the block many times and STILL remains in the house. He knew when to take a shot at the big threats and was very influential in getting many of the threats out, mostly without getting blood on his hands I might add. Everyone talks about what a great player Derrick was. Yes, he stayed under the radar and kept the target off his back but he also controlled the house without people realizing it. Nicole has not, nor ever controlled the house. The only thing she ever controlled was James and that doesn’t say much.

    4. public opinion/personal opinion don’t matter…

      both have played the game in their unique way… one was forced to adjust his style (successfully, i might add) many times throughout the entire game, win comps throughout the entire game, volunteer to be a pawn throughout the entire game, significantly improve his social game throughout the entire game, align and realign with the right people throughout the entire game and just have a colorful, interesting, funny, intelligent, fast-adapting personality throughout the game. (THIS IS THE ONLY TRUE WINNER.)

      Whereas the other… layed in bed while nasally and verbally outright predicting her win or demise while also professing her innocence about any move she was directly or indirectly involved with throughout the entire game. I’ll give credit where credit is due. She did beast the last 2-3 comps… but those first 2 HOH’s were not her’s to claim. And only a certain type of bb fan (the cat lady type) would give her credit for them. She doesn’t own her game and credits Derrick with it all… LAME. (THIS IS NOT A WINNER IN MY BOOK.)

      There has been bitter juries who still vote based on who they believe played the “best” game. There’s several that come to mind… but one in particular is the F2 in season 8. Aside from the fact that those 2 were father/daughter, their stats (I include personality, likeability, strategy and comp wins) are comparable to a F2 of Paul and Nicole. You have a dominant, somewhat abrasive person with an impressive list of accomplishments throughout the game — Dick is my favorite player of all time, but he was an asshole and the jury hated him. HE STILL WON. Paul is a light version of ED. And Nicole… (she does NOT compare to Danielle Donato in any sense) is somewhat liked by the jury and played under the radar until the end.

      WILL THE JURY AWARD A TRUE PLAYER (like Paul or like Dick) or WILL THEY AWARD A RAT-LIKE OR FLOATER-LIKE PLAYER (like Nicole, Andy or Jordan)? Time will tell. But IMO, they only TRUE WINNER is Paul.

      1. I like how you say Dick is one of the best winners when in fact he had numerous advantages throughout the game that no one had. 1) His Daughter, Danielle played a much better game than Dick in S8 and is one of the best competitors ever. 2) The twist that season literally kept him in the game time after time. Without those two advantages Dick is evicted. He’s self righteous and thinks he played the best game ever.

        You can only play with the cards your giving, Jordan or Andy can’t be said they played a terrible game when they won. Again there’s more than one way to win and just because it’s not in your face doesn’t mean it’s lackluster.

        1. lol!

          1. I DID NOT SAY DICK IS ONE OF THE BEST WINNERS. I clearly said he was MY favorite winner of all time. That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. So your argument as to advantages, Danielle being the better candidate, twists or his self-righteousness is complete bunk BECAUSE IT IS ONLY MY OPINION and i was not stating it as general fact.

          2. And your second paragraph… AGAIN, you take my words out of context. I NEVER SAID ANDY OR JORDAN PLAYED A TERRIBLE GAME (i am a Jordan fan because she is sweet.) I simply described Andy’s and Jordan’s style of play— i didn’t make these “Rat” “Floater” titles up and i sure am not the 1st person to say that that is how Andy or Jordan played in their winning seasons… sorry that I seem to offend you. My point in the long run is that it depends on each individual juror and also that sometimes a “bitter” juror does award the player with the most grueling game and not the one who played like a floater.

          3. AGAIN, TO SUMMARIZE… IT IS MY OPINION and i hope the jury awards the more “in your face”, better player.

  5. Paul’s starting to grow on me. That he’s up against two vets (albeit smarmy vets) and has been on the block so many times and escaped is pretty impressive. He’s winning comps now. Although he hid behind Vic as his meat shield as long as he could. He let Vic do the dirty work. That worked for him. He will win if he’s final two.

    Nicole says she worked so hard to get this far. Uhhmmm no, I only saw her vertical the last couple of weeks. Before that she was horizontally engrossed in her boreymance. When he left, she promptly forgot him and eagerly imbibed some Big Bro champagne. I really want to see a woman win, but not that bad.

    I don’t think James played a strong enough game for jurors to overlook that he’s a vet. Nicole played a stronger game. So Paul and Nicole will break their final two deal and bring James instead.

    1. So, Paul played a good game by escaping being nominated 6 times and Nicole played a bad game by not getting nominated for 91 day?

      Please explain.

      1. She slept with corey half the season got called out for her lies anD was bad at it, just because the house is full of rookies who put her on the back burner doesn’t mean at that time she played well, she is playing better now which but look who she is up against

      2. And….can we talk about how James has worked/voted to take Nicole to the end because of the BRIBE? (pre-game alliances aside.) She offered him (and Corey) a large amount of money if she won. It was on the live feed, in all the spoilers, and got called out by production. Yet, she’s reminded him about “their deal” since then. James would never take Paul to the end.
        Is that good game playing? Or is it cheating?

        And since you’re defending her opinion of women – was lying under the comforter with Corey – laughing her butt off – while Paulie said *terrible* things to Natalie and then Meech game playing? Or does it make her as awful as Paulie?

        Do you remember how any time she wasn’t in the bed or hammock with Corey, she would be sitting with Z for HOURS and talk about Corey? And say how she came to play but found a guy again? SHE said that she wasn’t playing the game! Now, all of a sudden, she’s saying she was – cause she knows you have to say that stuff to win.
        Was that the excellent game play you’re referring to? Or, was it sitting around mooning over a guy and then pretending it was strategy?

        I like Nicole – she seems like a nice, sweet person. But I don’t think she deserves to win. And James “Floating is a strategy now” (talk about delusional) doesn’t either.

      3. Again.. ssssNakole’s recurring BB Strategy:
        1. Find Penis (Corey/Hayden)
        2. Hide behind it.
        3. Whine.

        Sorry. Not impressed.

      4. You’re putting too much into nominations. Actually being nominated shows you ARE a threat and managed to get the target off your back while in the block. That takes a lot more skill.

        And on this season, not being nominated isn’t as big of a deal because of the huge targets that were in this season. Not to mention the fact that Vic took up two of those weeks being evicted lol. Without that twist, who knows what would of happened.

          1. Yeah but there’s only 1 dr. Will. The goat. I’m pretty sure he would be offended you’re using him as an example when discussing Nicole’s lack of being nominated.

  6. I am JUST bamboozled!!! I’m caught between been so satisfied that Paul won the first part..and could win the final part.
    But..FFS!! I hope he’s fooling Nic and planning on taking James.
    Otherwise….Paul is losing..after working so hard.
    In the next few days…I hope to G-D Paul sees the light.
    I can’t stand to see Nic or James win….
    At least Coreeeeeeee is out. He just creeps me out.

      1. the 2 winners of the hoh will face off against each other for the final hoh anf that person will choose who to take.. right now its paul verses ???

      2. Huh?? No. That’s why this is a 3 part hoh. Whoever wins round 2 will then face Paul in round 3. The winner out of that will decide who to take to the final

      3. Whoever wins 2 of the final 3 HoH comps becomes the final HoH. The other two are technically on the block then. Since it’s a 0-0 tie, as no one votes, the HoH breaks the tie. I kind of wish they’d let them all play in the second comp though.

      4. Um Friendship, have you actually ever watched this show? Why would there be a 3-part HOH if the winner of the 1st part doesn’t have a chance to advance to possibly pick final 2?

    1. Paul’s stated reasoning is sound. James has more sure votes on jury than Nicole and is more well liked.

      And who says jury will care less about winning comps? James can simply say, “You’re bigger. You’re smarter. And you had allies great at winning comps. I had none of that. Yet still here I am sitting right besides you. I made big moves like evicting Victor which only didn’t work out because he was allowed to come right back in after being evicted. And I still survived. Without winning comps. Without closest allies winning any comps at the end. Just me and my wits going head to head without any of your advantages.” Which might be enough to take him from 3 or 4 votes to 5.

    2. When he is talking to either Nicole or James, he is saying what he thinks they want to hear. Don’t really know who he wants to be in a final 2 with

  7. Production pissed about working on a pointless comp, nicole wins and when she beats Paul in the final hoh and takes james your boy will be heartbroken it’s going to be epic tv. Wednesday can’t come quick enough!

    1. The final comp is ……..”.which housemate said what”…………how can Nicole win this………..she was in bed with Corey all season long. She was not bothering to get to know the other houseguests. Paul however, was a social butterfly…..he talked to everyone.
      Watch to see how Nicole answers these questions, that will be your eye opener on how much production is in their ear.

        1. Corey even told Nicole if they ask him a question for that comp should he answer serious or comical, giving Nicole an advantage so she would know which one to choose when it came to his question. Production did not call them out on it when they said on the live feeds.

        2. She’s already said TWICE that they’ve helped her in comps. Nat said straight up production TOLD her to work with nic and Corey when Nat really wanted to nominate them. It’s ridiculous!

  8. Paul can’t win! Against James, James would definately get Nat and Big Meech…he gets Davonne and Nicole because of their long term friendship and he gets Corey cause Nicole will tell him to…Paulie could go either way. Against Nicole…Nicole def gets Corey, James, Davonne, Paulie..and Paulie tells Zak how to vote…Big Meech hates them both and could go either way…Bridgette likely goes Nicole cause she wants a girl to win

  9. Paul I really really hope that you are pulling a snow job right now!!! I really really hope that you’re acting because if you are serious about taking Nicole to the final 2 you are going to blow it!!!
    you have worked too hard and come too far to screw it up now and come in second!!! Don’t overthink it don’t let your Fukin ARROGANCE AND EMOTIONS get into it!!!
    if you take her you are going to get smoked in the final vote!!!
    wake up dude!!!

    1. When Paul talks to James about Nicole, he does not — in Paul’s parlance — “sh!t on her.” But he deops a big turd when talking about James to Nicole. When he “sh!ts” on someone, he is usually being honest. He might actually be serious about taking Nicole. And Nicole is likely going to throw Part 3 of the HOH to Paul to get into the Final 2.

      It is hard to read this jury regardless.

  10. Paul just talks way too much s…t about James. Getting tired of it. He’s talked trash for weeks. I wish they would have kept Victor. I don’t like Paul….never cared.

    1. Basically he’s only saying these things about James because he doesn’t want Nicole to pick James to take to F2. Obviously. Should he being saying what a great guy James is or pointing out anything he thinks would sway Nicole? Don’t worry, it’s only 500k on the line.

  11. James vs Nicole…James gets Nat, Big Meech, Victor, Davonne (maybe) Nicole gets Corey, Paulie, Zak, Brigette, maybe Davonne…Paul vites against whomever cut him at final 3

    1. Da’vonne, Michelle and Bridgette will vote for best game. I don’t think they’ll vote for James simply because he’s James.

      He’ll have to have a good speech because if he’s up against Paul I think Paul will have the best speech out of all 3.

  12. There is NO WAY the AFP poll is correct… the numbers haven’t changed in like a month plus anyone who would award JAMES for not playing the GAME when he is on this show to be playing a GAME obv doesn’t respect the fact that this is in fact a GAME. I myself have Voted in the off. CBS BB AFP poll for Victor… loved that guy.
    We can all say what we want about PAUL or NICOLE but they both DESERVE the win for the simple fact they BOTH act. Played the GAME of Big Brother. I am personally rooting for Paul though Nicole I wouldn’t be mad at but James would “hurt my heart”. (I’m a Bratty Natty voice lol)

    1. Also Big Jeff won AFP TWICE …I honestly remember more AFP winners that didnt play the game well than those who did play it well…u ve seen how strategic and game oriented America is in the care packages…dont expect impossible..

  13. How is it that James is leading in the AFP poll? From reading the comment section, majority want Victor to win AFP and Paul to win the game.
    I don’t understand the outcome of this poll.
    AFP —Victor!!!!!

    1. U guy’s forget this is not a moral game see what happen to Vic I really think Nicole played the best game this season and do deserve the win over Paul its not who wins the most comp or even hoh its a social game she did it she found out the formula that navigates her to final five then started to play the game same thing derrick did his season while still had their hands with everyone else getting evicted. That’s exactly how u play the game and all the jury members except Vic will vote for her. This is how big brother is played from season 1

  14. One Houseguests wins 5 comps, nominated 6 times and evicted people who weren’t really threats to them. Voted 8 times and 5 times in the majority.

    One Houseguests wins 4 comps, not nominated for 91 days and was only nominated to get split up and evicted people who openly wanted them out. Voted 12 times and 11 in the majority.

    Why is the former houseguests praised by saying they played the best game while the latter is called one of the worst players ever?

    Now watch this get wayyyyyy more dislikes than like and tons of people saying terrible things about the latter Houseguests.

  15. In the very beginning of this year, I thought Paulie and James had the best shot at winning this year. WAS I EVER WRONG!!!

    Paul turned out to be a huge psychopath and James turned out to be truly dumb and clueless (I can’t believe some of you guys think he is throwing these comps to get to final 2 LMAO!)

    I have one major beef with production’s choice. Why do they pick a black person who acts black, a latino person who acts latino, but yet they pick an asian who acts country??? Is asian accent not funny? lol

  16. We all know it’s going to be Paul vs. Nicole in final comp where they both are on the antique scale going up or down with each correct answer.

    If Nicole wins it will be a bummer like last season because she will take James to F2 and she will win. Paul the best player of the season will get 3rd place just like Vanessa the best player last year got third. Please save this season and not have a bummer finale.

    If somehow Paul wins that scale comp he has to prove me right about him being the best player and take James to F2. The final great move by the best player of the season Paul.

    Nicole has lock on Day, Corey, Bridge, James and Natalie jury votes. Natalie votes Nicole over Paul just because she would rather have female winner. Bridge same.

    Paulie could go either way if it’s Nicole and Paul F2. And Zak will do what she thinks Paulie her obsession is doing. Michelle we know voting for anyone but Nicole. Paul has Vic and Michelle as his only for sure votes against Nicole.

    That scale comp decides it. Go Paul. Nicole cracks under pressure. You can win that! James is total turd and no way in hell deserves F2 as you know but take him cuz it gives you 500 grand!

    1. If production uses Corey in the jury segments they have to answer questions about, then we’ll know it’s true what everyone’s been saying about production

      Nicole and Corey already discussed what he should say ( whether Corey should answer the question seriously or jokingly) so Nicole will be sure to get his right.

      As soon as they said it, the feeds went to fish. The only way they can make it truly fair is to leave Corey’s out.

  17. I understand how James is popular with casual fans, but how the hell does a site of supposed Big Brother super fans who follow Live Feeds have him ranked top for AFP in this poll? Is this a joke you guys? Are all of you just trolling? There is NO way he is that popular here, RIGHT?

  18. I’m assuming the numbers on the AFP opinion poll on here must be a joke? James is one of my top 10 ‘least favourite’ players of all 18 seasons.

  19. When Paul needs to step up and gets nervous he NEVER CARED. He just goes out and does it. So much friendship everywhere. Let’s goooooooooo!!!!!!! PAUL FOR THE WIN!!!

  20. can nicole actually win? i feel like she’s in a kingmaker position where whoever she’s sitting next to beats her and the guys would be dumb not to take her.

    james vs. nicole
    james gets votes from natalie, meech, da, paul, and victor easily. corey’s a sure vote for nicole. paulie, z, and bridgette’s votes also could go james, but don’t matter. james wins

    paul vs. nicole
    paul gets victor, paulie, meech, natalie, and bridgette. james and corey vote nicole. da and z are harder to predict, but again don’t matter. paul wins.

    paul vs. james is way harder to call and both james and paul should be actively trying to avoid such a situation. but i think james gets at least nicole, corey, natalie, meech, and da for the win. victor obviously votes paul. bridgette, paulie, and z are harder to call, but don’t matter.

    i could always be off with this speculation, but this is where it feels people’s heads are at voting wise (except z whose decision making is so nonsensical i can’t even attempt to figure it out).

    1. Natalie has said she will vote for Nicole or Victor if they’re in the final2 without James in her Jeff interview.

      If it’s Nicole/James
      Da’Vonne,Zakiyah, Paulie, Corey for Nicole
      Natalie, Michelle for James
      Bridgette, Paul and Victor will be the swing votes.

      If it’s Nicole/Paul
      Da’Vonne,Zakiyah,Paulie,Corey, Natalie and James for Nicole
      Victor, Michelle for Paul
      Bridgette again is the swing
      If it’s Paul/James
      Paulie,Corey,Victor,Nicole, Zakiyah for Paul
      Natalie,Michelle for James
      Da’Vonne and Bridgette would be the swing

      Da’Vonne has said multiple times she would vote for Nicole during the jury segments I doubt she’ll vote anyway else just because it’s not with Corey.

      Your right about Michelle not voting for Nicole she’s way too bitter.

      If Nicole votes out Paul she’ll have to work to get his and Victors votes but she’ll probably get the respect card for getting so many big players out.

      1. i think da has respect for nicole’s game and really doesn’t want to appear bitter as bitter voting has cost many contestants the chance of returning again (vanessa is conspicuously absent from this season, and the calls for jason and scot to never return to survivor after their voting last season was very loud). but that said, of the three people left in the house, nicole’s the one da got along with the least. i feel most of her comments were covering her for a nicole/corey final 2 where she would be adamant about convincing the rest of the jury to vote nicole over corey, but now that corey’s out, i think she’s less inclined to be 100% team nicole.

  21. love or hate nicole she won the most important HOH of the season… the FIRST one.. she got the vets together and they survived the beginning part of the game.. nicole was then able to coast for weeks with the frank, da, vanessa shenanigans… then the focus shifted to paulie.. then to vic/paul.. then to nat/james… all the while people dropped out along with those “targets”… she may have floated… james may have floated… but they didnt really need to do much more than float in this game… i dont get why people call nicole a snake… i dont really like her personality.. but the truth is she is still in the house… james is still in the house…. if really anybody should be called a snake its paul… paul 2-faced frank to death running back and forth between frank and paulie… mocking him… paul screwed his PP alliance member paulie… paul calls a chick see you next tuesday in the kitchen… and is a generally borish/loud human…

    people see what they want to see.

  22. The only votes nicole will have on lock are James, Paulie, Corey, and Z. Meech will be a toss up because she hates both of them. I could see her getting Nat and Bridgettes votes because they want a girl to win. That’s all she really needs to win. If nicole wins it’s not because she played a better game. It’s because like always a floater made it to the end. Only she had james and Paulie on her side from the beginning. To me paul is more respectable because he didn’t sleep the whole season, hasn’t played before, was against the vets in the beginning, and didn’t know one hg family nor had a F2 deal with another. All James and Paulie had to do was get someone to be their “bestie” during the season and she automatically has 5 votes including whoever she used as hers. That’s not playing the game, it’s called coming in prepared…. I’d have more respect for her if she came in without any pregame alliances and won on her own merit. She didn’t play the game in the beginning because she knew she didn’t have to. Paulie ran the house and was on her side. Not only that, but she certainly didn’t run the house after he left.

    1. Aside from Natalie and Corey it’s really difficult to know who the others will vote for. There are several factors.

      Dr. Will does a very good job getting jury members to vote based on gameplay. Generally the ones you think will vote out of vindictiveness, don’t when it comes down to it. They know it will make them look bad in the end.

      The speeches are another huge factor. I don’t think poor James will be able to come up with a very good speech but I guess we’ll see if he’s in the final.

  23. 1. Paul is very entertaining and played a great game, but his attitude towards women is horrible.
    2. Nicole turned the tables when she was down 5-2 like the vet she is, but her under cover Corey activity was gross.
    3. James made sure that there was always a bigger target each week, but his comp skills are awful.

    Analysis – We have no all time great player here, but I think the worst game player will win (James). The jury has soured on the anti-women attitudes and that will hurt Paul even though he probably played the best game. Everyone hates a snake (exception of Andy but he was against a bigot) so Nicole is unlikely to win. James may have coasted with no comp skills, but he is definitely likeable as a person and I think that will get him the undeserved win.


    And crossing fingers here for upcoming juries as entertaining as BB18 jury for all future seasons! LMFAO! People, that was TV GOLD! I absolutely love the more they drag Paulie and the more that moron let himself get dragged! So BEAUTIFUL to watch! Great that his pet Corey was evicted. They can both be their *sshole selves in the jury and give a chance for Bridgette to shut them down!

  25. Who cares if you think Paul is an asshole? Who cares if he will or will not hangout with any of these people outside of the house? I mean..yeah most times they remain friends, but that is because they want to. There is no contract signed saying Paul needs to like these people/ be BFFs forever with these people. He came here to win $500,000 by outlasting and outsmarting everyone that came in. He did that, he deserves to win. Big Brother is not a show were people are cast so that we can judge them as a person. I like James as a person..hate him as a player. I like Paul as a player but doesn’t seem like my type of person. Does he deserve to win Big Brother?!? Yess!

  26. Because I refuse to vote for anybody that was in a showmance, those showmance bitches ruined BB18 season…
    I’m voting DaVonne for AFP, she is the only one besides Frank that kept the show entertaining all around. Best Diary Room sessions, funny watching her trying to manipulate other players, and the drama (telling it like it really is).
    Zak gets AWP(worst player) they should add that lmao

  27. Well I knew Paul would win the first part. If he beats Nicole at random fill-in-the-blank next Wednesday he wins the game. Nicole can still win but her biggest mistake was working with Paul/Vic to get Natalie out. It was going to take a lot of chances to get both Paul and Vic out and wasting a week there might be what costs her the game. Say what you will about James but at least he betrayed Paul/Vic at the correct time. It’s 50/50 though b/c anyone can win the 3rd part of the HOH.

    1. No, I think it was a good move getting Nat out. She should have gotten Paul out last week instead of Vic, then got Vic out right after. Yes, I’m sure Vic is intelligent, but he’s not as good as paul at the mental comps. I doubt he would’ve beaten Nicole in that one (seeing as how she did so well). Seriously, she’s played (and I’m sure watched) this game before. She should have thought to herself that there would be a mental comp coming up. Granted Nat is no comp beast, but she has done pretty well in a lot of them (mostly coming in 2nd place). Her biggest mistake was not realizing they were due for a mental comp… especially how all they talked about was another DE or something similar to it needing to happen. They most likely could have gotten both Paul/Vic out right in a row. But I’m not complaining, I like them and am glad Paul is winning HOH’s right now.

  28. Paul and Nic will probably be final 2 with Nic winning but the way they are insulting James right now, blaming him for Victor being put on the block and being evicted. Victor leaving was all Nic and Corey’s deal. The name calling and hate towards James is uncalled for and disgusting. They are winning and should leave it at that. They dont even have to go there, James would never do that to them. Its a game and to still want to attack someone that isn’t even in your way from winning the game. The insults doesn’t help their game one way or another. It just shows what kind of people they are. Very disappointing.

    1. But James IS in their way of getting the potential F2 spot. Both of them are entirely BSing each other. Paul wants Nicole to be convinced he’s taking her to F2 and/or trying to convince Nicole not to take James herself…all when they know that’s exactly what each will do..

  29. This is the first time I have ever voted for AFP on I voted for Vic. I know he will not get it, but he deserves it.

  30. I live in Boston . When I check BB on my tv menu, about 6 weeks ago, it started saying … BB with Julie Chen and Paul Abraham . Thought that was very telling . Same with AGT ( talent ) bout a month before finale it would say the judges and only one contestant name ( grace ) who won . I’m not saying it predicted it, but these production folks know who the star is . Paul is playing chess, the rest, checkers .

    1. Omg I am going to warch agt tonight final two episodes and know you have ruined it!! Well i kinda thought she might win although there are others with more talent, but she is so darn appealing. Like Trump says everything is fixed! Lol I am Canadian and do not like either of the candidates but scary to think Trump might get in. As far as these three Paul played the hardest but do not think he will be the winner. PEACE OUT ???

  31. Why James keeps saying he’s been throwing comps and people believing him are mind boggling. I think the real reason is he just can’t win them so he uses the excuse that he is throwing them. Only ones he is fairly good at are endurance comps, he is usually one of the last people alive when it comes to these. However, he is usually the first one out or has the worst time in the mental or physical comps. I think he is just clueless.

  32. James is the biggest joke ever on a game show. After Vic left, if you have any idea how games or contests work, Paul is the play here. It’s like your favorite nfl team is left to play 2 fifth grade teams . Game over

  33. I’m sure production tailors the game at times, although I’m not into the conspiracy theory’s.. But need an explanation how if they both knew the last answer how did Corey lose 58-38 ? Seemed like a weird edit and confusing… I’m not saying Paul does not deserve it … But anyone else see that weirdness ? Paul was faster I guess … But at a 5-3 rate ? Hmmm

    1. Corey said he was just going as fast as he could while counting in his head instead of looking at the counter. So he accidentally had the wrong number on the counter when he hit the buzzer. Because of that he had to start over again.

  34. If you are at home and ready for your head to explode trying to figure out James, I’m with you . If your on your couch trying to figure out how a grown man, w/ military experience and a child, completely sleep walks through a chance at 500 k … Your not alone . It’s mystifying how he does not understand the levity of this . No spirit. Those army drills are hell ! And if you claimed to throw it, that’s even worse. Paul has no game respect for you, and he’s right !

  35. I just watched the fight between Da’Vonne and Paulie. It started when Natalie said she would have used the POV on James. Then MICHELLE said yeah, something that Paulie didn’t do (referring to not using POV on Z). Da’Vonne started clapping, agreeing with Michelle. Then Paulie said something to Da’Vonne, not Michelle (who first started it). Then it got heated, went back and forth. Paulie then brought up Da’Vonne’s daughter(which as nothing to do with the BB game) and he kept saying it when Da’Vonne said don’t bring her daughter in it, as it was escalating. Da’Vonne is mad with Paulie for how he treated and said things about Zakiyah on TV and she’s upset with Zakiyah for talking all that bulls!#t about not being with Paulie and still ran back to him. Da’Vonne has been her friend and defending Zakiyah all season and she’s hurt. To all of you, who was on here talking about Da’Vonne was acting Ghetto( first learn how to spell it), she was in defense mode when her innocent child was brought up. No, she shouldn’t have let Paulie get the best of her. All that she said was true, that he has talked bad about all the females, but haven’t step up to any males. Paulie said he confronted James. Now that’s funny, James of all people.
    We don’t know how we would react to someone saying something about our child(ren) until we are in that situation. It’s not GHETTO, when someone is defending their child who has absolutely nothing to do with the situation. It’s called being a PARENT & defending a FRIEND who does have some self-esteem issues.

    1. Did you see Paulie’s face. He was actually scared thats why he didn’t stand up. He knows if he stood up Da would still be standing over him cuz he so short. Strong women freak him out. He can’t handle that. Z’s mom must be sick to her stomach after watching her with Paulie again after everything he said about her when she wasn’t around. Now thats a meet and greet I would like to see at the after party. If paulie disappears from the party you know what happened. There will be a big smile on Z’s mom’s face

      1. That whole argument could have been avoided. Dayvonne and Paulie are grown ass adults nobody should act that way. Paulie is an egotistical ass with a loud mouth. He should not be talking to anyone especially a female in the tone he was talking. Dayvonne is just as loud and she blew the whole don’t talk about my child out of porportion. If you don’t want to be called out then don’t get in another persons face if you can’t dish it. Yes it wrong of him to bring up her child but you got in confrontation over Zakiyah of all people. You can’t expect someone to stay quiet when you are making fun of their height and Paulie came back with a bigger insult her parenting skills. Its really disgusting that you two are fighting over Zakiyah of all people. The girl acts like a jealous 7th grader. Dayvone should be directing her anger at Zakiyah for choosing a boy over friendship. Zakiyah is an adult that likes being in abusive relationships, she’ll learn the hard way or maybe never learn. Mind your own business Dayvonne and Paulie learn from your mistakes and respect women..

  36. Paul vs Nicole: Votes for Paul…4…Vic, Paulie, Z, Nat (maybe) (none of the other girls, he called Michelle a “c**t”) Votes for Nicole…5… Corey, James, DA, Michelle (no way she’ll vote Paul), Bridgette (no way she votes for a guy)

    Paul vs James: Votes for Paul…3…Vic, Paulie, Z Votes for James…6… Nicole, Paulie, DA, Michelle, Bridgette, Nat, Corey

    Nicole vs James: Votes for Nicole..6…..Corey, Vic, Paul (maybe), Paulie, Z, Bridgette (maybe) Votes for James…3….Nat, DA, Michelle

    Sorry…….no way Paul wins. Nicole’s best bet is James. James’ best bet is Paul.

    Oh & BTW…In the OBB BB18 AFP………do you think Simon/Dawg are like production? Do you think they are fixing the poll?? NO…..people think James deserves it more than the other housepets!!!!!!!!!!

    1. With Paul vs Nicole I think Paulie votes for Nicole and Michelle votes for Paul. Paulie will respect how his ally stepped up her game in his absence. It’s possible Michelle’s obsession with Nicole grows to a point where she sees Nicole as an evil genius. However I think that will inadvertently help Nicole with other house members rather than actually helping Nicole get Michelle’s vote. She’s just too bitter and emotional.

  37. It’s simple: the two people who actually played the game since Day 1 are Paul & Nicole. Both have played well, made moves (or influenced others to make moves) and deserve the be Final 2. What is different between the two are: 1) Paul was able to do it having never been exposed to the game, 2) Paul actually interacted (as annoying or douchey as he might have been) with everyone in the house throughout and never seemed to get a sworn “enemy”, and 3) Paul had to adapt his alliances (especially after Vic left) and game weekly. Compare that to Nicole.

    While Nicole definitely deserves to win over James, no way the majority of the jury justifies voting for her over Paul.

  38. will vote for james and nic in high hopes they will give them some of the loot and u know they will, cuz NATALIE IS IN LOVE WITH JAMES AND COREY IS IN LOVE WITH NICOLE.

  39. Yes I think that Paul is playing a heck of a game right now, but as a person he is a lying, conniving piece of shit. He lies about everyone and has since the beginning. The first night in the house he started this shit, and has continued the whole season playing both sides of the house. He was always on Paulie’s side OVER Victor. So please don’t say he was Victors ride or die the whole season………not true. Always lied to save his own ass. I have listened to his foul mouth the whole season, and whether you like James or not, he doesn’t talk badly about people. This is the real Paul people. He is an entitled asshole, who lies about people continually for his own benefit. I can’t be happy for him and can only hope someone (I guess Nicole) gives his rich ass the royal kick out the front door. Cannot applaud his game. He even stated he lied about an incident in school and got his teacher fired because he was so convincing. His talking about James last night was just over the top nasty, and uncalled for.

    1. Paul did have Victor’s back since Day 1. Paul warned Victor about being a target, without messing up his own game. He told Victor to watch his back, but Victor didn’t listen. Paul’s only one person going against 9 other people in the house to protect his “friend”. He didn’t vote against Victor. Each time Victor came back. Paul teamed with him. Paul still had to play his game too, but they had each other’s back. Everyone used each other to get far in the game. Who’s to say that Victor didn’t use Paul for his social game that Victor was weak at.

      1. Vic has said many times he lets Paul do all the talking because Paul is better at it. That Paul is the “social” part of the duo and Vic’s job is to win comps. Oh no! Victor is a lying backstabbing jerk! Lol

        Paul really has stuck by Victor the entire game. I’m not really sure where you get the idea he hasn’t?

    2. Paul is being overbearing, intimidating and bossy towards Nicole. I hope she’s just playing along with him and takes James to F2 in the end.

      1. Sooooo….. let me get this straight….. you two think James/Nic should be F2 because they’re nice? hahaha! LOL funny to see people think 2 people who have not only already played the game before, but got help from production, chased people who don’t really want them, one of the two had sex all season, didn’t do anything to save their azzez when they were on the block, etc (the list can go on and on) deserve to win. Over a guy who hurt peoples feelings….. since you’re so concerned with nice sweet innocent angels winning… please tell me how nicole and james are any better? They both lied to everyone and broke every alliance they made this season…. Not only that but her boy toy laughed about burning goats…. Her and her boy toy laughed hysterically while Paulie was trashing Natalie…. Oh that’s right. This show isn’t about who was the nicest the whole season. It’s about who played and didn’t stop.

  40. Lol at some of the voting breakdown on here.
    James WILL NOT BEAT Paul.
    James WILL NOT BEAT Nicole.
    Paul WILL NOT BEAT Nicole. How is this even a debate?? Paul, if you come all this way, simply to fuk it up at the very end by getting too cute and cocky and taking Nicole instead of the easy win in James, you will disappoint Big Brother fans the world over.


    Hell, it might be 7-2 if Day decides to flip. Nat/Bridg are wanting a girl to win and if Paul keeps her Jamesy from being in the F2 there is absolutely no way Nat votes Paul.


    1. Excellent points here. However, I do not think it is a lock that Bridgette, Paulie & Z all vote for Nicole over Paul.

      Bridgette’s answer every time she has been asked about the biggest threat has been Paul. While she is a proclaimed “feminist” I think it would be wrong to assume she will vote along gender lines alone. I think she respects Paul’s game more than Nicole’s because he actively played. And as an aside, watch to see if Julie asks Frank who he would vote for to win before votes are cast. Good odds that Bridgette will vote the same.

      Paulie may refer to Nicole as his “girl” but remember he was close to Paul throughout the middle of the game: so close he literally altered his appearance to look like him. PP ran the house while Vic was out. So, in the end, I think there is a strong chance he will remain loyal to the “Execs” as an F-you to the girls and vote for Paul.

      At this point, I think Z will vote which ever way Paulie tells her. Plus I do not think she has ANY relationship with Nicole that would make her loyal.

      Paul vs Nicole in Final 2 with James winning AFP would be the best outcome for CBS, so look for it to be so.

  41. Why iis it important for fans to know if any of the contestants will stay friends outside this house? “NEVER CARED!” I was a fan of Victor winning. He had so much fight & never feared getting blood on his hands. Plus made BB history coming back after evicted twice!! Even though that shipped has sailed – I think either James or Nicole could use the money. Not fair to say that Paul couldn’t use it. Fact is he still lives with his folks. I think Paul has played a good game & fought hard to keep himself in the house. I feel like Nicole & James hid behind their ride or dies (Corey & Natalie) but then stood on their own feet when needed to. Although looking like the final 2 would be Paul & Nicole.

  42. Here is how the votes will go:

    Paul Vs Nicole:
    Paul: Da’Vonne, Zak, Bridgette, Natalie and Victor (5)
    Nicole: Paulie, Corey, James and Meech (4)
    This can fluctuate because Big Meech is no way a set in stone and Paulie may vote for Paul.


    Paul vs. James:
    Paul: Paulie, Da’Vonne, Zak, Victor, Bridgette, Nicole (I think Nicole will go by game play) and Corey (I hink Corey will vote based on game more than emotion with this one.) (7)
    James: Natalie and Big Meech (2)


    Nicole Vs James:
    James: Natalie, Da’Vonne and Big Meech (Meech could go either way even though she is very salty about Nicole.)
    Nicole: Paulie, Corey, Victor, Paul, Bridgette and Zak (6)


    Nicole wins if she wins the last two comps and takes James. James does not win in any configuration. He won less comps, he played a dirtier game and Paul really had to scrap his way to the top win comps to stay and won when he needed too. In MOST Big Brother Seasons it does not come down to Personal or Emotional choices for the win… it is really how they played the game and their closing argument. If that remains true it will be Paul or Nicole who win. James says he played a Derrick Game but it was really a Victoria game so he deserves #3 spot.

  43. Possible reasons for James’ popularity, despite what is perceived as his apathy/ laziness this season:
    1. His previous status as AFP still resonates and it is hard to accept that he no longer has the stomach ( no pun intended) for playing the game.
    2. A vote for James may be less a pro-James vote and more an anti-Paul or an anti-Nicole vote.
    3. The die-hard James fans are still hoping that somehow or another, he will show that he still cares and make it to final two. There is evidence that he is prepared to defend his game-play, or lack thereof, if he were to address the jury. He even offered up some suggestions to Natalie in the event she were to make it that far and have to defend her own game-play.
    4. Although no one actually believes that he has deliberately thrown any comp except the one he handed to Nicole on a silver platter, he has elevated “floating” to unprecedented heights.
    5. Despite all his losses and missteps, he is still well-behaved and respectful to all of his fellow houseguests. He has retained the basic characteristics that make him likeable as a human being.

    1. he’s spent more time thinking of ways to defend his game play, and talk about getting AFP and Survivor than he spends on studying days and so on. i believe he may have learning disabilities, i know he had to leave school before graduating when he was younger to help at home, but all he has to do in the house is count things and study days, plus he is living right in the house, there is literally nothing else to do with their time.

      i think vic is not on top of the poll because people, once again like when it was america’s care package time, are splitting their votes with paul and vic, leaving an unworthy 3rd place runnerup in the lead. It’s Canadian political system basically, you’ll all end up with the worst of the 3 because vote splits between #1 and #2

      i’m not even sure if diary room sessions are going to give us the real answer. they’ll pick an edit that props up the opposite of what we might think is going on. So paul talking to nicole like a F2 deal, and nicole showing she wouldn’t take him if there was only the two of them in the house, we’ll still probably see a DR slant making it look like she’ll pick paul. but she is a snake, and she is weak, corey told her ‘take james’ and she isn’t going to do anything else. whether paul finds out about that or not remains to be seen. whether he is stringing her along and plans to take james, also remains to be seen.

      the chance that james will even try to win the next HOH against nicole is zero. he might luck into it simply if she forfeits. Ideally want to see paul doing the picking.

  44. For those who have the feeds, can you tell if Paul is stringing her along? Maybe it doesn’t matter. He’s putting James under the bus to make her think he’s taking her. I hope Paul is the one who gets to decide who goes because I’m not sure they would take him. He deserves towin more than both of them.

  45. I think its hillarious when Nicole’s family was shown and how Nicole mentioned how miserable her brother looked and was bummed her family didn’t say they were proud of her, well we know it’s known on all these forums majority of fans is calling her out and a snake and sleeping with Corey in bed through whole season, I’m sure her brother was pissed he had to be there , knowing how majority of bb followers cant stand her just saying!

  46. That is what I was thinking also. Her brother probably knows her sexcapades are all over the Internet. Nothing like small town gossip, everyone hears everything about everybody.

  47. Good thing about a Paul/James Final 2 is that that guarantees that Victor by default would get AFP. Snacole deserves nothing.

  48. at this point in the game WHO CARES who wins , production is going to decide for us anyway , it does not matter what the jury votes ( i’m sure they got to them to ) here’s a thought split the money 3 ways or better yet give it to charity because NONE of them deserve it , worst BB I have ever seen ! and as far as Americas Favorite give it to Glen , poor guy never even got a chance to play or get to know anyone , he lost first comp was not even voted out ..OH WELL see what next year brings , hopefully some smarter house guests ..OH one more thing hey CBS if your listening how about a BB with people in the age group of 50-60 instead of all these younger ones , I can see them all sitting around kitchen table talking about daily aches and pains, dentures, getting up 4 times a night to pee, and make the comps things they can do ( for there age ) like cards, dominoes, checkers , bake off comp..LOL anyway just a thought !

  49. I propose a radical idea. Whoever wins will be the exact person who deserves to win. They will the only person to have achieved the game’s objective of convincing the majority of their fellow players they played the best game. All the character assassinations, lies and speculation the haters seem intent on sharing on this forum will mean exactly what they should, absolutely nothing…

  50. Corey’s ew interview about his showmance with Nicole. You got into quite the showmance with Nicole this summer. What do you think your future holds outside of the house romantically?
    We are both recently single so this is something we need to discuss outside the house. I have never known Nicole outside of the house and she lives on the other side of the country. If it is something we want to be serious about, things need to progress with our friendship outside of the house.

    1. Corey’s after show interview wth Jeff, he said whoever marries Nicole is the luckiest man alive. So you are implying that you aren’t the guy she’s going to marry lmao.

      1. Do you remember Corey asking a question he already asked? do you think you’ve found the one person you are going to marry? I guess it’s one of his first questions from him to Nicole. Nicole snapped at him and said it was a stupid and redundant thing to ask again. Corey looked mortified afterwards and sat in silence. Right after Victor responded I have met someone perfect timing as always Victor trying to swoop in on Corey’s girl. Nicole asked curiously who victor was talking about. Then the feeds cut and it almost seem like he was referring to her. Nicole looked like she was hoping it was her. Nicole apologize but clearly it hurt Corey’s feelings. Then when Vic and Paul were alone with Nicole, Victor told Nicole if Corey doesn’t Marry you I will. Nicole told Corey about victors proposal and his eyes got so wide in disbelief. He got annoyed that Vic crossed the line. A little after Corey tried holding Nicole’s foot, she pulled away and crossed her leg away from him and he questioned her why did you move. Corey looked upset and asked are you going to marry Victor and she said no but it wasn’t very convincing. Nicole has a lot of guys that find her endearing or adorable (eye roll) and I don’t think Corey has a high self esteem and thinks he’s going to lose her. Nicole is really hard on him and kind beats around the bush about their future plans. She shot down a few dates from him. He said it was love at first sight and she told him not at all. She said Hayden told her he loved her out loud on bb16 and she didn’t talk to him for 2 days. I think Corey is expecting a let down. When he hugs her it’s so tight like he doesn’t want lose her. Honestly I don’t think Nicole knows how to be affectionate and Corey loves any little hug or kiss on the cheek he get from her. I know he gets pissed if she talks about Hayden and Victor and becomes standoffish. One time he said he thinks Nicole doesn’t really like him a doesn’t think she finds him attractive. Corey has said several times that he’s not attractive but it makes his day hearing her compliment him because she rarely does it. He got bullied by girls a lot because he had an acne.. Another thing Corey was upset with Nicole when she revealed she didn’t want to showmance Cody because he was too attractive but Corey wasn’t as attractive and so she showmancee Corey. Nicole told him you don’t need anyone to let you how unbelievably attractive you are and how great of a personality he has. Corey says his whole life he’s always been set up for disappointment. His relationships and his app were let downs.

  51. If you like Paul it hinges on 1 play . The scales of justice! The winner of part 2 has no affect, as James has proven himself worthless. And neither of them takes Paul . He tips the scales he’s got a great shot vs James .. And good shot vs Nicole . But his odds of F2 diminishes from austoundingly high to virtually zero

  52. Why are some of you stating that it is productions choice? If this is happening because of how production has scripted it. I realize I’m out dated. LOL Please, can someone explain what the heck Paul/ Nichole are doing?
    If neither of them want to take James to the final two, why don’t they just leave him alone and stop the trash talk behind his back. That is what I find really low. :)

    1. If they stopped talking, there’d be nothing to film and nothing to show on the show. A lot of convo is for the sake of cameras.

  53. Nicole has never been one of my favorites, but seriously why is it okay for Paul to make a F2 with James AND Nicole knowing he obviously can’t stick to both deals, but if Nicole dose the same exact thing she is a horrible person especially if she doesn’t honor her deal with Paul??? SMH

    1. I agree with you, but from all I’ve read on this posting, no one (very few) are trashing Nicole for potentially not honouring an F2 with Paul. No one expects her to – especially Paul – he KNOWS she won’t take him, whereas Nicole thinks Paul might in fact take her.

  54. I really want to put my 20 votes a day to paul but he has a great chance at final 2 so i feel they would be wasted so im voting victor as much as possible. If either of them do not take james to final 2 its a mistake since hes done about as much as victoria

  55. Well James goes to bed without studying once again. Plus he can’t win a comp to save his life and he constantly gets talked into throwing HoH’s. So I imagine Nicole will win the next HoH and we will see Nicole and Paul going up against each other. If that’s the case, that is where the winner will be decided. If Nicole wins the final HoH she will take James. Although I don’t think it matters because I do believe she will win against either Paul or James with the Jury votes. If Paul wins Final HoH, he needs to think long and hard about who he takes to F2 because if he take Nicole it’s not a slam dunk that he wins. Da and Paulie are leaning to her side. And with Paulie goes Zak’s vote. James will vote for Nicole as well as Corey. That’s a possible 5. I still think Paul chooses James over Nicole for F2.

  56. Has the mental comp between Nicole and James taken place?

    Odds are Nicole will beat James in this comp.

    Leaving Paul and Nicole as the pair competing for Final HOH.

    The Final HOH Winner will most likely take James to the F2.

  57. I lost interest a few weeks ago, just read a few updates but don’t know who’s playing who here? who does Paul and Nic actually want beside them in f2?

  58. Johnny Mac should have won favorite player that year but James got it instead. So James had it once So forget it. I thought people like Bridget before no one mentions her now

  59. Why should we get off Nicole’s back… she spent the whole summer on her back…

    ba dum dum! Thank you ladies and germs, I’ll be here all week. Try the meatloaf it’s great.. and tip your bartenders!

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