Andrew says You’ve got two options vote me out so I am at peace or keep me in so I can get rid of that!

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: Andrew & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 804pm

8pm Andrew tells Gary that he will play him in a game of chess. Gary says okay. Andrew says I haven’t even beat Jillian. I never played when I grew up. Jilian comes into the kitchen and says oh thanks, you haven’t even beat me. Andrew says I am the sh!ttest one! Andrew says I should have .. I had her on the umm.. Jillian says on the block! Andrew says OH SHUT UP! Jillian laughs and says you said you had her on the block. Andrew says I did not say that! I am on the block. Gary says as long as you know that! Andrew says oh I know. Jillian asks is Andrew mad at me .. he just told me to shut up in a serious way. He’s never been serious to me before!

Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 819pm

8:15pm – 9:05pm Andrew, Emmett and Jillian head out to the yard to workout. Andrew comments that he still can’t get over this sh!t! Emmett asks what Gary being back. Andrew says it’s ridiculous! Andrew says obviously it’s like a rewind and if it goes the way it should go then its just a matter of Gary instead of Lalla that’s all. Andrew says oh Talla, I wonder if she is going to do any campaigning? Andrew says that he can’t believe Talla hit the button for this.. the hair cut. And the fact that she went for the money too. I should have let her have the hair cut. I bet she lied about that. Andrew comments that its weird that the guy that didn’t mind getting the hair cut got it and the young girl got her clothes cut up. Big Brother tells him to stop talking about production. Gary says yeah motherfu*ker … Andrew says sorry motherfu*ker! Gary says what now B!TCH! WHAT NOW B!TCH! Andrew comments I am going to snap! Gary asks Andrew WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? Andrew says I wasn’t looking at you.. get over yourself. Andrew comments to Emmett what’s it like having that back in the house? Andrew says I can’t decide if I want you to get me out or not! You’ve got two options vote me out so I am at peace or keep me in so I can get rid of that! I would go for the latter. Andrew says there are times when I like Gary and there are times when I do not… this is one of those times I do not! They continue working out. Talla comes out to lay on the hammock.
Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 840pm

9:20pm Andrew tells Jillian that Emmett has changed. Have you noticed that? He isn’t the smartest guy. You don’t tell someone that you are going to backstab them. Jillian asks what he isn’t supposed to tell you? Andrew says but what am I supposed to do go work with Gary?! Andrew says I am still just really pissed off! JIllian says that she is still working on Emmett for Andrew. You are best for my game to keep you in here. Andrew says I am good for his game too .. I don’t see why he doesn’t see that. He wants to take Gary doesn’t he. Jillian says yeah.. well he hasn’t told me that but I’m guessing. Andrew says I don’t know what he is thinking.

9:35pm Emmett, Andrew and Talla are out in the hot tub talking about when Dan came into the house and how drunk Talla was that she passed out. They make fun of her and how Gary dumped water on her and she chased Dan. The conversation turns to talking about past seasons. Andrew and Emmett start asking Talla math questions. Talla says that her mathness isn’t that good. Talla asks 20 times 50 .. is that the same thing as 50 times 20? Andrew says that questions makes all the difference. They all head inside. Talla tells Emmett that it’s not a good idea to tell Andrew that he is leaving. She says that he told Jillian that if we learned anything from Dan it was not to backstab me, he should be careful about what he is saying. Emmett goes up to the HOH and talks to Gary about what Talla just said to him. Emmett says that Talla just doesn’t want Andrew to campaign against her. Gary says whatever it doesn’t matter any ways because her a$$ is going home next week.

Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 932pm

9:50pm – 10pm Andrew and Jillian are out in the backyard talking. Jillian tells Andrew that Emmett joked a a few times about putting me up. I didn’t know if he was serious. And I was like do it. Andrew says its not very smart to tell me that you are voting me out. Jillian says I think he would be too stupid to .. I mean to smart to .. I think he’s doing it .. but he is just letting you know he is the man. Andrew says that they made the HOH this way because they knew Gary was coming back. Andrew tells Jillian not to tell Emmett I am getting paranoid. Andrew says Gary is going to take Talla. Andrew talks about how he should go to Gary to get him to vote for me and you do too.. then its me, you and Gary in the final 3. That’s better for you any ways.. We then win the final HOH and vote out Gary.

10:15pm Gary and Emmett are playing chess in the HOH room. Andrew is showering. Talla is in the hot tub by herself. Talla tells Henry the moose that the reason she isn’t campaigning is because Andrew is a bigger threat than she is .. and Andrew knows that.

Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 1018pm

10:20pm – 10:30pm Gary tells Emmett why did I make my final 3 alliance with you motherfu*kers, I am going to be sitting in the corning while you guys are kissing, hugging and eating. Emmett laughs. Gary says I will be alone all day .. I will be in my room all day .. what is the point in coming out to watch you guys eat, kiss and hug.

10:55pm Andrew and Emmett sit down at the kitchen table to eat their dinner. Gary is also sitting at the table talking about all the food he wishes he could eat.

Big Brother Canada April 22 2013 1051pm

11pm – 11:20pm Gary heads into the bedroom. Emmett is in the diary room. Andrew and Jillian are in the kitchen alone. Andrew complains about how messy Emmett and Gary are. Andrew says even though Gary can’t eat food he still manages to make a mess in the kitchen. Andrew tells Jillian I am tempted to just tell Emmett to vote my a$$ out! Andrew continues to rant. Andrew talks to Jillian about her siblings. Jillian says I don’t think Emmett even knows my siblings names. Andrew says that’s because he is going on his looks where as I have a personality. Andrew gets called to the diary room but they won’t let him in. Then 5 minutes later they call him back in.

11:30pm Jillian and Talla whisper in the kitchen about Andrew. Andrew joins them and they talk about tasks they’ve been given. Jillian says she hasn’t gotten one yet and wants one. Andrew says yeah you and Emmett haven’t had one. Imagine Emmett telling us hey guys lets do something fun. Andrew leaves and Emmett joins them Jillian tells Emmett he can’t act like Andrew is leaving .. he is already threatening to turn this house upside down! Jillian tells Emmett how Andrew thinks Emmett is going on a power trip. Emmett says power trip? how am I possibly on a power trip? Emmett and Jillian head outside. Andrew comes out and says goodnight.

11:45pm – 11:55pm Out in the hot tub room: Jillian and Emmett are game talking. Emmett tells Jillian we should have thrown you up, I think it would have worked .. Talla would have voted to keep you. Jillian tells Emmett that Andrew is threatening to go tell Gary everything. Emmett asks tell Gary what, I have already kind of broken it to him. Emmett says that he tested Andrew to see if he would keep his word or if money meant more to him. Jillian says that she would take the money too. Emmett says it was just the way he said it. Emmett asks what is he going to tell Gary.. that you and Andrew have a final two deal? Good, that will look better for you because it will look like we aren’t as close as we are. Emmett says that’s fine, I don’t give a sh!t what he does. Jillian says he said you had a final two with Gary .. Emmett says yeah but I am not taking him though. Jillian and Emmett head inside. Up in the HOH room Jillian tells Emmett that someone told her to back door Emmett and send him home. Emmett asks who? Who told you that? Jillian says umm I don’t remember.. who was on the block. Emmett says Peter and Andrew. Jillian says they were joking around telling me to back door you. Emmett asks again who said that? Jillian says I don’t know I dont remember. (Emmett wants to knwo because he knows it was Andrew who said it. If he knows Andrew turned his back on him he will more reason to evict him.) Emmett looks at the chess board and says that’s not checkmate. Emmett then runs down to tell Gary that he didn’t checkmate Andrew.

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Midnight Emmett and Jillian HOH Room

Emmett’s thinking about throwing some of the chess games against Gary because it’s not looking good that he’s beating everyone in the house. Jillian doesn’t see why he should nobody else in the house knew how to play chess it’s just a game he knows.

Talla and Andrew are sleeping. Gary is off camera sleeping.

Emmett is thinking that maybe Wednesday he’ll tell Andrew. Jillian: “Andrew is making some sense”

Emmett: “WHy are we taking a guy to the final 3 that will beat us both”
Jillian: “I know Andrew will take us to final 3”
Emmett: “So will Gary so will Talla”
Jillian: “Talla will not”
Emmett instructs her work Talla and Gary so they take them to final 3. He wants her to be careful with what she tells Talla because she might go to Gary with that information.

Emmett points out how Andrew is getting mad now that he’s on the block when before he always said he would accept

Emmett: “If Gary wins HOH.. I’m screwed.. still I would rather compete against Talla and Gary than Andrew in”
Jillian: “Ya I know.. and I gotta listen”

Jillian tells him she is going to vote for Andrew to stay and he has to choose
Emmett: “Do that.. it means you vote Talla to leave and I’ll keep her and bring her in.. Talla will take me to the final”
Emmett: “Ohh sh1t Talla only needs one more vote in the Jury if she makes it, Andrew, AJ and Topaz… all she needs is one more”
Jillian: “Tell Gary that”

12:26AM all you hear his smacking lips and the milkmance start milkmanceing

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wow…. the andrew meltdown continues…. he must be pissed because he knows that Emmett and Jillian are most likely going to vote him out… he just needs to be on his own for a bit, re-group and then strategize to find a way to tell Emmett and Jillian that its in their best interests to keep him. And then find a way to have good relations with Gary. I just think the Andrew implosion will continue, which I guess will make things interesting, especially if Gary and Andrew go at it between now and Thursday! I really hope Talla wins HOH on Thursday… that would be epic entertainment!! Emmett would go berserk!


Eveyone’s mind is made up at this point I doubt there is anything Andrew can say to save himself. With him gone I’m rooting for either Jillian or Emmett to win the game.


Andrew doesnt have the balls to stand up to anyone…only Talla.
He is great at talking trash behind peoples back . So sick of hearing him bitching about Alec, Peter and Gary when his precious east coast alliance is about to blindside his ass. someone said he is like that bacon luving rocker from BB13 ….So true


I wish Andrew would realize that he doesn’t have to convince Emmett of anything, it’s Jillian and Gary he needs to talk to, it’s their game he would benefit next week. He could get Emmett out, he’s stronger than Talla in competitions, these people are clueless if they think bringing Emmett to final 2 would win them the gam. Andrew really does need to go regroup and get his head together….or production should bring the 3 of them into the diary room and explain it to them in plain English what they need to do, there’s been so many twists so far, why not throw in more outside interference?


Totally agree. It’s like they’re totally rigging the show so why don’t they at least do a better job of it. Instead of a crazy “twist” where someone comes back how about a “twist” in an hg’s gameplay like Emmett puts up Jillian. At least they tried, but you’d think they would try harder.


I wish they would tell him already, I don’t like this keeping it a secret til last minute. As a former alliance member I think that is the least that he deserves from EM/Jil. No need to screw him any longer. Plus it may lead to a huge blow up that’s already brewing in him, which could help him turning on EM/Jil, giving all info to Gary and convincing him to save him to go against Emmet/Jil while convincing Jil to keep him to go against Gary. Could be interesting TV.


Well I think bringing Gary back completely screwed Andrew’s game, now hoping there might be one thing left to save him – I hope there is a diamond power of veto or something that he will somehow find that will allow him to dump the noms last minute and then put up Emmett and Jillian with an immediate vote! Talla will vote to keep J, Gary may vote to save E and then Andrew can say sayonara Emmett!

Something big has to happen as not much time left.

Andrew is the only reason I continue to watch; I would have watched to the end even if he had been evicted if not for the producer’s monkeying with the outcome by having someone re-enter the house at such a late stage. For those of you who’ve read the hunger games, these producers are acting very much like the game makers there, pushing things to the outcome they want. I’m not interested in watching that kind of “reality” tv.


BBCanada did too many twists and generally too much f**ery that did little to increase the drama. They ended up removing drama from the house. I’ve said this many times but adding so many twists makes the players WAY more cautious and completely removes drama You don’t get the blow ups anymore. People are worried “Hey that douche might come back with the Diamond powershit of veto I better be nice to them instead of starting this fight”

Chances are this will never change until ratings crash and at that point they will probably cancel the show instead of using less “POWERSHIFTS”.


I bet Andrew will leave on Thursday. I also think that there will be a mental competition and i really hope Talla wins, it would make for an exciting week! These last two weeks have been boring and predictable.


I agree 100%! I would love to see Talla win HOH and Gary win Veto, that way E/J have to be split up!


COME ON ANDREW!!! Slow down for a second and think!!! You have 3 days to turn things around. Stop spewing off at the mouth and focus!! Sucks to admit it, but look at what Dan did last US season when he held his own BB Funeral. You don’t have to go that far, but you can still pull off an upset. If Talla is as useless as you all think it should be no problem to convince them to evict her instead of you! GOD!! I hope he goes to bed and wakes up with a new perspective on his situation. I would simply act nonchalant and start planting seeds that Talla has the jury votes to win and also trying to convince them it is a final 3 and if they risks allowing Gary to go that far that he would slam-dunk them in jury votes because truthfully he would be the comeback kid/underdog that rose from the ashes and got revenge for all of them that were evicted. THINK ANDREW THINK MAN!!!!


Not going to happen.
Andrew is a witty loyal and fun guy, but has zero game. He can’t see past himself. He is incapable of seeing outside the box, as evidenced by his conversations (or lack thereof) with Dan.
You either control the game or the game controls you. The only one that has shown any control over their own game right now is Emmett, and it’s why he has the best possible chance of winning.


Kupac, you are right on the button. Best comment of the day! Especially about Andrew not seeing past himself. He tells Talla 25 times a day that she makes everything about herself. True enough. (But that girl continues to just crack me up. Her Marsha Moose chat was an all-timer!!!!) But the irony of Andrew’s criticism of Talla is that he does the *exact* same thing himself, every day!


But Andrew ISN’T thinking–and that’s the problem. He’s a very emotional guy, and he is reacting in a very emotional manner. I mean, Gary’s already been back for a few days and Andrew STILL hasn’t moved on? At this rate the others will evict him just to stop hearing the rant about how unfair this twist was! As Andrew said to Talla before, “just get over it. You’re only making things worse. Calm down.”

He should pull it together because he still has a chance to save himself, but I’m betting he won’t. He’s pissed off that Gary is back and he feels hurt/betrayed because Emmett and Jillian are giving hints that he might be the one going home. In a way… he’s blaming Gary for all of this. Surely if Gary hadn’t returned his final 3 deal would still be in place, right? The milkmance would never have turned on him… he knows them too well for that. It was set in freaking STONE and he was SO sure.

…and the worst part about this is that he doesn’t even know they would have evicted him last week over Peter if he hadn’t won the POV. He doesn’t know Jillian lied to him about their final 2 deal. Andrew trusted them, and they were already turning on him even back then… He didn’t want to see that. He STILL refuses to see that.


You hit the nail on the head with your post!

A few days back I posted it was annoying me how Andrew didn’t see that part of the game involves strategy & looking at what others are capable of. He was always so annoyed by people who campaigned like Alec & Peter saying why don’t they just accept “IT’S JUST A GAME” & let it go.

Andrew’s ego has been growing with the Beast Coast winning for the past month, so much so that he failed to even utilize a benefit like Dan being in the house. Dan tried to warn him by highlighting “so your alliance put you on the block twice” but Andrew was so arrogant he didn’t take the bait. If he had of swallowed his pride he could have talked to Dan PRIOR to the POV & recognized how important it was to win or at least gotten some perspective of the situation & talked to Gary beforehand in order to line something up between them.

His ability to emphasize was sorely missing & now that he is in the same position he is starting to see WHY the other people DID campaign. I don’t blame him for being upset but I DO blame him for being so blind to not consider the evicted house guests thought they had a solid deal with Jemma as well. Why was he any different.

His lack of empathy for anyone on the block or in jeopardy likely put him out the door because why would Gary even listen to him when he has made it clear he feels it’s inappropriate to keep campaigning. Andrew is also focusing so much on complaining about the POV comp & the fact Gary is back in the house it’s put such a distance between him & Gary I can’t imagine he could EVER convince him to keep him.

As much as everyone sees Talla as being useless I’m still of the belief she is putting on an act. Her conversation with Dan in the back yard was way too intelligent (go back & view it & listen to the vernacular she uses). I actually do believe she HAS thrown some comps & am really interested to see what happens moving forward. Surely at some point the DR will clue in Talla and Gary that taking the couple to F3 is like signing their own death certificate.

I honestly feel like Emmett has played the strongest complete game although if my suspicions regarding Talla pan out I would say she is a genius.

Wondering if the conversation is REAL between Gary & Talla regarding the 2 of them getting out 1 of the power couple next. Certainly makes for an interesting last “normal” week prior to the finale 3 part comp. Since Emmett can’t play in HOH his only hope of staying is to win POV or for Jill/Gary to win.

I have to admit I wouldn’t mind seeing Jemma sitting on the block after the POV just b/c it will make for good TV. In that scenario if Gary wins he likely saves Emmett & if Talla wins she likely saves Jill. Although, can we even imagine the power couple on the block meaning they’d have to lose BOTH the HOH & POV after winning virtually everything over the past month.

Anyway, let’s see if Andrew can finally step back to see there was an aspect of this game he failed to play & with a new understanding/empathy for evictees find a way to convince Gary/Jill to keep him. I doubt it happens b/c as much as Jill wants him to stay (of course she does it’s best for HER game) she MADE Emmett get rid of Peter even though keeping him was best for EMMETT’s game. If she turns on Emm now & forces the split vote it will only give Emmett a reason to not take her to F2


“In that scenario if Gary wins he likely saves Emmett & if Talla wins she likely saves Jill.”

I think given this opportunity, Gary would save Jillian. He’d think he would win in a F2 against Jill or Talla.


Jim, a sense of entitlement accompanied by jealousy can blind people.


Finesse, sadly, I’m afraid Andrew just doesn’t have it in him. To “gear down and regroup.” It’s great advice you give him, though. He’s simply not “wired” that way. He’s extremely hyper and high strung. Andrew has been thinking game non-stop, for two months now. It’s impossible for him to turn it off, and now start thinking logically. He’s too emotionally invested in his only goal – to win BB. Andrew’s like a football player, playing in the Super Bowl. If you want to win it too badly, you then play tense, and don’t perform at your best. That’s Andrew right now. Off his BB game. Freaking out. What I feared over the weekend would happen for Andrew is, in fact, happening. A major Andrew meltdown. 🙁 A example from today (thanks to Dawg’s hard work): Jillian asked Andrew how was his nap was today. He said, “Ahh, I just tossed and turned – I never slept at all.” That’s Andrew. His brain is like an overheated laptop right now! (And we’ve all been there. Not good….)



Are you watching the same show i am because andrew is no dan all the hgs minds are made up and even though andrew actually believes that jill will take him to final 2 she is very much inlined with emmitt. Emmitt has no reason to keep andrew and it would be a dumb move and with andrew gone talla is pretty useless all he would have to worry about is gary instead of 2 strong players. This really should be a no brainer if gary wins hoh and andrew wins pov then one of them is leaving which would be emmitt. This way gary is the only real threat. I don’t see what andrew could say to change things in dan’s case all he needed to do is convince frank to get jen to use the veto on him it never came to voting and there were more people in the house. We are at the end you don’t want strong players to go against. As for the jury andrew really wasn’t all that liked in the house in fact a few people will be glad he got the boot so i don’t see him influencing them but even if he could it still wouldn’t give them reason to keep him. If e/j make to the end all emmitt has to do is bring up his F2 deal with jill and him wanting him out.


I am pretty sure everyone is watching the same show as you. As long as they are not in a different dimension.

Are you aware that other people may hold different opinions than yours?


Finesse1978, I like the way you think. 🙂


talla really needs to stop yelling. I have earplugs in. She is going to deafen me!


i mean earphones (buds) whatever


Only if Andrew knows there are people rooting for him, he may have acted differently. He is in very bad situation right now feeling the betrayal of his own alliance above all BB … It’s really hard for him. I only wish when he wakes up tomorrow morning he can change the direction of the game.


“It’s just a game..It’s just a game folks..” Andrew needs to remember his own quote as he has told every single person this, even those who go on the block. Now he is in a position of actually being voted out and he’s freaking out. Same guy who bashed Peter for compaigning for himself in hopes that he could swing some votes to keep him.


At least Peter’s scenarios were far more plausible. He ALMOST got Jill and Emmett to save him a several times, but Andrew’s been throwing out stuff like “be a man and don’t use the veto, Gary.” Uh… sure. That plan sounds reeeeally plausible. Wasn’t it just last week when Andrew himself said “this late in the game I would be a fool not to use the veto to take myself off the block?” Gary’s not a total idiot–he didn’t win that veto to pull a Marcellus.

Andrew can be sweet and is quite a funny guy to watch. But he can’t seem to see beyond “I can’t believe Gary is back” and “my alliance is turning on me?!?” He needs to get over those two facts and come up with some reasonable arguments as to why he should stay over Talla.

Reason like… oh, say, “I may be a threat to you in competitions, but so is Gary. Are you saying that you trust him more than me when Gary has been gone for weeks and you already KNOW I will take you to the final 3? What if Gary wins HoH next week? I won’t be there to compete for you–you’ll just have Talla and Jillian in that competition and we all know Talla can’t win anything so Jill will be on her own. And what IF Talla wins? Will she side with Gary and send you two home? Do you REALLY want to take that chance this late in the game?”


Andrew is losing it … now he’s making fun of Dan?! WTF. Dude is genuinely losing it. He needs to be voted out for his own sanity. Poor man, he’s suffering from the ‘I AM THE BEST BB COMPETITOR/THE BB WORLD REVOLVES AROUND ME’ syndrome. The antedote? GETTING VOTED THE F OUT!!! Time to go home biatch — Gary voice.


i dont think it is fair to say it is the same….i mean, he is losing his mind like crazy…but i dont think andrew thinks he is the best player. he also is being betrayed by his friends…peter was only really ever aligned with emmett so thats different. andrew could be more calm…but the reality is setting in and he feels betrayed and he is just sick of the fact that he feels alone. he has been alone mostly. i think that his brother coming was great for him, but also really hard on him. sometimes people just snap and part of him is probably feeling like well hell if im leaing might as well not pretend anymore.


There is no one i can relate to in the house…the last powershift was unnecessary given the jury members they had to choose from…was there ever any doubt it would be gary, look who he was up against! The only people in the house besides Gary who were entertaining were Peter and Tom. I liked tom because he was emotional and unpredictable, and Peters dr segments and strategizing gameplay(its like revenge of the nerds lol). Bottom line i hate when one faction rules the house, are these people dumb?…why would u strike a final 3 or 2 deal with the two strongest in the game?? Jillian i can understand because jury hates her, but emmit? Why does Emmit want gary over Andrew? Andrew and Gary are both comp threats yet u take Gary eventhough u have an alliance with Andrew, really doesnt make sense…GARY IS UNTRUSTWORTHY, Emmit is so stupid for trusting him, same guy who told tom he was indebted to him then eliminated him the week after lol, BUT u never know gary could be a follower and put up talla and jillian as a pawn in which case talla will go out.


I don’t see how emmitt is being stupid. You do know the eviction is between talla and andrew not andrew and gary. Emmitt is thinking we have a chance to take out a strong player. If gary wins the next hoh and andrew wins pov then jemmette are done. For them to win the next round they need to knock out two strong players emmitts way they only have to worry about gary and talla is pretty much useless. Why doesn’t anyone on this board get that gary is staying regardless of who stays jemmettes odds of winning went up they would have to be complete fools to keep him acting the way he is only making him look dumb maybe emmette should have blind sided him.


You come across as saying “you people are stupid. I am right.”

I would read your posts more seriously if you state what’s on your mind without putting people down.

But then you may not be concerned about that. If that’s the case, then carry on.


This isn’t Survivor.

Trying to take a weak person to the final generally is a terrible strategy in BB. This is classic fail 101 for Emmit and his so called strategy. ROFL some strategy! OK so he and Jillian need F2 if you don’t think Emmit will cut her loose. So lets keep Lala in the game as she is the only one who can challenge Jillian in endurance. That makes alot of sense…. not. Next we work with Gary and not Andrew. Lets see how did that work out for Tom? LOL And Andrew has been as loyal as anyone could expect to E/J. Gary physically is more of a threat to Emmit than Andrew. Add in this potentail fact. If F4 is the US BB tradition then basicall Gary plays Jillian F4 for HOH. Emmit the moron hasn’t grasped HOH goes F3 donkey. They keep saying all that matters is POV…. pure idiots. POV is most importantant only if you are NOT HOH!!
Would you rather have Jillian or Jillian and Andrew playing Gary for HOH? I’m baffled how many E/J fans like Hallie don’t understand the game. In survivor taking weak players is a strategy. In survivour you can win down with the imunity idol. Here it’s alot tougher. E/J have a good power run but what about jury votes? Other than sitting by each other E/J may only get 1 vote like Dan did on BB14.
There are very good reasons to keep Andrew. 1st to have 2 players versus Gary. Second Andrew is loyal to thier F3. That in all fairness is waning only because of Emmits decisions. Talls gets against Jillian in endurance and maybe Jillian nor Emmit go top 2. Lastly I put forth an interesting idea about Thursday and F4. What if they don’t treat F4 like BBusa? Until they announce a double evict lets speculate on another treatment F4. 2 couples go heads up in comps. Production continues to fix the Gary win. He is paired with Lala. Emmit must play Jillian. There is no more POV or voting. The two losers go to the Jury house. The winners play 1 last comp ….. maybe but why even have another comp? Or do the 2 winners heads up just form the final 2? Jillian versus Gary and Gary winning would be a fitting end to a Terrible BB season
The terrible is productions and twists. The cast was pretty decent IMO. The house was well thought out for a winter BB. Fire production keep the terrific ratings Slice got and season 2 might be pretty good.


BIG BROTHER PLEASE USE A PANDORA’S BOX. I’m sorry I’m keyboard yelling, but if bbcan can bring someone back into the game so late they should also introduce a PANDORA’S BOX or hide some effing diamond power of veto. I want Andrew in the final 2 so bad.


When Andrew leaves this week I might just cancel Slice channel.


The only way Emmett will probably lose is if he is on the block next week against Jillian or if he doesn’t win the final HOH. So basically the only way he can stay is if he wins POV next week and the final HOH. (oh sorry.. I forgot the #PowerShifts BBCAN has (P.S. I actually like them and probably am the only one))


The only scenario I can think of in which Andrew could save himself is: if he convinces Jill that he overhear Emmett or convinces her Emmett has no plans of taking her to F2 because she can beat him. I don’t know – I know it’s underhanded but I don’t see another option. I’m not saying it’s ethical (kind of out of the books of Dr. Will). What do you guys think?


I think jillian would never be that stupid and if andrew said that she would think emmitt is playing them. Jill and emmitt have been using that with everyone so they can get to the end i don’t see her not trusting him when they come so far. Andrew has no way of staying he would have to get two votes won’t happen


I think his best bet is to throw Talla under the bus big time. He needs to create a scenario that has E/J thinking Talla has betrayed them. Jillian already trusts him and Emmitt really dislikes Talla. Don’t see how he can do anything with Gary, but Garys vote is almost a non-factor anyway.
Peter tried to do something similar, but the effort was clumsy and unbelievable.

Bill from Halifax

It’s not J. that A. has to convince. J. has already said she might vote for T. to show support for A.. And even if J. votes for T. then G. + E. vote A out.
A. is wasting his time talking to G. because G. has said so many times he wants A out.

T. is going to win this fecking game and it will serve these bastards right for dragging her along to the end.
Jesus I hate when a do nothing floater who should have been out in week 2, makes it so far in the game.
Especially an idiot like T. The longer she stays in the game the more I hope she does win,

To paraphrase Chairman Mao. “I hope they get the endgame they deserve”


i knew that he was goig to lose his mind…more than ANYONE he has always hated every single one of the power shifts…and he is just losing his mind being around people and you know what, I would have a hard time spending all my time with those people…we can turn them off, he cant!


Jim my man. I know your right. Good insight. Andrew is stuck in limbo right now and he won’t get out in time. Thanks for the support Natyn. And finally Hallie you do have a good point also. From the beginning I wanted Emmett, Tom, Kat or Andrew to win. I’m upset that Talla is gonna last longer than all of my favorite houseguest. Jillian has actually earned her spot. She was a dominate physical threat and her betrayal of Topaz was classic. But I can just see Talla somehow getting the Good Ol’ Richard Hatch victory due to jury bitterness and likeability. Why oh Why People????!!!


I don’t understand your Talla and Richard Hatch analogy. Richard was instrumental in forming the only alliance of the season and thus was in control of the vote each week (that doesn’t sound like Talla even a little bit), and Richard was hated by everyone but still won because he had game (again, not Talla, I could see Talla winning over someone like Jillian if the jurors are bitter about her lies, but thats not the same scenario as Richard).


I was rooting for Andrew…though my opinion has changed alot since day 1. How can he not see that E/J has steamrolled over every one of their alliance . I kinda think his crush on Jillian is blinding him. He could not get over Alec winning 10g…even though it was *different* when he did….and he cannot get over Gary coming back. If he took a step back, maybe he could take the emotion out of it, he could at least attempt to talk to Gary. He is taking his frustration out on the wrong people. His usually funny sarcastic humor has been a bit nasty lately.

PS….why are these people so dumb to believe that Emmett and Jillian do not talk game or have a final 2. Seriously. How!!!!


Question: Does anyone know if Emmett has curtailed his milk consumption since BB made him drink so much, he threw up?

(I bet they did that cuz they hated doing midnight milk runs)


since no one else answered your question – on the last bb episode when Emmett opened his HOH room and it was ‘stocked’ for him —— lots and lots of chocolate milk


I will be qutie disappointed if either jillian or emmitt don’t get evicted next week. it’s been the same all season all the players were so sure that the chances of emmitt or jillisn would win the next hoh so they wouldn’t go against them. they fortunetly stuck first againt andrew and peter the rest was smooth sailing. i personally don’t think gary has a chance of winning anything this week, slop seems to screw you up. i was a big survior fan and now not so much becaause year after year it’s the same so now its the same show with different characters and lately they keep bring back old one. hats off to bb for changing it up year after year and i am so glad bbc didn’t just copy what the bbus and changed it up.


I would be quite disappointed if they didn’t win. They have come so far and who should win talla who has done nothing all game or gary who got to come back at rhe end of the game. I think emmitte diserves to win


I agree 100%. I’m indifferent to those two but the fact that they’ve made it this far, well they might as well win it especially over Gary and Talla.


Too bad BBCanada Slice TV production has let the show become so predictable and boring. This was a show of deserved contestants until Gary was allowed to re-enter the game this late making It unfair, there should have been caveats attached to Gary’s game as to make It more difficult and not the cake walk that’s so obvious, Pandora box or other surprises to Incite New challenges and fairness to the last 5 contestants.


Whoooohooooo Dawg is finally beating Talla in the polls


If Jillian wins HOH again this Thursday, I will not watch Big Brother Canada again unless they FIRE all the production msnagers of BBCan.


Andrew is acting like a five year old and his insecurities towards emmitt is riddulus already. We get you like jill and the only way you seem to think you can get her attention is putting emmitte down saying emmitt relies on his looks while he has personality. Is he really that blind to not see he is being played it is very sad to see someone through themself at someone consistantly knowing they are acting like a fool. Andrew should relise she is way to young for him and way to into someone else. Honestly all he did was tell him he won’t vote his way and that he is going home so much for all his speaches about it is just a game and if it was him he would just walk out i have lost whatever respect i had left for him. Yes, andrew was the one who said jill should backdoor him when peter was on the block. I am now hoping he goes apparently maturity has nothing to do with age when gary was evicted he acted more mature.


I wrote this in a previous post but since once again Jillian and Emmett are having sex on live cams I have to vent. I find it hilarious that Jillian opens her mouth wide like “OMG” when Talla and Andrew had to watch videos of them groping, kissing, etc. But 5 minutes later, no make that 60 seconds, She goes back to doing it. I’m disgusted with her fake remorse and as much as I’m not Emmett’s biggest fan he doesn’t try and save face as much as she does. Even Emmett’s family were referencing it and once again she pulls the “O” face (pun intended). Their excessively flaunted sexual relationship with Emmett is disturbing. By the end of this season someone will be able to make an effing dvd. The video on youtube has now over 30 thousands hits and I’m sure people she knows and potentially has worked with have seen it or will. Jillian’s biggest worry shouldn’t be getting to final two but what new job she’s going to get. 100k will run out quickly but no money will back back her reputation. For those who say, it’s her life and it won’t effect her career? As a teacher you are required to maintain a reputation and be a role mode. Emmett on the other hand isn’t a teacher and isn’t required to uphold any type of reputation. Of course, he will be labeled that guy that had sex in the big brother house but it’s happened before.

On a side note, I personally think they don’t look right together. She looks a decade older than him and he looks like he’s about to go to college…Am I the only one?


I hate all the theories of how bbc is rigging the game. it’s a business and they made some mistakes along the way. i like having a player come back because it screws up the remaining hg’s but should have been done earlier. pandors box would be even worst this late in the game so i wish people would quite wishing for it because their favorite player isn’t doing so well. i do believe they may choose games based on who they think may win … the questions and answers i thought were so rigged for topez and/or peter but who ended up battling it out emmitt and andrew. the las hoh was another puzzle thought maybe it was rigged more towards andrew and gary but who won it Emmitt. i think production (hope i don’t get yelled out to stop talking about production) tries to effect the game but they cannot know who will win. the only solution to this is to have applicants do some sort of competition to determine how competitive they are and who has the ablilities to compete. this may help even out the playing field. if this were the case i don’t think someone like talla would make it. anyone who watches these shows knows that the last remaining floater is usually the most valued player in the end. they become a vote and others may see them easy to beat. hell, alot of floater have won survivor.


BB: Marie. Pls stop talking about PRODUCTION!


Seriously. The HGs should start anticipating “expect the unexpected” and be smart enough to adapt. Accept it’s a part of the game. They pretend they do now, but they really have to be able to alter their game plans on a moments notice. That will bring out the best of best. So the game will then attract more intelligent people. They will have to find their way in around the Talla’s and the Tom’s, but they will be there.


Marie, I too love when production messes with the game now and then, but obviously I’m not going to agree with EVERY twist. To me bringing a player back is not a problem in the beginning of the game, (like the first 5 evicted houseguests) or even mid season that’s okay. So I agree with you there also.


Wow, would I love for Talla to win the next two HOH’s by accident and end up bringing Jillian to the final two – I bet people would vote for Talla over Jillian for the sheer fact that she hasn’t lied and bullshitted her way through the whole game!


I really hope production learned their lesson after this season. Twists completely ruin the game -.- They could have just let it run its course and who knows how far Topaz, AJ, Aneal, and Andrew would have gone if they had not been screwed over by a twist?! Sadly, I don’t think they’ll learn. A lot of casual viewers seem to enjoy the twists and the manufactured drama.


cancelling tom’s hoh effort (keeping suzette), cancelling andrew’s hoh (bringing back gary sooooooo late in the game) but the dirtiest infraction of the pathetic game choices of production was the exposing of topaz’s game


I believe these will be the arguments to the jury, should any of these HGs make it to final 2:

Talla: I’m in the final 2. Love it! Ahhh .. (stands with mouth hanging open staring at the ceiling) So yeah… she points at jury and laughs. Today on talking with Talla..oh wait, this is my jury speech. Right? oh right… So here i am. Do you love it? ok back to my speech. I really want ..really to say i am happy to be here. See? I made it! La La La love it! Thanks jillian for my saying. Everyone says my sayings… (tilts head and shows everyone how cute she is) HI CANADA! waves. I’m in the final 2 and you, the jury have to vote for me, no, …i have to tell you why you have to vote for me. You see, uh, i should have, i did, i should have…Dan said.. (scrunches up her eyebrows) BUSY!

Arisa: okay talla. your time is up!
Talla: (questioning look on face, head tilted, nose scrunched)(aww she’s too too cute!)

Jillian: (gives her speech from Emmett’s lap) ok. I. Need. Your. Vote. (smiles and giggles). I just want you to know that I played this game better than everyone else. I won comps, I got people out, and I did it only when Emmett said it was good for my game. I’m a girl. (smiles broadly) Yes I do have a crush on Emmett but I am supposed to convince you that I played my own game because Dan told me to. I’m just a girl but I fought hard! I got Peter out when Emmett wanted me to keep him. But I didn’t. I just fought to have someone, who was not good for my game, voted out. Emmett let me, after he figured out how he was going to re-adjust his game. There! See! I played my own game. I’m not a dumb girl. I was afraid to turn on Emmett because I want our showmance to turn into a romance because I have been single this past year. (Emmett reaches over and grabs her b**bs). (She doesn’t stop him). So even though I brought Emmett to the F2 I deserve to win. Emmett told me I could say that I was the only one responsible for your evictions. I have a mind of my own. (she gets up and turns around and starts s’mushin with Emmett) (The jury gags and Andrew shoots himself in the head and his brains blow out the other side)

Gary: Hi mutha fukers! Gary glitter here. (to the camera) Is my makeup alright? Ha Haaaa! You didn’t think I would get here, did you? I was the underdog and everyone loves the underdog. (fusses with his hair) B**ch’s your just jealous cuz Canada loves me. Hi Tooopaaaz (waves). I made big moves! (sprinkles glitter) You took my friends away from me and I was all by myself. I did it! I’m here and you’re there. But don’t hate the player, hate the game. (he stands up to go look for a mirror) My makeup. It’s not right. It has to be right because I made an image from the beginning of this game and I can’t mess it up. Why is the camera not on me? Big Brother ..!?

Emmett: (takes off his toque, runs his fingers thru his hair, replaces toque) (He stands up) I just want to tell all of you how much I respect every one of you. (thinks to himself “cuz you all did what i needed you to so i could get here”. smirks) You all played a good game. Especially you Jill. You should be here beside me but I didn’t want you here. I wanted to have a clean win. 7-0. If you were here, Talla might have voted for you just because you are a girl, and she would be mad at me for being evicted. (starts getting antsy. Can’t grope Jillian.) I was honest with all of you. Even though I didn’t pull Tom, by best friend in the house, aside and tell him he was going, like you all expected me to, I did tell all of you you were going. I did that so you would think I was a stand-up guy and would give me your vote at the end. And thanks to Jillian, it appears to all of you that I don’t have an ounce of blood on my hands. Peter, that should appeal to you. (drinks a whole glass of milk before continuing) ..whew, was thirsty.. Anyways, I played a good game. I will the spend the money wisely. I plan on replacing those sleds (snow mobiles) I lost when crossing the border.


LOL!!! 🙂


Andrew is really annoying me and I use to like him. All he does is trash everyone when they aren’t around. He doesn’t even have the guts to actually say it to their face.
If Andrew was a smart guy the 1st thing he should have done when Gary came back was talked to him before Emmett had a chance. But he went to the corner and cried a SOB story ” Whoas Me ” ” It’s so unfair ” ” My HoH and POV meant nothing”. Seriously get over it. It happened nothing you can do about that.
Honestly if Gary wins the next HoH I see him trying to send Emmett packing that’s really the only shot he has at winning the game if he does that.


Gary did fall asleep a few times. They should have given him one buzz to wake him up, 2nd buzz a warning (fall asleep again and your veto gets taken away and given to Andrew). He fell asleep a lot actually.
A few weeks ago I swore I saw a diamond veto hidden in the backyard behind one of the cameras (same time that Peter made HG think Tom was coming back into the house). And speaking of Peter, they didn’t show his “goodbye” messages on air and I can’t find them online either. Weird!


It’s not Jill’s fault if she wins again..


I believe Emmett’s choice to keep Gary will come back to bite him in the @$$. Gary may be saying now that he wants to go to final 3 with E & J but I believe Gary is not stupid and if Gary wins HOH next week he will get rid of either Emmett or Jillian.


Yeah, except Emmett put Gary on the block originally and he would still be on the block if he hadn’t won the power of veto. The choice isn’t between Gary and Andrew this week… it’s Andrew and Talla, so Emmett didn’t “choose to keep Gary.”


Jill realizes her best chance to win first prize is to keep Andrew in the game and Jill and Gary control that…nobody will beat Emmett in F2 if he gets there, and if he reaches F3 its quite likely he wins the game no matter who the other 2 are, so Gary, Andrew and Jill really need to get together, save Andrew, then all 3 quite strong competition players play the F4 HOH(Emmett sits out) then its 3 on 1 in the veto to get Emmett out of the game and help all their chances of winning first place…in this scenario both Gary and Andrew would take Jill F2 and she would have a much better chance of winning 100k against those 2 guys as opposed to Emmett, then she can also say she wasnt taken to F2 by a guy (showmance) – if Jill made a move that big and Emmett didnt win the F4 veto it would be a massive flip, and if she gets to F2 in her speech she can say that move eliminated her biggest threat to winning the top prize and the strongest player in the game and favorite to win…it would also make Alec and Peter think wow she got out both of us and Emmett!

Jill needs to vote to keep Andrew, which is a smart move to give her the possibility to get Gary to do the same so Andrew is kept 2-0, and also not lose the jury vote of Andrew/AJ…Talla is also the biggest threat to Jill winning a weight bearing type of endurance in F3…Jill also suspects Emmett will take Talla or Gary over her to F2…plus every time Emmett mentions Talla, Jill says I dont want her winning any money

Jill is the key player this week…interesting watching her how she goes about sharing and not sharing certain pieces of information…i also thought i heard her twice talking in code about F3 with Gary hiding it from Talla who was right there with them

if Jill wants Andrew to stay he stays, as Jill will be able to convince Gary to keep Andrew, even if Emmett doesnt want that…Emmett has no power right now, he can only try to mentally bully people into doing what is best for him rather than what is best for them…the power right now is with Gary and Jill if they can agree 2-0…then Emmett is a spectator F4 HOH…he must realize that if anyone other than himself wins that F4 veto its highly likely he is going home

also to really mix things up i would love to see a second veto and/or Pandoras Box – I hope to see Andrew stay in F4 and F3, and Andrew or Jill to win


I don’t know why Andrew is so surprised he may be leaving. Has he not been paying attention to the last few evictions? All of them including Andrew tells the person leaving they are safe but end up getting evicted. If he would just calm down and think clearly he will see he is being lied to as well especially with the dimwit not campaigning for votes. He now needs to take this time to try to turn it around and spill his guts to Gary about all Jillian and Emmett have planned. If Talla stays in the house this week they may as well hand her the cheque, the gift card and the keys cause she has won no matter who is left beside her. To have someone like her win the first big brother canada is disgusting…..she was carried all the way to the end by each houseguest.


Andrew should be teaming up with Gary to get rid of the showmance. The two of them could convince Jillian that Emmett will win with jury, and she’d be better having Emmett in the jury house. Emmett can’t be HoH next week so it would be easy to get rid of him. The fact that the other players STILL aren’t targeting Emmett is why they will lose. It hasn’t occurred to them to work together, they’re just kissing up to Emmett to try to stay in at 2nd place.


That would be in Andrew’s best interest, but certainly not Gary’s. Gary has much better chances if he gets rid of Andrew (who he already knows wants him out due to his earlier eviction) and then covertly sides with Talla against the milkmance while hoping for the best… if he KEPT Andrew over Talla he’d just be keeping a player who is against him.

And Jill will never, ever turn on Emmett no matter what plausible arguments people present to her. She is COMPLETELY clouded by Emmett, and every move she makes is with his input and/or approval. He can continue sitting back while she makes all the enemies, and then if he faces off against her in the final 2 then he’ll win. If he faces off against Talla he will win. If he faces off against Gary or Andrew… a bit closer, but he’ll still probably win.


I wish Jillian would wake up and realize her milkmance is a complete farce. She is not playing for herself, she is playing for Emmett. It’s sad, really. And the rest of the house is totally okay with keeping those two together.

Lets take a look at past showmances and how far they have gone:
– Jeff and Jordan: Other side got Jeff out, the house worked hard on separating them.
– Brenchal: EVERYONE worked on separating them. For several reasons.
– Dani Donato and whomever she was with: Her showmance always left early
– Danielle and Shane: Dan misted the eff out of them, separated them

I am just baffled that Andrew is a-o-k with Jemmett staying til the end. It is like he blinded by how proud the “East Coast Alliance” makes him feel. He needs to get real, Emmett especially couldn’t care less where Andrew is from.

Dan tried his best to make Andrew think for himself, it did not work.

I am just so over how this dumb couple dominated this season


CJ love your post but Andrew is so stuck on hating Gary. The only way this will work is if Jillian initiates this scheme and I don’t see her doing it. She can beat them in physical but in mental mabe not. I think both will take her to the F2


Jillian really is the key vote here this week, I agree. Problem is, she is too stuck on when is the right time to turn on Emmett, she doesn’t realize that now would be the ideal time, he cannot play for HOH next week and she trusts Andrew and they would have a 2-1 shot to win the HOH/Veto to get rid of him before he wins the whole thing. He will only have one shot to save himself. It’s almost like it’s now or never for her to convince Gary to vote Talla out and team up with Andrew. Unfortunately for my dreams…..this will never happen 🙁
I am going to be so sad to see Andrew walk out the door Thursday. After that, I almost have no desire to see anyone else win. Although I don’t want them to, Jillian and Emmett DO deserve a win, they dominated this game (but made it boring for a lot of people to watch), but especially Emmett played with a mind of his own and virtually has zero blood on his hands in the end.

Really interested to see how they are going to do F4/F3 this season, seeing as how they brought someone back so late in the game. Curious to see what the format will be, like BBUS or will they switch it up with an instant eviction? Anything could happen!! (Which would be another reason now would be a great time for Jill to turn on Emmett)