Dane “They’re talking about getting married! Its day 22! What the hell are you smoking man!?” Cory “She’s using him.”

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10:05pm Bathroom. Kyra and Sam.
Kyra – just know that Chelsea is probably going home… in reality I am going to need to make other friendships. Sam – I understand. Kyra – but I still have your back. I will make sure if I ever hear that you’re a target… I will come to you. Sam – same. Me too. Kyra – you’re not supposed to make friends in this game… because this game is evil. Sam – it is evil. Kyra – but its too late.. Sam – imagine falling in love.. it sucks. Well you kind of know. Kyra – not like that. I definitely have feelings but its not like that. You guys (Adam & Sam) will actually see each other after. Sam – yeah but like we’re going to watch this back and he’s going to be like .. you b***h! Kyra – no, really?! Sam – yeah, probably! Kyra – you’ll probably say the same. You’ll probably be even more pissed. Sam – probably. If what you overheard in the bathroom says anything. Cory – if Sam does put me up put me up.. then I don’t have to pretend anymore.

Storage room. Dane and Cory.
Dane – Chelsea is very good with her words and she can win. She’s going against you but she’s part of your alliance. Adam is starting to see the light but I don’t think he is seeing the light with Sam. Cory – I feel like I am going to have to have a sit down. I am going to have to have a conversation with him at some point. Dane – you have to. Cory – he is in love. Dane – he is actually in love. Its like what the f**k man!! They’re talking about getting married and sh*t! Like its day 22! F**k, what the hell are you smoking man!? Cory – she is using him. Dane – how do you meet your wife in 22 days.

HOH room. Mark and kiki.
Kiki – yes and no because its obvious that Adam and Sam are gunning for Est and I. Mark – I don’t think Adam and Sam are gunning for you and Est. I think they’re going to gun for .. here’s the thing if Adam wins and he realized that Sam is going to be a problem for him .. he might just go ahead and put up Sam. At some point they’re going to have to go against each other right?! And that’s where it really boils down to .. jury or not. The best thing for either of them is to send the other one to jury .. because they love each other so much. You want somebody you love in jury right? Kiki – you could also argue that they would want to keep each other and go as far as possible, right? Mark – correct. There are ways to think both ways. At the end of the day you’re most probably right.

Kiki – regardless, suffice it to say one of us has to win and get further. I mean truthfully like working with you is a really good thing. Mark – thank you. Kiki – I think so. I just want to win because the only think I foresee right now is Sam or Adam gunning for Est and myself .. putting us both up.. and even if one of us comes down .. it would be you or Dane going up. Mark – I would do everything in my power to make sure that didn’t happen. Kiki – I appreciate that.

2:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

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another name

i’m not quite sure what to make of the kyra / chelsea cuddling and kiss/kiss denied moment in the lights out bedroom feed.
one way to look at it: kyra was getting handsy, which was acceptable and reciprocated to a point, and then wasn’t.
another way to look at it: is this why kyra has been so clingy? has chelsea been indulging kyra when no one was looking? which leads to:
was it game manipulation or real.
don’t really care about who fools around with whom if it’s a personal thing.
if there’s an element of strategic manipulation / game involved, that’s all i care about.
still can’t figure out if there’s been an element of game going on that hadn’t been noticed before, or if this is in any way a new take on trying to get the other nominee to give up.

Club H.O.H

Personally when it was JC who did way less everyone wanted to hang him but since it’s a girl no one is saying much. SMH Cry-A is too much and doing way to much. Ugh Sam survives another week! Ugh! She’s playing the game though (dammit lol). #TeamDamien

another name

ah. i see. it was important to have that moment captured with a feed camera directly on them. So that Chelsea can complain that Kyra is the one that’s been emotionally manipulative. Not Chelsea. Because if Chelsea can create some justification, she can campaign on it, and won’t be perceived negatively. How she is perceived is very important to Chelsea. If it’s Kyra that can be twisted into the one playing Chelsea, then Chelsea will feel justified in doing what she wants, and tanking Kyra. The justification is already starting with ‘i think you were loyal to me until you found out i was excluding you from game, then you started playing me, so it’s you that is the one Canada will think is vile.’

another name

how to tell production is trying too hard: veto ceremony is on the screen for today. not monday.
usually, when production is hoping to subtly manipulate the campaigns, they will either do the veto cermony on a sunday to give the nominee that is a better speaker more time to work. if the nominee they have storyline asperations for is a poor speaker / manipulator, they hold off the ceremony until very late on monday evening.
it’s not like they can go with that whole adam is the ringleader edit they’ve been crafting if adam doesn’t get his way.
okay. that was a little bit tinfoil hat… but not really when you watch the episodes and realize just how much of anthony’s role in the alliance is cut out.

another name

why kiki is a better alliance mate than stef for dummies:
stef knows she and dane have a deal with sam and adam. she knows kiki is not included. she knows if either win kiki is on the block.
she doesn’t tell her. even after kiki points out that sam loves stef and hates kiki. not a word. she isn’t giving kiki the opportunity to attempt to get the crosshairs off her back.
when kiki brings up boy alliance possibility, stef is sure her relationship with two of the boys is good enough that the boys alliance doesn’t matter.
kiera, you’re in danger and your ride or die isn’t telling you. stef’s hoping for the ride, and doesn’t care if kiki dies in the process.
stef has decided she’d rather tag along as the second in a duo with a guy, than be in a trio with another girl.
that is why i believe kiki is a better alliance mate than stef.