“8 days and a wake up”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Sept 10th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Sept 11th
HOH Corey Next HOH Sept 15th
Original Nominations: Vic AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Vic AND Paul

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 21-35-29-792

9:00pm – 10:16pm Poker

Corey – OHHHH Nicole you boned me

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 22-03-22-520

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 22-30-04-651

10:30pm outside…

Paul “8 days and a wake up”
Vic – time flew by man
Paul – who would have thought
Victor jokes around about already getting evicted twice and seeing julie for the third time.

James – i’m waiting until 12 to go to bed
They talk about who would return for a all stars season.
James – I wouldn’t be a vet anymore.. I would be a super vet if i came back a third time
Paul – they would pick very popular characters

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 22-30-29-839

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 23-02-43-088

11:00pm Pool

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 23-07-56-698
11:09pm Paul and Nicole
Nicole is calling Michelle the saboteur.
Paul says with Victor going he feels like he’s in a position where he can’t lose.
Nicole thinks they all are in the same position

Paul feels bad about Victor going because he didn’t win the HOH comp.
Nicole says she hates when people go out like a “Sour patch” mentions how Natalie was “She didn’t talk to anyone”
Paul says if he survives and lands his ass on the block next week that’s 7 times he’s been nominated.
Nicole says Spencer was on the block “all the time..like everybody used him as the pawn he was the pawn”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 23-19-04-634

11:18pm Corey and Nicole Hammock
Nicole – we’re definitely Paul’s target

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-11 23-34-48-480

11:45pm cards

12am – 2am They continue to play cards.

2:05am – 3:40am Paul says he doesn’t know his days other than HOH’s. Paul asks James when they do the days comp. James – they did it when it was down to 7 or 8 people. Paul – do they do it every year? James – they did it last year. Paul – is it only HOH’s? Or what else do they ask? James – just the eviction and nomination. Paul – but it has to be a true or false, no? James – no, it could be a ball that you have to roll down to get to the day. My season it was a veto comp. Paul – they wouldn’t ask Veto or road kill? James – they’ve never asked that. But this season could be different. Paul – why do you not care? You just want to bust a$$ at the end? James – yeah. Our BB future has already been written. You can’t fight fate. I’m just going to go with it. Paul and James head to bed. Paul – you, me and Nicole have no chance to win unless we win from here on out. If you and I don’t work together we’re f**ked. If I’m here I’m up against a pair. Same with you. In a final 2 situation I have better odds against you, than Nicole or Corey. Nicole has never been nominated. James – Never nominated .. she’s about to pull a Derrick. Paul – there’s no way we’re winning against the golden couple. Vic joins them. They talk about the season.

4:10am James, Vic and Paul are finally going to sleep..

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Since Victor is going, I really hope Paul wins. He worked very hard since the beginning, being at the bottom and then turning his game around. He never stopped playing.

Things I don't like

I don’t like when veteran players that I have no interest or affection for because their past performance simply doesn’t merit a return to the game for a second run, make a deal before entering to basically steal the prizes of first and second place and share the spoils. It seems to be an unfair advantage. If this season was entirely veterans, it may have been accepted better in my opinion. If Paul wins by some miracle, I would endorse that.

nicole's diary room voice

At least there’s no chance in Hell of James or Nicole coming back ever. We all can f**king drink to that!!!!!!!!!!


Last night on BBAD, James and Paul were sitting in the back yard and were having a conversation. They were discussing ways BB could improve the game. James said that he heard that this is the last season and then I believe it went to commercial, but he clearly said that he “heard this is the last season of BB”. Just wanted to point that out, good Lord willing, we won’t EVER HAVE TO SEE EITHER OF THEM AGAIN!!!!!


Not true. Obviously James’s “gut” has been talking again. About a month ago, Julie Chen announced that Big Brother will return again for seasons 19&20. Season 19 will begin in June 2017


Nicole Ssssucks


I wish Nicole ands Paul would stop talkin about Michelle and talk game.


Paul and Nic were turned against Michelle because of production and production had Michelle saying things when she didn’t know how she would look. She made production mad because there was an article about her on august 6 about how she criticized FRANKIE on her reedit. She did not say anything homophobic just said what everyone else was thinking about FRankie.but the article implied that it was because he was gay. You can not like someone’s action and they can be gay and the two have nothing to do with each other.other bad horrible thing she said was she saw James on Price is right and did realize how short he was. That’s an observation. Then all the ugly stuff started happening on twitter and other boards but what’s interesting is those people love FRANKIE. The CBS production loves Frankie so Michelle is toast to them. Frankie was horrible on the show and I guess since his minions have managed to ruin Michelle he is a social media MONGOL ok mogul.


What’s the difference if they made the pact a week before coming in or on day one of being in the house? Ummm…there is no difference…


Since when is getting together and making an alliance before the season even starts a part of big brother? That gives you a huge advantage. The fact that you even know someone before hand that’s also going to be in the house and are able to talk game and alliance is an advantage the rest of the houseguest aren’t afforded. Thereby giving them an unfair advantage. They already have an advantage without a pregame alliance because they’ve already been there, done that.

I mean why don’t they just sign them the check before the “game” even starts? Stupid.


Well that’s not 100% true. Remember BB had the twin twist twice. I’m sure both sets of twins strategized before the game.


Did a miss a season where twin VETS played? I believe the point is James and Nicole are playing with 2 advantages over everyone else. That’s why people have a problem with the pregame alliance.

Yeah But

It’s certainly no secret that they were vets or that they knew each other from a previous season. If this is such an advantage the others should have used it to paint a target on them and they FAILED to do that.

And what exactly was this grand strategy they plotted out before the season anyway? I’d be interested to know since they weren’t even working together until this week!


It has been unfair before it even began. The vets and Paulie had Derrick to coach them. At this point, I want a newbie to win, preferably Paul.

There is a difference...

If they vets knew they were going in, they already have a firm alliance, whereas, the newbies, have to take out the time to figure out who they can trust throughout the game, when a pair of vets have ride or dies. Bring back vets for all stars only…not fair to newbies…plus James, you label yourself too high just becuz if bb should bring your laziness back for a 3rd season, doesn’t make you own a ‘good player ‘ title. You are who peeps want to take to the end cuz they can beat your lazy self! PERIOD

Cat Lady is here!

I only liked Dani Donato returning back. She was the only one who wanted to turn the table on vets.


That’s why the newbies should have stuck to the plan of voting out the vets first. They had the numbers advantage to do it. But instead, they let Nicole get the first HOH and then aligned with the vets to take themselves out. It took Frank and Davonne completely over playing the game to get the attention back on the vets.

Lying Hillary Wipes the Server

I’m just tired of the vets all together. Either do an All Star season with all vets or stick to all newbies please.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Paul has done a great job of surviving this far but he had better win the next HOH or veto comp if he wants to stay out of the jury house this week.

Botox Pelosi

Vic and Nicole sure looked cozy on last nights episode. I didn’t think Corey would care that much but I think he was jealous.

Let's Get It Over

I guess it is out in the open that Vic is going if they are joking about it. FU to Nicole about people going out sour. Not everyone has been cradled in the fixed arms of production.

nicole's a production w****, james is useless, and googly eyes scares me

please correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t nic whine both times she was evicted AND cry to zac and derrick.

it’s been a toss up for me between vic and paul for the win, b/c nobody this season has worked harder and came back and adapted like these two. So, if vic has to go Paul for the Win!

Nobody and I mean NOBODY in this season deserves the win more than vic and paul

VIC AND PAUL FOR ALL-STARS would be the only way i’d watch this bull shit show again. I don’t care that production rigs things for certain players just own it, and let the audience get in on it too, like bbuk

You guys have way too much time on your hands.

Actually if you think about it they do let us in on it. How else do explain America voting for things like the care package?


Did you ever read the rules for the care packages? I’m guessing “no”. Rule 6 states that CBS reserves the right to cancel any vote for any reason, which means they can cancel thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of votes – to ensure the HG they want to get a specific package gets it.


You mental midgets are pretty pathetic…..Maybe seek some mental health help, or maybe step away from the live feeds and the Big Brother websites, maybe GET A JOB, GET A LIFE, GET SOME MENTAL HELP……..Its just extremely sad and pathetic how many morons spend all their free time, which is obviously alot crafting these delusional pathetic conspiracy theories about Big Brother, A GAME SHOW……..You all sound so sad and need help…First it was fixed for Frank and he was going to have the round trip ticket, and it was wrong and he went home…..Then it was fixed for Bridgette and she went, then Paulie and he went, then last was Natalie who was evicted now your fantasizing about some non-existant delusion that James and Nicole were like wheeling and dealing before they even got in the house…….Now your so pathetic that the care packages were fixed and they were deleting millions LMFAO of votes….Please seek mental help, obviously you tin foil hats seriously need it desperately before you end up going out and trying to shoot someone to get a date with Jodie Foster or something……..Your all just very sad strange delusional people and you have my pitty….

Don't Burst a Vein

You seem a little fired up yourself and Hillary is a crooked liar.

Lying Hillary Left Our Men To Die In Benghazi

Wow if you feel this bad over your favorite not winning Big brother how will you feel when Hillary loses?

Look for Paul or James to win this HOH.


You’re saltier than the Atlantic. Lol. You need to go take a shot of kraken or something. Calm your @ss down.

Paul for the win

Get a dictionary..

Only can wish

You took the time to read the posts, comments and gave a comment yourself, so you fit right in. Thank you for being a new member of the Jobless, Lifeless, Conspiracy Theory Club, TrumpTheRacistBiggot!!!

Paul for the Miracle

A perfect Dependocrat.

Sure Vic and Paul played hardest, but not so sure they played the smartest game. They made the rookie mistake of being seen. Vic is a horrible player. You can’t win every comp; Rachel proved that. So while no one wants to reward lazy game play, Nic, James and Corey mastered it. James was a major target during his season, but not this time. Nic found the right guy this time with whom to hide under the covers. Corey, . . well he’s doing what Vic and Paul aren’t, winning when he needs to and staying out of the way all of the other times. Who knows which will win, but Paul will be the only one out of breath at the end, lol.


no respect for Vic, he didn’t even try to stay…just rolled over belly up…

sunny dee

gee, nicole, you think Paul thinks you guys are his target?

fer heaven’s sake, he only has 3 people to choose from, and two of them are you two. it’s math, no escaping it.


I freaking swear! A couple of days or posts ago (all runs together at this point) someone mentioned how intelligent (that is correct intelligent) Nicole is. I was like seriously? She doesn’t even know Hawaii us a state or that Waikiki is in Hawaii (just one of the 10,000 examples) and their reply was that being bad at geography is not a measurement of intelligence or some sh*t like that. I am amazed that this girl went to/made it through school let alone is a nurse. If I had to bet she is a school “nurse” at one of those schools in Ubly that has 1or 2 pupils and she only gets to apply Band-Aids. Two at a time. One for the student with the scrape on their knee and one to her finger where she got the paper cut opening the first one.


As a nurse, I am shocked by her lack of intelligence. I understood she was an ER nurse (or was that Bridigette?) If so, I sure hope I’m never a patient in that ER. She has said so many stupid medically related things during these last few months. She’s obviously between jobs. I remember her saying to someone that she hope she can get a job after the game. Maybe that school you mentioned needs her. Hope they stock up on Band-Aids.


Bridgette was the ER nurse, and seemed to know her stuff!

Nicole, on the other hand, also said skin is not an organ (it’s the largest organ on the human body). And regarding her general intellect, the fact that she did not know that there were more than 1 billion people in the world is pretty sad (there are 7.4 billion).

Nicole has said it herself, she’s only book smart. This is why she does so well with what production tells her to do and say – she repeats and studies the things they tell her…

Scary, right?

Bridgette said she was an ER nurse. Nicole said that she used to be an ER nurse, but she took a position as an Intensive Case nurse – and she doesn’t like it. So, she quit to come on Big Brother. I would be upset to walk into my loved one’s room and see that she was their nurse – whether it was the ER or ICU. She has said herself that she knows about nursing, but isn’t smart about other things.
Personally, I want a competent nurse with knowledge and common sense.

There is a difference...

nic said she works part time only


This is funny!!!! She i either a great actor or completely clueless.

Book Smarts Carries Less Merit Then Many Would Wish

During an impromptu survey of Post Graduate students from M.I.T. school for engineering, when presented with a seemingly childish task, that being given a piece of wire, a light bulb and a battery and then charged to illuminate the bulb; 87% failed saying it could not be done. I wonder how many of them knew where Hawaii was.


Exactly. Intelligence consists of many functions. You can’t write someone off just b/c they have weaknesses in specific areas. IQ tests consist in part of testing funds of info, where geography is one tiny portion of a variety of questions. You can miss a question and still move on to the next. There are also many subsections relating to memory, spatial skills, etc. The quality of the responses also reveals a lot about critical thinking. Many super intelligent people have exceptional critical thinking, but the foundational skills such as memory are shaky. Hence, there are many smart people out there who cannot excel in school. Conversely, you can have book smart people who lack common sense. Some of that is related to age and exposure to the world. Attention and the ability to retain info also plays a role. As an adult I was sitting with a grade school friend once watching a game show when a question came up about the capital of Florida. I said darn, we never learned capitals. But she said yes, we did! I was certain we hadn’t, but I realized that she was right. I could care less about dry rote info of that sort, went in one lobe and out the other in short order although I was always able to retain and cram tons of info when I had to. Anyone want to question my intelligence, go ahead. I can teach myself anything and have also always been extremely book smart. I certainly knew about Hawaii, but then again I am smarter than Nicole. But that doesn’t mean that she’s dumb. It takes a reasonable amount of intelligence to be a nurse, specific cognitive strengths. She’s not extremely smart but she is definitely intelligent, certainly not stupid at all.


Correct and good analysis.


Tallahassee! I’ve never forgotten it since that day. Attached meaning makes it stick.


She also told one of the HGs that motrin would affect their liver – when motrin is not metabolized by the liver. I do not work in the medical profession at all and have taken no more than high school biology – I know that so how does she not know that? She also wasn’t sure what a melanoma was and couldn’t even say the word correctly. Where did she go to nursing school? I understand she comes from a very very small town but if they are going to award people degrees, they should have some standards. Generally, she uses poor grammar at times, weak at math, lacks common sense knowledge – she is pretty dumb overall. The only thing I can say in her defense is that she seems to be aware how much smarter someone like Paul is in comparison to her. But then again, I think she believes Corey is smart!!


The reason you don’t have the HGs you all want on BB is because their reputations are trashed whether they deserve ALL of it or not. Its like an animal pack attacking a downed animal.

And heres the information about motrin:
“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ibuprofen contributes to liver inflammation. Although it is not as toxic as acetaminophen, excess ibuprofen may lead to toxic hepatitis. Too much ibuprofen causes a rise in the production of alanine aminotransferase, or ALT, a liver enzyme that is released when liver cells are damaged or are dying.”


When you give students intelligence tests, most standardized batteries of assessment include a section on general knowledge or information – which would encompass geography (among other categories of knowledge). I studied school psychology for a while, so I know this. For example, one assessment (test) asked where the Canary Islands were, others asked what a finial was – or to identify a picture of a howitzer. So – to say that such knowledge is not a measure of intelligence is absolutely incorrect and I would ask whomever suggested otherwise, then, what is measure of intelligence. But I assure you he or she is wrong.

P.S. These tests or assessments are normed for every age group, not just students, so my guess is Nicole would score pretty low in comparison to other adults her age and even most teenagers.

Measuring Einstein's intelligence

“IQ tests typically measure the scientific and mathematical disciplines very well because you’re either right or wrong. There is no gray area. In this regard, it makes sense why Einstein would score a 186. He had a lot of talent for math. But while in elementary and middle schools, he scored a solid 3 to 4, or about a C, in most linguistic subjects, even his own language. If the test he took was balanced, with focus given to the liberal arts, his scores in these subjects certainly pulled his overall score down, which means his mathematical brain probably scored a lot higher than 186. On top of all this, Einstein failed his entrance exam to get into the Swiss Federal Polytechnical School. He aced the math and science sections, but failed French, Italian, history, and geography. …….”


Sorry, but you are the one that’s wrong. You have to be careful when you only have a portion of the most basic training in a field. You can really misinterpret what you’ve been exposed to. Yes, Geography questions are part of an IQ test. But minimally. They are part of the general fund of knowledge section, where they ask a variety of questions…such as, what is the purpose of a postage stamp (depends where the examiner starts, based on the baseline). They do not test specific areas…then it would be a subject test, which relies on factors not specifically related to pure intellect. YOu can get a question wrong and still move on. So, you can move far up in the exam past the canary isles and score quite high. There is a mix of questions, broad areas of knowledge. Not to mention that this is only one section of an IQ exam. There is so much more that goes into IQ testing. Declaring that Nicole would score below average, exposes your complete lack of understanding regarding IQ testing and the components of intelligence.


D-O-G spells dog.

Tiny Trump hands

Nicole knows Hawaii is a state. She’s playing the dumb girl so she will not be seen as a threat to the boys’ egos. Women do this everyday. It works.

Botox Pelosi

All the way to the winners circle.

Reality Check

Why have the fans (us) applied to the show in the future when production already determine when who wants to win? Seeing the MacGyver stunt with the earpiece was so rigged, I honestly cannot bear to watch it anymore. It is like wwe wrestling, where everything is determine before the match starts.

Competition fairness, what happen to that?

here's hoping.........

just putting it out there in the BB universe…….it’s not too late to change your mind and vote Paul out. If we can’t have both I would rather see Victor in the final 4.

BB Fan2

Nicole votes out Paul
James votes out Vic
Corey breaks tie votes out Paul
Nicole and Corey back with Vic james the guy who voted him out again



I just called to be on bb over the top airing on sept 28th



Try to find out who else is on and make a pre-season alliance, then during the game remind that player that you will give them and their showmance some of the prize money if you win… Production obviously does not care.


kinda doubtful…you would be sequestered already or certainly not allowed on the internet…
what is you name then? we will look for you…


*** Crickets *** Ha!


Next hoh I hope Jamesmes wins and puts up Paul and Corey. Then Paul wins veto and takes himself down and Nicole goes up….and Paul votes out Nicole. Sweet revenge!

Only can wish

James would never do that…win the next HOH comp. He’s been throwing comps since Day 1.

Uhhh no

Why the heck would you chance Corey winning and keeping Nicole your only option is to put them both up so 1 is guaranteed to go, just like this week.


It doesn’t matter who they put up.
It only matters who wins pov.
Hoh only means the hoh winner is safe and is in final 3.

Lying Hillary Left Our Men To Die In Benghazi

I hoping Paul wins HOH just to keep some spice in the game.


I was glad to see CBS finally show Natalie as someone that has true feelings for James on the Sunday Episode. I was disappointed with the way CBS showed Natalie on Thursday as she did campaign to both Paul and Vic to vote her out earlier in the week which CBS never showed.


I think Nat was just putting on her “vote for me for AFP” face. She did not wish to appear mean, hence the soulmate claptrap. I am only sorry James fell for it. Cannot believe hi is so gullible.

He looks dumber then he is

James is still in the game, Natalie isn’t, and he’s probably going to win the AFP too. :P


BULL $HIT…Natalie doesnt give a $hit about James…shes trying to save face..but too late..BB only did that to hopefully prevent her from whats shes going to hear and read about …everyone all season was hoping she was being sincere despite striking out with 2 other guys and almost a 3rd before getting involved with JAMSEY..her soulmate LOL..yep..
“sloppy thirds-soulmate”…
I too wanted to believe she was sincere but also knew it was too good to be true for James..
If she was smarter she could of not been a brat or a spoiled sore loser…and not blame james..sticking with him and keeping up the charade even while going to jury..it would have got her the AFP…but TRUE COLOURS did INDEED come out!

Dirty Old Lady

SIMON, SIMON, SIMON — the medics have just finished reviving me. Seems the old ticker got too excited when looking at the wonderful pics of Vic. Thank you. I may not be as young as I once was but at this point I am not dead. I truly appreciate a well-toned young male body, in a slight state of undress.Does this make me a dirty old lady? As the saying goes, less is more. If a full monty slips by I must admit I would cautiously check it out but a little mystery is much more fun. In order to keep dementia at bay, I can use my imagination on those parts which remain clothed. Thank you Simon and Dawg for helping to do your part in fighting early onset dementia. HEH HEH HEH


Bottom drawer of the nightstand. Check the batteries I believe they were double D’s.

Nicole Pure Michigan

Dan….. I’ve appreciated, sometimes even enjoyed, many of your posts, but lately the comments have been on the overly negative side or coarsely crude. Weeks ago I believe you mentioned that you’re a “baby boomer” with teenage or young adult daughters so your base remarks about some of the young women in the BB house seem even more offensive. It’s unlikely you would want your own daughters defamed or described in the ways you have written about these 20-something females (recognizing that certain BB women behaved in ways that many BB fans found to be outrageous, wrong or (in some cases) immoral.) You’re not a young man, a former frat guy, an athlete, a gym trainer etc. like the guys in the BB house are; you’re a middle-aged man who should have the sense and the maturity to know what you’re writing could be really hurtful and harmful. This may seem like a personal attack to you; it isn’t meant to be one. It’s just a reminder that even though these BB young adults put themselves out there for public consumption in the hopes that they can win $500,000, they’re still vulnerable human beings. I hope you enjoy the outcome of the BB 18 Season!


Dirty Old Lady, thanks for the post it makes me feel less guilty for drooling over Natalie in her pink bikini.
Simon or Dawg, thanks for your hard work this summer. How about a courtesy Nat pic for old times sake? Please!

Linda in Texas

Dirty Old Lady,
I will miss Victor’s laugh too. But I sure agree with your comments. Dreaming of Victor.

Ariana Grande stinks!

BBUS is disastrous. We thought last season BB17 was the worst and it was impossible to beat… but little did we know — CBS came up with far worse season this year. BB18 should be a final shot in the head of Big Brother project altogether. The cast of people who are vacuous, boring… who have nothing to show. Socially the show is ultra-boring, sends a very wrong message — that the road to success is to lay low, be passive, but be snake and backstabber.

If you see any petition to CBS to suspend BB series, please post its URL here or on twitter so that we can sign…

The way I see it

BB is most fun for me when a devilish villain that all love to hate, manipulates everybody in an intelligent and at the same time entertaining way. Derrick’s game was intelligent, but not so much manipulative, and booorrrring. BB17 was ok, we had Vannessa, but, she failed the love to hate thing, people just hated her. However, this season, compared to the “greatest” season of all time (please note the sarcasm in quotes) Andy’s season, with the best floater wining by manipulating, insulting, and being truly disgusting to everyone, is basically a tip toe threw the tulips the way I see it. So, it wasn’t really that bad, we got to see Victor pull the rabbit out of the hat twice and… don’t forget, we got to see Paulie cry.


And oh yeah! We got to see Corey let his fingers do the walking.


If you dislike the show so much stop watching don’t read updates or post!! Don’t lie to yourself a petition won’t stop the show but if all of you discontented people still watching than lower ratings would be a reason to cancel!! If they got that low that is!!


Let me see if I have this correct. You are taking the time to come to a website about a show you hate so much that you want it abolished. You also want others to scour the entire internet for links to petitions to the network to cancel said show and post them here so you can come back to the site from time to time and sign them.
If you had a life, I would recommend that it is time for you to reevaluate it.

Very Dirty Harry Reid

Chill does this mean you are on board?

Love the Game, Hate the Show

The issue is that for fans like us, who love the show (and probably watch multiple international versions) we hold out hope. I tune in to every BBUS hoping for the best, or at worst the delight of slating it against other seasons. I know I will be irritated at some point.
By the time you can truly assess a season, the players, the production involvement, you’re so far in that you’re invested.
I have given up on seasons before, and I always kick myself for it. The satisfaction of understanding what happened in a season and being able to comment on it in the future *just* outweighs the perverse anger and exhaustion of watching a bad season come to a slow, disappointing end.
Sometimes when we call for the show to be axed (I never have) it’s fandom’s way of trying to push for change. It’s not clever, but that’s where it’s probably coming from.


This has nothing to do with the game. Which big brother contestants would make the best husbands:?


# 1 Tiffany


Donnie. He is friends with Kelly Pickled!


Frank??? You must liked getting “Dutch Ovened”.


Oh, Me! That made me laugh.

I did not rank order the Big Brother Guys – I was asking other posters to rank order order the Big Brother Guys (and listing them in no particular order for others to rank order).

The confusion!


#1 Frankie Grande

Love Texas

But Texas Tech the football team SUCKS.

Saturday night
Texas Tech 55
Arizona State 68

Was the Texas Tech defense football too busy watching Corey winning HOH? I have never seen garbage division one football team that puts zero friendship on their defense. Texas Tech must be demoralized from the Nat Nat breakup with James. Then what pissed me more is Texas Tech game tickets at home versus Texas in the prime red seats is $150 plus parking. Damn if your defense plays like James in throwing the HOH and veto comp, friendship denied. Sorry Texas, love love your state but Texas Tech football team on the defensive side is shit, just like James.


Bring back Mike Leach!




Only Nicole! She always ends up as the only girl with all the guys and is extremely flirty with them all, and gets mad if they talk about masturbating! DUH!!! She is crazy, played the same way again and wait till she finds out about Goat boy. He is not into you, maybe he’s into Vic! Ha Ha Ha!!!


Is it wrong that I’m hoping Nicole gets evicted and professes her undying love for Corey to Julie, and then when he leaves the house he dumps her publicly and quickly?


James thinks he would be a super vet if he came back for a 3rd season??? all he does is pander to the camera


And when he finally gets internet access he probably won’t even realize what a joke he’s been all season. HEY JAMES – (1) you were NOT in a showmance, either season! (2) Being jailed for not paying child support and continually repeating on TV that your daughter’s mother was just a one night stand does NOT make you a good father – quite the opposite. But keep trying to convince yourself of both. You are a pathetic laughing stock


Paul or Victor deserve to win.
Not because I dislike any other houseguest that is left standing,
– it’s because these two played the ‘game’ all season long,
and did not wait for the ‘game’ to fall right into their laps!
Not even a fan of Paul’s and I cringe every time I hear him say “your boy,”
but he’s played the better game than the three floaters that everyone forgot that was even in the BB house.

I like Paul

every time I look at his nose ring, it appears infected however. ick

Right on!

Please Cbs, quit dragging this out. with the final five it’s so predictable, 2 vs. 3 that they could finish the show in one episode. Cbs this can all be resolved in a one show finale. The last week is so long and boring. If it wasn’t for Simon and Dawg, many of us would have stopped watching Big Brother many yeaRs ago.

I said it before and I'll say it again

Simon and Dawg make BB meaningful on so many levels :)


Thank you! We try to make the seasons more enjoyable. :)


Are you guys covering BBOTT? If youz do..will you able to put in vid clips with this new version? That would be great..and would be less typing for yaz…although i dig the reading aspect too..just thinking it would be a bit of break for ya’all..
Also..do you think anyone from this season will be asked if they want to go straight/back into the OTT house?
Theres definitely not gonna be much time to change the house up a bit/let alone clean/fumgagate it

Waiting for Thursday

CBS could surprise and change some of the strategy if they occationally allowed 3 HGs to be voted on instead of 2.


Have I got the schedule mixed up? The top of the page shows eviction on Thurs and you are anxiously waiting for Thurs. I thought Julie said no BB Thurs cause of football and Tues and Wed are evictions.


If there are ALL these Victor fans and supporters and ALL these Nicole and Corey haters why would CBS rig the show to have them win? Wouldn’t they rather have a contestant left in the show that everyone likes for more viewers and better ratings?

I just think whenever peoples favourite houseguest is nominated/evicted they generate some excuse about production but don’t take in the fact that their favourite player couldn’t pull through. Victor can’t win every competition folks!


Production/cbs have their favorites too. Just face it, this is a tv show first and foremost. The goal is to get people to watch. They cater to the casual viewer, always have and always will. Because of that, there’s always going to be production interference.


I think the show is run by second year interns who are given a script at the start with orders to not waver from it or else. It doesn’t matter if a better script is writing itself with a couple of dark horses no one could have predicted winning the hearts of die hard fans and that the scripted winners have slept their way to the finale. STICK TO THE SCRIPT!! What? The leading lady is doing questionable things with a frat boy beyond his years that finds animal abuse a source of comedy? STICK TO THE SCRIPT. The runner up/AFP is stalking yet another reluctant lady? Paint her as a using b*0tch and STICK TO THE SCRIPT. Edit this Mo Fo til it makes sense! At least to the casual viewer whose intelligence we apparently doubt. The live feeders? Screw em! STICK TO THE SCRIPT or Your FIRED!!!


It was refreshing to see the Final 5 spend time playing poker, swapping stories, etc. No game talk, no backstabbing….just 5 friends having fun on a Sunday night.
It would be nice if Nicorey rid themselves of Paul first (he’s funny but that’s it.. he’s not Vic) but the race for Veto is 3 vs 1 regardless who stays and the 3 are the ones who backstabbed Vic. He would have to win both HOH and Veto, and this close to the finish, I see Production intefering heavily in the outcome.
It has gotten to the point I want to see James in F2 so Vic has a clear path for AFP.

Nicole ADMITTING playing the WEAK card on live feeds..

T’was afew days ago.

I hardly watch live feeds this season, n often switch it off once I hear Nicole opens her mouth —–> it’s like hearing nails scratching on chalk boards. Irksome!!

But I happened to hear her admitting to Corey that she has BEEN playing the weak card as her strategy all season.

Well, coupled with the fact she unwittingly has been admitting production has been steering her towards a certain direction, tripled with her literally sleeping her way to the top (she’s always in bed with Corey) on live feeds.. Tis no surprise she’s propelled to the finals.

Said it once, said it twice, said it many2 times over —> game is severely rigged for certain players, and CBS’ is adamant on one of the vets to make it to final 2 this season, no if’s or but’s.

Mystery E

I do not normally fall into “it is rigged by production” stuff. But I will have to admit that it seemed like Paul and James lane in the hoh comp was a lot more slippery than Nicole’s or Cory’s. Paul and James could not even stand up while Nicole and Cory was just running back and forth. Paul was smart enough to figure out to slide on his butt. Just to late

If Big Brother ..,

“Claims” this to be a “Reality” show..

It’s obviously insulting audiences’ intelligence.

Live feeds only goes to reiterate and reinforce their manipulative moves, as many players have loose lips, and will sloppily slip out a truth or two, hence the need to go to “fish” aka “stopping agent to reveal production sneaky moves.”

It’s been shown wayyyy too many times over the years, but this year, it’s even more blatant, more bold.

Hint of blatant past production at work —–> just so u know, production wanted Steve to make it to the finals. Remember they gave him a crazy multi letter-forming win *whereas many others can’t even FIND letters to save their lives? True dat.


All of the sudden there are a lot of people into Nichole. If this Kraken season has taught us anything it is that it doesn’t take much effort to get into Nichole.


Haha so true.


Kylie Kylie I hate auto correct.M y l


Simon or Dawg:

Is there any way to block this troll’s IP? I’m guessing they have more than one account name for their posts, but I don’t think we’ll be missing any intelligent contributions from them…


So what? What are your credentials that give you the right to decide who gets to post here? BTW, that’s not your only handle. Is it …Honestly.?


I thought Simon and Dawg ran the site


Paul – why do you not care? You just want to bust a$$ at the end? James – yeah. Our BB future has already been written. You can’t fight fate.

That is correct Lamesy! You can’t change the script. It is like being on a TV series and getting the new script only to see in the next episode you fall down an elevator shaft from the 35th floor. The writing is pretty much on the wall. This year has been the most obvious yet of the heavy hand the writers have. The actors referring to production as their parents when talking about what they had been told to do for example. That may slide right by the teeny boppers watching but most of us knew what they were talking about. The only thing keeping a lot of us around is OBB but I am not sure how much longer they can take it either.


Exactly. And whomever cbs deems is the “star” of the season gets the highest pay. I.E. The $500,000 pay in the end.

Still waiting

I’d like to see a season where some studly Don Juan evicts all males before any females. Then has a last half of a season in a harem all to himself. :)


Yep! OUR SCRIPT HAS ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN! James you have a big mouth for not talking much


I have to think that production has either secretly drugged or has massively bribed P/V to play nice with Nicorey and James. Vic isn’t the vindictive type but he is taking this eviction too kumbaya-ish.


He’s probably not too upset because production has probably promised Vic the AFP money. But Moonves loves James so it will probably be a toss up between them.


omg.. Nicole is more like that kinda tiny professor in the games that control a big robot…and the robot is exactly like corey, even though corey is a/an hoh but nicole really controlling it, and even though corey is a/an hoh corey is so boring just like robot. but i must admit it’s better to their game to put up paul and vic. even though i hated it.


Canned Heat : stay drunk all the time!! Meechigun girls are smart and cute. Go NicNic!!


I want to know why in the poll asked above, James is winning? What has he done this year to deserve AFP? Chased a female around, didn’t play Big brother, threw a very important comp to NICOLE of all people, got his heart broken…? That’s not AFP worthy.

wake up

cbs “pubic relations officers”, the job james was telling everyone he has been hired to do with cbs, but knows nothing about (via his admission on feeds), come onto these sites to manipulate polls and push their agenda with posts to make it look like people support who “they” want to win. it’s done all the time in newspapers to support political agendas and referendums.



Yeah! Just like CBS!!!
Simon and dawg are RIGGING the polls!!!!

Conspiracy Theorists!


And to all the preseason alliance believers they didn’t speak before the show n they were secluded from when they knew they would return!! The alliance was made once in the game and that’s that conspiracy because I’m sure cbs wants to rig a show that does well and make them lots of money for one or two individuals leaving a law suit open for the rest of the players yeah that makes so much sense!!!!!


Who, besides you, said anything about a lawsuit? There are no laws being broken, and I’m sure their contracts state that production can manipulate and interfere at their discretion, thereby ensuring that no fraud is being committed.


Are you not entertained? …. nope, not even amused …. I think Paul and Victor saved this season from being a total waste. With the demise of the Sitting Ducks, so goes the little bit of enjoyment I received from watching this season. James, Nicole and Corey thought they were on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette this season and that type of reality tv does not interest me. Sad to see this is what Big Brother has evolved into.

NOT the Grammer Police

Like your comment but I would have said “devolved to” since it has gone so far down.


good point and I agree


Thumbs up for Michigan girls: Meech and Nicole.
Thumbs down for N.C. girls Zakiyah and Kelly Pickled.


I didn’t even watch Sunday’s show. I only come here to see what’s going on in the house. Love Vic! And really don’t want to watch Tuesdays show, but I probably will a little bit…. If anyone (most likely scenario since production won’t allow anything else) but Paul wins the next HOH I doubt I’ll watch the rest of the season. I may watch finale night…… but odds are Jamesey will win AFP (barf) again. SO I dunno if I will….. Even if Vic got more votes than him production will still find a way to make sure Jamesey gets one more vote. The crazy part is I wouldn’t be so bothered this season if production didn’t make it SO obvious who they want to win. If Nicole had somehow made it this far without any extra help it wouldn’t be so bad…. the fact that corey clearly was helped during that VETO and is kinda irritating.


I only half watched and mostly had Sunday’s show on mute. Especially if Nichole, Lames or Goat burner were on. The only thing I enjoyed was watching Paul during that comp. Hilarious.


I like that instead of rolling over and dying Paul is trying to plant some seeds with James. Which most likely isn’t going to work because A.) He’s and idiot and B.) he has a F2 w/ Nicole. BUT if he won the next HOH and were smart he would try to get corey out next. Then again I doubt he’s playing to even make it to F2. He has said many times with the prize money he’s already won, and AFP he will have around whatever the 2nd place winner gets. Which is so irritating. I was always on the fence as to whether or not I liked Frank… but out of the 4 people they brought back I’d rather see him in this position. At least he was playing to win…. and probably would have made this game a little more interesting. Please BB do not bring anymore idiots back to the show…. and IF you feel the need to please make it people who ACTUALLY want to win not idiots that are ok w/ just getting AFP and seeing how far they can get their buddy to go.


No pots and pans and an incredibly boring week.

Warm Up the Band!

Cause it’s One, Two, Three strikes Vic’s OUT at the BB game!!!

Warm Up the Band!

Haha, you all know it’s true though. Vic thought he’d be remembered for comp wins but what I’ll actually remember him as is the guy that lost Big Brother 3 times in one season. Legendary!!!


The majority of people on here are such l**ser*. Seriously, all you guys do is hide behind a computer an talk crap. The majority of you complain that girls suck at the game but when a girl plays the game the same way certain guys to they get hated on. It’s really dumb, it’s always the same thing. I never write posts but you guys don’t understand the logic of the game. One day you losers LOVE Natalie but then she wins HOH and you guys hate her. Peoples brains are so inconsistent on here. Judge people for the game. You don’t know them dummy’s.

You *are* high!

And this whole thing was hilarious!

Please Don't Come Here To Condescend

Only read the line “the majority of the people on here” before I gave you thumbs down. We will not be labeled!!







Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

I would like to see Paul win the next HoH and then Corey flip on Nicole and make a final 2 deal with him to stay (otherwise Corey is going if Paul wins HoH, as James gets to evict). She is acting so confident that she is final 2 that, aside from production showing a reaction shot of James watching a video of Natalie bone Paulie in the Jury House, it would be the only move that could redeem the entire season.

Chicken George's Bastard Son

How can one possibly thumbs down the visual of a reaction shot of James watching Paulie bone Natalie? I would literally pay to watch that.

Natalie's Mom

So would I.


I only gave you a thumbs up because of your name!

On Board With Nic Last Juror

I think Natalie has suffered enough without having to “bone” Paulie. I think a shot of James face when Vic gets AFP is punishment enough.

Only can wish

What I noticed about these 5 HGS who are left in the house is………
1. Victor: He seem like a genuinely nice, humble person. The type of person who had struggled and not have things handed to him. He played the game from Day 1. He’s been up front when he put the others on the block. He didn’t hide behind others. He was loyal and trustworthy. I hope he comes back for another season.
2. Paul: He seems like a show off kind of guy to make himself look good. He is/was very blunt with his words. He just said aloud what we as viewers thought about the HGS. He’s played the game also. He’s been loyal too. I wouldn’t mind Paul come back for another season, but tone it down with his mouth.
3. James: does seem like a nice guy. He just irritates me because the purpose of him coming back was to play BB, not run behind a female. When you are in an alliance, don’t admit to them that you are throwing comps. . That’s not a good look at the end because that means you was carried.
4. Nicole: I don’t care for her. She was the type of person that was just sneaky. Like a child who stole a cookie out the cookie jar, when got caught, she ran and never admit any wrongdoing. When Michelle was going out the door, called Nicole out. Nicole ran in another room, saying ” I don’t know why she said that. I didn’t do anything to her”. She should own up to what she have done in the house, stop acting innocent and let the other HGS know this was how she played her BB game.
5. Corey: I really didn’t like him from Day 1 and still don’t.
Eventhough BB is scripted, the HGS real personalities were shown.


Well said.
Don’t understand why James is leading as AFP. It should be Vic. People complain that he had 2 chances in the house. So did the vets coming back in. They had experience and understood the game way better than Vic did as a new player.
Vote VIC for AFP!!!


CBS has already said James won AFP


Bang on! I don’t know why but Corey get’s on my last nerve. I never liked him, from day 1. There’s something very off-putting about it.


James says “can’t fight fate” is that not what the scumbag said in the movie “Law Abiding Citizen”…scumbag James

Reality Check

Simon and Dawg, the feeds are down for the next two days. Please take advantage of the two day break, cause you two deserve it.

I cannot believe you two at the end of big brother will cover over 2300 hours on big brother 18. How you two do it, is beyond amazing.

Kraken and MVP to Simon and Dawg

Words the rhyme with Corey





……And the point of this post is?

On Board With Nic Last Juror

The point is the feeds are down so we have to entertain ourselves. And those who have picked up the Kraken habit might be just a tad bit more silly.


What a prick douche-bag Paul was the first few weeks when him and homeboy Jozea thought they were running the house. So glad him and Vic are on the chopping block. Not everyone in BB land are fans of these guys, they played a dumb game and I personally am glad to see Vic go. Oh…yeah, feel free to thumbs down you bitter bitches lol

Only can wish

NeverForget, you are the one who seems bitter. I’m not going to lower my standards to use curse words to get my point across. We are entitled to give our opinions about the BB HGS, just like you are. You gave it, but the name-calling is unnecessary. We as viewers see where your maturity level stands. SMH


Simon & Dawg
I just saw this posted at another spot….

“The Live Feeds will “pause” starting on Monday 9/12 at 9 am PST & WILL RESUME ON TUESDAY 9/13 at 9 pm PST. We appreciate your cooperation.”


Why are they going down for so long?? 36 hours?!


Ohhhh bummer.
Thanks for the info.
Ps – I saw Kraken in my local grocery store for the first time last week. I had never heard of it before this season! :)


Aww I can’t watch the poor guy get evicted. :(


Happy to help, you guys do a great job. I depend on you guys way up in Canada to inform me on this show that’s taped just down the street from me :-)

wake up

cbs “pubic relations officers” come onto these sites to manipulate polls to achieve their agenda and make it look like people support who “they” want to win. it’s done all the time in newspapers to support political agendas

Butters Mom

Last night on after dark there was a lot of discussion between Corey and Victor about how many stupid pranks they had pulled outside of the house including how many mail boxes they destroyed with baseball bats. Federal offense and wreckless driving while joy riding. These idiots are all a bunch of immature a holes and Corey, coming from a family with money destroying others property is seriously without a doubt an entitled piece of crap. Last night they were playing a card game called spoons and Corey slammed Nicoles hand really hard grabbing a spoon she had grabbed. He is competitive to a fault and can not control himself … he will stoop to any level to WIN and I do think he will screw over Nicole and not take her to the end which only shows a bigger character flaw on his part considering how he’s used her all season while not even being interested in her. After the veto comp corey and Nicole were talking to the others about the comics and he was really bothered about his being Christmas themed because he said it doesnt represent him at all… that production took one conversation he had in the house and made a big deal about it that Christmas isnt even his favorite holiday…his birthday is on Halloween… and why didnt they make him Captain America instead because he had been in the patriotard for a week in the house… and Nicole told him to stop complaining so much about it because he was going to hurt someones feelings (production) and it wasnt that big of a deal. He just shows daily what an entitled turd he is with the things he says. If he is so disturbed by one conversation being made into such a big deal about Christmas, just wait until he gets out of the house and finds out how big of a deal that other story about goat has turned into. He’s lucky his comic picture didnt depict that story… maybe it should have.


I have a difficult time understanding Corey. Is it possible that Corey has a difficult time fitting in? Corey passed himself off as a well off person that works with A-List Athletes (Baseball Players).

Then, Corey starts talking about being a Bar Tender?

Paul has made comments about his parents’ house – however, those comments (that Paul makes) almost come off as pride, love, and respect for his parents (that his parents were able to work hard and achieve so much).

I have never heard Paul say “when I was driving my dad’s Lexus.”

However, when Corey was speaking about using shoe polish to d * ck wrap vehicles, Corey said “I was driving my dad’s Lexus” several times.

Perhaps Corey is not as well off financially as he wants to be perceived. Typically people that are used to having the best cars, clothes, lifestyle do not brag about it because it is what they are used to (they know no other life and therefore believe their lifestyle is universal).

Is Corey an Athletic Director for A-List Baseball Players that belongs to a country club with a fifty thousand dollar buy in plus monthly dues — or is Corey a bar tender that takes “modeling” jobs on the side from people that approach him at the bar?

Butters Mom

Corey’s membership to the “club” is probably his parents membership and while his parents have money, he is probably having to make his own but gets help from parents. One story Corey told on afterdark was about he and his team mates while at Texas A&M getting $30 each for dinner while at out of town games and that they would travel for about 3 days at a time and they would keep the money that A&M gave them and spend it on flat screen tvs and such and charge their meals to their parents credit cards… Corey has said he coaches “kids”… Im assuming travel teams for kids. I dont think he has to provide for himself fully because he is so interested in traveling after Big Brother and promoting his “app”… he seems to not have much responsibility that he’s eager to get back to. I dont think his family is as privledged as Pauls family but I do think Corey hasnt had to struggle before. My kids have to pay an “athletic fee” every semester for college that goes towards paying for those meal fees that Corey and his buddies are blowing on flat screen tvs… it really pisses me off. He’s piece of crap and he gives a bad name Texas A&M University.

Roll Tide

I think Corey said he went to Texas A & M. The majority of the students come from very well off families. Corey comes from a well off family. So does Paul. They showed his parents home on the show. Lucky people!

Ariana Grande stinks!

Victoria BB16 >> James BB18

Corey, perpetual douche

Corey = Perpetual Docuhe


I actually gag everytime I hear him caveman laugh. I’ve heard better laughs from people with emphysema.




I read these posts almost daily and James has very few fans. Yet, on your poll he is ranked #1. How can that be? Do the James fans just not say anything but still vote? And how can anyone vote AFP for James when he has thrown more comps than anyone in the history of BB, listens to his ever so wrong gut and embarrasses himself daily with a non-showmance. The guy DIDN’T PLAY BIG BROTHER. I will die if he comes back on another season. I’ve so had enough of his not playing the game but playing for AFP. Ugh.


I think some of them don’t comment. From what I’ve seen most of his fans are the casual viewers. They don’t look at these sites (unfortunately) so they’re influenced by what production shows on TV. After Nats eviction all I saw on BB fb page were people saying, “Poor James”, “He doesn’t need a brat like her”, “He is such a stand up guy, he will get my vote again”. With like a thousand likes and comments of how everyone agrees. If production ACTUALLY showed how lame he is I doubt he would have as many fans. If production actually showed how funny Vic can be he would probably be leading in the poll…. honestly though I doubt that matters. Production will make sure he gets AFP again even if he is F2 with Nicole.

Reality Check

James, if you really want a girl to like you, start working on yourself. Stop being a lazy ass and get that zingbot ball cap out of your head. You have been wearing it for five weeks straight. Start washing the dishes, start cooking food, start defending your girl (you did nothing when Nat was defending herself), start cleaning…girls do like a guy who is willing to help and contribute the household. Stop acting like you are the victim James. A 32 year old man acting like a 13 year old…sad


I don’t even understand why they are called “vets”? Why not call them “Losers of the show that have returned”.


Victor for AFP!!!!!!


Posted this earlier but it looked liked I was rank ordering The Big Brother 18 Guys.

Out of the Big Brother 18 Guys written below IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER – which one do you think would make the best, the average (the middle), and the worst husbands.
Paulie, Frank, Paul, Vic, James, Corey (this is how they are listed left to right on the picture board)


I am sorry that Vic is being evicted today, but do have to say he has had more than enough chances to change his game around. He and Paul expected loyalty from everyone they teamed up with, all the while planning their teammates demise. With James and Natalie, the planned on getting rid of them the next week. With Nicole and Corey the same thing applied. They were planning on taking out Nicole the next week. They are bitter because they couldn’t screw the others first!!! Plain and simple. After returning to the house for the 2nd time I would have thought he might realize that the game he was playing was not the right way to go. Instead of going after the people that wronged him the last week, he should have been trying to see his way past the next eviction and his tunnel vision to get revenge. Had he done that last week for example, he could have gotten either Nicole or Corey out, and had Natalie on their side against whoever remained. His bitterness to put James and Natalie on the block the first chance he got might have soothed his ego, but lost him his chance at the game. Paul has been running the show in their duo all season, and is a bitter little man. He does not deserve anything, especially after forcing his will on Victor. Of course Victor would be the target before him, and Paul knew it. He didn’t care what was best for them as a team, just what was best for himself. Yes, there were times when I found him extremely amusing, but all-in-all he is a foul-mouthed little troll who speaks out of both sides of his ugly mouth.