Jack “This wasn’t your one. You will win one though, even if I have to throw one to you.”

9:50pm When the live feeds return –
Bedroom. Jack and Sis. Jack – This wasn’t your one. You will win one though. Sis – you’re right. Jack – Even if I have to throw one to you. Sis and Jack head out of the bedroom. Jackson – wow! I am happy. Jack – I know you are. A “W” is a “W”.
10:10pm Kat – maybe this will be a good opportunity for her to fill the Leadership ship. You killed it! Today was a f**king day. I don’t want to talk about it too but… Kat – he is so meant to me. So meat. Sis – why though!? Kat – I have no idea.

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Big Brother 21 Week 4 Recap and Live Eviction Results

Summary of tragic events

Last week Cliff was evicted by the 6shooters ostensibly because “Nicole was unjustly treated by Bella and Nick” The real reason is Christie convinced them all that Cliff is targeting the couples and he’s building an army. An army containing Ovi, who is evicted and Nicole who was on the block beside him.

In a huge shocker Cliff wins the camp comeback then goes on to win the Head of Household competition. For the first time since week one, the fandom is happy. Cliff’s plan is simple. He wants to reduce a number on the 6shooters by temporarily teaming up with Nick and Bella. He makes it clear this is their last chance to turn the tide. Cliff nominates Jack and Jackson and we are all filled with hope.

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Nick “I hope I win HOH so that I can put her stupid a$$ up. You thought I was savage with Kemi?!”

9:14pm HOH room. Nicole and Jess. Jess – why would you feel like you owe him an answer and why … does Christie think that Jackson is going to vote Jack out? Nicole – I don’t know?! Me and him had the conversation and then she pulled me in the room today and said I want you to know that there is a plan that’s being said with Michie, Holly and you .. are going to vote to keep Bella and I want you to know that’s just a ploy, that’s fake. Michie did tell me this is the plan but its not going to come to fruition so don’t bother with it. And then Christie tells me no no there is a plan but its just a lie to make Bella feel safe when she’s not. Like he is just being a d**k basically to make her have false hope. So I am like is there a plan, is there not a plan .

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