“I’m protected and I still have my power for 2 weeks so whose really putting me up. I don’t have to worry”

Big Brother Spoilers
5:26 pm Christie and Sam
(Sam 100% knows Christie bullsh1ts him)
Sam – I have a plan but right now my plan is not working.
Christie – I don’t know what my next step will be I feel like you have to feel everyone out
Christie – Everyone still gunning for JAck it just so happens that this week everyone wanted to help me out more than get him out
Christie – I haven’t thought any further than this week
Christie – I’m so grateful to Cliff I’m his B1tch for the next couple weeks until my powers done

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“If I win HOH I’m putting up Jack and Michie BAM lets do this again I’m so at the bottom of this it’s fricking pathetic “

1:10 am Cliff and Bella
Cliff – I wanted to send Jack home and it became obvious that she would use the power
Cliff – I would love to see Jack still go home If you can make it work more power to you .. You are going to come off as a champ if that happens (like you’re a champ Cliff)
Sam joins them.

Cliff – this wasn’t a plan to backdoor her from the start I wanted Jack out .. I don’t vote at this point it’s out of my hands I will talk to them as much as I can and you tell me if there’s anything I can do to help

Sam – work on kat.. if she can flip to last minute it’ll be a tiebreaker
Cliff – if it’s a tie-breaker I will do what I need to do

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“If you are putting up Bella anyways just let her use the power. otherwise, she’s going to have the power for 2 more weeks”

Big Brother Spoilers

10:19 am Cliff and Sam

Cliff says Christie is going to use the power unless he makes a deal to put Bella up (which he has)
Sam – if you are putting up Bella anyways just let her use the power. otherwise, she’s going to have the power for 2 more weeks .. flush it out
Cliff – theoretically I’ve been promised by Christie she would not use the power against us if someone happened it would be for herself;
Sam – she promised and swore up and down that everything will be great (if Michie and Jack were on the block and not her)
Cliff – I’m just trying to cut some losses and create goodwill on that side by doing something..
Cliff told Christie this morning he’s willing to do that. Put up Bella. “I told her I wanted to give you a heads up first because you and I have worked together before”

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