Kaitlyn “Are you f**king kidding me?! You’re dodging a question about a deal you have with Winston!”

8:50pm Hammock. Rachel and Angela. Angela – him (Swaggy) and Bay are definitely messing around or something. Rachel – they have to be. Angela – I can tell how they act around each other. 100% and they’s trying to hide it and the more you try and hide it the more obvious it is. Its so funny because Swaggy walks up to Winston and goes “Everyone thinks you and Angela are in a showmance. HAHAHA .. oh is that deflecting?

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Big Brother Spoilers – Brett – I’m telling you these girls.. College athlete.. HEY!

5:18pm HOH Brett, JC and Tyler 
Brett – This is the nicest way possible.. Haleigh, going to a FCC school theres a lot of girls who are.. they see a college athlete and that’s where the success is.
Brett – he was a college athlete .. she tied right into that .. that’s why
Tyler – you think
Brett Р100%, First person with power.. he was a college athlete
Brett – I Have not been impressed by his performance..
Brett – I haven’t been able to prove myself either..
JC – yeah you’ve only been in one..
Brett – I’m telling you these girls College athlete.. HEY

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Big Brother Spoilers “I’m putting up Brett, Winston, Angela.. I’m here to set the tone”

3:00am Bayleigh and Swagz on the hammock
Bayleigh says day 4 Kaycee and JC told the Bros they are coming after Swagz
Swagz asks if the Bros told her. She says no Swagz told her.
Swagz – ohh yeah .. because somebody told me ..

Swagz – JC is very a floater.. I don’t think he’ll put me up right now if he won.. He said he would come after me but I just don’t see it
Bayleigh – who would he put up .. he’s friends with everybody

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