Big Brother POV Winner - Power Of Veto Spoilers

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Big Brother Canada Eviction and HOH Spoilers Arlie Vs. Adel

Tonight Arlie and Adel are on the Big Brother Canada chopping block. Arlie tried very hard to stay in the game and almost was able to pull it off with the gremlins and Allison. Unfortunately those looking for a HUGE turn of events will most likely be disappointed. It’s highly doubtful that Arlie will stay. As for the power blocks left in the house you have a real mesh of fake/real alliances. EVERYONE is in an alliance with everyone else Most are fake.

Jon “I will have a extremely good chance with the crop that’s left now in f** winning Veto every single time”

12:23am Gremlins Jon, Neda

The gremlins tell him they will get their hands dirty and take out the player they want them to take out. Sabrina says Arlie and HEather are two people that will be coming after them.

Rachelle – “You will always have our vote and we’re not going to f*** you”

Rachelle – “We’ll always vote for you we’ll always have the upper hand”
Sabrina swears that Arlie is going to screw jon, “You’re his only competition in the house”

Big Brother Canada Season 2 Double Eviction Results

Just a refresher in how double eviction works. (I’m not 100% sure how Big Brother Canada will do it this year so i’m going by BBCAN1 and the BBUS format. Safe to assume there will be a couple powers given out to Allison and Adel ;)
1) Allison and Sarah are nominated the house votes to evict one of them
2) HOH is played
3) Nominations are selected
4) POV is played
5) POV Ceremony
6) Houseguests vote to evict one of the nominees
7) Sometime late Thursday or Friday another HOH is played

POV Results “Arlie is going to reveal himself during the voting when momzi goes home”

1:30am Momzi and Sarah

Sarah says she will vote whichever way she wants, “Do you have any ideas whos going up”

Heather says the person she was going to put up isn’t a big threat so right now she’s undecided.

Sarah asks why she put up Allison. Heather explains she put Allison

Heather – “Momzi I love you alot.. I know from the beginning you didn’t want the gremlins here.. what upset me is they both threw your name out to go up against Kenny… It surprised me because I thought you were close.

Heather mentions how the gremlins all of a sudden wanted to be her friends. Heather again tell her she doesn’t know what she is doing and she’s not going to be fake to Sarah and tell her she’s safe because right now she’s not sure.

“You pissed me off and hurt my feelings. You may have called me a cow, you may not have, I don’t care!

11:30pm – 12:05am Andrew, Kenny, and Arlie continue to talk by the pool. Andrew says that he feels like he had a good run. Kenny says that it definitely sucks. Arlie says it feels like I am losing my big brother. Andrew says thanks. Andrew says I feel like I am losing a friend. Kenny says you’re not losing a friend, you’re just being separated a bit. They talk about the montage of Andrew picking his nose. Kenny says that he didn’t really notice he does it a lot.

Big Brother Spoilers “Jon is very intelligent.. He won the tricky POV “

11:20pm Storage room Jon and Sarah
Sarah is saying she trusts Arlie and Jon but Adel scares her. Jon only trusts Sarah, Arlie and Neda in this game he wants them to be safe. Jon says right now him and Kenny are the furthest apart and he knows Kenny and Sarah are very close. Jon wonders if Kenny will put him up. Sarah says he’s never mentioned it. Jon says he’s not going to be the one putting Kenny one the block. Sarah says when it was brought up it was Andrew who started mentioning putting Jon up. Jon says he guarantees he’ll never play her in this game.

Jon – “I put a lot of trust into what Arlie is doing.. If we stick to it we’ll be really OK”

Big Brother Spoilers – Canada’s HOH Episode Results

Feeds were blocked all weekend and there was no leaks, At least last year they gave us a small clip with a bit of info but this year no chance. After tonight’s episode we will know who the nominees were and who won the Power of Veto. Tomorrow they will have the Power of Veto Ceremony and if the veto is used the house guest with the third most votes will go up. If the the POV winner was that third houseguests than the houseguest with the fourth most votes will go up.

Our OBB Poll had the nominees being Sabrina, Andrew with Kenny third and Rachelle fourth. Most other fan site polls have similar results. It’s safe to assume two 1st5 members are going up initially.

Arlie “This week I’ll probably side with 1st5.. I’ll do anything to win this game.. ANYTHING”

Sabrina – “Heather is the most creepiest ugliest girl I’ve ever seen in my life”

Arlie “Allison was supposed to be a super fan yet she attached herself to one guy who is the biggest target”

Jon Flashes the Girls, Rachelle Flashes the Boys and Andrew Flashes us

Who is Canada’s pick, Sabrina “the showmance.. Andrew and Allison.. I’m not too worried”

Adel – “I’m winning this HOH and a power player is getting out of this f** house”

Arlie – ‘I just don’t want to lose Big Jon this week because there’s been talk.. the whole IKA thing”

Adel “she acted like a f** fool and they came over the announcements saying She be snitching “

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