JAG WON The VETO! “Now its got to be Cirie. I’ll plant the seed!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Matt
Nominees: Cirie & Felicia
POV Players: Everyone
POV Winner: JAG
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Felicia is Matts target however Jag and Bowie may want Cirie out instead.

11:13am till 1:31pm The live feeds were blocked for the power of veto competition

JAG WON The Power Of Veto!!

Surprise Surprise!

Bathroom – Jag, Bowie and Matt.
Jag – Cirie was doing really well too. She was neck and neck with Bowie. Matt – my thing fell four or five times. Matt – that was the Halloween comp. Cirie – what did they call it. Felicia – Camp Veto. Cirie to Matt – I thought you were going to win it. I just wish I started the way I finished.

Bedroom – Jag and Bowie.
Bowie – now its got to be Cirie. She was good at that. Jag – she was, Mama Fe wasn’t even close. Bowie – maybe you can lead the charge with that. Jag – we both might have to but I’ll chat with Matt first a little but then maybe all of us can. I’ll plant the seed. Bowie – yeah. Jag – see how open he is to it. Bowie – I feel like she could win a comp especially if there is no fitness. Like that one was really easy. Jag – yeah. That wasn’t a physical comp, it was a stay calm. Bowie – yeah and she stayed calm.

Bathroom – Matt and Felicia
Felicia – so what do you think? Matt – I don’t know if he will use it. Maybe he will use it on you again and Bowie goes up. Either Cirie goes home or Bowie goes home. I’ll talk to him to see if he will use it. We’ll see .. obviously you guys have your talks with him too. Either way I think you’ll be okay. Felicia – I just want you to be secure. I know you can’t play HOH next week.. You are good. Matt – oh thank you. I appreciate it.

1:45pm Backyard Hot Tub – Matt and Cirie
Matt – No matter what you’re good. Cirie – are you sure!? Matt – I promise you. Cirie – okay, alright. Matt – you’re good. I refuse to let anything happen to you. Cirie – okay. I appreciate it. Jag feels the same way about me? Matt – oh yeah. You’re good. No all of us do. No they will not. Don’t worry. Don’t you worry. Cirie – okay. I won’t. Matt – it will be us four next week. Cirie – okay. I am just chill then. That one was fun a little bit.

2:07pm Backyard Hot Tub – Matt, Cirie, Felicia and Jag
Matt – we started talking about Reilly and I started crying. I was wine drunk. As soon as Blue said something about Reilly I was like.. I started crying and then we all started crying. Felicia – you’re excited for Finale night now HUH? Matt – yeah, yeah. Jag – that was even before you got the letter. Matt – yeah.

2:20pm Hot Tub – Cirie and Felicia
Cirie – what are you thinking. Felicia – Its questionable what they’re going to do.. because they should be saying we did it. Final four. Cirie – MmmmHmmmm.. Felicia – they didn’t say that.. because all he has to do is pull on person down and put Bowie Jane up and then we’re final four. Bowie Jane joins them.

2:45pm Backyard – Felicia and Bowie
Felicia – so I will have to chat with you later Bowie Jane. Bowie – yeah let me know. Felicia – because… yeah here we go. Later, I’ll wait till I take my shower. Just thinking about who you’ll evict and who will stay. Its been a long road. Bowie – it sure has .. crazy! Felicia – crazy, crazy, crazy! Bowie – yeah well we’ll chat after your shower.

2:52pm Feeds cut to pound town..
3:20pm Still blocked..

3:59pm Still not back yet..

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Game fan

wish he was never saved!
off course he is winning next veto as well , and part 1 and 3 last hoh


Jag , Matt, & Bowie deserve to be the final 3.

Queen Catia

Jag and Matt, yes, but that’s a no go from me on Bowie.


Bowie deserves to be there at final 3 over cirie, felicia, the rest of the jury along with meme and Izzy. no question. Going into final 4 Bowie still hasn’t been nominated for gods sake.


Why Matt and Bowie deserve to be there. If you haven’t been nominated yet going into F4. You deserve to be there! That is a rare impressive feat going 3 months without being nominated.

Cam Fav HG

Yeah if Bowie had only been loyal to Cameron like Matt has been to Bowie, by not nominating her because she didn’t nominate Matt when she was HOH twice, so he couldn’t nominate her. Bowie had no problem stabbing Cameron in the back after all the times he was HOH and assured her she was safe. She’s the biggest dirtbag in the house. I do not want to see her win!


She declares loyalty but is loyal to Power!


Are we still talking about Cameron and his
loyalty? I’m just curious which version of
Cameron we’re supposed to sympathize
with? Cameron who claimed bowie was his
“final two” and then promptly suggested her
as a replacement nominee to save himself
in week 7? Or is it the same Cam who
advised others to target Bowie
as a pawn, knowing her eviction wouldn’t
affect him week 10 when he was HOH week
9? There needs to be consistency and
accountability to Cameron’s social
game. It’s hard to ignore that Cam’s
supporters didn’t seem to mind when he
exposed family style first week, and even
told Hisam about it. I mean come on. Let it
go the cam had an awful social game
because he betrayed all of the alliances he
was in.


Why is that a criteria for final 3 ? Those nominated are threats, whereas Bowie Jane just walked around smiling and doing nothing to put any attention on herself. That’s my take.


Not being nominated for 3 straight months means you had a great social game and strategically the best positioning in the house. You were never in danger. It is an impressive statistic for a reason to make final 4 and not be nominated.


Bullshit! Matt has been worthy but he’s turning snaky & good to be led to his demise by the worst, Jag! Jag would deserve the Challenge win but BB is a social game first.


Bowie deserves zilch, nada, zero.


The only thing she deserves is maybe a box of Milk Duds.


If Jag pulls this off, he deserves to win!

un autre nom

Remember f4HOH last season?
A fashion montage of Chenbots looks every Thursday.

Just saying:
final 4 HOH is whoever dafuq Grod wants.
IF we’re following bbcan11 betatest, Jag will be HOH, and ind. time veto.
IF we’re following current storyline, female HOH, Jag wins ind time veto


Jag wins again, Insane.


I sense a backlash on not going back to a diversity of competitions (besides the backlash against allowing Jag to compete in back to back HoHs)


But look who he’s competing against. Between the other four, there hasn’t been a handful of comps won. Makes him look like a beast when every single competitor is gone.






OMG, but then I look at all the contestants, and other than Cameron? Who did the even have in BB25 that could do anything? They were all horrible!

Cam Fav HG

Hisam was a comp beast! And Riley wasn’t given a chance for us to know her comp win potential.


You have to declare “comps” being designed for one type only. Go way back when anyone could have an opportunity to win & show was so much better.


He has no competition! And Matt and Bowie are to scared so they just throw it! Bowie is useless. I wish cameron was still there!

Cam Fav HG

Check out the video BB posted on their Instagram of Cam & Cory trying to toss pens into a coffee cup while placing bets! I miss Cam too! I bet he and Cory have been having a blast!

The Beef

I agree with Nana7! Overall I think this is the weakest cast that’s ever been on BB USA bar none, period, end of discussion. Yes, Jag has won a lot of competitions, but when you’re playing against a bunch of old ladies, and other players who either can’t win or don’t seem to WANT to win, seems to me that anybody who actually wants to win is going to pile up an impressive win total.

Sorry, but I’m just not impressed by his performance, either win wise and certainly not strategically, as he has pretty much turned over half the jury against him with over aligning, lying when it wasn’t necessary and backstabbing every single member of the jury. At this point, I’m not even sure Jag could beat Felicia in F2, and I don’t think he has any plans of dragging her there anyway.


I do agree with you that he aligned when he didn’t have to, and lied when it wasn’t necessary. I think though his saving grace is that Cam and Cory will not be bitter. I believe they will be ok with the way he played. They will not give it to him over Felicia or Cirie. I doubt they will give it to him over Bowie b/c Cam might see that she made a good move even though she was influenced by Jag. I think the only one he might have a problem beating will be Matt. Jag simply talked too much.

The Beef

You named two people you think will vote for Jag, based on the fact they will vote game play vs. bitter. I think both Blue and America will hold it against Jag, and both Felicia and Cirie stated just yesterday that they won’t vote for Jag if they go before Bowie, based on the fact they were promised “Final 4” by him (again – over aligning), so that right there is 4 votes against him (just my opinion, and I realize that). If he votes Matt out, Matt just might vote for Bowie to win, based on being backstabbed himself, but who knows?

People have different reactions to being lied to and disloyalty. I do realize it’s part of the game, but some feel if you’ve been playing the entire game with someone and then “get them” in the end, well that shit just doesn’t fly. Others may see it as a great game move, give you the thumbs up, and vote for you enthusiastically. It just depends on the person and how they view things. Some may view turning on Cory as a great game move since he was in another pair, but turning on Matt as being disloyal because they WERE a pair. It’s like being an athlete – there’s a fine line between being confident and being cocky. People like confidence, but most people don’t like cocky. When you align with everybody, chances are somebody is going to feel like you’ve crossed over the line and backstabbed them, and in Jag’s case, I think enough will feel that way to keep him from winning. I’m not even sure it matters who he’s sitting next to.


If Jag is in fact a final two I hope the jury won’t vote for him.
Agree, worst cast ever. A good cast would have gotten rid of Jag long ago. Let me preface it by saying I’m sure Jag is a perfectly fine & decent man but in BB I can’t stand him.


Not really that hard against the ones he competes with. Easy wins!


Why not just cast jocks & athletic beasts if you want this? Oh yeah that’s The Challenge!


Wonder how poor stupid Matt is going to feel when he realizes Jag and BJ are stabbing him in the back? Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve…….

Cam Fav HG

Jag already has the advantage over Matt going into the f4 competition, since Matt can’t play in the next HOH competition.

The Beef

And if Matt had any strategic knowledge of the Big Brother game, he would have known this coming into it. How the cast doesn’t investigate and LEARN all facets of the game and how everything works, BEFORE entering the house, is just beyond me. America having to explain to them how the Final 3 competitions work and the procedure behind it, just drives me mad.

How can they not know that F4 HOH is really the most important one because it locks you into the Final 3? How do they not understand it’s also really the WEAKEST HOH, because the only thing that matters F4 week is who wins Veto, because that person determines who sits OTB, who makes the single vote to decide the other (and final) player in F3 with them and the HOH?

If Matt had been thinking strategically, he would have won the F6 HOH he threw to Bowie, and let Bowie and Jag fight it out for the F5 HOH he won, and let them take the heat for putting Momma Fe and Ci up OTB. Hell, those 2 are already deciding who’s going to jury this week, might as well let them take the heat, and the blood for it as well, plus Matt would’ve been in a better strategic position in being able to fight for F4 HOH. But Matt can’t think strategically like that, so he is where he is.


Are we in for a whole week of listening to Fe and Cirie promising Jag this, that, and the other if he uses the veto on them? And after that everyone just whining, complaining and crapping on everyone else. B/c basically based on what Simon & Dawg have transcribed all of them have basically been saying the same things for the past two days. Please give them something to do (cards, board games, arts & crafts, let them watch a movie) so they have something else to talk about for the next week.

Cam Fav HG

Really have some sympathy for the live feeders, at least. Last year they had Chinese checkers. But I think because the HG’s were using the marbles to play out HG scenarios, they took it away. So now they use candy. Geez
But I don’t see why they can’t have a deck of cards, certain board games or even more billiard games.

Cam Fav HG

Jag has to seriously be running every scenario thru his head as to who could sit next to him, and he get the jury votes he needs to win, after betraying/backstabbing EVERYONE in the jury.
Would he win next to Matt-no; Bowie-maybe, Felicia-not sure, Cirie-not sure. I heard them saying that Cirie did good in the veto competition. It seems they may be considering her a bigger threat than Felicia.

Cam Fav HG

I would love to see fBj knocked off her high horse! Pull one of the mamas off Jag and force Matt to put fBj on the block FINALLY making her the target! f4 Jag, Matt, Felicia & Cirie But there’s no way Jag would do this because he cannot afford to potentially lose anymore jury votes.



The Beef

Jag isn’t doing it because Jag a) doesn’t want FBJ on the block, b) wants Cirie out, because he knows she’s close to Matt and fears Matt may want her in F2, and c) may have plans to “cook” Matt in F4, or possibly F3, but either way, he damn sure doesn’t want Cirie around, because he knows she want be up for doing that, while Felicia will do anything he says, as long as it isn’t her leaving. She’s loyal to only one person in there, and that’s the lady in the food filled robe.


So much for Michael’s Veto record. Jag will win Veto next week and break that.

Of course we all know it is easy to win against a crop of people like he has competed against… Cameron and Matt were his only challengers really for the last like 8 Vetos.

Cameron was gone soon and Matt only wanted to win a couple of those anyway. Too many people threw competitions and or just sucked so if someone strong like Jag half tried he automatically won.

Congrats to him though because most people won’t take the time to really evaluate his soon to be sole Veto record (I think he is winning his 7th next week).

I just hope that he can win HOH next week and the final HOH. Really shatter all the records because 4x HOH and 7x Veto winner is crazy and has never been done before.

But PLEASE cut Matt’s throat at the end to ensure your win Jag. Get rid of him like Jon did to Neda. I need to see the look on his dopey face.


Jag is the ultimate control freak, when he’s HOH, he picks who the target is, and who should be evicted.

Bowie, when she was HOH, Jag wanted Cam out, so did Matt, but Cam was the one who said it first, Cam needs to go.

Matt’s the HOH, Matt wants Felicia out. Jag wants Cirie out, watch Cirie be evicted. Jag is a control freak, Matt will give in, Jag is going to tell Bowie, they are evicting Cirie.

Matt is a little wimp, Bowie is a fool, don’t they see how it’s always got to be what Jag wants ??? Man I wish, and I’m hoping Matt the dreamer showmance & Bowie Brainless, evict Jag next week, or when they are final 3.

If Matt moves on Jag, evicts him, that just might seal the deal, and Matt might win BB25!!


Jag’s a control freak cause the HG’s let him freaking do so, maybe he deserves to win for sending them all to Jury, Doh!!


But Jag’s points on why C should go are valid. And Matt agreed and added some of his own C debacles. So it was a mature discussion and mutual decision unlike what was going on with the high school hijinks from the Mamas downstairs. The kids upstairs are the mature ones in this scenario.

Just The Truth

Get Cirie out of there before production comes up with something to keep her there.