Blue – “I know there’s a plan in place, I know that America is for sure” [Being evicted]

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: America and Blue
POV Players: Blue, America, Jag, Matt, Felicia, Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: From everything I can tell Blue is still the target. Felicia and Blue don’t know this.

8:45 am Felicia is up, Making Coffee, reading the bible.

9:45 am Cirie and Felicia
“mmmmmhmmmmmm”, “I love Sunday..”, “Day with family”, “mmhmmmmmm”, “football”, “Mmmmmhmmmmmmm”
Felicia – “Girl two weeks from THursday we will be home”
Felicia – Girl this week is going to be a mess.
Cirie – mmmmmhmmm
Felicia – everybody will be fighting Thursday
Felicia – I think Bowie Jane puts up…. Me and you are her easy out
Cirie – mmmmmhmmmmm
Felicia – She might put up Blue with one of us.. there will only be six of us
Cirie – She will never put up Jag and Matt
Felicia – Absolutely not
They talk about how high strung Bowie is right now.
Felicia – I can read Bowie Jane nad a damn book
Cirie says Bowie is saying there’s the potential for Matt or Jag to go during the double.

Felicia – Bowie Jane and Blue have proven themselves to be good competitors.
Cirie – mmmmmhmmm
Felicia – they’ve both stepped up their game
Cirie – all of them are
Felicia – mmmghmmmm
Cirie – America is the only one that hasn’t shined yet and I still think she might be playing it intentional so she’s less and less a threat
Felicia – no it’s too late for her to not try and be a threat now. SHe’s on her way out the door. If she’s not playing to win now SHE FOOL. SHe couldn’t even be that stupid She’s playing to win she just ain’t winning.
Cirie – I hope she’s on the way out the door

Feeds cut for house wake up.

10:20 am lights are on in the BB house.
Blue is saying she’s thinking of campaigning after the veto ceremony.
Cirie – mmmmmhmmm
Blue – the only thing that get me nervous. I know there’s a plan in place I know that America is for sure like my one saving grace is the double eviction. That is where America could potentially shine. THat’s my saving grace.. that’s my one thing that calms me down
Cirie – mmmmmhmmm we’re going to stick with the plan.
Blue – I know how Jag likes’ to play the game he said I did a stunt last week there’s no reason I do a stunt this week. Cause that’s HELLUVA blood on his hands
Blue is now worried that America might campaign on the fact that Blue is a better competitor than her. “This is the best time to take Blue out”
Cirie – mmmmmhmmm
Blue – she might convince them I’m coming after them or something
Cirie – right
Blue – I’m glad for last week
Cirie – mmmmmhmmm
Cirie – just make sure they know how solid you are with them.

10:30 am They got a grill
Blue – so new and so clean

10:32 am Felicia and Blue
Felicia going on about how this is the “tell all week” Blue explains her plans for one on ones today and how she wants to have a meeting with Cirie and Felicia so they can plan out their double eviction strategies.

11:06 am Bowie and Jag
Jag tells her to stay consistent with what they’ve been saying “We’re solid, we’re solid”
Jag – there’s no point me using the veto the noms are the noms I made them.
America joins them. Chit chat

11:13 am Felicia and Matt
Felicia saygin that Bowie told Cirie last night that they need to get rid of one of the boys during the double eviction.
Felicia – that surprised me because I didn’t think she would do that.
Matt – damn.. ohh boy
Felicia leaves “I’m on my way back outside:

11:30 am houseguests playing with the skip rope.



11:43 am Jag and America
Jag says he’s going to start talking to people today and feel out the vibe.
America – about what?
Jag – like what we talked about yesterday letting people know.
America – you want to do it this early? Do it after Veto but what do I know.
Jag – I’ll see where converations go I just won’t say it.
Jag – I’ll let you know either way
America – Okay I’m not saying anything you know that.
Jag laughs “Do I know that? the one thing you do is say things”
America – ME, talk? I don’t know her. Who that is?
Jag – this little birdie chirps a lot.
America – damn that was going to be in my veto. This little birdie chirps back.
Matt cruises through.. They talk about Matt being called into the Diary room in the middle of the night.
America goes to leave tells Jag to let her know how the talks go. She does think it’s too early to tell people the real target.

11:55 am Chill…

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Meme's Muse

May fans here may get what they are craving! We know Jag can’t play in the HOH DE. The HOH will have to be a short comp to fit the time slot of the show, so most likely it will be some type of quiz. Bowie doesn’t want to really win HOH ( nor does she need to as she knows she is viewed by all of them as a vote). Cirie sits well with both America and Felicia so she’s safe and as much as she hates being in the house and is so over it, she is smart enough to know she doesn’t have to do anything but keep America and Felicia right where she wants them and she gets to final three. That will be easy for Cirie who has master social manipulation skills for these types of games. Getting to the final three for Cirie is not a bad piece of money for her and it maintains her reality world reputation,( getting far by outwitting players and not having to win comps at all) so even if she loses, she wins! Yes Fe and C’s conversations/squabbles are often like sitcoms, but as much as they get on each others nerves they both want Jag out. Felicia is fairly okay at mental comps and so is America. I truly believe either Felicia or America will win HOH and either one will nominate Jag and Matt with the target being Jag. Jag must know by now that Matt’s comp record isn’t impressive and he really can’t win anything, so Matt is no shield. Bowie won’t fight that hard for him or anybody for that matter ( I’m still trying to figure out Bowie’s angle) so she is no shield. Bowie appears to be happy to just stay in the game for as long as possible, winning it is not a priority for her. America will betray Jag. It will be her way to get revenge for Cory. So America will continue to play nice with Jag as Cory told her to do.

Fans get ready, you can almost feel it, Jag’s days in that house are numbered. If you listen to the feeds,Jag knows it too because he knows Matt can’t win especially at mental comps and Bowie won’t really try. That will leave, as predicted, America,Cirie, and Felica in the final three after they kick Bowie out – none of them really care for her anyway. There is a world where this scenario is strongly possible. End of season.

Game fan

even if jag is otb . how would he lose veto. in the double its a speed one


So true.. Matt needed to win this last HOH instead of Jag so that Jag could play in the upcoming HOH and not be so vulnerable. Matt dropped the ball on that one and failed to protect his #1.
Though if Matt wins the whole game then it worked out perfect for him

Cam Fav HG

Are my eyes playing tricks in me? Is the ranking grid accurate? Bowie Jane has now moved past Jared in last place and taken the spot of the Most Unpopular HG!

Queen Catia

Right exactly where she belongs!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Yes, your eyes are playing trucks on you. That’s Izzy on the bottom.

Mean Jean

Everybody knows the plan except Felicia and Blu and they are too stupid to believe it when they hear it. Jag made a nomination last time based o hearsay and he’s about to do it again based on Felicia. Also why not ask Mama C what she thinking instead of taking Felicia word for truth


Because then he’ll rat out Felicia.

Cam Fav HG

So Blue has proven she can keep a secret. All this time she’s known Cirie is Jared’s mom, and not a hint of her trying to disclose it. So I’m wondering if she will say anything once she’s part of the jury?

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I don’t think Blue will say anything about Cirie being Jared’s mother.

Blue is so out of touch, she actually thinks her and Jared will date when she’s out of the house. So Blue is not going to do anything to jeopardize her relationship with loser Jared.


actually I do not think she ever believed it…


For a while now and in particular the past couple of weeks I have seen a parallel b/t Cory & America and Jeff & Jordan of season 11. Cory and Jeff were the ones really playing the game, strategically at least if not really competition wise. Once the guys left the girls were left adrift, a little apathetic about being there/the game and not really sure what to do without their partner urging them in a certain direction. Although Jordan managed to pull out a couple of wins in the end I always believed she won b/c she was more likable than Natalie. If they do manage to evict Jag or Matt in the DE the girls will be left more by default than any real strategic planning. If America can win a comp she actually in the same place as Jordan was at the end. America vs. Bowie…Bowie has won and been a little more strategic but at the same time has really only been carried along by her alliances it’s a toss up b/t those two. vs. Felicia I think America would win b/c Felicia has annoyed too many people all season. vs. Cirie, she has a stronger social game but also has not done much strategically or competitively so another toss up. If it ends up being America vs. Matt, well he aligned with a stronger competitor but did not do much himself, once again it’s a toss up. He may not be the most likable right now, but in many ways Jag deserves to win, he has put the most effort into playing strategically and competitively, everyone else left has more or less has just been taken along for the ride. It will be interesting to see how things shake out on Thursday.


Why think jag should win the game? He gets each person to go into a room alone with him and matt, and one by one, he tells them ‘the 3 people i trust, the 3 people i rock with, are in this room.’ And then he back stabs you.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Felicia running back and fourth to Jag & Matt, planting negative seeds about Cirie. It really is funny, she made a comment earlier this week, about how having her in the house, it feels like she brings a religious spirit into the house, this is what she said.

I think it’s best to leave religion out of the game, everyone has a right to believe in who or whatever their personal beliefs are.

Felicia in my own personal opinion, yea she reads the Bible, yes she is not perfect, nobody is perfect, we all have our flaws. This is why you should keep religion out of the game, because when you open that door, it just makes me question your actions and behaviors displayed by you, while playing BB.

Felicia has said some really nasty things about Bowie Jane, then turns around and says that she is a religious person, when you sign up for BB, there will be times when you have to lie, deceive, go back on your word, but you don’t have to be nasty, vile, and make people feel like crap. To me, Felicia can be very nasty and Vile when she’s get’s pissed..

Felicia will hopefully watch this season when she’s back at home, I wonder how she’s gonna feel seeing those times when she went out of her way to drag Bowie and Cam’s names through the mud. Her mean nasty comments and behavior, that’s not game play.

I’m not a fan of any of the remaining houseguests. I realize that they are being filmed 24/7, and bestthat can be difficult, there will be times, you may not show your true and best self, I try to keep that in mind, and try cut them some slack.

So with all of this being said, I have remember Felicia and anyone else playing BB, I have to remember I do not know these people, and I’m not experiencing the stress they feel on a daily basis, with your every move being filmed.