“Your sister is in a showmance by the way, they were hardcore spooning last night”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 21-07-58-334_jpg

9:05pm Audrey and Vanessa in Audrey’s lair
Vanessa – Is there a particular reason you ignored me yesterday
Audrey says she’s on a lot of medication she’s forgetting things if she ignored her she’s sorry.
Audrey – I keep forgetting my medications.. Avgand028*(&^*&
Vanessa – Ativan
Vanessa starts talking about her ex husband taking it.. Feeds switch.
9:11pm Clay and Jackie bathroom
Clay saying he cannot believe that Audrey is trying to spin it that it’s Shelli betraying Audrey.
Jackie says that’s all Audrey has

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 21-28-59-846_jpg

9:19pm Audrey’s musical

Shelli put a knife in my back… is this real.. is this real… someone please tell me how this is my life.. Vanessa and James atop telling me lies is this real.. is this real.

Link to the animated Gif
[envira-gallery id=”123357″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 21-45-04-298_jpg

9:40pm Liz and Audrey
Audrey comes out of the Storage room with a card in her hand.
Are you ready for a BB TAkeover..

Audrey wearing a blonde wig says she’s Liz sister, calls her up to read the card. “Houseguests.. it is your responsibility to.. break it down..Joking, to put the appropriate items in the fridge and freezer..
Audrey goes back into the lair and slaps on the sheets.

9:56pm – 10:30pm listing off their cars Chit chat in the living room

Vanessa has a 2011 white Jeep wrangler (Her real car is a Bentley ~180K car)
JohnnyMac has a 2013 ford escape white
Jackie has a 2004 Mercedes e500 “It’s paid off I want to run it into the ground” (2016 model is 55K)
Jason has a Chevy Cobalt 05. It’s the model that had 4000 recalls
Meg doesn’t have a car
JAmes says he’s got Tahoe, he’s got factory audio but it’s good because it’s Bose
Steve – there’s stuff they make that isn’t very good.. they try to trick you with them.. They do things with Harmonics to make it sound different than other speakers.. you think it’s better because it’s different
James says he likes it
Steve doesn’t have a car
Julia has a jetta named “Scott”
Austin says a Honda CRV silver and it’s almost dead.
Clay has a Dodge Ram 07
Shelli has a Kia sorento before that she had a mustang she totalled, “I called myself Mustang Shelli”
Becky has a Honda civic 2012

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 22-51-59-739_jpg

10:43pm Austin and JAson BAthroom
Austin is giving Jason his talk about how Jason’s POV Ceremony speech really hit a chord with him
Austin says he is a major Big brother Fan as well, season 6 thru 15 he live feeded.
Austin starts to explain why he didn’t watch Season feeds cut..
When they come back Austin is telling him there’s 2 twins but that’s all he knows
Jason says Austin has chemistry with the other one
Austin – I want to get to Jury with her..
Austin acts like he didn’t know Jason knew. Austin says Jeff was the one that filled him in the the twins “When he told me I was dying laughing.. “
Austin says she’s told him nothing he doesn’t think she can reveal it.
Austin asks him who the next target is now that Audrey goes, “She’s the next mystery”
Austin tells him his girlfriend situation is not real he doesn’t want people think he’s doing that because he’s not.
Jason says the house would rather both twins stay in the game over the possibility of a jury member coming back in.
On their way out of the bath room they tell each other they won’t need to worry about each other if they win HOH.

11:10pm – 11:30pm Vanessa, Austin, Shelli, Becky and Clay
Vanessa telling Shelli she does not have to worry about the public thinking this is the ultimate betrayal.
Vanessa – she’s just trying to hurt you right now
Vaenss swears people will know the truth outside the house and if they don’t she’ll make it her mission to inform them.
Shelli says Vanessa won’t stop talking game to her she’s not looking for human comfort she’ll looking for information.
Vanessa – She can’t even stay now with all the exceptions that have been made
Shelli admits Audrey had her thinking that maybe she is sending the wrong person home
Clay – Today
Shelli – ya
Vanessa tells her to be very careful what she tells Audrey she might be very vindictive. She adds there’s people out there that will want to drag your game down the tubes on their way out.

11:36pm Clay, Becky and Meg. He fills them in on Audrey trying to make Shell feel like this is the betrayal of the season.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 23-55-59-988_jpg

11:52pm Julia and JOHNNYMAC
He’s saying how scared he is about going into the have nots. He’s not sure what to expect from Audrey but he’s really tired.
Jula brings up Audrye coming out of no where and doing a “BBtakeover” Johnnymac says she handled it well. Meg joins them they agree Audrey was being very sketchy when she did the whole BBtakeover thing (LOL wait until you see her musical)

While this happens Becky is making a face with a grapefruit.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 00-11-45-050_jpg

Johnymac describes the HAve nots room like being with a dead person that might attack you. Julia mentions it must me nice that the light are always off. Meg leaves. JohnnyMac and Julia start talking about Family. Julia’s dad is 61 had major heart problems. He was a candidate for a heart transplant but the heart was in a body that spent a lot of time in prison. Julia wants her father to be a grandfather but she’s not ready to have kids for another 10 years.

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Lol. Holy crap this bitch is certifiable!


Agree! I’ve waited a long time for a truly certifiable “Rachel” meltdown. They’re so fun! Hope she goes batshit crazy before she leaves. It’s like the proverbial train wreck…can’t help but watch. Is it schadenfreude? Is it glee? Is it in measuring one’s own sanity against crazy? Who knows. But they put themselves out there. That’s on them.
Audrey should have been more thoroughly vetted before being let into this game. But, oh well, more fun for us. Next year they should do a whole cast of mentally unstable people. Let the games begin! Happy, happy, joy, joy.


Yup. All-star Crazies.


Audrey needs a padded room! Seriously, that girl is f’d up.


How is production allowing this Audrey sh!t to happen?!

Misty Beethoven

Because they just want that crazy bitch out of there without having to call the men in the white jackets to haul her ass away. I’m sure that whoever she works for as a “Digital Media Consultant” is just shaking their head in disbelief. Any sympathy I may have had is gone.

Big Jacket

Audrey Borden took an axe…


and lied about the facts


Audrey is so creepy t’f?


She was also a guy.


I am officially no longer entertained by Audrey bt now concerned, this is weird, crazy behavior, actually now that i think of it, i am concerned for Shelli and the other houseguests safety…. This is an odd and creepy situation….


I’m 90% sure

Bunny Slipper

what empirical evidence do you have?


Holy Moses, all you thumbs downers. You really need to learn how to read humour better. Or maybe the thumbs downers are Austin supporters? Nah, there could NOT be 102 of you on this site. Anyhoo, very funny!

Live feeds

It was so much fun watching it on the live feeds, Audrey was creepy and funny


Security!!…. Kick down the door…tackle and throw a straight jacket on that crazy bitch!


Last night in the house I hope Audrey doesn’t do anything regrettably stupid, dare I say psychotic.


Audrey is like an alien creature lurking in the BB House – one of those ‘Greys’ the UFOlogists talk about. Close encounters of the wierd kind. Beam her up. Hope the UFO is ready and waiting to take her back to her home planet after her little talk with the Chenbot tonite.


This Liz and Austin thing is getting really creepy. The outsiders in the house need to band together and start really playing, hopefully the domination of the sixth sense ceases before it makes this season dull as they pick off everyone in sight… Johnny Mac for the win!

the coreys

Austin has a gf?

That seals the creep level for this guy.

Sadly I don’t see anyone looking at him as their immediate target so he’s gonna be around for weeks.


Did he really say he dumped Jackie. Lol


Take heart – I think there’s quite a few seeing him as a target: Jason, Meg, Vanessa and Clay/Shelli have been throwing his name out there.


Audrey had received a good edit from the beginning. Tonight’s show was a bad edit !!! Really the stupid twist was not entertaining at all. BBC way better comps and tasks. Make them earn good luxuries and give punishments. !!


Audrey is a complete lunatic! She still hasn’t come back to the shallow end since she dropped off the deep end, drugs or not. Please get her out, she’s just making herself look like an even bigger fool now walking around in blankets, hoodie and sunglasses. No sympathy here for her at all! Be gone…


Anyone else thinks Becky is not doing shit? She hasn’t been on the diary or talk game with anyone. Lol she’s lowkey chilling

Becky who?

Yeah- why are they editing her out, is she really that boring?

Becky who?

Johnny Mac is the only one noticing her


Becky did win an HOH, but dethroned cuz battle of the block. But true no social game so far. I believe she will win comps , she’s physical. And that’s probably it. If she hangs around her social game will pick up, maybe cuz less players in the house…..
Having said that….
Girl look good, straight tasty yo…..
Becky is a beauty, hope she stay long time, looking forward to peep her fine self the rest of the summer…..


Agreed. She’s not even up to Floaters status.


She’s not going anywhere, someone has to clean. Although this year I’ve seen more people cleaning up than in previous ones.


Why is Audrey still in the house? Downright scary, the way she is acting. The “musical” she did, frightening!!!
I would be afraid to sleep in that room with her, she is on a path to hurt herself or someone else. It is just a game, needs to get in touch with reality.


I wouldn’t be able to sleep with that lurking around. Over the top lunatic!


Audrey musical. I’m laughing so hard. Can’t spin the house so let’s make good tv with me being Super Girl.


Production needs to take Audrey out. I’m sure they didn’t want their big news story to self eviction but it’s unhealthy that Production convinced her to stay.

The whole world shouldn’t have access to watching this. I know they all signed up for this but it’s not funny it’s really sad. It’s like that hurt horse the owner just won’t put out of its misery,

Instead of ratings Production needs to take Audrey out. Who knows what the meds did but once she went in the DR she should have been taken out of the game. These past couple days will affect her for the rest if her life.



i was thinking that too for a bit (feeling bad that this was going to follow her for years). But you know…I’m starting to think she’s going to just fine with being (in)famous. For some, ANY attention is “good” attention and I think Audrey is in that category of narcissism. Anybody heard of Borderline Personality Disorder? I think she might meet that criteria. I don’t think it’s an Ativan reaction, unless there are contraindications in its use with hormone therapy (?), but I don’t think there are. Ativan is pretty commonly used…I dunno.


Please please have Jackie and, I can’t make up my mind win hoh. Id love to see the other side on the block tomorrow. Don’t want to wait 5 to 6 weeks for the power to shift !!!


Holy Hells….Cray Cray….


I heard Becky got hit by a train in the DR


Audrey is mentally ill.

Vanessa is LOADED

i googled “Vanessa Rousso car” and she owned a Lambo!
why was she cast on the show when she has enough money already?
might sound salty but forreal tho


with a net worth of 4 million…wtf bb


The fact that people have money has never stopped CBS from casting people. For example frankie from last season. Obviously he is loaded too and got on. Same could be said for JohnnyMac since he’s a dentist (but in no way comparable to how horrible frankie was)


That is hilarious. Dentists are not loaded.


She said she wanted to do the show for the challenge.

Twistin with the Twins

Wow that gif on Twitter showing Audrey chanting “is it real is it real” is pretty chilling stuff. So if she is looking for something real what would stop her from getting a knife from the kitchen and taking out a houseguest? CBS should really step in and stop the freak show.


I can understand why some of these players are being low key. Anything you do, gets blown way out of proportion and heaped with lies, and used as and excuse to treat you like garbage, and vote you out.
I want Austin out, every time he opens his mouth, he spews crap!! I’m tired of “Judas”, I am tired of his and Liz… “the greatest love affair”, ever to hit the small screen, I don’t want to hear anymore dreams about Jeff. Please make him keep his mouth shut!! Oh Great, Austin is spewing his crap to Jason. Pleeeeeeease Jason, don’t fall for the biggest crap spewer!! Now Austin is bad mouthing his girlfriend, he’s a real jerk!!! His girlfriend sent his love in his mother’s letter. Yeh, Austin, that really sounds like you had an agreement . Austin is the crud you wipe off the bottom of your shoes!!!!


There is actually this big thing on Twittergf and Reddit, from his gf’s sisters, that the taking a break story is bullshit, and she actually DID sign a waiver allowing permission. Apparently, she is torn up by his actions. Facebooked her name, and don’t you know, a pic of those two together since 2013.


I looked up Austin, his girlfriend Jen, and Jen’s sisters on facebook and twitter. This is awful. His girlfriend got blindsided on TV. Austin and his girlfriend Jen were still together, and she didn’t agree to let him date other people. He is cheating on her and she’s heartbroken. Now she has to sit and watch him rub her nose in it on tv and on the internet. That is cold. If Austin didn’t want to be with Jen, he should have broken up with her before he came on the show. Instead, she has to suffer the humiliation of getting cheated on by him on Big Brother. The ultimate betrayal and blindside of BB 17 is what Austin did to Jen.


Watch, he’ll try to say it was “game”. He’ll use the old “Christine excuse”.


Austin is a tool! Why tell people you have a girl but then back peddle to pretend you are taking space to see if they really want to be together? Don’t buy it one bit. This horn dog creeper disgusts me. Hope he gets boos when he leaves!


I would like to think Jason is smart enough to see pay Austin’s weasel,no good lying ways claiming to be a fan is a joke. Biggest load of crap! He has even said he didn’t even watch last season. Here’s a clue: if he is such a fan like Jason & Steve, why is he constantly clueless & asking them stuff regarding BB?! This clown is not a good liar & yes I know we are privy to more than the hg are but come on! Please Jason, put that loser on the block & dismantle him & the twins!


the other HGs need to lock themselves in the HOH room, and when not in the room, stay in groups of three or more. who knows what nut job Audrey will do next


I haven’t posted much this season because I don’t get the live feeds and am only relying on this great site and BBAD to know what’s what…but can you imagine the house after eviction night and we find Audrey still there because too many HG’s decide to vote JohnnyMac out to further the America’s Player theory or as a sympathy vote…now that would really shake things up…both in the house and here on the feeds…lol…OMG I’ve just been to lala land…lol


wow crazyness all around Audrey is a loon big brother should put a stop to it. It’s not safe to have a crazy person running around her antics raise big red flags get her out before she causes harm to her self or others!


Man it was brutal watching After Dark tonight. When they are all just sitting around talking about random things I realize how pathetic these people are. I’m sorry but James your most prized thing in your life is your “visor collection”? Lmmfao I feel sorry for this kid. Then Becky and everything she says makes me feel bad how great she thinks she is and how boring as fuck her life sounds.

Hopefully there is some game play this week or I’m gona lose my mind with this crew.

#Nessa is the only person in that house I don’t want to beat to death with a hammer.


Saw Audrey’s musical on youtube, and all I can say is this girl has problems. She has earned the crown of craziest houseguest ever. I don’t get why she can’t just chill and savor the experience before her eviction. It isn’t even fun to watch anymore. Her attempts at attention are pathetic and sad. They should have let her push the panic button on Monday, for her own good.

Marla Singer

I love how Austin keeps saying hes a fan then he says he didn’t watch last years crap? Is that because he was “supposed” to be on it and now hes bitter betty? Such a fan YET when Vanessa told Austin about the Twin thing (it was her who told him) he was all “what does Liz being a Twin have to do with anything” (something like that) and Van was all “Are you serious, get with the program!” ..Yes such a fan Austin. Maybe its judas who watches BB and forgets to tell you about it. :)

rubber dicky

i can’t wait till austin tries to kiss liz. she will laugh it off and say shes not ready or they moving too fast, basically if she dont stop leading him on shes gonna have him go after her and the twin. i bet hes gonna use the fact hes protecting her as a point to try and get a pity fuck. but he really isn’t doing anything for them.


Austin is as dumb as a box of rocks…clueless as hell & no way for one sec should Jason buy that trash Austin is selling. This jackass who spent all his time stalking the twins,had no clue they were two different chics-did ya see the stupid dumb founded look in his face in DR when speaking of their being twins in the house-dumbass! Seriously stop it clown! He is so into his fake wanna be wrestler persona/ all about himself, that he couldn’t even figure it out


you know what I like Jason in this game to win it all


I almost shit myself when I read “Audrey has a paper in her hand and reads, BB take over”…..Fackkkkkk eh.


thought they gave the witch a super power. don’t know why they had her do it, just know it scared the hell out of me

brotalk to human dictionary

Catching up on reading what’s up on here.
I’m reminded of a side story my Lit. professor told in a lecture 3rd year about Victorian’s taking their families to see their relatives in asylums as an outing for entertainment. Don’t know if it was true. Don’t care.
Audrey’s awake and i’m watching just for guilty pleasure sh!ts and giggles.
People complain if she’s unconscious, people complain if she’s awake. I prefer awake.
I don’t really care about the have not crap, I’ve thought the have not angle was stupid since they stopped having have not competitions.
The powers that be aren’t going to remove her. The edit they’d have to produce would be an inconvenient truth. They’ve cleared her to be there, so sit back and watch. She’ll be gone soon enough. Good riddance to a poor big brother player. Soak in the train wreck (that was not a Becky joke).

BB Takeover (Rewind)

It’s official. Season 17 SUCKS @$$.
After Audry leaves, the house will be extremely boring and filled with floaters. The only entertainment will be Liz and Julia (scary, I know) on live feeds with a little bit of Johnny Mac DRs on CBS.

The next takeover should be a house eviction where CBS brings in 7 former houseguests from previous seasons to replace 7 current houseguests. Then the season can be saved.


I disagree. Jackie’s starting to talk game, Johnnie Mac is trying to win comps now. Steve is gearing up as well. I think with Audrey gone, people are wondering who the target could be. People are starting to get into the game because they can’t assume that Audrey will be the target now. I think people are going to start gaming now.


Does Austin have Audreyitis?
Throwing his own alliance under the bus now to Jason
WTF is wrong with this guy … he has a solid as it gets in BB house 6 alliance
and he is trying to blow it up … What a Fool
Not to mention his Steve obsession … He says he is not a bully then says he wants
to lock Steve in a locker like in HS? Dude is delusional on so many levels.
Austin needs to go next week

another name

when vanessa went in with the whole why did you ignore me crap I would have probably been more satisfied with ‘what do you care backstabber?’ but to each their own. felt like vanessa only went in to assuage a guilt trip if Audrey was blaming her anyway.
then vanessa and shelli could call another committee meeting to compete for sympathy.


Ain’t shit wrong with Audrey she acting crazy for TV so fans will feel bad for her and some of them will because of how they pretray it on TV……….ala Frankie


I feel the same way. She realizes her time is over in the game so she’s making the most of the time she has left by pretending to be crazy and out of it. Most people who go on shows like this already have a level of narcissism so her loss is mostly 1. To her ego and 2. No longer having cameras to follow her around on a show with millions of viewers. I take her behavior with a grain of salt. It’s all a very bad act.

Rational Mind

Audrey is giving those in the transgender community a bad name. I can just see a bunch of people that were already against them now using her behavior as justification.

Audrey on Broadway

Even though I find Audrey to be crazy(production over medicated her) her musical was touching… The whole bat renactment really displayed her nocturnal side.


any of yall think vanessa looks like she smokes meth. she be looking aight on poker tv but she all lookin like she be smoking that glass dick too much.


SIMON, Just found out that there will not be a live eviction tonight because of Audrey’s antics. They are going to tape it.


Man! Audrey is catching some HEAT.
Maybe if YOU were locked in that house with all those fools, you’d be popping pills and singing in the dark too!

Not cool man, not cool...

Allowing Audrey to have food and do as she pleases is not right. If she’s that upset, go home. She’s not playing by the rules, it’s that simple. Simon or Dawg, has there ever been a HG who got away with this much rule-breaking before?


Austin be a POLYESTER HAIR cheating sonofabitch. SKANK!


wow is audrey a total bitch. in no way is this a betrayal. this is part of the game honey. you got outplayed and are facing the consequences of your own actions and shitty game play. be happy you made it past week 1.

cant wait until she gets evicted tomorrow


also..i really do not like steve. i dont know why but i just dont. he’s not one of those socially awkward people i feel bad for he’s one i just want to see go away


I too have that same feeling about him. he’s just a little scheming rat!


Online stream, anyone?
I live in Brazil, no CBS erggggh!


I just went back and watched Audrey’s performance on the feeds, and it was very scary lol. Bb cut her off and went to the living room camera.


I’d be sleeping with one eye open with that nutso around!

The Truth

Is it weird that Audrey’s “musical” reminded me of the Jame Gumm scene in Silence of the Lambs?

Shelli's Chompers

Under the picture…Audrey in her lair! Classic!